Vassula Ryden: Problems with Rome, Bishops worldwide and her own Orthodox Church, but welcome in India

NOVEMBER 25/DECEMBER 8/12, 2012/JANUARY 13, 2013

Vassula Ryden: Problems with Rome, Bishops worldwide and her own Orthodox Church, but welcome in India

Vassula Ryden
is a controversial Greek-Orthodox “seer” who claims to receive written messages from God.

The intention of this alert is to provide reliable information to the Bishops, heads of retreat centers, lay leaders in ministry, and the Catholic laity at large in the Indian Church about the status of acceptance by the Catholic and Orthodox Churches of the Greek Orthodox “seer” named Vassula Ryden and her “messages”.

This alert will gradually be developed into a more-detailed report* which can be viewed under the same title at the “REPORTS” section of this ministry’s web site. Interested readers are requested to check our web site periodically for updates and new articles. *This report was updated on December 8, 2012. See pages 27 ff.



That file in the “CATHOLIC ISSUES” section of our web site contains four testimonies reproduced from, a critical website on Vassula Ryden and her “True Life in God”
messages. The website which was run by a Switzerland-based Catholic apologist Maria Laura Pio had to be shut down because of legal proceedings initiated against her in a civil court in Belgium in 2011 by the “True Life in God” [TLIG]”seer” Vassula Ryden and her team of legal experts. More of that later.


The writing and publishing of this alert is immediately necessitated by the receipt of information concerning the imminent visit of Vassula Ryden to various Catholic locations in India* on the back of a trip by her to Paris and Strasbourg in France which however has elicited strong warnings from six French bishops**.

After India, her next stopover is the Philippines. However, over 20 Indian bishops support Vassula Ryden.



Published on November 18, 2012 by Brian Colaco

Vassula Ryden in India this December

1) Delhi: Sat 01 Dec 2012: 10.30 p.m. Talk at the night vigil at the Divine Retreat Centre, Faridabad

Sun 02 Dec 2012: 06.00 p.m. MASS at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Delhi 07.00 PM. Talk by Vassula

(Contact Tel: Mr/Mrs Ety & Veronica Peris 01124312922)

2) Mumbai: Tue 04 Dec 2012: 7.30 p.m. Public Meeting at Don Bosco School Ground, Borivali West [Archdiocese of Bombay] (Contact Tel: Mrs. Celine Vieira 9819272355)

3) Coimbatore: Thu 06 Dec 2012: 6.30 p.m. Public Meeting at Stanes Higher Secondary School Grounds

(Contact Tel: Mr. Antonit Joseph 9786533355)

4) Kerala: Fri 07 Dec 2012: 9.00 p.m. Talk at IMS Retreat Centre, Alleppey [or Alappuzha]

(Contact Tel: Prof. John 9846408773)

5) West Bengal: Mon 10 Dec 2012: 03.30 p.m. Talk at Archbishop’s House, Kolkata for priests, religious and special invitees
[Archdiocese of Calcutta] (Contact Tel: Fr. Stephen Raphael 9332070534)

To know more about Vassula Ryden and the messages of TLIG visit, … …


Thursday, December 6, 2012 Coimbatore 6:00 p.m. Speech at Nirmala College Auditorium, Sungam; presided over by the Bishop of Coimbatore

Sunday, December 9, 2012 Kolkata 2:30 p.m. Kharagpur Parish Church grounds [Archdiocese of Calcutta]


—My telephonic enquiries reveal that the priest who is in charge of Vassula affairs in Delhi is Fr T. Jose. On her earlier visits, it was Fr. Joe Thomas. I am also informed that the Archbishop, Most Rev. Vincent Concessao has issued a letter to the clergy of Delhi archdiocese approving Vassula Ryden‘s visit there.

The Delhi contact person informed that she practises yoga and that she sees no problem with that!

—The Divine Retreat Centre, Faridabad, in Haryana, near Delhi, is associated with the Divine Retreat Centre [DRC], Muringoor, Kerala. They are managed by the priests of the Vincentian Congregation who run charismatic retreat centres at various locations in India. It must have been in 1997 that Fr. Mathew Naickomparambil VC from Potta, the founder of the Divine group of institutions went to Switzerland, met Vassula Ryden and invited her to India, as informed to me orally by Muringoor director Fr. Augustine Vallooran VC, after which she performed at Muringoor [on January 22, 1998] as well as earlier at Kochi [under Vincentian auspices] and then at two locations in Goa.

I remember that the then Archbishop of Goa, Most Rev. Raul Gonsalves, had instructed Catholics not to attend the performances of Vassula Ryden, despite which there was a massive turnout at both venues. [See the TLIG report on the 1999 visit on page 19] I can confirm this because I attended the programmes at Kochi [Cochin] as well as at Goa, being then a keen follower of Vassula
Ryden and TLIG.

TLIG January 1998

The welcome in Goa had a bitter taste, due to the evil one who was in full action using man’s passions and weaknesses to destroy Christ’s message and thus prevent many souls from being converted. An anonymous person who publicised himself as a “well wisher” from Austria, had heard of Vassula’s journey to India and sent the notification of October ’95* which was then published in a local newspaper with the attempt to prevent people from attending Vassula’s meetings. Alarmed clergy responded by warning people not to attend. But again, this did not disrupt Priests, Nuns and laity from coming. *See page 5

Vassula Ryden visited DRC, Muringoor once again on November 24, 1999.

The Director of the Divine Retreat Centre, Faridabad is Fr. Joby VC.

—The Bombay
archdiocesan weekly, The Examiner* carried a TLIG advertisement for the Borivali programme in the October 27, 2012, November 17, 2012 November 24, 2012 and December 1, 2012 [full page] issues.

TLIG January 1998

The prestigious Bombay Examiner* had selected Vassula’s talk as the cover story for the week of Christian unity, and it was accompanied by an article that stated clearly that Vassula’s writings are in complete accord with the Holy Scriptures. This article was to prove invaluable in presenting Vassula in this part of the world and will continue to be a precious blessing.

The Don Bosco School in Borivali belongs to the Salesian Fathers of Don Bosco. *See pages 27-31.

—At Coimbatore, the venue has been changed from the Protestant Stanes School grounds to the auditorium of the Catholic-run Nirmala College. Coimbatore diocese Bishop Most Rev. Thomas Aquinas will preside.

It is expected that TLIG messages in the Tamil language will be released at the function.

—The programme at the Indian Missionary Society [IMS] Fathers’ retreat centre in Alleppey comes as a surprise as it doubles as an “ashram” that is into New Age, not unlike its Varanasi counterpart, Fr. Anil Dev‘s Matridham ashram, where yoga and “OM” chanting vie with charismatic Hallelujahs.

I am now reproducing from the web site of IMS, Paravoor, Punnapra P.O. Alappuzha [Alleppey], Kerala:
Counselling Ministries

Through Gestalt Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming [N.L.P.], Transactional Analysis [T.A.] and pranic healing methods and using an eclectic approach by a group of male and female counselors on every day, especially on Mondays and last Saturday night service. Fr. Atul
IMS directs this ministry.


It is an ancient method of treatment. The word ‘Pranic’ comes from the word ‘Prana’ which means life, power. Healing means making one cured. We gain power from different sources-the nature, the sunlight and above all from God. Pranic healing is the method of treatment by which this power is received by the healer and then given to the patient and there by healing him. In Pranic healing, power received from God, air etc is transferred to the body of the patient through his ‘aura’ and heals him. At the I.M.S retreat center at Alappuzha, this healing service is rendered by trained and experienced persons. It is done on every Monday, during night vigil and also during retreats. So many people make use of this service and get healing.

Some combination this, charismatic renewal, heavy occult and New Age… and Vassula and TLIG!

The Bishop of Alleppey is the Most Rev. Stephen Athipozhiyil.

—In Calcutta archdiocese, the host at a special programme at the Archbishop’s house is the Archbishop, the Most Rev.
Thomas D’Souza. Fr. Stephen Raphael is the contact person for the Kharagpur performance.



**I. The Cardinal-Archbishop of Paris warns Catholics against Vassula Ryden’s November 23-25, 2012 visit [currently underway at the time of writing this alert] to France, November 12, 2012

We reproduce hereunder the text of the warning signed by Cardinal Vingt-Trois, Archbishop of Paris, and published on the archdiocese’s website 2.



[TRANSLATION FROM FRENCH] Paris, November 12, 2012

Warning against Mrs Vassula Ryden’s visit to the Ile-de-France region

The French association “True Life in God”, which promotes Mrs Vassula Ryden’s activities, has announced her next visit to Paris and a conference she will be holding at the Pavillon Baltard (Nogent-sur-Marne) on Sunday 25 November 2012.

The Holy See, through the voice of the Roman congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has pronounced itself several times regarding her (Notification dated 6 October 1995*, letters of 4 April 2002 and 25 January 2007**). The Holy See has expressed great reservations regarding her claimed revelations and has not recognized the supernatural nature of the messages that Mrs Ryden claims to have received. The Congregation advises the Catholic faithful not to lend support to Mrs Ryden’s activities or those of the association “True Life in God” by participating in them. **See page 4 *See page 5

Moreover, since Mrs Vassula Ryden is of Greek-Orthodox origin, the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople has published a declaration regarding her dated 16 March 2011, requesting that the faithful do not put their trust in her teachings.

I want to inform the Catholic faithful of Paris that the visit of Mrs Vassula Ryden and the events that will surround it are in no way connected to the Catholic Church. The acts of religious nature that could take place during it (the celebration of Mass or of deliverance and healing prayers) would be outside the communion with the Catholic Church.

+ André Cardinal VINGT-TROIS

Archbishop of Paris

The translation is not official and is the work of volunteers who are not professional translators. Please refer to the original text in French. All emphases mine both here and on the following pages- Michael


**II. The bishops of Nantes, Strasbourg, Belley-Ars, Lyon and Avignon also have published in the web sites of their dioceses similar warnings against Vassula Ryden, November 2012 See pp. 55, 56

– Diocese of Nantes:

– Diocese of Strasbourg:

– Diocese of Belley-Ars:

– Diocese of Lyon:

– Diocese of Avignon:


III. Warning from Cardinal Levada, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith [CDF], January 25, 2007 [See pages 51 ff.]


January 25, 2007

Prot. N.: 54/92 – 24945

Your Eminence / Your Excellency, 

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith continues to receive requests for clarification in relation to the writings and activities of Mrs Vassula Rydén. These requests address in particular the import of the Notification of 6 October 1995, and the criteria to be considered by the local Church in judging whether the writings of Mrs Vassula Ryden may appropriately be disseminated.

In this regard, the Congregation wishes to state the following:

1)      The Notification of 1995* remains valid as a doctrinal judgment of the writings examined (see Enclosure 1). *See page 5

2)      Mrs Vassula Rydén, however, after dialogue with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has offered clarifications on some problematic points in her writings and on the nature of her messages which are presented not as divine revelations, but rather as her personal meditations (see Enclosure 2: Letter of 4 April 2002, published in True Life in God, vol. 10). From a normative point of view therefore, following the aforementioned clarifications, a case by case prudential judgment is required in view of the real possibility of the faithful being able to read the writings in the light of the said clarifications.

3)      Finally, it remains inappropriate for Catholics to take part in prayer groups established by Mrs Rydén.
Concerning the question of ecumenical meetings, the faithful are to follow the norms of the Ecumenical Directory, of the Code of Canon Law (canons: 215; 223 §2 and 383 §3) and of Diocesan Ordinaries.

Thanking you for your attention and with sentiments of esteem, I am

Yours sincerely in Christ,

Cardinal William LEVADA


(2 Enclosures)

To the [Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops] Presidents of the Bishops Conferences










IV. The Vatican’s CDF Notification on Vassula Ryden, October 6, 1995

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Notification on Vassula Ryden, October 6, 1995 and

Many bishops, priests, religious and lay people have sought an authoritative judgement from this Congregation on the activity of Mrs. Vassula Ryden, a Greek Orthodox residing in Switzerland, who in speech and in writing is spreading in Catholic circles throughout the world messages attributed to alleged heavenly revelations.

A calm, attentive examination of the entire question, undertaken by this Congregation in order to “test the spirits to see whether they are of God” (cf. 1 Jn 4:1), has brought out — in addition to positive aspects — a number of basic elements that must be considered negative in the light of Catholic doctrine.

In addition to pointing out the suspect nature of the ways in which these alleged revelations have occurred, it is necessary to underscore several doctrinal errors they contain.

Among other things, ambiguous language is used in speaking of the Persons of the Holy Trinity, to the point of confusing the specific names and functions of the Divine Persons. These alleged revelations predict an imminent period when the Antichrist will prevail in the Church. In millenarian style, it is prophesied that God is going to make a final glorious intervention which will initiate on earth, even before Christ’s definitive coming, an era of peace and universal prosperity.
Furthermore, the proximate arrival is foretold of a Church which would be a kind of pan-Christian community, contrary to Catholic doctrine.

The fact that the aforementioned errors no longer appear in Ryden’s later writings is a sign that the alleged “heavenly messages” are merely the result of private meditations.

Moreover, by habitually sharing in the sacraments of the Catholic Church even though she is Greek Orthodox, Mrs. Ryden is causing considerable surprise in various circles of the Catholic Church. She appears to be putting herself above all ecclesiastical jurisdiction and every canonical norm, and in effect, is creating an ecumenical disorder that irritates many authorities, ministers and faithful of her own Church, as she puts herself outside the ecclesiastical discipline of the latter.

Given the negative effect of Vassula Ryden’s activities, despite some positive aspects, this Congregation requests the intervention of the Bishops so that their faithful may be suitably informed and that no opportunity may be provided in their Dioceses for the dissemination of her ideas. 

Lastly, the Congregation invites all the faithful not to regard Mrs. Vassula Ryden’s writings and speeches as supernatural and to preserve the purity of the faith that the Lord has entrusted to the Church.

Vatican City, 6 October 1995

Published in Acta Apostolicae Sedis AAS 88 (1996) 956-957; OR 23-24.10.1995; EV 14, 1956-1957; LE 5618; with the signatures of Card. Joseph Ratzinger and Mons. Tarcisio Bertone, respectively Prefect and Secretary of the Congregation.

Also available at the Vatican website:




V. Denouncement of Vassula Ryden and the TLIG messages from the Orthodox Church’s Ecumenical Patriarchate, March 16, 2011

[Also see]

Announcement on Vassula Ryden by the Ecumenical Patriarchate, March 16, 2011


νακοινωθέν περί τς Βασιλικς Παρασκευς Πεντάκη – Ρύντεν(Βασούλας)

ρθόδοξος κκλησία, κολουθοσα παρεγκλίτως τό λαμπρόν πόδειγμα καί τήν διδαχήν τν γίων ποστόλων, τήν διδασκαλίαν τν χόντων τήν ξ ατν Διαδοχήν Πατέρων τς κκλησίας καί τάς θεοπνεύστους ποφάσεις τν Οκουμενικν Συνόδων, διαφυλάττει ς πολύτιμον μαργαρίτην τήν πίστιν τς Μις, γίας, Καθολικς καί ποστολικς κκλησίας, τήν ποίαν βιώνει τό χριστεπώνυμον πλήρωμα ατς διά μέσου τς συμμετοχς ες τήν μυστηριακήν καί τήν καθόλου πνευματικήν ζωήν το θεοϊδρύτου κκλησιαστικο σώματος. Οτως, οαδήποτε τάσις ατοσχεδιασμο καί κίνησις, προσωπική συλλογική, περιφρονήσεως
θετήσεως τν δογμάτων τς πίστεως τν ρθοδόξων χριστιανν καί τς ν Χριστ ζως ντός τς κκλησίας ς μόνης δο διά τήν σωτηρίαν τν ψυχν μν, πολλ δέ μλλον τς ατοανακηρύξεως προσώπων ς «δθεν χαρισματικν», πεδοκιμάσθη πάντοτε ς παράδεκτος καινοτομία.

πό τό πνεμα τοτο, καί διά τήν φειλετικήν προστασίαν το μέν εσεβος ρθοδόξου πληρώματος ξ πικινδύνων πνευματικν συγχύσεων, τν δέ μή γνωριζόντων καλς τά πράγματα κ το
λλοχεύοντος κινδύνου τς πλάνης, ποδοκιμάζονται πό τς Μητρός κκλησίας α
πό τς Βασιλικς Παρασκευς Πεντάκη – Ρύντεν, ερύτερον γνωστς ς «Βασούλας», καί τς π᾿ ατς δρυθείσης ργανώσεως πό τόν τίτλον «ληθινή ν Θε ζωή» κρίτως καί πιπολαίως εσαγόμεναι διδασκαλίαι περί τν δθεν «π᾿ εθείας διαλόγων της μετά το
δρυτο τς κκλησίας Κυρίου μν ησο Χριστο» καί τς κατακτήσεως π᾿ ατς τε καί τν παδν της τς «ληθινς ν Θε ζως», α
ποαι παρεκκλίνουν αθαιρέτως τς θεοσδότου διδασκαλίας τς κκλησίας, λλά καί σκανδαλίζουν τό ρθόδοξον φρόνημα τν ελαβν πιστν.

θεν, καλομεν τούς εσηγητάς τν παραδέκτων ατν καινοτομιν καί τούς μμένοντας ες ατάς ποστηρικτάς των, ο
ποοι τούτου νεκα δέν γίνονται δεκτοί ες κκλησιαστικήν κοινωνίαν, χι μόνον νά μή παρεμβαίνουν ες τό ποιμαντικόν ργον τν κατά τόπους ερν Μητροπόλεων, λλά καί νά ποκηρύξουν τάς καινοφανες διδασκαλίας των, στε νά προληφθον α
πό τν ερν Κανόνων προβλεπόμεναι κυρώσεις.

κφράζομεν, τέλος, τήν βαθεαν λύπην το Οκουμενικο Πατριαρχείου κ τς νεργείας νίων –λαχίστων, ετυχς- κληρικν τς ρθοδόξου κκλησίας νά παρευρίσκωνται ες μιλίας τς ερημένης «Βασούλας» καί νά παρέχουν ες ατήν «πιστοποιητικά ρθοδοξίας».

ν τος Πατριαρχείοις, τ 16 Μαρτίου 2011
κ τς ρχιγραμματείας τς γίας καί ερς Συνόδου

[TRANSLATION by John Sanidopoulos]

The Orthodox Church, following strictly the shining example and teaching of the Holy Apostles, the teaching of the Fathers of the Church who have their succession, and the divinely-inspired decisions of the Ecumenical Synods, safeguards as a pearl of great price the faith of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church which the Christian plenitude experiences through their participation in the Sacraments and entire spiritual life of the divinely-founded ecclesiastical body.

Hence, whatever movement and improvised tension, personal or collective, in contempt or in breach of the dogmas of the Orthodox Christian faith and life in Christ within the Church as the only path for the salvation of our souls, all the more the self-proclaimed “supposedly charismatic” personality, is rejected always as an unacceptable innovation.


In this spirit, and for the beneficial protection of our pious Orthodox plenitude from dangerous spiritual confusion, who do not know well matters underlying the risk of delusion, denounces from the Mother Church Vasiliki Paraskevis Pentaki – Ryden, widely known as “Vassula”, and her organization founded under the title “True Life In God” which rashly and frivolously proposes teachings based on the supposed “direct dialogue between her and the Founder of the Church Jesus Christ our Lord”, and those conquered by her and the supporters of “True Life In God”, which deviate arbitrarily from the God-given teaching of the Church, but also scandalize the Orthodox phronema of pious believers.

Hence, we call upon the proponents of these unacceptable innovations and the supporters who maintain them, who henceforth are not admitted to ecclesiastical communion, not only to not be involved in the pastoral work of the local Holy Metropolis, but also to not preach their novel teachings, to prevent the appropriate sanctions under the Holy Canons.

We express, lastly, the profound sorrow of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of the acts of some – fortunately few – clergy of the Orthodox Church to be found at talks of the said “Vassula” and give to her a “certificate of Orthodoxy.”

At the Patriarchate, the 16th of March 2011
Of the Chief Secretariat of the Holy and Sacred Synod

At the Antiochian Orthodox Christian archdiocese of North America site:


VI. The July 10, 2004 letter of Cardinal Ratzinger to the Presidents of certain Bishops’ Conferences that Vassula Ryden uses to argue that the Catholic Church has modified its position regarding her writings and suggesting that the 1995 Notification is no longer valid

Letter by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger to the Presidents of the Episcopal Conferences of France, Switzerland, Uruguay, Philippines & Canada


Prot N. 54/92-19631

Your Eminence/Excellency,

As you know, this Congregation published a Notification in 1995 on the writings of Mrs. Vassula Rydén. Afterwards, and at her request, a thorough dialogue followed. At the conclusion of this dialogue, a letter of Mrs. Rydén dated 4 April 2002 was subsequently published in the latest volume of “True Life in God”, in which Mrs. Rydén supplies useful clarifications regarding her marital situation, as well as some difficulties which in the aforesaid Notification were suggested towards her writings and her participation in the sacraments (cf. Attachment).

Since the aforementioned writings have enjoyed a certain diffusion in your country, this Congregation has deemed it useful to inform you of the above. Concerning the participation in the ecumenical prayer groups organised by Mrs. Rydén, the Catholic faithful should be called to follow the dispositions of the Diocesan Bishops.

In communicating to you the above, I use the occasion to assure you of my lasting and profound esteem.

Yours Eminences/Excellencies

Most Devout

(Signed) Joseph Card. Ratzinger Prefect

[The above translation is VASSULA/TLIG. The original letter may be found at
which is one of Vassula Ryden’s sites or at]


VII. Response from Maria Laura Pio [Her site is now defunct as mentioned on page 1]

The Conference of Swiss Bishops confirms to us that the July 2004 letter is NOT a modification of the CDF’s position

When Mrs Ryden moved to Rome some years ago, she started approaching several congregations of the Holy See in order to try to regularize her situation with the Catholic Church and obtain a revision of the Notification. Her efforts were kindly welcomed by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which addressed her five questions for her to answer by writing. The questions concern some of the points contained in the Notification.

A copy of this exchange of letters can be consulted in the TLIG official website

In addition to the above, the CDF requested Bishops around the world to give their own opinion regarding the messages and Mrs Ryden’s activities. 7.


In January 2005, the TLIG association announced that former Cardinal Ratzinger – now Pope Benedict XVI – had written a letter dated July 2004 addressed to the Presidents of 5 Episcopal Conferences (Switzerland, Uruguay, France, Canada and the Philippines) who had voiced concerns regarding the writings and activities of Vassula Ryden. A copy of this letter was given to Mrs Ryden, but it has not been published by the CDF. The TLIG association affirms that the letter contains a positive modification of the CDF’s position regarding Mrs Ryden’s writings, and some have even suggested that the Notification is no longer valid. We requested to see a copy of this letter, but different TLIG sources have systematically refused it to us, saying that it is at this time the decision of Mrs Ryden to provide it only to bishops and priests, together with other documents that “help” understand the meaning of the letter. At a later date, the booklet with all these documents would be sold to all those interested in having it. (Update September 2005: In the meantime, on September 8, 2005, the text of the July 2004 letter was finally published on the official TLIG website, together with the other documents of the booklet).

We have therefore written to the Episcopal Conference of Switzerland asking for confirmation of the above. Here is the answer we received from the Secretary General of the Conférence des Eveques Suisses (CES) on February 23rd, 2005 (the original email is in French):


Dear Madam,

I willingly answer your question of February 16th.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith maintains all its reservations regarding the writings and actions of Mrs Ryden. The past July 13th, the CDF did indeed write to the President of the Conference of Swiss Bishops (CES) to request him to remind the Catholic faithful that their participation in the “ecumenical” prayer groups organized by Mrs Ryden has to follow the directives of the Diocesan Bishops.

