The Rise and Demise of Austine Crasta’s Konkani Catholics yahoo group

MARCH 13, 2017


The Rise and Demise of Austine Crasta’s Konkani Catholics yahoo group


The Konkani Catholics (KC) yahoogroup list was launched under the banner “Uniting Konkani Catholics for the Faith” on October 23, 2005 by Austine Jesuvera Crasta, Udupi, Karnataka. (

KonkaniCatholics is primarily intended to be all things Catholic for the Konkani Catholic. It does however have broader scope for discussions, sharings, testimonies, liturgy, prayer requests, announcements, informative mails, inspirational mails, job openings, humour, news, etc. In deciding which mail is appropriate and which is not, a good rule of thumb would be to ask oneself if it benefits the Catholic Konkani community and to make sure it does not go against the faith but enriches it instead.

All discussions must be in line with Catholic teaching.

No ‘Flaming’, ‘Ad Hominems’, ‘Swearing’, or ‘cheap jokes’ allowed.

Contents of Links or Web Pages submitted to the group must be faithful to the Magisterium. In case of doubt refrain from sending the link and/or contact the moderator.

In relations to alleged ‘Private’ Revelations: Only those which have been ‘recognized’ by the Church may be promoted. (See #67 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church).

Dissention from Magisterial teachings will not be tolerated.

The beginning was unquestionably Catholic.

I became a member of KC a week later, on October 30, 2005 (we were 35 in all at that time) (

KonkaniCatholics is primarily intended to be all things Catholic for the Konkani Catholic. It does however have broader scope for discussions, sharings, testimonies, liturgy, prayer requests, announcements, informative mails, inspirational mails, job openings, humour, news, etc. In deciding which mail is appropriate and which is not, a good rule of thumb would be to ask oneself if it benefits the Catholic Konkani community and to make sure it does not go against the faith but enriches it instead.

Crasta had already contributed posts to another recent start-up, Mangalorean Catholics (MC):

I. February 15, 2005:

II. September 22, 2005: The Danger of Relativism


MC had achieved 500 members in a month and were targeting 50,000 — they reached a little over 4000 in 10 years before sliding into oblivion with hardly a dozen active — and that must have interested Crasta.

A few months after launch, KC membership had stagnated and he expressed his concerns with me. I sincerely assured him that if he persevered, he would experience God’s blessings. KC was doing everything the Catholic way. In less than three months from start, KC had its own blog and web site. Later they were on Facebook. In 3 months, KC membership crossed the 300 mark.


Rohit D’Souza was the second person to become a member. Richard Mascarenhas joined December 1, 2005.

April 10, 2006: Announcement: KC Gets Three New Moderators

Dear Members,

I’m pleased to announce that as a first step to making ours a “multi-moderator” group, I appointing three additional members as moderators. By this, we aim to make moderator assistance available to group members round the clock. With the current appointment, we will already be covering quite a few times zones and I hope this will be beneficial to our members.

The following three members have been appointed as additional moderators for the Konkani Catholics group.

1. Rohit D’Souza, Bangalore

2. Richard Mascarenhas, Abu Dhabi, UAE

3. Bro. Arun D’Souza SJ, Japan



Rupert Vaz from the UAE, a future moderator, became a member in June or July 2006.

Membership reached 500 on September 6, 2006, 800 on March 10, 2007, and 1000 on July 21, 2007.

My conversion testimony was published in KC by Rohit D’Souza on March 27, 2007:


A sample of some major errors posted in KC


March 7, 2006

Dear Members,

“Why be Catholic” by Richard Rohr OFM is published in India by St. Pauls Publications and should be available at all leading Catholic bookstores. Priced at Rs. 55/- (ISBN 81-7109-415-5) it is an ideal gift for new converts or aspiring converts. -Austine, Moderator.

Fr. Richard Rohr is a dissenting priest whose “theology is incompatible with the Catholic Faith”



March 16, 2008

Chiara Lubich, Focolare Founder, Dead at 88…

July 9, 2008

Focolare Elects New President…

November 17, 2009

Cardinal Bertone’s Homily at Chiara Lubich’s Funeral…




July 9, 2008

The Kripa Medical Dispensary at Our Lady of Egypt Church, Kalina


Just a short note to advise U that our parish website has been updated with news & schedule of the inauguration of the Kripa Medical Dispensary on Sunday July 13th, at 9.30 am.


Robin Viegas, Mumbai

KRIPA is an NGO that promotes the Hindu Yoga of BKS Iyengar. It was founded by Fr. Joe Pereira; reports at our web site.



March 9, 2009

Retreat for Lent Season

A retreat from Fr. Rudolf V. D’Souza, OCD, M.A. PhD. (Carmelite) of 4 days for Konkani speaking faithful at St. Mary’s Church, Dubai will start at 7.30 p.m. on Monday the 9th March 2009.

The following are the Themes of his homilies:

Monday 9th March 2009: WHO IS GOD? HOW TO KNOW HIM?

Tuesday 10th March 2009: LOVE

Wednesday 11th March 2009: FORGIVENESS


Please come in large numbers and receive the blessings.

Time: from 7.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Venue: Main Church

Sandy D’Souza

Carmelite Fr. Rudolf D’Souza is also a promoter of Yoga.



March 19, 2009

Youth Retreat Bangalore (Revive – March 27-29, 2009)

Dear friends,

There is a youth retreat coming up at Renewal Retreat Centre from 27 March, Friday, 8.00 AM to 29 March, Sunday, 4.30 PM. Resource person, Br. Thomas Pulickal is a very gifted preacher with a very deep gift on the Word of God. If you are really thirsting for the Word of God to bring in a true transformation, this is the place to be. There will also be full time intercession before the Blessed Sacrament going on for you as you attend the retreat.




Please bring your Bible, Notebook, pen, 2 bedsheets, Pillow cover and other toilet items as you come.

Contact on the below numbers if you have any queries: 9886292433, 9886895638, 9845214905

If you are looking for a time-out on a good retreat, don’t miss this chance. This 3-day stay-in retreat is totally free of cost. You can just walk in to RRC on Friday morning. Still, we request you to register yourself at so that we can keep you in prayers till the time you come in for the retreat.

Do spread the word to your friends. May our Blessed Mother keep each one of us.

Ronald Dias, Bangalore, 9845581567

“Br.” Thomas Pulickal was using his retreats to seduce Catholics into the Emperor Emmanuel “church”.




March 25, 2009

Invitation for The Holy Spirit Retreat

Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is to announce a 3-day retreat on The Holy Spirt which will begin on the 29th May and end on the 31st May the feast of Pentecost. It will be a residential retreat at Summer Sands, Ullal, Mangalore. There is no fee.

Let us know if you will be interested and pray and prepare for the same.

Do also pass it on to those who may be interested.

Thank you for your prayers and be assured of ours.

Asha Lobo


Dear Asha Lobo,

You have taken much pain to post about the ‘Holy Spirit Retreat’ at Summer Sands, Ullal hope you have the necessary permissions from the local ordinary?

Yours in the Divine Word,

Fr. Juze Vaz SVD

Summer Sands continues to conduct retreats on their own initiative, always by Ivan Lobo (the husband of Asha Lobo) assisted by a priest.


ERROR VII: The St Pauls New Community Bible was released with much fanfare all over India, in June 2008. KC did not report a single word on the public launches held by Cardinals and Archbishops all across India. Evidently aware that the commentaries of the “Bible” were heretical and New Age, KC maintained a stoic silence on the release of the dangerous spiritual contents despite the controversies that raged in the media.

The “Bible”, following a vigorous crusade by this ministry, and supported by several KC members, was finally withdrawn for revision by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India; reports at our web site.


ERROR (by silence, omission and defense) VIII: On the many errors of Pope Francis. A few examples here:

1. The Challenges of ‘Maundy Thursday’

March 27, 2013

By Fr. Cedric Prakash SJ

The world today is agog with the news that Pope Francis will celebrate the Maundy Thursday Eucharist with the juvenile detainees of the Casal del Marmo prison on the outskirts of Rome. He will wash the feet of twelve of the inmates, kiss them and bless them in a true imitation of Jesus at the Last Supper.

However, for Pope Francis, this ‘very special gesture’ is nothing new! As an Archbishop and Cardinal, he always celebrated Maundy Thursday washing the feet of inmates in a jail, in a hospital, in a home for the elderly or just of poor people. One year, he washed the feet of new born children and of pregnant women. […]


2. A Mumbai priest remembered, in new Pope’s act

April 3, 2013

Mumbai: Even as traditionalists took umbrage at Pope Francis I washing the feet of two young women on Maundy Thursday, some Mumbai Catholics on Sunday recalled the pioneering spirit of late Father Hugh Fonseca.

Among those whose feet the new Pope washed as part of the ritual prayer services of Maundy Thursday were prisoners at a detention centre in Rome, including a Serbian Muslim woman.

Welcoming the Pope’s move, Dolphy D’Souza, former president of the Bombay Catholic Sabha, reminisced on Sunday about a similar incident that took place here in late 1990s.

The Bombay Catholic Sabha is an organisation that works in the civic, political and social sectors for the all-round development of the community.

An elated D’Souza said that Pope Francis I has set the tone, and laid down an example. The gesture would go a long way in women’s empowerment within the Catholic Church.



“In the late 1990s, the late Father Hugh Fonseca, one of the few activist priests in his time, was the parish priest of Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Malad,” he said. D’Souza was then chairman of the Parish Pastoral Council of the same parish.

“At the Parish Council meeting, it was decided that during the Maundy Thursday ritual, at the mass, the priest would wash the feet of 12 female domestic workers. However, some parishioners complained to the bishop about this, and Father Fonseca was told by the bishop that the said act was against Cannon Law, and directed to abandon such a move,” DSouza reminisced.

D’Souza said that while Father Fonseca relented, in keeping with his vows of obedience to the bishop, he did not abandon the idea entirely.

“Father Fonseca washed the feet of the 12 male domestic workers at the altar, but directed me to wash the feet of the selected female house workers at the same time in the midst of the community below the altar,” D’Souza said.

Stating that Father Fonseca’s actions at the Holy Thursday ritual set an example long back, D’Souza said he was glad that the new Pope was sending out a clear message to ensure that women are given their due by today’s church.

Maundy Thursday marks the time when Jesus laid down the ritual practice of the communal meal, as a coming together of disciples. The Sunday mass is a re-enactment of that meal.

The Bible describes how Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, as a mark of the humility with which those who lead must serve.

Traditionally, elderly people in a parish are called to the altar, and their feet washed during Maundy Thursday mass.
Robin Viegas/Dolphy D’Souza – Bombay Catholic Sabha

The Bombay Catholic Sabha is Catholic only in name. Its office-bearers rejoiced when Pope Francis flouted tradition and the rubrics (canon law) and washed the feet of women; reports at our web site.

Fr. Cedric Prakash is a liberal Jesuit; he and Robin Viegas were actively posting in KC until its demise.


3. Is your parish ready to handle “the Francis effect”?

November 15, 2013

Do you know anyone among your friends or family who have returned to the Church due to the “Francis effect”? Austine.

Local Catholic church experiencing “the Pope Francis effect

Canyon, TX – The Catholic Student Center at West Texas A&M said it is seeing a surge in participation in its campus ministries because of Pope Francis…


While the conservatives in the Church were dismayed and frightfully concerned by the “Francis effect”, KC took a positive stance on it, with not a word of criticism despite thousands of articles critical of the Pope in the conservative media. They maintained this stance right through the divisive Synod on the Family and the encyclicals and motu proprios of Pope Francis that were denounced by eminent Catholics including high-ranking prelates. KC would even post articles that defended the Pope, for example the following:


4. False Statements Attributed to Pope Francis

January 26, 2014

By Austine Crasta…


5. The Francis Effect

Upcoming Documentary Explores Uniqueness of South America’s First Pope

May 30, 2014

By Ann Schneible, Rome, May 28, 2014

A new documentary is taking a closer look at the beloved and often challenging figure of Pope Francis, who, in just one year, has captured the attention of the world…


6. Pope Francis isn’t preachin’ to the choir with ‘Laudato Si

June 30, 2015

Austine Crasta completed a four-year course in theology at a seminary in Mangalore (see page 6). He should have known that the encyclical is named Laudato Si’ and not Laudato Si.




April 7, 2012



Really does it matter so much whether Rick Warren is not a Catholic?

I am a staunch Catholic. But it does not matter if Rick warren is Catholic or not. I have his book “Purpose Driven Life” and often times I refer this book to channel my thoughts and actions in Catholic Church.

I think, we should live out Catholic Church which means Universal Church. If religion is within confines of a certain spiritual space, or terms, it but remains a mere religiosity.

Secondly, let us be aware that, submitting or being born of the Holy Spirit and led by the Holy Spirit, a person cannot act against Jesus or His Church.

I am really very saddened by the suicide of Rick Warren’s son, Mathew Warren. On the feast of Divine Mercy, his soul will stand before the Merciful God. I pray for him and his family. May God’s Divine Mercy flow upon him and grant him forgiveness and eternal life.

May I also suggest that Purpose Driven Life is a beautiful and enlightening book, one of book you must have in your shelf, in your family.

Simon Miranda





October 15, 2013

Making Time: The Nun Teaching Taekwondo to Sick Children

By Sam Judah, BBC News Magazine, 11 October 2013

Sister Linda Sim gave up taekwondo when she joined a convent. Years later, she’s dusted off her black belt at a Singaporean hospice to teach children recovering from cancer.

When she was much younger, Linda Sim wanted to join the army, but was told she was too small.

“Next I thought I could be a policewoman – to protect people,” she says, but she didn’t make the weight requirements for the police force, either.

Instead, she discovered taekwondo in 1971, and it seemed to fulfil her need to help other people. “If I had a black belt I thought I could be a bodyguard and protect somebody.” Within a few years, she achieved just that.

Though the sport gave her great mental strength, she didn’t find a practical use for her martial art for more than three decades.

Continue reading the main story…

Robin Viegas


Thanks Robin for this human interest story.

“Though the sport gave her great mental strength, she didn’t find a practical use for her martial art for more than three decades.” – I know that feeling!

Although I’ve had a year and half’s rigorous training in Budokan (Karate) myself, I’m not a great fan of the mass promotion of martial arts. But I can certainly appreciate what Sr. Linda Sim is doing for these kids. It’s not about the sport. It is about helping them live their today without the fear of a short tomorrow. And I hope that Sr. Sim’s presence will also help bring for these children, a comforting God encounter.

Austine J. Crasta, Moderator




Please remove my email id from this blog.

April 21, 2015


I am now believer and born again child of Christ and don’t want to follow this group. Please help remove my email id.

Thanks for your help.


Saritha Tauro




Promotion of programmes and activities concerning Holy Spirit Interactive/Aneel Aranha.






General information:

Robin Viegas (Bombay Catholic Sabha) began posting on March 20, 2007.

Ancy D’Souza Paladka, owner of MC posts on June 2, 2007: Photographs – Ancy Paladka receiving Award

Again on September 18, 2008:

Again on September 19, 2008: many more. MC (Mangalorean Catholics) regularly posted filthy jokes and liberal and anti-Catholic propaganda.


Rupert Vaz appointed fourth moderator on September 20, 2007


June 30, 2007:

I’m happy to share with all of you the news that since the 18th of this month, I, as a layman, have been admitted to and am attending a fulltime four-year Bachelor of Theology (B. Th.) program at the St. Joseph’s Interdiocesan Seminary, Mangalore, affiliated to Pontifical Urban University Rome.

I think it is the first time such a thing has happened at Joseph’s since the seminary was first established in 1763, that a layperson came forward to study theology. Naturally many of my Priest-professors and seminarian-colleagues are excited and I received a very warm welcome from them on the first day. Moreover on the feast of St. Aloysius Gonzaga (21st June), the patron of theologians, I came to know that two sermons in the city mentioned this incident about me coming forward to study theology as a layman. –Austine Crasta


I stop posting as I begin to sense resistance to my posts from some KC members. July 15, 2006:

5b. Re: The story of David and Svea Flood

Posted by: “Richard Mascarenhas”

Date: Sun Jul 9, 2006 9:50 pm (PDT)

Hi Prabhu,

I noticed that a regular communicator on KC had suddenly gone silent. On checking through the mail, it was on the 8th June that you posted your last mail. I’m sure your work must have kept you very occupied. Just remember that we do miss your mails. You mail today was a touching one and helpful in understanding problems and sufferings that one may face inspite of being faithful to our God.

