Errors in Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor – An unapproved “mystic” and her devotions are promoted


FEBRUARY 8, 2013

Errors in Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor – 02

An unapproved “mystic” and her devotions are promoted



1. The spirituality of the Divine Retreat Centre [DRC] is “charismatic”. One gets the impression that the DRC’s “charismatics”, both preaching teams as well as regular devotees, believe that they are “superior” to other Catholics.

Since my antecedents are not known to many who visit our web site, I proudly affirm that my spirituality is charismatic.

I must add that one of my spiritual directors, a holy and orthodox French Benedictine priest, actually finds it impossible to reconcile my “conservative” ministry with my being “charismatic”. To him it’s an oxymoron. To me, it seems a natural thing.

I have attended literally dozens of retreats and special events including a Bible College and a training programme in Counselling at the DRC between 1995 and 2000. I still do, as in the past, recommend to others these retreats for the reason that the preaching of the Word of God at the DRC has led to the transformation of many lives.

However, it is generally accepted that the contents of the retreat programmes have not evolved much since their inception over two decades ago and the retreats have continued to be by and large what can only be termed as an “initiation” into the Faith. This has resulted in little growth in the spiritual lives of most regular retreatants for whom the Centre becomes a place of pilgrimage and recourse when in need. Many, lacking “solid food” which they now pursue, end up as Pentecostals.

2a. It has been my observation for a very long time that the Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor, has been the propagator of errors and abuses, including in the liturgy of the Mass, something that, as an apologist, I now find impossible to ignore.

I admit adhering to and participating in most if not all of them at one time or another for several reasons, the chief among them being ignorance; moreover, no one objected to them and almost every charismatic priest, religious and lay leader practised them. However, circumstances — and the personal counsel of some good CCR leaders who would like to see these abuses and errors stopped — make it imperative that they be now exposed. Some teachings at the DRC are not Catholic.

2b. It has been my experience — when I have pointed out these errors and abuses from time to time — that most die-hard devotees of the Divine Retreat Centre are not very receptive to fraternal correction of any sort, or even discussion of the possibility of the Centre being in error. Their responses have ranged from indulgence to hostility. My pointing out that I am only appealing to the teaching of the Church has not saved me from being labeled “anti-Divine Retreat Centre”.

The DRC has become a holy cow for many both within and without the institution and any criticism is viewed as bordering on the sacrilegious. I can truthfully state that this attitude goes right up to the top of the administration. In case my statements appear outrageous, let the reader be assured that, in the course of this series, I will provide the necessary evidence to support them.

3. The focus of the first article in the series was on DRC‘s Enneagrams proponent, Sri Lankan preacher Lalith Perera; see DIVINE RETREAT CENTRE ERRORS-01,

The Enneagram is a New Age personality-typing system.

for more information on Enneagrams. The article was written in 2004 and updated in 2009.

The origins of the Enneagram device are occult. Its philosophy and practice are both occult as well as New Age.

The 3rd February 2003 Vatican Document on the New Age, Jesus Christ, the Bearer of the Water of Life, A Christian Reflection on the ‘New Age’ included the Enneagram in its list of New Age psycho-spiritualities. In fact, it speaks more about the Enneagram than it does about any other New Age practice or device [#1.4; #7.2, Glossary].

4. The immediate reason for this series on the Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor, is the refusal of priests at the Centre to engage in civil correspondence with us in regard to our genuine concern about their promotion of an unapproved mystic, see our September 2012 report MAUREEN SWEENEY-HOLY LOVE MINISTRIES

If that attitude was an isolated one, there would have been no necessity for this series. Unfortunately, it was a repeat of the 2006 enneagram preacher DIVINE RETREAT CENTRE ERRORS-01 issue. These first two reports of the series do indeed confirm that the Divine Retreat Centre indeed does not take kindly to fraternal correction or attempt to correct serious error.




report to understand the problem with the “ministry” and the devotions — such as the “Rosary of the Unborn” — that it promotes.



To:;;;; Cc:;;;;;;; divineyouth.drc@gmail. com;;

Sent: Sunday, January 06, 2013 8:08 AM Subject:

Dear Reverend Father Augustine Vallooran,

I wish you, though belatedly, a happy and Blessed birthday on January 4.

