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Erika Gibello is also an expert on New Religious Movements (NRMs) and knowledgeable on “Neo-Hindu religious movements“. She has lived in Bombay (Mumbai) and has ministered all over India.

She maintains that Homoeopathy is unscientific and based on Taoistic thought and demonstrates that it is occult/New Age when she says that the alleged “vital force” of Homoeopathy is the same as the universal energy, Ki, Chi, Prana, Bio-energy,
which are the names of the operative forces in Reiki, Pranic healing, acupuncture, Kundalini yoga, biofeedback,

She also served as secretary of the International Association of Exorcists (AIE) and the International Association for Deliverance (IAD).




By Erika Gibello, 2003

Dr. Samuel (Christian Friedrich) Hahnemann was born in Meissen, Germany on 11th April 1755. He studied medicine in Leipzig and later was practicing in Vienna, where he received his medical doctorate. He recognized the limitation of the medical treatments of his time that were based on the classical theory of “Contraria Contraris” (healing Opposites by Opposites). He tirelessly denounced prevalent therapeutic methods.

Whilst translating a medical treatise by Dr. Cullen, defending the Peruvian bark (Quinin) in the treatment of Malaria, he rejected Dr. Cullen’s theory. He propounded his own theory: “Peruvian bark, which is used for fever acts because it can produce similar symptoms to those of fever in healthy people.” With this statement he formulated his new medical law: “Similia Similibus Curentur” (Like cures like.)

Right from the onset of his medical carrier he made enemies in the medical establishment. He had a small crowd of student-supporters, mainly because he recommended hygiene, correct diet and cleanliness in the day-to-day living. All were new concepts in his days.

There are two steps in the medical treatment that he recommended:

1) the doctor should know what the effects of the administered drug would have on a healthy person.

2) one should treat the disease with a remedy, which will cause a similar disease in the person, and the former will be healed.

He further propounded the medication of “pure” drugs rather then mixtures. When applying pure substances he encountered side effects. To avoid these he started to dilute these substances with neutral medias by shaking or rubbing.

He wrote several books of which the “Organon of Medicine” is the most important. In it he clarifies his position vis-à-vis the medical establishment. “The medical properties of those material substances which we call medicines relate only to their energy to call out alterations in the well-being of animal life. This conceptual principle of life attributes their medicinal health altering influence.”

It is therefore clear from Hahnemann’s writing that it is the energy released during the process of “potencization”, (diluting and shaking/rubbing) and not the inherent medicinal properties of the substance used as the “medicine” that effects the cure.

He writes that it is not the sickness he wishes to cure, but “spiritum vitae” of man. He attributes to the pure substances some “inner medical power” that in turn will affect the “spiritual life” in the patient, and hence heal him/her.

“Homoeopathy does not treat diseases, but human beings suffering from diseases. The whole human being, spirit/soul and body, is here the center of attention”.

We deal here with an apparent “energy-transfer”. Apparently by shaking the substance with a neutral dilution (water/milk/ sugar/alcohol) the inert energy of the substance is released and affects the spirit in man, by restoring its balance. The imbalance is what causes sickness. For the correct choice of substance one has to observe not only the symptoms of the sickness, but also the whole personality of the patient. How is this supposing to work? Hahnemann himself gives the answer. “As this natural law manifests itself in every pure experiment it matters little what may be the scientific explanation of how it takes place.”

Science is totally disregarded by homoeopaths till now!





In his book the “Organon of Medicine” he discusses potencization: “The homoeopathic system of medicine develops for its special use, to a hitherto unheard of degree, the inner medicinal powers of the crude substances by means of a process peculiar to it and which hitherto has never been tried, whereby only they all become immeasurably and penetratingly officious and remedial, even those that in the crude state give no evidence of the slightest medicinal power on the human body. This remarkable change in the qualities of natural bodies develops the latent, hitherto unperceived, as if slumbering, hidden dynamic powers which influence the life-principle.

This is effected by mechanical action upon their smallest particles by means of shaking and rubbing and through the addition of an indifferent substance, dry or fluid. This process is called dynamizing, potencizing…”

How is this carried out?

