Convicted pedophile and deportee Dominic Dixon attempts to silence this ministry’s exposés of him

AUGUST 7/31, 2017

Convicted pedophile and deportee Dominic Dixon attempts to silence this ministry’s exposés of him

Our earlier files on or related to Dominic Dixon in chronological order:

31 JANUARY/ 12/15/17/18/22/23 MARCH, 6/8/16/26/29 APRIL/JULY/DECEMBER 2013/UPDATED 18 NOVEMBER 2015

9 MAY 2013

19 MAY/5 JUNE 2013

28 JULY 2013



29 JANUARY 2016



12/13 JUNE 2017

13 JUNE 2017

16/17 JUNE 2017

Why did we commence writing about Dominic Dixon?

Why do we continue to do so?

Our ministry exposes Catholics in authority and with influence over others such as priests, bishops, institutions and persons in lay ministry who lead the faithful astray.

Our ministry is absolutely impersonal and objective. It is not focused exclusively on Dominic Dixon or on any other individual. It is a ministry of Catholic apologetics also serving to warn Catholics against potential spiritual dangers.

Dixon just happens to be one of those many Catholics in lay ministry whom we have exposed.

And, very importantly, he has the open support of preachers like Colin Calmiano, priests like Fr. Dominic Emmanuel SVD, Catholic Charismatic Renewal leaders like Simon Rodrigues, and bishops like Archbishop Bernard Moras
of Bangalore and the Vicariates of Kuwait and Southern Arabia (the latter courtesy of Aneel Aranha of HolySpiritInteractive, Dubai). He is thus enabled by them to reach out and access Catholics in institutions, parishes and prayer groups, and to speak on behalf of the Church in the secular media in India and beyond.

Their encouragement also helped him to con an organisation like UNITAR/CIFAL and their associates at ACTS into opening the door (which has now been closed) to him. See file no. 9.

Incidentally, his favored interests and activities happen to be in the areas of pornography, sexual morality (of youth in colleges)… and corruption!!!

Why do we believe that Dixon leads Catholics astray?

The information compiled in our reports exposes his complete lack of credibility, his blatant lies, misrepresentations, false claims, his downright criminal activities like anonymous threatening calls, intimidation of others through police complaints, legal charges and phone tapping (by his own admission), his being a convicted pedophile and deportee, and much, much more.

He is absolutely unqualified to author books on psychology and to “minister” to Catholics.

He therefore has no business to publicly teach/interpret the Bible, to conduct courses on Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and to conduct campaigns and courses in Catholic institutions, and to be allowed anywhere near children and youth.

Those who continue to back this impostor and sexual pervert will have to shoulder the blame along with him when the law in this country finally catches up with “Dr.” Dominic Dixon and everyone comes to know about who and what Dixon really is.

Dixon’s latest reaction to our exposés, the “legal charges” and “defamation case” against us and our associates, if pursued by him will only hasten his arrest and land him in jail on various counts.

His own relatives are eager to see him behind bars and have contacted us with the necessary documentation (which is on our web site) to that end.

The Archbishop of Bangalore (who is referred to by Dixon on page 9, point no. 27 of the “legal notice”* sent by him to me) and lay Catholic leaders in India and Dubai who prop up Dixon and his schemes will have to continue to bear with our naming them in our reports.

*Dixon requires us to apologize in writing to the Archbishop and the Chairman of the Bangalore Charismatic Renewal, and to compensate him financially for our having tarnished his name!!!

See the copy of one of the two “legal notices” on the following pages.

One does not have to wonder why, when filing “legal charges” of defamation against us, Dixon does not refute the very serious claim that his relatives and this ministry have documented about his being a pedophile, convict and deportee. And the other question about the authenticity of his various university degrees and educational qualifications. That, too, is something that the Indian police and courts would be very interested in. And that may only be the tip of the iceberg.

Almost every charge in the “legal notice” against this ministry is pure fantasy. My responses:

His point no. 1.