Since the letter is an internal correspondence, I cannot give you a copy of it. However you must know that the position published by the CES some years ago (and that we are sending you by post), and that already reflected a notification of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, keeps all its value.

Hoping to have helped you, I present you my distinguished greetings.

Abbé Agnell Rickenmann – Secretary General, Conférence des Eveques Suisses


Some days letter I received the position of the CES, which was a copy of the
1995 Notification.

Shortly afterwards, the text of the July 2004 letter was sent to me by a person who had obtained a copy of it. (Note: the July 2004 letter was not published in the TLIG official website until September 2005. Before that date, it was only given or sold to people approved of by the TLIG association). As the Swiss Bishops indicated above, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) does not indicate that it has modified nor intends to modify its position. In fact, the CDF refers to the 1995 Notification and mentions the dialogue it had with Mrs Ryden at her request, which concluded with the publication in the latest TLIG book of her letter of April 2002, containing explanations regarding several points mentioned in the Notification. Cardinal Ratzinger refers to these clarifications as “useful”.

We would also wish to add that the CDF did not make the July 2004 letter public. This was indicated to us by the Conference of Swiss Bishops (see above), which refers to the letter as an “internal correspondence”.

When Vassula received a copy of the July 2004 letter, it was accompanied by a letter signed by the Under Secretary of the CDF Fr. De Noia, in which he indicated that he was sending her a copy of the letter for her information. The use that the TLIG association is making of the correspondence with the CDF, presenting it as a reversal of the Church’s position regarding Mrs Ryden’s writings, is clearly abusive.
If the CDF had reversed its position, it would have informed the Universal Church (and not only 5 episcopal conferences) through a publication in one of the official media of the Church
, such as L’Osservatore Romano (where the Notification was originally published in 1995) or the Acta Apostolicae Sedis (AAS).

In repeated occasions, several persons have tried to post the above information in the public discussion list of the official TLIG association website. All those posts were immediately removed by the moderator with the following explanation: “The degree of freedom allowed to open minds to raise valid concerns cannot be extended to those who are committed to harming God’s wonderful gift to us.” (See:

The explanations given by Vassula to the CDF were “useful”, but apparently not satisfying or thorough enough to clarify ALL the doctrinal and theological questions TLIG raises, nor to reverse the CDF’s opinion that the writings are not to be regarded as supernatural.

Finally, former Card. Ratzinger precises in his letter that the dialogue with Mrs Ryden concluded with the publication of her letter of April 2002 in the latest volume of TLIG messages.

Maria Laura Pio 15/03/2005 & minor edits 30/11/2005 [All emphases are those of Maria Laura Pio] 8.


VIII. A final inclusion, just one out of several hundred in my files, to conclude this section


lundi 18 janvier 2010

Contra Vassula Rydén

In one article, Vassula mentions meeting dozens of Catholic bishops in India on the subject of Christian unity, and hints that she received support from them. The bishops were later written to by inquisitive minds, and the following responses were received from two:
Bishop Thomas Mar Koorilos, recently appointed to the office of Metropolitan Archbishop of Tiruvalla, wrote that Mrs Ryden was not invited by [the KCBC] to address the conference. She was visiting Kerala and then she requested for a word to speak to the bishops which our chairman has allowed, that is all (private mail dated July 18, 2007).
Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thomas, Auxiliary Bishop of Trivandrum and recently appointed Apostolic Visitator in charge of the Malankara Catholic Community in North America and Europe added that it was not intended to support her or to promote her preaching. On the contrary the Bishops council gave her an opportunity to present her faith before the prelates clergy, religious and the selected laity so that they must get a first hand knowledge about her teaching. The general conclusion was that her teaching was questionable and therefore [the KCBC] is not endorsing her. Hence the matter is over and we are fully following the teaching of the magisterium of our Church (private mail dated July 18, 2007).

Fr. Mitch Pacwa, renowned Catholic scholar and apologist, has commented on Vassula himself. He wrote on his experiences in an article entitled “The Spirit of a Prophetess” – the very opening of the article alone is frightening:
Vassula had asked me to examine all five volumes of her published notebooks for problematic statements. She suggested that notes could be added to later editions to correct any confusing or imprecise statements about Christ. I read her books, wrote my notes, and in the fall of 1992 sent them to her spiritual advisor, Fr. Michael O’Carroll, C.S.Sp., for his response.
I then received a call from Fr. O’Carroll, who was then promoting a trip by Vassula. Father O’Carroll strongly suggested I not publish my findings. He said I showed “not one single sign of Christian charity”…
What I particularly did not like about Fr. O’Carroll’s subsequent letter was its spiritual threat (which also appears in Vassula’s writings): “Since your article and the distress, the real hurt, it inflicted on Vassula, God the Father has spoken to her. He is very severe on those who oppose her. This [book] will be published. “

Pacwa rightfully attacks the confusion of the Trinity that Vassula (or her angel) seems to portray:
In Vassula’s own handwriting (the handwriting in the notebooks changes depending on who is speaking) she calls Jesus the Father, and so does “Jesus” on numerous occasions. He also says “I am your Holy Father,” and writes, “Little one call Me Abba” and in Greek, “call Me Baba”; “say, Abba to Me every now and then”; and “Come in your Father’s arms.” “Jesus” instructs people to pray to him, “You are the-One-God-and-Only, the Just One, you are indeed the Lamb, You are our Heavenly Father.” Still more problematical are the times “Jesus” writes statements like “the Father and I are One and the same.”
“Jesus” responds to those who would criticize Vassula for calling him Father: “If they accuse you because you call Me Father it is because they have not understood that the Spirit of Love you received and speaks through you, brings you peace and love to cry out: Abba!” This fails to answer the objections about calling Jesus “Father” or to remove the confusion among the divine Persons which Vassula introduces.

It seems therefore that her claims of approval among the general Christian faithful do not hold water.
Many times it seems that when she receives support or words of kindness from leaders, they admit later that they were not aware of who she was. This is very similar to the trend among Evangelical pastors who readily supported Gail Riplinger’s KJV-Only book New Age Bible Movements, only to later admit that they had never read it.
Vassula claims she works in the interest of the Church. She claims to be Orthodox. She claims to have God teaching her, training her, and giving her understanding for passages of scripture. She claims to know Jesus on a personal level.
Yet she claims that Christ calls her his bride, a title solely reserved for the Church and the Church alone. She distorts scripture to suit her personal philosophy. She seems to present revelation based around her universalist and politically correct world view. Her messages seem to be Emergent modernist thinking mixed with the style of St. Brigitte. All in all, I do not even know if I would call her a true Christian, let alone a true Orthodox. 9.


I can see many interjecting here that she is doing nothing wrong, as she is merely preaching that people love each other – how could that not come from God? The problem is that prophecy and prophethood given in a time when the era of prophets is over cannot be considered sincere. Furthermore, this love which Vassula focuses on and preaches across interfaith lines is simply an easy “feel good” love that even atheist hippies would agree with. It is not the love of God transmitted to humankind, for how can it be? It allows the denial of God within its universalism. Love is good, yes, but like all things love can be distorted and used for evil. St. Maximos the Confessor warns us that “demons attack us invisibly in the guise of spiritual friendship, pretending that they want to accomplish the death of sin by means of which in themselves are good” [Third Century on Theology, 78].
Let us ask ourselves, what is the situation of these revelations? A woman with no strong theological education, using occult methods of communication, begins to speak to an “angel” who gives her a revelation that quite often contradicts the scripture she admits to not being familiar with beforehand. No where else could I find a more fitting place to quote the warning from St. Peter of Damascus:
There is nothing astonishing in the fact that the devil assumes the form of “an angel of light” (II Cor. 11:14), for the thoughts that he sows in us also appear to be righteous when we lack experience. [Book II, Chapter IX]
One begs to question whether or not Vassula truly believes all this. Is it all an elaborate hoax? If so, she is guilty of blaspheming God and deceiving perhaps thousands. If, however, she truly has received visits from spiritual forces and is deceived, I pray that God will free her from this deception. In the meantime, many are being deceived by her supposed revelations, and we must fight this with education and sincere love from our sincere God.
There is a famous quote by St. Paul in St. Peter of Damascus’s warning, one that I’m sure many reading this have been thinking the whole time. I will end the blog with the full passage of scripture, quoted in context:
For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. [2 Corinthians 11:13-14; ESV]





*Updated December 8, see pages 27 ff.


Defending website for True Life in God and Vassula – Bishop Felix

Bishop Felix Toppo, s.j. Video: an interview with a Roman Catholic Bishop



Bishop Felix Toppo SJ granted the Nihil Obstat to the True Life in God messages in 2005.
In 2008, while attending a TLIG gathering in Egypt he was interviewed by three Roman Catholic priests. This video is a recording of that interview. (45 minutes)
Click here…
Ctd. on page 14; also pp. 11, 13, 41, 42-44, 49





Pictures of Bishops who participated in the True Life in God Pilgrimage to Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, May 2005
2005-10-28, Bishops:

His Excellency, Bishop Felix Toppo of Jamshedpur, India

His Excellency, Bishop Anil Couto of New Delhi, India – See also pages 13, 14, 37, 41, 42, and 45 ff.


(l to r) Bishop Toppo, Bishop Guerrero, Bishop Kahhale, Bishop Couto, and Bishop Ferens

Friday, January 13, 2006, N. Delhi

Bishop Anil Couto
and Vassula


At 10:30 am, in the [Salesian] Provincialate House, an Ecumenical meeting for clergy was Vassula’s first speech for Unity during this trip. Bishop Anil Couto opened the meeting with a prayer, thanking God for sending His apostle Vassula, days before the week of Unity, to share the message of Unity with all. Continued on page 13




Vassula with Bishop de Penha and organizers, Celine [Vieira] and Agnello, Mumbai/

Bishop Bosco listening intently to Vassula speak

Continued on page 14





Sunday, January 15, 2006, New Delhi

Archbishop Vincent Concessao
addressing, St. Columba’s, New Delhi


At 3:00 pm Vassula was scheduled to speak at the Public meeting at St. Columba’s School Ground. We arrived quite early, but this gave us the opportunity to sit with Archbishop Vincent Concessao for 20 minutes and enjoy some coffee he offered us. Christopher Daruwalla from the TLIG prayer group was also with us and when time came with the Archbishop we walked to the grounds for Vassula’s meeting…

After Vassula’s speech, Archbishop Vincent Concessao, who was present all through the meeting, concluded with the following comments: “All that we have heard is what is written in the Bible but this is in a very personal way and shows that the Lord continues to speak. He is wonderful in His ways – He is a God of surprises and we do not know whom He will use to communicate His messages. There was a time when Vassula did not practice; the Church meant nothing to her. This is a tremendous source of hope for all of us. The Lord is concerned about us and accompanies us on our pilgrimage here on earth. She emphasized the place of love in our lives and the Lord’s desire that we are all united and to be disunited is in itself a state if sin. In a few days we will be celebrating Christian Unity octave. The theme is ‘Where two or three are gathered in My Name, I am among them.’ The gathering is taking place. There was a time when we were enemies to one another. There is a long way to go. Jesus prayed ‘may they be one’ – that is the unity that the Father wants among us and, as Vassula said, ‘This unity of peace does not imply more expenditure’ – she managed to come with one ticket!!! This is the kind of unity the Lord wants and I request all of you to pray for Christian unity. We do not know the way the Lord wants us to unite but the goal is clear – He wants one Church, one Shepherd. Vassula, thank you. God bless you and your ministry.” Also at

Continued on page 18; see also pages 44 and 45



November 6, 2004, Ranchi


Fr. Ignace Topno, S.J.
the interpreter, Fr. Stephen, the Cardinal and Vassula


On a brief stop at the Archbishop’s House, Vassula was welcomed in the Adivasi tribal tradition of young dancing girls leading us on through the rituals of washing of hands and marking on the forehead, and greeted by the distinguished Cardinal Telesphore Toppo, the Archbishop of Ranchi. An amicable exchange of greetings ensued, with warm wishes for an enjoyable and successful visit to Ranchi, home to the largest Catholic community in northern India. 12.



November 8, 2004

Annual Celebration of the Feast of the First Christian Converts in Jharkhand

Cardinal Telesphore Toppo from Ranchi and Bishop Felix Toppo of Jamshedpur were officiating at this very special event with Vassula Ryden as their special guest speaker… The Cardinal and the Bishop flanked Vassula as they neared the covered podium, slowly making their way following the lines of dancing girls, going through the ritual of the washing of hands and the marking of foreheads. Continued on page 15; also pp. 42-46



Vassula, Cardinal Telesphore Toppo and Bishop Felix Toppo/Thanksgiving speech by the
Vassula with the
and the


Signed letter of introduction by Cardinal Toppo 

Bishop Michael Minj S.J. of Gumla diocese was present at the Loyola grounds programme, November 9


EXTRACT See also pages 48, 49

Bishop Anil Joseph Thomas Couto, Bishop of Delhi, India, addresses TLIG Pilgrims in May 2005



I must confess that I was not too much into this at the beginning. I had an experience of Vassula in Delhi in 1990 before I became Bishop. I had just returned from Rome after my Ecumenical studies. We had a very nice meeting with all the Pastors and so on. But at that time I did not take it so seriously I said there are many people like this in the world today and so on. But as I began to read her writings her messages and so on I said she is true she is real and a way to Unity as I was reading yesterday there is nothing else but Repentance, Humility, Love and to understand and except one another at the level of the heart and I can watch for it.

It has been happening during the last 4 days for the first time in my life and I am sure that is the experience for so many of us. For the first time in our life we have been experiencing the Eucharist together. The Orthodox, the Catholics, the Anglicans, and so on.
Of course, we were saying the other Protestant groups are not there and how if they were there, they would have also taken the Holy Eucharist.



December 9 Mumbai, India – Visit to His Excellency, Bishop Bosco de Penha, Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay

The Bombay TLIG group set to work months before Vassula’s arrival to prepare the public meeting, enlisting the help of its volunteers and informing the hierarchy of the West Bombay diocese, the Christian quarter of Bombay. His Excellency, Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay, Bosco de Penha was very pleased to meet Vassula in person and learn of the Messages and True Life in God activities. He carefully listened to Vassula’s testimony of conversion and discussed, at great length, her mission of Unity. He was intrigued to know her family’s reaction and acceptance of her gift, and Vassula answered truthfully that her husband and her family believed she had been given a special gift, but that it took a period of adjustment for them to accept the change in her life.


See also pages 41, 42-44, and 49

September 2006: Asked about the Nihil Obstat given by him, the Bishop replies evading an answer

Dear SM,
May the Lord bless you! Vassula Ryden has written (Jesus wrote through her hand). They are known as the TRUE LIFE IN GOD. They are up to 12 Volumes. She also has written a book “My ANGEL Daniel”. All the details of TLIG and its publications, suppliers can be found in the website:
You visit the Web. You will find the list of all the books and also the names of the suppliers who do online supply. You will find that there are suppliers from USA, CANADA and UK. They do publish and supply in India, but the print is not so good. Please visit the web site and if you still cannot get the books let me know. I will give you more information and the address of India. May God bless you and assist you to live true life in God!
+Felix Toppo, S.J.



Trivandrum, Kerala December 13-14, 2006

After Vassula’s Program of Press interviews in Kottayam, and her big meeting in Pala the following day where she spoke to 4,000 people, we proceeded to the Pastoral Orientation Centre in Kochi. Once there, Vassula had the opportunity to meet 36 bishops belonging to the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council (KCBC)

We were invited to stay at the Archbishop’s Residence, the main headquarters of the Syro-Malankara Church. It was only then that we discovered the identity of the bed-ridden Archbishop whom we had traveled so far to visit and who was so keen to meet the bearer of the Messages. We were overcome with surprise to realize it was none other than the head of the Syro Malankara Church himself, His Beatitude, Catholicos Cyril Mar Baselios, the Major Archbishop of the Malankara Catholic Church.


His Beatitude Major Archbishop
Cyril Mar Baselios



We returned to the Archbishop’s Residence to have a quick breakfast, after which we were escorted to His Beatitude’s office. We were received graciously, while he expressed his joy to Vassula, disclosing that he had read all the Messages up to volume 7. Vassula then offered him the newly published TLIG One-Book, Cambridge edition containing all 12 volumes of the Message. He confided to her that the Indian people are mystical people who are able to easily relate to the mystical language of the Messages of True Life in God.


Maria Laura Pio
Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2007 5:43 PM

Subject: [infovassularyden_english] Vassula speaks to the bishops of Kerala: clarification

Dear Friends,

In December 2006, Vassula Ryden was in India for a two week conference trip. In the report published by the TLIG official website, it is indicated that Vassula had the opportunity to meet 36 bishops belonging to the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council (KCBC) on the issue of Christian unity ( ). The report also indicates that Vassula continued her journey to Trivandrum, where she held a series of conferences organized by representatives of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church.

Following the good advice of Michael Prabhu – who has a ministry in India of exposing the errors and dangers of New Age from a Christian perspective ( – and with his help, I wrote to all the bishops of the KCBC regarding Mrs Ryden’s talk at the KCBC conference. I received two thank you mails and two more detailed answers from bishops belonging to the Syro-Malankara Church.

Bishop Thomas Mar Koorilos, recently appointed to the office of Metropolitan Archbishop of Tiruvalla, wrote that Mrs Ryden was not invited by [the KCBC] to address the conference. She was visiting Kerala and then she requested for a word to speak to the bishops which our chairman has allowed, that is all (private mail dated July 18, 2007).

Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thomas, Auxiliary Bishop of Trivandrum and recently appointed Apostolic Visitator in charge of the Malankara Catholic Community in North America and Europe, added that it was not intended to support her or to promote her preaching. On the contrary the Bishops council gave her an opportunity to present her faith before the prelates clergy, religious and the selected laity so that they must get a first hand knowledge about her teaching. The general conclusion was that her teaching was questionable and therefore [the KCBC] is not endorsing her.
Hence the matter is over and we are fully following the teaching of the magisterium of our Church
(private mail dated July 18, 2007).

I hope the above information will be useful. Warmly in Christ, Maria Laura Pio



Javier Lopez Torres
Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 2009 2:34 PM

Subject: Cardinal Toppo with Vassula?

Dear Michael 

I am very surprised reading this report on the last pilgrimage of “True Life in God” in Greece.  

I cannot understand how an Indian Cardinal was there (presiding a Holy mass?) and two Indian priests….
Maybe you could write to Cardinal Toppo with a formal protest. I cannot understand how a Cardinal can preside an act of a group which is banned, whose leader Vassula is forbidden even to speak in a Catholic Church!

I have a suspicion, knowing what happened in the last Vassula’s trip into India. Just a trap! If you cannot speak and celebrate in a church do it in a ship, nobody can run away! My suspicious is most of the clergy was invited without knowing most of the ship was filled with TLIG people.

I always have doubts about the ecumenical and Eucharistic celebrations with Vassula if they have the proper permissions from the Vatican to celebrate them.  

Dear Michael, maybe with your mailings we could again discover the Vassula’s traps!

Love, Javier, Spain

September 3 to 10, 2009


It is difficult to summarize everything that we lived and all that happened during seven days, from September 3 to 10, 2009. This is why I will not try to write an exhaustive report of those days, not even a detailed summary. I will recount the events that, from my personal view point, were the most important or that meant a lot to me.
We all gathered in a ship: 790 people from 57 different countries and many Churches and religious denominations. The ship was filled to its capacity. Many people were unable to join us, since there was no space left.
The majority of the pilgrims were Catholic, followed in number by Orthodox (from different Patriarchates), Anglicans, Armenians, some Evangelicals and, Venerable Suddhananda Mahatero, a Buddhist monk.


Everyday there was Holy Mass in different rites for all the Pilgrims, mostly aboard the ship.
On Friday September 4, the Catholic Holy Mass presided by Cardinal Toppo from India, four Bishops (two from India, one from Peru and another one from Brasil) and over 60 Catholic Priests. 15.




Wednesday, February 23, 2011, Dhaka, Bangladesh

We departed for the Grand Gala Inauguration Ceremony of the Buddha Image and The Atish Dipankar & V Suddhananda Peace Gold Awards. Upon arrival at ten am, there was tight security as the Honorable Prime Minister; Her Excellency Sheikh Hasina, who is Muslim, would be present. This event was held at the Dharmarajika Monastery in Kamalapur. Bouddha Kristi Prachar Sangha organized the function marking the opening of the 48-feet standing image of Buddha erected on Dhamarajika Buddhist Monastery campus with cooperation of the Royal family of Thailand, who has donated the statue, the highest such sculpture of Buddha in Bangladesh. Representatives of 11 countries including Greece, Japan, China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore attended the opening ceremony and over two thousand people attended

The program … started with people from the different faiths to say a prayer. The Imam Islam sang a prayer from the Koran in Arabic, and Duleep had been asked to read from the Holy Bible. However, they didn’t have one there so Duleep asked Vassula what to say. There was only a few minutes before he would go up on the stage, and this was really urgent. Vassula asked God to help her write some words in a rush. This is what she wrote and Duleep read out…

One thing is clear: neither Vassula Ryden nor any of her team carry with them a Bible!

The obvious choice was for her to pen and have read out a substitute – a “message” from “God”!!

February 24, 2009, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Invited to Speak at Hindu Temple

The Hindus, being there and having heard of Vassula’s speech and how gracious she is towards all people without making any discrimination, they asked her to go over to them the next day. Their Temple is called Sree Sree Dhakeswari National Temple. So, the following day, we all went there and met them.





Sunday, June 1, 2008

Public Meeting in Muthangi Divine Word Retreat Centre, Hyderabad
We drove 1 hr. from Secunderabad-Hyderabad for the Public Meeting in Muthangi Divine Word Retreat Center with 10,000 people attending. Archbishop Joji of Hyderabad had given his green light for the Meeting, after Bishops Toppo and Couto informed him of their support for TLIG.

Nevertheless, persecution came from the Vicar General, Fr. Solomon who managed to overrule the Archbishop and ban the distribution of TLIG flyers, the selling of TLIG books and the videoing of the Meeting. In addition to this, a young man from the Charismatic community named Roshan took the initiative to print out negative information from the anti-Vassula websites and distributed copies to the Clergy.

Our TLIG Hyderabad Prayer Group struggled and persevered through the persecution and at the end, the Lord opened doors; they managed to distribute the flyers, sell the books and video Vassula’s talks!



Monday, June 2, 2008

Visit with Card. Oswald Gracias of Mumbai & Public Meeting in St. Peter’s Church, Bandra, Mumbai
We flew from Hyderabad to Mumbai to attend a private meeting with the Cardinal of Mumbai, His Eminence, Oswald Gracias. At the meeting, the Cardinal had invited Fr. Anthony Charanghat, the editor of the Catholic Magazine, The Examiner*** which had published a layperson’s letter to the Editor* calumniating Vassula and the Messages, advising the readers to boycott Vassula’s talk that evening in St. Peter’s Church in Bandra, the Christian quarter of Mumbai. Vassula answered the Cardinal’s questions regarding Cardinal Levada’s letter* by reminding him of the 2 1/2 yr. study made by the CDF under Cardinal Ratzinger, and informed him that she was seeking to re-establish a continuing dialogue with the CDF. She strongly withstood his attempts to make her admit the Messages were her “private meditations”, she insisted they were locutions from God. The Cardinal received all the relevant information from the TLIG Mumbai Prayer Group members and was finally disposed to inform himself of the facts. After the audience with Cardinal Gracias, Fr. Anthony advised the TLIG Mumbai group to publish a letter in The Examiner in answer to the false statements in the Letter to the Editor.

The Public Meeting in St. Peter’s Church in Bandra** was a great success! She was introduced by the parish priest Fr. Gerard, and spoke to over 1,200 lay people and religious. TLIG Prayer Group members from around the region and Goa helped TLIG Mumbai to organize this activity. ***See pages 27-31.

