United Nations agency disassociates itself from Dominic Dixon

JUNE 12/13, 2017


United Nations agency disassociates itself from Dominic Dixon


Our earlier files on or related to Dominic Dixon in chronological order:



9 MAY 2013


19 MAY/5 JUNE 2013


28 JULY 2013






29 JANUARY 2016





Aneel Aranha of HolySpiritInteractive (HSI) is a major associate in the “ministries” of Dominic Dixon.

Dominic Dixon is active in various Catholic “ministries” in the archdiocese of Bangalore.

In the city of Bangalore, he runs an organization called MoreLove and another called Ethos Institute.

Dixon enjoys the blessings and the patronage of the Archbishop of Bangalore Most Rev. Bernard Moras despite our sending several letters and reports to the Archbishop, none of which were ever acknowledged.

Catholic colleges in Bangalore have invited Dixon to present programmes to their students and he has been on the panels of national television shows, the theme almost always being on issues of sexual morality.

Also, despite our seven earlier reports exposing Dominic Dixon’s nefarious activities, deceit and blatant lies, false claims, unsubstantiated claims of high overseas educational qualifications, contradictions, blackmail and threatening telephone calls made to this ministry (using local hoodlums and fake email ids), other Catholic ministries and a couple of priests, he is supported by high level leaders of the Bangalore Catholic Charismatic Renewal and by a few priests (some of who were identified in the eighth and earlier reports).

But, unbeknownst to all, Dominic Dixon is a convicted sexual predator and serial pedophile.

Sometime last year, I had received a call from Australia from a Charles Tilaka and his wife Charmaine who is the sister of Dominic Dixon. They reported that he had molested one or both of their two children when he had recently gone to Australia and stayed with them. They also alleged that Dixon is uneducated, and not a Ph.D. as claimed by him. Two or three years ago, we received a call purporting to be from one of the Gulf States making similar claims. Both parties did not follow up the telecon with documentary evidence or even an email letter to make a written record and consequently I could not put the information in my reports. (8)

In the eighth file, we produced evidenced of one of his sexual molestations of a minor which we had known about for at least three years but could not report till now without documentation.

The violated family is a third cousin of Dominic Dixon and her husband Bruce P. (name withheld) and the assault occurred in Des Moines, Iowa, USA in February 1995. They have corresponded in detail with me as well as with one of our web masters in Bangalore and have also spoken at length with him over the ‘phone from where they now reside in Dallas, Texas 75056 [Cell numbers: 214.436.2672, 214.303.9938]. (8)




A brief summary of Dominic Dixon’s nefarious/criminal/immoral activities:

(Referred earlier file numbers in brackets)

1. Conviction and sentencing in the USA and deportation from Canada (1995-1998) for the sexual molestation of a minor boy, the son of relatives. There are similar charges by his other relatives. (8)


2. His claims to hold a doctorate in psychology and a philosophy degree from prestigious overseas universities are challenged by his own relatives who state that he is a failed student of the sixth grade and obtained a false eighth grade pass certificate in order to join a technical education school in Chennai that turns out blue-collar workers like printers and welders. It is unclear whether he completed that course or not. That fact can very easily be verified by me at the Salesian Institute of Graphic Arts-SIGA in Chennai. (8)

In Dominic Dixon’s August 5, 2015 letter to the Prime Minister of India on “Child Pornography Simulation”, (a term self-admittedly coined by him), these are the academic qualifications under his name:

Dr. Dominic F Dixon (Psychologist) Provost, Ethos Institute D. Psych, Phil (Oxford), MC Justice (Harvard), REL (Harvard) Forensics Science & Criminal Justice (Exeter, UK), International Law (UCL, Belgium).

If Mr. Dixon was debarred from the U.S. and deported from Canada, how did he take academic degrees from Harvard, Washington DC and Canada? The same question applies if he has not graduated from college.

2a. Despite his many foreign “degrees”, his English, both spelling and grammar, is atrocious. (8… and below)


3. Despite being a convicted pedophile, he continues to “minister” through the Catholic Church (endorsed by Archbishop Bernard Moras himself) and the Charismatic Renewal in Bangalore to adolescent boys and girls. (8, 5)

Simon Rodrigues, Chairman of the Bangalore Charismatic Renewal Services likened Dixon to the prophet Elijah. Rodrigues, a professional accountant, audits the accounts of Dixon’s enterprises. (8, 5)

Aneel Aranha of HolySpiritInteractive (HSI) (3, 2) pays glowing tributes to Dixon’s books and their author (8). Their “ministries” are co-associates.