In Christ

Richard Mascarenhas (Moderator)


Dear Richard,

I greatly appreciate your concern. My ‘silence’ is because I noted that at least a couple of members did not appreciate some of my earlier sharings. So I am now more concentrated on issues that should be of Catholic concern but which no one else is interested in bringing to the light. There are two major [national level] events unfolding and I am busy bringing them to the attention of Church and Renewal leaders because they involve a priest and a lay leader who are involved in New Age.

Not many people even in charismatic renewal have the maturity, knowledge or discernment to understand the difference between destructive criticism and a prophetic ministry.

There is the meaning in my posting. The fruit of our sacrifice and labours may not be visible in our own lifetime. The Floods (The story of David and Svea FloodThe story of David and Svea Flood) and the other family gave up. I won’t. No matter the cost.



Dear Michael,

Thanks for sharing your feelings. Just because a couple of members did not appreciate your sharings does not mean all the others are also to be deprived knowledge of the wonderful work you are doing. Do keep sharing the works of your ministry. There is nothing much we can do to assist in the Prophetic Ministry that you are heart and soul involved in. We can only pray for the success in bringing to light the evils (occult) that is taking root under the guise of New Age and Indianisation.

Questions that I ask myself are:

Has the “Name of Jesus” lost its power that we need to say ‘OM’?

Does the word “shalom” not give enough “peace” that we need ‘OM’?

Has the CROSS lost its ability to stand alone that it needs to be set atop the Shiv Lingam or replaced by the Sign of OM on Tabernacles and doors?

Why has the Catholic Church in India become so desperate that she is prepared to surrender values just to gain in numbers? Or has the Father of Lies been successful in deceiving so many of the Priest and the Lay preachers?

A bigger question is – Are these people working towards getting non-believers to believe in Jesus or taking believers away from truth to believe in the occult satanic rituals.

Richard Mascarenhas




Dear brother Prabhu,

Your sharings are very much required. You may be feeling that your sharings are not appreciated but believe me I always make it a point that I read some peoples sharing from the beginning till end and one of them is you. Now I feel I should every time write a small note of appreciation for all of them so they also may not feel that their sharings are not appreciated. Your Flood’s testimony was great. Reading I also got inspired to do something at least to spread the Kingdom of our Lord.

Your hard work to bring awareness of new age is highly appreciated. […] Thank you brother Prabhu.

With Prayers, Jenny, Kuwait


July 16, 2006

Austine, tell brother Prabhu, I am also there to read his sharing articles. Mina Fernandes


November 9, 2006

  • Hello,

    May I know where are you both gone and how are you? and May I know y
    both of you forgotten KC or very busy? waiting to see you both actively

    Jenny (Jeneview Lasrado)

Hello. May I know where are you are gone and how are you? Forgotten KC or very busy? Waiting to see you actively back.

Jeneview Lasrado


The beginning of the end… the down turn!

Message History,









































































































































































The message history for KC shows thus for September, October, November 2007:





And, I believe that this post from me was one major reason for that down-turn:

A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

October 8, 2007

By Michael Prabhu

Dear KC friends,

After much thought and prayer, I am inspired to share my recent experience with you.


I was privileged to join a group on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Including my sponsors, they were mostly rich and influential Catholics, all daily Mass goers except one family of four, and one youth named Rajesh who left the Catholic Church several years ago and is now a Pentecostal. We had two senior priests [one is very influential] with us. There was prayer each day before our journey, a rosary [always when on the coach] and Mass at the different locations we visited, and also in the priests’ rooms.


Rajesh, another couple and I were the only ones who brought our Bibles along with us. As we had twin-sharing accommodation, Rajesh and I were room-mates, and we prayed together almost every morning and night. We four were the only ones who did not partake in or approve of the drinking and bathroom humour and double-meaning jokes that were a regular part of the conversation.


There was a fair bit of yelling and screaming at people [mostly by the tour operator, himself a daily Mass goer], even the use of filthy language in anger by him. People, including our priests, were drinking every night, and on one sector there was chilled beer going around the coach. At Muscat duty-free, many members -including our priests- returned to the aircraft with complimentary strollers given against the purchase of liquor bottles.


When I had first voiced my concerns with the tour operator, I was asked to be “broad-minded”. Most of the group did not take me seriously either, though I found a couple of ladies who did share my concerns on some issues. Rajesh was the only person who agreed with me wholeheartedly that the “pilgrimage” was a travesty of the real thing.


At Chennai airport, to make friends, I had presented each member of the group a pen with a torchlight, and a little book of Bible readings, and the ladies additionally got an imported folding fan. Still, most of the group stayed clear from me for almost the entire trip despite my every effort to be friends with them, after learning that I was a sponsored member [I was the only person carrying no currency or credit cards], and also a full-time evangelist. Most of the times, I sat alone at the dining table, with Rajesh.


Since I introduced myself to Rajesh as a Catholic apologist, I lost no opportunity to present the Catholic faith to him, and shared with him the Catholic literature that I was carrying- which included Fr. Vincent Barboza’s booklet [Rajesh has borrowed it from me], he repeatedly drew my attention to what he described as the “scandalous” behaviour of us Catholics, especially the priests, and asked me to give him one good reason why he would want to be Catholic.


People who walked in to Mass even during the Communion service were always invited to come up and receive the Eucharist.


From three days before we left the Holy Land, the tour operator repeatedly reminded us that after we left the Holy Land, we could look forward to relaxation on a Nile-cruise with “belly-dancing” [in Egypt]. The “belly-dancing” was preceded by Sufi-dancing.

When the group saw me trying to record the same with Rajesh’s camera [I did not have one], they were visibly very upset. By then, I had already let everyone become aware of my ministry [Ephesians 5:11], and I was completely isolated, even by my sponsor.


I had also let it be known that I would be preparing a report for general publication [this is not it].


Since my return, I have received two threatening phone calls each of nearly an hour’s duration, on behalf of my sponsor, asking me to forget the whole episode for my own good. He himself has declined to talk to me saying that he is too busy with the backlog in his business. He has let it be known that the group thinks that that there was nothing wrong with the dirty jokes, drinking and belly-dancing, and that these things are a normal part of life. The tour operator informs me that the “pilgrimage was over” once we left the Holy Land. There is much more that I painfully noted, which I will include in the final report that will be posted on my website, sent to the Bishops, and distributed in our parish.


I came into this aspect of my ministry, later confirmed by my spiritual director and several nationally-known priests, on March 25, 1995 at 2:30 PM, when -during a particularly intense prayer of discernment- the Lord gave me Isaiah 30:8 at the Blessed Sacrament: “Now come, write it in a book they can keep, inscribe it in a record, that it may be in future days an eternal witness: This is a rebellious people, deceitful children, children who refuse to obey the law of the Lord…”



Through the calls, my sponsor made it be known that I would lose his friendship and favour if I made my report in any form. I live in a rent-free flat given to me by him in March 1997 as a result of a prophetic word given me by the Lord and which I claimed -again before the Blessed Sacrament- 1 Chronicles 17:25-27 at a time when I was penniless and literally on the roads with my family:


“Because you, O my God, have revealed to your servant that you will build him a house, your servant has made bold to pray before you. Since you, O Lord, are truly God, and have promised this good thing to your servant, and since you have deigned to bless the house of your servant, so that it will remain forever – since it is you, O Lord, who blessed it, it is blessed forever.”


The same person, who owns a number of cars, gave me an Opel Astra in 2003, and I dedicated it immediately for ministry.


The phone calls suggested that I seriously consider the implications in case I published a report or pursued the matter any further.


I was asked to “drop it”. In short, if I publish the report, or any of the photographs taken by Rajesh, especially of the priests and group leaders in compromising situations [belly-dancing], I stand to lose my home and car, and earn the displeasure and even hatred of very powerful Catholics. I will also be required to pay back to my sponsor the nearly Rs 56,000 that was spent on me on this trip, something that would take me at least two and a half years even in the very best of circumstances.


I had prepared for this pilgrimage with confession and daily Mass, and was joined in prayer [daily Mass and rosary] by my wife and children before, during and after the trip. Now with the subtle “threat” hanging over me like a Damocles’ sword, we have received encouragement from the Word of God.


The Lord confirmed to me that I must write this report and pay the price for it. Against the first call, the First Reading on October 6 was very clear, Baruch 4:5-12, 27-29. “Fear not, My people…”


I use the booklet “One Bread, One Body” [OBOB], and the readings were, Psalm 27:1, Luke 10:19, Isaiah 54:17, 1 Peter 3:14, Phil 1:28, Sirach 34:14, Isaiah 34:13. It was simply amazing.


After the second call, I checked the First Reading of October 7, Habakkuk 1:2-3, 2:2-4. And OBOB read,


“The Lord’s answer to you is, ‘Write down clearly the vision upon the tablets, so that one can read it readily. For the vision still has its time, presses on to fulfilment, and will not disappoint’, Hebrews 2:2, 3. No matter how long it takes, wait in faith, ‘it will surely come, it will not be late’ Hebrews 2:3…”


I have been threatened before, over the phone and even in writing. These threats have never deterred me from my ministry.


But they have never come from sources so close to me, and they have never been so apparently capable of destroying me, my family and my ministry. I am required to choose between pleasing/obeying man, and God. I choose God.


Please uphold us in your prayers.



Michael and Angela Prabhu,

Metamorphose Catholic Ministries, Chennai



Dear All

This refers to Michael’s email wherein he says “Rajesh repeatedly drew my attention to what he described as the “scandalous” behaviour of us Catholics, especially the priests, and asked me to give him one good reason why he would want to be Catholic”.

This is a common argument given by people who have left the Catholic Church. We need to confront these people. We are not in the Catholic Church because of good Catholic priests (or popes or bishops) or good people. We are in the Catholic Church because of Jesus who has founded His (One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic) Church on Peter (one who denied Jesus) and this Church of Christ has fullness of truth.

As Salvador mentioned, even apostles of Jesus were not perfect. Yet Jesus used these weak instruments to continue His work of salvation through the Church. I am not defending the scandalous behaviour of priests and people, they need to be confronted and corrected and we need to pray for them.



By washing dirty linen in public we will be doing much greater harm to the Church at large and this is what devil wants. He wants to destroy the Church and its sacraments. People with weak faith will stop believing and accepting priests Devil will do his best to destroy the priesthood. No priesthood, means no Eucharist, no confession etc.

I feel Michael should not make this report public. What good it will bring. In fact this will harm the Church more and people like Rajesh will never come back to the Church

Fr. Vincent Barboza, Mumbai

Less than two months later, in December 2007, the very same Fr. Vincent Barboza was invited by me to co-deliver a two-day seminar on Catholic apologetics which had been entrusted solely to me in Bangalore by the Service Team of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. See pages 11 and 12.


Dear all

I certainly for sure feel that whatever was written by Bro. Michael Prabhu has been misinterpreted from the beginning. I personally feel if we all could engage in a very meaningful dialog on this issue of PILGRIMAGE. The discussions can be directed on these below mentioned topics:

-What is pilgrimage in a true Christian perspective?

-Can it be mixed with other worldly activities just like “BUSINESS WITH PLEASURE”?

Prayers & Regards

Stella Fernandes, Dammam, KSA


Dear all,

No less than 18 replies have been posted in reply to this topic and despite the fears expressed that it has divided the group, I think that it has united the group more than ever – to stand up for the Church against her enemies. There was not a single reply that spoke against the Church of Christ despite her obvious frailties. Whether the respondents agreed with Michael or not, they all did so purely out of love for the Church in a very levelheaded and mature manner. What can be more heartening than the genuine love and concern all of you have shown?

I also noticed the difference in the understandings of those who know Michael personally and those who don’t. For most part, those who know Michael understand that his work is not aimed at “tearing down” but towards “building up”.
Michael has been writing to the Church hierarchy (CBCI, Bishops, priests) in India for many years now and on some occasions it is the Bishops themselves who request such reports of him so that they can personally investigate certain issues and take appropriate action based on documented evidence. The commendation he has been receiving from several Bishops and Priests is an encouraging sign of their own zeal to present the flock in their charge as a pure bride to her one husband, Christ (cf. 2 Cor 11:2). And I’m confident that Michael’s work, appropriately directed, will bring forth good fruit in God’s favourable time.

Regarding passing judgement on others, I wish to point out the difference between judging the ACTS of other people, and judging what is IN THEIR HEARTS.

What God says we may NOT do – is to judge what is in other people’s hearts.

Objectively judging the acts of another person as to whether or not they are prudent or well-advised, or even objectively immoral does NOT violate the teaching of Our Lord: “Judge not lest you be judged.”

If I am to discern good from bad, I have to have the ability to view acts objectively. The Church makes this judgment. How so? The Church discerns between saying something is objectively or subjectively good or bad. i.e., someone can objectively commit a bad or scandalous act – while being subjectively innocent of guilt.

The best way to deal with situations which involve distinctions between objective and subjective views of individual behavior, is to describe the situation as clearly and unemotionally as possible while keeping away from words which are not completely objective in character.

For example, if I say that someone included a shopping trip to a local bazaar at the end of a pilgrimage – that is one thing. If on the other hand I say without absolute proof that they did it because they are getting a kickback from the local bazaar – that is something entirely different. And unless I have ABSOLUTE proof of the charge I’m making, I will have engaged in either rash judgement or slander before both God and man.

If now I say that someone included a belly dancing exhibition at the end of a pilgrimage – I can legitimately challenge whether that is prudent. BUT IF I MAKE THE CHARGE THAT THE TOUR OPERATORS INCLUDED A BELLY DANCING EXHIBITION IN ORDER TO ATTRACT MORE PEOPLE AND MAKE MORE MONEY ON THEIR PILGRIMAGE THEN I HAD BETTER HAVE ABSOLUTE PROOF of that in order to have a clear conscience and a proportionately good moral reason to disclose that.

The difference is, if I pass judgment on whether an act is prudent or not – I’m NOT passing a moral judgment on someone! But once I attribute a bad motive to one of their acts – which I think is imprudent – then I am truly passing judgement on what is in their heart. And I do not think that any of us have received the charism to read hearts 🙂

Belly dancing, which is commonly believed to have descended from a religious dance practised by temple priestesses, is an acknowledged art form today. But prostitution too enjoys the legal status of a career in some countries. Art form or not, the question is: Is a visit to a Belly Dancing exhibition appropriate for a pilgrimage? I think not. And it doesn’t require a treatise to know the difference between a pilgrimage tour and a holiday/sight-seeing tour.

Austine, Mangalore.




Thank you for posting my report, and for the responses. I don’t remember asking for suggestions, only prayers.

But both are welcome, and I learn much about my fellow Catholics by reading their views in their letters.

There seems to be a debate developing, with even a family having independent positions, which I think is a good thing.

I thought that my ministry is known and understood, and that I would not need to launch into explanations within the KC family.

Mine is a prophetic ministry, and I have never been reticent or “humble” about saying that, because it is the plain truth.

That does not detract from my being a Catholic “apologist” or “evangelist” whenever the occasion presents itself.

I don’t like it in the least, but it is what has been asked of me, and I have accepted it. It is a heavy cross.

I have been paying a great price for years, and now I am being required to pay the biggest ever required of me.

It would be so easy for me to back down. But my discernment of God’s Will for me has been very clear. I have never been confused about that. I also follow the Scriptural guidelines on “judging” other believers.

If a priest or Bishop, or even a well-known international lay person, or the reporter of a Catholic news agency wrote an article exposing aberrations in the Holy Land pilgrimages, I am sure that no one would criticize it, and some of us might further awareness by copying it to our friends. Why then apply a different standard when an ordinary Catholic dares to speak out?

When I write critically, which is almost always, I expect that it will be read and understood in the context of my ministry.

There is much Scriptural [Old as well as New Testament] precedent for believers to admonish one another and Church leaders publicly.

“Comparisons are odious”, they say, but I have never heard anyone criticize Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, John the Baptist, or Paul.