**May 26, 2002, Vassula spoke at the Sacred Heart Church grounds in Mumbai *See pages 51 ff.


Maria Laura Pio
Sent: Saturday, March 21, 2009 9:52 PM Subject: THE EXAMINER: VASSULA

Dear Maria Laura, I was going through old issues of TE today and I saw your letter to the editor of The Examiner published in the issue of July 05, 2008. With your letter, the editor closed correspondence on the subject. I don’t know if I informed you this earlier. Love, Michael

Maria Laura Pio To:
Sent: Monday, March 23, 2009 9:01 PM


Dear Michael, thank you for being so thorough! I followed the whole matter with the help of a lady from Mumbai, who had been the first to write to The Examiner about Vassula’s visit to the region. I was contacted directly by this lady who had learned that Vassula was going to talk in one of the parish churches near her, and that the event was being advertised in several parishes. She wrote to TE informing about the Holy See’s warnings regarding her. She also wrote to the Bishop. And then she contacted me, asking me to intervene also. So I wrote too to TE and to the Bishop. Following my letter, the local TLIG association wrote a letter to TE accusing me of being a Franc-Masson! I asked for the right to reply and that was the last letter published by TE on the matter.

Warmly in Christ, Maria Laura [Switzerland] 



March 11-12, 2005, Darjeeling

We had tea at St. Mary’s Hill with Bishop Stephen Lepcha, and some friends and the nuns there. On March 12th, Vassula received a warm welcome, and we were reminded by the Bishop that Darjeeling is unique and one of the most beautiful places in the world, it being rightly called the Queen of the Hills. 17.



With Bishop Stephen Lepcha, Fr Stephen Raphael of Calcutta and Fr Edward Gurung of St. Alphonsus School



March 13, 2005, New Delhi

On March 13th Vassula and I flew to New Delhi, where we were welcomed at the airport by Father Joseph Thomas, Christopher Daruwalla and the local prayer group. In the evening the Archbishop, Vincent Concessao, with the prayer group invited Vassula to the Sacred Heart Cathedral, and the Archbishop’s House Library. Present were persons representing the many Christian churches of India, mostly from New Delhi, but also present was Bishop Karam Masih, from the church of North India. Present, too, were representatives of the Methodist Church, the Indian Orthodox Church, the Syrian Orthodox Church and many sisters from the Convent of Jesus and Mary in New Delhi.


Vassula with Archbishop Vincent Concessao, and Father Joseph Thomas after the meeting of many different Christian churches of all India

October 28, 2001, New Delhi

Some of the priests we met at New Delhi were with us at the pilgrimage in the Holy Land on March 2000… In a hall of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church* about forty priests from the Latin Church, Malabar, Malankara, Syrian Orthodox, Indian Orthodox, Mar Thomas Church, a reformed church of Orthodox, Baptist, Anglican Bishop E.S. Peters, Evangelical church, Pentecostal church, C.N.I. church of North India, church of South India, Indian Pentecostal church, had the chance to listen to Vassula in a two hour speech. *The Cathedral

November 15 and 16, 1999, New Delhi

The first stop was Delhi where organizers Doris and Ben Samson had arranged an initial meeting at 10 A.M. on November 15th with an important ecumenical group known as the Delhi Fellowship Society. It is comprised of members of the Protestant, Orthodox, and Catholic churches. Among the 16 religious leaders present were Fr. Eletho Ecluppattu of the Syrian Orthodox Church, Collin C. Theodore of the Church of North India and His Grace [the late]
Archbishop Alan De Lastic who is also President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India….

That same evening Vassula spoke (in English) in the main Delhi cathedral, Sacred Heart Cathedral, just one week after the Pope had spoken there. The church was overflowing with over 700 people.



November 17 and 18, 1999, Calcutta 18.



We also visited Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity house in downtown Calcutta. Vassula met Nirmala, the new Mother Superior, who had not originally even been a Christian, and gave her a complete set of the TLIG books. Local organizer Fr. Stephan Raphael and Fr. “X” celebrated mass for us there in the chapel where Mother Teresa’s tomb is also located. All present then prayed together for a moment next to her tomb.

Later that same morning Vassula and a few of the local organizers had a meeting with Archbishop Henry De Souza in his offices. After a very cordial and open welcome Vassula explained her mission to him. Both of them shared together their views on the dialogues that are being made between Churches for unity. When His Grace asked Vassula on what subject would be her talk, she answered that it would be focused on how to pray and come closer to God, and that people should reconcile with God and neighbor.

Before leaving, the small group and Archbishop De Souza prayed together, and then he blessed Vassula and the organizers. That afternoon Vassula spoke outside on Protestant church grounds to over 5,000 people for the public meeting. This was a surprising turnout in view of the fact that this was a Monday, a workday. During the opening procession 6 women did a local dance, anointed our foreheads with oil, symbolically washed our hands, and laid a beautiful flowered wreath over our necks. After an introduction again given by Fr. “X”, Vassula spoke in English, starting again with the beginnings of the True Life in God messages…

On the morning of Nov. 18th a meeting was arranged for religious and priests to explain the more advanced messages, especially those that regarded their mission. About 130 people in all attended. As I was leaving the hall, I noticed that a sister from Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Charity had been touched during the meeting and was discussing with two friends of hers. I discovered that she was overwhelmed because during the talk she saw Vassula’s face transforming into Christ’s Holy Face, with beard and mustache, blood on the forehead, and streaks of blood in the hair. She didn’t know it but this is a phenomenon that occurs now and then while Vassula is witnessing. Many people around the world have been given the grace to see Christ on Vassula’s face while she speaks.

Father Stephan Raphael, about 50, had organized everything for this visit.











November 16 to December 1, 1999

The coordinator for all the meetings in Kerala was John, a professor at the local university and his wife Salilamma, who works at a bank…

Vassula spoke publicly in 7 different places in Kerala, to a total of over 50,000 people. It was translated each time into Malayalam, the local language of Kerala but again many or most people understand/understood Vassula’s English. She spoke in the 4 major well-known Christian retreat centers there and also in a few churches, including one Orthodox Church. We traveled 30 minutes to 3 hours each way each day to the meetings in air-conditioned (for us only) cars. Vassula also met privately with 2 more Archbishops, 4 bishops including one Orthodox, and one Vicar General. It is actually a bishop in the Vatican in the Unity section known as Unit 1, with who Vassula is in contact, who encouraged her to present herself to local high authorities of all religions wherever she goes to present the TLIG messages and her mission to them. In doing so she offers to be completely frank and open as to what she is doing in any place she speaks and establishes communication with them all. I attended all her meetings with the clergy in India and all went very well.

Divine Retreat Center in Muringoor, Kerala (Nov. 24th)

7,000-plus people present

St. Kaspian Church in Kollam, Kerala (Nov. 25th)

7,000-plus people present.

Rev. Fr. Rozarios – Vicar General in Kollam (Nov. 25th)

Vassula and I were driven to the local bishop’s house in Kollam. Fr. Rozarios substituted for the local bishop who had had to leave on an urgent matter.



After a warm reception, Vassula, in effect, gave a full 90-minute meeting to the 4 priests and 10 sisters present after just having finished the big public meeting! She presented the bibliography of TLIG (she has spoken in 53 countries and has given over 600 prayer meetings in 10 plus years). She also read a message from TLIG, and answered questions. The Vicar General asked that she speak to the local youth if/when she should return and said he would arrange it. Vassula then gave him St. Benedict’s Cross which she said had been blessed by Jesus. Happy and full of joy he said that he was very happy to receive it. We left the small crowd rejoicing and happy and then rode the 2 and a half hours back to Palai.

Bishop His Excellency Mar Joseph Pallickaparampil in Pala

In the evening of Nov. 26th, Vassula along with a small group met with Bishop Pallickaparampil of Pala in his office in the bishop’s house in Palai. He mentioned that he was fully aware of all that had been written about Vassula and TLIG from the Vatican as well as from the press around the world. Both he and Vassula were very frank and open on all points and a definite confidence that grew between them as the meeting progressed became evident. The bishop offered to both she and the others present rosaries blessed by Pope Jean Paul II himself and Vassula offered him some TLIG material.

Charis Bhavan in Athirampuzha, Kerala (Nov. 27th)
At 2 P.M. on Nov. 27th Vassula spoke before some 6,000 people in Athirampuzha.

His Excellency Mar Peter Thuruthikonam in Kottayam (Nov. 27th)
Vassula and a small group then went to Bishop Thuruthikonam’s House in Kottayam for a short visit. After a cordial welcome, she again presented her bibliography, her mission and gave him a copy of the handwritten TLIG messages. He returned the favor by presenting Vassula with a picture of Pope Jean-Paul II and himself taken a few years earlier.

Assisi Retreat Center in Bharananganam (Nov. 28th)

At 2 P.M. on Nov. 27th about 2,000 people had gathered at this center.

IMS Retreat Center in Alleppey, Kerala
Approximately 20,000 people had gathered at this major retreat center to hear Vassula speak.

Rt. Rev. Geevarghese Mar Timotheos
and his Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Mar Koorilos in Thiruvalla
Following this meeting, Vassula met with His Excellency Timotheos and his Bishop Auxiliary Koorilos. Vassula gave her usual introduction to the TLIG messages and left them with one complete set of the TLIG books in Malayalam. We all had coffee and cakes together before our return to Palai.

We had just finished 6 big meetings in 6 days and had had many smaller meetings with bishops. Could Vassula do two more in the next two days? I was beginning to wonder. This was the heaviest schedule Vassula had ever had in the 10 years she has been traveling.

January 17, 1998

On January 17, Fr. Mattom and Fr. “X” arrived at the Charis Bhavan center. About 5,000 had gathered. The organizers had expected more, but word had been spread among many that Vassula was not coming*…A half dozen priests and scores of nuns were present at the moment when the second volume was solemnly inaugurated and presented to Fr. Devasia Kuzhippil, the director of the Charis Bhavan. *She was denied a visa

That same evening, Fr. Mattom took Fr. “X” to visit the Bishop of Palai, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Pallickaparampil. The bishop received them very cordially. Some anonymous person from Vienna had contacted the bishop about the notification of 1995. Fr. “X” explained to him about the latest information from the Bishops of Brazil who had spoken about Vassula to Cardinal Ratzinger last October 1997.


January 19, 1998

On Monday, January 19, Fr. Kurian Mattom and Fr. “X”* went to the Indian Missionary Society Retreat Center at Punnapra, Alleppey. A crowd of about 15,000 had gathered. *Vassula had still not arrived


January 20, 1998

We left for St. Alphonsa College auditorium [Kochi]. As news spread that Vassula had finally arrived, people from all around the area converged on the site and the auditorium had an overflow crowd. People stood on the verandah and in the areas surrounding the hall. There were scores of sisters, and the front rows had a number of priests. A choir had prepared music both in English and the local language. Sister Jessy Maria, the principal of the college gave the welcoming address.


January 21, 1998

A crowd of about 5000 was addressed in the people of Lourdes Parish Hall [Kottayam]. The hall was packed and more people followed the program outdoors via loudspeakers. 20.


Again in the peak of the heat around 35C and as in all of the previous meetings, many Priests and Nuns of different orders with the laity listened with rapt attention to the message of God’s love hymn from the mouth of its carrier…
Right after this meeting, about seven journalists from local newspapers had already gathered in the same building for a press conference…

The rector of the St. Thomas Pontifical Seminary, who was present in the meeting, wished that Vassula that same evening, after her press conference would address his seminarians, Priests and theologians for 1/2 hour. So Vassula had a completely unscheduled on the spot meeting at St. Thomas’s Pontifical Seminary in Kottayam. She addressed 450 seminarians, 40 Priests and the faculty…

January 22, 1998

On Thursday January 22, a rough two hours drive on bumpy and curvy roads took us to Muringoor, where Vassula spoke to about 7000 people at the Divine Retreat Center. People from all over India gather in this place to attend charismatic retreats. As in all her Kerala meetings so also this time, Rev Dr. Kurian Mattam, Principal of St. Thomas College in Palai, who invited Vassula to his province, translated magnificently and thus God’s message was able to more readily reach the hearts of the large crowd.





Monday 22nd November, 1999

In the morning Vassula met His Excellency Mar Varkey Vithayathil (Apostolic administrator of Kerala). His Excellency and Vassula talked for about 1 hour. He was very cordial to Vassula and discussed various topics. The themes include ecumenism, unity, apostasy etc. His Excellency gave a grand reception to Vassula.


At about 11 am Vassula, Tom, Mrs. and Mr. C.J. John, George and M.P. Mathai went to Trichur to meet His Excellency Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy, (Archbishop of Trichur). His Excellency gave a warm reception. All of the team had lunch with the Archbishop.


Wednesday 24th November, 1999

We started our journey to the Divine Retreat center at 12.20 pm and reached it at 2 pm. The priests, sisters and others headed by Rev. Fr. George Thadathil received Vassula and Tom. Divine Retreat Center is a place where retreats are going on all week starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday morning. The meeting began at 2 pm. Vassula was introduced to the people by Prof. C.J John in Malayalam. Dr. P.M. Chacko of U.C College, Alwaye, interpreted Vassula’s talk. She recalled the attention of the people to her first visit at Divine retreat center in 1998. There were about 8000 people. Vassula told the audience that God brought her to the Divine retreat center for the second time. Her talk continued for 2 hrs. After the meeting Fr. George Thadathil, Asst. Director of Divine retreat center gave a memento to Vassula. A senior priest, who had read all the volumes of True life in God messages, proposed the vote of thanks.


Thursday 25th November, 1999

Vassula, Tom, Francis Xavier, John, M.P Mathai, and others went to the Bishop house, Kollam to meet His Excellency the Bishop. As the Bishop had to go to a certain place on an urgent matter, Rev. Fr. Rozarios, the Vicar general was authorized by His Excellency to receive Vassula.


Friday 26th November, 1999

In the evening, Vassula, Tom, C.J. John, M.P Mathai and George visited His Excellency Mar Joseph Pallickaparampil, the Bishop of Pala. In 1998 His Excellency first gave support but later he got certain misinformation from Europe about Vassula and withdrew his support… Anyway there was a positive response from the Bishop and the Bishop agreed for a meeting with Vassula on 26th evening… His Excellency Mar Joseph Pallickaparambil continued his conversation with Vassula for about 2 hrs… Vassula and others had coffee with His Excellency at the Dining hall of the Bishop’s Palace. His Excellency followed till Vassula and others got inside the car.


Saturday 27th November, 1999

At about 1.20 pm Vassula, Tom and others went to Charis Bhavan, Athirampuzha. The meeting started at 2 pm. The Director of Charis Bhavan, Rev. Fr. Jose welcomed Vassula to the meeting. 21.


Prof. John introduced Vassula to the gathering. There were about 6000 people gathered in and around the retreat hall of Charis Bhavan. Dr. P.M. Chacko interpreted Vassula’s talk into Malayalam. Rev. Fr. Charickal proposed the vote of thanks. The meeting was over by 4 pm. Vassula had an interview with Mr. Devaprasad, Asst. Editor of Deepika Malayalam Daily newspaper. After this Vassula and others went to Kottayam to meet His Excellency Mar Peter Thuruthikonam, Bishop of Kottayam. Mar Peter Thuruthikonam gave Vassula a warm reception… After about an hour’s meeting Vassula, Tom and others returned to Vallichira, Pala.


Monday 29th November, 1999

At Alleppey Vassula, Tom and Prof. John visited His Excellency Rt. Rev. M. Peter Chenaparampil, the Bishop of Alleppey. Vassula and others had lunch with the Bishop. The Bishop was very kind… After spending one hour at the Bishop’s house, Vassula, Tom and others moved to the I.M.S Retreat center, Punnapra, Alleppey. The meeting began sharp at 2 pm. Rev. Fr. Prasanth, the Director of I.M.S welcomed Vassula. Prof. John introduced Vassula to about twenty thousand people gathered there. Rev. Dr. Kurian Mattam translated her speech into Malayalam. Vassula recalled the attention of the people of I.M.S about her first visit in 1998. Rev. Fr. Vinayanand proposed the vote of thanks. Vassula had to struggle to get out of the auditorium as people were rushing at least to touch her. The meeting was over by 4 pm. Vassula, Tom and John went to Thiruvalla to meet the Bishop and the Auxiliary Bishop of Thiruvalla. Vassula had 45 minutes conversation with the two Bishops. Vassula gave one complete ser of Malayalam version of True Life In God to His Excellency, the Bishop.



Vassula Ryden, the messenger of True Life in God announced her visit to India’s six metropolitan cities sometime in the month of March 1999 – through one of her collaborators Mr. Tom Austin from Switzerland. I was asked if I could organize the prayer meeting with Vassula for the 1st time in Calcutta. I joyfully accepted the invitation of God’s call saying ‘Yes’ like Blessed Virgin Mary – without realizing the hardships which I had to face in order to get the programme organized with a success. I put my trust in the Lord – and contacted some members of prayer groups existing in my parish and get their support whole heartedly from the very beginning.

I then started tapping all possible materials from internet for which Mr. Gasper Chacko started operating all his energy and time on his computer. And I started to learn more about Vassula and her mission in the worked. Slowly my understanding about Vassula became clearer and my enthusiasm started increasing day after day. I started Xeroxing materials for distribution among the hierarchy and printed handbills and entry passes in thousands and distributed in each and every parish of Calcutta archdiocese and also among three neighboring dioceses including protestant churches.

The organizing Committee was formed to take up the various responsibilities and personal letters were written to all parish priests, pastors and head of the various institutions. I started going to main churches of the city to speak about Vassula Ryden and about her mission. In one of the biggest churches of Calcutta – on one Sunday I said 3 masses and preached in another 3 masses – speaking all about Vassula’s mission. So much so, at one time some one commented that I was full of Vassula and nothing seemed to be of matter of importance apart from Vassula.

First book of messages from Vassula in Bengali got printed, about 2000 and True Life in God prayer meeting guidelines also got printed 10,000 both Bengali and English. In the meantime, Mr. Tom Austin sent me some important materials about Vassula’s prayer meeting, which helped me a lot. Programmes were printed; handbills and posters were already sent and distributed among the people with free entry passes. Stage was erected on the open air at St. Thomas School ground, near our St. Ignatius parish, in Calcutta. Police personnel were informed and proper permission was sought from the higher authorities and Government officials also were informed. And Lord blessed us with a very good harvest of about 5600 people of all Christian denominations who were present with a great expectations from God through Vassula on 17th November, 1999 at 2.30 p.m. which was a working day, whereas the people of the City of Joy (Calcutta) welcomed Vassula with traditional dance and washing of the hands garlanding. Rosary started by me and completed by Vassula, which followed by welcome address by me and introduction by Fr. “X” and finally Vassula spoke so tenderly the messages of God, which was translated into Bengali by Fr. Robin Gomes.

She spoke about one hour and 15 minutes and the choir conducted by Mrs. Patsy Pereira sang the Holy Spirit Hymn before Vassula prayed over the people. After the prayer the whole congregation sang a Bengal bhajan led by Fr. Gregory Monteiro during which Vassula had to go down the stage to pray over a sick child who was bedridden. At the end a vote of thanks was rendered by the Secretary of the organizing committee Mr. Bernard Aye Maung joined by a thanksgiving Hymn by the choir during which Vassula bid goodbye waving her hands to the crowds…



The following day i.e. 18th November we drove to St. Xavier’s College Auditorium for another prayer meeting with only priests and nuns…

Fr. Stephen Raphael





May 27, 2002, Mumbai

Around 3:15 we departed for Vassula’s second scheduled meeting in Mumbai, at the Tabor Divine Retreat Ashram in Kalyan. Celine and some other young people came with us for this meeting. Fr. Mathew Elavunkal, Director of the Retreat Center, warmly welcomed Vassula and the rest of the group when we arrived.

[Tabor is a Vincentian charismatic retreat centre associated with the Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor]

Bombay, November 30th-December 1st, 1999

Bombay – Don Bosco School: Organizer Priyanka Timmins perfectly and beautifully prepared the first Bombay area meeting that same evening of Nov. 30th. There were 3,500 people present outside in the Don Bosco school courtyard, two giant video screens on either side for those not directly in front of the stage, great sound and lighting, a beautiful giant hand-painting of Jesus as a backdrop, and an excellent Christian group of musicians and singers.

She told the story of how in the early days of the TLIG messages she went to her first Catholic mass with her sister and innocently didn’t know that what she received in the front of the church was the Eucharist- the Body and Blood of Christ. She later told Jesus how ashamed she was but He didn’t scold her. He was just happy with her for wanting to learn.

Tabor Divine Retreat Center Ashram, Kalyan, Mumbai:
On Dec. 1st Vassula spoke in Kalyan, a northern suburb of Bombay in another retreat center before some 1,500 people.

January 1998

One of the great blessings of this journey was the fact that Sister Johanna [Brandstetter] had succeeded in getting Vassula’s talk to the World Council of Churches in the most important English Catholic weekly in India and the rest of the subcontinent. The prestigious Bombay Examiner had selected Vassula’s talk as the cover story for the week of Christian unity, and it was accompanied by an article that stated clearly that Vassula’s writings are in complete accord with the Holy Scriptures. This article was to prove invaluable in presenting Vassula in this part of the world and will continue to be a precious blessing.

January 29, 1999

We were met at the airport by Ms. Elaine Murray and Sister M. Johanna Brandstetter. They rushed us to the convent where we left our luggage before going on to the train station. Traffic in Bombay is quite congested, so Sister felt that the train offered the best hope of reaching our destination on time. Another car was waiting there to take us to St. Augustine’s High School at Manikpur…

After the meeting, we had been invited to see the Rt. Rev. Bishop Thomas Dabre who had given Sister encouragement in arranging this visit to Bombay. We stopped to see him at his home. He greeted Vassula most warmly and thanked her for “sanctifying” his house with her presence. At the end, when we asked for a blessing, he prayed over us and expressed his sincere esteem for the mission entrusted to Vassula.



On her 1998 visit too, Vassula did not have the approval of the Archbishop to speak to Catholics, see page 2.

Vassula’s Goa followers usually journey to Mumbai to meet her whenever she speaks there because she is recognised by the bishops of the Bombay archdiocese.

November 19 and 20, 1999, Goa



Panjim: On the evening of Nov. 19th, Vassula spoke in Kala Academy, an open-air amphitheater-type place in Panjim, which was packed with well over 2,500 people. Please see the well-documented report written by Dr. Sielda Gomez for details of this meeting.

On Nov. 20th there was a meeting with the local organizers. Following Vassula’s first visit to Goa in January 1998, True Life in God has now been well established in Goa. It is led by Mr. Francis Baretto and has a strong following. This group has organized the printing and distribution of TLIG books as well. It is evident that they have done and will continue to do excellent work for Jesus.

Margao: On the evening of November 20th Vassula spoke in Margao, Goa, India to approximately 1,500 people.

Panjim, Goa, November 19th, 1999

About 3,000 people including priests and nuns gathered at the Kala Academy this evening to listen to the modern day ‘prophet and mystic’ Vassula Ryden share her experiences and messages from Christ…

While asserting that the world is coming to the end of time, she clarified that this did not mean the end of life or earth but an end of an epoch. Ms Ryden pointed out that the apostasy that has become very prevalent in today’s times was prophesized in the scriptures

Vassula’s talk was well applauded. Next, the music of the choir led by Mr. Anthony Veigas filled the audience with the hymn of the Holy Spirit… Earlier, Ms Vassula was welcomed by Mr. Francis Baretto. Mr. Baretto recalled Vassula’s last visit to Goa… Mr. Baretto continued, “…God has chosen Mary who has appeared in countless number of places to ask for our conversion. God also continues to speak to us though various visionaries. And today we have among us Vassula Ryden – widely considered as a Prophet by the great Theologians.”