I do not own, operate or control the ephesians511 blog.
(from his points nos. 1, 12 and 27)
does not even open!

His point no. 3.

I just did a word search on my files. I have never called Dixon a “goon” or a “thug“. I have no time to waste checking out the other words that he claims I used for him. Some are however justified.

His point no. 4.

I have never at any time ever made a request to anyone for my articles to be published on the site In 2003, the site’s owner unilaterally published one of my articles.

His point no. 5.

I have never described Dixon’s organization as “illegitimate” or “resorted to blaspheming the Archbishop and the Chairman of the BCCRS“. (Incidentally, one can only blaspheme against God.)

His point no. 6.

(Y)ou were asked to provide evidence for such a tall allegation against our client“.

We were never asked to do so.

His point no. 7.

(O)ur client was never convicted for the crimes that you have motioned on your website, but you have accused our client of being a ‘serial pedophile’.” And the rest of point no. 7.

The government documentation sent to us from the US by Dixon’s relatives is available at our site.

His point no. 8.

On the 5th of May 2017, a petition against you and Mr. Sunil Francis Lobo was filed at the Federal Court of Canada and was duly acknowledged by the Protonotary and the Counsel for the Federal Minister for Immigration.

For a prolific social media activist, Dixon never mentioned his association with Canada (points nos. 7 and 8) before. What was he hiding?

Where is the proof that Dixon filed that fictitious petition?

His point no. 9.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has taken cognizance of some complaint from Dixon and he has “received a positive reply“.

Where is that “reply”?

His point no. 10.

(Y)ou had claimed that his sister, Mrs. Charmaine Tilaka and her husband, Mr. Charles Tilaka, Australian citizens, had telephoned you in 2014 and had complained to you that our client had abused their son(s). When our client had sought clarification from Mrs. and Mr. Tilaka about your allegations, they have issued a written statement to my client, and categorically denied having any contact with you.

Where is that “written statement”?

If his relatives had not called and spoken to me, how on earth would I know their names?

His point no. 11.

Our client instructs us to state that by your own confession, our client has evidence of you sending out emails using fake email accounts to people and to our client. The IP address of these emails can be traced back to your address in Chennai.

By my own confession. Of course. I own around 10 gmail and yahoo accounts that I use for subscribing to different Catholic newsletters, for group mailing (as it is impossible to do so from Tata Docomo-vsnl), etc. And for ferreting out and exposing Catholics in ministry who engage in nefarious activities. I eventually include those emails in my final reports on the web site.

His point no. 12.

(T)he malicious campaign titled “Criminal Acts of Mr. Dominic Dixon” was investigated by Cyber Crime investigators who have verified with Facebook, Google Inc. and Word Press. Cyber Crime Police of Bengaluru have given their inputs, confirming your involvement of posting defamatory content about ETHOS INSTITUTE and its Chairman.

Where are those “inputs”?

His point no. 13.

(O)n 29.10.2014, our client had filed a case against you and had informed the Police Commissioner of Bangalore and other senior officers. Bangalore city police and Cyber Crime have done a thorough investigation on you and your accomplices. An FIR was then registered with the jurisdiction police station naming your accomplice Mr. Sunil Francis Lobo as Accused #1 and you as Accused #2.

Where is the evidence that Dixon did so?

His point no. 16.

(Y)ou have resorted to lies, manipulation and connivance to tarnish the image of our client, a private citizen and a person of high repute.

Lies? All charges made by us are thoroughly documented.

Dixon, a convicted pedophile and homosexual, “a person of high repute”?

His point no. 19.

The United Nations has taken cognizance of your illegal acts and have noted the damage that has been caused to my client during his presentation at the United Nation Headquarters where senior Ambassadors and Diplomats have inquired with him about your post when they have Google searched about my client’s credentials, to get to know the profile of my client before his presentation on Human Rights.

Where is the evidence for that tall claim?

His point no. 23.

