The Protestant Jesus is not the Catholic Jesus

JUNE 4, 2016


The Protestant Jesus is not the Catholic Jesus

By Michael Voris, The Vortex, videos/transcripts


All bold emphases are mine -Michael

The greatest gift

November 6, 2015

As we wrap up this week of Resistance Vortex episodes, we’d like to state the obvious: The greatest gift that Heaven could bestow on someone is the gift of the Catholic faith.

This is why we are so duty-bound as Catholics to ensure we are constantly doing what we can to bring people to the truth of the Church personally established by Almighty God. The Catholic Church is the One True Faith, and there is no other.

Yet in this contemporary climate of Freemasonic principles of equality and liberty and fraternity, it is the most politically incorrect thing you can say — which is why it must be said even more, and with greater urgency. And to the point of this climate of theological poison which has engulfed the culture of the West, it must be admitted that the reason the Church is in such decline is because Her leaders have not resisted this evil of religious egalitarianism.

Look: Either the Catholic Church is the Church directly established by God or it is not. There is no politically correct fudging of that point. Is it, or is it not? If it is — which it is — then an entire reality falls from that single truth, including the truth that all other religions do not originate from Heaven, but rather from the faulty minds of sinful men.

In short, those religions — all of them — are false. Many Catholics today, especially leaders, just don’t like talking in those terms. They make them uncomfortable, they put them in a position of being controversial and viewed as not nice and judgmental and all that hooey. This attitude, which in practical, on-the-ground terms translates into “all religions are pretty much the same,” has to be eradicated from the Catholic mind.

At the moment, Catholic education and catechesis is saturated with this twisted understanding. It has zapped the life out of Catholic evangelization efforts. We as a Church have lost almost three complete generations of our own adherents because of this unwillingness to stand up and declare the truth that the Catholic faith is the only legitimate religion in the history of the human race. In the great push to be “welcoming” and “nice,” we have frittered away our own identity. This approach must be resisted.

The newest generation of children and young people are the Catholic Church’s last great stand in the West. They must not be allowed to be infected with this spiritual poison. That’s one of our main goals here at’s sister organization, St. Michael’s Media — to reach out to younger Catholics and impress upon them that the spiritual waters they are swimming in are polluted. And they have been polluted largely by our leaders, who still continue to allow the filth to flow in by not doing what needs to be done to prevent it.

A whole new approach — which is really the old approach — needs to be supported and advanced for home-schooling families, seminarians, young priests, Catholic college students. The tools we have at our disposal to do this are the Internet and social media. They must be employed to announce the alternative message: the truth of Catholicismnot just half-truths presented in an unsteady, fearful manner. No saint was ever admitted into Heaven because he was trembling, nervous and unsteady. They got into Heaven because they are heroes and lived heroic lives.

This is why we are asking you all this week to please join us in our efforts to expand what we do here. As we’ve said, we want to increase our capacity, our production, our programs. We want to be able to hold seminars and webinars. We want to be able to bring in young people and train them up on what it means to be an actual journalist so they can be the men and women in the coming years reporting on affairs in the Church. This is a great effort we are beginning to put together, to forge here, in response to decades of the practical on-the-ground neglect, if not outright denial, of the glory of the Catholic faith.

A short story makes the point. A few years ago I was talking to a somewhat high-ranking priest at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) about an article he had written that was very vague and ambiguous about this very point. So I called him, got into it with him, and said near the end, “Father, let’s just cut to the chase. If you could push a button and the result would be that the whole world was Catholic, would you push the button?”

He hesitated — which was all I really needed to know — and then said, “No.”



See, this lack of zeal, understanding, at the end of the day, love, of the Faith has to be challenged and resisted. And it isn’t going to happen by trying to convince the very perpetrators of the misdeeds of their errors and then waiting for a conversion. We are approaching zero hour for the Faith in the West, and we must rise to the challenge now.

As we said, we are forging a plan here that we are asking you to help us with by becoming a $25-a-month contributor, a plan that entails an all-out resistance to this lethargy, deceit and mediocrity. Please join us in our efforts and become a St. Michael’s Media sponsor today. For the first 500 who do so, we are happy to send you a complimentary copy of our all new book
MILITANTa clearly laid-out presentation on what has gone so terribly wrong and what the long road back entails.

And on a closing note, as you know, was in Rome for the entire month of October providing up-close coverage of the Synod on the Family. We churned out over 250 reports, articles, videos, and stories — and on this week’s Mic’d Up, which will be available on Sunday, we will be giving you a very enlightening behind-the-scenes account of what was going on, who was involved in what, and so forth. It’s a recap show you won’t want to miss. That’s this Sunday right here on

And for the hundreds of you who have become $25-a-month supporters, allow us to say thank you — as well as for those of you who are going to sign up. Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months as we are able to finalize our plan and start rolling out details.


1 of 276 readers’ comments

It is so important to always emphasis that the Catholic Church is the One True Church and all the others are heretical. Some are obviously so, such as the Islamic heresy. Then there are the various Protestant heresies, also obvious. Then we have “nice” heresies, not too far out, such as the various Orthodox ones with whom we really should be making great efforts to reconcile. All Good Catholics and True must now stand up and be counted. And start with a prayer to the Great Archangel, St Michael!


Political salvation. Protestants need to convert – and they need to be told to convert

January 19, 2016

Protestants in general have a more difficult task in attaining salvation compared to Catholics. Catholics who live faithful lives stand by far a greater chance of being saved than Protestants. If either or both of those statements is jarring to you, then you have experienced a deficiency in your catechesis somewhere back up the line.