4. Dixon downloads from the Internet and uses
seal/logo of Oxford University, etc. to accredit himself. (8)


5. Dixon claims that one of his books was “endorsed by the Vice Chairma (sic) of Exorcism of the Vatican, realsed (sic) by Archbishop Bernard Moras and presented at the Asian Mission Congresss (sic) in Thailand.” (Knowing his proclivity for lying, even that claim needs to be checked out)

There is NO such position as “Vice Chairman of Exorcism of the Vatican”. Dixon’s book was written in 2006. The IAD was only recognised as an Association by the Vatican in June 2012, one month after the demise of Fr. Rufus Pereira of Mumbai who was its longtime Vice-Chairman. (8)

5a. Dixon claimed to be “a member of the International Association for Deliverance under the Vatican Council” [http://www.dominicdixon.net/about_dom1.htm]. [What “Vatican Council“?].

He is Director HSI More Love/TOB India, IAD Vaticanaccording to a flyer which also states that HSI is “under the IAD, Vatican“.

This again is misleading. Whether any type of recognition has been given to MoreLove and HSI by the “IAD Vatican” needed to be ascertained.
Ms. Erika Gibello, Secretary-General of the IAD [International Association for Deliverance] and former Secretary for the English-speaking members of the AIE [Association of Exorcists International] gives us the correct information.

[Her response to this false claim of Dixon is on page 59 of (1) and page 13 of (8)

The use of “IAD” in conjunction with “Vatican” is itself highly questionable.


6. Dixon excels in misrepresentation and boastful and exaggerated self-promotion, much of which this ministry has continuously exposed as false. (8) For example, his web pages have him claiming to be the “official Ambassador of the Vatican’s official Encyclical”, “ambassador for the views of the Holy Father” “under the authority of the Archdiocese of Bangalore”. (8)


7. His “ministries” are Protestant-oriented/ecumenical
despite support from the Bangalore Archdiocese and his using the Vatican word frequently.
(8, 5, 1)


8. Following the publication of each report, he made frequent changes in his blogs and web sites which carried exaggerations (tall claims) as well as downright lies (false claims) (6); several people including priests who were his advisors asked him to remove their names from his blogs and sites after reading my reports/my letters to them, and I have letters from them. However, he continues to receive support from some of the above named (point 3) as well as Fr. Dominic Emmanuel SVD, then spokesperson of the Delhi archdiocese, and Colin
Calmiano, Director of “Spread your Wings”, Bangalore who admitted to me that he works with Dixon and declined to respond to my detailed report which means that he backs Dixon.

In letters to me, Fr. Emmanuel has been accused by women of sexual exploitation (including “unnatural sex”). Such a priest is “Moral Advisor” and testimonial-giver to Dominic Dixon’s Ethos Institute! (8, 6)



9. Anonymous calls purporting to be from “cybercrime” police, others using the name of notorious thugs and gangsters, and threatening calls made on Dixon’s behalf by a person whose identity we eventually traced (a man who has cheated this ministry years ago), were received by this ministry and our associates. Please see


We must include here the written admission [by email] of Dixon that he had tapped all of our phones including that of a Bangalore priest and that he was in possession of transcripts of our exchanges with the priest [which incidentally exist only in Dixon’s fertile, evil imagination]. (8, 6)


10. He runs the Bible-teaching ëthos Institute out of a Bangalore Catholic parish complex when he has no qualifications for such an important ministry. (1)

He claimed (without evidence) that he has “been authorized to run an Institute for the Laity“. (1)

He claimed that he had the requisite “documentation and certification from the Vatican officials in India“.

By that he meant that one Fr. Faustine Lobo, Director of the Pontifical Mission Society in India, had been invited by him to address at the ëthos Institute. When Fr. Faustine Lobo read our report on Dixon, he, like many other priests, completely disassociated himself from Dixon. Fr. Lobo is NOT a Vatican official. (1)


11. One of his books was critiqued by a Jesuit psychologist who opined that Dixon “sounded like a spirited Pentecostal preacher” (see also point 7 above). (1)

The HSI MoreLove Radio page
offers evangelical Protestant programmes such as those of Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Billy and Franklin Graham, Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine of Campus Crusade for Christ and Dr. Ravi Zacharias, and one which is Catholic, that of Boni and Yvette Dias of Goa. (1)


12. “VeritasTV” is one of HSI-MoreLove’s enterprises. Dixon is Editor-in-chief of VeritasTV. The word “veritas” at once brings to one’s mind a certain genuinely Vatican media ministry. Dixon is misleading people in every which way he can.

