FEBRUARY 15, 2013

Asia’s leading “Catholic” news agency, UCAN, continues its campaign for women priests, this time on the back of a call from a Hindu leader

Ordaining women is not a new idea. Adherence to this heresy is widespread in the Indian church. The first time that I wrote about it was in my 119-page April 2010 [updated April 2012] report



In that report, no. 15 of a series on a Bombay-archdiocese backed Hinduised “bible” with imprimatur, I documented that Fr. Subhash Anand [a diocesan priest based in St. Paul’s School, Udaipur] and others do not believe that the cultic priesthood was instituted by Jesus Christ and would like to see it scrapped altogether, ushering in a priesthood of believers, non-ordained persons, whereby the members of the congregation become co-celebrants at Holy Mass, having the authority and power to transform the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus*. This has long been proposed as a solution to the “shortage of priests”.

The other alternative of course is to ordain women, which Fr. Subhash Anand and other “theologians” such as Virginia Saldanha, Astrid Lobo Gajiwala, a coterie of feminist nuns and some religious brothers and priests are ferociously advocating. The first articles in the women priests series, published April/May 2012, are



Virginia Saldanha is on the board of the Union of Catholic Asian News [UCAN] and Astrid Lobo Gajiwala is on important Bombay archdiocesan executive bodies such as its weekly magazine The Examiner, etc.

Just three weeks ago, on January 24, I had published a report



on the “nexus” between UCAN and like-minded in the West, example the editor of and contributors to the National Catholic Reporter [NCR], and in India who clamour for ordaining women as priests. An honest, prophetic and bold U.S. Bishop, Robert Finn, recently declared that the NCR cannot licitly be called Catholic.

On February 13, 2013, in its inimitable style, UCAN reproduced a report, published only a few hours earlier by the liberal-left, New Age-promoting U.S. news web site and blog, The Huffington Post, with the headline, “One way to solve the priest shortage: do away with them“!

This was reported by me the same day in



In concluding the last referred report, I posed two questions:

1. What is UCAN doing reproducing trash by a dissenting “Catholic” from a New Age blog?

2. When is an Indian bishop or the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of India or the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences going to unequivocally condemn this anti-Catholic news agency that calls itself “Catholic”?

I had also asked rhetorically

What does [all] this, in conjunction with all of the other evidence compiled and presented by me, reveal about the true nature of UCAN?

Well, hardly a day later, UCAN is at it again, thus answering our question.

They make it plainly obvious that they have a dual agenda, eliminate the cultic priesthood/ordain women.

*About the common-priesthood-of-believers-heresy, Pope Benedict XVI warned us

“The particular identity of priests and laity must be seen in the light of the essential difference between priestly ministry and the ‘common priesthood’. Hence it is important to avoid the secularisation of clergy and the ‘clericalisation’ of the laity… the lack of priests does not justify a more active and abundant participation of the laity… The function of the clergy is essential and irreplaceable in announcing the Word and celebrating the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist.”

Pope Benedict XVI: The role of the priest is irreversible, September 18, 2009, Vatican Information Service, http://www.catholic.org/international/international_story.php?id=34460

A Catholic, Tom Diorio, commented on that, saying “no priesthood=no Eucharist; no Eucharist=no church”.

The enemies of the Church ARE AWARE of that truth.

UCAN, a Trojan horse in the Church, especially since its Sep. 2008 take over by liberal Jesuit Fr. Michael Kelly, allies itself to work with liberal and dissenting groups world-wide, out to destroy the Catholic Church from within. He also controls the now liberal Australia-based Church Resources, http://www.cathnews.com. Bangkok-based UCAN is aligned with anti-Catholic secular forces too, as shown in my immediately previous report.

Now, UCAN becomes the conduit for a Hindu call to, among other things, ordain women!

New pope should encourage interfaith dialogue: Hindu group


February 14, 2003, source: India blooms
[UCAN copied the story within a few hours of its release!!!!!]

