Dominic Dixon and MoreLove –sliding even deeper into unholiness


AUGUST 4, 2013

Dominic Dixon and MoreLove –sliding even deeper into unholiness

Dominic Dixon runs a Bangalore-based ministry named MoreLove in association with Aneel Aranha of HolySpiritInteractive [HSI] ministries of Dubai.

Details may be found in the following reports:






Dominic Dixon, like another preacher with a Protestant approach, Johnson Sequeira, enjoys the confidence and support of the Archbishop of Bangalore.

The two men also enjoy the patronage of Simon Rodrigues, the Chairman of the Bangalore Service Team of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal who is in turn closely associated with the said Archbishop by virtue of his profession as an auditor and therefore a confidante whose recommendations are accepted and implemented.

The Archbishop’s name has cropped up in a major land scam* in Bangalore city — it is a scandal that was reported in the national media — as well as another in the Archdiocese of Bombay [as per reliable sources].

So, it’s all one big happy family [Sequeira and Aranha are banned in Mumbai] out there in Bangalore.


*This ministry, despite the urgings of many Catholics to include investigations and reports on such issues, has steered clear of writing on the Indian Church hierarchy’s moral imprudences and financial irregularities although there is no dearth of evidence if only one makes the littlest of enquiries. There are lay Catholic groups, and there is no dearth of them either in this era of Internet social media, many of them with little knowledge of the Faith and even less concern for spiritual issues, to engage in that work. For instance, see


There have been a few exceptions such as




With particular emphasis on the Indian scene, we remain dedicated to exposing

-Liberals and dissenters in the Church

-Hinduisation of the Church in the guise of inculturation

-Liturgical abuses and aberrations

-Errors and abuses in the mainstream Catholic Charismatic Renewal and in major retreat centres

-New Age [alternative therapies, eastern meditations, psycho-spiritual counseling techniques, devices, etc.] promoted by Catholic laity, media and institutions

-Threats to the Catholic faithful from private unapproved/false revelations/mystics, etc.

-Protestant-influenced preachers and teachers masquerading as Catholics

Dominic Dixon [and Johnson Sequeira] may be classified under the last described category.


I retrieved the following today from the Internet:

MORE ministry

February 21, 2009

I was just wondering what your thoughts are on the MORE Ministry and if you are familiar with Dr Dominic Dixon and his ministry in India. Apparently this is a Catholic Ministry and they are under the Magisterium of Rome. –Marion


I do not know anything about the man and his ministry other than a quick look on his website. It looks okay, but in the section about “Accept Christ” he gives a “sinner’s prayer” with an appeal to seek out a local Church with no mention of Baptism. Without Baptism one is not a Christian. This is odd for someone claiming to be an evangelist. He is billed as a “Christian evangelist”. I can see no reference to him being Catholic. Much of the site is very Protestant in presentation.

As for being under Rome there is no indication of that on his site, nor is there any indication that I can find that he or his ministry is Catholic. –Bro. Ignatius Mary OMSM



The Q&A is from February 2009, and that is over four years ago.

My own recent conclusions [see the first two documents listed with links on the previous page] were that Dominic Dixon is Protestant-influenced and his ministries are Protestant-oriented or “ecumenical” despite his bandying the Vatican word with suspicious frequency.

Dominic Dixon has modified his web site many times over during the past years, more especially with this ministry’s recent exposés of his false claims, especially those of his having some special recognition from the “International Association for Deliverance [IAD] under the Vatican council” — to cite just one of those misleading claims — and a similar statement in 2004 on the MORELOVE web site must have been the reason for Marion to seek Bro. Ignatius Mary’s confirmation that MORELOVE is “under the Magisterium of Rome“.

Under the Magisterium of Rome“, while devoid of any sense, is typical Dominic Dixon-speak, and there are several examples of this in my earlier reports. Such phrases are cunningly inserted to impress and deceive gullible visitors to his site. It is not simply interesting but crucial to note that Bro. Ignatius Mary was hard put to conclude that Dominic Dixon‘s web site had any approval from Rome or that his ministry was Catholic!

