In the year 2009, on the 11th of November, my mother Clarita was diagnosed with stomach cancer 4th stage as per the ultrasound report. I was completely shattered and did not know what to do! When some family friends recommended Pranic healing (energy healing) with guaranteed results I agreed and took my mum every alternate Sunday to this pranic healer, Patrick San Francesco*, and this went on for about six months.

*More about this psychic healer from Goa in a separate report of July 2014


Then out of the blue one day in May 2010, I got a call from a very old family friend Michael Prabhu (who is now evangelizing full time), and his wife Angela, who I saw maybe after 20 years or so and they came to see us and I told them about my mother and her ailment and he told me to “lay all my burdens at the foot of the cross” and let the Lord work his miracle. Then as the conversation progressed I don’t know what made me tell him about the Pranic healer and he then immediately told me to cut myself away from this healer as the healing “energy” is demonic, and instead to place all my trust in the greatest healer our Lord Jesus Christ, which I did — and have no regrets as my mother stands completely healed today, Praise the Lord.

I would also like to add that this meeting with Michael Prabhu was no coincidence but it was the way our Lord worked in order to convey to me that I should draw away from this demonic healer and instead place all my trust and faith in the Lord.


After my mother had completed her eight circle of chemotherapy, I sought the doctor’s permission and took her to the Divine Retreat Centre, Chalakudy in Kerala and we attended the full retreat. My mother faced no problems at all during the six days of the retreat. We came back to Delhi and she was again administered two more rounds of chemo after which the Oncologist told us to do a PET scan. When I got the PET scan results, I was amazed to find that it was completely negative – no sign of cancer!!! Praise the Lord!!! I went and immediately showed the same to the oncologist who told me that lymphoma cancer reacts much quicker to chemotherapy and therefore they could be a possibility that it might come back so she advised us to go in for radiation. Since I was in touch with a counselor, Dr. Romilla, at the retreat centre, I contacted her and she told me to go ahead with the radiation. After the radiation I was told to do an X-ray and ultrasound and again there was no trace of cancer and I did this three times after a span of two months and each time the results were negative. In March 2011 I again got the opportunity of going to the Divine Retreat Centre and I took my whole family (including my Mum) for the retreat. This time during the prayer session there was a “word of knowledge” that someone with stomach cancer has been healed and we claimed the healing. In the first week of October 2011 I was again told by the oncologist to do a PET scan and I called Dr. Romilla and she told me to go ahead and do the PET scan, and that my mother was healed. True enough, the results of the PET scan were negative – PRAISE THE LORD!!! That very month, I again went to the Divine Retreat Centre to give thanksgiving for the great miracle the Lord had worked by healing my beloved mother of terminal stomach cancer.

Ivan Menezes, New Delhi

December 1, 2011


NOTE: Clarita Menezes and her then unmarried daughter Merlyn were members of the St. Michael’s parish, Prasad Nagar, New Delhi, charismatic prayer group since its inception in June 1982. For almost a decade during which I served on the Delhi Service Team, Clarita faithfully attended all our retreats, rallies, and night vigils.

When Angela and I visited Delhi in May 2010, we called on Clarita and were shocked to find that she was afflicted with cancer and had lost all her hair to chemotherapy and was on heavy medication. However, she was her cheerful Christian self! As we were informed by Ivan that she did not know that she had cancer, we led them in a general prayer, asking that God’s will be done in her life and in the life of the family. On July 14, 2010, I had written Ivan:

It is also sad that Patrick San Francesco had to deceive you all into attempting New Age healing. My ministry has received many complaints about him. I have been able to create awareness and bring out many from under his influence as I have given talks at several places in Goa. Why don’t you take mummy to Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor [Potta]?

Praise the Lord. -Michael Prabhu, Chennai

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