I have talked to all the main people involved in the pilgrimage issues and they continue to justify every single one of their actions. They have no regrets.

From my other recent letter, you can see that my ministry simply cannot get an appointment with my present Archbishop.

So, the only alternative remaining is to expose these “Holy Land pilgrimages” for what they really are.

In the meantime, I have talked to other tour operators and former pilgrims, and learned that such behaviour is routine. In fact, the “belly-dancing” is a product of the stiff competition, and had been introduced as an added attraction to woo “pilgrims”.

A report such as the one that I intend to release [I am still waiting and praying over it] would help distinguish a true pilgrimage from a false one, and encourage those Catholics- who would otherwise take everything lying down- to question their leaders.

I am putting together a very challenging and thought-provoking article titled, “THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES”. For those who do not know the story, the emperor and his entire kingdom believed that he had on the finest of raiments till a little child spoke up. The sad truth was that the Emperor was naked. The child was the only one who had not been “conditioned” to agree with the rest.

The article will bring out the different aspects of “judging” others- when it is sinful, and when it is the most Christian thing to do.

Michael Prabhu, Chennai



November 29, 2007

BANGALORE: Catholic Apologetics Seminar 1-2 Dec

Hi everyone,

Having heard a lot about Catholic Apologetics of late, I have a great news to share with all of you.

There will be a Catholic Apologetics Programme here in Bangalore on 1st & 2nd December 2007.

The resource persons for this programme are our own KC members Fr. Vincent Barboza from Mumbai and Mr. Michael Prabhu from Chennai.

The two day programme will be held near Ascension Church, Bangalore from 9 am to 5 pm on December 1st and 2nd, 2007. For more details regarding venue and participation passes please contact Michael personally at **********.

The registration amount will be Rs. 200/- for 2 days.

Regards, Deepak Ferrao, Bangalore.

BANGALORE: Catholic Apologetics Seminar
Report (1-2 Dec)
See also page 34

Posted by Deepak Ferrao December 4, 2007

Dear All,

The Catholic Apologetics programme that was held at Bangalore was indeed a very informative one and one which equipped us with a lot of knowledge to defend the faith that has been handed down to us over the generations.

Fr. Vincent Barboza from Mumbai and Michael Prabhu from Chennai were the main resource persons for this programme which was organised by the Bangalore Service Team (BST) mainly for the leaders in the Charismatic Renewal.



Fr. Jacob Britto, the chairman for Charismatic Renewal in Bangalore along with many other lay leaders around 25-30 of them were present for this programme, which was held near Ascension Church, Cooke town, Bangalore.

The speakers, covered a lot of topics explaining different aspects like Sola Scriptura, the various dogmas, the history of the Bible, Eucharist and also answered various questions that lingered in the minds of the people gathered there with regard to Catholic faith.

I was happy to see Fr. Vincent Barboza with all his zeal, standing there as a minister of the Church defending and answering questions in a very simple language. He also shared his background as to how he quit his job at Bahrain and joined priesthood and from then on learnt the FAITH, which he says is very essential.

The other speaker was Michael Prabhu, whom we now know quite well sharing aspects about the teachings of the Church and his experiences. The other aspect that he shared was about the dangers of the New Age Movement which are subtly entering Catholic circles. As all of us know he has been very active in this ministry for around 8 years. Having listened to him, there was burden in our hearts to pray specially for the priests and lay leaders who stand representing the Church. A lot of information regarding this could be availed from his website

At the end of the 2 days, Fr. Britto, spoke highly of this programme and termed this as the start or the launching pad for further similar programmes which should cater to a larger group of people.

It is indeed a great privilege that both Fr. Vincent and Mr. Prabhu are a part of KC and I’m sure we will gain much from their knowledge and experience.

Fr. Vincent has written a wonderful book, “Catholic Answers to Christian Fundamentalist Questions” which answers a lot of faith questions asked to Catholics. Those of you who need copies (Rs. 20/- each) can contact me for the same.

I feel that such programmes could be organised in other places where we stay and I’m sure this will definitely help us to understand the “RICH DEPOSIT” of our Faith…

Deepak Ferrao, +919845198642


Despite the above (page 10) defense of my Holy Land Pilgrimage post by Austine Crasta, owner-moderator of KC, pressure was put on him by a handful of laity and priests like Fr. Vernon Vaz and Fr. Vincent Barboza to get me out of KC. Eventually, he succumbed to the need to be popular and make a choice. My posts were not allowed anymore although there was no official ban on me. Through private email correspondence with Austine Crasta and a few others, I realized that I would be wasting my time by writing to members or even reading KC digests on a daily basis. I do not remember exactly when the KC digests stopped coming to my vsnl id, the one on which I was subscribed but I recall being heartbroken, like losing family.


Even 4 months after my last Holy Land Pilgrimage post, there was this note for me on February 25, 2008:

Dear Austine,

I want to thank you and this forum for all that you do, for every article that teaches us so much. I have grown a lot especially in my Catechesis. I have met wonderful people of God through this forum and God has used you, Rupert Vaz, Fr. Vincent Barboza, Fr. Jude Vaz, Michael Prabhu etc. in my life that has really helped me grow. May you be blessed more and more and may this forum lead many to know the truth especially about our Catholic Faith.

Sunita Mascarenhas, Doha


Many, many members, too numerous to name, continued to engage in private email correspondence with me, read my web site and send me questions. Members like Valerian Dalmaida, former moderator Richard Mascarenhas, apologist Derrick D’Costa are in touch with me till today and a few of them, including the main moderator Rohit D’Souza, became benefactors of my ministry. I have received mail from all of them in 2017.

Several members (named above and un-named) were benefactors of KC when Austine Crasta launched it.

That they were benefactors was often unknown to one other. It was only when repeated suggestions made to Austine Crasta to have KC members meet one another at a planned get-together in Mangalore were deftly ignored by Crasta that the suspicion arose that he did not want it to take place because he did not want it to be known that he was getting sizeable donations from several sources. It all came together when some of the members independently wrote to me on the matter. I still have all the correspondence in my files. More than one person believed that he had helped Crasta to purchase a laptop for the KC apostolate. There was even a point when it was asked of me if I could get the bank account of Austine Crasta checked out (except one, all persons mentioned above are employed in the Gulf could not do it.)


Except for a spike in the period June to September 2008, which was largely due to the atrocities committed against Christians in Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka, the monthly postings down-slid rapidly from the 400s through the 300s and were mostly in the 200s during 2010. A new low of 178 was hit in May 2011.

In December 2011 it was 156. The first two-digit score of 82 was reached in the month of December 2013. In 2014 there followed four two-digit posting totals, November saw only 2 postings, and none of the other seven months exceeded 150. Austine Crasta saw that he was flogging a dead horse but nevertheless persevered. With consistent two-digit posts in 2015, Austine Crasta walked out on his “KC family” without an explanation, a word of thanks or a goodbye.




At last count the membership of KC was showing on yahoo as 2319.

But, in the last two years, even the two-digit and low three-digit monthly figures were reached through multiple posts by a few committed members: Anne D’Souza, Robin Viegas, Bernhard Thamm, Fr. Juze Vaz, Fr. John Victor Dias, and by Austine Crasta himself.

Long gone were all of the moderators though Rupert Vaz alone hung on till almost the end. Also long gone were all the priests and lay persons who had objected to my posts and got me removed.



Karnataka chief minister visits Marian shrine, seeks prayers for drought-stricken state

September 12, 2015




September 15, 2008:

To resume receipt of the daily KC digests to which I was earlier subscribed before being unofficially banned (NO statement was issued; I was way too popular with the majority of members), I re-joined the group as James Ryan Mascarenhas and contribute my first “post” on the “Mangalore attacks” on Christians! The id that I used was created and enabled for me by one of the moderators of KC!!

My second post was on June 9, 2009:

My third post was on July 17, 2009.

All three posts of mine were pretty “dumb”. I stopped further posting from gmail so as not to reveal my identity and to remain a KC subscriber (till today, and also on a couple of other gmail and yahoo ids too).

That is how I get this automated message on the first of every month since KC folded up on September 12, 2015:

File – How_to_Manage_Your_Email.txt


This AUTOMATED MESSAGE will be posted to the group every month (and to all new members upon joining) for the benefit of those who may like to know how to manage their email…


After going silent on gmail, I couldn’t resist the temptation to play a game with Austine Crasta. A fellow KC member created this yahoo account for me and I became an active member again… as Prem Mathias:

October 27, 2009

  • Dear Friends,

    I am Prem.

    I am a lay person but I have studied at Divine Bible College, Muringoor which as you know is in Kerala and I have also completed a course at ICPE which is an International Catholic Programme for Evangelization in Bangalore.

    I read a lot of books and magazines on our Catholic faith and I receive Catholic news letters from all the leading international sites so that I keep in close touch with all the latest developments that concern our life and salvation.

    I have received several individual messages from the group already in one day!

    I was wondering if instead you can send me a mail with all the messages for one day combined together to make it easier to read.


New Member Introduction – Prem Mathias

Dear Friends,

I am Prem.

I am a lay person but I have studied at Divine Bible College, Muringoor which as you know is in Kerala and I have also completed a course at ICPE which is an International Catholic Programme for Evangelization in Bangalore.

I read a lot of books and magazines on our Catholic faith and I receive Catholic news letters from all the leading international sites so that I keep in close touch with all the latest developments that concern our life and salvation.

I have received several individual messages from the group already in one day!

I was wondering if instead you can send me a mail with all the messages for one day combined together to make it easier to read. Thanks.



1. I commenced from the Prem Mathias yahoo id with an enquiry about Focolare (see also page 2):

November 15, 2009


I too would like to know more about Focolare.

What are their activities?

How does one become a member?

Is there a unit in India? If so, who are its leaders and how does one get in touch with them?

I understand that there is some problem or criticism recently regarding their engagement in interreligious dialogue and inculturation. Is there truth in that?



Dear All,

At Austine & Prem’s request, I give below a short introduction of the Focolare Movement.




The Movement & Our Charism

The Focolare Movement is an ecclesial Movement. It is part of the new charisms of the last century, which John Paul II, in his Apostolic Exhortation, Christifideles Laici, defined as “graces of the Holy Spirit for the edification of the Church, the good of mankind and the needs of the world.”

Every new movement has a particular charism, ours is – Unity!

Origin & About the Founder

During World War 2, as with most of Europe, the Italian city of Trent was being regularly bombed. In the midst of all this destruction, a group of young girls – most in their late teens & early twenties – used to take shelter in one of the many underground air-raid shelters. One of them was Chiara Lubich.

Each of these young women came to realize that nothing in this world is indestructible – all their dreams were destroyed. One wanted to go to University but could not, another looked forward to staying in a big house, but it was destroyed and another girl was waiting to get married to her fiancé but he never came back from the war.

They concluded that everything was “vanity of vanities” and could be destroyed. Everything except God Himself – so each time the air-raid sirens would go off, they would rush to the shelter and take along with them a copy of the Gospel.

There, gathered around a small fire-place (led by our Founder Chiara Lubich), they would read God’s word and contemplate on it. On one such occasion, they came across the words of Jesus’ Father, May they all be one as You & I are one. They found new meaning in this desire of Jesus and from then on Unity became their way of life. They focused on Living the Gospel and loving everyone they came across without exception.

The Idea Grows

Many around Chiara and her friends were impressed by their little acts of love during the war, where at times they gave everything they had to someone needier, always believing that God would provide a hundred-fold and HE did. People would come knocking at their door and were never turned away.

As people approached them for help, they also wanted to know that amidst so much destruction what made these girls so cheerful and were inspired by their experience. Many decided to follow their simple principle, to actually Live the Gospel and the movement grew.

It was later recognized by the Holy Father as an ecclesial movement and was given the name The Work of Mary. However, as the origin of the movement was around a Fire-Place (Foco in Italian), the movement also came to be popularly known as the Focolare.

The Movement Today

The Movement Today has grown across more than 190 countries around the world and has among its members, peoples of all nationalities, creeds, cultures, ages and walks of life. We have children, youth, those married, religious (even Bishops and Cardinals) who follow our Ideal of Love and Unity. We build unity in the world by doing small acts of love at the individual level. Then at the community level, there are a number of events and activities. At a more universal level, we are also involved in helping the Church further its inter-religious dialogue with Muslims (primarily in the US), with Buddhists (in S.E. Asia) and Sikhs, Hindus (in India).


This is easy: you are already a member if you simply follow the gospel and try to live it in your life, in your own small way. Then of course, you are invited to know more about us, so you can better understand our spirituality and calling. As our charism is Unity, we are open to everyone, who dreams of a united world and of spreading God’s love to all.

In India, we have centers in Mumbai (Mahim, Santacruz & Goregaon), New Delhi and Bangalore. We also have regularly a number of activities and out-reach in Goa, Pune and Mangalore. To know more about the Focolare, I invite you to visit the International Website:

As mentioned by Prem, there might have been some controversies related to our involvement in inter-religious dialogues, of which I am personally not aware. However, Prem, I am sure if you are seeking the truth even in this matter, my friends will be happy to answer your questions.

If you are anywhere in India, you can send an email to indiaczm@… and request for specific information on current activities at your location. You are welcome to mention my reference & how you heard about the Movement.


Adrian Pereira

(My research on the Focolare movement (see file title and link on page 2) has revealed that the type of interreligious dialogue and “unity” that they are involved in is spiritually dangerous for Catholics –Michael)



November 26, 2009

Dear Adrian,

As advised by you, I wrote an enquiry letter to indiaczm@… on November 16 but they did not reply to me. What do you suggest that I do now?


My letter:

Dear Focolare India,

I have been reading about your activities for years on Catholic sites and in news letters

I came to learn more about you recently from Adrian Pereira. He gave me permission to use his reference.



Only then did I learn that you are active in India.

I am Catholic-trained both in evangelisation and at Bible school.

How could I serve the Church in India through Focolare?

Do you have a website in India and is there any printed information that you can send me?



2. November 26, 2009

More on the Prosperity Gospel and New Age


3. November 26, 2009 Dear Adrian,

As advised by you, I wrote an enquiry letter to indiaczm@… on November 16 but they did not reply to me. What do you suggest that I do now?


My letter:

Dear Focolare India,

I have been reading about your activities for years on Catholic sites and in news letters

I came to learn more about you recently from Adrian Pereira. He gave me permission to use his reference.

Only then did I learn that you are active in India.

I am Catholic-trained both in evangelisation and at Bible school.
How could I serve the Church in India through Focolare?

Do you have a website in India and is there any printed information that you can send me?


RE: Re: Men of god caught in transparency web


4. December 6, 2009

Inter-faith dialogue?

Archbishop Vincent Nichols ‘offered flowers at the altar of Hindu deities’

By Damian Thompson Nov. 24, 2009… … …



Dear Prem,

This is horrific. As Damian points out, the Archbishop must be more cautious when seeking advice on such matters. Austine.


5. December 10, 2009

QUERY: Powerpoint and Dialogue during Homily

Is it correct to have a PPP during a homily? Priests in some countries certainly may be adopting this but does it make it legal?

May a priest have a dialogue or Q&A session with the congregation during the homily, even if it refers to the readings?

PREM (Austine responded)


6. December 15, 2009

“New Age”


7. December 19, 2009

Re: How Christian is Sonia Gandhi? By CT Nilesh


8. December 19, 2009



9. January 20, 2010

Re: Islamic ‘Peace TV’ Banned In India


10. January 20, 2010

Re: Tiatrists condemn directors, singers


11. January 21, 2010

BANDRA: “Catholic and lovin it” – Family of Faith Convention


12. April 1, 2010

Indulgences and Confession


13. May 21, 2010

QUERY: Foot washing


14. May 21, 2010

QUERY: Baptism


15. June 6, 2010

The Wine Used in Holy Mass

All postings were allowed and responded to by Austine Crasta, owner-moderator of KC.

Prem Mathias’ sojourn in KC lasted seven months. My postings are always on unique controversial issues; almost nobody else in KC brings up the type of questions that I raise.



It was only a matter of time that Crasta put two and two together. But it is was not because of anything that I wrote or asked on KC that he figure out what I was up to.