Many hymns and intercessory prayers punctuated the prayer meeting. Ms Raynor Veigas and Ms Julia Menezes led the Holy Rosary. Ms Vassula joined in praying in Aramaic – the language of Jesus.

Meeting with the organisers, November 20th, 1999
Vassula met with the organisers and members of the TLIG group… Before concluding, Vassula prayed over each member present with the relic of the true cross. One member was ‘slain in the Holy Spirit’ and had to be supported by Tom Austin. Another member began crying profusely- probably reflecting a healing…

Earlier on, before the meeting with the organizers, an attempt was made to seek an appointment with the Archbishop; but unfortunately, the Bishop declined as he had other commitments on that day.

Margao, Goa, November 20th, 1999

Vassula’s next public meeting in Goa was in Margao. There were about 1,500 people who gathered in the open grounds, tastefully decorated for the occasion. Dr. Celcio Dias welcomed Vassula and Tom Austin with the words “Ut Unum sint!” (a call for Christian Unity)… Ms Julia Menezes and Mr. W. Verdes led the Holy Rosary. The choir was able managed by Chris Dias. Mention must be made of the Sisters of Charity who sang the Divine Mercy Chaplet thus rendering great fervour to this simple prayer.

January 23rd to 27th, 1998

In Goa we were kindly received by the True Life in God committee, who immediately rushed Vassula from the airport to the first scheduled program. There was a press conference attended by 4 journalists from local newspapers and writers from different magazines. The welcome in Goa had a bitter taste, due to the evil one who was in full action using man’s passions and weaknesses to destroy Christ’s message and thus prevent many souls from being converted. An anonymous person who publicised himself as a “well wisher” from Austria, had heard of Vassula’s journey to India and sent the notification of October ’95 which was then published in a local newspaper with the attempt to prevent people from attending Vassula’s meetings. Alarmed clergy responded by warning people not to attend. But again, this did not disrupt Priests, Nuns and laity from coming. The organisers faced the first tempests that arose. The opposition in fact, made the organisers even more fervent and united and many new positive articles were immediately published in various newspapers.


The following morning January 24, at 11:30 am a TV recording was planned at the Headquarters of the National Indian Television station, in Panaji, Goa, by Prof. Agnel Crasto, Director of the Institute of Personality Development. This 30 minute recording was broadcast three days later…

At 6 p.m. the prayer meeting was held at the Kala Academy (Art Academy) in Panaji, Goa. The open air stadium made it possible to address many people of all faiths. We were joyfully surprised when, in spite of certain attacks, nearly 5000 people came to this special evening… 24.



As in every other meeting, a large number of priests and nuns were present and one Marian Priest, Fr. Anastasio Gomes, O.C.D., a former Professor of Theology at Alwaye, expressed openly to the gathering his deep appreciation for Vassula’s visit in their town. He attended every other meeting in Goa with great interest and each time he supported True Life in God by speaking after Vassula. Different Goan newspapers wrote very positive articles regarding Vassula’s mission in their region as her meetings continued the following days to various places in Goa.


On January 25 the meeting was scheduled for Margao, about an hour and a half drive south of our residence. The meeting was unique in this trip because it was in a large public park in the middle of the city…

As elsewhere in Goa, news of the old notification of 1995 had reached here as well. Fr. “X” therefore used the Bombay Examiner article as a key aspect of his introduction…

The meeting ended with a healing prayer and the blessing with the relic of the true cross. Afterwards, a brief testimony was given by a local priest, Fr. Mazarello, the former rector of the seminary at Rachol…


January 27 was the last meeting in the Goa area, this time the meeting was scheduled for a place named Vasco da Gama about an hour’s drive from our residence. The meeting was held in a large open area. The organizers had sold about 2,500 tickets, but many more had been admitted or were standing near the low wall outside…

Before we actually reached our destination, we stopped at an ancient Portuguese Church which is among the oldest in the area and is more than 400 years old. A meeting had been arranged with Fr. Saturnino Dias.

Father greeted us very cordially and explained why there was a certain concern in the local clergy about the current explosion of charisms, apparitions and prophesies. In fact, there had been some bad experiences with false prophets in the past. Father listened attentively to the latest news from Cardinal Ratzinger, and Vassula explained that there are many false prophets these days, since Satan raises up his own, or else people delude themselves into believing that they have charisms which they do not really have. In fact, Vassula said that in the case he described, she would have been stricter than he was. The meeting was cordial and could have continued, but we had to rush off to the meeting…

At the meeting, Fr. “X” again stressed the remarks of the Cardinal, as interpreted by Bishop Terra, that the notification of 1995 was a “manoeuver” of his secretary. In other words, just as there are parish politics and diocesan politics, there is even Vatican politics. Manoeuver, in fact, is a political word and has nothing to do with theology or a theological judgment on Vassula’ writings. As Jesus once said to Vassula “Was I a politician?” Fr. “X” also made use of the cover story on the Catholic Bombay Examiner in its favorable presentation of Vassula and her writings…

At the end of our meeting, Fr. Anastasio Gomes, a discalced Carmelite, and former seminary professor in spirituality, stood up to give his testimony. He spoke of how he had been trained in theology, and he went on to say that he found only the truth in Vassula’s writings. (We found out later that this priest had been attacked from the pulpit of another parish because of his support for TLIG.)

January 27th, 1998

The penultimate stay of Vassula in Goa drew an audience of around 3,000 at Vasco da Gama, the harbour city of Goa.

Mr Edmund Antao, joined by the local Charismatic group helped the organizing committee. The Holy Rosary was led by Ms. Adelaine Antao and Vassula joined in (as with the other meetings) in Aramaic. The choir with many voices was led by Mr. Seby Fernandes who enthused the audience with a Konkani hymn.

There were a number of Priests present, two were from the nearby seminary. Fr. Anastasio Gomes of the Carmelite Order was also present today. This wise and gifted Priest in the knowledge of God gave a small talk at the end.

Fr. “X”, bearing testimony to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Vassula, urged us to follow the messages in the School of the Holy Spirit. ‘The Holy Spirit is her true Counselor’ he admits humbly. Earlier on Fr. “X”
reiterated the position of the Church and quoted
the Examiner*, the periodical of the Bombay Archdiocese in defence of Vassula. *See pages 27-31.

It is to be mentioned here that the Vasco meeting, earlier, was to have been held at the Regina Mundo School Ground, but the local Bishop prevailed and the venue was therefore changed to the secular Marmagoa Port Trust Grounds. It appeared that there were many who stayed away from the meeting because of the Archbishop’s stand…

Fr. Anastasio congratulated the organising committee for the visit of Vassula – in spite of ‘the bombshell’. 25.



24 hours earlier, I had completed writing to all of the Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops and Catholic institutions including the retreat centres of the Indian cities where Vassula Ryden is due to speak. Till the time of concluding this alert, I have received just one response – from Bishop Couto*. The Bishop does not accept the facts from the 1995 CDF Notification presented to him by me, calling my statements “allegations”, and defends Vassula Ryden saying that she has “replied to the notification from the CDF”, as if that means anything.

This Bishop who has been on two pilgrimages with the alleged seer also adds that other Bishops have been on more
TLIG pilgrimages with Vassula Ryden than he has! See page 45. *December 8 update: I have since then received several responses; see
all of them in a
separate report


Over the past three decades of my Catholic ministry, I have found it impossible [I refuse to qualify that with “next to”] to obtain appointments with our Bishops — unless I knew them earlier, and those are very, very few — especially my own Archbishop in Chennai.

Most genuine Catholic lay ministries, even those engaged in pro-life and other noble work, find it impossible to conduct public meetings in Catholic institutions in most Indian cities because they are required to produce and submit “certificates” which do not come easily seeing that there are always priests and bishops who have their own personal views that conflict with the Catholic interpretations presented by these ministries, yes, even on prolife! Moreover, if a ministry has the littlest hint of a prophetic spirit in denouncing error, its chances of obtaining any ecclesiastical approval are minimal if not nil.

One also has to consider that the all-powerful and all-pervasive presence of the main-stream Catholic Charismatic Renewal [CCR] — which has long since lost its prophetic voice and lapsed into a conduit of New Age and liturgical error — stifles the small autonomous ministries and ensures — along with many Bishops — that they cannot minister freely.

The irony is that many charismatic lay ministries involved in promoting questionable — even Protestant — teachings and practices apparently have been having not the slightest difficulty in conducting programmes all over India, often in association with or endorsed by the CCR or by individual Bishops. This ministry — against much opposition from the CCR — has exposed a few of them over the years and some of them have now begun being banned, but only in certain dioceses or retreat centres as their true faces are revealed.

A report is to be released shortly on yet another such “ministry” which has been supported by an Archbishop and sections of the CCR.


To return to the subject of Vassula Ryden, SHE IS NOT EVEN CATHOLIC! But except in the Archdiocese of Goa, she receives rousing welcomes from the highest clergy in the Church.

Even if her “visions” and “messages” are from God, and my opinion is that they aren’t, she remains a promoter of private revelation, her own! She is certainly free to promote herself, but the Indian bishops have turned her into a celebrity and given official approval to her “automatic handwriting”. Would an “Indian” Vassula Ryden have been so honoured?

There have been numerous cases in the recent past of stigmatists, visionaries with “messages”, bleeding and weeping icons and other such phenomena in the Indian Church, but those associated with them have neither sought nor received the acclaim that she has.


The culpability of all Indian bishops associated with Vassula Ryden is not equal.

But some have compromised themselves by accompanying her on cruises and pilgrimages [at whose expense, may I ask?] How could one expect an unbiased opinion from them?

Try writing and getting a response from them and one will find out how much interest and time they invest in real pastoral work. But they all have time for a Vassula Ryden.

And each time they endorse her with their presence [and presents! Check the TLIG links], she uses their photographs and names to convince the universal Catholic Church that she is accepted and believed – except by those who are under the yoke of the “evil one”. 26.




Sent: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 8:03 AM Subject: [New post] Vassula Ryden: Problems with Rome, Bishops worldwide and her own Orthodox Church, but welcome in India

The Voice Of Bombay’s Catholic Laity posted: “Here below are extracts taken from the article written by Michael Prabhu. To read the complete article which runs into several pages readers are advised to visit his site Vassula Ryden: Problems with Rome, Bishops worldwide and her own”

Vassula Ryden: Problems with Rome, Bishops worldwide and her own Orthodox Church, but welcome in India





Maria Laura Pio
Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2012 7:42 PM and 7:49 PM

Subject: Right to reply – Vassula Ryden

Dear Michael,

I went through my mails archive and I have the mails that mention the article in The Examiner with the date. It was Lydia Davidson who had alerted me about the article. Unfortunately the links are no longer valid and the only soft copies I have of the matter are at home in Switzerland. But I’m sending you hereunder the exchange of mails on the matter in case they are useful … I continued to search my mails archive and was able to find my [correspondence with] The Examiner [etc.] requesting the right to answer the false accusations of freemasonry. You’ll find it hereunder. Maria Laura, Argentina


On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 7:17 PM, Maria Laura Pio <> wrote:
Dear Lydia,
I was thinking about the Examiner, and I wanted to ask you if the accusation of information critical of Ryden being linked to Freemasonry referred also (or mainly) to my website? Because in this case, I think it would be appropriate for me to write to the Examiner regarding this accusation, since I would be directly involved. What do you think?
Warmly in Christ,
Maria Laura, Switzerland


Lydia Davidson
Sent: Friday, June 20, 2008 1:06 AM Subject: Re: The examiner

Dear Maria,
I had linked to Fr. Dermine’s article from your website, so yes the accusation was towards your website. Please feel free to write to the Examiner, here is the link to the objecting letter by Mr. Paul Datta of TLIG dated 14th June:


This is the link to my first letter to the Examiner dated 31st May:

In Christ,
Lydia, Mumbai, India


Sent: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 18:09:28 +0530 (IST) Subject: Right to reply – Vassula Ryden
Dear Sirs, 
Last week
* I sent you a mail requesting the right to answer a letter that you published in one of your previous editions (copy of my mail hereunder). I would be very grateful if you could confirm receipt of this letter and advise me if you will publish it. Looking forward to hearing from you. *See page 28
Sincerely in Christ,
Maria Laura Pio, Switzerland

From: editor examiner
Sent: Tuesday, July 1, 2008 1:49 AM
Subject: Re: Right to reply – Vassula Ryden

We have received your letter and will be publishing it in one of the issues in the near future. Thank you.
Br. Joshan, c/o Fr. Anthony Charanghat, Editor,
The Examiner, Eucharistic Congress Bldg III, 5, Convent Street, Mumbai- 400001 email: Website:


The letters that were published in The Examiner:

May 31, 2008:

Talk by Vassula Ryden

St. Peter’s parish, Bandra, is planning on having a talk by Vassula Ryden – a Greek Orthodox lady who claims to receive messages from heaven. Many Catholics may not be aware that Vassula Ryden is not a Catholic, and that Catholics are not allowed to go to her prayer meetings.





Vassula’s writings and messages contain vague language, and she has at times changed or deleted her so-called “heavenly messages”. See the link: It is reported that the way she receives her messages is more like channeling; as in a spirit possession, she has no control over her hand; it just writes by itself.

Further, her writings contain many errors which could harm people by leading them away from the faith. I write to the Examiner with the hope that it is a Catholic weekly with the boldness to carry the truth. I hope my voice will be heard and people will not go for such talks that are meant to deceive.

I earnestly request the Church authorities to kindly publish the letter from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, dated January 25, 2007, so that Catholics are aware of the Church’s position on Ms. Ryden.

Lydia Davidson, Bandra


June 14, 2008:

‘True Life in God’

This is in response to Lydia Davidson’s letter to you on the “Talk by Vassula Ryden”, (The Examiner, May 31, 2008).

Cardinal Ratzinger, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) (now Pope Benedict XVI) in his letter dated July 10, 2004, declared that the Notification of 1995 has been clarified with useful information, after Vassula responded to five questions she was asked. Her answers to these questions were positive and can be read at

This thorough study from the Congregation (CDF) lasted two and a half years in which several inspectors, theologians, and finally Cardinals investigated her writings and her activities through several videos transmitted to them. The then Cardinal Ratzinger, when he declared his satisfaction with Mrs. Ryden’s responses, asked her to put their dialogue in all the volumes containing the messages. If there were errors, would he have asked her to do so?

It surprises us that Ms. Davidson does not take the CDF’s study into consideration, and declare this truth to the faithful. What she writes, perhaps unknowingly, misleads the readers to a site that defames this work of God, and is suspect of Freemason connections. Such sites are often against the ‘Unity of the Church’ and the ‘Merciful callings of God’ in our times. They encourage discriminating sites and articles against TLIG (True Life in God). They call what is holy “evil”, to destroy this work of God.

We believe that TLIG is truly the work of the Spirit of God and calling it evil would be casting aspersions on the working of the Holy Spirit. May the Holy Spirit grant us all, humility, love, wisdom and discernment to know the truth. Finally, may TLIG be judged by the fruit it bears.

Paul Datta for TLIG, Mumbai


Apropos of what Ms. Davidson says in her letter on the “Talk by Vassula Ryden”, (The Examiner, May 31, 2008), I would like to offer a few comments.

There is a divided opinion regarding Vassula’s credibility. There are many Church officials and theologians who find no ‘theological errors’ in her writings. They endorse ‘TLIG’ (True Life in God) as a movement that helps people live their faith more radically and fully. I know of people who have started living their Christian lives fully, of frequenting the Sacraments etc. after daily reading the messages that Vassula receives.

The Notification by the then Cardinal Ratzinger, in 1995 and the letter by Cardinal Levada*, in 2007 should be read within the scenario of the opposition to their stand against Vassula, by Bishops and Cardinals around the world; of clarifications that Vassula renders to the CDF; and perhaps misunderstanding Church authorities because of human frailty.

We all know that the Church is human as well as divine. This does not mean that we go ahead and disobey the Magisterium; rather we need to discern like responsible Christians, who are the ‘People of God’ (a favourite Pauline image adopted by Vat II, in LG 9 ff), and thereby help the Magisterium make better decisions for the Church and its faithful.

Fr. Bryan Lobo S.J. Rome *See pages 51 ff.


*July 05, 2008

Maria Laura Pio’s letter sent by email to The Examiner on June 26, 2008:
Dear Editor, I kindly request the right to answer the letter of
Paul Datta from the True Life in God (TLIG) association published in your edition of June 14, 2008, in which he accuses me and my website of defaming Vassula Ryden and being “suspect of Freemason connections”. I would like to state for the record that I am a convinced and practicing Catholic and that I have no sympathy for Freemasonry, whose philosophical ideas are incompatible with our Faith in Jesus Christ.
Mr. Datta probably wrote those unfounded and untrue accusations in an attempt to discredit the information contained in my critical website on Vassula Ryden ( I have always done my very best to publish in my website correct information, citing all my sources in order to allow the reader to verify them independently. In fact, several important Catholic websites and organizations consider my website as serious and reliable.
There seems to be some confusion in your region as to the position of the Catholic Church regarding the writings and activities of Mrs. Ryden. Much of this confusion has been fuelled by Mrs. Ryden’s official website and local TLIG associations. Mr. Datta refers in his letter to the dialogue that took place between Mrs. Ryden and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) in 2002. But this dialogue did not result in a reversal of the Church’s negative assessment of 1995, and the Notification was neither modified nor reversed. However, Mrs. Ryden’s organization published a booklet in which this dialogue was presented as the proof that the 1995 Notification was no longer valid and that Vassula benefited from the approval of the CDF. 28.


This booklet titled “Clarifications with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith” was widely spread among the Catholic clergy. That is why in January 2007 the CDF had to send a letter to all the Episcopal conferences in the world confirming the validity of the negative doctrinal judgment expressed in the 1995 Notification and advising against the participation of the faithful in TLIG prayer groups. A copy of the original letter bearing the signature of the Prefect of the CDF (Cardinal Levada, personally chosen by our Pope for that position) can be seen on my website. This information was widely relayed by major Catholic news agencies during the Summer of 2007.
Warmly in Christ,
Maria Laura Pio, Webmaster of, Switzerland

(Correspondence on this topic is closed)



Ms. Lydia Davidson, a Catholic resident of Bandra, Mumbai, came upon a very negative theological critique of Vassula Ryden and her writings by Canadian Dominican theologian Fr. Francois-Marie Dermine [see
and] at the critical web site of Swiss citizen Ms. Maria Laura Pio [,
now shut down in mid-2012 after Vassula Ryden instituted legal proceedings against her because of her use of the name “Vassula” to identify her site; this issue will be discussed in detail in a separate article from this ministry].

Ms. Lydia Davidson then
wrote to The Examiner cautioning the Church about Vassula Ryden/TLIG. In response to Ms. Lydia Davidson‘s letter, one Paul Datta of TLIG “Mumbai” and Fr. Brian Lobo, a Jesuit theologian from Rome sent in their pro-Vassula Ryden submissions which were also published. In his submission, Paul Datta slanderously and without any substantiation whatsoever, alleges that Maria Laura Pio is “
suspect of Freemason connections“. Ms. Lydia Davidson apparently informed this to Ms. Maria Laura Pio who made an enquiry from her which I have reproduced along with the reply that she received. Ms. Maria Laura Pio finally wrote to The Examiner refuting the allegation of Paul Datta, after which The Examiner closed further correspondence on the subject.

On December 1, 2012, Archbishop Vincent Concessao of Delhi enquired of me on the ‘phone whether Maria Laura Pio is a Freemason!! The same day, Paul Datta circulated to certain Bishops a defense [the statements of which I thoroughly refuted] of Vassula Ryden/TLIG against my alert of November 24, 2012 which had till then been sent ONLY to select Bishops and priests! Paul Datta signed that defense as sent from “KOLKATA“. NOTE THAT HIS LETTER TO THE EXAMINER WAS SIGNED AS SENT FROM “MUMBAI“! Is this just one more in an endless chain of deceit practised by the followers of Vassula Ryden? It is a charge that almost every theologian has brought against her as seen in many of the articles by them that are hosted on my web site.

[The Paul Datta correspondence will be made available in a future report from this ministry along with other responses received from Bishops, priests and laity to my November 24 alert and follow-up letters.]



All the following extracts are from TLIG records

January 1998

The prestigious Bombay Examiner had selected Vassula’s talk as the cover story for the week of Christian unity, and it was accompanied by an article that stated clearly that Vassula’s writings are in complete accord with the Holy Scriptures. This article was to prove invaluable in presenting Vassula in this part of the world and will continue to be a precious blessing.

January 27th, 1998

The penultimate stay of Vassula in Goa drew an audience of around 3,000 at Vasco da Gama, the harbour city of Goa…

Fr. “X” reiterated the position of the Church and quoted the Examiner, the periodical of the Bombay Archdiocese in defence of Vassula.

January 23rd to 27th, 1998

As elsewhere in Goa, news of the old notification of 1995 had reached here as well. Fr. “X” therefore used the Bombay Examiner article as a key aspect of his introduction…

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Examiner which had published a layperson’s letter to the Editor calumniating Vassula and the Messages, advising the readers to boycott Vassula’s talk that evening in St. Peter’s Church in Bandra, the Christian quarter of Mumbai…

She strongly withstood [the Cardinal Oswald Gracias’] attempts to make her admit the Messages were her “private meditations”, she insisted they were locutions from God.



The Cardinal received all the relevant information from the TLIG Mumbai Prayer Group members and was finally disposed to inform himself of the facts. After the audience with Cardinal Gracias, Fr. Anthony [Charanghat, the editor of The Examiner] advised the TLIG Mumbai group to publish a letter in The Examiner in answer to the false statements in the Letter to the Editor.


1. “Fr. “X” therefore used the Bombay Examiner article as a key aspect of his introduction…

Fr. “X” … quoted the Examiner, the periodical of the Bombay Archdiocese in defence of Vassula.

I wonder if The Examiner is aware that it has officially certified, sorry, “stated clearly that Vassula’s writings are in complete accord with the Holy Scriptures” with their January
1998 cover story, although Rome [the CDF] states the contrary in its October 1995 Notification only two years earlier! Knowing that TLIG is highly inclined to name-dropping and exaggeration [apart from misrepresentation and falsification], I would have loved to see for myself the contents of the referred issue. Regrettably, my subscription to The Examiner goes back just about a decade [and I have preserved all issues!]

“In at least one place on the TLIG site, Fr. James Fannan P.I.M.E.‘s name is replaced with Fr. “X”“, writes an ex-TLIG devotee to me. Fr. Fannan from Bangladesh is a priest who has since fallen out with Vassula Ryden though he was her first spiritual director and ardent devotee and promoter for around two decades. It would be most interesting and enlightening to learn the reasons as to why he parted ways with Vassula Ryden.


The Examiner carried a TLIG advertisement for the December 4, 2012 Don Bosco School, Borivali, Mumbai, programme in its October 27 and November 17, 2012 issues. THE ARCHDIOCESAN WEEKLY OF BOMBAY CONTINUES TO BE A CONDUIT FOR THE ERRORS OF VASSULA RYDEN AND HER “MESSAGES”.


2. The TLIG statement “ She strongly withstood [the Cardinal Oswald Gracias’] attempts to make her admit the Messages were her “private meditations”, she insisted they were locutions from God.” is not very flattering to Cardinal Oswald Gracias. He “was finally disposed to inform himself of the facts“. It conveys the impression that the Cardinal attempted to make Vassula Ryden admit that her messages were in fact private revelations but did not succeed. It is this subtly derogative manner in which Vassula Ryden/TLIG unfailingly report on those in the hierarchy who oppose them or who do not accept them unreservedly [see my other reports and articles].