You have generated huge amounts of money in the guise of being commissioned to run an investigative website. In 2013 between October and November, you had solicited around 5, 00, 000 (Five Lakhs) in the guise of your commissioning, but had utilized that amount towards your personal medical bills.

Dixon has a fertile imagination.

What commissioning? What investigative web site?

In October 2013, I did receive Rs. 2 lakhs for my heart surgery, but it was from my youngest brother. I am also fully covered by medical insurance, again taken for me two decades ago by my brother who pays the annual premium.

I have never solicited money or conducted courses like Dixon does to generate money (“cancellation of dozens of his programs … resulting in low number of invitations for his talks, internationally; resulting in severe financial loss and instability“) as per his points 19 and 21.

But I do live by faith and accept unsolicited love-offerings and tithes. We also tithe to others.

Dixon ends by claiming Rs 1 crore (10 million) in damages from me.

There are twenty-eight points in the charge sheet. I have ignore thirteen of them in my rebuttal.


On the same day, June 8, Dixon also sent an eight page nineteen point notice to my “associate” Francis Lobo. He demands Rs 75 lakhs (7.5 million) in damages from him.

Dixon claims (point no. 4) that Mr. Lobo is my web master. My web master since our launch in 2003 is Mr. Antony Vijayendran (mentioned by Dixon in his point no. 12) who has no dealings with me apart from designing, reconstructing and maintenance of my web site. We connect by email or phone three or four times a year.

A large number of Catholics like Mr. Lobo are my “investigators” (as Dixon calls them); they check out people and organizations and send me material which I use in the making of my reports.

They collaborate with me in exposing evil and error. Several of them are priests.

Friends have pointed to me out that the content of the two charge sheets is not “legalese”.

A Swiss supporter of our ministry had this to say after reading the report on the Facebook posts by Dixon:

Date: Monday, 19 June 2017

Dear Michael,

I’m appalled by everything I’ve read and am so sorry about the situation. I see that you have everything very well documented, which is the most important thing. I also notice that Dixon doesn’t say anywhere that he is innocent, instead he attacks you. That is in my eyes very revealing. Many of the things he says about you I personally know to be untrue, because of all the contact I’ve had with you for so many years.  Most legal threats remain just that: threats. I think that Dixon is the one who has everything to lose if he goes on with this.

Having myself been in a situation* similar to yours, I know how stressful it can be. But God never abandoned me, even when I was at my lowest point. So put all your trust in Him, for “Are not two sparrows sold for a small coin? Yet not one of them falls to the ground without your Father’s knowledge. Even all the hairs of your head are counted. So do not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows” (Mt 10, 29-31). –Mrs. MLP

Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2017 09:22:28 +0000 (UTC)

Please assure Francis of my prayers. I do think that anyone who knows Francis personally or professionally will easily see that Dixon is completely out of his mind. Francis’ collaboration with you in order to expose people like Dixon only speaks positively about him as a person and a Christian–Mrs. MLP

*The writer and I had successfully collaborated in exposing the false Greek-Orthodox mystic Mrs. Vassula Ryden and terminating her frequent forays in India where she was supported by eminent Cardinals and Archbishops of the Catholic Church.

Ms. Ryden filed a case against MLP in Belgium. MLP was obliged to shut her web site because of a “trade mark” issue, but it soon reopened and is functioning under a new, neutral name.

Vassula Ryden’s false “ministry” is virtually non-existent today.

I was in Bangalore from the 13th to the 19th of August. While crisscrossing the city, it did not even dawn on me to check out the Miller’s Road address from which the “charge sheets” were posted.

Incidentally, I was in the city to file an F.I.R. with the police against a Catholic Congregation of priests. Spoiled with a choice of three top Catholic lawyers, our team (and, no Dixon, Mr. Lobo and Mr. Vijayendran were not with us on that team) consulted a real lawyer.

And our mission was a success.

It would not bode well for Dominic Dixon if we ever need to approach any of those lawyers to file a legal case against him.

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