A cursory examination of the VeritasTV
pages reveals that the majority of the information made available there is sourced from Protestant ministries.(1)


13. Last week, this ministry and its associates have received “legal notices” (purportedly from a Bangalore law firm) claiming damages of Rs. 75, 00, 000 for defamation, loss of reputation and business (Dixon claims that his Institute now has “zero” enrollment because of our investigative reports). The reader will be highly amused when he reads our forthcoming analysis on what we discovered about Dixon’s “legal notice” which gives us 10 days to respond. Apparently, a WhatsApp message from Dixon now claims Rs. 1 crore from me.



Dixon’s claim to be currently associated with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)
and Centre International de Formation des Authorite’s et Leaders (CIFAL) refuted by the U.N.


Bruce P.
To: Michael Prabhu <michaelprabhu@vsnl.net>, Victoria Gilhooly

Subject: Fwd: Dominic F. Dixon Date: Fri, 12 May 2017 15:20:00 -0500

Michael, Some follow-up. Bruce P.
Bruce P.
Date: Thu, February 02, 2017 11:18 pm Subject: “Doctor” Dominic F. Dixon
To whom it may concern: My name is Bruce P. I recently came across Mr. Dominic Dixon’s website http://domdix.wixsite.com/dominic<http://prolinks.rediffmailpro.com/cgi-bin/prored.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fdomdix%2Ewixsite%2Ecom%2Fdominic&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0> in which he claims some affiliation to all of you.

I am very offended that you would encourage a convicted pedophile who was deported from Canada on child molestation charges and portray him as a hero and example to young children.

Dominic Dixon is not a doctor, nor has he ever attended any the prestigious universities he claims. (Harvard, Oxford, Berkeley, etc.) In fact, he never even completed sixth standard at St. Mary’s Anglo-Indian School in Madras, India.

I helped him in 1995 to try and find a life in the United States, instead a couple of months later he repaid my kindness by molesting my nine year old son, for which he was deported from Canada (see attached documents). I am told he attempted the same thing in Australia with a relation as recently as last month.

The reason I am writing to you is because all of Mr. Dixon’s “research” seems to be on pornography and children. Do you think that fits the profile of a pedophile? Should he be in continuous contact with young children (even in the disguise of a very educated psychiatrist/counselor blessed by the Catholic Church?) Judging by his website and the results obtained, he seems to be a very gifted con artist. He is enriching himself in the name of the Lord.
This madness must stop, he must be held accountable for his actions and prevented from corrupting the minds of young children under the guise of counseling them.



Link to his deportation from the Canadian Government: http://decisions.fct-cf.gc.ca/fc-cf/decisions/en/item/47307/index.do?r=AAAAAQANZG9taW5pYyBkaXhvbgE<http://prolinks.rediffmailpro.com/cgi-bin/prored.cgi?red=http%3A%2F%2Fdecisions%2Efct%2Dcf%2Egc%2Eca%2Ffc%2Dcf%2Fdecisions%2Fen%2Fitem%2F47307%2Findex%2Edo%3Fr%3DAAAAAQANZG9taW5pYyBkaXhvbgE&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0> (See 8)
For further details, feel free to contact me at any time.
Bruce P., Senior ITSM / SACM Consultant (ITIL Certified) Cell: 214.436.2672 Home Office: 214.303.9938

From: “Alex MEJIA” <Alex.MEJIA@unitar.org> To:
Bruce P.
Cc: “Estrella MERLOS” <Estrella.MERLOS@unitar.org>, “Nicolas PLOUVIEZ” <Nicolas.PLOUVIEZ@unitar.org>, “Jessica HANEY” <Jessica.HANEY@unitar.org>

