Prakash Lasrado recommends to Indian bishops the New Age yogic meditation of a fake bishop who gate-crashed a Vatican conclave and promotes sex toys

AUGUST 11, 2015

Prakash Lasrado recommends to Indian bishops the New Age yogic meditation of a fake bishop who gate-crashed a Vatican conclave and promotes sex toys




This ministry must have received over 30 emails from one Prakash Lasrado over the last 48 hours. Sample:

Michael Prabhu is like a frightened mouse when it comes to debates

Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2015
19:57:22 +0530

Michael Prabhu is like a frightened mouse when it comes to debates. I am like a roaring lion when it comes to debates.

A roaring lion must allow the frightened mouse to run into its hole and must not attack a weakling. The strong must allow the weak to escape.

Now Michael Prabhu will backstab me on his blog and bury his report under a pile of other reports hoping that I do not manage to unearth what is written about me. Earlier his reports about me occupied the headlines on his blog. Now he quietly buries them in his blog under a pile of other reports.

Sooner or later I am going to find out what is written about me behind my back.



The truth of my claim can be verified by the Cardinal Archbishop of Bombay, Most Rev. Oswald Gracias, and a number of other Archbishops, Bishops and priests (over 50 in all) who are on the receiving end of his unsolicited mailing list, see the email reproduced in toto below. Just about 3 minutes earlier, he had sent, as is his habit of adding on missed-out tidbits of information every few minutes (he might send off up to 5 emails in a space of less than 15 minutes, all of them on the exact same subject), another email on the same subject, see top of page 3, which was when he provided another link to the same web site on “Jesus Yoga“, also described as “Transcendental Christian Meditation“.


From: Prakash Lasrado

Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2015


Cardinal Oswald Gracias, [50+ Emails IDs]

Subject: Re: Jesus yoga – Transcendental Christian meditation

Daily Meditation Practice

Guided Jesus Yoga Meditation to achieve Christ Consciousness – by Christian Yogini Dunja

VIDEO 16:42

(I reproduce the contents of the web page with all of its spelling and grammatical errors –Michael)

Practise this Transcendental Christian Meditation 2 times every day as your start into the Jesus Yoga.

The daily 20 minutes that will change your life


Sit down (best with strait spine).

Repeat the following words again and again and again:

Domine Iesu Christe miserere mei.

Do this 20 minutes or more every day.

You can split this 20 minutes in 2 times, chanting in 10 minute segments.

Here is the translation of the Latin prayer, or mantra:

Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me.

These words will later unfold many layers of meaning and the Transcendental Christian Meditation will raise your consciousness into Christ Consciousness*.

For the beginning it is good for you to just start to repeat this words. You can do this loud or silently in your mind. You can use a rosary, chotki or mala to count how many prayers you did. And do 108 or 100. Or you use a watch to count the time.

For the beginning it is good that you just experience and start.

When you have the possebilety to learn from a teacher or a group leader then use this chance. Also use the chances to meditate in the presence of a teacher and/or the cross relic.

Later the technique will be expanded and you can learn breathing techniques and to connect the prayer to your breath, your heart and many other things that will raise your Consciousness and lead you to God. Also the prayer can be chanted.

But already this basic practice will cause an amazing spiritual growing and you will have great health benefits. And it is the start of your journey into Christ consciousness.

By doing this meditation you also become a part of the worldwide movement to raise the global consciousness which will cause peace and shift mankind into the next level of awareness and unity.

To sit and meditate in the presence of a Jesus Yoga Teacher will be very beneficial for your spiritual growing. Try to meditate as often as possible in the presence of a consecrated teacher. If no teacher is available to initiate you, we recommend that you use the meditation video on top of this page and meditate together with Jesus Yoga Teacher Dunja.

In the video, you can see the relic of the true cross in the golden monstrance on the right side. The presence of the relic is connecting you with the global network of Christ Consciousness and is enabeling you to recive the blessings.

On the left side you see a relic of Saint Paul (a bone/ex ossibus). The presence of the relic is enabeling a deep healing processes.

Yogini Dunja is a Jesus Yoga Teacher.

The guidance of Yogini Dunja will transform yourself, and enable you to progress on your path to Christ Consciousness.

Meditate daily and help to manifest the new golden era.

Your daily 20 minutes are a great start into a journey that will bring you to yourself and God.

Enter Christ Consciousness and meet God.

Those are the contents of the page of the web site on “Jesus Yoga” also described as “Transcendental Christian Meditation”, sent to the Bombay Cardinal and Indian bishops in full detail by Prakash Lasrado.