My attention has been drawn to a “Rosary of the Unborn” that is being promoted by priests at the retreat centre of which you are the Director, and the “devotion” is taken up and spread in other cities by Catholics who make their retreats there, as seen in the following link to a September 7, 2012 blog by Marie [see below] from Mumbai:*.

The initiator of the referred “Rosary of the Unborn”, Maureen Sweeney of Cleveland, Ohio, USA, is the founder of “Holy Love Ministries” which is not only not approved by her bishop but also warned against by him. The alleged mystic refuses to seek Church approval.

For details, please see my September 2012 report


which I concluded with the following remark:


After reading my report, I trust that you will ensure that the “devotions” accompanying this rosary do not receive public approbation from priests at your retreat centre.

I look forward to an acknowledgement of this intimation from you and Fr. Michael Payyapilly, VC.

Michael Prabhu


*Save The Unborn… Let’s Together Conquer Abortion…

Posted by Marie, Mumbai, September 7, 2012

Praise Be To JESUS. Brothers and Sisters Lets recognize Abortion as a face of evil and an enemy to world security. We will not have genuine peace until abortion is overturned. Let’s spread devotion to the ROSARY OF THE UNBORN like the enemy (Satan) would spread germ warfare. Let this devotion permeate cities, nations and the heart of the World. When you pray this special ROSARY prayer, you combat war in the Womb and war in the World.

Rosary of the Unborn… To Stop Abortion…

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Well, Today I’d like to share with you “The Rosary of the Unborn”.

This is a very Special Rosary. I discovered this rosary while I was at
Divine Retreat Centre (Potta) Kerala.

I had been there to attend an Inner Healing retreat for a week. While I was there during one of the Eucharistic Celebrations a Priest happened to announce about this Special Rosary (The Rosary of the Unborn). Some how it drew my attention, because I had seen it at the stall and it was packed in a very different way rather protected way. Generally we get Rosaries in a nice transparent box, or a transparent pouch but This Special Rosary it came in a Blue Velvet Pouch with a Beautiful Booklet, so I purchased two of it thinking I’d gift it to a friend or something. I thought it was a general Rosary until I was informed that this was Special… it came with a Special Message… 

A message

And little did I know that this Rosary would change my Life, Would make my life meaningful and add a purpose to my life. Finally I was blessed with a Purpose and Mission to make this known to my fellow Brothers and Sisters. So here I am sharing this message with you all. 

gives the WORLD the ROSARY OF THE UNBORN To Conquer Abortion.

Since 1985, JESUS and
BLESSED MOTHER have been appearing to Maureen Sweeney-Kyle almost on a daily basis. Maureen is a visionary. She is a very shy, timid and a frail housewife and grandmother from Ohio.

In 1993, Our Lady began Holy Love Ministries and then requested that the ministry procure property for a shrine in Lorain County, Ohio. This was accomplished in 1995 (115 acres) and now it is known as MARANATHA SPRING & SHRINE, Home of Holy Love Ministries, an Ecumenical Lay Apostolate to make known to the world the Chambers of the United Hearts.


– On October 7, 1997 the Feast of the Holy Rosary Our Lady appeared to visionary Maureen Sweeney – Kyle with this rosary and stated: 





Description of this Rosary:

Its a Beautiful
just in Place of beads we Have Tear Drops (Mama Mary’s Tear Drops) which are Light Blue in Colour, these tear drops represent Mama Mary’s pain and grief over the destruction of the Divine Gift of Life

In side the tear drops we have a Small Foetus/Embryo representing the Unborn or Aborted child.

Then after the 10 tear drops we have a Red Cross, this Red Cross Represents the Blood of JESUS and the death of the Unborn.

Then it has a Golden Medal with the Sign of
The United Heart Of JESUS and MOTHER MARY
that TRIUMPH & REIGN over the evil sin of Abortion.

And it has a GOLDEN CRUCIFIX that represents how JESUS died for our sins… How he gave his life for us to save us from purgatory.

This ROSARY has got 4 Mysteries of the Rosary:

Joyful Mysteries

Luminous Mysteries

Sorrowful Mysteries

Glorious Mysteries

Well, the visionary Maureen Sweeney- Kyle had many, many visions from our dear MAMA MARY and JESUS but personally this one particular vision spoke about the strength of the BLESSED ROSARY, A HAIL MARY TRULY SAID FROM HEART which I would like to share….