Subject: Re: Dominic F. Dixon Date: May 12, 2017 14:54

Dear Mr. P.,
This is to acknowledge receipt of your message alerting us about Mr. Dominic Fabian Dixon. We appreciate that you have taken time to let us know about someone that uses our name and claims is affiliated to us.
Please note that Mr. Dixon is not an employee, is not professionally associated to, and is not affiliated in any way with, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). Our Institute has not granted any authorisation to Mr. Dixon to represent us or to present himself as affiliated to us.
Also, it is our understanding that Mr. Dixon has no formal or legal relationship with our affiliated training centre CIFAL in Bengaluru. We have also alerted them of this matter and they have informed us that he was an honorary adviser in the past with no remuneration or contractual relationship, and that they are no longer interacting with him since he moved to Vienna.
Nevertheless, we will request our affiliated training centre in Bengaluru to ensure that Mr. Dixon does not associate himself to our institutions, as we do not have a relationship with him and find the information shared as disconcerting and not suitable of a person that would like to work with the United Nations. We uphold the highest human values and our staff members are only persons of integrity. I do not know about Mr. Dixon’s past and do not want to issue judgment on him, but will certainly conduct a thorough investigation on this matter.
Alex Mejia (Mr.)
Senior Manager
Decentralized Cooperation Programme
United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)
Palais des Nations
Geneva 10, Switzerland

Bruce P.
Date: Fri, 19 May 2017 14:19:53 -0500 Subject: Re: Dominic F. Dixon

Hi Michael,

We have been very actively trying to bring Dominic Dixon to Justice. He now claims he is a Member of the Australian Parliament even though he is an Indian, a senior member of the United Nations and a member of the CIA

So to prove him wrong we sent emails to members of the Australian Parliament to verify. They called back saying they had no knowledge of him at all and to report him to Interpol.

Bruce P.


Bruce P.
Date: Fri, 19 May 2017 23:27:20 -0500

We have also forwarded the same to 6 members of the Australian parliament as now Dominic Dixon claims to be a member of the Australian Parliament in Canberra. They were shocked and are actively looking for him as this is considered a criminal offence (Felony) in Australia. We have forwarded his sister’s address to the Australian authorities, along with the emails he sent us calling himself a Member of Parliament in Canberra, Australia.

He has also removed titles from his online resume.

The United Nations
have been in in contact with me regarding inquiries about Dominic Dixon’s misrepresentations that he worked for them in ANY capacity. They have NO record of any UN employee called Dominic Dixon




Consulting Director for Academics:

CIFAL | UNITAR, Bangalore, India


*On this page, Dixon has now, (since the emergence of our reports on him), given his primary educational qualification as “P. Tech” – SIGA. This course is not even worth a certificate leave alone a diploma or a degree. However, his very next qualifications are a “Masters Certificate in Justice, Harvard University, USA“, a “Ph.D. Counselling Psychology, USA“, etc., etc. He is also “Consulting Director for Academics: CIFAL | UNITAR, Bangalore, India” among many other things. His relative Bruce P. from the US says that all of it is phony.





Dr. Dominic F Dixon

Nation Building

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Professional Training & Coaching


CIFAL Bengaluru, MORE TRUST/ Veritas TV, Ethos Institute


Harvard University


Personal Website



Head – R&D, CIFAL Bengaluru May 2016 – Present (1 year 2 months)

United Nations Institute for Training and Research



MORE TRUST/ Veritas TV, Ethos Institute

November 2006 – Present (10 years 8 months)





Head – R&D, CIFAL Bengaluru, UNITED NATIONS Institute for Training and Research.

Chairman: MORE Trust/ Director: Veritas TV & HSI Radio/ Provost: Ethos Institute/ Director: HSI India

My aim is to reduce pain, suffering & poverty in the world, through the elimination of crime & corruption!



Corporate Training

Professional Training in Emotional Intelligence



Management Development

Emotional Intelligence

Soft Skills

Organizational Development

Conflict Management

Motivational Speaking

Counseling Psychology

Public Speaking

International Law

International Human Rights

Public Policy

Business Development



Harvard University


New Testament




Harvard University

Masters Certificate in Justice (Philosophy) Masters Certificate in Justice (Philosophy)


Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University

Bio-Ethics (Philosophy) Bio-Ethics (Philosophy)



Doctorate in Counselling Psychology


United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)

Executive Diploma in Diplomatic Practice, Core Diplomatic Practice,

Activities and Societies: Economic Diplomacy & Protocol


University of California, Berkeley

Solving Public Policy Problems, Public Policy

Public Policy



University of Oxford

Ethics (Western Philosophy) Ethics (Western Philosophy)


Université catholique de Louvain

International Human Rights, Human Trafficking & Refugee


Université catholique de Louvain

International Law, Law of the Nations



On the above referred page are photographs of and information about

a) Ms. Anupa Gnanakan, Executive Director, CIFAL Bengaluru

b) Ms. Ms. Vandana Abraham, Programme Head, Integrated Learning, CIFAL Bengaluru


I telephoned Anupa Gnanakan, Director of Schools, ACTS Group of Institutions and had a conversation with her. (I wrote a similar letter also to Vandana Abraham who chose to not respond.)