Prakash Lasrado targets Bombay archdiocese priest Fr. Conrad Saldanha as well as this ministry because we condemn the practice of Hindu yoga by Catholics on our blog and web site respectively. Lasrado of course is an advocate of yoga and inundates the recipients on his mailing list with information that seeks to prove that yoga is areligious and accepted by Muslims, Orthodox Jews, and even some “Catholics”.

The above web page on Jesus yoga – Transcendental Christian meditation which was addressed to Fr. Conrad Saldanha and me is part of Lasrado’s advocacy of yoga.

Not surprisingly, neither Cardinal Archbishop Oswald Gracias nor any of the other bishops and priests on Lasrado’s mailing list could see that Jesus yoga – Transcendental Christian meditation i) is thoroughly New Age, and ii) is promoted by a known impostor who claims to be a Catholic prelate, and rebuke Lasrado for publicizing New Age error and the web site of the fake “bishop”.




*See the Vatican Document Jesus Christ, the Bearer of the Water of Life, A Christian Reflection on the New Age, #, for an explanation of the New Age paradigm, “Christ Consciousness”.


From: Prakash Lasrado
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2015 15:54:48 +0530

Subject: Jesus yoga – Transcendental Christian meditation To: As Above CC: As Above


One can now take a look at the page
that Prakash Lasrado recommends to the Cardinal and Bishops from the same web site.



(I reproduce the contents of the web page with all of its spelling and grammatical errors –Michael)


Sudevi and Bishop Ralph


“And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.” Revelation 5, 10

God called Sudevi as the leader of a worldwide organisation to invite all christians into this unity and then to unite all mankind into unity with each other and God.

And God did send Bishop Ralph Napierski as his Prophet to reveal Gods plan and to reveal how unity can be achieved.

ONE IN GOD is working to manifest the unity of all christians under the cross.

And ONE IN GOD is reaching out for whole mankind to call everybody into unity with God.

Sudevi the leader of the ONE IN GOD Organisation.

Sudevi is a strong advocate of the divine mission to unite all of Christendom as One under the Cross and whole mankind in God.

She is a strong believer and she is a real Mother of Unity.



Gopi is an administrator and CEO of the Ccmpany that is spreading the relics and is also taking care of the finances that will be used to build up the global network.

Gopi is in training to become a Jesus Yoga Teacher.




The following members of the organisation are in training to become Jesus Yoga Teachers:

Sada Sathi

Jivan Prasad




Ratna Mayi


Shanti Raj




Smriti Devaki




(Pictures omitted)

The ONE IN GOD mevement is also hosting seminars and events for unity world wide:


(Pictures omitted)

ONE IN GOD is working worldwide to manifest the Unity












Phony Bishop: German Imposter Sneaks into Vatican

March 05, 2013


Ralph Napierski (L), poses with Cardinal Sergio Sebiastiana outside pre-conclave talks to elect a new pope at the Vatican


German church officials on Tuesday distanced themselves from the man who infiltrated a meeting of cardinals at the Vatican by masquerading as a bishop, saying he can’t be trusted. This isn’t the first time the self-proclaimed bishop and “Jesus yoga” proponent has caused a kerfuffle.


He called himself “Basilius” and showed up wearing a cassock that was too short, a strange-looking chain with a crucifix and a purple shawl instead of the traditional sash. The man who managed to slip into the Vatican on Monday and mingle with cardinals was not a bishop as he claimed. He was German Ralph Napierski, who is known among German clerics as something of a troublemaker.

The fake bishop snuck into the Vatican along with dozens of cardinals who were there making preparations to elect a new pope later this month, according to Italian news agency ANSA. Though he managed to go unnoticed for a time, even posing for a photo with Cardinal Sergio Sebiastiana, he was “eventually identified and kicked out to the visible amusement of journalists nearby,” ANSA reported.

Before he was discovered, Napierski proclaimed that Catholic bishops had made mistakes in their handling of priests accused of child abuse, tabloid German daily Bild Zeitung reported on Tuesday.

The Swiss Guard escorted him from the premises.

It was not the first time that Napierski has gotten the church’s attention, the paper reports. On one of his several websites, he claims to be a Catholic bishop and leader of an order in Berlin called “Corpus Dei.” Photographs show him posing as a priest with church officials and politicians, and he also made an appearance at Berlin’s Venus erotica trade fair.

Sources within the church told the paper that Napierski is not to be trusted. He is known to church officials, said Matthias Kopp, a spokesman for the Berlin Catholic diocese. “He does not work with any of our institutions in any way,” he said. Napierski is “self-aggrandizing,” frequently pens angry letters, and preaches about sex, the paper reports.

