Quo Vadis, Papa Francisco?




In introducing my report




To answer the question in the title of the current report, apparently, he is — if the news story reproduced on pages 3 and 4 below is to be believed. But the term “compromised” used by me in the title of the preceding report now seems to be too mild a word to describe the situation. It appears that the Holy Father, the Vicar of Christ on earth, endorses New Age alternative medicine and at least two esoteric healers who promote it.

The QUO VADIS PAPA FRANCISCO 04 story reveals that “Taoist monk and energy-medicine practitioner Liu Ming took care of Card. Jorge Bergoglio’s health problems for the eight years before he was elected Pope.” The Pope submitted to acupuncture, massage and ‘energy’ manipulation techniques for his heart and other medical problems, consequent of which he “stopped taking all his medicines and today stays healthy by applying what he learned from this monk.” The latest New Age healer claiming the Pope’s recognition is an Indian.


Now, I am still hoping and praying that all of this information is wrong, false, concocted by enemies of the Church. I don’t mind receiving — and in fact would welcome — a communication from the Church that denies Pope Francis’ alleged dalliance with these New Age healers.

But in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, Pope Francis must be presumed guilty until proved innocent, this being a most serious matter involving occult powers and esoteric practices concerning the Supreme Head of the Roman Catholic Church of which I am a faithful and very concerned member.

Acupuncture, Chinese massage (the kind employed by Liu Ming) and energy-based therapies are defined as New Age in the February 3, 2003, Pontifical Document, “Jesus Christ, the Bearer of the Water of Life, A Christian Reflection on the New Age”. I fervently hope that the Pope has studied this Document thoroughly, and in case he has not, that he does so if and when this report reaches him, hoping that there are (still) honest, prophetic people around the Chair of Peter after the abdication of our beloved Pope Benedict XVI.


It was on June 27, just a few days ago, that I wrote to my own Archbishop giving him the URLs to my reports QUO VADIS PAPA FRANCISCO 04 and 05, saying “There are five reports on our present Pope at my web site (Isn’t it odd that I did not have to write anything critical about Pope Benedict XVI during his entire Pontificate?)… The Church does teach that the Pope can never err in matters of faith and morals. But he, like any priest or Bishop or Cardinal could make other human mistakes — as to have indulged in New Age, etc… If I am wrong in any of my reports — which has happened just once till now, in the case of a single sentence — I am always prepared to make the necessary corrections if the error is brought to my notice.” This is one time that I just want to be proved wrong.


The name of the Goan healer who has caught the Pope’s fancy is Patrick San Francesco (some reports spell the surname differently), which mean ‘Saint Francis’ (like the Pope)! His mobile number is 09823181688.

This purveyor of New Age medicine already figures on this ministry’s web site. In 2010, he was conducting “energy” healing on an old friend in New Delhi who was afflicted with cancer of the stomach, 4th stage. Through my counseling and intervention, the family abjured the occult treatment of Patrick San Francesco and turned to Jesus. My friend was completely healed of the terminal disease and is hale and hearty today.




The testimony of the healing of Clarita Menezes, submitted by her son Ivan, may be read at



Now, these are the two goals of this investigation:

1. To ascertain whether Patrick San Francesco’s healing technique is New Age or not;

2. To find out if Patrick San Francesco was indeed invited by Pope Francis to Rome as his personal guest where he addressed a conclave of the Cardinals of the Catholic Church, as stated in a report retrieved from the Internet. The Pope was so impressed by him that he presented him with a pair of designer sneakers.


San Francesco is described as a psychic healer in some secular news stories, as a faith healer in others.

San Francesco’s public healing events are generally described as “Light Movement” or “Energy Healing Workshops”. These have been held in several Indian metros, the Far East, as well as on the continents of North America, Europe, Africa and Australia, and the Middle East.









Let us now examine a number of news reports and Internet links on Patrick San Francesco to ascertain if he practices New Age alternative medicine.


The first story, immediately below, which appeared in Mumbai’s Mid-day newspaper, says that Pope Francis invited San Francesco to Rome as his personal guest and arranged for him to “address… the conclave of cardinals”), even to “meet their Islamic equivalent in Turkey”. If he had indeed met the Pope, I would expect that the story might have been accompanied by the customary photograph of the Pope along with his guest. Also, there seems to be no other news story that corroborates it; but seeing that the Pope is already under the influence of the Taoist energy healer Liu Ming since many years, the Mid-day story cannot be dismissed as humbug and must remain on record until the Church investigates its veracity and issues a denial of the report.


Patrick and the Pope
Emphases mine

By Malavika Sangghvi, June 24, 2014 – From the above link, go to page 8, Malavika’s Mumbai

This is one of the most amazing (and edifying) stories we’ve come upon in a long time, and certainly deserves to be explored in an entire article, if not a book: those who have had the privilege of meeting Patrick Sanfrancesco, the unassuming and charismatic healer from Goa, will know of the good work he’s been doing.

Quietly and resolutely, Patrick and his beautiful wife Romaine have gone about setting up orphanages around the world, giving shelter to the victims of abuse and neglect and taking care of the chronically ill and unwanted.

They have done this away from the arc lights and the media, preferring to pass often. His friends and admirers have wondered why he has not received the recognition he so richly deserves, not withstanding the billionaires, celebrities and powerful who seek him out for healing.

Now, word comes in that in the past few weeks, not only has Romaine won the prestigious Rose of Ridwan award from the Baha’i community for the work she’s doing with the Samarpan Foundation in Chennai in rainwater harvesting, replanting of trees and mangroves and eradication of malaria but that Sanfrancesco has spent three days as a personal guest of the Pope at the Vatican!




It all started with the healing that Sanfrancesco had done with a ten-year-old child who had been raped and shot and left to die in the Congo where he had gone recently. Not only did the girl, who until then had shunned humans, clung to Patrick, but the planeload of American doctors who’d flown in for relief work had been stunned to see that she had made a spontaneous and miraculous recovery.

One of them was related to a cardinal at the Vatican and that’s how the Pope heard about Patrick and invited him to be his personal guest and address not only his highest conclave of cardinals, but also to meet their Islamic equivalent in Turkey.


“He spoke bluntly and honestly to both these groups, telling them his views on women’s equality, on the need for peace and love and forgiveness,” says our source. And so taken was the Pope with the Indian healer that before he left for India, he presented him with a gift. “It was a pair of sneakers whose soles had been specially embossed with Patrick’s favourite words, ‘Just be’. Miraculous story. Miraculous words. (The two images accompanied the story.)

– See more at:

The Mid-day story by Malavika Sangghvi may be seen again at page 16 of this report -Michael


Other reports retrieved from the Internet:

Patrick San Francesco – Healer from Goa

October 14, 2011

A few days ago I got a call from my sister-in-law, Sheila, that there was a healer from Goa and I could consult him if I wanted. He was in town but only till 12:30. Consultations are free and you only donate to his NGO if you wished. It was already half past ten and I had a few more things to do that day but I decided to do it, feeling a bit adventurous, and seeing the call as a signal and so on and so forth. So Shobha and Monica and I, carried our respective bags of health woes and headed to the swanky Hotel Lemon Tree in Madhapur.
Now this Lemon Tree hotel is right opposite the TCS building as one heads left from the Hitech city and is an intriguing hotel as it is two hotels in one – Lemon Tree for the 4 star deluxe crowd and Red Fox for the budget crowd. But they are part of the same building, same premises. Never saw any like that.