You see, I was a member of a US-based group named MotherofGod2 (MoG2) owned and operated by one Desmond Birch. I had been introduced to them as Michael Prabhu by the inimitable Bandra, Mumbai-based crusader against New Age errors, the late Errol Fernandes in 2003. I had corresponded with them from my vsnl email id. When I took the Prem Mathias yahoo id, I wrote to Desmond Birch explaining that henceforth I would be using the alias Prem Mathias for convenience and I received from him his written agreement. I was already aware that Austine Crasta was a member of MoG2 although he was not posting on the list.

Crasta analysed the nature of my posts there, just as I figured he would eventually do, but I did not for a moment think that he (and Desmond Birch too) would play dirty. Desmond Birch officially banned me from posting in MoG2 under a different pretext, the complete details of which I have on record. He pretended that he did not ever know from me that Prem Mathias and Michael Prabhu were one and the same individual and accused me of deceiving them. There was not a word from Austine Crasta but I, as Prem Mathias, was blocked on KC also the very same day. So much for Catholic apostolates. I do not blame Austine Crasta for blocking me as Prem Mathias on KC because he did not want my shadow hanging over the group. But the behind-the-scenes tactics that he employed were deplorable, especially since the charges made were false.

Even the fact that I had been personally recommended to Desmond Birch by Errol Fernandes could not help. However, I continue to be on the mailing list of both KC and MoG2 till today under various aliases.

I wrote privately to a few MoG2 members and at least a couple of them wrote to me that Desmond Birch could be harsh, intolerant and autocratic, something that I had already noted in his reaction to certain members’ posts. Crasta is very much the same except that he does things in a more “refined” way.


I skimmed through over 32,000 KC posts to write this report.

But apart from the issues recorded on previous pages, I already had a lot of information in my Word doc. file on Konkani Catholics which I now turn to and reproduce from:


I noted the following problems in KC and I wrote in…

Austine J. Crasta; Rohit D’Souza; Rupert Vaz
Sent: Friday, October 10, 2008 10:27 PM


Dear Austine, Rupert and Rohit,

Please see the attachment.

This is not to find fault with any of you personally or with KC. But I am pointing out what could possibly be areas that you might want to look into. Anyone can miss something or not see the side of it that I always somehow see. You are doing a lot of good work and it is my daily [literally] prayer that this is carried on more effectively. You have a lot of people to write the nice and good things only. But I am different from others in the sense that if I see what I presume to be error, I must point it out or I cannot live with myself. So I hope that you will take it in the right spirit as you have always done.

About point III, I have not named the priest. I am certain about the first part of what I have written, but I have to get someone to check out the second and especially the third in my presence as to how I linked up to those profiles from the priest’s and then I will get back to you. The first time it happened a couple of months ago, I presumed that it must be a mistake, but it happened again today and I was very careful!!?!! Love, Mike


POSTING in KONKANI CATHOLICS from Godwin Coelho recommending Fr Henry Nunn, SJ to Eugene as a counselor

From: “Godwin Coelho” <> To: <>
Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2008 6:48 AM Subject: Re: [KonkaniCatholics] In need of a councellor
Dear Eugene, For your counseling need you can also approach

Fr Henry (Hank) Nunn SJ, Atmashakti Counseling Centre.
Add: Atmashakti Counseling Centre, No. 112, Madhuvan Colony, Hulimavu Village, Bangalore – 560 076. Ph: 2658-1564 / 5292

Regards, Godwin

The Centre’s URL is:

Please read this 15-year-old UCAN report that I have copied from my files:

CHURCH INSTITUTION IN SOUTH INDIA HELPS SCHIZOPHRENICS 10 June 1993 BANGALORE, India (UCAN) — An institution started by a Jesuit counselor in southern India has successfully combined Indian traditional practices with modern psychology to treat schizophrenia.

The “Atma Shakti Vidyalaya” (ASV, power of the soul school) in Bangalore, some 2,020 kilometers south of New Delhi, attracts patients even from abroad. The institute has so far helped some 100 people overcome their psychotic disorders — distortions in perception of self, others and surroundings.

Started by Canadian Jesuit Father Henry Patrick Nunn in 1979, ASV is among a few centers in Asia that treat schizophrenics in the “Schiff School of Reparenting Technique” (SSRT). ASV uses a therapy based on transactional analysis, behavior modification, reparenting techniques, programs for relieving body tensions, yoga and “pranayama” (breathing) techniques and work therapy, says Father Nunn, who is popularly known as Father Hank.



Father Hank was impressed by SSRT, a brainchild of Jacqi Schiff, a social worker in the United States. In early 1960s Schiff took a schizophrenic boy into her family and found in him a childlike simplicity and a desperate need for parenting. She brought more patients to treat them within the family, which marked the birth of SSRT. Schiff proved that the family setting helped patients adapt and behave in socially acceptable ways. ASV is a registered society and initially treated 25 patients, including a few Europeans. Its 13-member staff include psychologists and therapists. Some 50 patients, mostly Indians from different backgrounds, are now being treated at the center. Only patients under 30 years old with a demonstrated desire to get better are admitted. END


Since Fr Nunn was already in my records, I contacted him and confirmed from him that they offer yoga therapy and a few New Age practices. If someone can check out “Schiff School of Reparenting Technique” (SSRT) [I haven’t] it might be revealing.

Would you agree with me that this is a Centre that Catholics must be warned about instead of being directed to by KC?

If you agree with me would you kindly post a correction and a warning on KC to confirm that?

It would also be good to know about Godwin’s connections with this Centre, and Eugene’s experience of his counseling.


POSTING IN KONKANI CATHOLICS DIGEST NO. 1636 dated September 24, 2008

Murder of Catholic Priests in Agra
by Myrtle Lobo

Dear All,

Here are the latest news from Agra. We need to pray for our priests who work for Christ in the remote areas of India.
INDIA Catholic priest killed in Meerut diocese (Agra)

by Nirmala Carvalho
The clergyman lived like an Indian ascetic in an ashram, preaching peace and promoting inter-faith dialogue. Nothing is known of the motive behind the deed; police will not exclude a botched robbery attempt as the possible cause. The funeral is scheduled for tomorrow.
Mumbai (AsiaNews) – Another Catholic priest has been murdered in India. Fr Samuel Francis (in photo), better known as Swami Astheya (he who is without greed), was found dead this morning in the chapel of his ashram in the village of Chota Rampur. His hands were tied behind his back, his mouth gagged (with cloth) and injuries on his forehead. The 50-ear-old clergyman dressed like an Indian Sanyasin (Hindu monks who lead an ascetic life) and lived in an ashram (monastery) where he taught yoga and meditation.
Chota Rampur, the village where the catholic priest found a refuge, is located 27 kilometres from Dehradun, in the Suffragan diocese of Agra archdiocese, or some 400 kilometres from New Delhi.
How and why he was murdered is not yet clear, but police will not exclude the possibility that it might have been a robbery gone badly wrong. The ashram was in fact ransacked and a woman suffering from psychological problems was also found dead in the ashram’s warehouse.
Fr Davis Varayilan, professor at Samanvayan Theological College, said he knew the slain priest and had nothing but words of praise for his generosity, good heart and intelligence.
“This is a great tragedy for the Church in India,” he said. “We used to send our seminarians for an experience to his Ashram, and in the early 1980s he was in charge of the youth in Meerut Diocese.”
His ashram had become a beacon for inter-faith dialogue and harmony among people.
“He was much loved and respected by all: Hindus, inter-faith harmony and unity, He was a holy person and his spirituality was well respected by all Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, the poor and the marginalised.”
Fr Francis embodied the India’s spirit, best exemplified by the Sanyasi lifestyle which calls for no meat and a rigid vegetarian diet. “Killing so brutally such a man who worked for the betterment of society is a crime against humanity,” said Father Davis. Swami Astheya’s funeral will be held tomorrow morning at 11 am local time in Chota Rampur village.
Archdiocese of Ranchi Archbishop’s House P. B. No. 5, Purulia Road Ranchi, Jharkhand 834 001.
With love and Prayers, Myrtle Lobo


This is the letter that I wrote to my long-time friend Myrtle, blind copy to one moderator and some KC members:

Myrtle Lobo
Sent: Friday, October 03, 2008 10:37 PM Subject: YOGA AND MEDITATION

Dear Myrtle, I was going through the KC digests of September 22nd onwards only today.

I was shocked to find this posting by you in Konkani Catholics.

Frankly, and I don’t mind being quoted on this, the less so-called priests in the Indian Church like this meditating yogi/ swami, the better. There are not a few priests and laity who have shared with me their conviction [though it might be wrong] that what is happening is a pouring out of the cup of God’s wrath, a retribution, a chastisement, for the assault on the very Word of God by the priests, Bishops and laity who either actively promote and defend the NCB or are in complicity by silence. [And, I would add, for the sacrileges and blasphemies being perpetrated by these ashram “priests” against the Holy Eucharist and the Blessed Sacrament.]

It is not surprising that a forum that imposes a blackout on any news on the NCB would publish a report about a priest whose obituary is Hindu yoga and meditation. Michael





REPORT IN Australia’s CathNews along with readers’ comments:

Ashram priest killed, cathedral burnt in India

September 23, 2008

Ascetic priest Fr Samuel Francis better known as Swami Astheya has been found dead in the chapel of his ashram 400km south of New Delhi while the Catholic cathedral in Jabalpur in central India has been badly damaged in a fire lit by Hindu militants. AsiaNews reports that the priest clergyman lived like an Indian ascetic in an ashram, preaching peace and promoting inter-faith dialogue. Fr Astheya was found dead at his ashram in the village of Chota Rampur with his hands tied behind his back, his mouth gagged and injuries to his forehead.

The 50-year-old clergyman dressed like an Indian Sanyasin ascetic Hindu monk and taught yoga and meditation.

How and why he was murdered is not yet clear, but police will not exclude the possibility that it might have been a robbery gone badly wrong. The ashram was in fact ransacked and a woman suffering from psychological problems was also found dead in the ashram’s warehouse.

Fr Davis Varayilan, professor at Samanvayan Theological College, said he knew the slain priest and had nothing but words of praise for his generosity, good heart and intelligence. “This is a great tragedy for the Church in India,” he said. “We used to send our seminarians for an experience to his Ashram, and in the early 1980s he was in charge of the youth in Meerut Diocese.”
His ashram had become a beacon for inter-faith dialogue and harmony among people.

“He was much loved and respected by all: Hindus, inter-faith harmony and unity, He was a holy person and his spirituality was well respected by all Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, the poor and the marginalised.”

Catholic priest killed in Meerut diocese (Agra)
(AsiaNews, 22/9/08)

Doon shocked as Catholic priest, aide murdered (Indian Express, 22/9/08)


Readers’ comments:

1. What does it mean that he lived as a Hindu monk and taught yoga and meditation? Was he for Christ or karma? Did Fr. Swami believe that he would join the Lord in heaven at death or reincarnate in another body? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell what some Catholic priests — and Catholics — believe. Posted By: Joe

2. Hi, Joe. Good questions. I am a Catholic apologist, speaker and writer. I am also a crusader against the doctrinal deviations of the theologians, New Age practices [eastern meditations & alternative medicines (holistic health therapies)], liturgical abuses increasingly practised and propagated in the Indian Church, and the so-called Indianisation of the Church in the name of inculturation, but which is only its Hindu-isation.

The latest issue is a so-called Bible — the New Community Bible — filled with reference to pagan deities, non-Christian religious texts and parallels drawn with mythologies of pre-Christian religions. It is a tool and a vehicle of the Catholic Ashrams movement. The Catholic yogi who was killed is a part of that circuit. They are moving towards a breakaway autonomous Hindu “Church” chanting OM, meditating, doing yoga and “praying” in Sanskrit.

Catholic evangelization has come to a standstill in India decades ago.

Many good priests and laity are with this ministry in our struggle. You will find these issues and more documented at our website: We welcome your comments. Michael Prabhu, Chennai, India


MANGALOREAN CATHOLICS DIGEST NO. 1001 dated October 6, 2008


One week has passed since the most cruelsome and double murder of Sadhu Asteya (Fr. Samuel Francis) and Mercy Bahadur in Dehradun. The murders took place of Saturday 20th Sept. in Samarpanalaya Ashram founded by Sadhu Asteya 15 years ago in Chota Rampur village, on Dehradun – Vikas Nagar Road…

Sadhu Asteya lived a very simple life. He had a God given charism for healing. He did exorcism over `possessed` (psychic) cases and also spent days and nights fasting and praying with the people who were affected with various ailments. Hundreds of people, mostly Christians from other denominations and some Catholics from Vikas Nagar and Dehradun and a few Hindu families from Dehradun and Delhi were benefiting from Sadhu Asteya`s service of prayer and healing…

Samuel Francis was born in a Punjabi Catholic family in 1952. His parents were natives of Multan in Pakistan. His father was in the Indian Air Force.
Samuel did his school studies in Kanpur and Sardhana. In 1967 he joined the minor seminary to be a priest of the diocese of Meerut. He did his Philosophy and Theology studies in St. Charles` Seminary, Nagpur. After his ordination he worked in Moradabad church. As a young and dynamic priest, he also rendered his services to the UP Regional Youth and Vocations Bureau. Along with Chhotebhai, Sr. Jaya Victor SAP and Brother Anil Dev IMS, he went around preaching retreats in the entire region of the then undivided UP and Rajasthan.



He came in close contact with Swami Augustine Deenabandhu, a venerable Capuchin priest of Jeevan Jyoti Ashram, Bareilly.
Fr. Samuel decided to become a Christian Sanyasi like Swami Deenbandhu. His life style changed radically. He took a new name Sadhu Asteya. He spent his time in learning meditation and Sanskrit in Shivananda ashram, Rishikesh. He put on Indian Sanyasa dress and grew hair and beard like any other Indian mendicant.
Father Amalorpavadas, the renowned founder of Anjali Ashram, Mysore had requested Sadhu Asteya to be his successor. He had also written this in his will. At the unfortunate tragic death of Fr. Amalorpavadas, the church authorities asked Sadhu Asteya to take charge of Anjali ashram. Sadhuji went to Anjali Ashram and stayed there for six months and returned with a decision to open an ashram in his own diocese. He searched for a suitable land between Dehradun and Roorkee.
After a long search, with the help of his Bishop he purchased a six acre land at Chota Rampur on Dehradun – Vikas Nagar Road, developed it into a beautiful place with provisions for retreats and hermitage. Although he could not get his co-priests to live with him, he relentlessly worked for a great cause, the incarnation of the Church into the Indian milieu…


1. Sadhu Asteya and Mercy Bahadur became martyrs in Samarpanalaya Ashram. Why Sadhuji`s body was taken to far away Meerut out of the state? As he spent his life and energy in Samarpanalaya with a great vision and determination for the cause of inculturation why was he not given a solemn burial in the ashram premises? Was there a pressure from the BJP Government?
2. Why was Mercy`s body buried in a very private manner in Dehradun? Why was it not brought to Meerut? Is it not diluting the very serious double murder case?
3. While the cruelly murdered body of Sadhu Asteya was lying in the Cathedral church, the Diocesan School in the same compound was functioning normally. Why the educational institutions in the diocese were not closed as a sign of protest against this extreme cruel murder?
4. Why the Meerut diocese did not ensure the presence of people from other Christian denominations and other faiths to be present for the funeral of this martyr?
5. It is evident that that the murders were part of a well-designed national campaign on the Christian community. Why the Bishop who was the presiding over the funeral ceremony, never mentioned about the violence on Christians all over the country. Even if there are no final conclusions why the cruel double murders were not called as an attack on Christian community?
6. Why did Catholic Bishop`s Conference of India in its news website ( on 22nd Sept. write that the murders are committed by insiders? Why is the Church leadership arriving at destructive and negative illogical conclusions, thus siding with the civil and police administration in shielding the real culprits, evidently the national and international Hindutva forces?
7. Why are the diocese of Meerut, CBCI and other Church and civil organizations silent over the whole issue?
Sadhu Asteya and his devoted disciple Mercy have become martyrs for their Christian faith. They became victims in the hands of cruel communal forces who are lashing terror all over the country. Christianity does not believe in seeking revenge or worldly justice. But the souls of Sadhu Asteya and Mercy cry for truth, so that their shedding of blood does not go in vain. The Church and the enlightened civil society should pressurize the state and central Governments to expose the facts behind the murders. Obviously these murders are part of a wider campaign. The entire nation should demand the Government to nab the forces behind the murders in Dehradun, the massacre in Orissa and the violence and vandalizing of homes, places of worship and institutions of service in Karnataka, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and other parts of the country. So that harmony, peace, brotherhood and love prevail in the Indian nation. email:


a) What type of “exorcism” does a yogi do on “possessed” cases? What are the chances that the yogi-priest himself was not “possessed” because of his dalliance with Hinduism after his anointing as a priest?

