An Open Letter to Pope Francis – Fr. George David Byers

NOVEMBER 20, 2015


An Open Letter to Pope Francis – Fr. George David Byers

Death or Incapacitation of Pope Francis: Soon

To see the video with just this section, see Gloria TV! My good friends there took the time to cut out just this section of the video:


By Father George David Byers, November 16, 2015 

Most Holy Father, Bishop of Rome, Francis:

I note your overture to a Lutheran woman at the Lutheran church on Via Sicilia in Rome on 15 November 2015, the one who asked about intercommunion (starting minute 21.00 on the Vatican YouTube video).

I had to wonder before if your recent interview with Eugenio Scalfari was correctly reported. I now have no doubt.

With due respect to your person and your office, I ask you not to make this kind of thing part of what you want to publish about the Synod with the authority of the infallible ordinary magisterium, which you inferred you would most certainly do in your speech of October 17, 2015.

If you do this, going against the doctrine of the Church, grave matters of faith and morals, on so very many points on so very many levels (HERE), and precisely as the Bishop of Rome, the Successor of Peter, and this not just to a journalist, or a single woman, but to the universal Church, deciding what is now a matter of extreme controversy, well, you won’t be able to do it. You will either die or be incapacitated, much as Pope Sixtus V dropped dead before he could accomplish his own will on a matter also touching on marriage and divorce, which I wrote about for your own benefit, HERE.

You say that you won’t decide on such matters, as you absolutely don’t have the capacity to do this, since, instead, as you have it, that competency for such a decision lies with the individual conscience of an individual person, or at the most in consultation with a priest, such as myself, named now by the Holy See to be one of your very own Missionaries of Mercy.

However, Holy Father, as you know from your experience in Argentina, method is also doctrine. To say, for instance, that a priest-confessor in the internal forum can come up with solutions by which he can enable adulterers to go to Communion, then, this is a doctrine that would then be proclaimed. But the Bishop of Rome has no right to change the truth before the Living God, who is Himself Living Truth. You will not get the chance to do this, as you will surely die of natural causes, or because you are martyred, or because you are otherwise incapacitated.

As your loyal son and a loyal son of the Church, must I not also say, in all humility, that to shake your fist at the Church so as to impose your own will on the Church against the Church is a sin? I ask you this, Holy Father, as one of your own Missionaries of Mercy. I am guessing that you are also subject to Mercy, are you not? It is a great mercy also to be reprimanded by someone who wishes everything good for you, is it not? I ask you not to take revenge on me for trying to have mercy on you.

Please, Holy Father, grant me your paternal blessing, and be not angry with this your servant:

Hier stehe ich. Ich kann nicht anders. Gott helfe mir.

— Father George David Byers, 16 November 2015, Andrews, NC, USA



The following email immediately came in upon the publishing of this post from a longtime friend who spent years in the Roman Curia. He is rather anxious for my wellbeing:

“Take the last post down. It could be interpreted as a threat to the Pontiff: ‘you will surely die or be incapacitated’. Besides getting you in trouble, which i know you bravely don’t care about, it could get you investigated by the police or worse. Please, Father. Take it down. I am equally distraught by what the Pope has said.”

In other words, yes, I’m correct, but I should worry about myself first. No. As a loyal son of the Bishop of Rome I cannot just ignore that he is effectively about to commit suicide. Should I stand by and merely watch? There is no one else to warn him where his actions are taking him. Infallibility is just that. He cannot fail to speak that which is true when pronouncing on a matter of faith and morals to the universal Church as the Bishop of Rome, especially in deciding a controverted matter.

If the Holy Father is in danger, it is not from me. Instead, I would lay down my life for him, and in putting up this post, I am sure that I am doing myself no favor whatsoever. This time I may well be silenced permanently. I tried my best to have mercy. That’s all I know how to do.



As for being interrogated by the police or worse, I have to let you know this:

At any rate, I also spoke with another trusted priest, who said that taking a bullet on behalf of the truth, the truth which cannot but be in service of the Church, is sometimes necessary. Jesus is not just the way and the life, but also the Truth, because He is the Word, the Word of Truth.

If the Holy Father is in danger, it is either because of ISIS or the Holy Angels or his own health. Actually, I am surprised that ISIS did France before the Vatican.

Just now I was able to offer Holy Mass for Pope Francis. You have to know, I love him to pieces and have all the respect in the world for him and I think that he is personally very holy. Pope Sixtus V dropped dead, but I surely did not hold it against him. I made countless pilgrimages to the Sistine Chapel in Santa Maria Maggiore to pray for him and ask for his intercession, since I worked for years on the same difficult problem afflicting the Church upon which he was working.



UPDATE: Obviously, no one is getting the point. 

The Holy Father is speaking to Lutherans. Private conscience and private faith is a big deal for them. When Pope Francis says that it is not his competence to give permission to a public sinner or non-Catholic to go to Communion, and then says that it is up to the conscience of the person involved, he is saying that the Pope has no role to play in the formation of the conscience of an individual, because it is all up to the individual before the Lord. But that is a doctrinal statement if there ever was one. And Francis intends to pronounce solemnly on much of the controverted aspects of the Synod on the family. If he tries to teach this as a doctrine, as I say, he will not be able to do so.



In coming months, Father George David Byers, who has been commissioned by the Holy See to be a Missionary of Mercy for the Year of Mercy, will be summoned to Rome to receive his special faculties. Today, he published this post that is very controversial. It seems that his first missionary activity is to the Holy Father himself. For those who have disagreed in alarm with some of the statements and interpretations of Pope Francis, this Missionary of Mercy is showing us how it’s done: with love and mercy, with loyalty as our armament and fidelity as our shield. There is no smarmy finger-pointing or undercurrent of taunting here. Please, share this important rebuttal to a very important pastoral discernment in the Church.



Remember, this is done in the wake of the Eugenio Scalfari interview, in which Francis is reported to have said that everyone who asks will be able to receive Communion, whether the time of the process is long or short, but Confessors will be able to deal with any problem. Remember, this was about the divorced and remarried without the previous marriage being declared null and void from the beginning going to Communion in all of their sin with apparent impunity. Francis is crystal clear in this new statement that it is all up to the individual conscience before the Lord, even with no Church formation of conscience whatsoever.



I want to thank you all for sharing this post far and wide, right into the Holy See, for which, taking a peek at the Stats, this post became rather popular, as it has right across the city of Rome. Keep it up. Someone might just slip it in with the Holy Father’s perusal of La Repubblica! Hey, Holy Father! I want the next interview! Give a nod to your secretary!

Having said that, I am amazed that the sedevacantists and the sedeprivationists, and whatever else they call themselves, glommed onto this post, hoping I would become one of them. See some of the comments. No! Never! I have the most profound reverence for the Office and person of the Holy Father. I am loyal to the end, obviously not a “Yes!”-man, but just trying to be helpful.


Also, this needs to be said: While it is true that some are beating the drum for doctrine and may be doing so out of their own insecurity, and are thus Pharisees par excellence, it seems to me that most people by far simply see the absolute beauty of Marriage, of the Most Blessed Sacrament, of the Priesthood, of Confession. We just want to share the greatest love of our lives. This isn’t proselytism. It’s about love. And the truth is love.


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