Anyway we headed to the mezzanine floor after many security checks and saw Patrick who was in conversation with Avantika, who we were to meet and who was handling his visitors. Procedure is pretty simple – write your name and mobile number down in a simple register and go and see Patrick in the room. There was no one else there. Now there was no room really as we were in the restaurant where the lovely Avantika sat and an outdoor area with plants etc partitioned by glass (like a greenhouse or a smoking area) where Patrick stood, a chair in front of him.
I knew his name was Patrick but I was surprised when Avantika told me that his full name was Dr. Patrick San Francesco. Now that was the first time I heard a name like that. Tall, slender, hair that grew past his shoulders, wearing a casual white t-shirt and jeans, unshaven, kindly and intense eyes, Patrick San Francesco is not your regular healer. You could meet him on Baga beach (where he has his clinic in Goa by the way, next to a Nani’s and Rani’s shack as per net reports) and would have thought he was a musician, a writer, a philosopher, a yogi or just a regular guy walking the beach. But his eyes are different as are the gentle movements of his body. Peaceful, a gentle smile in the eye.
Patrick is a doctor who studied medicine. But somewhere along the line he realised that he had the healing power and started his healing clinics. On the net there are several articles on him in Midday, Times and some blogs that describe how his clinic always has about 100s where he treats the poor and rich alike (same procedure, write name in register and see him) for free. People swear by his healing and say that it works.
What Patrick does is “remove negative energy and direct positive energy to the parts that ail” as per the Midday article which I think is fairly accurate.
Having tried all sorts of things in the past, I personally believe that energy healing does work, just as allopathy does, and believe that everything has its place. If there is an emergency run to the allopath who can sort you out and put you out of pain in a few minutes. If there are symptoms, and things that need support, energy, alternative medicine, they could all help. All healing is good and in the right hands it does work wonders.
I watched him through the glass pane as he did his energy healing with Monica, a few minutes is all it took. I went in next. A gentle namaste and he asked me to sit in the chair opposite him. I told him my history and my health woes. We spoke of Goa, of food, of health and then he directed his energy. A couple of minutes. He reassured me that all is well and that he will take care. I normally don’t have too many questions – he knows what he is doing – and pushed off. Belief is important and I am a big believer. Another gentle namaste, and I exited to chat with the dapper and handsome Aruni Ray, GM of Lemon Tree and the husband of Avantika. He explained the concept behind the two hotels being in the same place. Avantika has been seeing Patrick for two years and hence the connection as Lemon Tree gave him the space currently for his visits. We donated some, picked up a couple of CDs and headed home. Healed.
Back home I looked up the enigmatic and peaceful Patrick San Francisco on the net and found some stuff on him. All positive stuff. As I saw the ‘
Samarpan‘ website I was amazed at the work he has done with his NGO
The work ‘Samarpan’ does spans education, food, health, water supply, orphanages, old age homes, disaster management, rural development, urban development. There is one project where they build low cost houses with 1 litre PET bottles filled with sand used as bottle bricks.
But as I see the amount of work involved, the number of people who step out to help be it education, tree plantation, food distribution or whatever, you wonder at the power of what one person and a vision, a thought, a purpose can do. And there is so much to do. Patrick is hardly visible on the website, (he is happier merely doing it seems and not talking about it and having his pictures all over) save a few quotes here and there, and the smallest picture of anyone I have ever seen. He does not talk of his NGO nor donations when you meet him, only about you and your problems, a small box outside the consultation room and we either donate or not.
I have met many healers, medicine men, yogis, mystics. What amazes me is their capacity to do so much good to the general public in their own way. If it is by giving hope and comfort, so be it. That is more than what people need anyway. There are those who charge nothing and those who do not. But the amount of work that goes in behind what we see as conventional development work is truly wonderful. Forget the healing part; even if one were to take the work ‘Samarpan’ is doing, it is amazing. I wish Patrick and his band of followers well and may join in some project when the time comes myself – plant trees, talk to school children, spend time with the aged.
My interaction with Patrick was for less than five minutes. Maybe when I meet him next I will talk more and know and understand more about him and his mission. But for now it is interesting to cross my path with a man like Dr. Patrick San Francesco, the Goan healer. And yes, my medical reports today confirm all is well within limits. My regular doctor would be pleased with these reports. I am.    

Harimohan Paruvu


3 selected readers’ responses to the blog:

If he is a doctor, prove it. All I could find on the web was nicely placed articles about him and that he was a financial man that took a huge hit when the “bubble burst” a few years ago. We saw him and he said he had cured my two friends from lung cancer and breast cancer, and they are truly believers in healers and alternative methods of treatment. Well, neither was cured, in fact, one is getting worse and the others recent scans are not positive. Of course he was at the swanky hotel, how else is he going to make a buck for “his” foundation? Do you have proof of him being a physician? Or how the money breaks down at the foundation? –Anonymous, February 28, 2012

I too have a friend who has been to Patrick, he asked everyone in the healing programs to say daily healing for him. He has become so much more healthy, and happy. He still has cancer, but his soul is healed, his mind is healed…
I went to Patrick and a short time later was offered classes in TM for free for our veterans and high risk youths. We the Directors got to take the classes. I have been in a work and two car accidents and have three places that are broken on my back. The muscles knot up and are even visible at times when hurting.





They would NEVER go all the way down, not with physical therapy, shots, or massage and acupuncture. The third day of TM, I woke at night and felt as if something was missing. I moved my legs around without pain. I felt along my spine, there was not one single knot left. My back is still broken, I just had the scans, and MRIs for my disability review. But, the pain is so much less, and the knots are gone. I believe, and am grateful to God, and Patrick and TM. –Elizabeth Wiley, February 12, 2013

I have no proof that he is a physician or how the money breaks down at the foundation…
I do not have much information about pranic healing but what Patrick does is to do with energy healing so it’s probably similar. -Harimohan Paruvu, February 28, 2012 and June 25, 2013


Light Movement




Patrick will be giving a talk and guiding a Meditation on the Full Moon that will stream live around the world.

The Light Movement invites you to an experience of “The Absolute” through meditation and healing, guided by Patrick San Francesco and focused on the relaxation and cleansing of both mind and body. 

Patrick San Francesco talks about the healer we all have within us.

This meditation allows you to cleanse yourself of all negative emotions and should be practiced daily.


For FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD of Full Moon Meditation 25th May 2013 with Patrick, click here:


I first heard about Patrick San Francesco in 2005:

From: Vanessa
Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2005 10:41 AM

In Goa, there is this guy called Patrick who practises pranic healing and our Catholics are flocking to him. He tells all that he offers Mass daily and frequents the Sacraments, that he was taught his skills by some Bishop and priests in Singapore. He gives his clients a prayer to recite to Jesus and this is enough to convince them that his therapy is above board. Thank you for your ministry and for extending your resources to us.

In the meantime I will hand over the information on pranic healing to one of Patrick’s patients who I know personally.

Sent: Saturday, January 22, 2005 11:10 PM

I have fantastic news for you. I met the lady I had mentioned earlier (one of Patrick’s patients) and handed over the material on pranic healing. As we were talking she told me that it had an adverse effect on her, and that her family refused to go with her because they were all afflicted with terrible headaches when they had accompanied her.


Eventually she realised she was getting worse, was told by another victim that Patrick would mediate on full-moon nights and other weird stuff. Finally she decided enough was enough. Her husband urged her to repent and seek the Lord- she did so, she now goes to a regular Catholic doctor who prays with her. She herself reads the Word daily and now trusts in the Lord to give her the grace to deal with her migraines. It is so wonderful that she has come out of it. I have asked her to share the information with those who she knows frequent Patrick’s clinic. Let us pray that God will bring deliverance to these captives.


Patrick San Francesco | Facebook

Patrick San Francesco is a healer, teacher and philanthropist from Goa, India, who travels the world healing people and empowering the underprivileged.


I guess that that is the “OM” symbol behind Patrick San Francesco –Michael


This full moon meditation thing is a regular programme of San Francesco’s

Tonight! Full Moon Meditation LIVE from Goa/India!
Date: June 11th, 2014
Time: 7:45 pm IT (India)
Time: 7:15 am (California)
Time: 10:15pm (Perth, Australia)
Time: 4:15pm (Frankfurt, Germany)..


If you enjoyed the meditation and like to support the monthly full moon meditation broadcast please feel free to contribute at –September 19, 2013


Patrick San FrancescoHealing
~ Talks ~ Workshops – YouTube 4:20 minutes

Patrick San Francesco Lecture at The All Saints Church, Pasadena (This is an Episcopal church) 41:38 minutes

November 2011



Patrick San Francisco is a Santa Claus healer out to have a blast

By Bertie Da Silva, The Telegraph, Kolkata, August 21, 2012

I walk in just when the healing’s done. More than a hundred people with all kinds of ailments, physical, psychological, irremediable, have had their minute with the healer, Patrick San Francisco, and gone away convinced and cured. He enters from an inner room. He has a firm, confident way of shaking your hand. He has long hair, very long hair but it’s clear that he isn’t cultivating the Jesus look. He’s thin but whippet-fit.

Let’s call him Pat, the way everyone addresses him. He wouldn’t mind at all because he sees himself as a very ordinary kind of guy. Which in many ways he is. One-liners and ridiculous puns punctuate a conversation that goes in the oddest of directions.

