Convicted pedophile and deportee Dominic Dixon attempts to silence this ministry’s exposés of him

JUNE 16, 2017


Convicted pedophile and deportee Dominic Dixon attempts to silence this ministry’s exposés of him


Our earlier files on or related to Dominic Dixon in chronological order:


9 MAY 2013

19 MAY/5 JUNE 2013

28 JULY 2013



29 JANUARY 2016

31 OCTOBER 2016


12/13 JUNE 2017

13 JUNE 2017


Why did we commence writing about Dominic Dixon?

Why do we continue to do so?

Our ministry exposes Catholics in authority and with influence over others such as priests, bishops, institutions and persons in lay ministry who lead the faithful astray.

Our ministry is absolutely impersonal and objective. It is not focused exclusively on Dominic Dixon or on any other individual. It is a ministry of Catholic apologetics also serving to warn Catholics against potential spiritual dangers.

Dixon just happens to be one of those many Catholics in lay ministry whom we have exposed. And, very importantly, he has the open support of preachers like Colin Calmiano, priests like Fr. Dominic Emmanuel SVD, Catholic Charismatic Renewal leaders like Simon Rodrigues, and bishops like Archbishop Bernard Moras
of Bangalore and the Vicariates of Kuwait and Southern Arabia (the latter courtesy of Aneel Aranha of HolySpiritInteractive, Dubai). He is thus enabled by them to reach out and access Catholics in institutions, parishes and prayer groups, and to speak on behalf of the Church in the secular media in India and beyond.




Their encouragement also helped him to con an organisation like UNITAR/CIFAL and their associates at ACTS into opening the door (which has now been closed) to him. See file no. 9.

Incidentally, his favored interests and activities happen to be in the areas of pornography, sexual morality (of youth in colleges)… and corruption!!!


Why do we believe that Dixon leads Catholics astray?

The information compiled in our reports exposes his complete lack of credibility, his blatant lies, misrepresentations, false claims, his downright criminal activities like anonymous threatening calls, intimidation of others through police complaints, legal charges and phone tapping (by his own admission), his being a convicted pedophile and deportee, and much, much more.

He is absolutely unqualified to author books on psychology and to “minister” to Catholics.

He therefore has no business to publicly teach/interpret the Bible, to conduct courses on Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and to conduct campaigns and courses in Catholic institutions, and to be allowed anywhere near children and youth.

Those who continue to back this impostor and sexual pervert will have to shoulder the blame along with him when the law in this country finally catches up with “Dr.” Dominic Dixon and everyone comes to know about who and what Dixon really is.


Dixon’s latest reaction to our exposés, the “legal charges” and “defamation case” against us and our associates, if pursued by him will only hasten his arrest and land him in jail on various counts.

His own relatives are eager to see him behind bars and have contacted us with the necessary documentation to that end.

The Archbishop of Bangalore (who is referred to by Dixon on page 8 of the “legal notice”* sent by him to our associates) and lay Catholic leaders in India and Dubai who prop up Dixon and his schemes will have to continue to bear with our naming them in our reports.

*Dixon requires us to apologize in writing to the Archbishop and the Chairman of the Bangalore Charismatic Renewal, and to compensate him financially for having tarnished his name!!!


One does not have to wonder why, when filing “legal charges” of defamation against us, Dixon does not mention the very serious claim that his relatives and this ministry have documented about his being a pedophile, convict and deportee. And the other question about the authenticity of his various university degrees and educational qualifications. That, too, is something that the Indian police and courts would be very interested in. And that may only be the tip of the iceberg.


Today, June 16, 2017, this ministry sent out the following latest information on Dixon:





Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2017 16:52:58 +0530

Please find attached our latest two reports (yet to be uploaded on our web site) on criminal and pedophile Dominic Dixon and his associate Aneel Aranha.










Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2017 17:44:38 +0530

Bishop Paul Hinder, OFM CAP., Vicar Apostolic of the Apostolic Vicariate of Southern Arabia

Bishop Camillo Ballin, Apostolic Vicar of Kuwait

Fr. Antony Lopez, OFM Cap., Chancellor

Rev. Fr. Lennie J. A. Connully, Vicar General

Rev. Fr. Valerian Fernandes, Chancellor
Rev. Fr. Gandolf Wild, OFM Cap., Secretary

Please find attached our latest two reports (yet to be uploaded on our web site) on criminal and pedophile Dominic Dixon and his associate Aneel Aranha.




Shortly thereafter, we were informed that Dixon has posted an essay on Facebook, evidently in a desperate attempt to bring to a stop our exposing him as a child molester and convicted criminal masquerading among youth as a social worker in the areas of sexual morality — apart from the fact that he is charged by his own relatives as an impostor regarding his long list of alleged academic qualifications. I have no documentary evidence of that as I did have for all my other charges which I have fully substantiated with documentation, but the onus is on Dixon to prove his authenticity as a Ph.D. etc. by furnishing everyone concerned with his certificates. If he does indeed have them, it will not take him long to respond and we are prepared to withdraw our charges and issue him an apology after we verify his certificates with the respective universities.