To prepare a medicine of one potency on the centesimal scale, one part of the drug is diluted with 99 parts of the diluents vehicle, an inert or known non-medical substance, usually sugar, milk or rectified spirit. Thereafter, and it is a must, the drug is mixed through rubbing or shaking for about an hour. The resultant total has one potency.

Out of the above 100 parts of potency one, one part is taken and mixed with another 99 parts of diluent. After rubbing or shaking for one-hour potency two is produced. And so on, till potencies of 30, 200, 1000, 10000,100000 are achieved.

Hahnemann declared: “the greater the potencization, the greater was the power of the medicine in curing the symptoms homeopathically indicated.”

By the third potency, the degree of dilution is one-millionth. It is difficult to imagine how much of the original drug is still to be found in such high dilution of 10.000 or higher potencies.

This fact makes it abundantly clear that we have to turn for an answer to the so called “Universal” energy question that carries the whole homoeopathic medical system.

Hahnemann lived in times of great social and spiritual changes. He was born not 40 years before the French Revolution. The age of “enlightenment” was unfolding, scientific experiences were on its way to replace medieval medical assumption, based on various worldviews. For the first time oriental philosophy could be read.

The idea of a Universal Energy as the permeating, life giving factor caught the imagination of many.

The idea that created materials are held together by this energy triggered the imagination of Hahnemann. He assumed that by shaking one could release the power, and that power, being a spiritual farce could then alter the “Spiritum Vitae” in man. First he thought in terms of “strengthening the immune body” to help the patient to heal him/herself faster. Already in the second edition of the ”Organon” he corrected this idea and the released energy changes the symptoms itself. Hence great attention is given to diagnose the symptoms. Dowsing (pendulum) and an astrological chart maybe used for that purpose.

If there is a healing effect found with homoeopathy it has till today no scientific explanation. Medical research has not found any confirmation of this theory of energy release and transfer, and it is assumed that self healing, which is naturally given in nature, and a placebo effect are causing a psychological condition in the patient that furthers the healing. Serious sickness cannot be healed. For example pneumonia, leprosy etc.

Furthermore the near ritualistic application of the medicine causes the trusting patient to relax and be open for healing.

What the “energy” concerns we have to discern the difference between Created energy and the Live-Giving energy, the Holy Spirit. Created energy holds the universe together. Created energy cannot be released from the atom by shaking or rubbing, as is well known in our century. People like Einstein, Heisenberg, Planck, and others who worked in this field discovered the mathematical equations for the materialization of energy and vice versa.

Life-giving energy is none other then the Holy Spirit. As believing Christians we know that only the Holy Spirit can transform our human spirit. The Holy Spirit cannot be “caught” out of the air (see Rei-ki or Pranic healing) nor can He be invoked. The only way is via the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ through Him we can repent and be forgiven which changes our spirit. (Credo of the Catholic Church)

Hahnemann was influenced by the philosophy of Confucius that propounds the balancing of energy for a happy and healthy life. He called Jesus an arch-romantic and preferred to meet his master, Confucius in the after life.

He also adhered to Swedenborgian believers of the spiritist sect in the 17 century in Sweden. He claimed to be inspired by God (obviously not Jesus Christ, since he rejected him). Furthermore there is sufficient evidence that he joined in his youth the Freemasons. This personal data of Hahnemann should be a guideline for Christians to make a correct decision concerning homoeopathic treatment.

The introduction of the use of universal energy for healing purpose puts homoeopathy on the same level as many alternative medicines and healing methods of the New Age, as explained in the recently released Vatican Document on that subject (3 February, 2003).

Universal energy, Ki, Chi, Prana, Bio-energy, Vital force are a few of the names given to it in the various New Age healing methods. I Corinthians 2:14, I Corinthians 6:12, Leviticus 20:6, Deuteronomy 18:10 ff.


In January 2007, Erika Gibello wrote this letter to a seminarian who then came to learn about my ministry, shared the following with me, and remains in contact with me ever since:

Homoeopathy – Erika Gibello

Dear name withheld,





There can be a lot said in respect of the Neo-Hindu religious movements.

Concerning Yoga, I have sent you some notes in response to Michael [Prabhu]‘s articles and web site just now.