Despite only a cursory glance at the MORELOVE site, he was able to inform Marion, “I can see no reference to him being Catholic. Much of the site is very Protestant in presentation.” Note also his analysis of the Dominic Dixon‘s “sinner’s prayer” and his related appeal. What Bro. Ignatius Mary did not either notice or come across was that Dominic Dixon emphasises on the “ecumenical” spirit of his ministry.

This was one of the several factors that contributed to publishing the 2012 alert on the dubious Catholicity of the Dominic Dixon-Aneel Aranha MORELOVE-HolySpiritInteractive combine.

If Bro. Ignatius Mary had only dug deeper, he would have uncovered more dirt.


On the following page, one sees that the Archbishop of Bangalore Bernard Moras continues* to support the so-called ministry of Dominic Dixon. Dominic Dixon has written a book on… of all things… “Holiness”!!!!!

The promotion was done by HolySpiritInteractive:

HSI MoreLove
Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2013 10:28 AM

Book Release – A Journey to Holiness

Simon Rodrigues, the Chairman of the Bangalore Service Team of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal has unabashedly provided a glowing tribute to Dominic Dixon‘s latest novel “A Journey to Holiness”.

*If, as Rodrigues claims, the book is indeed a “reflection of Dominic Dixon‘s personal journey to holiness… and striving to walk with God”, he is an aider, abettor and accomplice in the criminal acts of Dominic Dixon.

The Archbishop and Rodrigues have both been apprised of the most unholy conduct of Dominic Dixon in respect of certain Catholic ministries and individuals as chronicled in my referred reports.


Dominic Dixon‘s latest such criminal behaviour, the very anti-thesis of holiness, coincided with the time of the release of his novel “A Journey to Holiness”.

I received a telephone call from an anonymous female speaking in Tamil and using a mobile telephone.

The woman addressed me as “Father” Michael Prabhu. I said that I was a lay man in ministry. She said that she had been requested by the parish priest of St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral in Bangalore, on whose behalf she was speaking, to ask me if I would deliver a “message” at their night vigil on July 13. I enquired as to what “message” was expected of me. She replied that I could preach on any subject. Her telephone number, as did an earlier call in Kannada language purporting to be from the Karnataka police who claimed that they had obtained an arrest warrant for me for slandering the name of a preacher in Bangalore [see earlier reports] was visible on the display screen of my instrument, but I asked her for her contact details to have her request verified. Assuring me that she would get back to me the following Tuesday, she hung up and never got back to me. So how do I know for certain that this is the work of Dominic Dixon? Frankly, I don’t.


But, if I lodge a police complaint in Bangalore and provide their sleuths with these and other numbers used to threaten me and intimidate an associate as well as his employers in Bangalore, not forgetting the written admission [by email] of Dominic Dixon that he had tapped all of our phones including that of a priest and was in possession of transcripts of our exchanges [which incidentally exist only in Dominic Dixon‘s fertile, evil imagination], there would be no surprises as to who the cops would ferret out at the end of the trail.

The telephone call from the female was received by me within 48 hours of Dominic Dixon‘s being informed by the Jesus Youth ministry leaders that their invitation to him to minister to them at their forthcoming night vigil was withdrawn. Holding me responsible for that decision taken by the Jesus Youth leadership, Dominic Dixon attempted, unsuccessfully of course, to engineer a similar punishment for me. Holiness?

One can only be amazed that Archbishop of Bangalore Bernard Moras and Simon Rodrigues, the Chairman of the Bangalore Service Team of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal have soiled their reputations — not that they were clean in the first place — by their steadfast solidarity with a criminal like Dixon even after being in receipt of our ministry’s reports exposing his malpractices, slanderous campaigns and intimidatory activities. To me, it is blasphemous that the Chairman of the Bangalore Service Team of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal promotes “A Journey to Holiness” when the author of the book is the epitome of unholiness.

It is also an indictment of a spiritual corruption that since long pervades the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

I once again place on record that Simon Rodrigues is himself more Protestant than he is Catholic which partly explains his affinity for the likes of Dominic Dixon and Johnson Sequeira and their “ministries”.

More on that will be included in the next update.



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