Of course, a Catholic has a better chance of getting to heaven than a Protestant because a Protestant does not have access to the grace of the sacraments beyond baptism and, in some cases, marriage. They sing “Amazing Grace” all day and “how sweet the sound” is — yet a typical protestant will only experience the grace of one or two sacraments in their life — a sad but true reality.

The sacraments were instituted by the Son of God, and authority to administer them was granted to His Holy Catholic Church, His bride, outside of which salvation is impossible. See the list of files and links on the last page -Michael

Now in America, to make that kind of statement brings the roof down on you. That’s because in America, everyone is viewed as equal, thanks to stupid Enlightenment thinking promoted by freemasonic idiocy.

As a quick aside, why can we use terms like “stupid” and “idiocy” when applied to the so-called Enlightenment and Freemasonry? Simple: because following a path to Hell is stupid and idiotic, and Enlightenment principles and freemasonic views lead to Hell because they attack the Bride of Christ. Please see our series on Freemasonry for a deeper understanding of those principles.

But back to the main point. Statements that are declaratives upset people because they allow for no wiggle room. It’s either right or it’s not — and if it’s right – then Houston, we have a problem — because most people, even most Catholics, including many clergy, live a life contrary to the teachings of the Catholic faith.

But Church Militant saying this in 21st-century America is nothing new. In 19th-century America, a Catholic convert by the name of Orestes Brownson said the same thing, in even more direct words than we have. For example, he said that as long as Protestants remain cut off from the Catholic Church, they have a vain hope of ever finding the truth. He was and is right.

He blames Protestantism for agnosticism and atheism. He was and is right.

He calls Protestantism a failure. Right again.

He says of Protestantism: “Your faith is only opinion, your hope is only desire, your charity is only philanthropy. Your zeal for God and heavenly things has turned into zeal for the world.”

“You have no common doctrine, no common profession, no unity, no compactness; your doctrines, as far as doctrines you have, are vague and uncertain, proposed by no competent authority, believed without any sufficient reason, and vary from day to day and individual to individual.”

“[The] grand Protestant experiment has, as religion, proved a total failure. It has established nothing, it has unloosed everything.”

My, and many in the Church Establishment say the tone of “the Vortex” is a little severe…

Now, it might come as a surprise (but then again, perhaps not) to know that Orestes Brownson — convert, essayist, author, public relations man — was blasted by the bishops of his day. They didn’t like that kind of direct talk, because it upset the Protestant majority and upset their secret plans to convert the Protestant majority by imitating them in everything — a highly secret plan they are still carrying out.




Brownson is the man who in 1845 in a speech at Fordham University coined the word “Americanization,” referring to the concept that everything is subsumed into this great concept of the American ideal. But he was referring especially to the loss of Catholic faith in exchange for acceptance into the American mainstream. 

He saw Catholicism as the only thing that could discipline the wild American spirit and harness that spirit to ensure the safety of democracy. He summed it up best perhaps here:

I repeat, I am not warring against the political constitution of my country, nor am I seeking in any respect to change it.  It is the spirit and opinions of the American people, or of the majority of them, that I want changed. … What we want, what the Church wants, what the country wants, is a high-toned Catholic public opinion, independent of the public opinion of the country at large, and in strict accordance with Catholic tradition and Catholic inspirations.

2016 is an election year. This is how and what the U.S. bishops should be promoting, nothing less.

And a final point: an enormous irony — the man who cried from the rooftops for Catholics to convert America into a Catholic country is buried in, of all places, the crypt of Sacred Heart Basilica on the campus of Notre Dame. Talk about turning over in your grave.

God bless Orestes Brownson, and God rest his soul.


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I consider it a miracle that in our 70’s my husband and I became Catholic. No one knocked on our door, sent us a letter, or in any overt way reached out to us. It is another miracle that we are under the teaching of a strict priest who deviates neither to the left nor to the right, but straight down the middle of Catholic Church Doctrine. He is from an African country and not schooled in this country. Perhaps the US needs an infusion of Asian and African Catholic missionaries.

2. This man, Orestes Brownson, is a shining example of how NOT to be lukewarm. With the same zeal that he was once against the Church, he rabidly defended her after his conversion, to the point that he upset the local bishops. The more I read history, the more I see: Bishops on the one hand, want to maintain a peaceful relationship with the local political/military power, while on the other hand, carry forward the great commission. It’s a conflict of interests, really.



Peanut butter and gold. It’s time to trade the peanut butter for gold

January 27, 2016

For the past two to three weeks we’ve accidentally been stumbling across a theme here in “The Vortex,” “The Download,” “Mic’d Up” and many of our articles on the homepage: The theme is the continual compromising of the Faith that goes on by so many in the Church, from leaders to laity and every level in between.

This is horrible. It breaks your heart if you are a faithful Catholic because no matter how much babbling goes on about how much good there is in this other religion and that other religion, the simple truth is not one of them could even begin to compare to the beauty of the Catholic faith. They’re all manmade religions.

Sure, many of the adherents have good intentions, are trying to do things the way they best understand them and so forth. No one questions any of that. But in the end, it’s not enough — nowhere near good enough.

Even in the well-intentioned political or cultural causes, too much of the Faith is traded away in what has proven to be so far a vain attempt to change the culture.

Bottom line: Like my dad used to say, Protestants have peanut butter, and Catholics have gold. (And for the record, my dear old dad was a protestant into his mid-20s.)