He sees an acolyte standing and quips, ‘Why are you standing up? You want to grow tall?’ You listen in disbelief because things don’t seem to be matching up. What you’ve heard about him, and people speak only with reverence, doesn’t fit this 53-year-old from Goa, who travels 28 days a month, two cities a day, except Calcutta, because it’s far, and Delhi, because there are over 3,000 patients who have to be healed.

So this man is not so very ordinary though he seems determined to appear that way.

It comes up that he’ll be travelling to Europe soon. He’s just back from Perth where among other things he gave a three-minute lecture on dog biscuit recipes. Yes. He’s also been doing some ‘nice things’ in LA. And he’s writing a book about his trip to New Mexico, Tacos and Wackos of New Mexico. We’re not sure if we want to believe this but I’m not about to start reviewing all the other stories I’ve just heard. As Patrick later says, there’s no point in being judgemental. You take him. You leave him. What you see is what you get.

He was also paralysed once. Pressed to tell the story he can’t help another quip: ‘I was paralysed. In the brain. From birth’. He gets down to the story. It was sometime in the ’70s. He tripped, landed on his back, and fractured his spine. The best medical opinion, including a specialist from Switzerland, diagnosed an irreparable condition. Patrick defied all odds. He ‘talked to God’ and that’s where it all began.

Apropos of nothing, Pat’s favourite word is ‘blast’ as in ‘having a blast’. I really like this man. Talking to God is a blast. Talking to God to make him walk again is a blast. Talking to God to heal people is a blast.

If reports are true he has indeed healed many, many people, including patients diagnosed with terminal cancer. Some of these people have come together to support Samarpan, an NGO Patrick set up about six years ago with no fixed agenda other than doing what has to be done.

He says that many people come back to thank him. But ‘thank you’ means nothing. So perhaps they could do something, donate, contribute, volunteer, anything, and that’s how you say ‘Thank You’.

It’s time to move to the inner room for a private conversation. Let’s enter Patrick’s world.

He started talking to God when he was very young. Sickness and suffering and pain angered him and he would go to God and demand repair. He is quick to insist that he has no healing power, a point he repeats many times in the course of the afternoon. But he does have implicit faith. When he wants something to happen he asks God for it. It has to come, and it comes. It’s what he calls ‘the spoilt brat attitude’. God has certainly been an indulgent parent, humouring him for three decades and counting, much like his Dutch mother and doting father did when he was young.

I push and prod, trying to get him to admit that there is something metaphysical about his healing, but he is quick to refute in a tone that’s close to rebuke. There is nothing supernatural about his powers. It all just happened. One thing led to another and each time he was determined to get what he wanted. That’s healing — asking for something you want. “I want to be Santa Claus”. Try as you might you cannot make metaphysic out of that.

Yet it cannot be as simple as Patrick makes it out to be. There are too many people in India and all around the world who have absolute faith in him, who have been touched and who have been changed forever. Perhaps it is some extraordinary power of mind he has been able to instinctively tap into. Perhaps he was born with the ‘gift’, like some people are born with second sight. Perhaps he was born with a mission. Perhaps his brain was wired in a different kind of way to allow him to tune into things that lie beneath the skein of reality, like an artist is.

So I ask him if he sees himself as a kind of artist. He takes me a bit too literally. ‘I can’t paint,’ he says. My cleverness has just been snubbed. Patrick has a way of closing doors you’d like to open.

He is indeed a man of paradox. He mixes easily with very big and famous corporate honchos, he keeps more than corporate hours, he flies a corporate schedule, and his business is healing people 28 days a month across every ocean, for free. He is a Healer who does not dress or speak the part. He is married but his home is everywhere. He does not carry a wallet but he has ‘abundance’. He has no religion in the institutional sense, but he talks a lot about God. God is the universe. God is like the ocean and we are drops of water in that ocean.

Patrick is also full of home-grown wisdom. He says things you know but don’t stop to think about, and he says it in charmingly simple ways.

He says, for example, that wisdom comes from living in reality. Patrick has quite a few takes on reality. He is not in contact with it (a phrase whose significance comes to me much later); he just knows it; or: we live in a world of illusion; I cast aside all illusion and get to the heart of reality. His healing in fact is all about understanding reality and applying it.

We’re back to the healing business and while Patrick tries to make it so simple, I’m not getting it. What I do get is his facetious inversion of Shakespeare: “All the world’s a stage and I’m the only audience. The whole world is for my amusement.” This is levity that is tantalisingly profound. “God has put us here to have a blast”. And we’re back to his favourite word. He heals hard and he parties hard. And everything is a blast and everything is divine. Healing is indeed divine, he says. He gives nothing of his own because it is God who does the healing. God does the job in the quiet backroom. Patrick is the front man who faces the patients. And he is quick to point out: “God has it quiet”.

I’m beginning to wonder about all this. Is this Patrick’s vocabulary to describe what he does and how he does it?




I turn the conversation to practical things. Where does he get his funding since he charges nothing from his patients? The logistics are simple. His patients buy his plane tickets, arrange for airport transfers, provide location for the healing sessions, put whatever donation they want in a little box, and what more do we want?

Lots more actually, because Patrick runs all kinds of projects all over the country. He now begins to talk with a different kind of clarity and lucidity.

It turns out that Patrick is also a full-time inventor and innovator. In his hands, a plastic bottle, filled with mud, becomes a brick to build a school room, or a house that will last forever, since plastic is not bio-degradable. His inventions are all about common sense. He’s concocted a contraption that allows you to ‘walk’ up a coconut tree to break off the coconuts. He has used salt accumulating mangroves from the Sunderbans to extract fresh water from brackish lakes in Chennai. He has busied himself with tidal power generators and with a hydroelectric project he calls the water battery. He has even gifted a famous IT company an idea for unbreakable password encryption.

Has he patented any of his inventions? Obviously he hasn’t. Patrick lives a very different reality and works by very different logic.

He goes about his projects the way he goes about his healings. He starts a project without capital. He knows only that the money will come. God will make it happen. So a patient from Chandigarh provided the money to buy land to build a clinic in a remote area of the Sunderbans. The clinic is up and running and providing treatment to villagers who have little or no access to healthcare facilities.

This need to do what has to be done goes back to Patrick’s childhood in Bangalore where he put together a leprosy centre and funded it by baking cakes. Now he has projects all over the country. His wife runs the Tamil Nadu projects which include the greening of the state, forestry, village health camps, and waste management. This is serious social conscience. But Patrick reminds you that it’s all about having a blast. The volunteers, most of whom have day jobs, joyfully concur. So you’re free to queue up as a patient or enlist as a patient-turned-volunteer, go off to the Sunderbans or wherever it is that things have to be done, and have a blast, change the world, change yourself.

Patrick has a little rhymed slogan: “If more people were for people, all people everywhere, there’d be a lot less people to worry about and a lot more who care.” Sums it up, doesn’t it? Simple but catchy.

So Patrick is not an ordinary guy. He knows that people idealise him but he wants them to see that he is just like them, which he is not. It’s impossible to deconstruct him or, as I gradually realise, to ‘know’ him. His eyes are opaquely intense. What you see is what you get, but what about all that you can never see? He is like running water. He does not stop or rest. He has no attachments, no roots, and as I watch him closely it strikes me that he is not interested in people in ways you or I would be. He looks at people as souls to be saved or healed.

Does he have a legacy for posterity? In a sense, yes, since he holds workshops on the art of healing. Does this mean he has processed his healing techniques into some kind of protocol that can be taught. Of course, he stumps me again: he teaches people to heal by first making them aware of the power they have and then showing them how to put it to use. What do you do with that? Leave it, I guess, and look on Patrick simply as an artist whose canvas is the universe.

Pat visits Calcutta: On alternate Saturdays every month. Healing sessions: 8am-11am
For information contact: 9331001887 and 9831275252

Bertie Da Silva is the Dean of Arts and Science at St. Xavier’s College Calcutta and also a rock musician


India’s most popular faith healer: Patrick, the Healer

By Leher Kala, New Delhi, September 17, 2012

Lighten up, says India’s most popular faith healer

It’s not easy getting a crowd together on a sweltering Sunday at 3 pm, but a farm on MG Road was packed with people who had driven across Delhi to listen to Patrick San Francesco, popularly known as Patrick, the Healer (the ‘h’ in Healer being deliberately capital). I first heard of Patrick from a friend, who flew to Goa for a consultation with him for a particularly scary health crisis. “You haven’t heard of Patrick, where have you been living?” she asked, incredulous. This seemed to be the common refrain when I checked with many other people. For the uninitiated, Patrick is a faith healer based in Goa whom hundreds flock to, hoping he’ll cure them of various ailments. For sceptics more disposed to laugh at the crazy and irrational belief that an ordinary human has healing powers to cure stuff science can’t, all I can say is that Patrick has supporters who swear by him. The Internet is full of stories of how an encounter with him changed their lives.