It is interesting to note that the writer Fr Anand IMS hastens to add the rider “psychic”. The priests of the ashram circuit could never believe in the Biblical devil and Christian exorcism. As I have shown in my report on the Ashrams and elsewhere, they try to explain Jesus’ miracles of deliverance of people from demons as treatment of psychological problems that were not correctly understood in those pre-scientific times.


b) Fr Anand appears to be the same priest as Fr Anand Mathew, an ashramvasi who wrote these to me on two issues:

anand mathew
Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2007 6:51 PM



Subject: Re: THE PAGANIZATION OF THE CHURCH IN INDIA {my report on the Hinduised “church” in Kollam (Quilon)}

Dear Micheal Prabhu,
The attempt made at Neendakara is a model for the entire church and people of faith to follow. Jesus prayed: “Father, I pray that they may be one…” The chief objective of every religion and esp. christianity is to unify. Religion comes from the root word “relegar” which means to unite; unite man to God and to one another. Let us work to break walls and make bridges. Motifs and symbols are expression of devotion. Devotion is part of culture. By culture we are Indians, natives, but by faith we are Christians. Let our faith strengthen our culture and let our culture deepen us in our faith. God bless you.
I am ready for more dialogue in this line. Fr. Anand IMS

anand mathew
Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2007 6:58 PM


Your whole letter smells of communalism and fanaticism. Arrogance of one’s faith and contempt for others; faith is communalism. It kills the peace of one’s own mind and the mind of the entire community. anand ims


It is quite apparent what this priest stands for, certainly not the Roman Catholic Faith. Of course, because of that, he asks some very pertinent questions of the Bishops of India which I actually must appreciate.

c) Many of the Catholic Ashram founders, priests and nuns, like our “martyred” yogi, were trained in yoga and meditation by Swami Shankarananda at Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh which is run by the Divine Life Society [DLS].

The crest of the Divine Life Society has an OM at the centre of the sun representing the realisation of the self, attained through knowledge. Vishal Mangalwadi, in The World of Gurus, pages 41-51, writes on the DLS that it follows the Advaitic… philosophy of… Shankaracharya. According to them, God is not a person or spirit. He, or rather ‘it’, is pure consciousness… [They] teach a synthesis of yoga… According to Swamiji, OM is the best mantra.

Swami Sivananda himself said: Wholesale preaching of Vedanta to the masses is not advisable. It will cause chaos, bewilderment and stagnation,
Bliss Divine, page 377. His followers will do well to heed him.

d) It is important to note that Father Amalorpavadas, the renowned founder of Anjali Ashram, Mysore had requested Sadhu Asteya to be his successor”. Amalor laid the foundation for the NBCLC as well as for Anjali Ashram [read my various reports for their influence on New Age and liturgical abuses]. If he wanted Astheya so badly as his successor, one can imagine the real swami whose loss we are mourning.

e) Brother Anil Dev IMS is now FATHER Anil Dev IMS, half yogi, half “charismatic”. He preaches with the National Service Team of the CCR but his ashram was the host for the all-India Ashram Aikya Satsang 29th Oct to 3rd Nov. 2007.

If you still don’t know the evils of the ashram movement, please check out my website.

f) Chhotebhai is Noronha of Kanpur. He is a part of the ashram movement for decades, having been personally trained by Bede Griffiths OSB at Shantivanam, Saccidananda Ashram. When the priest-theologians who wrote the commentaries to the New Community Bible wanted to attack me because of my campaign to have the New Community Bible [NCB] withdrawn, the tool they used was Chhotebhai who has written a “Love Letter” on the NCB. One theologian then sent it to me as proof that all Catholics are not with me. I concede that. Those who support the NCB or will not condemn it have only one other option. They fall on the side of the ashram priests. And it is not difficult to guess how loyal to the Holy See they are.

g) I can link up the issues with more information, but I believe that I have demonstrated clearly enough what I wanted to.

h) Will you agree with me that whenever the word “yoga” pops up in a posting, the moderators might censor the posting [as they now do with a lot of material sent to them] or insert a disclaimer or an explanation?

I understood that the policy of KC is not to post any information that may be detrimental to the faith of members or cause confusion in the minds of members. Then how is it that such information gets posted, while information that exposes such error is not allowed to be posted?



Konkani Catholics Digest No. 1642 dated September 27, 2008 by Rupert J. Vaz, Moderator

September 26, 2008
The new temple, dedicated Sunday, is significant to greater Chicago’s 85,000 Hindus because it fulfills an 1893 dream, first set forth in an 1893 address at the Chicago World Fair, to ‘teach meditation and the spiritual discipline of yoga to anyone from any faith for free.’
115 years didn’t dim a dream of Hindus. Swami’s 1893 conception of ‘universal temple’ realized in Homer Glen September 22, 2008 By Chicago Tribune reporter
Worshipers watch the “Poornahuti” or “complete” offering being consumed during the “Homa” dedication ceremony of their new Hindu temple in Homer Glen.
A Hindu temple that devotees say was 115 years in the making opened Sunday in southwest suburban Homer Glen.
Since 1967, the Vivekananda Vedanta Society has been in Hyde Park, but growing membership, lack of parking at the old site, an increasing percentage of members who live in the suburbs and a desire to fulfill the teachings of Swami Vivekananda led the society to build a new temple, said society spokesman Frank Parlato.



Vivekananda—famous in India for a speech he gave at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair and his push back home for independence, work that reportedly inspired Mohandas Gandhi—referred in his writings to a “universal temple” that would teach meditation and the spiritual discipline of yoga to anyone from any faith for free, said Parlato.
More than 300 people gathered Sunday at the 32,000-square-foot temple, a mix of prairie-style and classic Hindu architecture, to see the new shrine room consecrated by a priest dressed in white, who burned incense while surrounded by seated monks in ocher robes, Parlato said. Five sacred images from the Hyde Park shrine were transferred to the new temple, he said, and the swamis moved into their new quarters there Sunday.
“It has a symbolism behind it. It’s transferring the universal energy into the shrine at this particular location,” Parlato said. “This was conceived 115 years ago and now has come to fruition.”
The temple, set on 15 acres, has a library, meditation area and bookstore.
The society eventually plans a 20,000-square-foot addition that would expand the shrine and meditation area and create space for the temple to host visitors on meditative retreats, Parlato said.
Vivekananda remains an important historical figure in India, where his 1893 speech, marking the expansion of Hindu thought and beliefs into the Western world, is included in schoolbooks.
The opening of the universal temple is therefore important to more than the estimated 85,000 Hindus living in the Chicago area, Parlato said. “It is a major story back in India,” said J.V. Lakshmana Rao, editor of India Tribune, an English-language weekly that circulates in Chicago and two other cities and is a sister paper to the Times of India. “We all feel some divine wish here has come true.”

Rao said Chicago, where Vivekananda gave his speech at the Art Institute, is becoming a city of pilgrimage for Indian Hindus. “If anyone thinks of visiting the U.S., they will think of visiting Chicago,” he said.


Frankly, I do not see any connection between the posting of the above news item by a moderator and the building up of our faith since it came with no explanation from him or anyone else. If there were, it might have been different.

So, how do two postings that speak favorably of yoga and eastern meditation appear almost back to back in KC?

If there has been any change in policy could you please let us know, especially since Austine has been studying theology for a long time now and he might have picked up some enlightening explanations on these issues during his studies?


III. I happened to see this web profile of one of the priest-members of Konkani Catholics:

Astrological Sign:

Zodiac Year:

Industry: Non-Profit

About Me:

I am a Catholic priest belonging to the Diocese…

This good priest — whose teachings we have been welcoming — actually believes in both western as well as eastern (Chinese) astrology!

I received no response to the above questions from Austine Crasta or the moderators. This was of course after my being excluded from the group.













IV. From:
Austine J. Crasta; Rohit D’Souza; Rupert Vaz
Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2008 7:09 PM

Subject: KRIPA/YOGA in KC

Dear Moderators,

Please refer my email of May 28 to Rupert, further below. It was not acknowledged.

Once again, KC 1535 of July 10, 2008, there is a posting about Kripa Foundation. Do not allow KC readers to continue to be misled. Yoga therapy and other errors will now be easily available at another Catholic parish in Mumbai. Surely you must warn Robin and other members?

Love, Michael

The Kripa Medical Dispensary at Our Lady of Egypt Church, Kalina…
(See page 2 of the present file)





Rupert Vaz Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2008 2:30 PM Subject: KRIPA FOUNDATION

Dear Rupert, Praise the Lord. I appreciate the spirit with which you posted the report of the eviction of Kripa Foundation [KC 1483 of May 27, 2008], but may I request you to read my report on KRIPA [see also my website], partly copied and attached. KRIPA is the foremost organized promoter of yoga and, along with WCCM, the false “centering prayer” meditations of Dom Main and Laurence Freeman in the Catholic Church in India. Love, Mike



V. POSTED IN KC Digest No. 1363, FEBRUARY 3, 2008:

NEW DELHI, FEB. 3, 2008 (CBCI News): Sadhana Channel has begun transmitting a television programme titled “Nutan Dhara” based on the Word of God from Saturday, 2nd February, 2008, the feast of the Presentation of Jesus. “It is a great historical event for the Indian Catholic Church. Nutan Dhara is the first regular transmission of a Catholic tele-evangelistic programme in Hindi language”, said Father Anil Dev, IMS, the director of the programme. Nutan Dhara means a new spring. It is the hope of Fr. Anil Dev that the programme which will be telecast from 7 to 7.20 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday will usher in “a new spring of God’s blessings through on the Word of God.”
The 20 minute programme contains mainly Christian teachings based on the Word of God which will help people to realize the powerful presence of God in their day to day living. Fr. Anil Dev along with eminent preachers of the Hindi belt will break the Word of God.

The programme will also contain devotional music programmes with visuals, short skits on Biblical messages, Christian action songs etc.
Archbishop of Delhi Vincent Concessao, Varanasi Bishop Raphy Manjaly, Superior General of the Indian Missionary Society Fr. Subhash, IMS, and Mr. Ranjit Toppo are patrons of this unique satellite programme.
The programme is totally dependent on the contribution of people of India and does not in any way seek foreign funds.
Sadhana Channel is one of the popular devotional channels of India. It telecasts discourses of gurus and sadhus.
Fr. Anil Dev, IMS, the programme director is the Acharya of Matri Dham Ashram (Amity Resort) in Varanasi. He is a much sought after preacher and is the pioneer of the Khrist Bhakta (Devotees of Christ) Movement.
Nutan Dhara was successfully experimented for five and half months through a cable channel named “Nazar” (Sight) in Ranchi, Jharkhand. About 20,000 people of Ranchi have been watching this programme every day evening for half an hour.
The programme became so popular that lay Christians said their family prayers immediately after Nutan Dhara basing on the preaching.
Cardinal Telesphore Toppo and Bishop Vincent Barwa gave wholehearted support to the programme.
Fr. Sachin IMS, the producer of Nutan Dhara and the Administrator of Matri Dham Ashram said that the success in Ranchi has pushed Nutan Dhara to go via satellite to a larger audience.
Nutan Dhara is a joint venture of Matri Dham Ashram and Vishwa Jyoti (Light of the World) Communications, two endeavours of the Indian Missionary Society.
Fr. Anand, IMS

Vishwa Jyoti Communications



The May 2003 issue of Catechetics India carried an article titled ‘The Khristbhakta Movement’, authored by Fr. Anand Mathew IMS, and has five full pages on Matridham. All the information is excellent, I would say.

But there is this one paragraph on the fourth page:

“Programmes and Features of Matridham Ashram.

Indo-Christian Spiritual Experience. The ashram offers a very re-vitalizing spirituality course based on Indian Christian Spiritual traditions giving the participants deep spiritual experience centered on the person of Christ through discourses, meditations, prayer, and yoga. An average of more than 30 groups of religious men and women, priests, seminarians, and laity from different parts of the country benefit from the courses every year.”


Yoga is used by Fr. Anil Dev IMS at Matridham.  But, still worse, this stuff is about the deity Shiva:

From: The Secretary, Ashram Aikya To:  Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 23:00:29 +0530

Dear Friend,

This is sent as blind copy to a number of my friends to inform you of a programme I am helping to organise. You may also know of someone who might be interested. Ashram Aikya members may get special preference if they apply through me. Others may apply directly to Fireflies. But all are welcome to write back to me. All the best for 2008, Amala

Announcement Ashram Aikya Sadhana, April 2008

The Sivastotraavali
is a collection of hymns and mystical verses by the great Kashmiri philosopher and mystic Utpaladeva (ca. end of 9th beginning of 10th century).



It reveals the depth of his experience in which intense devotion to the Lord (bhakti) merges with pure non-dualism (advaita), the experiential side of the philosophy of recognition (Ishvara- pratyabhijnaa).

Meditation on and with these extraordinary texts can help us to discover our own spiritual state and lead us further into a mystical dimension in which bhakti with its apparent duality and advaita are not contrasts, but are complementary. Unlike other texts of the tradition, this is not a systematic presentation of the spiritual life, it is more an expression of spontaneous experience, intense prayer, and intoxication with the divine presence. The Hymn belongs to the non-dualist Kashmir Saiva tradition, but it has a universal appeal beyond any sectarian belonging. A few hymns (Stotra) by Abhinavagupta (10th-11th cent.) will also be studied and meditated upon. In the Sadhana we will combine text study, meditation, recitation, silence and sharing.

Bettina Baeumer, SamvidÁlaya: Abhinavagupta Research Library B 2/114 Bhadaini, Varanasi – 221001

Tel. 0091-542-2312360 e-mail: 3rd December 2007

Kashmir Ïaivism Workshops/Retreats

Dear Friends,

You must have been waiting for news regarding the next Kashmir Ïaivism Workshop, which was traditionally held in Varanasi in February, around Shivaratri. We have another plan for 2008.

You are cordially invited to two alternative workshops/retreats.

1) The first is in sequence to a Sadhana (retreat) Bettina has given in Varanasi on the Vijnana Bhairava to a group of Ashram Aikya, end of October. The interest was so great that they were asking for a continuation.



The Ashram Aikya Sadhana and Satsang at Benares in November this year has been a rich experience for all of us. The presence of several young ashramites and spiritual seekers was a sign of great hope regarding the relevance and future of the movement.

The two day sadhana ably guided by Dr. Bettina Bäumer on Vijnana Bhairava, a classic of Kashmiri Saivism, made us once again deeply aware of the rich spiritual resources of our country. We were impressed by the positive approach of the Saivite sage to the sensations of the body, struggles of life, emotional conflicts and diversity of spiritual experiences. We discovered an incarnational spirituality in that text.

At the satsang we focused attention on Brahmabandhab Upadhyay, who made the first attempt to start an Indian Christian ashram. Going through his writings and reflecting on his experiences we came to realise that ashrams of Christian initiative do have a specific role to play in making Christian presence in India deeply rooted in the spiritual heritage of this country. We left Benares deeply inspired by the sage-theologian Brahmabandhab.

In this two-fold encounter at Benares I perceive a strong message for our ashram way of life.

In order to make ashram life more authentic and creative it may be good that each one of us gets closely acquainted with one classic of Indian spirituality or one sage of the Indian heritage.

Study meticulously the text verse by verse / study carefully all the works of the sage. Meditate on them, dive into the mystical experience of that text / sage, integrate the perceptions
with our inner spiritual journey and reflect creatively on how this experience would enrich our Christian spirituality.

Some of us may then be able to develop retreats or meditation courses based on that text / sage.

This seems to be a creative way of promoting a spirituality that is authentically Indian and genuinely Christian. If we accept the principle, it is through the thou that I become truly myself, we should be able to say: it is through a deep spiritual encounter with a text / sage of another religious tradition that we Christians truly discover the depth of our Christian spirituality.