What he meant by that is glaringly obvious.

Catholics have the Blessed Sacrament; Protestants have crackers and grape juice. 

Catholics have the Sacred Scriptures. Protestants have their own individual, private, contradicting interpretations.

Catholics have the sacraments — seven of them, instituted by Jesus Christ. Protestants have maybe two.

Catholics have the voice of Almighty God echoing through the Magisterium of the Church. Protestants have non-stop discord and 40,000 denominations.

The problem with the culture is not that it is pro-abortion, pro-contraception, etc. It’s that it’s not Catholic. All these years, Catholics have been taught that all we have to do is join forces with Protestant brothers and sisters, lay aside our differences and work toward some mutual goal, like ending abortion, for example.

We were told wrong. What Catholics need to do is what we should have been doing all these years: converting the culture. If you create an authentic Catholic culture, all this other evil will lose its stranglehold on the nation. But that cannot happen without “making a mess” — to quote the Holy Father. You need to assert the superiority of the Bride of Christ in the marketplace of religions.

You need to say very plainly, “That’s stupid,” when some New Age, former hippie makes some mystical-sounding comment based on nothing. When one of your friends says she’s okay with contraception, you need to sit her down and explain to her why she’s wrong. When some cool spiritual friend starts going on about re-incarnation, you need to set her straight. You get one shot, girly — that’s it.

This isn’t trying to be a contrarian. It’s showing her that she’s got peanut butter in her hands and you want to give her gold. Don’t you care about that person living in a lie? Don’t you care about that person being away from the embrace of the Bride of Christ?




And they are away, make no mistake about that. If someone refusing to accept the truths of Jesus Christ was unimportant, then He would not have commanded us to go out and baptize all nations and teach them to observe everything He commanded us.

The sad part in watching most Catholics today is they have lost their love for souls, even their own; they don’t think in these terms. Where is the zeal of Catholics in the pro-life movement to convert our fellow pro-lifers who are Protestant to the Catholic faith? Zeal for souls comes before everything else, everything else.

Almost since we Catholics arrived on these Protestant-dominated shores, we have been suck-ups, accommodationists, compromisers, willing to cede whatever part of the Faith we needed to make things expedient. 

The Catholic Church can save America because the Catholic Church is established by the Son of God to save the world. But that means you and I must be willing to take it on the chops for love of God and love of souls.

Don’t you love the truth? Doesn’t the truth energize you and give meaning to your life? What are you living for? Why are you breathing? Nothing else on earth matters, nothing, other than that you bring souls to Christ.

And the way He wants them brought is through His Holy Bride whom He gave His life for on Calvary. Political elections don’t matter. Social movements don’t matter. Great cultural clashes don’t matter. None of it matters if these take priority over your work saving souls.

Our Blessed Lord desired, commanded, that people eat His flesh and drink His blood — literally. He said when they did this they would abide with Him, become part of Him. This is how Rome was conquered, through holy men and women. Sure, they did good works in the streets — but it was out of Love of Our Blessed Lord.

They gathered each week to eat His Sacred Body and drink His Blood, and they went out to convert an empire, many of them paying for it with their lives. They converted the pagans. They overthrew manmade religions. Manmade religions cannot save. They have no power to save. They are mere idols, regardless of how socially polite and well-intentioned, or how many emotion-laden people can be packed into a concert hall waving their arms to high-energy music.

That means nothing to God. That’s not worship. It’s entertainment. It’s self-centered.

We have God-given gold, and we have a duty to give it to those who are holding peanut butter, whether they appreciate it or not.


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Gee, maybe Catholics aren’t so worried about converting Protestants because of things like the Holy Father referring to the Lutheran Archbishop as his esteemed sister. If someone called me that, I would think they were telling me I’m ok right where I am.



There are a thousand ways to be wrong and only one way to be right. Degrading and embarrassing

February 1, 2016

Last week we talked about the qualitative difference between Catholicism and Protestantism, as well as all the other manmade religions. We made the comparison to the difference between gold and peanut butter.

Yes, there is the Catholic Church — and then all the rest. And it is not mean or uncharitable or anything of the kind to speak of them in that regard, because it sums up their essence. The point of religion is to save you, in at least a very general sense of the word. But within Christianity, the specific point of religion is to save you. So how is it rude, mean, nasty, offensive, uncharitable, intolerant or judgmental to say that no protestant denomination has the power to save? They don’t.
Their ministers have no more power or authority than I do as a Catholic layman. Their bishops are not bishops, their priests are not priests, and their churches are not churches.

For any Catholic who understands the substantive difference between a religion that has the power to save because it was invested with this power directly by the Son of God, and a religion that has no power to save — to compare them and speak of them as being relatively equal is degrading and embarrassing

So when Catholic priests and bishops and dioceses, trying to shore up their flagging numbers owing to their decades of lack of Faith instruction, turn to a protestant program of catechesis to try and instruct people in Catholicism, then those people are worthless in their roles. But that is exactly what is going on all over the United States with a ridiculous catechetical program called ALPHA ( See the list of files and links on the last page -Michael

was developed in England by a non-Catholic as a way to bring people to Generic Jesus, and barely that. It is more than watered down — it’s ridiculous. It barely resembles Christianity in general, and speaks of almost nothing regarding the Church — certainly not its necessity. It ignores the sacraments, ignores the councils, ignores the Blessed Mother, ignores Purgatory, ignores the papacy, ignores the saints, ignores the liturgy. But in typical protestant style, it does concentrate on Scripture — by corrupting them. 