At this workshop that wasn’t about faith healing, Patrick offered advice on ‘Life’, or coming to terms with the choices and decisions we made that may have taken the fun out of living. Dressed in a black Nike T-shirt and jeans, sporting long hair and an unkempt stubble, Patrick looked more like an ageing rock star than a to-be godman, but his scruffy, disheveled appearance was of no consequence to a rapt audience. “Why do we worry? You have your limbs intact. Look at old beggars, they’ve grown old on the streets, you’ll make it one more day,” he spoke in a soft, resonant tone, with a beatific smile. “Leave it to the universe to take care of you,” he added. Patrick got all this wisdom from living his own life, which has apparently been a series of unmitigated disasters, with him lurching from one catastrophe to another. As a child, he was incapacitated by paralysis and a coma from which he recovered, he says, because of his unwavering faith. After he lost all his money due to a stock market crash, he realised that God had a different plan for him that didn’t involve waking up every morning to clock into an office. To use a cliché, he then emerged victorious, miraculously cured of illness and greed, and finally happy.

So he got into healing. People who are unable to believe in miracles and divine interventions may have a hard time reconciling their intellectual knowledge with faith healing, which traces its origins to medieval times when kings were thought to have the ability to heal through a royal touch. But scientists also acknowledge that when a person believes strongly that a healer can cure, a placebo effect can occur and make him feel better. From what I can tell, when all else fails, that’s when you turn to faith healing.



Through his trust, The Samarpan Foundation, which has the rather sweet tagline of “Love, peace, happiness, kindness”, Patrick started what he calls the Light Movement, meditation and faith healing workshops to channel the energy of the universe to improve life.

A lot of what Patrick says makes sense even if it is stuff we’ve heard before. It is just hard to keep perspective, in times of acute stress. He advocates humour, reminding the audience that the entire existence is one big cosmic joke anyway, and most of what we do doesn’t matter. Much like The Secret, the bestseller by Rhonda Byrne, he advises acts of kindness and good thoughts, and the practice of gratitude to feel abundant and happy. He offers simplistic solutions to chronic problems, which I think, could sometimes enrage someone who’s actually suffering, but he has a gentle manner that probably attracts people looking for answers. You may not get a lot better going to him, but you’re certainly not going to get worse, and chances are you’ll come away just a little wiser.


Master Patrick San Francesco – Beginners Energy

March 2, 2013

We are pleased to announce that renowned healer PATRICK SANFRANCESCO from Goa, India, will return to San Francisco to continue teaching his unique energy HEALING! Patrick travels around the WORLD empowering people to heal themselves as well as to learn the GIFT of HEALING in community.  Don’t miss this SPECIAL opportunity to study with Patrick.

In this, his third training session in San Francisco, Patrick wishes to focus on use of ENERGY healing, give demonstrations, answer questions and discuss his philosophy of healing for raising the human CONSCIOUSNESS.
This class will show you how to utilize universal energies available on the planet to heal the body of physical & emotional ailments. He will focus on the fundamental elements to connect with these energies to then utilize them to clean chakras
and heal common ailments in the body. With the donation of $100 for the class, you will be healing yourself and others after the first class.
*See page 15

All participants will receive a free individual healing by Patrick.

All workshop donations go to fund the SAMARPAN FOUNDATION, which SUPPORTS the poorest and most disadvantaged in India, building orphanages, schools, elder CARE and environmental PROGRAMS. The suggested donation is $100 for workshop participants. All donations are tax deductible.  Cash & checks will be accepted at the event but we encourage you to RSVP in advance to secure your spot!  Please make checks payable to PARTNERSHIPS FOR CHANGE.

Watch Patrick talk about his healing technique:

Watch Video


Light Movement – Energy Healers of San Francisco

Welcome to the Light Movement Energy Healing group of San Francisco! We are a community of energy healers who teach, practice & support each other as we evolve our divine gift of healing. Our community of healers practice many modalities but Light Movement is focused on developing the techniques taught by Patrick San Francesco through periodic practice groups and workshops.

Healing is something ANYONE can do by utilizing the universal energy available on the planet. You can learn to heal your body and other’s of common ailments like, stress and emotional issues as well as physical ailments like, broken bones, infections, disease and even cancer. Our teachers have traveled throughout India learning their technique from ancient teachings and have brought those divine tools for healing to our group to teach others & support the rapidly growing community of healers. We hold Beginner’s Workshops, Intermediate & Advanced classes and periodically have workshops given by our Indian Master himself.


Talk & Healing by Patrick San Francesco

September 11, 2013

Patrick will be giving a talk on “surrendering your identity to the universe,” ending with individual healings for participants.


Life in a Goan village: Patrick, the faith healer

July 12, 2013

I don’t think Patrick’s healing works. If you see his videos – there are larger than life statements like ‘God does it because I said so’. If it is as simple for Patrick, why are there so many people who have been visiting him for healing for years together? What is the point in prolonging a life which is already full of distress and misery?
If God and Patrick are so pally with each other, why isn’t cancer just driven away or a paralytic patient cured by just one command? –Comment by Anonymous


Patrick San Francesco – Light Movement – Energy Healers of San Francisco

Light Movement, San Francisco, California, Founded February 10, 2013




We’re about:

Meditation · Spiritualism · Energy Healers · Spiritual Healing & Protection · Holistic Health · Energy Healing · Chakra Energy and Clearing · Alternative Health and Energy Healing · Self Discovery · Energy Healing, Light Body & Healing with Mesas · Personal Growth thru Spirituality and Meditation · Spiritual Awakening · Spiritual Energy Healing · Divine Energy Healing

Meditation · Spiritualism · Energy Healers · Spiritual Healing & Protection · Holistic Health · Energy Healing · Chakra Energy and Clearing · Alternative Health and Energy Healing · Self Discovery · Energy Healing, Light Body & Healing with Mesas · Personal Growth thru Spirituality and Meditation · Spiritual Awakening · Spiritual Energy Healing · Divine Energy Healing

Click on any of the linked words such as Meditation and your browser will open in a window that directs you to a myriad of New Age therapies that include reiki, pranic healing, the occultic Meditation on Twin Hearts of Pranic Healing, shamanism, etc. I cannot confirm that San Francesco is directly concerned with any of this.

July 16, 2006



I’ve already seen Patrick twice and he’s treated me on Friday and Saturday for about 5 minutes each time only, because he has long lines of local people he sees 7 days a week where you just put your name on a list and wait outside a door and when it’s your turn you sit in a white plastic chair alone with Patrick standing across from you, with his long black hair and intent psychic eyes, and he looks at you or through you and then closes his eyes and waves his psychic healing hand over you, very intently, and who knows what he is doing, although he tells you exactly what he is doing or taking out of you.

The above image is a list of Goan Catholics who queue up for Patrick San Francesco’s New Age healings.


Patrick San Francesco is given mileage on a liberal Catholic site:

Healing Love of the Universe

July 23, 2013

This week’s episode of The Spirit of Things* looks
at the power of love, and features Patrick San Francesco, the Indian healer raised a Catholic who established the NGO Samarpan, which runs schools and clinics across India…

The Spirit of Things: 1pm today on ABC Radio National or available for download and podcast from the ABC website.

Patrick San Francesco a healer from Goa who runs schools and clinics across India was interviewed on an ABC Spirit of Things programme. *This is an extract:





Patrick: Man has so many faces one for his employer one for his employee one for maid one for his spouse one for his family one for his friends. In the end he does not know which is his true face but the day you find your true face is the day you find the true face in everybody else and that is the God in everyone.

Interviewer: Do you have to follow a particular regime, read special books or buy your tapes?

Patrick: No, it is just to be. Just be.

Interviewer: And does this do away with religion. Is this going beyond religion?

Patrick then goes on about his religion which is people and his meditation which is simply doing everything one does with complete commitment.

The larger source of the above extract connects with New Age.


Patrick San Francesco is on the same page as other New Age and occult practices:

Patrick Sanfrancesco

Patrick San Francesco, a faith healer from Goa, India, travels the world healing people and initiating projects to empower the underprivileged. Patrick’s quest for knowledge led him to study medicine, law, accounting, and other disciplines. He also went through many trying situations—medical and otherwise—and always emerged out of these by a deep understanding of the universe and its energy. It was then that he realized that this same universal energy could be used to get other people out of their traumas.