Fr. Sebastian Painadath S.J.


VI. POSTED IN KC Digest No. 1368, FEBRUARY 8, 2008:

Posted by Joseph and Stella Rodricks, Bangalore

Over 1,000 Religious Gather For “Sanyasa Sangamam” In Bangalore
Bangalore, February 04, 2008, CBCI news

Over 1,000 religious men and women assembled for “Sanyasa Sangamam” (Confluence of Ascetics) at St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral ground on Feb. 02, in Bangalore.
They met to celebrate the world day of consecrated persons on the occasion of the feast of Presentation of the Lord.
Archbishop of Bangalore Bernard Moras appreciated the work of Religious and also pointed out the “absence” of the Religious in certain remote areas while concentrating in the city.
He urges the Religious to be the “salt, light and yeast” of the Gospels and appealed to them to open houses where there is “no Christian presence”.
“Consecrated life in the heart of the church of Bangalore”, said Episcopal Vicar for Religious of Bangalore Archdiocese, Fr.
Paul Puthanangady, SDB, in his welcome address.
Sr. Roseline Lazar, CSST, put forth the challenge against “the large and longstanding, yet not sufficient effectiveness of their presence” in the Archdiocese. She urged for “greater collaboration” between the Religious with the laity and priests in the service of the Church.



President of the Serra Club of Bangalore, Mrs. Jeanette D’Souza spoke on the urgency for identifying and recruiting the good vocations.
The programme concluded with a Eucharistic Concelebration in which all the Religious gathered with lighted the candles, renewed their commitment and pledged to do better.
CRI units from different zones presented meaningful dance skits and songs.
This whole thing above — including the CRI, Conference of Religious India, is backed by the seditious Catholic Ashram movement. Fr Puthanangady, former Director of NBCLC is one of the ashram kingpins and also is involved in New Age.


VII. Bible Course in Pilar, Goa
KC Digest No. 1547, July 20, 2008:

Posted by: “Robin Viegas”   Sat Jul 19, 2008 11:51 pm (PDT)

PANAJI: The Centre for Faith Education of the Pilar Theological College will be organizing a Bible course for the laity, on the first five books of the Bible which are called the Pentateuch. The five books are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy
The course will be held on six consecutive Sundays, beginning on July 27 and continuing on August 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31. The classes will commence at 9.30 a.m. and end at 12.30 p.m.
This will be followed by the Sunday Mass and later lunch will be provided. The Venue is Pilar Theological College. Those desiring to take part may contact Mr. John Serrao on e-mail:


Sent: Sunday, July 20, 2008 9:55 PM Subject: Bible Course in Pilar Seminary

Dear Mr. John Serrao,

What are the fees for attending the course? May we also know whom it is organized by, and who are the teachers for the five Books? Thanks, Michael

Pilar Seminary
Sent: Monday, July 21, 2008 9:49 AM Subject: Re: Bible Course in Pilar Seminary

Course fee is Rs. 300 per head. It is organised by Pilar Theological College, the course will be conducted by Fr. Max Gonsalves, and he is a doctor in biblical Theology.

Austine J. Crasta; Rohit D’Souza; Rupert Vaz Sent: Monday, July 21, 2008 8:35 PM

Subject: Bible Course in Pilar, Goa

I don’t recommend any Catholic to attend teaching at Pilar. When you read my reports on it you will understand why I say this. Love, Mike





VIII. Posted by Mahesh Lobo, KC Digest No. 1548, July 21, 2008:

Inmates Share in Youth Day Experience –
Benedictine Leads Meditation to Bring Spirit Inside Prison

By Anthony Barich, Sydney, Australia, July 18, 2008 (

A British Benedictine monk has taken World Youth Day into a women’s prison in Sydney, leading inmates in an ancient form of Christian meditation.

The World Youth Day cross previously paid a visit to Silverwater Women’s Correctional Center, and Thursday, Benedictine Father Laurence Freeman led the inmates in meditating…



IX. From:
Joel G Fernandes
Sent: Tuesday, November 04, 2008 12:04 AM

Subject: Where are we taking this?

Dear Mike, I really don’t have the words as to what to say or imagine. I can understand religious tolerance but I definitely don’t understand religious syncretism, please click on the below and enlighten me.
God bless, Joel

Daijiworld Media Network – Mangalore (SP) Mangalore, Nov 3:

The Muharat function for the golden chariot proposed to be built for Kudroli Lord Gokarnanatha temple was held on Sunday November 2.

People belonging various communities including Hindus, Muslims and Christians have come forward to contribute to the cause. Representatives of these religions made contributions for the golden chariot through gold and cash components.

Ex union minister B Janardhan Poojary, MLAs Vasant Bangera, U T Khader, ex MLA Vijay Kumar Shetty, temple trust president Sairam, Harikrishna Bantwal, Jaya C Suvarna, G A Bawa, Moidin Bava, Dennis D’Silva, Navin D’Souza, Arun Coelho, Lancelot Pinto and several nuns were present.



M’lore: Christian Community Celebrates Dasara Stressing Need for Religious Harmony

Mangalore Dasara’ – Tableaux, Coloured Lights, Fireworks Enthral People

Mangalore: Newly-built Portico of Lord Hanuman Shrine Inaugurated at Kudroli

Mangalore: Spectacular Kudroli Dasara Procession Begins Onward Journey

M’lore: Hanuman Auditorium Inaugurated at Sri Kshetra Kudroli

Mangalore: Governor Inaugurates ‘Mangalore Dasara’ at Kudroli Temple


Austine J. Crasta; Rohit D’Souza; Rupert Vaz
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 3:43 PM

Subject: Mangalore: Hindu, Muslim, Christians Donate Gold, Cash, for Kudroli Temple Chariot BCC: Other members

I was very happy to see this news posted in KC. Keep it up.

I am also happy to see that KC members Salu Mothi, Mahesh and Ajith posted their comments. Like Ajith’s comment, mine too [reproduced below] was censored. Probably Salu Mothi’s too, as the Moderators are upset because we criticized them strongly for their Astrology advertisements. Seems that some ‘Catholics’ cannot take even good criticism. Not to feel bad, Ajith, you just gotta keep doing/saying/writing what is right. One former KC member Joel’s posting got past the scissors.

A very sad thing is that well over 30 Catholic Mangaloreans wrote in favor of the event! Where are the voices of those of us who disagree? And you note, it took just one or two letters to courageously speak the truth in defense of the faith, and immediately thereafter there was a rush of letters criticizing the event! Sometimes, when we are afraid or reticent to speak out, we block those who are weaker than us and who would follow our leadership. It works both ways. Love, Michael


1. I applaud the religious tolerance here at the same time I am appalled at some people’s syncretistic views. I am a Christian and I know what Christ did for all of us. I understand his teachings too very well for I practice them to the extent possible. Christ taught among pagans but He didn’t honor their pagan gods.

As for the gathering of nuns there, good work no matter their level of ignorance as I understand participating in the rituals is offense to the Living God. I know this well too that my comment may not make it to the board. But I have a question, how many Hindus would contribute to rebuild the Churches razed to the ground by fellow Hindus? Something to think about huh? Joel Fernandes Mangalore/Dubai

2. I am appalled to read this report and view the pictures. I am fully in agreement with Joel Fernandes. This is religious pluralism and syncretism. It goes against Biblical revelation and Church teaching and by participation in religious events [WORSHIP] of other faiths/gods, we break the First Commandment of God, “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me. Thou shalt not … bow done before them or serve them.” While I do love my brothers and sisters of other religious persuasions with all my heart and soul and am all for communal amity through societal integration, I am completely against Catholics practising this false secularism.

Michael Prabhu, Catholic apologist and evangelist, Chennai, India
(Comment not allowed on KC)


X. KC Digest No. 1791, FEBRUARY 11, 2009

At noon today, Rome time, the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI appointed two new Bishops for India.
Fr. Ignatius Loyola Mascarenhas belonging to the Archdiocese of Delhi has been named as the bishop of Simla-Chandigarh.
The Mangalorean origin priest was born in Delhi in 1949 and ordained a priest in 1977.
He currently serves as the rector of the preparatory regional seminary at Kauli.

I just spoke to someone who has known Fr. Ignatius Loyola Mascarenhas personally. According to him, Fr. Mascarenhas is basically of Goan (not Mangalorean) origin though brought up elsewhere (in Mumbai??).
All the same, I was told that he is a enthusiastic priest, very popular with the youth and supportive to Charismatics. May be someone can tell us more about him…


Austine J. Crasta
Rohit D’Souza; Rupert Vaz

Sent: Saturday, February 21, 2009 8:08 PM Subject: FR. IGNATIUS LOYOLA MASCARENHAS

Dear Austine, I know Fr Loi [as he is called] fairly well. He was my Assistant Parish Priest. Diminutive in size [somewhere at 5′ nothing], but a man of steel. I do not recall his coming anywhere near the charismatic renewal when I was serving there [Delhi].

But next thing I heard was that he was the Chairman of the Delhi Service team. So, I sent to Mr. Cyril John a letter the information of which is reproduced below. And Cyril replied to me, forwarding my letter to Fr. Loy.

A few months later, I met the priest at a charismatic meeting, and I found him taking great pains to avoid me. I went up to him and asked him the reason, and he quite frankly admitted that it was because I had sent that letter to Cyril John. That was all the conversation that we had, meeting after over 17 years!

How would you rate him as a future Bishop? God save us all. Love, Mike


THE VOICE OF DELHI, [The official newsletter of the Archdiocese of Delhi] September 1991

Om Saccidananda, Om Shanti, Shanti



Fr. Ignatius Mascarenhas, our man in search of truth in various ashrams in India writes from
Saccidananda Ashram, Shantivanam, Trichy, that he is ‘enjoying the quiet and silence spending lots of time in prayer and reflection and reading.’ He has just completed two months in Kalady, the birthplace of Aadi Shankaracharya and in Kurishumala ‘going deeper into the deep things’. Fr. Loi is expected to come back with lots of insight and inner light as that of Ramana Maharishi…


XI. Konkani Catholics Digest No. 1913, June 9, 2009:

8b. Re: Face Modern Changes with Faith: Bishop Thomas Dabre

Posted by: “Diana Coelho” Tue Jun 9, 2009 1:13 am (PDT)

Does the idea of his mission “by promoting inter-faith and intercultural dialogue” mean that he can allow anyone to come up on our Altar and recite their bhajans/shlokas, etc.?
This is what was happening in our Churches in Vasai. The Hindus were allowed on Good Friday to come up on our Altar and recite Shlokas – (the next he will probably allow them to bring their idols too on our Altars)
Can anyone comment if this what he allows is right for our religion?
At least I’m shocked by all this.

by Nirmala Carvalho


Dear Diana,
In the heat of the inculturation efforts in the late 60s following the Second Vatican Council, there was a strong tendency in some quarters in India to make use of the Indian scriptures in the liturgy. This came up as one of the proposals in the second All India Liturgical Meeting. However the Bishops of India refused to approve this proposal.
So you can be 100% sure that the use of Indian (or non-Christian) Scriptures in the liturgy has never been approved either by the Holy See or the Church in India for use in the liturgy. In fact in 1970 itself, the Holy specifically forbade the substitution of readings from other scriptures or sources in the liturgy of the word.
I’m not sure if this is what you are referring to. But if this is the case, then you should definitely take up the matter, with due reverence and in a spirit of charity, with your parish priest and if necessary with your bishop. Love, Austine.


KC Digest No. 1916
11a. Re: Face Modern Changes with Faith: Bishop Thomas Dabre

Posted by: “Diana Coelho” Fri Jun 12, 2009 1:27 am (PDT)

Thank you dear Austine,
In this case, the events that I mentioned happened in the presence of the Parish Priests and with the consent of the Bishop (the said Thomas Dabre) who has allowed it – inspite of one of our previous parishioners having written to him on an earlier occasion that this was not acceptable.
It seems the Parish Priests are obliging and have no real say. Sometimes, I do not blame people from the other Christian sects who criticize our Church – they are not entirely wrong about what they say about us Catholics. We say they are not right – is the Church 100% right without any flaws? How can we condemn one another?
I’m sorry, about being too blunt – but I must say I too almost lost faith in our Church after I was in the Parish Council and after seeing what really goes on in our Church – people don’t really work for the glory of God, they work for their own, neither will they let the ones who really want to work for the Lord.
Coming back to the point of inculturation – in the above case, whom do we approach? Do we write to the Pope directly?
Love, Diana, Vasai


Dear Diana,
The concern you raise cannot be addressed on a public forum like this especially in the absence of many details, all of which are crucial to understanding what your priest did and why he did what he did.
For e.g., you mentioned that this happened on Good Friday. What is not mentioned is whether this happened during the Good Friday liturgy or at a different service meant for the purpose in which case it would have been in a non-liturgical setting.
And again, one needs to draw a sharp distinction here between what is merely a matter of one’s personal preference and what really is an aberration.
For e.g., I may not like sitting on floor at Mass but the fact is that it is permitted as an OPTION for the Church in India. So whether you sit on the bench or on the floor at Mass remains a matter of personal preference.
But on the other hand, the reading of non-Christian scriptures at Mass is a violation of liturgical law and hence cannot be entertained as a matter of personal preference either on the part of the people or of the priest.
Therefore what you need to do first and foremost is to discuss this matter personally with the priest concerned and with an open and unbiased mind so that you clearly understand both the Church’s position as well as what you witnessed.
If your priest is not able to explain the matter to your satisfaction or if you are convinced that what you witnessed was indeed an aberration, then seek a clarification from your bishop about the same. I’m sure your bishop will be gracious enough to honour your request for clarification. And most of the times the problem ends here.



If not, you may write to the CCBI (not to be confused with CBCI) Commission for Liturgy which is the competent body to deal with liturgical matters pertaining to the Roman Rite in India.
You will find more details about this Commission from the CCBI website:
In all this, it is important to make sure – as I said in my last mail – that you act with due reverence and charity and not out of any personal prejudice against your priests, bishop or the Church. Love, Austine. Mangalore

I’m sorry, you’ve got the message all wrong. I have no personal grudges against anyone. This I stated as a Catholic.
And yes, this did happen at the *Good Friday Liturgical Service (at two different Parishes which I personally was present – words they chanted were Om, Narayanan, etc.).*
And excuse me, which Bishop do I approach? The same one who permitted it in his Diocese? I’m sure he is fully aware of what should and what should not be allowed up on our Altar. Regarding the Parish Priest – I don’t really think they have much say when a Bishop permits it. I have written this mail because I want to take it up with the Priests in the Parish – but not before I’m fully aware of how to tackle/discuss this issue with them. I once again repeat – I have no personal grudges. I don’t think we should let anyone come up on our Altar just to please them in the name of *brotherhood (just to save our skin – as a Christian we are supposed to lay down our lives selflessly for the Lord – we can’t please every Tom, Dick and Harry)* Regards, Diana, Vasai


Dear Diana,
I’m sending this note to you privately because it is important that all problems be taken up in the appropriate forum. Nowhere have I said that you are doing this out of a personal grudge. But on account of other members who HAVE in the past acted very rashly towards their pastors the moment they were enlightened about certain matters, I had to mention generally that it is ALWAYS necessary to be charitable and respectful. This applies to ALL. I hope you understand.
The next important thing to remember is that on a public forum like this, anyone can allege anything. We’ve had very bad experiences with some members in the past who exaggerated some of their grievances to such a degree that when we came to know the true story, it was evident that the one who wrote did so in order to gain the support of his readers. But in reality he was guilty of nothing less than slander. So it is extremely important that one know how to write about sensitive things in a public forum like this. Again, I’m NOT saying that you are exaggerating or cooking up stories but that the rules of prudence applies to all.
You said: “And excuse me, which Bishop do I approach? The same one who permitted it in his Diocese? I’m sure he is fully aware of what should and what should not be allowed up on our Altar. Regarding the Parish Priest – I don’t really think they have much say when a Bishop permits it. I have written this mail because I want to take it up with the Priests in the Parish – but not before I’m fully aware of how to tackle/discuss this issue with them.”
I directed you to seek a CLARIFICATION from your bishop. Have you done that? Do you know what he REALLY permitted, when and how? Did you speak to your parish priest and find out WHY he did what he did? If not, your conclusions will be based on your own observations and understanding which could be from a limited perspective. If you really want to do this in the best interest of the Church, then the solution is not in a fault-finding attitude but in engaging the concerned in a dialogue which is constructive and where necessary, honestly critical. Only then can authentic collaboration between the laity and clergy come about. Otherwise we will spend all our lives fighting each other – priest vs. people.
I hope you will take all that I said this in good spirit.
In my previous mail, I’ve already addressed your question of HOW you should go about and whom you should approach. And I do not wish to prolong this discussion any further. This mail will close this particular topic/thread.
This is by no means to discourage you from pursuing the matter you brought up. In fact, I do encourage you take up this matter, but in the right place, as directed. Thank you for being vigilant! Love, Austine. Mangalore


Dear Diana and all,
Please read my mail without the first line. Though I initially meant it to be a private mail, I decided against it for the benefit of the whole group but forgot to delete that line. Love, Austine. Moderator


Derrick D’Costa
Sent: Sunday, June 21, 2009 6:32 AM Subject: Re: HRISHIKESH BCC: R, V, J

Dear Derrick,

When I first met Austine, Rohit and Deepak personally in Mangalore, when I visited Austine’s home at Brahmavar, and in Bangalore when I stayed with them on two or three occasions, after joining KC, they were quite vocally in support of me. Even at that time, I warned them both orally and in writing [I told them to keep a record of it in case they need to refer back one day] that in my ministry I stick to my principles which are related to Catholic attitudes, and that I have no “friends”, meaning that for me friendship is secondary and truth is primary. Rohit happened to have become one of the major benefactors for my ministry.