Nevada:  A US-hoped Hindu group today hoped that the new pope would be more open to reforms and encourage interfaith dialogue.
“I hope the new pope would intensify the Roman Catholic Church’s efforts at interfaith dialogue and creating harmony among world’s diverse religions,” said Rajan Zed, a Hindu statesman, in a statement in Nevada, United States.
He said that the new pope should be more open to reforms and bring transparency, maturity, accountability and modernization to the Church.
Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation in effect from Feb. 28 earlier this week. The new pope would be elected in a conclave at the Vatican during the Holy Week starting March 24.
Five Indian cardinals would take part in the conclave to vote for the election of the new pope.
Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, also urged the new Pope to come up with a detailed worldwide White Paper on the global child abuse scandal engulfing the Church.
He suggested that the new Pope should dedicate himself for defending human rights, helping the needy and charitable projects. “The new Pope should also seriously take-up the issue of apartheid faced by about 15-million Roma (Gypsies) of Europe,” Zed stated.
“Moreover, he should reconsider favorably the ordination of women priests as women could disseminate God’s message as skillfully as men and deserved equal and full participation and access in religion,” he added.

The Biblical-based traditions of the Catholic Church are none of Mr. Rajan Zed‘s business; neither are her internal matters, considering that his Hindu faith is a non-institutionalized, informal one that has as many interpretations of their sacred books as there are gurus and invokes as many gods as there are devotees.

His call for Catholic “reforms” is weird, coming as it does from a “Hindu statesman” who should know that

Hindu Indian women have a several-thousand-year history of enslavery and
abuse [remember the devadasis and sati? and the plight of widows? I am old enough to recall seeing widows not allowed to wear a covering on their upper bodies and, even today, widows roam the Hindu holy sites awaiting their only release, death] and it was the advent of Christianity in India that emancipated them; let’s not conveniently forget female infanticide and the resulting skewed sex-ratio in most states of the Indian union.

Female incest and the raping of Indian women are among the highest in the world, unknown because of a flawed judicial system stacked heavily against women and the stigma imposed on victims by Hindu society.

Just yesterday, celebrity Anoushka Shankar disclosed that when she was a child she was abused “for several years by a man whom her parents trusted implicitly”, and that is in modern, urban, upper-caste Hindu India!

One can imagine what goes on in all the crowded, joint-family, low-income homes, especially in rural India.

the several-thousand-year-old caste system is still rampant and still bringing untold ministry to millions; even two thousand years of Christianity and fourteen centuries of Islam have not been able to counter it.

Mr. Rajan Zed [his web site says that he has taken up the cause of the Roma]
must step up and speak strongly against this Indian religious apartheid before he holds the Church to act against the sociopolitical
apartheid faced by about 15-million Roma“.

-statistically the reported abuse of minors by Catholic priests is far lower than that of clergy belonging to any other Christian denomination, but the secular press is not going to report that! I quote a Jewish writer,

The press is vindictive and trying to totally denigrate in every way the Catholic Church in this country. They have blamed the disease of pedophilia on the Catholic Church, which is as irresponsible as blaming adultery on the institution of marriage.

Let me give you some figures that Catholics should know and remember. For example, 12% of the 300 Protestant clergy surveyed admitted to sexual intercourse with a parishioner; 38% acknowledged other inappropriate sexual contact in a study by the United Methodist Church, 41.8% of clergy women reported unwanted sexual behavior; 17% of laywomen have been sexually harassed. Meanwhile, 1.7% of the Catholic clergy has been found guilty of pedophilia. 10% of the Protestant ministers have been found guilty of pedophilia. This is not a Catholic problem. Source: http://fratres.wordpress.com/2008/06/24/redemption-comes-through-the-jews-jewish-businessman-sam-miller-whaps-anti-catholic-bias-in-news-media-full-text/ By Sam Miller, June 24, 2008

And, if one goes by the daily newspaper, the reported rape of minors
and young boys and girls in this country is of epidemic proportions. The “Nirbhaya” rape and murder case has fuelled a surge in the reporting of these otherwise swept-under-the-carpet cases. Some of the victims are little more than infants!