Today he heals anyone and everyone who comes to him, and takes care of their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, psychological and other situations, and gives them a taste of the “Absolute”. He heals without any conventional or alternative medicines. Patrick gets all his energy from the Universe, and does not depend on food or sleep to energize or rejuvenate his own body. For him, it is all about Love, Empathy, Compassion, and Kindness.

The Light Movement invites you to an experience of “The Absolute” through meditation and healing, guided by Patrick San Francesco and focused on the relaxation and cleansing of both mind and body.  The concept of Patrick’s meditation and healing is about oneness, and the intention is to raise consciousness and focus not on the self but outward to those in need.

To this end, Patrick founded and serves as chair of Samarpan Foundation, a nonprofit charity run solely by volunteers from around the world who work toward a common ideal based on love, peace, happiness, kindness, simplicity, and clarity.
Some commonly asked questions and their brief answers….

What kind of healing is this?

It is an energy healing. A universal divine energy.

Can my sickness be cured by this healing?

Any sickness can be healed, whether psychological, physical, whatever.

How long will it take to be healed?

Depends/differs on each patient.


From the diary of a Zen Master and an acupuncturist Taiwanese couple on a trip to Goa:

Patrick San Francisco, an amazing Pranic healer, with whom I had almost daily sessions, performed miracles on me simultaneously.


Once again Patrick San Francesco is lumped by the media with a motley group of New Age healers:

Get up and Goa

By Oryana Angel, Sydney Morning Herald, November 13, 2008

On one of my first trips to Goa in the 1980s, I booked an ayurvedic massage. The “masseur” made me strip and wait on a grimy plastic chair while she finished her bhaji and rice. Things have come a long way since.

Ever since Goa imposed a total music ban after 10pm, a new class of tourist has taken notice of this tiny south-western Indian state, which was once a centre for hedonistic rave parties.

There are still centres claiming to do ayurvedics and health treatments around every corner but many are now exceptionally good. Coupled with topnotch boutique hotels, fine organic restaurants and yoga schools popping up like mushrooms after rain, meditation mats are replacing sunset stoners at many Goan beaches.

Theresa Appleby, originally from Canada, runs the Purple Valley yoga school, which holds high-end yoga retreats on a lush, coconut-fringed, 5000-square metre property in Assagao. Aside from being set in a tiny pocket of paradise, the centre is famous for its high-quality yoga teachers: Danny Paradise, teacher to the stars (Sting, Madonna and other celebrities); Sharath Rangaswamy, grandson of Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois (known as “the Guru” in Ashtanga yoga circles); Dena Kingsberg, an Aussie yoga teacher; and David Swenson, Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty, other big names from the US.

Not too far away in Anjuna, the Brahmani Yoga centre, in the grounds of the Hotel Bougainvillea, is a hot spot for drop-in yoga classes and training courses. The sculpted tropical garden and billowing, bright muslin make the yoga shala (or classroom) a calm respite from the frenetic activity in the village.

Travel a little further north, around Arambol, Morjim, Aswen and Mandrem beaches, and you will find the state’s holistic centre. Since the Siolim Bridge opened a few years ago, the once-remote beaches have become more accessible and there is plenty going on. Thirty years ago, pot-smoking hippies lived in the shade of Arambol’s great banyan tree. Today, beachside bungalows, with hammocks and painted murals line the rocky path that leads to the natural hot springs.




Bobbing in the warm, sweet water and then rubbing the lagoon’s red, sulphurous mud over your body helps treat skin problems like psoriasis and eczema. Afterwards, rinse off in the clear blue ocean, have a reiki session and then get your chakras aligned before tucking into a healthy Goan feast of cashew curry or fresh fish, prawns, crabs or lobster.

Nearby at Yoga Village in Morjim, Yogi Manmoyanand leads classes and retreats. He acquired his knowledge during a seven-year stint in a Himalayan cave. Simple, jungle-style accommodation is available in the ashram and all food is prepared to strict ayurvedic specifications.

But currently the talk of the town is Patrick, the Indian healer who runs a clinic out of Baga. Today we’re lucky as there are only 96 people queueing outside his makeshift clinic. On busy days you might have to battle 200 people (both Indians and foreigners) for a five-minute consultation. Sometimes there are even fights.

Looking very un-guru-like, Patrick wears loose training pants, a dark shirt and Adidas socks. He has a slight build and a humble stance.

Unable to think of any serious ailments, I mention my six-month-old daughter’s teething problems. His two fingers dart up in front of his torso and he shuts his eyes. “She has a mild fever – but I got rid of it,” he says with a characteristic Indian wag of the head.

Patrick, who says he studied medicine mainly to inspire patient confidence, works on a donation system. He is so sought-after, he travels around the country treating anything from mild heat rash or ringworm to paraplegia and strokes. You can even bring a picture of someone who needs healing and he will “work on them” from afar. Whether or not you believe this guru-healer buzz, I was amazed at some of the stories.

Eugene Gotz from Germany is certainly a believer. “For 13 years I couldn’t move my feet; now look,” he says, as he wiggles low in his wheelchair and thrusts his legs from side to side. “We’ve been playing football. I want to go back home on my feet and throw this [wheelchair] away.”

Many people in India claim to have found a new great healer or someone who will be a guide to enlightenment but Patrick claims neither. The results, however, speak for themselves. And my daughter’s fever did go down.

In Goa you might also be lucky enough to catch Tyohar, also known as Moshe Kastiel, an Israeli who lived in Goa and claims to have found enlightenment under the guru Osho.

On the way home from Baga Beach we pass an ornately decorated elephant on the side of the road. His trunk is painted blue, pink, red and yellow. Elephants are a vital part of many Indian temple ceremonies and festivals. Even though there is no special event today, the temple elephant and his entourage wait patiently for tourists. This elephant will pat you on the head with its enormous trunk and bless you any day of the week – for a small donation, of course.

With peaceful, coconut-fringed beaches, expansive Portuguese-style houses and a choice of good restaurants, Goa has always been a traveller’s respite from the craziness of the rest of India. This also meant Goa sometimes lacked India’s spirituality. Today’s Goa, however, bustles with a multicultural nouveau spirituality.

Aside from the many Christian churches (Goa is the only Christian state in India), it is one of the most popular Christian pilgrimage sites in Asia because of its temples and world-heritage architecture.

An example is the sprawling Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa. Not too far away, in Ponda and Sanguem, are two picturesque mosques and on the way to just about anywhere you pass through scores of Hindu villages.

There’s even a synagogue set up near the rice paddies of Anjuna Beach run by Chabad, a Jewish outreach group. As they say in India, “Sub kutch milega” – everything is possible.

When in Goa the famous Buddhist Richard Gere stays at Nilaya Hermitage. Run by former Parisian fashion stylist Claudia Derain and her Indian husband, Hari Ajwani, the five-star resort, perched on the side of a verdant hill, has lured a long list of celebrity guests including Kate Moss, Peter Lindbergh and Philippe Starck.

With terrazzo floors, open-plan bathrooms and timber-beamed minimalist decor, you can easily imagine meditating under the high-domed ceilings or slipping into the pool. You could also laze in one of the steam baths, visit the ayurvedic massage centre and health club or eat in one of the East-West fusion restaurants.

Every time I leave India I experience a twinge of sadness. It is easy to gain perspective on Goa’s coconut-fringed shores. As Mahatma Gandhi said: “Not until we see the richness of the Hindu mind and its essential spirituality can we understand India.”

I only hope to carry back a piece of the spiritual balance of mind and body achieved in Goa and keep it alive until I return.

Man with a healing touch

By Himani Chandel, Tribune News Service, Chandigarh, September 15, 2008
He is no spiritual guru but a modern age avatar, who serves people gripped in pain and grief with his collective energies of mind and soul. For people, he is the ultimate source of positive energy.

He teaches the pleasurable experience involved in the moments of dying to people with terminal illness or the ones waiting for their death.

A man who cures people by his healing touch and spiritual energy, Patrick San Francesco was in the city today to bless the stressed people. He is a man whose only passion is to serve the poor and downtrodden. “Nobody has seen death as no one has ever come back from the point to tell what exactly it is. So, why fear of the unknown. What is beyond that is much fun and this is what I tell people,” said Patrick.