Now, the sorry excuse that weak Church leaders give for peddling this barely warmed-over Reformation trash as being suitable in a Catholic setting is they have developed a “Catholic addendum” for it, a little add-on. So you hear 10 to 13 weeks of Protestant (and by that we mean heretical) nonsense, and then a thin veneer of Catholicism-lite at the last minute.

This whole approach to catechetics is the subject of this week’s “Mic’d Up.”






The excuse you hear non-stop is “We can’t just tell people the whole truth. They aren’t ready for it.”

Two thoughts there: First of all, they aren’t ready for it because the clergy failed to make them ready for it. For decades we have been subjected to homosexualist, social-justice, Church of Nice, anti-Catholic propaganda vomiting out of the pulpits. Who could be surprised that 50 years later, people would be shocked and disturbed at the news there is such a thing as sin and Hell? So you can kind of understand why there is this great fear of bringing up those topics “too soon.”

Second thought: While all of that is true, it does not absolve any of the clergy from saying the truth, especially the hard truths — the ones that if you don’t follow, you stand a pretty good chance of being damned.

So what’s the big picture? For decades Catholic clergy have refused to say the truth. So the laity have grown accustomed to not hearing the truth. Then, realizing that this has been a disastrous strategy, leaders try to bring people back into the Church by handing them a formalized program based on — you guessed it — comfortable “truths” to ease them back in.

Along the way, leaders try to compensate for the lack of truth by a surge in emotions. Get them all hepped up and singing and rocking out and waving their arms around like demented windmills, and they can have an encounter with the Lord and they will be swept up in motion and slammed down by the Spirit and we never have to talk about contraception and sin and Hell and any of those other “hot button” issues that we’ve all grown so gun-shy about.

None of this is Catholic, and to try and ride in at the last minute and pretend it is a lie.

A generation ago, the game was to dissent from the hard truths. Today, the game is to just ignore them and get all emotional on you in place of preaching them. There are a thousand ways to be wrong, but only one way to be right. Get back to faithful, full-on Catholicism before you rob the last remaining generation of its birthright.

Watch this week’s “Mic’d Up” for a more in-depth discussion.


15 of 251 readers’ comments

ALPHA was offered at our church last year and is at another church nearby this year. My husband and I didn’t go because on the same nights they were held we have choir practice. I did not realize that this was (again!) another type of white-wash of Protestantism. Catholics are being hoodwinked endlessly and unless you belong to a group like CM, how do these poor sheep know what they are attending and if it is good for them or not. They are all trying to better themselves thinking that our bishops and priests are their leaders for gaining salvation and to know more about their faith when in essence they are destroying the “REAL” knowledge of what it means to be Catholic! At this rate, heaven will be almost empty at the end of time!

2. If Protestantism is just so much dangerous heresy why is Pope Francis about to join, in Sweden, the “celebratory” event of “500 Years since the Reformation”? Talk about Edward the Confessor, how about Francis the Confuser?

3. I don’t really think Pope Francis has an agenda, I think he’s just in over his head and has no idea what he’s doing. Pray for this Pope.

4. I clicked on the ALPHA hyperlink in Michael’s script and was knocked out of my chair by what I read. This no-baptism-no-original-sin-no-reason-for-a-Savior absurdity is – according to the web site – actually endorsed by the USCCB! Are there enough faithful prelates left to be the soldiers that Our Savior can count on to bring His Holy Bride from the brink?

5. Does that really surprise you the USCCB endorsed that ALPHA crap?? Don’t use the Bible link at the USCCB site either. Once I was teaching about the Blessed Virgin Mary being prophesied in the Book of Isaiah. I read Isaiah 7:14, and then read Matthew 1:23 (Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign. Behold a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emmanuel.). One of my students forgot his Bible so he used his smartphone to google the Bible verses at the USCCB site. There is one problem with that; the USCCB uses the Masoretic Text from Rabbinical Judaism, which says “a young woman”, rather than “virgin”. I had to spend ten minutes explaining why the texts were different.




6. Listened to Mother Angelica on EWTN radio last night, she was talking about the nuns not in schools teaching the truth anymore. She saw it coming back then. Why doesn’t EWTN listen to her when they have her videos? Seems they just play them and then ignore them?

7. Sadly EWTN has been hi-jacked by the modernist church of nice… There are still some good shows. But others stay away from. Poor Mother is suffering because of it.

8. I’m very glad this Vortex and Download expose ALPHA for what it is: a psycho-babbling brook of Protestantism. Yes, it messes with the mind and drives a wedge between common sense and basic human uncertainty. It finds the weakness and fills it with false feelings of assurances that no man can actually give but all men crave, especially when it comes to matters of faith. But, this is just my humble opinion and I’m no expert on anything. My simple common Catholic sense tells me give it a wide berth.

