OCTOBER 15, 2014


When this ministry released the Quo Vadis no. 07 pilot report in the month of August 2014


and sent it in the form of an email letter (see below, pages 3 and 4) to hundreds of Catholics in India and across the world it was received with mixed reactions.

Most recipients of the communication from this ministry simply ignored it. They include praise and worship and prayer group leaders, covenant communities and renewal ministries, retreat centres and priests. Many were long-time friends and had never, ever before ignored a letter from this ministry. This time around they apparently decided to play safe (since the issue concerned Pope Francis) and distance themselves from us.

Two persons attacked our concerns and predictions of a serious division at the Synod.

One was a priest of the Neo Catechumenical Way, shockingly the very same one who had stood shoulder-to-shoulder with us during our campaign to get the 2008 St. Pauls’ New Community Bible withdrawn because of its distorted notes and commentaries*.

But, I am happy to add that there were a few dozen Catholics, including priests and senior lay leaders in renewal ministry, who shared the concerns expressed by me regarding both, Pope Francis as well as the Synod. We will be publishing all these letters without revealing the identity of the writers.
*The name of the priest will however be made known.


We had promised, in our communication of August 2 (see pages 3 and 4), to release the detailed Quo Vadis 07 report end August. We did not do so for several reasons, a couple of them being that our research uncovered a lot of very disturbing information that needed to be double-checked and compiled painstakingly, and it would require a minimum time that would extend its release till almost the period of the synod, and because we were eventually led in prayer to delay the detailed report maybe until December of 2014.

As it happens, that detailed report is still far from complete.


Why should a critical report from this ministry on the Synod on the Family be included in the Quo Vadis Papa Francisco series? Because of two reasons:

Pope Francis is the head of the Church under who the Synod is being held and is fully and ultimately responsible for all decisions on Catholic morality emerging from the Synod, whether he throws his weight on the side of Tradition or on that of the liberals.

The second reason will be clear to our readers when the Quo Vadis 07 report is released.

As of now, I can only say that Pope Francis is making a lot of good, orthodox Catholic including me very anxious, and the Quo Vadis 07 report will explain it all.


The biggest hurdle we face, and this has been expressed to me over the ‘phone and by email, is that it is simply not politically correct for conservative Catholics to criticize their Pope. This ministry does not agree with that line of thought. The Bible and Catholic tradition have examples of saints and prophets who admonished Popes and kings.



Midway through the Synod, the prophetic concerns expressed by this ministry in early August 2014 have been vindicated. Read the Zenit report on page 2.


Synod 14: Pro-Life Coalition Condemns Synod Mid-Way Report

Calls It a “Betrayal” of Catholic Parents Worldwide That Undermines Church’s Teaching

By Staff Reporter, VATICAN CITY, October 13, 2014 (

An international coalition of pro-life and pro-family organizations has strongly criticized the mid-way report on the Synod on the Family, calling it a “betrayal” of Catholic parents worldwide.

John Smeaton, co-founder of Voice of the Family, said those “controlling the Synod have betrayed Catholic parents worldwide.”

We believe that the Synod’s mid-way report is one of the worst official documents drafted in Church history,” he said. 

Earlier today, the synod published the report, called a relatio post disceptationem. It was presented to the assembly by the synod’s relator general, Cardinal Péter Erdő.

Smeaton said “thankfully the report is a preliminary report for discussion, rather than a definitive proposal.” But he added it is “essential” that the voices of those lay faithful who sincerely live out Catholic teaching are also taken into account. “Catholic families are clinging to Christ’s teaching on marriage and chastity by their finger-tips,” he said.

Patrick Buckley, Voice of the Family’s Irish representative, said the report represents “an attack on marriage and the family,” and added that it “in effect gives a tacit approval of adulterous relationships, thereby contradicting the Sixth Commandment and the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ on the indissolubility of marriage.”

“The report undermines the Church’s definitive teaching against contraception, by using the coded language of ‘underlin[ing] the need to respect the dignity of the person in the moral evaluation of the methods of birth control,” he said. He said such language “is the code of those who wish to reduce the Church’s doctrines to a mere guide, thus leaving couples free to choose contraception in so-called ‘conscience’.”

Buckley said the report “accepts wrongly” that there is a value in the homosexual orientation. He said this contradicts the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith’s 1986 Letter on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons which says: “Although the particular inclination of the homosexual person is not a sin, it is a more or less strong tendency ordered toward an intrinsic moral evil; and thus the inclination itself must be seen as an objective disorder.”

Maria Madise, Voice of the Family’s coordinator, asked whether Catholics parents will now have to tell their children about contraception, cohabiting with partners or living homosexual lifestyles. “Will those parents now have to tell their children that the Vatican teaches that there are positive and constructive aspects to these mortal sins? This approach destroys grace in souls.” She added it would be a “false mercy” to give Holy Communion to people who do not repent of their mortal sins against Christ’s teachings on sexual purity. “Real mercy consists of offering people a clean conscience via the Sacrament of Confession and thus union with God,” she said.

“Many of those who claim to speak in the name of the universal Church have failed to teach the faithful,” she added. “This failure has created unprecedented difficulties for families. No responsibility is taken for this failure in this disastrous mid-way report.”

