Provincial of the Divine Word performs Hindu dances




Provincial of the Divine Word performs Hindu dances

July 1, 2012



Fr. Joachim Andrade, above, is the Provincial of the Society of Divine Word (SVD) in south Brazil. In this picture he is performing at the opening Mass (February 26, 2012) of the Seminar for Consecrated Religious Life, under the direction of the Conference of Brazilian Religious (CBR). Fr. Andrade is from India and has been in Brazil for 20 years.
According to information posted on the magazine of the CBR website, the goal of this opening dance was to put the assembly “in tune with the art and culture of his people.”
The priest explains: “My presentation is in tune with this seminar. Hindu art shows that it is possible to take this ancient Eastern culture and insert it into our search for God, since mysticism and spirituality are above religions. To bring expressions of another culture to the liturgy is to give our celebrations a universal openness.”
What Fr. Andrade did not mention is that those dances are ritual acts of worship made to the false deities of Hinduism, and that to mix them with the Catholic liturgy is a serious step toward religious syncretism, one of the characteristics of the Panreligion.
Below, photos from another performance of Fr. Andrade in 2009.

To watch the video, click here.
Last row, a photo of the Council of the Society of Divine Word in south Brazil, taken from its website.







Extract from pages 43-45 of my file


Fr. Joachim Andrade SVD, the Provincial of the Congregation of the Divine Word for the Southern Region of Brazil is originally from Mangalore, India. Trained at Gyan Ashram, Mumbai, he teaches Bharatanatyam at own school of dance, Ravi Santosh Performing Arts, located in Curitiba, Brazil.

Below left: note the huge idol of Shiva [Nataraja] in the background and a little icon of the Virgin.

Right: the occult yin/yang, extreme left on backdrop, with the symbols of all religions – Syncretism!

Padre Joachim é professor de dança clássica indiana


1. Priest launches book on Indian classical dance styles of India

June 9, 2008

June 19 (Thursday) in Curitiba Park Shopping Bookstores Barigüi the national launch of the book “Indian Dance – History – Evolution – Style,” written by Catholic priest and professor of classical Indian dance
Joachim Andrade. A native of Mangalore (city of Karnataka state in southern India), Joachim Andrade holds a degree in classical dance style Bharata Natyam by Gyan Ashram Institute of Performing Arts in Mumbai, one of the most prestigious schools in India. In his book – produced from the PhD thesis in Science of Religion who defended the PUC-SP in 2007 – Andrade is to present classical Indian dance in depth, to reclaim the religious elements, aesthetic and body that make up this ancient form of artistic expression. “How was based on academic information and experience of dance in India and Brazil, the work can be very useful for dancers and teachers. Even people who do not know the dance, but they have interesting information about Indian culture by reading the book,” says Joachim. Practiced by millions of people in India and increasingly popular in countries like USA, UK, Canada and Brazil, the Indian classical dance ritual began as part of Hinduism. Influenced by Islamic culture from the Mongol invasion (XVI), come to our days as a national treasure of India. During the book launch, the public will enjoy choreography of classical Indian dance Bharata Natyam students presented by Joachim Andrade. The event will be attended by the Consul General of India in Sao Paulo, Mr. Sivaraman Swaminathan.
Technical Data:
Launch of book “Indian Classical Dance – History – Evolution – Style” by Joachim Andrade (168 pages, suggested retail price of $ 42.00) Date: 19/06/2008 (Thursday) Time: 19:30 Location: Curitiba Books Barigüi Park Mall (Store 169)
The dance performances with the students of Ravi Santosh Performing Arts occur at 19.45 and 20.45.


2. Festival da cultura Indiana do Recife

August 26, 2008

Padre Joachim Andrade dança na abertura do festival [Father Joachim Andrade dance at the opening of the festival]

Joachim Andrade (Mangalore, 1962), is a Catholic priest of the Congregation of the Divine Word. Graduated in Philosophy and Theology from Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune (India), graduated in English from the University of Mysore and a specialist in Bharata Natyam dance by Ashram Gyan Institute of Performing Arts, Mumbai. Living in Brazil since 1992, a Masters in Social Anthropology at the Federal University of Parana and Doctor of Religious Sciences at the Catholic University of São Paulo. Currently, besides the priesthood – Joachim Andrade is provincial of the Congregation of the Divine Word for the Southern Region of Brazilcoordinates its own school of Indian dance, Ravi Santosh Performing Arts, located in Curitiba.

There is loads of yoga at this ‘Festival of Indian culture’ at which Fr. Joachim Andrade SVD performs the Hindu dance, Bharatanatyam, centre photograph above.

The priest studied at the Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth/Papal Seminary, Pune.

Read about what many of the seminary’s theologians teach, at NEW COMMUNITY BIBLE 02-THE PAPAL SEMINARY, PUNE, INDIAN THEOLOGIANS, AND THE CATHOLIC ASHRAMS



3. Dá-me a palavra certa

November 25, 2009

On YouTube, watch
Fr. Joachim Andrade SVD

performing a
recital in church, before the altar. See the picture on the extreme right, above.


4. Spreading Indian Flavor in Samba Land – Brazil

By Florine Roche, Mangalore, April 7, 2008

By Florine Roche, Mangalore, April 7, 2008

See the picture on the extreme left, on page 3, Fr. Joachim Andrade SVD, performing before an idol of Nataraja [Shiva] and again below left. Below right, Fr. Joachim Andrade SVD dances before the tabernacle and what appears to be an upside-down cross. Art? Now why am I not surprised?