Mr. Rajan Zed would do well to first do his homework thoroughly and then protest against these atrocities before he calls for the “the new Pope to come up with a detailed worldwide White Paper on the global child abuse scandal engulfing the Church.” While doing so, he might want to take a look at the unbridled abortion of human babies and unfettered use of contraception permitted by the government of his land of origin. These are two social-moral issues, among others, that no other religious body in the world — except the Catholic Church — engages with on a war footing, hence her high-profile enemies and detractors, both secular as well religious.

That brings us to the sexual escapades of the Hindu godmen [an oxymoron!] The list of these “godmen” is as endless as the never-to-be-concluded criminal cases filed against them. Many of these “godmen” have multi-crore-rupee business empires and enjoy immunity from sentencing to jail terms on different counts because of political patronage that cuts across all party lines. The late Sri Sathya Sai Baba is widely reported to have been a homosexual; read the first-person account by former devotee Tal Brooke.

While praying that the new Pope wouldbring transparency, maturity, accountability and modernization to the Church, again no business of his, Mr. Rajan Zed could maybe remember the godmen’s and temples’ multi-billion dollar Trusts and hoardings of stashed-away gold that do not face public or government scrutiny and which, if put to use in society, could alleviate national poverty and disease on an unprecedented scale.

As to his other prayer that the new Pope should dedicate himself for defending human rights, helping the needy and charitable projects“, may I remind
Rajan Zed that the Hindu dharma’s Law of Karma coupled with a belief in reincarnation ensured not only the propagation of the caste system but also that millions were left to suffer disease and hunger in case intervention [by human sympathy and charity] adversely affected their “karma”, and that once again it was under the influence of Christianity that these problems were addressed for the first time, and that neo-Hindu organisations like the Ramakrishna Mission, the Brahma Kumaris and even a few godmen picked up the cue from these Christians and are now involved in philanthropic activities.

Oops! We forgot to discuss another pandemic Indian curse that Zed skipped: child labour!! No room for that.

UCAN dropped the last paragraph in the “India blooms” piece. It goes thus:
“Church could hold a referendum among its congregations worldwide to learn about the feelings of Catholics on the subject. Holy See being the largest religious organization in the world should show exemplary leadership in women equality to the rest of the planet,” Zed argued. [http://www.indiablooms.com/NriDetailsPage/2013/nriDetails140213b.php]

My contributions to the referendum — and I am assured of the concurrence of many — are recorded here.

My final comments are on
Rajan Zed‘s ‘hope’ that
the new pope would intensify the Roman Catholic Church’s efforts at interfaith dialogue and creating harmony among world’s diverse religions“.

Zed‘s brand of interfaith dialogueand that of sections of the Church especially in India — is anything to go by, Catholics instead pray fervently that the new Pope slams the brakes on the current trends in interfaith dialogue and puts the Church’s interfaith dialogue-mobile into high reverse gear.

Under Zed‘s influence, Hindu mantras opened a City Council meeting in California and Hindu invocations [under protest from Bible-waving, Scripture-quoting Christians] inaugurated the United States Senate, thus breaching some of the last bastions of American Christianity set up by the founding fathers 237 years ago. Zed dedicatedly occupies himself — quite successfully it appears — with Hinduising the American formerly-Christian-turned-secular political establishment. The Indian Church has more than its share of nuns, priests and bishops actively engaged in the same in the local Church itself, while now busily exporting it to other nations worldwide along with the Indian Church’s [or at least an increasingly significant section of it] brand of inculturation, a euphemism for Hinduisation. [Our ecclesiastical establishment might be surprised to learn how many conservative Indian Catholics, including this writer, are praying that the new Pope will NOT be an Indian, not that there is even the remotest chance of it — there still being Someone called the Holy Spirit around. But that is the subject of a future story from this ministry.]

Mr. Rajan Zed has listed a number of his papal “hopes”.
We hope that Mr. Rajan Zed would exchange the comfort of his adoptive United States for the stark, grim reality of his native India where there remains a few reincarnated lifetimes of karmic work for him to carry out in terms of the emancipation of the oppressed and marginalised, women and children.

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