My own experience has been in simply observing the changes I’ve seen in several popular Catholic personalities who did through their superiors get to participate in Alpha and they returned changed. They were very public about all of this too. They let us know they were going to do it and told us when they came back. They changed dramatically. It was obvious to me at least. I could hear the changes in them and over the few months afterwards I was sincerely frightened by some of the things I heard. They weren’t changed for the better, though they felt they were. And that, is the key: they felt better about their Catholicism! Yeah. And of course, they highly recommended this course to others. I couldn’t believe my ears. The other thing that knocks my socks off is why any Catholic would even consider a Protestant program of spirituality? We have God in the flesh in Mass with us until the end of all things. Seeking Him is as simple as going to Mass and falling on one’s knees. We have it ALL! There isn’t anything lacking in our Church. We have everything God willed man to have this side of the daisies. He cannot give any more than He already has. He gave His only begotten Son as expiation for our sins. He poured out His Holy Blood upon the earth and the wood of a cross to the last drop to free us. We have hundreds of Saints whose spirituality is easily grasped by simply reading a book and praying. We don’t need anything else. There is no need to seek elsewhere. And that last to me is a simple affirmation that there are many Protestants among us in Catholic garb who need to protestantize the Catholics around them so they will feel comfortable. They envy the Protestants. They want to be like them without losing the Sacraments they feel entitled to. That is why they work so hard at their phoney brand of ecumenism – to protestantize us and there have been many innocent trusting Catholics who have been duped out of their faith by these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Thank you Mr. Voris for the scathing review. You could repeat this one often. Bravo! God bless.

9. Do the people running the Church really want the conversion of non-Catholics, and the retention of cradle Catholics?? I don’t think so. The bishops in Germany have been co-opted by the German government through tax subsidies. The net result of this is only 4% of Catholic Germans remain faithful. The American bishops have also moved into the business of receiving federal grants for their social justice initiatives, like illegal immigrant / refugee shelters. Why would a hierarchy want to put up with a sometimes restive laity for financial support, when the government can and will step in to bankroll the Church.

Most of our prelates have a flawed conceptualization of the Faith and their role in it. The bishops are not shepherds, they are instead politicians, administrative managers, and negotiators for compromise. This ALPHA Program trash fits into the bishops’ plan to render Catholicism into an emotion driven, non-confrontational, bland, emasculated, non-sacrificial, non-judgmental theology.

10. ALPHA equals Junk that belongs in the Protestant junk yard. It’s just scrap of the diabolical for those so called Catholics who are Protestant Apologists who always use Fr. Feeney’s excommunication as a battering stick. It’s funny how these fool themselves thinking they are Catholic.

11. Back in 1973 I was the catechism teacher for the 7th grade in one of our Catholic schools. I began the year by giving them a test to see just how much they knew of the faith. I used the 2nd grade catechism questions. Sorry to say, everyone failed, really failed. So I gave them their grade. The principle, a sister, chided me on my approach. We disagreed about knowing the faith and how to respond to the lack of it. Needless to say, I was let go. That was back in 1973. The new “cute” religious teaching books were out at that time. Hearing about this “ALPHA” reminds me of what a long history of abandonment we really have.

12. The TLM I attend is full of young people and babies everywhere, which is refreshing to know. I pray so much for families that have the courage to raise their families in the sacred traditions of the Church. That’s how this thing is won…through non-contracepting, young people raising future saints! Oh yea, ALPHA is garbage!

13. “ALPHA is garbage!” I wish you wouldn’t insult our garbage that way!

14. At my FSSP Parish, I have never heard of “Alpha” program. Deo Gratias. Our Pastor only teaches the truth. Deo Gratias.

15. This is critical, critical information, and as Catholics we MUST become aware and knowledgeable of these facts.
Who will listen? We must try nevertheless. Our faith is not being passed on in many of these programs, such as
It is a crime. And RCIA is such a sham as well.

Wake up bishops!!!!! It is under your authority and responsibility that such programs as ALPHA thrive, as well as the poor RCIA programs that occur under YOUR watch.



“Protty Jesus”. There are two Jesuses and only one is right

May 23, 2016



Every now and then the question pops up: Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? But there’s an even more fundamental question that needs to be asked first, and is much more important: Do Catholics and Protestants worship the same Jesus?

The answer, stated simply: No.

Catholics and Protestants — and that includes those Protestants who don’t self-identify as Protestants, like Assemblies of God and so forth — all of these do not worship the same Jesus as Catholics do. Now this kind of statement may result in apoplexy in those parts of the Church that have spent a half a century trying to gloss over the enormous differences between authentic Christianity, which is Catholicism, and heretical Christianity, which is Protestantism.

In the resistance to the status quo and the effort to recapture Catholic identity, this battle is a central one. Catholics and Protestants are opposed to each other on an incredible number of issues. As an aside, Protestants are opposed to other Protestants on an incredible number of issues — but that’s another “Vortex.”

Catholics need to understand this fundamental, decisive issue. There is a Catholic Jesus and a Protestant Jesus, and they are not really related, beyond the most basic things. The Protty Jesus is not really present in the Eucharist, did not establish a formal visible Church, instituted no sacraments to speak of, has given all His authority over to a book, and not really said anything about how that book is to be interpreted.

The Protty Jesus does not care about how you live your life as long as you believe on Him in some emotion-laden display — preferably in public. The Protty Jesus does not care about birth control, quite often has no real opinion on divorce and remarriage, and is even sometimes silent on abortion and same-sex “marriage.”

The Protty Jesus isn’t even completely understood or accepted as truly divine. He rarely preaches a word about redemptive suffering or the need to reform your life and walk away from sin. He is quite often mute on the necessity of the cross. The Protty Jesus has no regard for saints, even those that died for love of Him. He doesn’t even have any real regard or respect for His own mother. Protty Jesus has almost no resemblance whatsoever to Catholic Jesus, who is all these things that Protty Jesus is not.

So the question arises why so many in the Church, even leaders, would be so willing to involve themselves in and accommodate for Protty Jesus? The Church is not in the business of making up excuses for heresies. It is in the business of destroying them.