I have also demonstrated that TLIG site reports express inordinate joy when our priests, religious and laity attend her performance despite a ban on her pronounced by the local Ordinary as in the case of Goa [see pp. 2, 23-25]. Vassula Ryden‘s complete disdain for the clergy who decline to entertain her is quite evident. As seen from the TLIG site, she exults when Catholics disobey their Bishops and attend her performances.


3. “After the audience with Cardinal Gracias, Fr. Anthony [Charanghat, the editor of The Examiner] advised the TLIG Mumbai group to publish a letter in The Examiner in answer to the false statements in the Letter to the Editor.


Fr. Anthony Charanghat comes off in a good light. Pardon my cynicism, but considering the history of Vassula Ryden and TLIG of misrepresenting things, I wonder whether Fr. Anthony Charanghat really did in fact give any such advice to TLIG; but, only he can answer that question.

TLIG takes a unilateral decision [neither the Cardinal nor The Examiner said anything to that effect] to publicise that there were “false statements in the Letter to the Editor” of Ms. Lydia Davidson.

One must remember that Vassula Ryden and her “spiritual directors” carefully scrutinise and approve all of TLIG reports either before or after their publication and make corrections or issue cautions if necessary [see my other reports and articles].


4. If, as TLIG claims, The Examiner selected “Vassula’s talk as the cover story for the week of Christian unity“, it becomes a serious issue.

According to Fr. Francois-Marie Dermine, she proposes a “pan-Christian community, contrary to Catholic doctrine” and “She insists very much on global renewal, wants to prompt the churches, in particular the Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican ones, to a renewal that should take them to achieve full unity,
a unity however not defined on a doctrinal nor hierarchical level. She declares to be above the churches, and this is most preoccupying, because it pre-announces the coming of a church that would receive instructions directly from heaven and would be directly guided by Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, prescinding from a hierarchy or an institution; a church very much spiritualized, where each one will let the Holy Spirit guide him/her.




Archbishop Bombay ; Archbishop’s House ;
Cc: ;**
Sent: Friday, December 07, 2012 2:27 PM

Subject: FOLLOW-UP OF MY LETTER OF December 05, 2012 1:28 PM

Dear Cardinal Oswald Gracias,




I have yet to receive your acknowledgement of my subject-referred letter regarding Vassula Ryden. I noted with approval your statement that you “disagree with some of her claims“. I would like to know the outcome of your meeting with her to compare it with what she will write concerning it on her TLIG site.

Meanwhile, I am copying below an extract from pages 38 through 42 of my current — and as yet unpublished — report VASSULA RYDEN-A CDF NOTIFICATION, BISHOPS WARNINGS AND THEOLOGICAL CRITIQUES.

I would like you to read what she has written on her site about her June 2008 meeting with you and what she has published regarding Fr. Anthony Charanghat and the January 1998 The Examiner cover story on her and the Church’s Christian Unity week. 

If Fr. Anthony Charanghat disagrees with Vassula Ryden’s version of events, may I request that he responds with the true version of it?

Yours obediently,

Michael Prabhu


Archbishop Bombay
Sent: Monday, December 10, 2012 1:51 PM Subject: Reply

December 7, 2012

E-mail to Michael Prabhu

Dear Michael,

This has reference to your email of December 7, 2012 regarding Vassula Ryden.

I did reiterate to her the objections which the Congregation and I had about her messages. I am in touch with the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith and will share with them the situation when I next go to Rome.

I am passing on your email to Fr Tony Charanghat**.

With kind regards and best wishes and wish you all the joys of Christmas.

Yours sincerely in Christ,

+ Oswald Cardinal Gracias

Archbishop of Bombay

**The editor of The Examiner did not reply. He had opposed this ministry on the New Community Bible issue.

































Vassula’s Worldwide Meetings

Vassula has witnessed in more than 987 meetings in approximately 79 countries around the world. And the Mission continues.

According to TLIG records, Vassula Ryden commenced her performances in 1988 in Switzerland where she was then living. The record for the first six years is as follows:

1988: 4; all of them in Switzerland

1989: 14; 13 Switzerland, 1 France

1990: 20; 19 in Switzerland and France, entered Italy

1991: entered the UK, Ireland, USA, Philippines and Belgium

1992: a number of shows in the USA; entered Australia and Canada [a number of appearances], Germany and Russia

1993: entered South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Denmark, Portugal, Greece, Israel and Haiti

It must have been in 1997 that Fr. Mathew Naickomparambil VC from Potta, the founder of the Divine group of Vincentian priests’ institutions went to Switzerland, met Vassula Ryden and invited her to India, as informed to me personally by Muringoor Divine Retreat Centre director Fr. Augustine Vallooran VC, after which she performed at three locations in Kerala, at Muringoor on January 22, 1998, and then traveled elsewhere in the country. The Cochin programmes were also held under the Divine Retreat Centre auspices.


Feb 01, 1998

Kerala, Ashir Bhavan Parish Hall


Jan 31, 1998 India, Alleppey Kerala Mission Society (IMS) Centre
Jan 31, 1998 India, Mangalapuzha Alwaye, Kerala, St Joseph’s Pontifical Seminary
Jan 30, 1998 India, Cochin Kerala, St Mary Basilica
Jan 29, 1998 India, Mahim (Bombay) Maharashtra, Cannosia Monastery High School
Jan 28, 1998 India, Manickpur-Vasai (Bombay) Maharashtra, St Augustine’s School [See page 23]
Jan 28, 1998 India, Chicalim Goa, Carmel Monastery
Jan 27, 1998 India, Vasco da Gama Goa, Marmagoa Port Trust grounds
Jan 25, 1998 India, Margao Goa, at Lohia Maidan
Jan 24, 1998 India, Panaji Goa, Kala Academy
Jan 24, 1998 India, Panaji Goa, TV Headquarters – 30 min. recording
Jan 23, 1998 India, Goa
Jan 22, 1998 India, Muringoor [Divine Retreat Centre] Kerala
Jan 21, 1998 India, Vadavathoor Kottayam, Kerala;
Jan 21, 1998 India, Kottayam Kerala
Jan 20, 1998 India, Palai Kerala [I was present in Cochin, as well as at two public shows in Goa].
Ashir Bhavan Parish Hall is attached to the Catholic Church in Kacheripady, Ernakulam, Kerala.
The St Joseph’s Pontifical Seminary, Alwaye, is a Major Seminary of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church.
The then Major Archbishop of Ernakulam-Angamaly was Cardinal Varkey Vithayathil.
The IMS centre in [Punnapra, Alappuzha Dt.] Alleppey, Kerala, is run by the priests of the Indian Missionary Society. The then Bishop of Alleppey was Peter M. Chenaparampil.
The Canossia Monastery High School, Mahim, Mumbai is operated by the Canossian nuns. The Archbishop of Bombay was Ivan Dias, now a Cardinal.

St Augustine’s School, Manickpur, Vasai is diocesan. The then Bishop
of Vasai was Thomas Dabre.

The Carmel Monastery in Goa belongs to the Order of Discalced Carmelites congregation. The Archbishop of Goa was Filipe Neri Ferrao.

Muringoor [Divine Retreat Centre], Kerala is a charismatic retreat centre which belongs to the Vincentian priests.


Vassula Ryden‘s
second sojourn in India [Kerala, Goa and Bombay],

Dec 01, 1999

Tabor Ashram, Kalyan, Mumbai, Maharashtra

AVAILABLE :  Report   Audio   Video
[See page 23, below]


Nov 30, 1999

Don Bosco’s ground, Mumbai, Maharashtra  



Nov 29, 1999

I.M.S. Retreat Centre, Punnapra, Alappuzha Dt., Kerala  

AVAILABLE :  Report   Audio   Video
[See pages 21, 22]


Nov 28, 1999

Assisi Retreat Centre, Bharananganam, Kottayam Dt., Kerala  

AVAILABLE :  Report   Audio   Video
[See pages 21, 22]


Nov 27, 1999

Charis Bhavan Retreat Centre, Athirampuzha, Kottayam Dt., Kerala  

AVAILABLE :  Report   Audio   Video
[See pages 21, 22]


Nov 26, 1999

St. Mary’s Orthodox Church Auditorium, Manarcaud, Kottayam Dt., Kerala

AVAILABLE :  Report   Audio   Video
[See pages 21, 22]


Nov 25, 1999

St. Kasmir Church Auditorium, Kollam, Kerala

AVAILABLE :  Report   Audio   Video
[See pages 21, 22]


Nov 24, 1999

Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor, Chalakudy, Trichur Dt., Kerala

AVAILABLE :  Report   Audio   Video
[See pages 21, 22]


Nov 21, 1999

St. George Forane Church Campus, Edapally, Cochin, Kerala  

AVAILABLE :  Report   Audio   Video
[See pages 21, 22]


Nov 20, 1999

Kadamba Grounds, Madel, Margao, Goa  

AVAILABLE :  Report   Audio   Video
[See page 24]


Nov 19, 1999

Kala Academy Auditorium, Panjim, Goa  

AVAILABLE :  Report   Audio   Video
[See page 24]


Nov 17, 1999

Open ground of St. Thomas’s School, Calcutta, Bengal

AVAILABLE :  Report   Audio   Video
[See page 22]


Nov 15, 1999
New Delhi

Sacred Heart Cathedral, Ashok Place, New Delhi 110001  

Tabor Ashram, Kalyan, Mumbai, is a charismatic retreat centre run by the Vincentian congregation


Tabor Divine Retreat Center Ashram, Kalyan, Mumbai: The second Bombay meeting and the very last one of this tour was on Dec. 1st where Vassula spoke in Kalyan, a northern suburb of Bombay in another retreat center before some 1,500 people.




Don Bosco’s ground in Borivali, Mumbai belongs to the Salesian congregation. The Archbishop of Bombay was Ivan Dias, now a Cardinal.

Assisi Retreat Centre, Bharananganam [the birthplace of St. Alphonsa], Kottayam, Kerala, is run by the OFM Cap fathers.

Charis Bhavan Retreat Centre, Athirampuzha, Kottayam, Kerala belongs to the Missionaries of St Francis de Sales [MSFS]

The then Bishop of Kottayam was Kuriakose Kunnacherry.

St. Kasmir Church Auditorium, Kollam, Kerala is a Catholic church. The then Bishop of Quilon was Joseph Fernandez.

Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor; this is the second performance here by Vassula Ryden.

St. George Forane Church campus, Edapally, Cochin is Syro-Malabar. The then Major
Archbishop of Ernakulam-Angamaly was Cardinal Varkey Vithayathil.

Rev. Fr. Thomas Mattom, Vicar, St. George’s Forane Church, welcomed Vassula and Tom. Dr. P.M Chacko, Professor, Dept of English, U.C College, translated the English speech to Malayalam. The Malayalam version of True Life in God Volume X and My Guardian Angel Daniel were released at the end of the meeting by Vassula. The copy of Volume X was received by Fr. Thomas Mattom and of My Guardian Angel Daniel by Dr. George Irumbayam.

St. Thomas’s School, Calcutta; the then Archbishop was Lucas Sirkar S.D.B. See page 22 and 39

Sacred Heart Cathedral, New Delhi; see page 18; the then Archbishop was Alan de Lastic


In the year 2000, there was no TLIG programme in India.

Nov 03, 2001
New Delhi
Khrista Raja School Ground, Bangla Sahib Marg (Gole Dak Khana), New Delhi 110001 AVAILABLE :  
Report   Audio   Video

Some of the priests we met at New Delhi were with us at the pilgrimage in the Holy Land on March 2000.

[A] meeting took place of Vassula with priests from fourteen Christian Churches. In a hall of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church about forty priests from the Latin Church, Malabar, Malankara, Syrian Orthodox, Indian Orthodox, Mar Thomas Church, a reformed church of Orthodox, Baptist, Anglican Bishop E. S. Peters, Evangelical church, Pentecostal church, C.N.I. church of North India, church of South India, Indian Pentecostal church, had the chance to listen to Vassula in a two hour speech. […] The bishop*
of the Catholic Church in India blessed Vassula for the afternoon meeting and generally for her mission.
*Archbishop Vincent Concessao, see pages 2, 12 and 18.


Feb 18, 2002

Divine Retreat Centre’s English Section, Muringoor, Kerala  



Feb 18, 2002

Bible College, Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor, Kerala  


Feb 17, 2002

‘Potta Convention’ in Potta Ashram, Chalakudi, Kerala


Feb 16, 2002

Sinai Renewal Centre, Mundoor, Palakad, Kerala  


Feb 16, 2002

Bible College, Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor, Kerala  


Feb 15, 2002

‘Potta Convention’ in Potta Ashram, Chalakudi, Kerala  


Feb 15, 2002

interview for two magazines : Sunday Shalom and Shalom Tidings*, Kerala


Feb 14, 2002

Divine Mercy Retreat Centre’s Malayalam Section, Muringoor, Kerala  


Feb 14, 2002

Divine Retreat Centre’s English Section, Muringoor, Kerala 

Divine Retreat Centre, Potta ashram, and Bible College, Muringoor; Feb. 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18;
these are the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh visits here by Vassula Ryden at the invitation of the Vincentian Fathers.








Today, Wednesday 20th, Vassula and her companions will return home.

On Friday morning, Vassula gave an interview for two magazines, a weekly Malayalam (language) spiritual magazine Shalom Tidings*, and a twice monthly spiritual magazine.

*I could not locate any report on Vassula Ryden in the entire year 2002 issues of English language Shalom Tidings. One might have been carried in the weekly Malayalam language Sunday Shalom. 34.



On Saturday, Feb. 16th, Vassula was invited as ‘guest of honour’ to the Bible College which is a complex within the Divine Retreat Center. There she gave out the diplomas to about 200 participants who had just completed 6 weeks of courses there. Then she was invited to speak for 45 minutes. Fr. Eugene Nicolau was also asked to say a few words and also to bless the crowd in Greek.

In the afternoon, at the Sinai Renewal Center in Mundoor, Palakad, Vassula had been invited there by Father Paul, a Capuchin father who had heard of her presence in Potta. About 2,000 people were present, among them many young people and children.

On Sunday, Vassula was again asked to speak at Potta Convention. This time there were more than 100,000 people Reverend Mathew [Naickomparambil] said. He is the founder of Potta Divine which is the name of the complex which englobes the different centers. After Vassula had finished her one hour talk, a large sculpted cross was given to her as a thank you gift. Vassula was asked to pray for 200 couples who have no children. After this prayer, Father Mathew said that 3 couples had been particularly blessed at that very moment.

On Monday, Vassula gave a conference to a gathering at the Bible College composed of people who had already attended several earlier sessions. There were more than 1,200 people present.

In the afternoon a conference was given by Vassula at the Divine Retreat Center‘s English section to a new group of people. There are new groups each week. This group had more than the previous one – there were around 500 in all. After the meeting they all wanted TLIG books.

We left at noon our ears had been filled with charismatic songs since 5 a.m., in stereo, as was the case every day. Those on retreat don’t sleep very much. Last night we were enchanted by an evening at the centre which included dances, sketches, and speeches we couldn’t understand as they were in Malayalam.

The director of the Divine Retreat Center, Rev. Fr. Augustine Vallooran, was thrilled to be able to welcome Vassula there.

Sinai Renewal Centre, Mundoor, Palakad, Kerala is a charismatic retreat centre.


Nov 16, 2003

Pastoral Centre of Varanasi  

AVAILABLE :  Report   Audio   Video blank page


Nov 15, 2003

Ashram Centre, Varanasi

AVAILABLE :  Report   Audio   Video blank page


Nov 14, 2003

Pastoral Centre of Varanasi  

AVAILABLE :  Report   Audio   Video blank page


Nov 05, 2003

Sisters of Fatima Provincialate  

AVAILABLE :  Report   Audio   Video blank page

Pastoral Centre of Varanasi and the Ashram Centre, Varanasi: An IMS centre run by the priests of the Indian Missionary Society as in Punnapra, Alappuzha Dt.] Alleppey, Kerala, which was visited by Vassula Ryden in 1998.

The then Bishop of Varanasi was Patrick Paul D’Souza

Sisters of Fatima Provincialate, Bangalore: Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima (FS). The then Archbishop of Bangalore was Ignatius Paul Pinto.


Nov 09, 2004

Jharkhand State  



Nov 08, 2004

Jharkhand State  

The Archbishop of Ranchi
was and is
Cardinal Telesphore Toppo [pages 12, 13 and 15].
He, and the

Bishop of Jamshedpur, also in Jharkhand State,
Felix Toppo, are two of the Indian church’s leading
Vassula Ryden
strongmen. Also, see Tarunoday Theologate Jesuit Seminary and St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Golmuri, Jamshedpur, below.
In 2005, Bishop Felix Toppo capitulated after having accompanied Vassula Ryden on a May 2005 pilgrimage and gave her the much-coveted Nihil Obstat for the TLIG messages.
See pages 10, 11, 13 and 14.

Cardinal Toppo and Bishop Toppo apparently made [

at least] two such pilgrimages each, as the records show.

Other clergymen such as Archbishop Vincent Concessao of Delhi and the new incumbent of Delhi Archbishop Anil Couto are among the several Indian Bishops who have been on these pilgrimages and Nile cruises.


Nov 15, 2005
New Delhi

Carmel Convent School, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, India  

AVAILABLE :  Report   Audio   Video blank page


Nov 14, 2005

Tarunoday Theologate Jesuit Seminary, Ranchi, India  

AVAILABLE :  Report   Audio   Video blank page


Nov 13, 2005

St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Golmuri, Jamshedpur, India  

AVAILABLE :  Report   Audio   Video blank page

Mar 13, 2005
New Delhi

Sacred Heart Cathedral  

AVAILABLE :  Report   Audio   Video
[See page 18]


Mar 12, 2005

St. Alphonsus School Hall, Kurseong, Darjeeling-743 220, West Bengal

AVAILABLE :  Report   Audio   Video
[See page 17]

St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Golmuri, Jamshedpur

Tarunoday Theologate Jesuit Seminary, Ranchi
EXTRACT– Check out the link for 27 photographs. This is Vassula Ryden‘s second engagement in Ranchi within a span of 12 months. The first was in November 2004.

India, November 12-16, 2005

After her visit to Ranchi in November 2004, Vassula was once again invited to the state of Jharkhand in the northeast of India. She was warmly welcomed by His Eminence, Cardinal Telesphore Toppo of Ranchi and His Excellency, Bishop Felix Toppo of Jamshedpur. It was Bishop Toppo’s turn to organize a big Meeting for Vassula in his diocese, to finally share with his own parishioners the Messages of True Life in God. Bishop Toppo had participated in the 4th International TLIG Ecumenical Pilgrimage to Lebanon, Syria and Jordan in May 2005. He is a fervent supporter of the Messages of True Life in God as His Eminence, Cardinal Telesphore Toppo, is of Vassula’s missionThe gracious Cardinal extended his hospitality to Vassula and all of her group, and we were his guests for a few days. It was a gratifying experience to stay at the Cardinal’s Residence…

Private Meeting with Cardinal Telesphore Toppo:



Vassula and the Cardinal had a private meeting wherein Vassula informed him of the latest developments in the Vatican regarding True Life in God and her mission. She told him of the success of the TLIG International Ecumenical Pilgrimage, adding to the information Bishop Toppo had given the Cardinal upon his return from the TLIG Pilgrimage to Lebanon, Syria and Jordan last May 2005. Bishop Toppo had come back full of fire and enthusiasm for Unity after having met clergy and laypeople from other church denominations during the pilgrimage. He had spent an enjoyable and prayerful 12 days with them… The Cardinal showed he was appreciative of Vassula’s mission for Unity, sharing that he believes in her experience with God. He had just come back from the Bishops’ Synod in Rome and mentioned that the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI is giving Christian Unity his priority. Vassula presented the Cardinal with a Greek icon of Our Lady and another of the Mysteries of the Rosary. In turn, he gave her a rosary from the Holy Father, Pope Benedict.

Bishop Toppo took us on a beautiful drive in his car the next day, from Ranchi to his diocese of Jamshedpur… After the Bishop showed us around his Bishop’s Residence, we were taken to the Convent of the Society of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph [Society of Jesus, Mary and Joseph], where we stayed the night. The Mother Superior, Sr. Fidelis, was elated to host Vassula in her Convent and to have the opportunity to speak to her about the Messages, which were very dear to her. Sr. Fidelis has been an avid TLIG reader for many years and was awed at being given the grace to extend her hospitality to Vassula, even for one night. Several journalists were present to interview Vassula and the Bishop about her visit and her mission. The Bishop gave them the details of Vassula’s work and the Meeting to be held in an hour’s time…

From the Bishop’s 31 parishes, 5,000 people came to the grounds of St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Golmuri, Jamshedpur, to join their Bishop in welcoming His Eminence, the Cardinal, and Vassula. After an introduction by Bishop Toppo, Vassula took her place and talked to the Bishop’s people.

Meeting in the Jesuit School for Seminarians:

Fr. Ignace Topno has been Vassula’s translator to Hindu during all her visits to Ranchi and Jamshedpur. He is also the Rector of a Jesuit School for Seminarians and his desire to bring her to speak to his students was finally realized… After speaking to them about several other topics in True Life in God, there was an Open Forum. The main question asked was regarding Christian Unity. She described her vision of the 3 Iron Bars, and how the Lord made her understand they represent the Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants. The heads of these 3 bars can only bend and unite using the keys of Humility and Love. The Lord makes her feel that so long as the division exists, wars, disasters and catastrophes will continue. He asks that we simply unify the dates of Easter, and if we do, He will send the Holy Spirit in full force to give us the light to unite. The audience of about 40 seminarians and Fr. Ignace were thankful for Vassula’s generosity in sharing her testimony with them. This unplanned conference marked the end of Vassula’s visit to the state of Jharkhand. 36.



Bishop Toppo introducing Vassula before a crowd of 5,000 of his diocese, including many nuns and priests


Carmel Convent School, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi is an institution conducted by the Congregation of Sisters of the Apostolic Carmel.
EXTRACT – Check out the link for 27 photographs

New Delhi

We left Ranchi the next day and arrived in New Delhi that evening. Vassula was invited to speak at an impromptu meeting hosted by His Excellency, Bishop Anil Couto of New Delhi and organized by Fr. Joseph Thomas of TLIG New Delhi, in the hall of a Catholic Girl’s School.
Bishop Anil had accompanied us on our 4th International TLIG Ecumenical Pilgrimage in May ’05 and has written a beautiful article on his TLIG Pilgrimage experience in the Catholic Journal of India (Reference: TLIG Pilgrimage 2005 Report).

The Bishop introduced Vassula with gladness and eagerness. He spoke of the wonderful pilgrimage to Lebanon, Syria and Jordan to the audience made up mostly of diplomats and expatriates of different religions all living in the capital. Vassula gave a brief talk about how it all started and the True Life in God Messages, giving them a glimpse of the scope of her mission for Unity. Due to the limitation of time since our flight that evening had arrived late, and since we were preparing for an early departure to Bangkok the next morning, Bishop Anil and Fr. Joseph invited Vassula to come and speak again to a bigger crowd on her next trip to New Delhi in 2 months time.

We thank His Eminence, Cardinal Telesphore Toppo, His Excellency, Bishop Felix Toppo, His Excellency, Bishop Anil Couto, Fr. Stephen Raphael [see page 40] and Fr. Joseph Thomas for their strong support for Vassula’s mission and True Life in God.
With their help, the Messages are finding their way all throughout this vast country of India.