The South American country of Brazil is no doubt famous for its soccer, beaches, coffee, volleyball, carnival and those hot women who sashay the international modeling scene with aplomb. This former Portuguese colony no doubt boasts of a unique and flamboyant culture of its own as its carnival festivities are famous across the world attracting thousands of people. Despite the distance that separates But Indian dance, yoga, art and culture is finding its flavour in Brazil thanks to the efforts of a few Indian missionaries and other smitten Brazilians who have been instrumental in spreading Indian flavour in this coffee land. 

Today about 5 million Brazilians are practicing regular yoga and several dance and art schools have mushroomed all over Brazil, says Fr Joachim Andrade, a Mangalorean SVD priest who has been working in Brazil for the last 17 years.

Major Hindu influence began in Brazil to be exact was in 1953, when yoga was taken by a French man, who took the Indian name as Shivananda, who started a yoga academy in one of the towns of Brazil. Later, many other forms have entered such as Hare Krishna Movement, Vedanta Philosophy, Indian classical music and finally Indian classical dance. The Brazilians got hooked to Indian music, vegetarianism, food and culture and there has been no stopping its popularity”, Fr Andrade declares.  

Indian way of live has penetrated deeply among the people and some of the Brazilians have great admiration towards Indian culture. Many have ventured out to take a trip to India visiting several ashrams and gurus. They have taken back to Brazil a kind of Indian culture which has created a deep rooted impact among Brazilians. 

This receptiveness among Brazilians prompted Fr Andrade to make a deeper study on the phenomenon of the diffusion of Hinduism in Brazil. Born in Vamada Padavu in Bantwal taluk, he joined seminary and was initiated to Bharathanatyam during his college days in Mysore.   Fr Andrade gave a public stage entrance in Pune in 1991 in Bharatanatyam and left for Brazil in 1992 after his ordination.  He continued his passion in Brazil and did his masters in Anthropology choosing the topic “Dance as a ritual: a case study of Indian Dance” for his dissertation. For his doctorate he chose the topic of “diffusion of Hinduism in Brazil and used Bharatanatyam as the medium for diffusion

As Fr Andrade worked in southern part of Brazil where the church activity is mostly pastoral and was compelled to make a slight shift in his missionary work and concentrate on ecumenical as well as inter-religious dialogue activity. Because of his close involvement in inter-religious dialogue activities, he has been appointed as the coordinator of the Ecumenical and Inter-religious dialogue dimension of the arch diocese of Curitiba.
Responding to public enthusiasm Fr Andrade has opened an academy of dance in Brazil recently where Brazilians learn the Indian dance and propagate it to the Brazilian people. “My motive behind this is to utilize the art form to diffuse Christian themes and combine the art and spirituality to the Brazilian culture” he says modestly.



Recently his pupil Ivanilda Maria Moreira Da Silva, a yoga teacher for the last 20 year hailing from Curitiba in Brazil was in Mangalore to add perfection to her Bharatanatyam dance which she has been learning in Brazil from Fr Andrade for the last four yearsIvanilda spent two months at Sandesha College of Fine Arts fine-tuning her skills in Bharathanatyam and left back for Brazil with a promise to come back against next year with her 13 year old daughter Yane to learn more about Indian dance. “I learnt the techniques and perfection of the movements of the Indian classical dance.  I am greatly impressed by the visuals, the grace, the music and the expressions of Bharathanatyam.  Having stayed here for two months and learning dance I feel dance comes from within and it is very satisfying to make the movements, articulations and gestures.  It is made me what I am”, Ivanilda confesses.  

Ivanilda came to be associated with yoga just by fluke.  Her husband wanted to learn martial arts and yoga formed a part of martial arts.  She had accompanied her husband to the university and when her husband got specialized in Martial arts Ivanilda got a tryst with yoga and since then as the cliché goes there has been no looking back for Ivanilda. A few years back she was exposed to Indian dance and got enamored by it prompting her to join the academy as Fr Andrade’s student… 

It only goes to prove that art and spirituality makes a great combo to make a striking impact.  


Daijiworld readers’ comments on the above piece by Florine Roche:

Excellent article by Florine Roche and congratulations to Fr. Joaquim SVD and his efforts to spread the Indian culture and values. Good luck! Clifford D’Souza SVD, Taccode/Montreal/Canada April 07, 2008

Congratulations to Fr. Joachim. For nearly 16 years we were companions in the seminary formation and he is known for his hard work and love for the art which he has kept till today. Wish you good luck in your task of spreading the Gospel values through the Indian dance in Brazil. Fr. John Stephen Roche, SVD, Fajir/México April 08, 2008

Great work Fr. Joachim, god bless in your sincere efforts. If I remember correctly we were studying together in SVD kirem in 1976. All the best to you. C. Hillary D’Silva, Niddodi/Mira road, Mumbai April 08, 2008

Hi, I had read articles on Father Joachim being a Bharat Natyam dancing SVD priest before, I envision him as the only rightfully ordained RC priest to dance Bharat Natyam himself for daily mass. Can anyone enlighten me more about it? God bless nigamaa, church universal June 02, 2008

Two commenters are SVD priests, the third is either a priest or a person who left the SVD seminary before ordination, and they all congratulate their confrere on his spreading “Indian dance” in Brazil.

And “nigamaa” actually affirms that the priest dances Bharatanatyam
at daily Mass!


















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