In the Catholic Church, the Eucharist is the source and summit of the Faith. In the Protestant world, the denial of the Real Presence in the Eucharist is the source and summit of their creed. The Church, the original and only one founded and established personally by the Son of God, believes in a eucharistic Jesus. The Protty Jesus has nothing to do with the Eucharist.

How can it ever be said that these two groups worship the same Jesus? Protestant worship is not true worship at all. Protestant worship offers nothing to the Father. Catholic worship offers the Son to the Father, the only pure and perfect thing that can be offered. Catholic worship is the fulfillment of the prophet Malachi, who declared from the Lord, “For from the rising of the sun to its setting, my name is great among the nations and everywhere a pure offering shall be made to my name, says the Lord” (Malachi 1:11).

The Protty Jesus cannot be the fulfilment of this prophecy because there is no manner in which this can be fulfilled. How can Protestantism, which rejects the Eucharist, offer anything by way of worship to God? The only thing pure which can be offered to God is God Himself.

Yet this fundamental understanding of God is completely lost on those who follow and believe in Protty Jesus, including most especially Church of Nice Catholics. Protty Jesus turns people away from the true Jesus. He denies them the truth of the Eucharist. He denies them the sacraments. He denies them authentic teaching. In short, he denies them the normative means for salvation.

Then why are so many Catholic leaders so content to let the façade of Protty Jesus remain unassailed? This is a horror. It has nothing to do with being nice. It has everything to do with the truth. An alternative Christ has been established by Protty-minded clerics and laity in the Church, who care more about getting along with others than they do the authentic faith. It is evil, and as Abp. Fulton Sheen said, you must hate evil in order to become holy.

Consorting with those who would sacrifice the truth of Catholicism on the altar of social acceptance and human respect is a great sin against Almighty God. It must be opposed. But in America at least, the history of appeasement and going along and accommodating error for the sake of dialogue and so forth has proven disastrous. This all flies under the banner of ecumenism but has nothing to do with ecumenism.

Simple straightforward thought here: Either the Catholic Church is established by Almighty God for the salvation of souls, outside of which there is no salvation — or it is not. If you don’t believe that, like so many in the Church these days don’t believe it, then have some personal integrity and self-respect and leave the Church.

Why would you belong to an organization that claims to be the only path to Heaven, when you reject that claim? Why would you belong to any organization with which you disagree on such a fundamental level? Protestantism, under the leadership of the original heretics like Luther, Calvin and Knox, created their own false Jesus. This false Jesus, this Protty Jesus, has been handed down through the centuries and treated as though it is an authentic Christ. It is not. And the acceptance of this Protty Jesus among Catholics, and/or the refusal to call him out, has done great damage to Catholic identity.

Catholics no longer understand themselves and their own identity because they have accepted another identity. Before something new can be built or constructed, demolition work must be done. First demolish that which stands in the way of the building. Then begin your construction. 


The failure to understand the great damage that has been brought about by Protty Jesus and the consequent unwillingness to demolish him is the thing standing in the way of any efforts at evangelization.

How can you preach Catholic Jesus to Catholics who believe in Protty Jesus without deconstructing Protty Jesus first? As long as this spiritual insanity continues — trying to hold in balance two opposing Jesuses — there will be no turnaround, and Catholic parishes and dioceses will continue to shrivel. And the sad reality is as long as they continue to hold two opposing views at the same time, they deserve to shrivel and die on the vine.


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Throwing Pro-Cat’s (Protestantized Catholic’s who reject major Church teachings) into the same category as Prottys (Protestants who were the original protesters of the teachings that Jesus revealed to us) and you will find that this group has created an imaginary person, Jesus #1.

Catholics that follow the teachings of the Church know someone very different, Jesus #2.

Jesus #1 – Once saved, always saved. Just need my Bible, the Holy Spirit and a singular profession of faith. Give me a good homily, some brothers and sisters to pray with and I’m good to go. My Jesus is mostly merciful and since I’m “covered by the blood” sin isn’t such a big concern. I don’t need to follow all the teachings that Jesus gave us if I personally think some of them are out of date.

Jesus #2 – Persevere in a state of grace to the end. The sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Matrimony (for those of that vocation) and especially Reconciliation & Eucharist are essential to my salvation. Prayer, both private and with my fellow Christians including the communion of saints and Our Blessed Mother, along with scripture study under the guidance of the magisterium should be part of my weekly regiment. Overcoming sin and growing in holiness and sanctification is my primary objective along with helping my family to do the same.

Jesus did tell some of those that called upon him (presumably Christians because they referred to him as Lord and expected entrance into his kingdom) “I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!”

He also said “If you love me you will keep my commands.” and “You must eat my flesh and drink my blood to have life.” So if I’m a Pro-Cat or Protty that has rejected his commands and do not “eat his flesh and drink his blood” (worthily) but still believe I have a “personal relationship” with Jesus, it’s clear I have created a make-believe God of my own imagining and do not know the real Jesus.

So there’s no doubt in my mind that there are two Jesus’! This is why Protestant programs like Alpha that justify their use based on bringing people to a personal relationship with Our Lord are so dangerous because you may easily be giving them the conversion imprint of Jesus #1, a make-believe Jesus!