St. Alphonsus School Hall, Kurseong, Darjeeling. See page 17. The Bishop of Darjeeling is Stephen Lepcha

Sacred Heart Cathedral, New Delhi. See page 18. The then Archbishop of Delhi was Vincent Concessao


Dec 14, 2006

Syro-Malankara Catholic Cathedral, Trivandrum, Kerala  

AVAILABLE :  Report   Audio   Video


Dec 13, 2006

Meeting at the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Conference, Pastoral Orientation Centre, Ernakulam, Kerala  


Dec 12, 2006

Assisi Renewal Center Hall, Pala, Kerala  


Dec 10, 2006

Duruelo Convent School Grounds, Bandra West, Mumbai (Bombay)



Jan 22, 2006
Kolkata (Calcutta)

Ecumenical meeting for public, clergy and religious, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Kolkata (Calcutta) – Report


Jan 21, 2006
Kolkata (Calcutta),

Ecumenical meeting for clergy and religious, St. Thomas’ Church, Kolkata (Calcutta) – Report


Jan 18, 2006

Public meeting for Unity Week, St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral ground, Bangalore – Report


Jan 17, 2006

Ecumenical introduction meeting for clergy, Holy Trinity Church (Anglican), Ulsoor, Bangalore – Report



Jan 15, 2006
New Delhi

Public meeting, St. Columba’s School Ground, Ashoka Place, Gole Dak Khana, New Delhi-1 [See pages 11, 12]



Jan 14, 2006
New Delhi

Public meeting, Divine Retreat Centre, Bathola, Tigaon Road, Faridabad (Haryana), New Delhi [See pages 11, 12]



Jan 13, 2006
New Delhi

TV interview by Fr. Dominic Emmanuel for “Voice of Christianity”, JAIN TV [See pages 11, 12]



Jan 13, 2006
New Delhi

Ecumenical Meeting for clergy, Don Bosco Salesian Provincial House, Okhla, Delhi 110025 [See pages 11, 12]


Don Bosco Salesian Provincial House, Okhla, Jamnagar, Delhi

Divine Retreat Centre, Bathola, Tigaon Road, Faridabad is run by the Vincentian Fathers

St. Columba’s School Ground, New Delhi belongs to the Congregation of Christian Brothers.
EXTRACT [See also pages 11, 12]










Friday, January 13, 2006, N. Delhi

Later on, at about 1:00 pm Fr. Joe [Thomas] had arranged a TV interview for Vassula at JAIN TV. The program was called “Voice of Christianity” and Fr. Dominic Emmanuel interviewed Vassula for 24 minutes. Fr. Dominic is the spokesman and director of the Communication/Info Bureau of the Delhi Catholic Archdiocese… The program was aired 2 days later, in the evening of Sunday, January 15, 2006. Fr. Dominic was very happy to have Vassula in his TV program and after the interview was over, he introduced her to the people in the studio.

Saturday, January 14, 2006, Faridabad

Soon after breakfast Fr. Joe and Pramila D’Souza from the local TLIG prayer group picked us up and after an hour’s drive we arrived at the Divine Retreat Centre in Faridabad for the meeting at 10:30 am. It’s a branch of the DRC in Potta, Kerala, where Vassula has been invited in the past a couple of times and had an attendance of 150,000 people in 2002. Fr. Martin Kalamparambil director of the Centre received us, happy to host Vassula again, knowing her from the other branch of DRC in Mumbai where she spoke in May 2002. Other friends from the N. Delhi prayer group had arrived for this meeting: Christopher Daruwalla, Eutropio and Veronica Peris.

Fr. Anthony Kakkanat, financial director of the DRC, introduced Vassula to the about 2000 people present. When he finished, he reminded the people that Vassula’s birthday was in a few days and the people wished her well by singing “Happy Birthday” 4 days prior to her birthday… Immediately after Vassula’s speech, Mass was celebrated by Fr. Martin and Fr. Joe in English, Hindi and Malayalam through a translator…

Sunday, January 15, 2006, N. Delhi

After breakfast Fr. Joe drove us to the Delhi Orthodox Centre where Metropolitan Job Mar Philoxenos and Rev. Fr. Sakariah Ramban were waiting for Vassula… At 3:00 pm Vassula was scheduled to speak at the Public meeting at St. Columba’s School Ground. [For the rest, see page 12]


St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral ground, Bangalore

Monday, January 16, 2006, Bangalore

The flight from New Delhi to Bangalore lasted about 2 ½ hours. At the airport were Mary Abraham and Sebastian Alcanther from the local group and the newly settled in Bangalore Greek couple, Antonis Tectonidis and his wife Teresa. They were the ones that invited Vassula to speak in Bangalore during the Unity Week.

Tuesday, January, 17, 2006, Bangalore

The next morning at 10.30 am an Ecumenical introductory meeting for Vassula and the messages was arranged in the Holy Trinity Church of CSI. Rev. S. Arokiasamy as the presbyter of the Church welcomed every one of the 23 pastors and religious present: 10 Rev. Frs. from Church of South India (CSI), 1 from the Mar Thoma Church, 2 Roman Catholic sisters and 10 Lutheran pastors from Denmark…

Wednesday, January 18, 2006, Bangalore

…The day went by with Antonis and Teresa having to attend early to St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral where the meeting was at 6.30 pm. It would take place outside as the attendance was expected to be more than the Cathedral could take in…

On the stage with Vassula were 5 Roman Catholic priests, Fr. John Solomon, Fr. Pradeep Sequeira, Fr. Terence Fransz, Fr. John Amalan, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph Francis… Jacinta, from the local prayer group, together with Fr. John Solomon, Parish priest and Dean of the Cathedral, introduced Vassula. Following, Fr. Pradeep Sequeira, expressed how moved to tears he was because of the tone of sincerity, when a few months before the election of the present Pope, he read about the correspondence between Vassula and Cardinal Ratzinger on what authority she had to speak about revelation, known as the “Questions and Answers.” He said he believes the Holy Spirit was at work when this correspondence was going on and that he’s privileged to have met her… Intercessory prayers for unity followed and Rev. Msgr. Joseph Francis, Vicar General of the archdiocese of Bangalore, honoured the meeting by giving the final blessing of the gathering. A healing service continued with Vassula praying for all the people present.




Thursday, January 19, 2006, Chennai

Despite her wrapped swollen foot and a slight pain, Vassula was ready to follow the program of the day: early in the morning with Antonis and Teresa, we all flew to Chennai to meet with [Jesuit] Fr. Prasad Ignatius. Fr. Prasad is the spiritual guide of Mariama*, an Indian seer for many years. After arriving at the house, we were offered lunch in a very hospitable manner. Later, Vassula shared with all the friends that had arrived what the latest developments with the CDF and TLIG in general were, leaving everyone happy to hear how the apostolate of TLIG had progressed in all aspects. For some time later on, Vassula met privately with Mariama and Fr. Prasad. Vassula later met privately with Mariama and Fr. Prasad for some time. Vassula and Mariama then went in another room to speak in private about certain specific messages. *of Vadiakadu


St. Thomas’ Church, Kolkata

St. Paul’s Cathedral, Kolkata

See pages 22 and 34. Second meeting of Vassula Ryden with the Archbishop of Calcutta, Lucas Sirkar
EXTRACT Check out the link for photographs

Friday, January 20, 2006, Kolkata

With another early morning, we flew for Kolkata. We arrived about 12.30 pm and Fr. Stephen Raphael and Fr. Sunil Rosario were expecting us and took us to the hotel…

Saturday, January 21, 2006, Kolkata

The program for Unity Octave Prayers (meetings) wrote: Jan. 21, Saturday: St. Thomas’ Church – A Day with clergy & Religious – Ecumenical – 10 am – 1 pm Vassula will address the group. This and tomorrow’s program were organized by Fr. Sunil Rosario, Commission for Ecumenism and Dialogue [of the Calcutta archdiocese].

We arrived with Fr. Stephen Raphael and Fr. Sunil Rosario, on time, as always. The Church was half full with children from a medium school (!!!) and some laypeople sitting at the back. Fr. Michel, the parish priest of St. Thomas’ Church was the only Roman Catholic priest present… Immediately after this meeting, Vassula was invited at the parish house where some Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa’s order) had come just to meet Vassula from their area – 150 Kms away – close to the borders, together with some friends of TLIG in Kolkata.

The Sisters of Lavinia House offered us lunch. This is a house for dropout girls and they are given training in Secretarial services with typing, shorthand, computer and CBSC syllabus.

At 3.00 pm the appointment with the Archbishop of Kolkata, Rev. Lucas Sirkar, was kept on time. Vassula had met with the Archbishop again back in 2003. An hour’s casual meeting shed light to many issues and at the end His Grace asked for some photos to be taken with him.


Archbishop of Kolkata, Rev. Lucas Sirkar
and Catarina


Sunday, January 22, 2006, Kolkata

Fr. Sunil, who had to present Vassula in tonight’s meeting, suddenly lost his voice because of an allergy and a cold.

St. Paul’s Cathedral: Ecumenical Prayer service for all denominations, open to the public at 5.30 pm. Vassula was to address the gathering – Archbishop Lucas Sirkar to preach. No photos were allowed in the Cathedral, to help preserve the building and art, since its history goes back some centuries.

Vassula was given only 15 minutes to talk about Ecumenism and Spirituality. As Fr. Sunil couldn’t introduce Vassula and of course there was not enough time to spend, Vassula took the stand after some hymns. In the presence of the Archbishop and 8 Roman Catholic priests, Vassula witnessed what Jesus has given her about Ecumenism and Unity in a very concise manner… [At the Mass that followed], the sermon was given by Archbishop Lucas Sirkar

Monday, January 23, 2006, Kolkata

A free day and Fr. Sunil thought it would be nice to visit the oldest church built in 1499 of our Lady of Bandel, some kilometers out of Kolkata… We had lunch at the Convent of St. Joseph’s of Cluny

Tuesday, January 24, 2006, Kolkata

The final day in Kolkata, we had lunch at the Daughters of St. Anne’s Congregation. Sr. Florence, Superior General, spoke to Vassula during lunch and showed great interest in her mission…

In the year 2007, there was no TLIG programme in India.




Jun 02, 2008

Visit with Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Mumbai followed by a meeting in St. Peter’s Church, Bandra, Mumbai  



Jun 01, 2008

Muthangi Divine Word Retreat Center with 10,000 people attending

Visit with Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Mumbai followed by a meeting in St. Peter’s Church, Bandra, Mumbai

Muthangi Divine Word Retreat Center with 10,000 people attending. This is run by the priests of the
Society of the Divine Word [SVD], near Hyderabad.

In the years 2009, 2010 and 2011, there were no TLIG programmes in India.


Vassula Ryden‘s 2012 visit to India, see page 1, comes after two-and-a-half years.

The outcome of my November 24 alert to the Bishops and priests directly and indirectly concerned with the 2012 performances will be updated in this report but only after proper verification.

However, at the time of writing this update, I have received reliable information to the effect that:

a) The December 1 programme at
Divine Retreat Centre, Faridabad was cancelled because of the intervention of the local Archbishop and the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Conference [KCBC].

b) The December 6 programme at the Catholic-run Nirmala College was moved to a secular venue after the Bishop of Coimbatore informed the local organisers that he had received a letter from the Apostolic Nuncio to India instructing him to not permit the programme to be conducted in a Catholic institution. More on page 46.

c) The December 7 programme at the IMS Retreat Centre, Alleppey was ordered to be cancelled by a November 26 letter from the President of the

not to call Vassula Rydén a controversial Christian mystic living in Switzerland who claimed to receive messages from Jesus Christ and Blessed Virgin Mary“.

d) The Cardinal Archbishop of Bombay said that he recently met with Vassula Ryden and that he “did reiterate to her the objections which the Congregation and I had about her messages.See page 31.



Vassula Ryden commenced her pilgrimages with one to the Holy Land in 1998 followed by one in the year 2000.

Apart from the information on Indian clergy provided earlier in this report, here is some more:

Larger source:


Holy Land Pilgrimage 2000 – A Divine Bridal Call for Reconciliation and Unity – March 14th – 26th 2000 

With us we had more than 60 clergy, from abroad, and a few more had come to join us from the Holy Land. We had the honour to be accompanied by Mgr. Luigi Accogli from Rome who during our stay in Bethlehem paid a visit at the Catholic Patriarchate, telling them of our activities. Along with us were also Mgr. Julio Teran Dutari, auxiliary Bishop of Ecuador, Mgr. Jaume Gonzalez-Agapito from Barcelona and Mgr. Julio Urrego Montoya from Venezuela.

1. One of Vassula Ryden’s talks, see, on this pilgrimage is titled: “We are called to become gods by participation“. Would some priest, better a priest who is also a theologian, comment suitably on this strange statement by this woman?

2. Fr. Rene Laurentin, a Mariologist, see, spoke on “The Trinity”. His opening words, belittling his own reputation as a theologian, are sycophantic:

Why I am talking to you today about the Trinity? This brings us closer to Vassula who is living a close, direct and personal contact with the three persons of the Trinity and makes us love them. I find it daunting to speak about them in her presence, because she knows them better than I, intuitively, personally…

3. Disgraced, scandal-beset, excommunicated and laicized Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo of Zambia [see] preached on “The Necessity of Unity”. See
One of her early supporters, he did more to divide and damage the image of the African Catholic Church in recent times than any other. His unabashed support for
Vassula Ryden‘s so-called “Church unity” call at her “Jesus'” behest did not deter him from marrying a Korean ‘Moonie’ in a group ceremony at which cult leader Sun Myung Moon presided. He later declared that he was patriarch of the Ecumenical Catholic Apostolic Church of Peace, a group that appeared to enjoy financial backing from the Moon’s Unification Church! Some “unity”, Vassula!!

4. “Be one in the Trinity”, a talk by Fr. Stephen Raphael [see pages 1, 2, 18, 37, 39] of Calcutta who apparently enjoyed an all-expenses-paid “pilgrimage” to the Holy Land with the permission of his Cardinal, Telesphore Toppo, is graciously invited to speak; see


II. Egypt Pilgrimage 2002 – “Out of Egypt, I called My Son” (Mt 2:15) – In the footsteps of the Holy Family


Vassula, Fr Laurentin and a young Buddhist at the Pyramids


There was no pilgrimage in 2003.

III. Meteora Retreat 2004


IV. Lebanon, Syria and Jordan Pilgrimage 2005
– 5th International Ecumenical TLIG Pilgrimage – “Walking with St Paul and the Prophets”

1. Advisor to the King of Jordan Addresses Vassula and TLIG Pilgrims. See

Mr. Akel Biltaji, Advisor to his Majesty King Abdullah II addresses Vassula and TLIG Pilgrims in Amman, Jordan, May 2005 said, “We are the followers of Jesus of Nazareth. He is our teacher. Mohammed is our teacher. Moses is our teacher.” This is another example of Vassula Ryden‘s pan-religious “unity”.

Bishop Couto of Delhi, India testifies to unity on the TLIG Pilgrimage in May 2005
See page 10, 11, 13, 17, 37, 48, 49



Celebrating Mass at the Basilica of Harissa,
Bishop Felix Toppo of Jamshedpur, and
Bishop Anil Couto of New Delhi, (India) with Bishop Joao Evangelista Terra of Brasilia, Brazil



Holy Mass at the Byzantine Church in Petra, Jordan [Bishop Anil Couto]/The Imam, the Buddhist leader and the Hindu leader during the Liturgy



V. Barcelona Retreat 2006 – 4th Ibero-american Ecumenical Retreat, 12th – 17th May 2006, Begues (Barcelona), Spain


Left to right:
Bishop Felix Toppo (India)


Our honourable guest speakers were the following:

Roman Catholic Church

H.E. Mgr. Felix Toppo, S.J. – Bishop of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand (India)
“Love’s Call to the Creation for Conversion”

This is Bishop Felix Toppo‘s second
Vassula-related foreign sojourn, the first being only the previous year.



From 19-29 May 12 coaches carrying 500 pilgrims travelled across Turkey to ancient Christian sites and across to Patmos in Greece on a spiritual pilgrimage. They came predominantly from Christian churches led by 50 bishops and priests of 18 denominations accompanied by Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim believers and clergy…

In Kayseri 500 Christians from 56 countries and 18 Christian denominations gathered around one altar to hear a call to sacrificial love from Archbishop Vincent Concessao of DelhiThe Roman Catholic Mass was led by Cardinal Telesphore Toppo of India using the golden chalice and paten presented and used by the Pope in 2006. Caught up in the spirit of joy and unity the Cardinal ended Mass by exclaiming: True Life in God is the future

From the Cave we ascended to another Patmos church to participate in the memorable marriage of Mark Jordan to Vassula’s niece Maria. In the orthodox liturgy bride and groom process with crowns symbolising their Christian calling to build Christ’s kingdom as husband and wife. Later at the wedding reception Cardinal Toppo addressed Mark: You will not go to heaven without Maria and your children and the same to Maria. Vassula acted as the prophet she is by crowning the bishops and priests present at the reception with laurel crowns. You priests will not go to heaven without spiritual children the Cardinal concluded in a powerful affirmation

Love is the key said Bishop Couto of Punjab as we prepared to fly home.

This is Jalandhar Bishop Anil Couto‘s second foreign jaunt with Vassula Ryden in three years, and Cardinal Telesphore Toppo‘s and Delhi Archbishop Vincent Concessao‘s first.


VII. Brazilian Retreat 2008 – True Life in God South American TLIG Retreat and Evangelization in Brazil, 31 March – 6 April 2008

The time was about six in the evening and we decided to remain at the convent and attend the evening Holy Mass. After this we quickly went back to the hotel in order to attend the orthodox Divine Liturgy which was led by the Orthodox Ukrainian Bishop Jeremias with Fr. Nicolas and Fr. Dimitrios. It was a beautiful celebration with lots of chanting and incense! All participants (about two hundred and fifty people, including the clergy) received Holy Communion. 42.


VII. Egypt Gathering April 2008 – Participating together in the Greek Orthodox Easter while contemplating the Mystery of the Passion of Our Lord.

Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, K.K. Theodore II: …I would also like to greet the Bishop from India* – welcome dear brother to our Apostolic Patriarchate.




Bishop Felix Toppo, s.j. Video: an interview with a Roman Catholic Bishop



Bishop Felix Toppo SJ granted the Nihil Obstat to the True Life in God messages in 2005. See page 49
In 2008, while attending a
TLIG gathering in Egypt he was interviewed by three Roman Catholic priests. This video is a recording of that interview. (45 minutes) Click here…

This is Bishop Felix Toppo‘s third
Vassula-related foreign trip in four years.


VIII. Mexico Retreat 2009 –
True Life in God Retreat in Monterrey, Mexico, January 2009

IX. Biblical Greece Pilgrimage 2009 – 7th True Life in God Ecumenical Pilgrimage “In the Steps of St. Paul”

X. Evangelization Retreat in Rome 2010 – Powerful retreat led by Fr. Otfried to revitalize evangelization in Europe


XI. Rhodes, Greece 2010
– 330 people from 33 countries gather in Rhodes, Greece for a retreat focused on understanding and protecting ourselves from Satan, demons and evil spirits.


XII. 8th Ecumenical Pilgrimage to Rome
– September 3 – 11, 2011

Nearly 800 people from 60 different countries and 15 Christian denominations came to the pilgrimage in Rome. Included within the 800, The Holy Spirit inspired 95 clergy, many of whom were Archbishops and Bishops, to attend… At this Pilgrimage we were blessed by the participation of Cardinal Telesphore Toppo, a great supporter of the messages, Vassula’s mission, and of Unity.

I must also mention Msgr. Rene Laurentin, the famous Mariologist and theologian, now in his 90s, who never misses any of our pilgrimages. From the beginning he defended Vassula, even to the point of writing a book about Vassula called: “When God gives a Sign”. Additionally, for the first time, Father Petar Ljubicic from Croatia attended our Pilgrimage. He is one of the priests to whom the 10 secrets of Medjugorge were given…

One African priest … expressed his appreciation to the True Life in God
family who supported him financially
[to make the trip –Michael] with the following words, ‘I am writing in tears of joy and wondering at God’s immeasurable love to me and my family! The opportunity to participate in the 8th Ecumenical Pilgrimage to Italy – Rome. 43.




Our spiritual journey started on September 4th with the celebration of Holy Mass, presided by His Eminence, Cardinal Telesphore Toppo. All Pilgrims shared a spirit of devotion and unity and were glad to be once again sharing the “Bread of Unity”. After Holy Mass, His Eminence greeted our group and expressed his approval for the gathering; clergy and laity from different denominations gathered together in the name of Our Lord to proclaim and live Christian Unity. As a token of gratitude for His Eminence’s continued support towards True Life in God, Vassula offered him, in the name of True Life in God, a beautiful hand-made icon of Jesus the “Pandokrator”. Cardinal Toppo thanked all of us for the beautiful gift.

The next day, September 5th… our Mass was celebrated in the main church of Lanciano by Cardinal Telesphore Toppo, and concelebrated by Archbishop Concessao and Bishop Felix Toppo.

On September 6th… Vassula asked Archbishop Concessao to share a letter with us which he had written to her back in 2009… The next day [September 8 -Michael] Archbishop Concessao together with Bishop Toppo led the Mass.

This here is Bishop Felix Toppo‘s fourth
TLIG foreign jaunt in seven years, a fitting reward for his awarding TLIG the Nihil Obstat in 2005. We also have Delhi Archbishop Vincent Concessao being rewarded with his second
invitation in four years and
Cardinal Telesphore Toppo making his third
trip [his first was in 2007, see page 42 and also below, the second in 2009, see page 15] in a period of just four years.



Vassula with Cardinal Telesphore P. Toppo, Archbishop of Ranchi India, President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India. Pilgrimage May 2007, Shrine of Meryem Ana Evi, Ephesus.

After the mass, Pilgrimage May 2007, Shrine of Meryem Ana Evi, Ephesus

[Delhi Archbishop Vincent Concessao and Ranchi Cardinal Telesphore Toppo are visible]


XIII. Rhodes, September 20-25, 2012 – Inner Healing and Deliverance

Archbishop Vincent M. Concessao, Archbishop of Delhi, speech while at the TLIG Retreat in Rhodes

Transformation of One’s Spirit through Repentance and Love
[not reproduced here]

What we have here is Delhi Archbishop Vincent Concessao fulfilling a third
Vassula invitation in five years.

[See also, page 12, Archbishop Vincent Concessao, Archbishop of New Delhi, India

Archbishop Vincent Concessao concluded Vassula’s meeting, at St. Columba’s School Grounds in New Delhi (15.1. 2006), with the following address to all present:…]



Bishop Felix Toppo of Jamshedpur: 4 in a period of 8 years

Cardinal Telesphore Toppo of Ranchi: 3 in a period of 5 years

Archbishop Vincent Concessao
of Delhi: 3 in a period of 5 years

Bishop Anil Couto of Jalandhar: 2 in a period of 7 years

Bishop Anil Couto evidently is much saddened*. After all, Jalandhar diocese in the Punjab with a negligible Catholic population does not hold much promise for Vassula Ryden. However, both sides have much to cheer about: Rome has just announced his elevation as the Archbishop of Delhi, replacing Archbishop Vincent Concessao
who retires!

Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2012 8:46 AM


Dear Mr. Michael Prabhu,

Thank you very much for the e-mail regarding Vassula Ryden’s visit to India. Yes, I have been on her TLIG pilgrimage twice – in 2005 and2007… In fact Archbishop Vincent Concessao of Delhi has been on the TLIG pilgrimages more than me and Bishop Felix Toppo of Jamshedpur also.