September 18, 1999:

“I have come to speak to you about prayer and in particular the prayer of the Rosary. I am your JESUS, Born Incarnate. So many surrender to prayer without the sentiment of Love in their hearts. This weakens the prayer, making it less worthy. Instead, bolster your prayers by recalling the love you have for Me and my Mother. This allows Me to pour the choicest graces upon you and into your Life.”

“Prayer has a cumulative effect. I know ahead of time how many prayers will be offered for each petition. Therefore you never know what just one more Hail Mary will bring. One Hail Mary said with a loving heart has the power to stop wars, bring nature into harmony with God’s plan, convert an unbeliever, save a vocation, deliver a soul from purgatory, and change the future forever. Think then the power of the Rosary said with Love.”

“Satan knows that the Rosary is the weapon which will bring about his defeat. This is why he is desperate to discourage its use. Every time you recite a Hail Mary from the heart, the devil is weakened forever in some area and in some soul.”

“You must never be discouraged, then in the praying the Rosary. When your heart is most filled with distraction, understand the adversary is frightened of your prayers.”

“The Heart of My Mothers is consoled by your efforts in Prayer. She is the most indebted to the ones who persevered in a regimen of prayer despite opposition.”

“Make it Known.”

Why is this Rosary so special?

With The Rosary of the Unborn, HEAVEN WILL BLESS OUR EFFORTS in offering our prayers and sacrifices.  Our efforts involve:

1) A sacrifice of time – your time in making the effort to obtain the Rosary, pray the Rosary, and make it known; 

2) A monetary offering in the obtaining of the Rosary — acting as a donation (without the reward of tax donation benefits and credits) toward the needy and pro-life counseling for poor and unwed mothers through the Life Mission Centers






3)  A surrender of your will and a commitment– an offering of love to open the path of righteousness and allow God ‘s Will to be done; to understand and acknowledge that we cannot do things alone and without God.  We cannot end abortion for all time without God’s help.



“If your nation overturns legalized abortion, I will richly bless it by my favor.

But if this sin continues with national approval, much will be stripped away.” (Message from Jesus, 10/14/2001)



“My message to you as a nation is this:

GOD alone is the giver and taker of life. Whenever man presumes to take upon himself the role of God, the world is changed forever.”
(Blessed Mother, 9/15/01)


Heaven’s Request for the Rosary of the Unborn 

Our Lady presented visionary Maureen Sweeney-Kyle with the Rosary of the Unborn and requested that Holy Love Ministries produce the rosary for the world.

The Blessed Virgin Mary asked that all people be united in prayer to bring an end to abortion. As the Blessed Virgin explained, heaven is showing us the way to end abortion.

Through many trials and perseverance, the initial prototypes were made, and with them, Our Lord and Our Lady revealed the graces that would accompany the Rosary of the Unborn.

The Rosary of the Unborn is a sign of hope for the world: that with heaven’s assistance, abortion will end and we will no longer offend God with this horrible sin.  It is also in heaven’s plan that many people will be brought to learn about the Revelation of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, the Message of Holy and Divine Love, and the truths about the Chambers of the Divine, Sacred Heart of Jesus.  A spiritual path is set before us, and through the mission given to Holy Love Ministries, an ecumenical organization, there is a call to ALL PEOPLE to live in Holy Love (to love God above all else and your neighbor as yourself), thus bringing an end to all evil in the world.


“I desire that all humanity unite under the Seal of Holy and Divine Love — the two great commandments that embrace all commandments. Yes, I long to place My Kiss of Divine Love upon the heart of the world. Then abortion would cease — war would end and terror would lose her grip upon the throat of the world.” (Message from Jesus, 10/5/2001)


It is heaven’s desire that the bulk proceeds from the Rosary of the Unborn® will allow for the continuance of the production of the Rosary and assist United Hearts Life Mission Centers, which will clothe and feed the needy and offer counseling in alternatives to abortion to pregnant women.


Our Lady’s Initial Message Requesting The Rosary of the Unborn®

Our Lady comes in white. In front of her and suspended in the air is an unusual rosary. The Our Fathers’ are crosses of drops of blood.  The Hail Marys’ are teardrops with unborn babies inside of them. The cross is gleaming gold.  

Our Lady says, “I come in praise of Jesus, My Son. I come as Prophetess of these times.” “The rosary you see is heaven’s way of describing to you the weapon that will overcome this evil of abortion. Heaven weeps for the cost of this great sin. The history and the future of all nations has been changed because of this atrocity against God’s gift of life.”