According to Patrick, 99 per cent of our diseases are outcome of stressed life. “I don’t treat the illness but the source that has caused it. The irony of human life is that we spend our lives to earn money and then spend our money to earn life,” he said.



Patrick treats people by not praying for them but by demanding for their wellness from God. “We have always been taught to bribe God or to beg him for wealth and happiness. Unlike others, I demand Him wellness for poor like a stubborn child and fortunately I always get it. You need to fully know and not just have faith in God,” he said.

Patrick spreads happiness as an attitude towards life rather than a feeling or a sentiment. “The biggest mistake people commit is when they take happiness as a feeling or something which can be achieved by purchasing material things. It is just like a mirage as when you get one thing, you crave for the other. One should learn to be in a state of happiness in whatever situation he is put to. It should become the natural behavior of a person,” he said.

Born in Holland to a Dutch mother and Portuguese-cum-Rajput father, brought up in Bangalore, studied in London and based in Goa, Patrick identifies himself as an Indian who travels from nook and corner of the country in search of his patients.

A graduate in Medicine, Law and Accountancy, Patrick wants to learn everything that could help him in providing the right consultancy to people. “I studied because I wanted to give medical, financial and legal consultancy to people,” said Patrick.

There is a healer in Goa by the name of Patrick San Francesco ( … He uses an ancient Vedic method of aura colours… -Capt. Ajit Vadakayil


Samarpan Foundation,

Samarpan Foundation, 63, Jor Bagh, New Delhi 110003

Samarpan means “surrendering your identity to the Universe.” This non-profit charity serves the poorest and most vulnerable people and works to protect and rejuvenate the environment in India.

Samarpan Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable trust that exists to provide help to people and animals, and to restore our environment.
We began as an informal group of volunteers doing what we could to help people in need in India. We sought to address the varied needs of vulnerable, hungry and destitute people, young and old.
Aside from the provision of food, shelter and education, we realized even small acts of kindness make a difference: like playing with the children and giving them mangoes, or listening to the old people’s stories and giving them a hug.
As our volunteers became more numerous, so our projects became more ambitious, and the need to adopt a formal structure became apparent. On 15 September 2006, Samarpan Foundation was established under Indian law as a charitable trust.
We are motivated by a desire to focus on others, not on ourselves. This focusing outwards is the central component of a philosophy we call

Light Movement.
Our vision is to expand our network globally to provide help and assistance of any kind when there is a humanitarian, ecological or environmental need.

Healing center: Alpana Centre, First Floor, #105, 1st Main Road, Gandhinagar, Adyar, Chennai – 600020 Contact: (+91) (0) 8939396463 email:

Romaine: (+91) (0) 9823529678 Mobile: (+91) (0) 8939929678 Landline: (+91) (0) 44 24495123 email:


So, is Patrick San Francesco into New Age?

Definitely, yes. All the evidence examined by me in the web pages above corroborates it.

One report claims that “He heals without any conventional or alternative medicines.” That statement is only partly true; he does not use conventional medicine to treat his subjects. But using “energy” for healing someone is exactly what alternative medicine is about!

San Francesco’s healing technique involves manipulation of the “energy of the universe“. He moves his hands over his subjects in the manner that reiki healers and pranic healers do. He describes this energy as the “universal divine energy“.

He uses these energies to clean the psychic chakra system that supposedly exists in the auric body.

The Vatican Document on the New Age is categorical in teaching Catholics that this is a New Age paradigm.

His talks include “surrendering [one’s] identity to the universe“. The philosophy of his methodism is called “Light Movement”.

Even though he does not ever claim to do pranic healing, people who have met him thinks that he does.

At least one visitor to his Baga clinic years ago saw him use a crystal for healing. He insists that he “demands” healing or “wellness” from God for his patients, and God obliges his demand. That is not the typical Christian relationship with God and subservience to His will.

San Francesco might have been baptised a Catholic but there is not a shred of evidence of his Catholic faith in his sayings, practices or philosophies.

San Francesco’s “religionis people” and he teaches these people that after death is “much fun“.

As The Telegraph story reports, “He has no religion in the institutional sense, but he talks a lot about God.
God is the universe. God is like the ocean and we are drops of water in that ocean.



If that isn’t New Age, what is? All energy-healers manipulate this cosmic energy of the universe, which is “god”; when god is everything, that’s pantheism; when god is in everything, that’s panentheism; and when we are the drops of water in the big ocean that is god, that’s monism — all is one, and one is all.

The concept of Patrick’s meditation and healing is about oneness,” to cite one of the stories above

But the God of Judeo-Christian revelation is a personal God, not an energy that someone can manipulate.

According to one interview, “Patrick gets all his energy from the Universe“.

Citing an earlier Mid-day news story, a subject of San Francesco’s writes, “What Patrick does is “remove negative energy and direct positive energy to the parts that ail”.

All of the healing systems that use this so-called “energy” admit or pre-suppose the existence of a psychic or auric or etheric or vital or simply, an energy body, and the energy is given different names according to the pre-Christian religious traditions that influenced their origins; for example qi or ch’i (Taoist/Chinese), ki (Japanese) and prana (Hindu/Indian). Patrick San Francesco simply says that he re-/directs “energy” or “universal divine energy” (as per one story in this report) to effect healing.


On page 10, we find that one of Patrick San Francesco’s healing techniques is to use the alleged psychic energy to “clean” the chakras of his patients.

A solidly Catholic ministry has this to say:

Kundalini Yoga is a particular type of yoga that aims to develop spiritual awareness by freeing the serpent power (kundalini) that is coiled in the base of the spine through exercises and meditation that draws it upward through the seven chakras (energy centers)…

The concept of chakra originates in Hindu texts and is in yogic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism. The Chakras are thought to be the seven main energy centers in the body that are located along the spine starting at the base and running upwards to the crown of the head. They believe the chakras can become blocked, and that by practicing poses that correspond to each chakra, you can release these blocks and clear the path to higher consciousness.  It is also believed that with the healing of each chakra comes the gift of certain powers.  This comes from the University of Metaphysical Sciences: “In addition to its connection to the body, the third eye chakra is also highly related to the spiritual realm.  This chakra is said to be associated with the ability to experience and even see into other dimensions during meditation. Astral awareness is related to this chakra.  When the third eye chakra is awakened during meditation, a number of abilities are said to open up including higher cognition, remote viewing, intuition, telekinesis and telepathy.  Inasmuch, psychic powers are often said to be related to this chakra.”

We firmly believe it is imperative to avoid energy work and chakra manipulation.



Yet another deception is defining God as “The Absolute“, especially when it is done by one who professes himself to be a Catholic. San Francesco’s “Light Movement invites you
to an experience of “The Absolute” through meditation.” It is purported that when he heals people, he “gives them a taste of the “Absolute”


Patrick San Francesco’s background is vague. He is sometimes thought to be a medical doctor, even a graduate in law and accountancy, and one wonders why an individual with all those diverse — and apparently mis-matched qualifications — would have been a sort of investment banker or stocks trader till the “bubble burst” and he decided to serve humanity! He does not solicit payment for his treatments but the donation box is always kept handy; while he often levies a charge ($100 or $150) for his overseas presentations, the money conveniently goes to his Samarpan Foundation (his wife Romaine runs the Chennai centre), an NGO.

According to San Francesco’s web site, Samarpan means “surrendering your identity to the Universe.”

Christians believe that man is made in God’s image and likeness and they surrender themselves, spirit, soul and body, only to Him, the Creator, (plenty of Scripture verses can be submitted), not to the “Universe” which is the creation of God.


On page 2, I had written that there are two goals of this investigation:

1. To ascertain whether Patrick San Francesco’s healing technique is New Age or not;

2. To find out if Patrick San Francesco was indeed invited by Pope Francis to Rome as his personal guest where he addressed a conclave of the Cardinals of the Catholic Church, as stated in a report retrieved from the Internet.

I have addressed the first issue, leaving no doubt that Patrick San Francesco’s healing technique IS New Age.


Concerning the second issue…

I wrote this letter to the Cardinal Archbishop of Bombay as well as the three auxiliary bishops, individually:

Michael Prabhu
Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2014 2:25 PM/ 2:28 PM/ 2:33 PM/2:35 PM


Recently, the Mid-day newspaper published from Mumbai purportedly carried a story, which I am reproducing at the end of this email.

I do not know the date of the issue that carried the story. It was probably June 24, 2014.



Its title seems to have been “Patrick and the Pope”.