2. “We’ve had enough of exhortations to be silent! Cry out with a hundred thousand tongues. I see that the world is rotten because of silence.”– St. Catherine of Siena

3. I know of a few Catholics who have left the Church and joined Protestant Churches. This always saddens me, because they have failed to understand their Faith, (perhaps they were poorly instructed in the Faith), or they’re looking for something that “makes them feel good.” I am a cradle-Catholic, and have learned and keep on learning about our Faith. The differences between Catholicism and Protestantism is a stark reminder of why I’m a Catholic in the first place. God made me to know Him, love Him, and serve Him in this world, so that I can be happy with Him in the next. Basic Baltimore Catechism teaching! Would that all human beings believed this-what a wonderful world it would be.

4. In debating some Protestants, I have come across many of the points Michael brings up! It sometime shocked me what their concept of Jesus was!

5. Thanks Michael. There are a bunch of Protestant Catholics in the Church. There are those Protestant Catholics that hate the authentic Traditional Catholic Church. When Pope Benedict brought back the Tridentine Latin Mass these Protty Catholics were bouncing off the walls. They are the ones who say: How dare you talk like that? No salvation outside the Church. These are the Protestants that are in the Catholic Church who are trying to demolish the Traditional Absolute Truths in order to create a New Age fake truths. It’s really good of you Michael to bring this out in the Vortex because it is the big Heresy that Catholics and Protestants worship the same Christ when in all Truth they do not. One can even say the Protestant Fake Christ is the Anti-Christ figure because he does not recognize the Holy Eucharist of Our Lord the True Christ. Which it’s only through the Holy Eucharist one can be saved.

8. This VORTEX eludes to the heresy of Americanism*. Americanism and was condemned by Pope Leo XIII. “It is the denial of the influence of the Church’s social doctrine in the civil domain. It’s ultimate consequence is the denial of the rights of God and the supernatural order. It is a denial of the supernatural order established by God. This heresy is called “Americanism” because Pope Leo XIII wrote his encyclical (Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae) to Cardinal James Gibbons, condemning the false notion of Catholicism that he was working to establish in the newly founded continent of America which was founded by non-Catholics. This meant that Cardinal Gibbons and a number of other prelates tried to compromise with the false principles as were enshrined in the American constitution. Americanism it is not a condemnation of America as such but a condemnation of the false notions as introduced into the faith by means of the American prelates. It is more than ever important to remove the blind fold in this regard since many Catholics while claiming to be Catholics are not Catholic but “Americanists” who deny the influence of Christ and His Church in the social sphere. For this reason Americanism leads to the Public denial of Christ the King and ultimately to the destruction of society since there can never be a true peace without Christ, the Prince of Peace.” (Quote taken from the internet.) Americanism leads to individualism, to cafeteria Catholics, to syncretism, to relativism. *See the list of files and links on the last page -Michael





Megachurch mentality. If Catholic leaders want to totally fail, then keep following the megachurch phenomenon

December 11, 2015

When, if ever, will Catholic leaders in America get through their thick skulls that we need to stop imitating Protestant garbage in our churches? Not just the watered-down Faith, which is mostly du jour every Sunday, but the constant mega-church mentality? Big screens, sickeningly friendly worship “ministers,” youth bands, laser shows, dancing, hand-holding, that awful syrupy St. Louis homosexual, Jesuit, protestant-inspired “music” and so forth.

The Catholic Church has the fullness of the truth, the King of the Universe on our altars and in our tabernacles — and we spend all this time trying to Madison Avenue our way down the aisle. 

What is wrong with you?

The lack of concern for the flock for the past 50 years has left them vulnerable to looking around for a “religious experience” that is “meaningful.” Puh-lease. They want God, but they have been conditioned by the larger Protestant experience of looking for God to look not for God but an experience, a feeling. When they have a feeling, they equate it with God, the Holy Spirit, whatever.

And so we have the phenomenon of the megachurch, where thousands of lost souls gather each week in great big auditoriums being overstimulated by preachers who are off the mark, big I-mag productions, loud music, and sensory overload. It is the most emotional experience of the week for them, and in their misguided minds, they place it on the same level as God.

Many Catholics haunt these halls because they were deprived of the truth years ago by lazy, cowardly or wicked bishops and their equally vacuous clergy, and in the absence of intellectual stimulation and truth, they went in search of something to fill up their souls. And what is most galling of all now is that, as we see our numbers falling, various weak-minded leaders, without a clue about how to read the signs of the times, want to actually imitate the megachurch model. They have fallen into the mentality that these rock-and-roll religious refugees are jammed into the rafters, so let’s do what they do. What they are not paying attention to, however, is what is going on just beneath the surface of this apparent success. A new study, done every five years by the Beck Group that traces the success of megachurch Protestantism, suggests things are not so wonderful in la-la feelings land as they appear.

While the number of worship centers has increased, and the number of people on the rolls at more than 70 percent of them has increased, the number of people who show up each week is on the decline. And that means that the emotional thrill ride is coming to an end for an increasing number. Weekly attendance at these megachurches has dipped precipitously. Two stats bear this out.

While the number of worship centers has increased in the past five years — meaning there are more buildings — the number of people in those buildings each week has dropped by 30 percent since 2009. That means the overall numbers of megachurch attendees are not increasing but just spreading themselves out over more megachurches.

Additionally, at each individual megachurch, on average, the number of people who attend each week compared to the total number of people on the rolls is down from 96 percent to 82 percent in the past five years. The emotion overdrive is beginning to peter out, in other words. And that’s to be expected. Why wouldn’t it? People aren’t built to be driven from one emotion-crazed overload to another — which makes it so curious that Catholic leaders seem to think that this is the way to go: more emotion, more stimulation, more jokes, more relevance, more laser light shows and so forth.