And I sent Anupa Gnanakan the following email:


Mon, 12 Jun 2017 15:45:49 +0530


Dear Ms. Anupa Gnanakan, Executive Director, CIFAL Bengaluru

Mr. Dominic Dixon claims to be associated with CIFAL/UNITAR: http://www.dominicdixon.net/files/Download/Dom-Profile.pdf.

I would greatly appreciate if you confirm or deny his claim (in writing), and enlighten me as to what exactly is/was his association with CIFAL/UNITAR if any.

Michael Prabhu, Chennai

Ms. Gnanakan, a Protestant*, informed me that, on the instructions of their head office in Geneva, they have dissociated themselves from Dominic Dixon about a month ago. He had given a talk or something like that at one of their Bible schools*, she said. She repeatedly assured me of a written response on the UNITAR/CIFAL issue but, despite a reminder from me (page 9, bottom), it never came. So much for her Christian integrity.


Dixon’s claims to be associated with the UN as reported in the media:

Bengaluru Demolition: Activists write to UN


By Bellie Thomas, Bengaluru, August 14, 2016

An anti-corruption forum – We the People of Bengaluru (WPB) – has shot off letters to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi against the state government’s “arbitrary and ad hoc” demolition of hundreds of residential and commercial buildings sitting on storm water drains in Bengaluru last week.

“There should be no surprise over which property would come under the axe and which would be spared when both are built on a drain. The lack of transparency has created monstrous suffering for the people,” said Dr. Dominic F. Dixon, member of the UN Core Diplomatic Programme in Geneva, UN Headquarters.

“Almost all those who will lose their houses are also losing their life savings. It is necessary for the government to create a record of destruction, which is not being followed here. Errant people cannot be satisfactorily hauled up in a court at a later stage if there are discrepancies,” said Mr. K.V. Dhananjay, a senior Supreme Court lawyer.

Don’t abandon, rehab them: Activists
Human Rights activists have come down heavily on the recent arbitrary and ad-hoc demolition drives taken up the government without giving any thought about rehabilitation for the displaced citizens.

“The state government has violated human rights blatantly. How can a government displace its own people? There is no difference between Syria, Libya or Bengaluru. In 2016, when countries are taking in refugees, Bengaluru is causing a refugee crisis by displaying that we live in a third world city due to third world politicians,” said Dr. Dominic Dixon, consulting director for Academics, International Law and Justice UNITAR.

“In developed and developing countries, the government will ensure that their citizens do not become victims of circumstances. In the Bengaluru context, the citizens have become the victims of circumstances. The plight of people who have been victims of a natural disaster have made the government wake up from its deep slumber and with its hasty decisions it is continuing to make another set of people victims of a governmental disaster,” said Mr. Dixon, who is taking up the case with the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

“Here is a government that is putting salt into the injuries of already hurt by providing no rehabilitation measures for the displaced, leaving them to fend for themselves. Firstly, the citizens feel they have been swindled by governmental officials and builders which had led to this fate,” Dixon said.

“Ideally the state should have come up with a bill in the sessions similar to that of the 2013 Land Acquisition Bill, where the government will house the people who are going to be displaced because of its action, as even government officials and builders were a part of the scam to a major extent,” he added.

‘Will star hotels, big malls be demolished?
Members of an anti-corruption forum We the People of Bengaluru (WPB) have urged the government to carry out demolitions without any discrimination.

Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, the members told reporters, “There are at least two five star hotels and a shopping mall that has numerous foreign retail outlets, which are built over storm water drains. The public expects the government to pull down these structures as well. However, if the government winds up its demolition drive simply because it is unwilling to raze down the five star hotels and the mall, it is clear discrimination and will worsen the suffering of all the people whose structures were already razed down hastily and mercilessly.”