Accompanying the story were two images, one of Pope Francis, the other of one Patrick San Francesco and his wife Romaine.

The email forward that I received provided the link

But these links now do not open to the story that was sent to me.

Since I am unable to access the report online, I am writing to you to please see if you can find out if indeed such a story was published in print in Mid-day. The reasons for my concern are that Patrick San Francesco from Goa claims that Pope Francis invited him to Rome as his personal guest and gave him the opportunity of addressing the “conclave of Cardinals”.

There is no other collaboration of that claim that I could find anywhere else.

Patrick San Francesco is a New Age healer who practices manipulation of universal energy in the alleged energy body that esotericism proposes as one of the different elements that constitute human and animal life.

If there was such a story in Mid-day and if it is true, it is a matter of concern for all Catholics that he has gained the confidence of our Pope.

I would like to know from you if indeed Mid-day published such a story, either in print or online, and if so, on what date.

Thank you,

Michael Prabhu, Catholic apologist, Chennai


One auxiliary bishop replied:

I am not aware of any such article that appeared in the Mid-day. I only get a copy of the Times of India and Mumbai Mirror.  I was trying the e-copy of the Mid-day but did not come across any such report. If I come across it, I will let you know.


I also contacted the Mid-day office in Mumbai to get confirmation from them about the article “Patrick and the Pope” (pages 3/4 and 18 of the current report). I talked to the lady at the editorial desk on 022 24197171 and noted that she was quite surprised — she did not recollect such a story being carried in Mid-day.

She requested me to send her an email, giving me her personal email address to use. I did so immediately:

Michael Prabhu

Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2014 3:32 PM Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2014 7:38 PM (Reminder)


Dear Hema (I hope that I got your name correct),

Thank you for your courtesy and for finding time for me.

This is the forward that I received from someone in Australia. The title seems to be “Patrick and the Pope”. There were two images (photographs) accompanying the story, one of Pope Francis, and the other of one Patrick San Francesco and his wife Romaine. The Mid-day link is at the bottom, as received by me.

If genuine, I don’t know if this is a recent story or an old one.

I don’t know why I have the idea that it was published on June 24. Maybe I deleted the date when I deleted the two photographs.

I hope you can confirm to me if this story was published in Mid-day or if it was not.

If it wasn’t — as you so confidently assured me a bit earlier — and you should know being at the editorial desk of Mid-day — how come a link to Mid-day is given?

While Googling, I came across another Mid-day link that has the
name of Patrick San Francesco’s wife Romaine in it; but when I click, I do not find any information on either of them. Why is that so?

If Mid-day has written something on either Patrick or Romaine, I would like to have the story/stories.

As I need to take up this issue of the Pope’s endorsing of Patrick San Francesco with the Holy See, I need to ascertain the veracity of the story. I can’t seem to locate it anywhere on the Internet. Help!!

Thanks in advance.

Michael, Chennai,

However, she did not respond, even after a reminder.

NOTE: When I wrote to the Bishops and to Mid-day, I had not been able to access the Mid-day story online.

It was only later that day that a couple of Catholics in Mumbai and Bangalore were able to access the story which you have seen reproduced on page 18.



The report QUO VADIS PAPA FRANCISCO 04 clearly states that Liu Ming treated Cardinal Bergoglio by “re-directing [his] body’s energy“, which is exactly the same occult technique that Patrick San Francesco uses.


If it is true as in the present report QUO VADIS PAPA FRANCISCO 06 that Pope Francis invited Patrick San Francesco to the Vatican as his guest and gave him the privilege of addressing the Princes of the Church (what on earth for?), it can only be construed that the Pope endorses San Francesco’s New Age healing practice and is himself compromised as far as New Age is concerned… his being already treated by the Taoist monk even since he was a Cardinal in Buenos Aires until the time that he became Pope (if not later as well).



On May 17, 2013, news broke* that Rome has held what can be considered as a follow-up meeting on May 16 to examine the twin phenomena of New Religious Movements [NRMs] and the New Age Movement [NAM] which the Catholic Church perceive as “one of the most serious pastoral problems of today” [Erga migrantes caritas Christi, #48]. An extract of the story is given below. For the full report, please see NEW RELIGIOUS MOVEMENTS AND NEW AGE-ROME PROCEEDS “A STEP FURTHER”
17 MAY 2013,



Vatican Information Service – VISnews130517, YEAR XXIII – N° 109, DATE 17-05-2013

Vatican City – Yesterday, Thursday 16 May, in the Domus Sanctae Marthae chapel, there was a meeting on new religious movements organized by the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue that, together with the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and the Pontifical Councils for Promoting Christian Unity and for Culture, have been studying these phenomena for some time.


My very first feature written specifically for this site, and which was carried in Mumbai’s The Coastal Observer and the Bombay archdiocesan weekly The Examiner was my analysis of the February 3, 2003, Vatican Document on the New Age, JESUS CHRIST THE BEARER OF THE WATER OF LIFE, A CHRISTIAN REFLECTION ON THE NEW AGE.

17 MAY 2013,
chronicles a process that commenced with a questionnaire sent to all Episcopal Conferences [the procedure started in 1983 with the drafting of seven questions that were then sent to the national and regional bishops’ conferences], after which an initial Provisional Report [from the Councils for Promoting Christian Unity, Inter-Religious Dialogue, and Culture] on sects, cults, and new religious movements was issued in May 1986**. That was succeeded by a statement in May 1991 [earlier, President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, Cardinal Francis Arinze spoke April 5, 1991 on the Challenge of the Sects and NRMs: A Pastoral Approach**] and the publishing of an anthology of texts in 2000, which last — along with the 2003 Provisional Report on the New Age — was cited in a Document released by the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants [mentioned above] in May 2004. February 2004 saw the holding of an International Theological Video Conference on Sects and the New Age***.

Rome has not been sleeping on this grave spiritual issue which Pope John Paul II had described as “one of the greatest threats to Christianity in the third millennium“.

The 1986 Document was described by Fr. Remi Hoeckman, O.P. “as a first step in the process of gathering information leading to further study,” and so it turned out to be.

At the Cardinals’ Fourth Extraordinary Consistory of April 1991, one session was dedicated to the NRMs; its agenda title was “The Proclamation of Christ, the Only Savior, and the Challenge of the Sects.”

The process was continued on May 16, 2013 with the follow-up meeting on the NAM and NRMs.


MAY 3, 1986 & APRIL 5, 1991,



It is possible that though the meeting of May 16, 2013 took place under the aegis of Pope Francis, he himself, personally, is ignorant of the spiritual dangers of Eastern alternative therapies and New Age.

If Pope Francis is lacking in knowledge about the spiritual dangers involved in the use by Catholics of New Age and alternative medicine, are all our Cardinals (or at least those whom Patrick San Francesco allegedly addressed) equally ignorant on the matter? Aren’t Pope Francis and the Cardinals aware of what the 2003 Pontifical Document on the New Age Movement, the several warnings issue by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea in 1997, 2001, 2003 and 2004, the U.S. Catholic Bishops’ Conference 2009 warning on Reiki* which is also a technique of occult “energy” manipulation, the Call to Vigilance on the New Age issued in 1996 by the Primate of Mexico, Archbishop Carrera**, or again the Irish Theological Commission’s 1994 response*** to the New Age, to note just a few of the many Church warnings on the New Age Movement)?

Are Pope Francis and the Cardinals lacking in spiritual discernment, or did any of the Cardinals suspect that the Holy Father himself might be under bondage to occult powers because of his submitting himself to treatment by these two New Age gurus, Liu Ming and Patrick San Francesco?.






I consulted with a few good Indian Catholics who happen to be in church ministry about this report before releasing it today, on whether to publish it or not in view of the fact that we do not have any independent verification/corroboration of the Mid-day/goanvoiceuk story, or any response to our enquiry with Mid-day as well as the bishops of Bombay. They were of the unanimous opinion that the report should be published considering that Pope Francis’ treatment by the Taoist monk Liu Ming was a long-term one and not a one-time thing, and also in order to generate feed-back from Catholic readers on the Patrick San Francesco story.

This team hopes that the report on “Patrick and the Pope” will be denied by the Church as mischievous.



The same image can be viewed at; it is the Mid-day piece of June 24, 2014, reproduced by goanvoiceuk.