“The Synod’s mid-way report will increase the incidence of faithful Catholics being labelled as ‘pharisees’, simply for upholding Catholic teaching on sexual purity.”

John Smeaton concluded by urging Catholics “not to be complacent or give in to a false sense of obedience, in the face of attacks on the fundamental principles of the natural law.

“Catholics are morally obliged to oppose the course being taken within the Synod,” he said. END

Over the next few days, there will be many more condemnations like the above. We pray that they will be heard by Pope Francis and that the Catholic Church will be saved from being destroyed beyond recognition by the greatest moral dangers it has ever faced since Jesus founded Her and entrusted the Deposit of Faith to Peter and the apostles. -Michael


AUGUST 2, 2014


Quo Vadis, Papa Francisco?

07- There’s open dissent and rejection of traditional teachings at the highest levels in the Church; so, what can we expect from the Synod on the Family in October?


Above is the headline of the seventh in our QUO VADIS PAPA FRANCISCO series of reports. It is expected that the report will be ready in a couple of weeks.

Below is the pilot letter, sent out from this ministry commencing August 2, 2014:


Michael Prabhu
Michael Prabhu
Sent: Saturday, August 02, 2014




Dear Reverend Fathers and Catholic friends,

Kindly excuse this common enquiry under Bcc to all. Please treat it as a most important individual communication from me.
If you share my concern, please circulate this letter to all your contacts. I will greatly appreciate any feedback/information and I give you my assurance that I will not use your name or email address in the present report that I am preparing.


The extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family will meet at the Vatican October 5-19, 2014.

It will include a dozen or more voting members named by the pope, three priests chosen by the Union of Superiors General, a dozen or more expert advisers, about a dozen representatives of other Christian churches and up to 30 observers, more than half comprised of married couples — who will be encouraged to address the assembly

A preparatory questionnaire was distributed in October 2013 and summarized in the synod working document that was published in June 2013 demonstrated a desire to hear from the grassroots. The topics raised in the questionnaire included contraception, divorce and remarriage, same-sex marriage, premarital sex and in vitro fertilization. (cf.


I have been closely following developments on this issue and have been preparing a sort of “study” as I am greatly concerned about a number of statements attributed to Pope Francis and then denied or “explained” by Vatican sources and manipulated by the secular media as well as extreme liberal Catholic groups. While just a couple of important and senior individuals in the Church appear to be defending the traditional positions of the Church against compromise and change, there is a lot of speculation even in the Catholic media about which side will prevail at the Synod, and whose side the Pope will come down on (seeing that popular opinion, surveys and polls indicate that “Catholics” want revolutionary changes in the traditional moral teachings of the Church).

Unfortunately, many statements (and actions) by Pope Francis have not been very reassuring and have drawn criticism from faithful Catholics, including many in ministry. It is not possible for me to provide documentation in this letter but the interested reader may examine just two (of a total of seven in the Quo Vadis series) reports at this ministry’s web site:




While conservative, traditional and faithful Catholics are apparently ignorant or unconcerned about the Synod, dissenting, rebellious and dissident and leftwing groups have galvanized themselves into action and have been garnering support for their agendae worldwide. Just one example: They have had regional and national level meetings, organized their own questionnaires and signature campaigns and are busy submitting their findings and proposals to Catholic Bishops’ Conferences and to Rome.


Their agendae include, but naturally, pro-choice and anti-life programs, lifting of the ban on use of contraceptives, recognition of the LGBT (same-sex) lobby, Holy Communion for divorced and remarried individuals, optional celibacy for priests, the ordination of women, and much more. They are displaying a purpose and unity that appears to be totally missing among Indian Catholics. I hope I am utterly wrong in my presumption. Still, I assure you that my findings give me serious reasons for concern. If you are presently unaware of the details, you will be provided them in my report in a couple of weeks. 




What I need to have or need to know to help me in the preparation of my report that I intend to send to the CBCI and to Rome:

-Any information whatsoever about the Synod, irrespective of date and source. Please give me the URLs only.

-To what extent and manner was the Vatican questionnaire/survey circulated/announced/discussed with the laity in your diocese/city/parish and approximately when?

-Your personal opinions, if any.

Do you have any idea of who the Indian priests and lay persons are who have been deputed by the Indian Church to attend the Extraordinary Synod on our behalf? If not, can you please find out and let me know?


Please do not dismiss this letter lightly. If you will not reply, please circulate it to other Catholics; if you cannot do that either, pray. Pray hard.

If in the future, God forbid, we are burdened with unacceptable changes to Catholic morality and the Faith of our Fathers, it may be too late for us to regret. Our children and theirs will hold us responsible. Remember that the forces of evil in the opposite camp are extremely well organized and pro-active; see the web pages of which alone has dozens of allied support groups worldwide. is a lobby that is promoting every type of perversion such as homosexuality and women priests to name just two in the name of “Catholic Church Reform”.


If any of you would like to have a copy of the questionnaire, please contact me. Once again, I give you my assurance that I will not use your name and email address unless with your explicit permission.


Michael Prabhu

Catholic apologist 044 2461 1606;

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