When controversy arose over my Holy Land Pilgrimage report which Austine found discomfiting because a couple of KC members [priests] objected, Austine decided to go for the popular vote and when my defense and also Rohit’s on my behalf was not published, it ended in my announcement that I would not be a contributing member of KC anymore. Thereafter KC published a number of erroneous postings — compromise always leads to error — and I started to point them out to the moderators. No acknowledgement was ever received by me. The next step was for Austine to get Rohit, Deepak, Lawrence, Johannes, Rupert and others to stop writing to me. My prophetic words had come true.




But at the same time, independent of my issue, Austine was eliminating other prophetic voices including some of his own benefactors like Joel, Valerian, Richard, Stella, and later Deepak D’Souza and most recently Diana Coelho. His reasons are different from mine. He wants a wide, popular base and safety with the Church hierarchy. But the real result can be seen in the KC postings. If an analysis is made, as I have been doing, since several months, there is almost zero original writing from Austine and extremely low quality of debate. Compare with LifeSiteNews, Catholic Answers,, etc. etc. Most contributors display dismally poor knowledge of Catholic faith. Rupert is simply cut, copy, paste, post, usually from Zenit. Rohit, a moderator, has made three postings in four months. Austine tries to drum up member interest through one question quizzes that elicit “tremendous” response [8 to 15]. And, out of 1771 members, over 1625 have not posted anything in the last 6 months! Some digests have one or just two postings usually only from the owner!

Recently, Austine, when writing to Diana and muzzling her genuine concern about the liturgical aberrations in Vasai, apparently referred to the past problem with me, or rather his version of it, accusing me of slander and lying [he is supposed to have verified my account of the Holy Land Pilgrimage as wrong, God knows from where] and of trying to gain “support” in KC [he might have meant sympathy, I wonder]. I have never lied…



XII. Konkani Catholics Digest No. 2050, October 16, 2009


*MAY THE LIGHT* of this *FESTIVE SEASON* fill you and your dear ones:
with *HOPE* that the darkness around us be dispelled with* JOY* that comes when we respect the dignity of every single human being with *JUSTICE* to help make our world a better place with *PEACE* that flows from the depth of one’s being
with *LOVE* that reaches out to ALL and above all with *THE FIRE* that *WILL ENKINDLE OTHER FIRES* with
Fr Cedric Prakash and all at PRASHANT


Dear Fr. Cedric,
I join you in wishing all our Hindu brethren a Happy Diwali. This Hindu Festival has many of my childhood memories attached to it (I am sure for many of us!). The joy of celebrating the lights and lighting the fireworks with our Hindu friends can never be erased from our minds.
With the politicization of Caste and Religion in India, the meaning of all the feasts seem to have changed. Everything appears to have been done for external celebration with the real meaning of ‘Love and Light’ lost somewhere down the road.
But we as Christians and Catholics, have an added responsibility to spread the Light of Christ to the world walking in or towards darkness. Aptly the message of this year’s Mission Sunday tells us “The nations will come to its light” (Rev 21, 24). To strengthen the need of the hour, Indian Mission Congress rightly chose the theme “Let Your Light Shine.”
I end this with the Chorus of the Theme Song of IMC.
Let your light shine, with the power of God
Let your light shine, in the name of Jesus
Let your light shine, through the Holy Spirit
Let your light shine for India
Let us be enlightened and be radiant!
Love, Rupert Vaz


Rupert Vaz

Austine J. Crasta
Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 2009 3:41 PM

Subject: Re: HAPPY DIWALI!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! BCC: Others

Dear Rupert,

I am sorry that I had to be wished on KC for the “Festive Season” of Diwali. I celebrated Diwali when I was living as a Hindu many years ago, but never since I started living my Catholic Faith.

It is “either/or”, not “both/and”.

Important: Note that peace-and-justice crusader Fr Cedric never mentions Jesus [though you did].

It would have made all the difference had he done so.

If KC is a Catholic Faith-based group, there is no need to wish anyone for Diwali on this forum.

Diwali is the Hindu celebration of the “triumph” of “good” over “evil”. We all know very well, in the light of the Resurrection of Jesus, what the Hindu-Diwali “good” really is.

There can be only one “good”. If the Christian good is the real good, then the other good is in fact its opposite. Otherwise there would be no need for Jesus and no need for us to cling to our Catholic Faith.

Either we talk exclusively of the Light of Christ, or we don’t. Please, let us not syncretize our Faith.

And, since when is Diwali the New Year for Catholics? Does it mean that we now have to wish each other a happy New Year on all other religious groups’ new year’s days?

It has now become a regular practice for some archdioceses like Bombay and even for one dicastery in Rome to issue letters wishing Hindus, Muslims, Jains, Parsis and Buddhists on their feasts.

Even the
“PONTIFICAL COUNCIL FOR INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE MESSAGE FOR THE FEAST OF DEEPAVALI 2009” of Cardinal Tauran posted by Austine in the same KC digest fails to mention Jesus as the true Light of the world. But even that message was addressed to “My dear Hindu friends” and not to Catholics!
Note that Fr Cedric was wishing us [CATHOLICS, not Hindus] for Diwali. Error is very subtle. Let us not compromise even on small things because it will only lead to greater errors.




Let us not blindly follow the example of priests like Fr. Cedric who propagate a social gospel devoid of the
true evangelization of the Great Commission.

Regards, Michael Prabhu

PS. You must believe me, but only AFTER completing the above letter to you did I scroll down to message no. 15 of the same KC digest
ILLUMINE ALL WITH THE LIGHT OF THE GOSPEL – MOST REV. PEDRO LOPEZ QUINTANA which says EXACTLY what I said above, even quoting the Scripture passage [Mt 28:19] that I referred to.



XIII. Konkani Catholics Digest No. 2367:

Best Wishes for Eid Al Fitr 2010 Posted by: “Anthony Vincent Desouza”

Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:25 am (PDT)
Best Wishes for Eid Al Fitr 2010
Greetings; Dear Business Partner, Colleague, Friend, and Well-wisher
Kind Regards,
Anthony Vincent DeSouza
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


KC 2369, September 12, 2010

6a. Re: Best Wishes for Eid Al Fitr 2010*

Posted by: “Joseph L. R. Vaz”  Sat Sep 11, 2010 11:51 pm (PDT)


Austine J. Crasta
Sent: Sunday, September 12, 2010 10:05 PM

Subject: Re: Best Wishes for Eid Al Fitr 2010

Joseph Vaz’s message was posted. Good. Thank you.

One needs to be correct. Not politically correct as you have become.



Joseph L. R. Vaz To:
nestor carvalho; prabhu; miguel_vas; Joe Alphonso

Sent: Saturday, September 11, 2010 10:06 AM Subject: Fwd: [KonkaniCatholics] Best Wishes for Eid Al Fitr 2010

———- Forwarded message ———-
*From: Joseph L. R. Vaz <> Date: Sat, Sep 11, 2010 at 10:05 AM
Subject: Re: [KonkaniCatholics] Best Wishes for Eid Al Fitr 2010
Aren’t you breaking the 1st Commandment? To wish somebody, 1st and foremost you have to believe that there exists other “gods”, otherwise the greetings have no meaning. Moreover we are all Catholics here in this group and we do not celebrate any other feast than the Church approved Catholic feasts. Sorry for this email, but somewhere we got to draw the line, you either be here and follow all the laws, there is no in-between, it’s okay attitude.


Joseph L R Vaz, Goa

nestor carvalho
prabhu; miguel_vas; Joe Alphonso; Joseph L. R. Vaz

john menezes
Sent: Saturday, September 11, 2010 11:18 AM

Subject: Re: Fwd: [KonkaniCatholics] Best Wishes for Eid Al Fitr 2010

I have just returned from OL of Perpetual Succour Church in Nagoa (I had asked directions from you) where there was a Month’s Mind Mass for the young daughter of a first cousin of mine.
It was a heartbreaking scene. In our once Catholic Goa there were thousands of these Muslims in Taleigao, Dona Paula, Bambolim, Pilar, Verna Ind. Estate (huge, huge amount here).40 years ago NOT ONE would be seen in these areas.
On our way after Mass I stopped at Pilar for Confession and a group of Muslims coming down the Monastery road. They obviously live on Pilar property.
Let us pray fervently to Saint James known as Santiago the Moor-slayer in Spain, who even helped the Cristeros in colonial America.


Austine J. Crasta
deaconwally; waltercorrigan; Chuck Abraham; jemish; dbirch4
(All of MotherofGod list of which Austine is/was a member)
Sent: Saturday, September 11, 2010 6:17 PM


Dear Austine,

You certainly maintain a continuous supply of material for my forthcoming detailed report on the errors in KC.

Truly knowledgeable Catholics who fearlessly expose error and defend the Faith are a threat to your hegemony over the less ignorant. You avoid discussion on many topics under the guise of not “scandalizing the innocent ones”!

You have removed almost all of the prophetic voices except those few who would remain but choose now to keep silent. Remember Deepak D’Souza of Mangalore and Diana Coelho of Vasai whom you terminated heartlessly and without the least attempt at dialogue with them, for their expressing their concerns about the state of affairs in the Indian Church?




Several KC members were deeply pained by the way that they were treated. You were protecting not the Church but your own ambitions and interests.

But popularity-seeking, partiality, compromise, muzzling the truth, slander and evil will only result in your sinking deeper into the quicksand, dear Austine. It is very, very sad that a once-good young man like you is doing all this.

As I could not convince you to correct the errors in KonkaniCatholics despite dozens of personal letters, all of which are in my archives — which is much more than the opportunity that I gave many others — and all of which you chose to ignore, I have no other alternative than to begin to make that report.

If you have been reading any of my recent reports you would have noted that I make my case thoroughly.

KC’s errors are documented in many or all of them. Mainly commission, but there’s also the omission.

For a site that promotes discussion on Catholic issues, your complete silence on the heretical 2008 St Pauls’ New Community Bible was deafening. It was like it never happened, despite the fact that our successful crusade against it made national headlines and was reported in sites in the Philippines, the USA and Europe. And I was then, till a month ago, a member of KC. I unsubscribed from your group because I did not want to continue to be associated with a site that consistently promotes error and by people who are not really Catholic.

By the by, you may please take down from your site the photograph that you took of me in Bangalore and uploaded with my testimony without informing me. A prominent KC member informed me a few months ago that it was there, but I really don’t know how to go to your site and check it out.

I just tried, and found the message history of KC. Seems that it has steadily declined since January 2009, and especially over the last nine months of 2010 despite the addition of maybe 300 new members in 18 months. It must bother you a lot, because you want numbers and to be popular. I have a suggestion for you, go for those quizzes again. They generate some responses. Is it really worthwhile, all the money that you have received from KC members, to run your site? Someone actually asked you for the accounts if I remember right. I’ll have to check my files for that. But I do remember that the person wondered if I can access your bank accounts to see how much you’ve put away. That’s not in my line of work Austine. I concern myself only with those errors that are against liturgy and doctrine and the like.

Several KC members supported me in that crusade against the “Bible”. You personally ensured that some good people didn’t. You discussed the “Bible” telephonically with others, but kept it out of the KC forum. Did you not think it necessary to warn Catholics of the dangers of the errors in its commentaries? Or could you only think of ingratiating yourself with the priests who think that I am washing the Church’s dirty linen in public. Funny thing is, most of these same priests do not even contribute any more to the discussions in KC.

And some of the good priests and lay people in KC still write to me regularly. Maybe you will now stop them too. Or ban them!

You are a member of MangaloreanCatholics and other yahoogroups where you have seen erroneous information, New Age, even virulently anti-Catholic material posted. But you never once intervened whereas you saw that I did because you are a silent observer. I boldly charge you of this because I have kept records of these postings that run into dozens of pages.

Austine, I am not doing anything different than what I was doing when we first met and I became a KC member and I stayed over at your place. Remember I told you several times that I do not show partiality to even my best of friends?

Again, I have dozens of letters from you, privately pointing out the errors and problems in other yahoogroups, but you never came out in the open.

I also have a large number of letters in which you speak very highly of me to others, those very same people whose minds you later poisoned against me and my ministry — when all I continued to do was the same as always, speak the truth. It was not I who changed. It is you. You are afraid of me, and rightly so.

Do you remember the time that you lamented to me in 2006 when you had just a few hundred members, that KC was not attracting new members? I only later realised how numbers were important to you. I assured you that if it was God’s work, KC would grow. One of my wrong presumptions. It never did, did it? You have 2045 members with around 300 different people writing in over the past 18 months. Check out how many are regular and really contribute some worthwhile. Just a handful. The priests number around 17. I have several times more good and holy priests writing in to my “dirty-linen” “controversial” ministry than you have contributing regularly in KC. The orthodox Catholic credentials of some of your lay and priest contributors are highly questionable. You know that. I have pointed them out to you several times.

Do you remember the times when you asked me to take up certain issues with Jose Kavi/UCANews, the Albuquerques of Summer Sands, Fr. Ivan Madtha, Aneel Aranha/Holy Spirit Interactive, Fr Adolf Washington/SAR news, etc.? I used to wonder why you couldn’t have tackled them yourself. I don’t wonder anymore. You lack courage and play safe. You knew that I would confront error or injustice even if it was with my best friends. My enquiries with them, based on your biased information, caused permanent problems with at least two of them. No loss for me, because I prefer to associate with people who are open and truthful, but still I have only you to thank for that. Your stories about most of them were not correct. They had something different to tell me. You had tried to use me to settle your scores, while remaining in the background.

Do you remember a long letter** that a certain very good and elderly priest (Fr. Juze Vaz) wrote you? It has some six or seven questions put to you in it. Several of us, KC members from whom I received it, have a copy of it. You assured the priest that you would get back to him with a reply, but you did not.

I just ran through my files of correspondence with several KC members including a former moderator and I realized that writing the report warning Catholics about KC would be a fearfully difficult task for me. There’s so much of negative comments against you and what you have said and done. And all of that is from people whom you have removed from KC.



They include several of your benefactors who have given you a whole lot of money, Austine. It was difficult for me to accept all that they said, so they sent me entire texts of their chats with you, dating back to two and three years earlier.

I have you to thank however for repeatedly urging me to take email ids other than vsnl. You know that I have done that successfully, or rather, other KC members have done it for me. They believe in what I do.

I fully anticipated that if I unsubscribed, you would work things out and I was prepared for that eventuality. You see, there is only one person who has all that knowledge about New Age error: Michael Prabhu. It took you too long to find that out.