Now Homoeopathy was invented by the German Hahnemann at the end of the 18th century, a time in Europe of tremendous changes (French Revolution, Mathematics, Science) – leaving behind magical thinking. Hahnemann had the idea that the energies of the substances (not just herbs, but bones and stones and metals etc) will when being broken up give up their energy and hence he started to dilute them by shaking and adding water or alcohol.

The more diluted is supposed to be more energy free, which in turn should strengthen the sick person’s ability to heal themselves (what we call today Immune system). This idea of the energy exchange and balance come from the Chinese traditional way of thinking and was put together by Lao-tze in his [Taoist] philosophy.

It is a mythological way of interpreting nature and our surrounding and rests in the last instance in a dualistic approach of observing nature: Light/dark, male/female, hard/soft etc. All natural observations which were explained with energies or lack of energy. God the Creator does not play any part in the Chinese [Taoist] philosophy. It is mostly concerned with healthy and happy living conditions.

Now, what energies concern: We know today two forms of energy: The Personal: The Holy Spirit of God and the impersonal created energies: Atom energy, Gravity, Magnetism. Neither the first nor the latter can be gained through shaking.

Coming back to Hahnemann and his Homoeopathy: The medications he prescribes are in three categories: Lower potencies, medium and high potencies. Each is reached by dilution in the form of shaking (or rubbing) when he formed globolis– this means in Latin small ball or pill.

The lower potencies can carry dangers, as Homoeopathy uses heavy metals at times, which are forbidden in modern medicine, the medium range has some medical success, which is mostly attributed to the placebo effect. It works on children, animals and allergic patients- all easy subject to placebo influence, as they are depending on the parents or carer. Many allergies are rooted in a psychological state of insecurity (often generational) and hence can be “cured” psychologically with a placebo. Additionally much of the application is strictly regulated in ever so small doses, which has nearly a “liturgical effect”.

What I am saying is this:

Medically seen there is no effect as there is no substance or chemical in the medicine which could work in or on the body! What is working: most likely a placebo effect. The Homoeopath will never permit modern tests and scientific experiment (the same application with the same results) All homeopathy medicines are individually produced (originally they are meant to be for this one person only in his/her circumstances). This is not fully valid in modern times, also the diagnostic methods using often modern clinical methods of testing. Especially in the big pharmaceutical companies, never the less the actual medications have next to no chemicals.

There has been a research by a French Doctor in the 1960s and he assumed that the water molecules get imprinted by the substance which it dilutes! Well he was excluded by the French Medical Association. Recently an Australian claims this “discovery” for himself. In Australia are not the same strict medical circumstances legally as in Europe, so he got away with his theories, which are nonsense to any scientific informed person!

What is working: We do not know. If there are “energies” they are not of scientific nature and you can think about certain “elemental spirits of the universe”, but before coming to extreme conclusions let’s look what these medications have as spiritual “fruits”, to speak in biblical terms. Health and well- being are not necessarily the highest criteria, but to observe what happens in time. Dependency forming attributes!

Now read St Pauls I Corinthians 6:12… “I will not be dominated by anything”: and before we conclude that maybe evil spirits are working we can see a “natural” inclination dependency to the point of refusing, even in emergency cases like pneumonia, modern, well attested pharmaceutica are refused, which can lead to death (so it cannot be in the will of God).

I have a story in India about this and also same story in Brazil, where I could save people by immediately telling them to take antibiotics, and leave homoeopathy. Both were saved from a certain death.

I am a qualified pharmacist, with a fully qualified studium in Homoeopathy. This is the law in Austria. So I am not talking from hear-say or prejudice, but from knowledge and later experience in the healing ministry.

With this dependency a form of anxiety enters people’s lives: fears are not of God and you might or might not take Homeopathy, but if in a ministry for Jesus, watch your steps that you do not get slowed down by anxieties.

My view is simple, forgetting completely anything about evil spirits or evil influences: Homeopathy has  only success in the medium range of potencies, as there are some traces of substances still present which can influence the body, the lower potencies should avoided in case heavy metal was added, the D33 and after potencies do not contain anything but water or alcohol with water and cannot harm the body (nor help either) what helps is the “faith in this form of medications, especially modern man thinks that the traditional school medicine is “too strong”, the pill too strong etc, and those globulis are so small. What is most disturbing for me in the whole homoeopathic story is the enormous amount of monies which are made with a lie.
















































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