Additionally, he preaches the benefits of a practice he calls “Jesus Yoga.”

The German Bishops’ Conference (DBK), also warned against taking Napierski seriously. Spokesman Matthias Kopp told the paper that his behavior was “unacceptable.”

Preparations for the papal vote began on Monday with preliminary talks among cardinals, who arrived at the Vatican for the private meetings that will determine when to begin the conclave to select the next pope. Their goal appears to be to make a decision by next week to have a new pontiff in place ahead of the Easter celebrations. Benedict XVI stunned church officials by becoming the first pope to step down from the lifelong position in over 600 years.


Famous Fake Bishop: Germany’s Mysterious Vatican Gatecrasher

By Rainer Leurs, March 6, 2013

Ralph Napierski is an enigma. The fake bishop who snuck into a meeting of cardinals in the Vatican this week is no stranger to public stunts — including sex toy advocacy — but rarely gives interviews. Is he a joker, a church critic or a thwarted cleric?






“Bishop” Ralph Napierski is in demand. His website features photos of the Berliner posing enthusiastically with a number of German politicians at various events — some looking a little startled, admittedly — along with a host of clerics from various nations. Some images show him wearing a black T-shirt emblazoned in pink with the statement “Jesus Loves You.”

Napierski gets around. He even gatecrashed a pre-conclave meeting of cardinals in the Vatican on Monday, posing and chatting happily with the most senior prelates of the Catholic Church who are preparing to elect a new pope — until he was identified as an impostor and marched out by members of the Swiss Guard.

The problem is that Ralph Napierski isn’t really a bishop, at least according to someone who should know: Matthias Kopp, spokesman for the German Bishops’ Conference. “We know about Mr. Napierski,” Kopp told mass circulation Bild newspaper this week. “He claims to be a Catholic bishop. We contradict that. He’s not listed in the Pontifical Yearbook, in which all legitimate Catholic bishops are registered.”

In Rome, Napierski looked almost convincing in his smart black trilby, violet sash, and crucifix on a chain. Maybe the sneakers gave him away. He strode up to various eminences, shaking hands and smiling into cameras, telling people his name was “Basilius” and he was a member of the “Italian Orthodox Church” — which doesn’t actually exist.

Napierski’s stunt made headlines around the world. But the Catholic Church back home in Germany is anything but amused. The man “is making himself a global laughingstock,” thundered the spokesman of the archdiocese of Berlin. And Kopp of the Bishops’ Conference said Napierski’s behaviour was “unacceptable.”

The would-be bishop is no stranger to public appearances. He runs a number of websites in which he reports on his activities as “Leader of the Catholic Order Corpus Dei.” He claims to have set up a TV station and an order of Knights Templar. He has also graced esoteric trade fairs, Christopher Street Day parades and the Love Parade with his presence.


The Catholic Church and Sex Toys

One photo (see following page) shows him in a clerical collar, black shirt and black leather jacket — every bit the priest about town — posing behind an array of dildos at Berlin’s “Venus” erotic trade fair. The caption underneath reads: “Technical products for more sexual freedom.”

He’s even tried his hand at being an Internet consumer watchdog. In 2003, he highlighted a security loophole on the online auction site eBay by conducting a fake auction that drove the price of a small digital photo to €10 million. He was acting, Napierski claimed at the time, “in the interests of the security of the world population.”

It’s hard to say what Napierski really is: a joker, a church critic or simply an eccentric with strong leanings toward esotericism.

He rarely talks to the press and couldn’t be reached for an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE.

In September 2011, he spoke to Cologne-based tabloid Express about sadomasochism in the Catholic Church and explained why he visits erotic trade fairs: “The church mustn’t make sex a taboo. That’s just what leads to secrecy and the consumption of pornography right up to Internet pornography addiction.” It was important, he added,
that the church contribute to a healthy attitude to sex and also to the use of sex toys.

It could have been an interesting topic for the cardinals as they congregated in the Vatican this week to begin the process of selecting a new pope to lead the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics — if only the Swiss Guards hadn’t intervened.

Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi preferred not to comment on the incident, saying he had no information on it. But then he added, just to be sure: “The cardinals are all real.”

All smiles — “Bishop” Ralph Napierski of Berlin shaking hands on Monday with an apparently oblivious Cardinal Sergio Sebiastiana, who had arrived at the Vatican for talks ahead of a conclave to elect a new pope after stepped down. Napierski was marched out by members of the Swiss Guard. Maybe his sneakers gave him away.