Though it was never my original intention, I found out what the Lord needed me to know. Unbelievably, there is someone else out there who is so much like you, Austine. Only those who are like you will believe you. Those who believe me when I speak or write, they are like me in their truthfulness and courage in the face of evil, injustice and error.

In the last one month, I continue to receive letters as always from Cardinals and Bishops even though I make no attempt at compromise and my reports continue to put problems before them. Those who stand beside me share in the joy of stopping, at least for now, the publication of the St Pauls’ “Bible” and this month end another report of mine will be tabled at the Bishops’ Standing Committee in Bangalore. This ministry continues to make an impact on the Indian Church. I do see the good in what KC does, but it is despite your personal ambitions to be popular and accepted.

You have seen two moderators out of KC. One is a renegade Jesuit liberal and New-Ager whom I had to warn you about several times. The other is a good friend and prominent benefactor of yours who had the guts to tell you that you were going very wrong. You now have two very fine moderators in KC, but they have no real powers because they do not have minds of their own but are completely subordinate to your control. My records show that they fill in when you are away at exams [he posted 15 times in as many months and hasn’t posted now for 3 full months] or that sort and then immediately the errors increase. The other “moderator” posts the Day’s Saint thought and little else that is of substance.

I am quite certain that at least some of them and many other KC members whom you made certain to stop writing to me, truly believe in what I stand for, and support me in their hearts, but do not want to hurt you because they think that you are a nice chap. They are still unaware of what you can do and are doing, on the quiet.

I am known as a person who never tells a lie. I have never lied to you. If ever I started concealing things from you, it was again not a lie because I was never asked a question. If I had been asked, I would have immediately given the answer in truth. I did not have to share everything openly with you anymore ever since you changed [letters from several very good people whom I would trust with my life, to confirm that] and promoted error and other stuff. I have prayed very much at Holy Mass for you and the other moderators. I have written dozens of letters to you. I kept my promise [I always do] and sent you by snail mail a magazine report that I promised you many years ago, even though it took me two years to locate it. But you are so filled with [let’s not name them] that you never once replied.

I do hope that with this letter from me, you will publish the letter from Joe Vaz and not censor it as is your habit to cover up your faux pas [to put it mildly]. It would be nice to see you admit for the first time in a very serious matter, “I made a mistake”. You can see from the below reproduction that TWO KC members do not agree with what you have permitted on your site. Including me, it makes THREE. I have so far not written to any other KC member, but I’m sure that if I do, a few more will share our shock and concern. I say “a few more” because most of all your old buddies and benefactors have long back given up completely on you.

Leaving you, Austine, to reflect on all this,

Michael Prabhu,

Metamorphose Catholic Ministries, Chennai


Austine J. Crasta
Sent: Monday, September 13, 2010 12:32 AM


Dear Austine,

It is indeed wonderful to learn that you are trying to go to Rome for higher studies in theology.

I am informed that you are looking for “sponsors” for that purpose.

Are you certain that you have discerned that it is God’s will for you, or is it just your personal ambition?

If the latter is the case, I would sincerely advise you against it. I wouldn’t play with God in spiritual matters.

In my books, if God provides for something, it could be an indication of His will for me.

But, if I were to go around LOOKING for a sponsor, I would probably only be doing my will.

You might as well let it be openly known in KonkaniCatholics that you are looking for a sponsor.

If you are shy about that, maybe I could help by writing to everyone.

But if that happens, then each one would know what the other is giving you, and that would become a problem, right?

That apparently seems to be the reason why you kept KC members from coming together and meeting despite members’ proposals for the same maybe around three to four years ago.

That fueled speculation that you were receiving something fairly substantial from just a few known people alone, leave alone possible unknown others.

With 2045 members in KonkaniCatholics, if only one percent was tithing to you, you’d be riding the gravy train.

Didn’t that priest ask you [two years ago] to come transparent in your accounts? I must check up.

I don’t believe you replied to him though you said that you’d get back.

Since I live by faith, let’s make a deal.

I’ll put out all records of my tithes and bank transactions from the time KC started [October 2005, right?].





You declare yours.

The only hitch may be your fear to let others know whose been tithing to you and how much money you’ve received.

Since I am doing the Lord’s work, I HAVE NO SUCH FEAR. You are aware that I gave up a senior multinational job and business interests to live by faith. God has been my Provider.

KC members can be nominated by us to inspect our records. 

If I fail inspection, I will cease to accept tithes because of my unworthy stewardship.

If you fail inspection, nothing. We will know the facts, that’s all.

If you pass inspection, I will personally guarantee your sponsorship to Rome, Austine.

Hoping to receive a reply.

Have a good night’s sleep. Michael


To:; brvaleriandalmaida

Sent: Sunday, September 21, 2008 7:04 PM


Dear Mike and Vally,

Below is the reply to me from Fr. Juze and following that is the mail that Fr. Juze has written to Austine. I am sure if Fr Juze takes up the issue as it is now, we will have to do some explaining. So be prepared. Love, Richard Mascarenhas

From: Fr. Joseph Vas SVD
Sent: 21 September 2008 17:01 To:
Richard Mascarenhas
Dear Richard,

Your mail reached when the whole of Mangalore Church was in a very bad state. I am sure you must have been keenly following all the happenings. I could not attend to your mail then because I did not get a reply to my query to Austine.
I had written this pasted letter on 11th sept. Then on 14th all the trouble in the Church in Karnataka. Your letter also came on the same day. I could not attend to the letter you wrote. He told me at a later date he would be attending to my queries but then he too must have been taken up with the happenings in Mangalore and his own exams about which he speaks.
As you say he gets one or the other reason to avoid the main issue of involving the many people who have been able to help him in making the site a viable one. I hope the queries will be answered soon. Thank you for your letter.
Here is a copy of the letter that I wrote to Austine:

Dear Austin, Greetings from Indore. May the grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.
I write this mail to clarify a few doubts in my mind.
1. When is the birth day of the KC Group?
2. Who are the initial persons who got the vision to begin this site?
3. Have you drawn up the byelaws and statutes of the site?
4. Is there any legal standing?
5. You told me about the financial liabilities. It is sad that it still does not have funds to finance the person who works full time.
6. Who are the moderators? Who appoints them, what is the qualification?
This site is surely an initiative of the lay people for the lay people by the lay people?
Ever since I began to be involved in the KC group I feel very glad to be a part of the site. I feel very happy when many people show much interest. The site has grown to be catering for almost 1500 members. Many take an active part in the happenings of the site.
You told me that there are some who were part of the site have been working very much against the site. I hope these people have not gained much popularity in creating ill feelings. Have they been able to dissuade some members to stop contributing in any way to the site?
Those people who had volunteered to support the site financially have discontinued to do so you said. Do the members know about this? Could I broach this issue with some of the people I know on the site personally so that your financial burden is reduced and so that you can devote your time and energy fully without being bothered by the lack of funds?
Meanwhile one or two have said something about some misunderstanding. Is there a way it could be resolved? I am raising these issues exclusively with you because I have found you very much devoted to the site, and now for the last few weeks I have found your involvement with the site has become less visible.
May be you are busy with the forthcoming Theological exams. I am sure with your studies it is not easy to devote the full time for this site.
I am praying for the successes of the site every day in my prayers during the mass. I offer mass too when I have time. I know Konkani Catholics are a people who care about each other.
When I go on the list of members the people who have joined have not filled in the form of admission with details. Is it possible to request the members request them to fill in the necessary form? We may restrict this to the Konkani speaking Catholics only. The rest of the members who would like to join could be made free to join but they would be only honorary members. Yours sincerely in the Divine Word, Mog asondi, Fr. Juze




Austine J. Crasta; Rohit D’Souza; Rupert Vaz
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2010 4:39 PM


Dear Austine,

In several of my recent reports and articles, I have been constrained to include the related errors that appear in KC on a regular basis, not for the reason that they appear in KC but because they remain uncorrected after being brought to your attention.

The latest is the report that I am just completing on InterPlay and Fr. Prashant Olalekar SJ. It is New Age and also associated with feminists. Fr. Cedric Prakash SJ has supported the InterPlay initiative and has also written on the “patriarchal Mindset” of the Church, a pro-feminist article. So, he finds mention in the report. He is also one of the pillars of KC, so KC too gets pulled in.


In several letters to you and this priest, I have cautioned you about him and the potential danger in allowing his postings, but you paid no heed. You permitted him to post in KC a congratulatory message to Allwyn Fernandes of MC, and you know that Allwyn has been attacking the teachings of the Church in the MC forum. I have had to record this unholy connection in the report.

When you started to compromise in small things, after you took up your studies in Sacred Theology, it was inevitable that you would make bigger compromises to maintain a good relationship with priests who criticised my critical approach, and whose presence and membership in KC you so badly wanted to have. The sad thing is that almost none of those same priests who poisoned your mind contribute to KC today. Instead, so many of the really good lay people are no more with you in KC, and it is these very same people who take turns in bringing to my attention the errors of KC related people. InterPlay was brought to my attention by — among others — two KC members, months apart from each other.

Which brings me to the Bombay Catholic Sabha. Some of their members who are also active members of MC and KC are now high level office bearers in the BCS. I know that you are taking care to see that they do not post any erroneous information in KC. But you are fully aware that they are doing so in MC. I have copied just of two recent posts below. Though you receive them, you do not publish them in KC, do you? Why?

Because you know that Bharatanatyam dance has no place in a Catholic faith-based forum.

And you probably know that Dr. Leo Rebello has left the Catholic Church ages ago and is a leading New Age alternative practitioner. He is rabidly anti-Catholic. I have written about him in several of my articles and also in the MC forum.

Now MC publishes rubbish but they do not claim to defend Catholic truth as KC does. But, knowing that the BCS leaders are posting that rubbish in MC — which you faithfully read every day — how do you manage to do these two things?

1. Remain silent, not intervene, not defend the Faith and offer the right perspective;

2. Permit these very same people to post in KC albeit harmlessly.

If I may add, there are several priests in MC who are also members in KC and who have never once attempted to correct error. One of them is Fr. Cedric Prakash SJ.

All of you are as guilty of error as the ones who promote it in these forums. Not before me, Austine. Before God.

Most of us old-timers knew a very different Austine. We want him back. Choose between popularity/numbers and truth.

I have been praying much for you, as always.

Love, Michael

MC Digest No. 2204 Dec 9, 2010:

Nav Sadhana Kala Kendra dance troupe performing in Mumbai Posted by: “Bombay Catholic Sabha, Kalina”

MC Digest No. 2205 Dec 12, 2010:

BCS endorses candidature of Dr. Leo Rebello for appointment as Sheri Posted by: “Bombay Catholic Sabha, Kalina”


POSTED IN ENTIRETY IN MC 2208 December 16, 2010


Posted by: “Michael Prabhu, Chennai” Thu Dec 16, 2010 6:16 am (PST)

Salu Soz ; Ancy D’Souza
Austine J. Crasta; Rohit D’Souza; Rupert Vaz;;
Sent: Friday, December 17, 2010 11:22 AM


To the owner-moderator of the Mangalorean Catholics list and to all MC/KC members who received a copy of this letter of mine dated December 16 to Austine Crasta, owner-moderator of the Konkani Catholics list: 

I did NOT post this letter on the Mangalorean Catholics list. I could not have: I unsubscribed from this list as Michael Prabhu exactly 5 months earlier on July 16, 2010 as per information copied further below.

After that date, I did not post any letter to Mangalorean Catholics. I could not have done so.


I have also unsubscribed from the Konkani Catholics list as Michael Prabhu on July 16, 2010. See below.


I could not in good conscience be a participating member of Catholic lists which subscribe to UNCORRECTED New Age error, filthy jokes from priests, postings of notorious dissident “Catholics”, aberrations of inter-religious dialogue and inculturation, attacks on the Catholic Church [the Indian bishops as well as Rome] on matters of Catholic teaching on life issues, etc.


Members of both lists privately write to me lamenting about these things.

When I had written to Mangalorean Catholics list to correct these errors, both in my own name as well as using a pseudonym by which the moderator would never have guessed at that time that it was I, most of my letters were not posted. It is evident that the moderator of MC was shielding the perpetrators of those errors, which means that he not only knew that they were errors but did not want them corrected.

I can make these statements confidently because I have kept meticulous records.

In the case of the Konkani Catholics list, I had, on my own initiative. stopped writing to the group in the year 2008 itself after compromise reared its ugly head in 2007 and several senior, almost founding members, including one moderator (Rohit D’Souza), were heavily restricted/censored.

I continued to write — for almost two years I think — to KC under a pseudonym
(Prem Mathias) and all my letters under that pseudonym, except a couple of questions asked by me, which were censored, were published.

I use this nom de plume in several international lists, ALL of which [excepting Indian lists MC and KC because of their bias against me] are/were aware from the moment of my application for subscription, that I am/was Michael Prabhu writing behind that name.

When the exercise seemed to have outlived its usefulness, I let slip hints [through yet another expendable forum in which the KC moderator is a member] as to who I might really be under that pseudonym [After all, there is only ONE person who writes in that inimitable way – me]. It did not take very long for the KC moderator to figure out who it was and have me banned from KC. I needed to see that happen.

My friends and I had to confirm that there was no problem with WHAT I was writing, but it was WHO that was writing which is bothering some people. More analysis on that in a separate report.


Of course, I continue to write as Michael Prabhu now and then directly to the moderators of both lists, bringing to their attention those issues that I perceive as being detrimental to the faith of Catholics, issues that are brought to my attention by current members of these two lists.

My letter of December 16, 2010 to Austine Crasta, KC, copy to Ancy D’Souza, MC, is one such.

Apparently the moderator of MC posted my letter to him as “Posted by: “Michael Prabhu, Chennai””.

Whatever his intentions, since he stopped my letters on so many serious faith issues, I must appreciate Ancy for bringing the letter in the public domain. I wonder if he will this one too!

Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice, Michael Prabhu


Bernhard Thamm
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2010 6:19 PM


Thanks, Michael Have been thinking about you sometimes. At the moment my hands and feet are tied (up). Otherwise would have come and visited you for a week or so, of course with no costs to you.

Do not forget to pray for my family, I beg. The situation is the same, except I write in the KC (but you know that). Take care: Shall whisper a small prayer for you just now. Many Blessings, Bernhard, Bremen, Germany

Joseph L. R. Vaz
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2010 8:19 PM


Hi Micheal, Thanks, God Bless you. Joseph Vaz, Goa

Jeneview Lasrado
Sent: Tuesday, December 21, 2010 12:00 PM


Dear Brother Prabhu, Thanks for forwarding this mail to me. I really did not know what is going on. I don’t have any contact with KC or MC now. I don’t read any of their mails.  I have not yet unsubscribed but after reading your mail i think i should unsubscribe also. I don’t want to support anything anti Catholic.

Thanks once again brother. May God Bless you & protect you always. I don’t use gmail much & open very rarely so you can use my yahoo mail id for any letters. Loving regards & prayers, Jeneview, Kuwait


Rohit D’Souza
Deepak Vian Ferrao; Austine J. Crasta

Sent: Saturday, December 08, 2007 10:06 PM Subject: Re: CATHOLIC APOLOGETICS AND NEW AGE SEMINAR

Hi Mike, great to read the mail and what happened during the Apologetics seminar. Deepak had informed me on how very effective the seminar has been and your in-depth preparation for it (See also pages 10, 11). I am very happy that it went on very well and Fr Britto has opened the doors of Bangalore for more such seminars.

I would be happy to be the first to buy your first published book. I am sure doors will open to that too and it won’t be long before we see the name of Michael Prabhu on the Catholic book stands. Thanks, Rohit. Pune.


Dear Mike, May the Lord continue to shower His abundant graces on you, your family and your ministry.

Kindly find attached a cheque for Rs. 10,000 as a gift towards the expenditure of your new computer and your ministry activities. Kindly do keep me in your prayers that I may remain faithful to the Lord, in this professional journey, towards all the plans that He has for me. With love, Rohit, Pune, 5/12/07
(This was AFTER the row on KC on the Holy Land debacle!)

I could not locate the letter Rohit wrote to KC (and which Austine did not allow) defending my position on the Holy Land Pilgrimage episode. Additionally, there are hundreds of emails like the above that I could have included here but I am bringing this file to a close. At least for now. -Michael

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