Soul ties, MORE ministry and Dr Dominic Dixon – By Bro. Ignatius Mary OMSM


Soul ties, MORE ministry and Dr Dominic Dixon – By Bro. Ignatius Mary OMSM


Soul ties

October 3, 2012

I engaged in pre-marital sex and I believe I developed a soul-tie with this individual. To the point where I knew things I shouldn’t know, like: One time I heard, in my head, in his voice, what he was going to say before he said it. I felt when he was angry with me even when he wasn’t around. I had a dream he hit his head and low and behold, he hit his head. I also felt that he was cheating and later was given a reason to confirm my feelings.
After we broke up, I had horrible things happening internally. I was filled with doubts about God and despair, which I had never had, I felt abandoned by God, I felt self hatred, I felt like I was insane, my heart literally felt like it was breaking, one time I felt as though I had an out of body experience, I would have terrible darkness, I couldn’t get out of bed, and sometimes it felt like a porthole opened in my body letting in what felt like the pain of the whole world. I felt as though I was damned and there was no hope.

I knew something was seriously wrong. I did my best to offer up all the pain as redemptive suffering in union with Jesus. I received the sacrament of the sick, I had been to confession, and I was receiving Eucharist daily (It was often the only thing I could muster to do but I didn’t dare not go, afraid I would not have the strength to go on.) I desired to die. I begged and pleaded with God.

One night it felt as though my soul was being wrestled for. I cried for 9 plus months continuously. Tears of a kind of sorrow I had never experienced, a gloomy sorrow. I always felt that what I was experiencing DID NOT BELONG TO ME. I did receive deliverance through “Unbound” and my priest. It helped but I still felt connected to this man. I went through all of the breaking soul tie prayers but I remember the officiator of Unbound saying, “If for some reason a soul tie is not broken it is because God wills it.”
So, I was wondering if through this soul tie God was calling me to offering suffering and Masses for the salvation of his soul? I was very courageous through the whole thing remaining firm that “I belong to God.” I did gain insight into the agony in the garden.
I do not seem to suffer from this soul tie anymore, except once in a great while. -Teresa

The term “soul ties” is controversial. Its first use is not known, but it probably began, or at least took root in Pentecostal Charismatic circles. Like most everything from the Pentecostal Charismatic movement the theology and the interpretation of both the Bible and the spiritual phenomena is deeply flawed. Unfortunately and sadly, much of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal is grossly contaminated by Pentecostal ideas.

For example, some people speak of “fragmented” souls or “dividing” of the soul. This is false. There is no such thing as a fragmented or divided soul. One can have a fragmented personality (e.g., Dissociative Personality Disorder) or a divided mind (e.g., cognitive dissonance, inability to make a decision, strongly pulled emotionally in two different directions, and other psychological behaviors), but the soul can never be these things.

Those who use the term “soul ties” refer to Biblical passages such as Judges 20:11; 1st Samuel 18:1; 1st Chronicles 12:17; Colossians 2:2, 19 and similar verses that could be called the “knit together” passages. These verses, however, are about deep emotional ties in friendship or in marriage. One can have deep emotional connections with good people or bad people. This is why the Bible teaches to stay away from bad influences as we may be drawn into sin and harmful emotional attachments.

If we are talking about “soul ties” as bondage, then we are closer to a true definition. We can have an emotional bondage to people or things (an attachment that becomes an addiction or so strong that it places the person in a bondage that is difficult or impossible to break without help). What is probably most referred to is calling “soul ties” demonic bondage. The “tie” in a demonic bondage is with the demons, not with a person, though a person may be a conduit for the demon to hold a person in bondage.

I think the term “bondage” is a far better term than “soul ties”. Bondage is also more accurate and less likely to be misinterpreted. Like many phrases and concepts from the Charismatic movement, the language tends to be sloppy and imprecise. –Bro. Ignatius Mary OMSM


MORE ministry

February 21, 2009

I was just wondering what your thoughts are on the MORE Ministry and if you are familiar with Dr Dominic Dixon and his ministry in India. Apparently this is a Catholic Ministry and they are under the Magisterium of Rome. –Marion

I do not know anything about the man and his ministry other than a quick look on his website. It looks okay, but in the section about “Accept Christ” he gives a “sinner’s prayer” with an appeal to seek out a local Church with no mention of Baptism. Without Baptism one is not a Christian. This is odd for someone claiming to be an evangelist. He is billed as a “Christian evangelist”. I can see no reference to him being Catholic. Much of the site is very Protestant in presentation.

As for being under Rome there is no indication of that on his site, nor is there any indication that I can find that he or his ministry is Catholic. –Bro. Ignatius Mary OMSM





The Q&A is from February 2009, and that is over four years ago.

My own recent conclusions [see the first two documents listed with links on the previous page] were that Dominic Dixon is Protestant-influenced and his ministries are Protestant-oriented or “ecumenical” despite his bandying the Vatican word with suspicious frequency.

Dominic Dixon has modified his web site many times over during the past years, more especially with this ministry’s recent exposés of his false claims, especially those of his having some special recognition from the “International Association for Deliverance [IAD] under the Vatican council” — to cite just one of those misleading claims — and a similar statement in 2004 on the MORELOVE web site must have been the reason for Marion to seek Bro. Ignatius Mary’s confirmation that MORELOVE is “under the Magisterium of Rome“.

Under the Magisterium of Rome“, while devoid of any sense, is typical Dominic Dixon-speak, and there are several examples of this in my earlier reports. Such phrases are cunningly inserted to impress and deceive gullible visitors to his site. It is not simply interesting but crucial to note that Bro. Ignatius Mary was hard put to conclude that Dominic Dixon‘s web site had any approval from Rome or that his ministry was Catholic!

Despite only a cursory glance at the MORELOVE site, he was able to inform Marion, “I can see no reference to him being Catholic. Much of the site is very Protestant in presentation.” Note also his analysis of the Dominic Dixon‘s “sinner’s prayer” and his related appeal. What Bro. Ignatius Mary did not either notice or come across was that Dominic Dixon emphasises on the “ecumenical” spirit of his ministry.

This was one of the several factors that contributed to publishing the 2012 alert on the dubious Catholicity of the Dominic Dixon-Aneel Aranha MORELOVE-HolySpiritInteractive combine.

If Bro. Ignatius Mary had only dug deeper, he would have uncovered more dirt.








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  1. Michael: this is interesting. It is true that I did not “dig deep” into this man’s website due to time constraints. Often the digging deep takes many hours. If I get the time, I will read more thoroughly your analysis and perhaps edit that Q&A post accordingly. We also have a Hall of Shame. We will see if this man should be nominated for that. Thanks.

    God Bless,
    Bro. Ignatius Mary

  2. Thanks for the advice

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