Here’s a screenshot from Napierski’s website showing him in a priest outfit in front of dildos at the “Venus” erotica trade fair in Berlin. The caption underneath reads: “Technical products for more sexual freedom.”

It’s hard to say what Napierski really is: a joker, a church critic or simply an eccentric with strong leanings towards esotericism. In September 2011, he spoke to Cologne-based tabloid Express about sadomasochism in the Catholic Church and explained why he visits erotic trade fairs: “The church mustn’t make sex a taboo. That’s just what leads to secrecy and the consumption of pornography right up to Internet pornography addiction.”


More images of Jesus-Yoga “Bishop” Ralph Napierski:


Fake bishop tries to sneak into Vatican meeting

By Nick Squires, Vatican City, March 4, 2013 EXTRACT

On his website, Mr. Napierski claims that he is a founder of the Corpus Dei Catholic order and describes himself as “a slave and apostle like St. Paul”.

The blog claims that “bishop” Napierski “comes out of a tribe of the Roman Catholic Church that is fighting the heresy and false movements inside the Roman Catholic Church.”

He is a keen proponent of something called “Jesus Yoga” and claims to have invented “a system to enable persons to control computers with the power of thoughts”.

Corpus Dei fakes





Corpus Dei (‘Bishop’ Ralph Napierski) 

His name has come up before, and his whole sad history can be found with a quick google search, but suffice it to say that, whilst he claims to be a validly consecrated ‘episcopus vagans’, the German diocese in which he lives has issued an official denial of his orders, and he is currently listed as the German Bishop of the ‘Abundant Life Church’ an African schismatic sect. He is the founder (and probably sole member) of a so-called Equestrian Order of Chivalry, ‘Corpus Dei’, in whose name his issues very unconvincing relics, in small plastic boxes, with inkjet certificates. The relics themselves are said to be ‘encased in moulded metal to protect them’, and, although unconvincing regularly seem to sell at around £120/$150+ ‘Bishop Ralph’ is also well known as a computer hacker, and as a supporter (in his official capacity as Bishop) of a number of positions and organisations wildly contrary to Church teaching.


Meet Bishop Ralph




Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay, invites Prakash Lasrado over. (Why doesn’t he ask ME to meet him when I am exposing so much of New Age and other error in his Archdiocese and in the Indian Church?) Whatever did he invite the yoga-promoting Lasrado for? Does it mean that the Cardinal values and appreciate his nonsensical diarrhoea of pro-New Age emails every day, his pro-yoga advocacy? Or his attacks on the articles on Fr. Conrad’s blog and my web site? Did he think that he could use Prakash Lasrado to “harass” us even more than he is presently attempting to do?

If so, they tried to team up with the wrong individual as this present report has shown.

Like his short-lived associate Fr. Adrian Mascarenhas, he elects to interpret Church teaching to satisfy his personal preferences, prejudices and interpretations whereas both Fr. Conrad and I appeal to eminent conservative Catholic sources to support ours. Sadly, Indian bishops like Most Rev. Thomas Dabre have recently openly revealed their liberal, even blatantly heretical stand on these issues.

Moreover, the Cardinal misjudged Prakash Lasrado. The only thing that he has going for him is his nefarious activities is his anonymity, and he has shown the Cardinal that that is something he’s never going to give up:


On Sat, Nov 2, 2013 at 9:08 AM, Archbishop Bombay <> wrote:

Dear Mr. Prakash,
His Eminence Oswald Cardinal Gracias would like to meet you on 4 November 2013 at 5 pm at Archbishop’s House in connection with the issues you have been raising.
With every good wishes,
Fr Emmanuel K.T.
Secretary to the Archbishop




From: Prakash Lasrado <prakash.lasrado@gmail.comSun, 3 Nov ’13 9:58 am EXTRACT

To: Archbishop Bombay <>, Fr Conrad Saldanha <>

Cc: Oswald Gracias <>, [50+ EMAIL IDS]>

Subject: Re: Appointment with Cardinal Oswald Gracias

Rev. Fr. KT Emmanuel, Cardinal Gracias,

Thank you for your invitation.

I cannot and will not meet you personally.

Please do NOT take punitive action against anybody, only corrective action.

I feel Fr. Conrad Saldanha is theologically weak and must read CCC and Vatican encyclicals thoroughly before writing on blogs. […]

All issues will be raised by me via email with cc to all as and when they arise.

Regards, Prakash
(The cunning Lasrado has ensured that this correspondence was NOT COPIED TO ME!)



28 JUNE 2013

28 JULY 2013

10/12/13 NOVEMBER 2014

MARCH 2015

MARCH 2015

16 JUNE/23 JULY 2015


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