With warmest regards to you and Angela, +Anil

I suspect that I am not going to be very popular with the new Delhi Archbishop Anil Couto
who will be on my watch-list. He was my assistant parish-priest at St. Michael’s church in New Delhi two-and-a-half decades ago. I liked him, and I remember vividly the day he informed me that he was being sent to Rome for higher studies. I am certain that he will recall that I asked him not to go, pleading that we need good pastors and not theologians. Since his appointment as auxiliary bishop in Delhi in March 2001, I have communicated with him on matters of faith and received a few responses. But, behind the amiable façade is the diplomacy of a shrewd politician, essential for operating the archdiocese of Delhi. I am unable to locate the hardcopy, but I read that he favours the ordination of women or looks forward to their soon breaking through the glass ceiling or something to that effect, according to one episcopal ordination speech press report. Another very disturbing issue is that he ensured that the Chennai Catholic fortnightly, the New Leader publish a retraction of a series on corruption in Catholic institutions in the Diocese of Jalandhar [authored by Delhi priest and his former colleague, canon lawyer Fr George Kureethra], immediately on the Bishop’s take-over of that diocese in April 2007 — ONE YEAR AFTER THE FACT. Now why do I believe Fr. George Kureethra’s side of the story? NL had published the story “Money, money, money!” “after a careful consideration of the issues involved” [March 1-15, 2006]

[In the Editorial, (page 3), Fr. M.A. Joe Antony, S.J.
writes: Read the article on page 33.



It describes the sad, shocking experience of a senior priest who just wanted to help poor tribals working in Church-run educational institutions. If this could happen to a priest who has been the Delhi archdiocese’s chancellor, judicial vicar and a professor of canon law, you can imagine the plight of the poor.]

See the New Leader Editor’s forced “apology” in the issue of July 16-31, 2007, page 29, and the Letter to the Editor, page 6 in the NL issue of August 16-31, 2007.

The Cardinal, two Archbishops and one Bishop exhibit an inordinate passion for Vassula Ryden and things TLIG, traveling so frequently to different countries to attend her “pilgrimages” [all expenses paid, naturally*], supporting her with a Nihil Obstat — and testimonials**, inviting her to their dioceses, even writing to other Bishops [see page 17, Bishops Toppo and Couto] to give her the required credentials to be able to conduct her shows for the faithful elsewhere in the Church.

*Refer to the Church ban on Vassula Ryden in Coimbatore, page 40, point b). **See pages 12, 47

Dr. Garfield Jansen Ph. D., a TLIG supporter in Coimbatore, took Vassula Ryden along to introduce her to the Most Rev. Paul Alappatt, the 2010-installed Bishop of the newly-created diocese of Ramanathapuram, which has its Bishop’s House in the city of Coimbatore. During their meeting, Vassula Ryden extended an invitation to the Bishop to attend one of her pilgrimages, all expenses paid, according to Dr. Jansen. This is a good example of how Vassula Ryden and TLIG and not only blatantly disregard or flout the ban of a local Bishop by shifting venues, and have the impunity to visit another Bishop in the same city as if all was normal, but also entice the Catholic hierarchy.

Garfield Jansen is known to me since several years. Since this information is a first-person confirmation, it is published by me without any documentation, which for this ministry is unusual.

Dr. Jansen further informed a Bombay priest, a mutual friend, that Vassula Ryden requested him to take her to meet the leader of the Mormon Church in Coimbatore. Since Dr. Jansen is now not taking my calls, I am unable to ascertain if they were successful in their mission or not. Even Vassula Ryden must know that “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” is not a Christian denomination but a heretical CULT! [Steve Ray:] Yet, this is the extent to which Vassula Ryden would take her call for “unity”!!

There are two more points that I would like to highlight:

While conducting “ministry”, Vassula Ryden is outfitted in trousers with a short “top”, the picture below. Also see pages 57, 58. She has “diversified” from just propagating her TLIG “messages”. She conducts “Inner Healing” retreats as well as leads healing prayer, and lays hands on others, see pages 25, 38, 45, and 48, including the anointed of the Lord as this set of photographs shows:


prays over Fr. Wayne/Fr. Wayne prays over
Vassula []


Archbishop Vincent Concessao
has always courteously responded to all my communications.

Cardinal Telesphore Toppo
once wrote to me when he was the president of the CBCI, “
Thank you very much for sending me the abundant additional supply of your various writings and studies in connection with your “Metamorphose”. They are a real eye-opener to me and they certainly help me to see the relevance of the Roman Document “Jesus Christ the Bearer of the water of life”. To have this reference material at my ready disposal will certainly be useful to me and will keep me alert to what is going on.” [July 1, 2004] Over the next 18 months, we exchanged other letters. However, he stopped further acknowledgements of my reports and articles in February 2006. Bishop Felix Toppo
has been the Bishop of Jamshedpur ever since I started my Internet ministry a decade ago, but he has never replied to me EVEN ONCE.

Yet, they have been in constant communication [without which their foreign jaunts could never have materialised] with Vassula Ryden who is not only not a Catholic but some of whose teachings are theologically incorrect and inimical to the Catholic Faith. Both have studiously ignored my alert as well as my follow-up letter on the Vassula Ryden issue.





Lebanon, Syria and Jordan Pilgrimage 2005 – The Official Pilgrimage Report

Bishop Anil Couto, and page 71:

Bishop Anil Couto, Bishop of Jalandhar, Punjab, India.

Letter from Bishop Anil Couto following the 2007 Pilgrimage, which visited the Seven Churches of Revelation in Turkey and the Sacred Grotto of Revelation on Patmos in Greece:

The TLIG Pilgrimage to Turkey and Greece was a great spiritual and ecumenical experience as two years ago. His Grace Archbishop Vincent and myself enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you for the invitation, for the perfect arrangements as well as for the first class treatment accorded to the Bishops! There are no words to thank you adequately for this great privilege. Please convey our heartfelt thanks to Vassula and the entire organizing committee. Let us pray for the spiritual renewal of the world and the unity of the Church. It will happen only when the world TRULY accepts the salvific message of Christ. Let us pray for that very especially. May TLIG be God’s chosen instrument to call the Church and the world to repentance and new life.

With love, prayers and every good wish in the Lord,

+Anil Couto


Article published in The Voice of Delhi, a magazine of the Catholic Church in India, on July 2005, right after the True Life in God pilgrimage.

True Life in God – Vassula Ryden‘s quest for Ecumenism

Bishop Anil Couto

Vassula Ryden may not exactly have become a household name but she is a spiritual celebrity enough for Christians across churches and denominations to listen to her and want to seriously follow the True Life in God spiritual path revealed by the Lord through her. She has visited Delhi at least thrice since 1999 to talk to bishops and pastors, catholic Sunday congregations and ecumenical gatherings about the True Life in God messages.

Since she claims to receive these revelations from God directly she is an enigma both to the Greek Orthodox Church to which she belongs and to the Roman Catholic Church towards which she strongly tends in her divinely-inspired vocation to promote the unity of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church under the pastoral authority of the Chair of Peter i.e. the Bishop of Rome or Pope of the Universal Church.

It was in November 1985 when Vassula was living in Bangladesh with her husband (a Swedish international development expert) and two sons that she began to receive the True Life in God messages from each person of the Holy Trinity and also from the Blessed Virgin Mary. From 1955 Vassula has not been a church-goer; she did not know any catechism, leave alone theology; she had hardly any acquaintance with the Bible. In fact she was a pleasure-loving worldly woman who loved to play tennis, swim, model, socialize in clubs, paint and play host to her husband’s businessmen friends. It was in such strange circumstances that the call of God came to her to leave her unspiritual path and be a prophet of True Life in God.

She received Gods revelations in an extraordinary way her hand being taken over to write these messages. The handwriting in which these messages are written is big, vertical and clearly distinguishable from her normal pattern of writing. According to the graphological interpretation of her manuscripts her handwriting displays an extraordinary telluric force. The writer is filled with a force that goes beyond her normal self with invisible power. She is an intermediary, like a centre of transmission and amplification (cf. A Divine Bridal Call, p. 6). Graphologists would call such handwriting hieratic . The messages dating from 1985 up until March 2003 and contained in 107 ordinary notebooks are now published in 12 volumes titled True Life In God. More will follow.

The messages are God s gifts of spiritual healing, love and mercy directed to all. Vassula, who has been given this particular spiritual charism, is called to become an ardent witness of Christ, carrying the Cross to the four corners of the secularized world. She is called to be an instrument of divine providence and an echo of God s Word, compassion, reconciliation and peace together with many other disciples to whom the Lord has also given similar vocation, although in a different way. In spite of her spiritual sublimity, Vassula remains a very ordinary, humble, affectionate, simple, down to earth Christian who is a housewife and a mother.

As testified by many theologians the messages are not a new revelation but a reminder of the Gospel of Christ. The basic vocation of Vassula is to share the Good news through proclamation in communities and assemblies of prayer and meditation, to diffuse her writings by publication and draw souls to Christ Our Lord and Saviour.

One of the strongest elements in these messages is the gravity of the divisions between churches and the urgency of the work for unity of the Church and the importance of the Ecumenical movement. The Lord is clear that the wounds in His Body are due to lack of fidelity, humility, mutual love and on account of the rivalry and competition for earthly power, egoism and pride that are rampant within the Church.

Vassula speaks of an interior vision of three iron bars symbolizing the three major Christian bodies, Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants, calling their heads to meet. However, to meet they have to bend. Nevertheless, The Lord has revealed to Vassula that the primacy of the Bishop of Rome is indispensable to unity. This truth the World Council of Churches has realised and therefore the Lord is asking us, through Vassula, to pray ardently for the WCC and its ecumenical efforts. The ultimate vision of unity as revealed to her is of all Christians celebrating the one Eucharist at one altar and praying to and worshipping the Lord before one Tabernacle.




However, it is to the Orthodox that she addresses herself primarily. With great courage and risking rejection, opposition, criticism, suspicion and even persecution, she insists on orthodoxy that they have to re-unite with the Church of Rome and acknowledge the Pope as the Vicar of Christ and Successor of Peter unconditionally. Truly speaking, the East and the West have always maintained intact the essentials of the One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, albeit clothed in different expressions of faith and worship.

At the same time the message to the Roman Catholic Church is to realise, in the light of God s Spirit, that the Body of Christ needs its two lungs to breathe freely i.e. the East and the West.

Furthermore, there is another pertinent message to the Church of the West: glory will shine from the Eastern bank that is why I say to the House of the West: turn your eyes towards the East, do not weep bitterly over the Apostasy and the destruction of your House; do not panic, for tomorrow you will eat and drink together with My shoot from the Eastern bank My Spirit will bring you together.

Have you not heard that the East and the West will become one kingdom? Have you not heard that I shall settle for one date? That one date refers to the date of Easter which differs in the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Churches.

Bishop Anil Couto is now Bishop of Jalandhar, Punjab, India [All emphases are those of the author]

With and in the above published article, Bishop Anil Couto
unilaterally supersedes the CDF 1995 Notification and subsequent warnings from Rome as well as the bans and disciplinary actions of his fellow-Bishops in other countries and of Vassula Ryden‘s own Greek Orthodox church.

In his letters to me, he is almost terse and impatient, as if wanting to terminate an unavoidable nuisance; but his writings in favour of the alleged mystic are effusive and lengthy.

Even more serious is that he virtually certifies her genuineness as a seer and prophetess.

Bishop Anil Couto
has just been elevated as the Archbishop of Delhi.


I will be sending this updated report to all the Bishops who have been identified as advocates of Vassula Ryden and TLIG, to TLIG members, as well as to all those on my mailing list who received the original November 24 alert and related letters

Michael Prabhu

December 8, 2012

Feast of the Immaculate Conception



Vassula Ryden laying hands for healing [see pages 25, 38, 45 and
[continued on page 51]




Bishop Anil Joseph Thomas Couto

Bishop Anil Joseph Thomas Couto, Bishop of Delhi, India, addresses TLIG Pilgrims in May 2005


(…) St. Catherine of Sienna
and all the other great Saints once who have made a big mark in History I don’t have to tell you about that. And who challenged and who convinced the Popes and so on to come back to the Gospel way of life.

[The paragraph reproduced on page 13 belongs here]

We could think of getting them [the Orthodox, the Anglicans, etc. who could have received the Holy Eucharist at a Catholic Mass celebrated by him, if they had been present!] into the next Pilgrimage, focusing on the Word of God. And seeing how the Word of God, how our own experience, the faith in Jesus Christ, our Christian experience of discipleship, and so on can unite all of us together and then it would lead them to the Holy Eucharist and to the whole tradition of the Catholic tradition which we all share not just Roman Catholic. But, the Catholic tradition, of the Church that we all share. To lead them to the whole understanding of what the Church is .The whole tradition of the Church.

So, that can be our plan for the next Pilgrimage. To gather to get others who do not believe in the Eucharist as the center of Unity. But certainly the word of God, as the center of Unity. I’m sure for all of us; the Word of God is the foundation. We realized this in Delhi when our Holy Father Pope John Paul II died and we had an Ecumenical prayer service. We gathered so many of them together and all of them spoke so beautifully on death and resurrection the whole faith that we all share. So we said, we may not be able to unite at the Eucharistic table but certainly we can unite at the table of the word of God. Therefore, we can bring in the Protestants together and that will be a chance also for us to share the faith that we all have in common and finally to bring them to the Unity of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

So, thank you very much Vassula. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Bishop Anil Couto, now an Archbishop, compares Vassula Ryden with the holy prophetess Saint Catherine of Siena!


Cardinal Telesphore P. Toppo, Archbishop of Ranchi

Cardinal Telesphore P. Toppo, Archbishop of Ranchi, India

Cardinal Toppo introduced Vassula when she came to speak in his Diocese back in November of 2004.

Below is an excerpt from his speech:


“The surprising thing is that Vassula did not have any catechetical instruction, leave alone theological training what so-ever and yet her charismatic teaching seems to be in conformity to Scripture, Tradition and the writings of Scholars and Saints… “View the full report at

Cardinal Toppo: “seems to be in conformity to Scripture” is VERY different from “IS in conformity with Scripture”.



Bishop who gave Nihil Obstat reveals that he knew he was going against Church Law

In a recent interview made available on-line through the official TLIG video website, Bishop Felix Toppo confesses his full commitment to Vassula Ryden and reveals that, before giving the Nihil Obstat to her True Life in God
(TLIG) messages, he consulted a famous canonist who clearly told him that he “could not do it”.

The Bishop of Jamshedpur (India) was interviewed during the TLIG pilgrimage to Egypt in which he participated in April of this year [2008]. The 45 minutes interview was directed by three Catholic priests: Fathers John Abberton and Tony Sullivan from the UK (considered the TLIG associations’ spiritual advisors) and Friar Vincent Cosatti from Switzerland.

Asked about the Nihil Obstat he had granted to the TLIG messages in 2005, the bishop confessed that: “In the beginning I hesitated; then I went to a Seminary where there is a famous canon lawist [sic]. I consulted him. And he very clearly said that according to the Canon Law you cannot do it. Then I was wondering what to do. Then I think Vassula consulted another theologian, René Laurentin. He said there is no problem in giving it. I still hesitated.” In the end, after much prayer, he decided that he should not “be afraid”, since he had found “nothing contrary to the teachings of the Church” and that this Nihil Obstat would “help the universal Church”.

Bishop Toppo also states clearly that he was asked by Vassula to be the censor. In other words: the TLIG books were not reviewed by the official and independent censor of Mgr. Arguelles‘ [Philippines] diocese (who gave the Imprimatur and who is also a supporter of Vassula, see:, but by a partisan of Vassula, specifically chosen by her.

The complete interview can be found on-line at: (official TLIG video website). 49.


Fr Prospero Grech, OSA


Consultor of the Congregation writes a letter to Vassula on behalf of the CDF asking “the five questions”

Collegio Sta Monica,

4th April 2002

Dear Mrs. Ryden,

On the 6th of July 2000 you addressed a letter to His Eminence Cardinal Ratzinger regarding the “Notificazione” of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith concerning your writings. His Eminence has taken note of your letter and, together with his collaborators, has decided to give you the opportunity to clarify the meaning of some assertions contained in your publications. For this purpose I have been delegated to contact you personally both in conversation and in writing so that the Congregation may have a clearer idea of the exact interpretation of these assertions. I wish to make clear from the very outset that not being a Roman Catholic you do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Congregation and that yours is not a personal censure. However, as many Catholics follow the “True Life in God” they too have a right to know where they stand regarding points of doctrine and practice prompted by your writings. We are also aware of your works of charity, your efforts to lead all Christians towards unity with the Bishop of Rome, of your great devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, of your presentation of God as the God of Love even to non-Christians and of your antagonism to rationalism and corruption among Christians. Your latest books, too, seem to have laid aside some ambiguous expressions contained in your earlier ones. This notwithstanding I would be grateful if you can reply, as clearly as possible, to some questions to help the Congregation to obtain a clearer idea of what you are doing.


1. You know very well that, for both Catholics and Orthodox, there is only one Revelation, that of God in Jesus Christ, which is contained in the Holy Scriptures and in Tradition. Within the Catholic Church even accepted “private” revelations as in Lourdes or Fatima, although taken seriously, are not matters of faith. In which sense, therefore, do you consider your writings as revelations and how should they be accepted by your hearers and readers?


2. You belong to the Orthodox Church and often exhort priests and bishops of that faith to acknowledge the Pope and to make peace with the Roman Church For this, unfortunately, you are not welcome in some countries of your own persuasion. Why do you take up this mission? What is your idea of the Bishop of Rome and how do you foresee the future of Christian unity? One sometimes gets the impression in reading your works, however, that you stand above both Churches without being committed to either. For example, it seems that you receive communion in both Catholic and Orthodox churches but in your marital status you follow the custom of oikonomia. As I have said already, these observations are not meant as a personal censure as we have absolutely no right to adjudicate your conscience, but you understand our concern about your Catholic followers who may interpret these attitudes in a relativistic manner and are tempted to disregard the discipline of their own Church.


3. In your earlier writings, as observed in the “Notificazione”, there was some confusion of terminology regarding the Persons of the Holy Trinity. We are sure that you subscribe to the teaching of your Church. Do you think you could help us to clarify these expressions? When dealing with matters of faith would it not be useful to follow the official terminology of standard catechisms to avoid confusion in the minds of the readers of “True Life in God”?


4. There are also some difficulties regarding protology and eschatology. In what sense does the soul have a “vision of God” before being infused into the body? And how do you envision the place of the New Pentecost within the history of salvation in relation to the parousia and the resurrection of the dead?


5. What is the real identity of the “True Life in God” movement and what does it require of its followers? How is it structured?


Dear Mrs. Ryden, we are sorry to disturb you with these questions and you may rest assured that we appreciate your good works and intentions. However, in answer to your letter to Cardinal Ratzinger, we felt it was our duty to clarify some ambiguities in your writings which might have escaped you. We owe this to your Catholic readers who might experience a conflict of conscience in following your writings. Please take your time to answer; it would be better if you and I could meet and have a few informal chats before you put anything in writing. Pray that the Holy Spirit may illuminate you, and consult any spiritual director or theologian you can trust. We are certain that our queries will also help you to understand the deeper implications of your writings to render them more acceptable to both Catholics and Orthodox. I shall personally be at your disposal to clarify their meaning.

His Eminence sends you his regards and trusts that you will provide a satisfactory answer to ease his task of complying with the requests in your letter.

Yours sincerely in Christ,

Fr Prospero Grech, OSA



VASSULA RYDEN’S “HEALING MINISTRY” [See pages 25, 38, 45, 46 and

The Cardinal-Archbishop of Paris warns Catholics…

Source in French:

Paris, November 12, 2012

I want to inform the Catholic faithful of Paris that the visit of Mrs Vassula Ryden and the events that will surround it are
in no way connected to the Catholic Church.

The acts of religious nature that could take place during it (the celebration of Mass or of deliverance and healing prayers) would be outside the communion with the Catholic Church.

+ André Cardinal VINGT-TROIS

Archbishop of Paris


It is a favorite TLIG argument used by TLIG-ers, see Cardinal Archbishop of Bombay, page 17, and the letter of Fr Bryan Lobo, page 28, that there are problems with Cardinal Levada’s letter [see pages 3 and 4]. Why?


To TLIG readers worldwide: Response to Cardinal Levada’s letter of January 2007

This message was sent from TLIG e-news to … … It was sent from: TLIG, 1 rue des Vollandes, Geneva, CP 6293 1211, Switzerland. You can modify/update your subscription via the link below.

To update/change your account click here.

By Vassula Ryden

[Also at] 

Dear friends,
Recently the new prefect of the CDF in Rome , H.E. William Cardinal Levada, has sent a letter dated January 25th 2007, to Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops and Presidents of Bishops Conferences worldwide. This stirred considerable unrest amongst our readers, especially those of Roman Catholic faith. I attach his letter for you to be fully informed.
I am sorry that once again there is much confusion, and thank you for the many letters of support and prayer for the continuing propagation of the TLIG messages. I am writing to clarify this confusion and to sharpen your memories.  

The letter is confusing and contradicts itself. At one moment it sounds negative and at another favorable! It appears to have been composed in a rush since it contains several errors and misinformation. I have written to his Eminence and asked him to kindly correct those errors, but I have not yet received a response from him.

The conclusion to my dialogue with the CDF was positive. This positive conclusion was to be held “low key”, and hence there would not be a new Notification to eliminate the old one. However, as Card. Ratzinger said, the situation had now been modified in the sense that the messages should now be read in the light of my clarifications. For exactly this reason, Cardinal Ratzinger formally requested of me that my dialogue with the CDF be published in the new editions of my books, a request I heeded when the dialogue was published in the latest Volume, Volume 12, and subsequent new editions of the messages. All this is contained in the points 1 and 2 of Card. Levada’s letter and this is positive.  

Thus, point 3 in the letter remains ever more surprising since Cardinal Levada uses this positive conclusion to produce a negative statement, i.e. that Catholics are not advised to participate in TLIG prayer groups. More seriously, the negative recommendation in this third point was published without further consultation with me and contrary to the normal canonical procedures, namely that any person accused should be heard before being accused:
[underlining Vassula’s] 

“Before issuing an individual decree an authority should seek out the necessary information and proofs, and also hear those whose rights can be injured, in so far as this is possible” (Canon 50). Although I had written to the CDF that I was prepared to continue in dialogue if they might have any further questions, I did not receive any reply, nor was I called in to any conversation, which would have been only right since I had engaged in dialogue with them, trusting them and entrusting myself to them! I furthermore wrote that I would be willing to make clarifications in footnotes to the messages if they believed anything needed clarification. I was not asked to make any such comments to the messages which is one more confirmation that the outcome of the dialogue was positive. 

With the new conclusion in Cardinal Levada’s letter he is thus rejecting the study and the dialogue that the then Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope), and Cardinal Bertone (now Secretary of State) had with me during a period of two and a half years, during which time many inspectors, theologians, Bishops and Cardinals, after study, had to give their final opinion as well and that, as you all know, was positive.   51.


The letter refers the reader to two canons: Canon 215 and 223.

Can.215 The Christian faithful are at liberty freely to found and direct associations for purposes of charity or piety or for the promotion of the Christian vocation in the world and to hold meetings for the common of these purposes.  

Can.223§ 1 In exercising their rights, the Christian faithful, both as individuals and gathered together in associations, must take into account the common good of the Church, the rights of others, and their own duties toward others

These canons confirm that the Catholic faithful are free to form and gather in prayer groups. How is it then that such canons are quoted to say that it is not advisable to participate in TLIG prayer groups?  

Furthermore, the letter contains three grave errors.

1. The gravest damage is caused by a false statement in the Cardinal’s letter. He states and puts into my mouth words I never said, and these words are: “that the messages are not divine revelations but my own personal meditations!” This is NOT TRUE! [Emphasis Vassula’s] I never said anything of the sort, ever! This is a very serious and fundamental error. I am reluctant to believe that this misrepresentation was deliberate, rather than due to negligence, but the effect is the same. A false statement has been published to the Bishops and indeed the world.

2. In clause no. 2 of the letter, the faithful are guided to read my dialogue with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in vol. 10, instead of in vol. 12. This is an unfortunate mistake that can, nevertheless, be corrected. There is nothing in vol. 10 of the said dialogue. If it is not corrected the Catholic faithful will be unable to look for themselves and read my letter with the answers.