Wake up.

God is not found in these religious hot houses. He’s found in the depth of Catholicism, the Faith of the ages, properly and beautifully explained in all its glory and sublime truth. People were created for Catholicism; it’s in their bones, not these Hollywood side shows and drum-banging contests. Those things answer people’s psychologies and emotions. The Faith answers their deepest needs.

That’s why we here at and our sister organization St. Michael’s Media are happy to let you know about our Special Edition set of our flagship show “The One True Faith.” We’ve compiled 16 of what we think are our most compelling episodes, most relevant to our day, and packaged them up in a handsome set for you to get for yourself, your friends or loved ones to get the conversation going, to inform yourself even more and embolden yourself to challenge the challenges to the Faith everywhere you encounter them.

We’ve also included for free the two-disc set we produced called the “Contraction Deception” — and you can bet that you never hear a word breathed in most of those false congregations and religions about contraception. What a spiritual nightmare released on the Catholic Church — the protestant-inspired idea that contraception is morally permissible and even a good. 

All this must be fought — all of it — false religions, the false ideas and preachings that fall from false religions — most especially the false ideas that have worked themselves into the Catholic Church. These must be resisted ferociously and defeated. And the people who must fight it are the people who know the truth.




Christmas is Catholic. Those who follow Protestantism miss the whole point of Christmas 5:28

December 21, 2015

In the spirit of authentic ecumenism and in keeping with the theme of mercy in the Year of Mercy, let’s just say those who follow Protestantism miss the whole point of Christmas. And yes, my Church of Nice Catholics, it is ecumenical and merciful to preach the truth to those who are in darkness. That’s the whole point.

Protestantism is defined by its rejection of the Eucharist, just as Judaism is now defined by its rejection of Christ. What does the Eucharist have to do with the Nativity? The Blessed Sacrament is the goal of the Nativity, put in simple, straightforward terms. The eternal Logos crashes into history from eternity to take on flesh to be sacrificed to rise again to provide us that same resurrected Flesh to eat and Blood to drink so that we might be assumed into eternity from history. No Christmas, no Holy Communion. And no Holy Communion, no point to Christmas. Unless you eat the Flesh of the Son of Man and drink His Blood, you have no life within you.

Non-Catholic Christmas is like showing up to a birthday party and ignoring the person’s birthday. It is altogether fitting that Holy Mother Church ring in the Solemnity of Christmas, makes Her first act of worship on this Holy Day be Midnight Mass. At the first stroke of the beginning of the day of Christmas, the Church moves us to the immediate goal and end of Christmas by providing the Bread of life born in the City of Bread — which is what “Bethlehem” translates into.

Our Blessed Lord’s little baby body was placed in a trough, a manger, where animals ate from, pointing to the reality that one day soon, He would be the source of actual divine food for His followers. What glory! What beauty! What truth! The realization of this reality and its further contemplation is the joy of Christmas. It is in fact the constant source of joy of Catholicism — not back-slapping chortling and guffawing.

The entire point of the Second Person of the Holy Trinity being born was for us to be able to receive Him in Holy Communion. What begins as a small child in a food trough transforms into God being fed to us to nurture us into eternity. Any Catholic — especially those in positions of influence and leadership — who do not tell non-Catholics this truth, who do not go out of their way to tell forth this most abundant treasure of the Church, are guilty of a great sin against mercy and a travesty against authentic ecumenism.

Theirs is a false mercy born not out of love of neighbor but love of self. They are too afraid to tell the complete truth because they fear the scorn of man more than the wrath of God. To deprive someone of the gift of Heaven by depriving them of the truth is a direct insult to the Prince of Peace, a destroying of the plan of Heaven, a cooperation with the demonic and the diabolical. 

The diabolical sought through Herod to destroy the Child who would one day provide food to the world. Those in the Church who keep the good news of great tidings from those who need to hear it are modern-day Herods. 

Announce the glory of Lord as the angels did to the shepherds keeping night watch over their flocks. It’s perfectly fine if those who hear the announcement are deeply afraid. It is terrible in its implication, this Good News — so terrible, in fact, that Satan wanted to destroy it. The shepherds proceeded to Bethlehem after the angel’s departure from them to see the sign the angel had told: “Let this be a sign unto you; you shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.”

They went to see the sign, to see for themselves what had been revealed to them. The Church and Her ministers today must do the same — come and see the sign, behold the babe wrapped in bread and wine and lying on the altar. To do anything less, to deprive someone of truth who needs to hear that truth, is a great sin of omission. Talk about being the grinch who steals the joy of Christmas from little ones.

The Good News of Christmas is not confined to the birth of Our Blessed Lord, but the re-birth of His people through their eating of His Flesh and Blood. Christ came from Heaven to bring us back to the Father. The sustenance for that, the bread for that journey, is His own Flesh for those properly disposed.

“No one comes to the Father except through Me.” That’s the meaning of Christmas.


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One nitpicky point… Michael stated that “The entire point of the Second Person of the Holy Trinity being born was for us to be able to receive Him in Holy Communion.” But the real point was to take on flesh so that He could die and offer Himself in atonement to the Father for our sins. Then of course we receive Holy Communion as a way to manifest that atonement in our own lives. So the two points are related, but we don’t want to overlook the death/resurrection aspect.



















Nearly 400 testimonies of Protestants converting to Catholicism at











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