Other reports in the series:


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21 MAY 2014


To finally answer question number 2 on pages 2 and 15 of the present report:

We called Patrick San Francesco today, the 6th of July, 2014, at 10:55 a.m. on his mobile number 09823181688. He confirmed to us that he is aware of the Mid-day story.
He also confirmed to us that he was in Rome/the Vatican, as a guest of Pope Francis on May 31, June 1 and 2, 2014. That, then, settles the question of whether the New Age guru was in Rome/the Vatican, or not. It remains to be ascertained if Pope Francis had indeed invited him there and if his is a healer-patient relationship with the Pope (as was Liu Ming’s).





Read the following brief report

which connects QUO VADIS PAPA FRANCISCO 04 and the present report QUO VADIS PAPA FRANCISCO 06 and which also carries a few responses from the Indian bishops.


One of our virtual team members who resides in Europe attempted to recover more information and if possible substantiate the claims of Patrick San Francesco to have been the guest of the Pope. Her letters:

Name Withheld
Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2014 6:22 PM

Subject: Re Liu Ming and Patrick San Francesco

I’ve been doing some research regarding Liu Ming and Patrick San Francesco.

Regarding Liu Ming: it seems that the publication of his interview to the magazine Perfil (followed by a TV appearance) turned out to be excellent for his business (

I was unable to find any article that had confirmation about the Pope. So, the only sources remain Liu Ming and Perfil.

Regarding Patrick San Francesco: I tried to find an event or a meeting involving a group of Cardinals, in which Patrick San Francesco could have participated. I failed to find any:

–         No meeting of Cardinals for the dates he claims to have been in Rome (31 May to 2 June 2014). Certainly no ‘conclave’ (that’s only for electing a new Pope), no synod, etc. The Pope has regular meetings with a Council of Cardinals that he has named, but no such meeting took place near those dates (the Council met at the beginning of July).

–         I researched important events for those dates, and only found an International meeting of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal on June 1st, with the participation of people from 55 countries, that took place at the Olympic Stadium of Rome and the Pope was there and addressed the participants. But no trace of Patrick San Francesco. And it wasn’t a meeting of “Cardinals”.

–         I also found strange the reference in the article to the Pope wanting Patrick to meet the “Islamic equivalent” of a Cardinal in Turkey?!? I checked the list of persons that were received on those dates in private audience by the Pope, and there is no-one from Turkey, so it is indeed a strange claim.

Have you got more information? Did the Mid-Day journalist ever get back to you? How did you find Patrick San Francesco on the phone? I find it strange – as you pointed out, that he has no photo of himself with the Pope, and that, apart from that article on Mid-Day, he doesn’t seem to give much details about a meeting that should have been so important for him.


Name Withheld
Michael Prabhu
Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2014 12:25 PM

Subject: Re: Re Liu Ming and Patrick San Francesco

Dear Michael,

I got an answer from my friend from Argentina, who worked for many years for a Catholic News agency. She told me that she didn’t know anything about Liu Ming, but that several years ago, when in Buenos Aires, she had come across a Catholic free magazine with many New Age contents. She made a report about it and sent it to then Cardinal Bergoglio. To her surprise, some time later, she received a call from him thanking her for the report. She never saw that magazine again. So, she considers that he is aware of New Age infiltrations. 

I don’t want to be trying to defend the Pope all the time, because I consider he should speak up for himself and anyway, I’m not in his head. But, from what Liu Ming himself said, it seems that the Pope was indeed trying to evangelize him while being treated with acupuncture and massages. Unfortunately, those unconventional things that he likes to do can be easily deviated and used as propaganda. 

If I get more info, I’ll let you know. I also want to encourage you with your latest project regarding the Synod on the Family. 


Name Withheld
Michael Prabhu
Sent: Monday, August 18, 2014 11:58 AM Subject: Patrick San Francesco

I just wanted to tell you that last week I sent a letter in Italian to the Prefettura della Casa Pontificia, which is the part of the Vatican that organises all the audiences for the Pope, asking about San Francesco and including the Mid day article. I don’t know if I will get an answer, but at least let’s try.


We are now on Patrick San Francesco’s mailing list! Samples:

From: Light Movement <> Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2014 14:15:07 -0700
Subject: Full Moon Meditation – Soon!
Patrick will be speaking LIVE from Delhi, India for the Full Moon Meditation & Talk very soon!
Please register for the free event to receive the link to the online event:
Full Moon Meditation – July 12th, 7:45pm (Indian Time)
Use the Time Zone Converter to find the time in your area.
Your Light Movement Community




From: Light Movement SOUTH AFRICA <> Date: Sat, 02 Aug 2014 01:45:09 -0700 Subject: Patrick returns to South Africa!

We are pleased to announce that Patrick San Francesco will return to South Africa in August offering his inspirational Talks, Open Healing Sessions, Introduction to Energy Healing and Continued Energy Healing Workshops!
Our healing community has grown tremendously over the past year, and every time Patrick returns we learn something new.  We are excited to share this tour with everyone.
Complete Schedule
August 4th ~ Johannesburg, South Africa – Talk (FREE!)
August 5th ~ Harare, Zimbabwe – Talk (FREE!)
August 6th ~ Bulawayo, Zimbabwe – Talk (FREE!)
August 8th ~ Wynberg, South Africa – Talk (FREE!)
August 9th ~ Wynberg, South Africa – Intro Workshop
August 9th ~ Wynberg, South Africa – Continued Workshop
Patrick’s tour events include:
Introduction to Energy Healing Workshop – Patrick introduces his healing techniques, ending with individual healings for participants.
Continued Energy Healing Workshop – Patrick provides additional training, practice and healing tools to those who have taken the Introductory Workshop.  This course can be repeated multiple times, as he always offers something new.
Talk & Healing – Patrick offers inspirational talks, ending with healings for participants, “Raising Consciousness by Focusing
Open Healing Sessions – Patrick offers individual healings, which are free and open to the public. Donations support the work of his organization, Samarpan Foundation.


From: Light Movement NORTH AMERICA <> Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2014 17:15:08 -0700 Subject: Patrick’s North American Tour Announced!

We are pleased to announce that Patrick San Francesco will return to North America in April offering his inspirational Talks, Open Healing Sessions, Introduction to Energy Healing and Continued Energy Healing Workshops!
Our healing community has grown tremendously over the past year, and every time Patrick returns we learn something new.  We are excited to share this tour with everyone.
Complete Schedule
Sept 10th ~ Full Moon Meditation, Pasadena, CA – Live Stream
Sept 11th ~ Pasadena, CA
Sept 12th-13th ~ Santa Barbara, CA
Sept 14th-15th ~ San Francisco, CA
Sept 16th-17th ~ Edmonton, CANADA
Sept 22nd ~ New York, NY

Just for the record, I also sent the following letter to Cardinal Ivan Dias, one of the Pope’s advisors, to the Apostolic Nuncio to India, to the entire executive of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences,

Michael Prabhu
Sent: Monday, July 07, 2014 6:31 AM


Dear Cardinal Ivan Dias,



Our ministry is deeply concerned that Pope Francis might be taking New Age treatment from a Taoist Chinese-Argentinean monk named Liu Ming as well as from a Goan Indian psychic energy healer named Patrick San Francesco.


The above report is related to two other detailed files for which the links are:



Michael Prabhu

Catholic apologist, Chennai 




Michael Prabhu
To: ;

Sent: Monday, July 07, 2014 6:34 AM



Dear Archbishop Salvatore,


Michael Prabhu
fabc ; ; ; Archbishop Bombay ;

Sent: Monday, July 07, 2014 6:41 AM


Dear Cardinal
Oswald Gracias,




Michael Prabhu
To: ; ; ; ; ; ;
Sent: Monday, July 07, 2014 6:53 AM


Office Bearers of the


The letter was sent to Bishops and Bishops’ Conferences of other nations as well as to every single bishop in the Indian Church.


Watch the following and listen to Patrick San Francesco. 4:20 4:05 Introduction to healing 2:46 Breathing Techniques 12:57 Advanced Golden Light Meditation The Four Selves 41:36

You will hear the most nonsensical and ridiculous philosophies, claims and teachings that defy logical and rational understanding. You will hear that Patrick San Francesco practises water divining, that he possesses clairvoyance, that he can obtain healing for his patients by simply demanding them from “God”.

You will hear a lady in an Episcopal Church congregation testify to witnessing the miracles of Sai Baba and Himalayan yogis in India. You will hear Patrick San Francesco categorically deny Jesus’ miracles at Cana as well as the multiplication of loaves and fishes. The miracles were in the “change of consciousness” of people.

This is as unique a blend of New Age and humbugging as ever there was.


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