3. In that same clause, no. 2, the letter writes about “my letter” dated 4 April 2002. However, it was Fr. Prospero Grech’s letter that was dated 4 April 2002. My replies were published in my letter of 26 June 2002. This also confuses the faithful.  

Last May I wrote to Cardinal Levada about these serious errors, giving copies to the Holy Father, and several Bishops and Cardinals. I received, almost immediately, a letter of acknowledgment from Cardinal Bertone, (probably very disappointed at seeing his work belittled). Fr. Prospero replied saying: “I thought the matter was closed and would not turn up again”. Obviously, the Bishops writing to the CDF wanted a clear answer, a “yes” or a “no”, regarding the Notification. Cardinal Levada’s letter is not a clear “NO” either. As I understand it, it does not prohibit the faithful, it discourages, on the basis of some doubts the Notification might contain.  

Recently, I also received an answer from Archbishop Angelo Amato who is the Secretary of Cardinal Levada. His short note says, that Cardinal Levada’s letter was expressly written with the purpose of informing all the Catholic Bishops of the dialogue, (which as you know was positive) that took place between me and the CDF so that they might know how to direct the Bishops as to how they should compose themselves. He has not mentioned anything else contained in the rest of the letter and avoids the question of the errors in the document.  

In the letter of Card. Levada, his Eminence tells his faithful that to gather and pray in TLIG prayer meetings is “inappropriate”. Are we really serious? Are we now to believe that prayer is harmful and therefore inappropriate, and against what the Church teaches us?? Well, I do not believe that! Nor does God, nor any sensible believer because it is NOT an act done against God and against God’s Will, or against the Church to turn to God in prayer and adoration, but the contrary!  

In October 1978 the late Holy Father John Paul II, speaking to a delegation from other Christian Churches stated, “The commitment of the Catholic Church to the Ecumenical movement such as was solemnly expressed in the Second Vatican Council, is irreversible”.  

Five years later, the Holy Father promulgated the Code of Canon Law which promotes Ecumenism.  One of its provisions is very clear: “It is within the special competence of the entire College of Bishops and of the Apostolic See to promote and direct the participation of Catholics in the Ecumenical Movement whose purpose is the restoration of unity among all Christians, which the Church is bound by the will of Christ to promote”.
You will see that this special task, to ensure that Catholics participate in the Ecumenical movement, is given to the highest authorities of the church, including the Congregation for Doctrine and Faith.  This obligation is imposed by the strongest possible mandate which is the will of Christ himself.  As you all know, the essential theme of the TLIG messages is the restoration of unity among all Christians.
No Catholic should be discouraged from gathering in prayer groups in the pursuit of their ecumenical rights and indeed duties that form the entirety of the meetings, when the recitation of the Holy Rosary, the reading of the Scriptures, the prayers of the heart and the making of intercessory prayers are the essence of these prayer meetings. To discourage people from attending prayer meetings is truly against God’s Will and it remains utterly incomprehensible how a Prelate of the Church can go against Christ’s urge to his disciples: “That we should pray at all times”. 


So my dear friends, I leave it up to you to choose: You can either follow the positive result after the dialogue I had with the then Cardinal Ratzinger, which gave us our freedom to continue reading TLIG and evangelizing with love for love, guiding God’s people back to his church and to union in the church, or follow the dispositions of the letter signed by Cardinal Levada that does not say “yes” or “no” and is confusing at best.
We all know that when God speaks, He speaks with clarity and “not in dark corners.” I wish us, as people of God, to do as much.

In Christ,


August 2007

Obviously Vassula Ryden is one mystic who does not believe in letting the fruits of her “messages” speak for themselves. Or isn’t she… if you guess what I mean!

Another funny thing – why was this response from Vassula Ryden privately circulated [it was also accessed by me at] in TLIG circles by email and not published on her web site for all, including Rome, to see?

AFTER I wrote that sentence, I located the rebuttal of Vassula critic Maria Laura Pio, see further below, to Vassula Ryden‘s response to the Prefect of the CDF. In it, she mentions that Vassula Ryden‘s response is available at
I should make that “was” available. Apparently, it has been pulled from the site. Is this yet one more in the long list of TLIG deceit, cunning, and calculativeness that I have been chronicling in the 25 articles and one report on Vassula/TLIG that I have uploaded on this ministry’s web site?

On December 16, 2010, Maria Laura Pio blogged at In “Response to Cardinal Levada’s letter of 2007”, an article signed by Vassula and circulated by her official website This article is no longer available on that website but a copy of it can be found in mine: second half of the page.


To return to Maria Laura Pio’s excellent critique of Vassula’s “Response to Cardinal Levada”


On August 31st, 2007 the official website of Mrs. Ryden’s True Life in God organization, circulated an article signed by Vassula titled “Response to Cardinal Levada’s letter of January 2007”, which I recommend you read:
[it has been pulled. See my comments above.]  

In this article, Mrs Ryden accuses Cardinal Levada of writing a “confusing” and contradicting letter, containing “grave” and “serious errors“, misinforming, implying that “prayer is harmful” and of violating Catholics’ “ecumenical rights and duties“. She affirms that the conclusion of her “dialogue with the CDF was positive” (a sentence she repeats several times in the article) and that this positive conclusion “was to be held `low key’, and hence there would not be a new Notification to eliminate the old one.”

She ends her article inviting her readers to choose: believe her version of the facts or follow Cardinal Levada’s “confusing at best” communication.

Very far from being confusing, Cardinal Levada’s internal communication of January 2007, sent to the Presidents of all Bishops conferences, is a very clear document, which explains the results of the CDF’s dialogue with Mrs Ryden. The essence of the text is that Mrs Ryden did indeed offer clarifications regarding her writings and activities, but it was not enough to reverse the doctrinal judgement of the 1995 Notification, which remains valid. (You can read the complete text of the communication here:

Cardinal Levada also indicates that this communication was made necessary because the CDF “continues to receive requests for clarification in relation to the writings and activities of Mrs Vassula Rydén, in particular regarding “the import of the Notification. The reason why the CDF continues to receive these requests is that since January 2005, Mrs Ryden’s organization has been spreading all over the world a booklet titled “Clarifications with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith”, in which the reader is made to believe that Mrs Ryden was approved by the CDF. Her conclusions are based on a letter dated July 2004 sent to five episcopal conferences by Cardinal Ratzinger (for details, see: 2004 letter).

So, was she ever approved by the CDF? And was Cardinal Ratzinger’s July 2004 letter an approval? Just a few facts:

February 2005: We wrote to the Swiss Conference of Bishops – who was one of the recipients of the July 2004 letter – and asked them if it was true that Cardinal Ratzinger’s letter was a reversal of the Notification. The Secretary of the Conference answered to us: “The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith maintains all it’s reservations regarding the writings and actions of Mrs Ryden.” ( bishops) Efforts to post this information on the discussion list of the official TLIG website were met by a systematic removal of the information by the moderator.

September 2005:
A spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland* warned people against going to Vassula’s September 11th meeting in Edinburgh. Mentioning the 1995 Notification, he said Vassula “certainly did not” operate with the approval of the Church and that “the advice to Catholics is not to attend her gatherings due to the suspect nature of her alleged revelations, which contain doctrinal errors.” ( *See page 59


January 2006:
The Archdiocese of Los Angeles (USA) after having promoted for several weeks a unity meeting with Vassula Ryden to be held at the Cathedral suddenly cancelled the event. Mgr Kostelnik, pastor of the Cathedral, explained to the press that he had been assured by the organizers that Ryden’s writings ‘have been cleared by the Vatican’.” But he later found out that the organizer’s assurance was ‘a serious misrepresentation of the current Vatican view of Mrs Ryden’s speeches and writings’. He said 1995 and 1996 Vatican statements cautioning Catholics against following Ryden remained ‘in full force’ (

February 2006:
One of the official blogs of TLIG (publicized on their website but no longer available online) published an article dated January 16, 2006 titled “Vatican removes text of Notification” in which they affirmed that “the congregation removed the original text of the notification [from the Vatican website] as the questions they posed to Vassula they felt clarified the previous issues they had.
We consulted the CDF and received the following answer from the person in charge: “The fact that some documents appear without a link in the web site of the Congregation does not mean that they are no longer valid. Simply it means that the relative text is not yet available in electronic format. That is the only reason, and that is why most documents without a link are the oldest ones”. It was also pointed out to us that the Notification continued to be a valid document, could be found in the AAS and had not been annulled. We later provided David Armitage, webmaster of Mrs Ryden’s official website, with a copy of this information. He maintained that the text had nevertheless been on the Vatican website, implying that we and our source were being untruthful. However, as a correspondent brought recently to our attention, if you go to the Wayback Machine (Internet archive), and look up the doctrinal documents page of the CDF, you will see that it is traced back to February 2002 (before the dialogue with Mrs Ryden), and that it NEVER included a link to the complete text of the Notification. You cannot remove something that was never there… (See:*/

It is also important to take note, that during all this period of time, major Catholic websites (such as EWTN,,, etc.) have always affirmed the Notification was valid and in full force.

So, the only ones who kept on saying that Mrs Ryden was approved, were Vassula herself and her long-time supporters, who took her word for it and simply decided to ignore any kind of information that proved them wrong.

I cannot end this article without commenting some other points Mrs Ryden raises in her article in response to Cardinal Levada:

1. We learn that Mrs Ryden had a copy of Levada’s internal communication since at least May of 2007, but did not care to share it
until August 31st, when it was already all over the Internet since three weeks.

2. Mrs Ryden blames Cardinal Levada for “three grave errors” contained in his communication, which I comment hereunder:

–    Cardinal Levada “puts into my [Vassula’s] mouth words I never said, and these words are: ‘that the messages are not divine revelations but my own personal meditations'”. The communication does not really say that those words were pronounced by Mrs Ryden. We understand it as saying that the ensemble of clarifications and explanations Mrs Ryden gave were examined and the CDF concluded (on their own) that her writings were not divine revelations, but rather personal meditations.

–    Cardinal Levada mixed up the date of Vassula’s letter (26 June 2002) with Fr. Grech’s letter (4 April 2002). Well, in fact, the real author of the mistake is… Cardinal Ratzinger! He was the first to mix up the dates in his famous letter of July 2004 to the five Episcopal conferences (see: 2004 letter), and that is the origin of the error. Mrs Ryden herself had Cardinal Ratzinger’s July 2004 letter published on her website with this “grave error”:

–    Cardinal Levada referred to volume 10 instead of volume 12 of the TLIG books. Well, what can we say? Errare humanum est…

3. Mrs Ryden supposes Cardinal Bertone to be “probably very disappointed at seeing his work belittled” by Cardinal Levada. Cardinal Bertone’s work was… the 1995 Notification! And at the time, he was accused in a very similar way by TLIG supporters as Cardinal Levada is now. He was even accused of having acted behind Card. Ratzinger’s back… The reader can refresh his memory here: Moreover, Cardinal Bertone left the CDF in February of 2003 and became Bishop of Genova, until he was named Secretary of State in June of 2006. 

4. Mrs Ryden recalls that the essential theme of the TLIG messages is the restoration of unity among all Christians. To restore unity, one should start by restoring one’s own unity with one’s own Church. It is not a secret that Mrs Ryden has a very difficult situation with the Greek Orthodox Church, to which she says to belong. According to several declarations made by representatives of the Orthodox faithful, the main problem is the way she acts (see: In 2001, the Committee on heresies of the Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church published their decision regarding Vassula Ryden. In substance, they declared that Mrs Ryden has de facto left the Greek Orthodox Church, although she presents herself as a member of it. (Some translations on the Internet use the word “excommunicated”. The difficulty is the word ekpései, which has many possible translations. The text seems to say literally that she “threw herself out” of her Church. The original text in Greek can be consulted in the official website of the Church of Greece:, see the two last pages).

Anyway, since Mrs Ryden has clearly indicated that she does not wish to become a Catholic, but on the other hand does not act as an Orthodox, then she has indeed chosen to be in a denominational “no-Church’s land” with the approval of her “Jesus”, for whom “all are the same” (, and this suggests a lot about her idea of unity.

Maria Laura Pio



The French Bishops
Continued from page 3

Three more French bishops warn against Vassula!topic/marialaurapio-eng/aP23dOdJvNQ

The Dioceses of Strasbourg, Nantes and Belley-Ars (France) have published on their websites the warning regarding Vassula Ryden’s visit to France this month:

Warning against Mrs Vassula Ryden‘s visit to the Diocese of Strasbourg

The French association “True Life in God”, who promotes Mrs Vassula Ryden’s activities, has announced her next visit to Strasbourg on Friday November 23, where she will hold a conference.

The Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has pronounced itself several times regarding her by expressing great reservations and by not recognizing the supernatural nature of her claimed messages. The Congregation advises the Catholic faithful not to lend support to her activities by participating in them.

The Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople has pronounced itself recently in an identical manner, since Mrs Vassula Ryden was a member of that Church.

I want to inform the Catholic faithful of the Diocese of Lyon that this event is in no way connected to the Church. The acts of religious nature that could take place during it – Mass, deliverance and healing prayers – if they do take place, will be outside the communion with the Catholic Church.

+ Jean-Pierre Grallet

Archbishop of Strasbourg

Note: The translation is not official and is the work of volunteers who are not professional translators. Please refer to the original text in French.


Diocèse de Nantes

Warning against Mrs Vassula Ryden‘s visit to the Diocese of Nantes

The French association “True Life in God”, who promotes Mrs Vassula Ryden’s activities, has announced her next visit to Carquefou on November 22, where she will hold a conference.

The Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has pronounced itself several times regarding her by expressing great reservations and by not recognizing the supernatural nature of her claimed messages. The Congregation advises the Catholic faithful not to lend support to her activities by participating in them.

The Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople has pronounced itself recently in an identical manner, since Mrs Vassula Ryden was a member of that Church.

I want to inform the Catholic faithful of the Diocese of Lyon that this event is in no way connected to the Church. The acts of religious nature that could take place during it – Mass, deliverance and healing prayers – if they do take place, will be outside the communion with the Catholic Church.

+ Jean-Paul James

Note: The translation is not official and is the work of volunteers who are not professional translators. Please refer to the original text in French.


Diocèse de Belley-Ars

The Bishop of Belley-Ars Mgr. Pascal Roland adheres to the warning issued by Cardinal Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyon, regarding Mrs Vassula Ryden’s visit to Lyon and reproduces the text of the warning on the website of the diocese of Belley-Ars.


Warning from the Cardinal of Lyon re Vassula Ryden!topic/marialaurapio-eng/S2IBrmYeIJk

English translation of the warning signed by the Cardinal of Lyon (France) regarding Vassula Ryden and published in the diocese’s official website:

Warning against Mrs Vassula Ryden‘s visit to the Diocese of Lyon

The French association “True Life in God”, who promotes Mrs Vassula Ryden’s activities, has announced her next visit to Villeurbanne on November 5, 2012, where she will hold a conference.

The Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has pronounced itself several times regarding her by expressing great reservations and by not recognizing the supernatural nature of her claimed messages. The Congregation advises the Catholic faithful not to lend support to her activities by participating in them.

The Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople has pronounced itself recently in an identical manner, since Mrs Vassula Ryden was a member of that Church.




I want to inform the Catholic faithful of the Diocese of Lyon that this event is in no way connected to the Church. The acts of religious nature that could take place during it – Mass, deliverance and healing prayers – if they do take place, will be outside the communion with the Catholic Church.

Philippe card. Barbarin

November 5, 2012

Note: The translation is not official and is the work of volunteers who are not professionals. See the original text in French.


Diocese of Avignon: Communiqué re Vassula Ryden!topic/marialaurapio-eng/lEBu2x6SXDY

I have just been sent the following article published on Tuesday October 30, 2012 by Mgr Jean-Pierre Cattenoz, Bishop of Avignon (France) on the official website of his diocese:  (Original text in French. Non official translation)


Mrs Vassula Ryden will be coming soon to Avignon at the Parc des Expositions. After having contacted the Nunciature, all the Catholic faithful are reminded that it is not appropriate to participate in the different meetings organized during her visit. 

Likewise, it is requested that no priest celebrate the Eucharist in connection with her visit.

We have in the Gospel and in the New Testament the revelation of everything that is necessary for Salvation.  We should not seek in Mrs Vassula Ryden’s “True life in God”, or in any other “revelation” or private meditation, enlightenment to grow in faith. Let’s nourish ourselves with the Gospel and we will grow in the Church in the intimacy of Christ.

+ Jean-Pierre Cattenoz

Avignon, October 25, 2012


The Diocese of Hawaii publishes a cautionary note regarding Vassula

Maria Laura Pio
Subject: [infovassularyden_english] Diocese of Honolulu: cautionary note on Vassula’s meetings To:
Date: Wednesday, 15 February, 2012, 12:06 PM

 Vassula Ryden will be in Hawaii for two meetings (February 16 and 18, 2012).

A few weeks ago, the following cautionary note was placed in the local Catholic newspaper under a paid ad promoting Mrs. Ryden:

From the office of the vicar general, Diocese of Honolulu: The Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has raised certain questions regarding the teachings of Vassula Ryden. These events are not being sponsored by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Honolulu.” (Text provided by the Hawaii Catholic Herald).

Maria Laura Pio,

Also at:!topic/marialaurapio-eng/78xocBKMaeE


One of Vassula Ryden’s first major setbacks

Swiss mystic speaks to Catholics

By Lucy Lethridge, September 30, 1994

Catholic Congregations in Sussex and Birmingham were introduced this week to international Christian mystic Vassula Ryden, whose supporters believe is the “Mediator of Divided Christians”.

Ms Ryden, who claims to have been awoken to the spiritual life when she saw the words “I am your guardian angel” appearing on a shopping list, is known for her healings and the messages she imparts, apparently directly from Our Lord, through the spoken and written word.

Tour organiser Ewa Allen told the Catholic Herald: “Jesus explained to Vassula that she is to be His instrument and her role is to unite Christians”.

Ms Ryden has published copies of her notebooks in which her handwriting changes dramatically during “conversations” with God.

“Vassula’s own handwriting is completely different” said Ewa Allen, “it changes into a very unusual and majestic style which, when shown to a top Paris graphologist, was pronounced to be ‘so perfect, it was almost inhuman’.”

Geneva-based Ms Ryden visited St Francis Church, Handsworth, Birmingham, and English Martyrs Church, Goring-on-Sea, Sussex, as part other three day British tour. One of the organisers of the Goring-on-Sea visit is Gary Bevans who has experienced a similar visitation from the Holy Spirit, which inspired him, he says, to paint the ceiling of English Martyrs Church with an exact replica of Michelangelo’s ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. Mr Bevans told the Catholic Herald that “following Vassula shows us in the world that we live in that we have lost our way, and that we need her message of unity.” Mgr Joseph Fallon of St Francis Church, Handsworth, which was first stop of the tour, said the visit had been a great success. “We hope it will bring great spiritual enrichment to those who heard her speak”, he said. And Fr John Edwards, attached to St Francis, stressed that “There is nothing at all that is contrary to the Catholic faith”. 56.


Orthodox mystic rouses Cardinal’s ire

November 24, 1995



A Greek Orthodox mystic last week claimed that Cardinal Hume is pursuing a personal vendetta against her.

Vassula Ryden, housewife and religious visionary, claims to receive messages from the Holy Trinity, and attacked what she termed the “International Conspiracy” that last month led to a Notification from the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, inviting Catholic bishops to deny her a platform. Speaking to the Herald, the mystic alleged that Cardinal Hume had requested that her books be banned from St Paul’s Multimedia bookshop.
“It really surprises me that he could banish my books,” she says. “Pope Paul VI decreed in 1966 that writings of the supernatural are permitted by the Church.”

Mrs. Ryden claims the support of some 40 Catholic theologians, Catholic priests and bishops. “If I am condemned, then these Catholics must also be condemned,” Mrs. Ryden complained. “It is medieval. I am treated like a witch.”

Mrs. Ryden’s allegations were this week hotly refuted by a spokesperson from the Catholic Media Office.

Cardinal Basil Hume, OSB, was appointed Archbishop of Westminster and elevated as Cardinal in 1976. From 1979 Hume served also as President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales. He held these appointments until his death from cancer in 1999.

Several Catholic critics have pointed out that Vassula Ryden later modified or even expunged some of her earlier “messages” as well as her comments and public statements, ostensibly when they created a stir or invited theological criticism. In the above interview with the Catholic Herald, one can see the real Vassula Ryden with claws and fangs bared. I cannot help but compare her whining and rebellious attitude to the Cardinal’s alleged ban on her writings with that of other genuine Church-approved mystics. Apparently realizing that it would do her little good to be critical of the Cardinal,
Vassula Ryden appears to have decided to change her tactics as is evidence by a line in an article published in TLIG,
November 2, 1998,

on the Pope’s recently issued encyclical ‘Faith and Reason’.


On page 46, I commented, “While conducting healing “ministry”, Vassula Ryden is outfitted in trousers with a short “top”, the picture below.”

Here is a couple more; observe her “immodest” dress — certainly not befitting a visionary through whom Jesus supposedly speaks – in the presence of high-level Church dignitaries, and of God:











The photograph to be “destroyed” in order to avoid it ending in the “wrong hands”, according to the instructions of the TLIG spiritual director, Fr. John Abberton















*See page 53

Mystic ‘who foresaw 9/11’ heads for city

The Scotsman, Edinburgh,
September 6, 2005


A radical preacher who claims supernatural powers enabled her to foresee the 9/11 bombings is to speak in the city [Edinburgh, Scotland] on the anniversary of the attacks.

Greek mystic Vassula Ryden is revered around the world as a prophet and her followers believe she is God’s messenger.

But her controversial prophesies have attracted condemnation from mainstream church leaders. Vassula has been invited by the followers of her “True Life in God” movement in Scotland to appear in Edinburgh on Sunday at the Assembly Hall on The Mound.

The 63-year-old preacher, who now lives in the US, claims that Jesus has been appearing to her in dreams since 1985. During preaching sessions in front of thousands of people she is reported to have healed the sick and also converted hundreds to her cause.

She has preached to packed arenas around the world – including crowds of 40,000 in the Philippines and South America – and some followers even claim to see the face of Jesus superimposed on her features.

But today a spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland warned people against going to the gathering. He said Vassula “certainly did not” operate with the approval of the Church and said the Vatican had issued a warning about her activities after an investigation led by Pope Benedict XVI while he was a Cardinal. The spokesman said: “Her messages change from year to year and the advice to Catholics is not to attend her gatherings due to the suspect nature of her alleged revelations, which contain doctrinal errors.”

Prior to Vassula’s first visit to Edinburgh in 2000, a letter was sent from the Archdiocese of Glasgow to priests, instructing them to dissuade their flock from attending.

A spokeswoman for the Church of Scotland, which owns the Assembly Hall, said it had not taken part in the decision to invite Vassula. She said: “Vassula Ryden represents a religious organisation with which we have no dealings.”

Vassula claimed to have received a message from Jesus in a dream predicting the New York attacks, exactly ten years before on September 11, 1991. She claimed he told her: “My cities have become a citadel for the demons! All corrupt from within, eaten up by worm! a refuge for the viper and the scorpion! The earth will shiver and shake, and every evil built into towers will collapse into a heap of rubble and be buried in the dust of sin.”

Catherine Lynch, 56, a member of True Life in God, said she was sceptical at first but found that Vassula’s messages “struck a chord”. She was an atheist for 30 years before coming across Vassula in early 2000, and now attends a weekly True Life in God prayer group in Broxburn.

The secretary said people from all denominations attended meetings of around six True Life in God prayer groups in Scotland. On Vassula’s prediction of the destruction of the Twin Towers, she said: “If you believe the messages, you can’t pick and choose between them.”


See also























CDF, OCTOBER 6, 1995







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