“Today, sadly, much responsibility must be placed on the laity who are consecrated to Me. I cannot depend on Church leadership to unite in an effort to vanquish the enemy through the Rosary. Even My apparitions have caused division by Satan’s efforts to thwart My plans.”

“So today, on My feast day, I am calling all My children to unite in My Heart. Do not allow pride to divide you according to which apparition you will follow. Become part of the Flame of My Heart. Be united in love and in the prayer weapon of My Rosary. The evil of abortion can be conquered by your efforts and through My grace.”

“Propagate the image I have shown you today.” (October 7, 1997 – Feast of the Holy Rosary)


Promises of The Rosary of the Unborn®

1) An UNBORN CHILD WILL BE SAVED with each loving “Hail Mary” recited with this Rosary:

“I affirm to you…that each ‘Hail Mary’ prayed from a loving heart will rescue one of these innocent lives from death by abortion.” “This is a special grace attached to this particular rosary.” (Blessed Mother, 7/2/2001)

2) The Rosary of the Unborn Heals the Motherly Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary:

“When you use this rosary, call to mind My Sorrowful Immaculate Heart which continually sees the sin abortion played out in every present moment. I give to you this special sacramental [must be blessed by a Catholic priest to be a sacramental] with which to heal My Motherly Heart.” (Blessed Mother, 7/2/2001)

3) Each “Our Father” eases the pain of the Grieving Heart of Jesus:

“Please tell the world that each ‘Our Father’ recited on the Rosary of the Unborn assuages My grieving Heart.” (Jesus, 8/3/2001)





4) The Rosary of the Unborn withholds the Arm of Justice:

“The greatest promise I give you in regards to this rosary is this: Every rosary prayed from the heart to its completion on these beads mitigates the punishment as yet withstanding for the sin of abortion.” “Further, it withholds the Arm of Justice.” (Jesus, 8/3/2001)

5) The Rosary of the Unborn Appeases Our Lord:

“Pray from your heart knowing that your rosary appeases Me.” (Jesus, 8/3/2001)



Fr. Michael
Vallooran Augustine
Sent: Sunday, January 06, 2013 4:30 PM


Praise God,

I’m Fr. Michael. I read your email. First of all I would like to advice you to get certain facts right before you write an email in which there are accusations involved in it. There were certain things that you have no clue about and have ended making statements in an email based on hearsay or some blog.

Which I would say is lack of prudence. And what I do take a lot of offence at is the fact that you have emailed this mail to many people who have nothing to do with this ‘incident’. If you wanted to send it to the Director of the retreat centre then you should have emailed it only to him and not people who have no connection to this at all. It is a shame that you could take the effort to write a whole big article that has pages in it but could not take the effort to get the email ID of the director and send it to him only. 
Being faithful to the Church is one thing but do it in prudence lest you end up uttering things that can be misunderstood and create silly problems. Bless

Fr. Michael


Cc: ; ;
Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 9:56 AM


Dear Fr. Michael,

I thank you for your prompt response of January 6 to my letter of the same day.

There are two parts to your response. In the second part, you say that I have been imprudent in copying to others my letter addressed to Fr. Augustine Vallooran.

I had intentionally marked copies to persons in ministry and to ministries that are associated with the Divine Retreat Centre and also use “divine” in their email ids.

Apparently, I made a mistake when I inadvertently copied my letter to one particular ministry whose email address is “” and has no association with your retreat centre. I apologize for that and have corrected my records accordingly.

The first part of your letter says that my email was based on “hearsay or some blog” as a result of which there are “accusations involved in it”. Could you please specify exactly what they are?

However, I note that you have not denied that during a Holy Mass celebrated at the Divine Retreat Centre [DRC] during an Inner Healing retreat, a priest promoted the devotion of alleged mystic Maureen Sweeney’s Holy Love Ministries’ “Rosary of the Unborn” and that the blogger, Marie from Mumbai, influenced by the priest’s propagation of it, purchased two of those rosaries from one of the shops located on the DRC premises [and is now, in turn, promoting it in the public domain].

Bless you too,

Michael Prabhu

Catholic apologist 

Cc: Fr. Augustine Vallooran, VC, Director, Divine Retreat Centre 

There was no response to this ministry from either priest.


On January 27, 2013, Francis Sunil Lobo wrote on Marie’s [see page 13] blog

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