“The people who resisted the demolition of their houses will cast doubts on the motive of the government to take this demolition drive to its logical conclusion – razing down every structure that blocks the storm water drain. They will feel abandoned is the government refuses to touch places belonging to highly influential and the wealthy,” said K.V. Dhananjay, Supreme Court senior lawyer.

“If the Government won’t even touch the five star hotels, we demand that it reconstruct all the houses that it has demolished so far. This demolition drive would be anti-people if it only targets the poor and middle classes, while leaving the wealthy to bend the law at their will,” Dhananjay added.

Similar report at:




Bengaluru: UN employee denied receipt for Metro card


November 18, 2016

Dr. Dominic. F. Dixon, an employee of the United Nations**
and Director of Academics at UNITAR, was not provided a receipt for the Metro card. Heavily involved in civil liberty and social justice causes, Dixon was at the Metro one day to purchase a smartcard for himself to help facilitate Metro travel. **which he was not, see letter from UN, see page 4

Dixon says he gave Rs 550 to the BMRCL employee at the counter. The woman at the counter issued a receipt worth Rs500 in return. Being an anti-corruption campaigner, Dixon demanded that he be given a receipt for Rs 50 that was charged for the smartcard.


He was told that a receipt could not be provided for the Rs 50 as the system was foolproof and designed to issue only one receipt.

Dixon took up this issue with B.L. Yashavanth Chavan and wrote a detailed letter to him explaining his predicament. “I told him I was doing this on behalf of the public which uses the Metro on a daily basis,” said Dixon. “Although I did get an apology at the ground level!” added Dixon. He insisted on the receipt as he wanted to know where the money was going.

When contacted, Mr. B L Yashavanth Chavan, General Manager (O&M) of BMRCL cut the phone and refused to answer. BMRCL PRO Mr. Vasanth Rao too was unreachable.

According to his email reply to Dixon (a copy of which is with Deccan Chronicle), Chavan had stated, “Continuing my telephonic talk, I wish to inform you that as per the business rules, a receipt can be issued to the passengers on his/her request. This is done in the interest of Environment protection. The cost of the card is Rs 50 and the ‘added values’ in multiples of Rs 50 to a maximum of Rs 1,500 are also displayed under ticket types notified near ticket office machines at all stations. After a detailed inquiry, it is found that in your case, the transaction for the sale of Smart card was done first and the ‘add value’ for Rs 500 was done later. The system being foolproof, only the receipt could be generated for the last transaction and not for the earlier transaction of the sale of the card.  You were also shown the receipt generation of sale of card for Rs 50.”

After DC tried to contact Chavan and Vasanth Rao with no success, BMRCL wrote back to Dixon saying, “With reference to your complaint we would like to inform you that in your case the ticket operator has performed The ‘Card Sale’ and ‘Add-value’ as two separate transactions and hence the receipt could not be generated for the first transaction i.e., for card sale. The ticket operator could have performed both these transactions as a single one so that the receipt could have been given to you on request. As such all the ticket operators have been instructed to perform all such transactions as a single transaction so that a receipt can be generated as a single transaction and receipts are given to the commuter without putting them to any inconvenience. We thank you for bringing the matter to our notice. We require your support for providing better service in future.” Although relieved that his query had been answered, Dixon still felt quite peeved.


UN institute launches research centre in Bengaluru UN institute launches research centre in Bengaluru UN institute launches research centre in Bengaluru UN institute launches research centre in Bengaluru


By Deepika Burli, November 23, 2016

The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, on Wednesday launched its 16th international research centre — the Centre International de Formation des Authorite’s et Leaders (CIFAL) -to train leaders and government officials in Bengaluru.

This centre, started in partnership with ACTS Group of Institutions founded by Ken Gnanakan*, who is also the chairman of CIFAL Bengaluru, is a first-of-its kind in India. CIFAL Bengaluru is a training centre affiliated to UNITAR that aims to contribute to advance socially inclusive programmes, empower underprivileged youth and provide them with opportunities to enjoy equal access to education, health services and technologies, while learning about global issues that will impact their lives.

Working with children and young adults in slums, villages, towns and cities, ACTS institutions have an integrated learning approach.

CIFAL, a training arm of the United Nations operating in 15 other countries, is mandated to increase the impact of national actions through public awareness-raising, education, and training.

Dominic F Dixon, head, research and development, CIFAL, Bengaluru, said: “CIFAL Bengaluru will focus on gender equality, health and well- being, peace, justice and building strong institutions. Being a state where 1.2 lakh children are not going to school, this venture is fitting to start off in Karnataka first. CIFAL Bengaluru will grant UN internships to college students who are at the top and the bottom of the class. The parameter of success of top students will depend on how they help the bottom ones to come up.”

And that’s about all that one presently gets or will ever get about Dominic Dixon-UN from media reports.


Some web sites and blogs of Dominic Dixon and Aneel Aranha (8):

http://MoreLove.in, http://ethosinstitute.org, http://VeritasTV.net,

http://www.moreloveradio.com/, http://www.moreloveradio.com/mlplayer.html,

http://www.morelove.in/index.php, http://www.dominicdixon.net, http://www.holyspiritinteractive.net/, http://www.holyspiritinteractive.org/, http://holyspiritinteractive.blogspot.in/, http://aneelaranha.blogspot.in/.



The following telephone numbers are available at Dominic Dixon’s web pages.


0 720401 2777, 0 720401 3777, 0 720401 4777 – St. Patrick’s Church, Brigade Road, Saturday 6:00-7:30 PM prayer meeting. Dominic Dixon: 0 98805-36501

I have tried all of them repeatedly several times on different days at different times of day. Either the call does not go through or I am informed that the number does not exist. (8)


Why did we commence writing about Dominic Dixon?

Why do we continue to do so?

Our ministry exposes Catholics in authority and with influence over others such as priests, bishops, institutions and persons in lay ministry who lead the faithful astray.

Our ministry is absolutely impersonal and objective. It is not focused exclusively on Dominic Dixon or on any other individual. It is a ministry of Catholic apologetics meant to warn Catholics against potential spiritual dangers.

Dixon just happens to be one of those many Catholics in lay ministry whom we have exposed. And, very importantly, he has the open support of preachers like Colin Calmiano, priests like Fr. Dominic Emmanuel SVD, Catholic Charismatic Renewal leaders like Simon Rodrigues, and bishops like Archbishop Bernard Moras
of Bangalore and the Vicariate of Arabia (the latter courtesy of Aneel Aranha of HolySpiritInteractive, Dubai). He is thus encouraged and enabled to reach out and access Catholics in institutions, parishes and prayer groups, and to represent the Church in the secular media in India and beyond.

It also helped him to con an organisation like UNITAR/CIFAL and their associates at ACTS into opening the door (which has now been closed) to him.

Incidentally, his favored interests and activities happen to be in the areas of pornography, sexual morality (of youth in colleges)… and corruption!!!


Why do we believe that Dixon leads Catholics astray?

The information compiled in our reports exposes his complete lack of credibility, misrepresentations, blatant lies, false claims, exaggerations, misuse of his connections with people in authority, his downright criminal activities like anonymous threatening calls and phone tapping, his being a convicted pedophile and much, much more.

He is absolutely unqualified to author books on psychology and to “minister” to Catholics.

He therefore has no business to teach/interpret the Bible, to give courses on Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and to conduct campaigns and courses in Catholic institutions, and to be allowed anywhere near children and youth.

Those who continue to back this impostor and sexual pervert will have to shoulder the blame along with him when the law in this country finally catches up with “Dr.” Dominic Dixon and comes to know about who and what Dixon really is.


Dixon’s latest reaction — the “legal charges” and “defamation case” against us and our associates — if pursued by him will only hasten his arrest and land him in jail on various counts.

His own relatives want to see him behind bars and have contacted us with the necessary documentation to that end.

The Archbishop of Bangalore (who is referred to by Dixon on page 8 of his “legal notice”**) and lay Catholic leaders in India and Dubai who prop up Dixon and his schemes will have to continue to bear with our naming them in our reports.

**Dixon requires us to apologize in writing to the Archbishop and the Chairman of the Bangalore Charismatic Renewal, and to compensate him financially for having tarnished his name.

Copies of this file are, as usual, being sent to Dixon and to ALL of the named in this report.


One does not have to wonder why, when filing “legal charges” of defamation against us, Dixon does not mention the very serious claim that his relatives and this ministry have documented about his being a pedophile, convict and deportee. And the other question about the authenticity of his various university degrees and educational qualifications. That, too, is something that the Indian police and courts would be very interested in. And that may only be the tip of the iceberg.



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