One will observe that in his Facebook post reproduced below, he has not substantiated a single serious charge against me with hard evidence. Those who have responded in solidarity with his post are either themselves reported on by me for being unfaithful to Catholic teaching or do not know me, what I do in this ministry and why I do it. Naturally they will stand against this ministry.

Few know for instance that I wrote numerous letters on different issues (New Age etc.) to the Archbishop of Bangalore, Most Rev. Bernard Moras who never once replied. He has ignored many, many other letters since then.


On the contrary, his predecessor Most Rev. Ignatius Pinto telephoned me on receipt of my very first letter to him in the year 2000, immediately visited the erring concerned Catholic institutions and ensured that they dissociated themselves from the upcoming New Age programmes.

If Dixon is going through with filing a legal case, we welcome it: it will expose him thoroughly for what he is, a menace to young people everywhere and not just the Catholic Church. And it will provide us the opportunity to demand from him evidence that we are blackmailing and extorting money from Catholics, among other things. It is simply unbelievable that a Catholic can make such frivolous and unsubstantiated charges from out of thin air, but with a serial child molester living in unrepented and unacknowledged mortal sin and now facing exposure, anything is possible.

As we will see shortly when we look at his Facebook post.


We reproduce on the following three pages, Dixon’s Facebook post of June 16, received by a well-wisher on WhatsApp and emailed to us, interspersed with our comments in green.


Dominic F Dixon

16/06/17, 1:43:29 PM: +91 73489 03517

Below is a worthy word form (sic) a group of Catholic leaders and their families (who?), on exposing the word mongering (sic) that hails the ward of hell by perpetrators (sic – when one uses that word, one must say perpetrators of what!) Michael Prabhu and Francis Sunil Lobo, claiming to be living saints and custodians (sic) of the Catholic Church.

In such a time as this, where the Church is at the helm of (sic) persecution, this duo claiming to be Catholics have persecuted the persecuted.

The Word of God says, “If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also.” (John 15:20) Echoing the very words of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul from the Holy Scriptures and we (sic), fellow servants in the Lord are no different and aren’t exempted from persecution and false allegations for carrying on the work of Christ that He had left for the Church to do in this world.

Apostle Paul said in the book of 2 Corinthians 4:8-10 “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair,” are PERSECUTED (hunted down) but never abandoned by GOD. We get knocked down, but we are NOT DESTROYED. Through SUFFERING, our bodies continue to share in the death of Jesus so that the life of Jesus may also be seen in our bodies. Having said that, like Jesus had refuted all allegations, we see an urgent need to refute allegations of the perpetrators (sic).

A Priest, now in Rome and also a brilliant Catholic Theologian was not spared and he said this about Michael Prabhu “My name is also on his website and people in different parts of the world have read it and have criticised me believing in this man’s lies and manipulation.”


A Catholic Priest and diocesan spokesperson (WHO?) said this “Michael Prabhu has a right to express his views, but he does not have the right to viciously slander people and carry out campaigns against them. This man is evil personified.”

A Catholic lay preacher from Mumbai (WHO?) said this, “This evil man has written so much against me, that even the devil will never accuse anyone of such things.”

Another lay preacher from Bangalore (WHO?) stated that his wife and children had left him because they couldn’t take the pressure of the slander campaign against him by the perpetrators (sic), Michael Prabhu and Francis Lobo.

Like this, there are dozens of people who have suffered silently.

After much prayers and Godly counsel, members of the Catholic Church in India and from a few parts of the world (WHO?) have come together to break our (sic, it should be “their”) silence and painful endurance for several years over the false accusations of these so called believers/ members of the Holy Catholic Church and self proclaimed (sic) custodians of the same.

We were left with no option but to file criminal cases against these two communal outcasts and hypocritical liars, namely, Michael Prabhu of Chennai and Francis Lobo of Bangalore.

In the spirit of brotherhood, leaders (WHO?) had requested them several times over the years, not to tarnish the names of Catholic missionaries, which include Bishops, Priests and the laity. Again, when some of the leaders had reached out to them to mediate and solve these issues in a Christian manner, with out (sic) remorse, they had falsely accused those leaders of (sic) threatening them in return (EVIDENCE? We write openly to the concerned, and openly publish the reports on our web site). But, nonetheless, we had shown more love and tried to be tolerant. But, the more we were gracious the more they rebelled and continued to persecute the Body of Christ and the Mother Church, says a former leader of the Charismatic Renewal (WHO?).

They believe that God has called them to ‘expose’ the Catholic Church of its fallacy (sic). Which ‘god’ has called them is the question? Asks a Catholic Church spokesperson (sic, WHO?).

Accused #1: Mr. Francis Sunil Lobo. Is a software engineer by profession at Elektrobit in Bangalore, and acts as a spy for Michael Prabhu at Catholic events and is also the web master of their nefarious website that propagates hatred against Christian leaders of the Catholic Church and falsely accusing them. The Head of HR of a top IT firm (WHO?) said this, “By work ethic standards, the accused, shouldn’t be doing all of this as an employee of Elektrobit. One, it’s a conflict of interest and two, since he’s been booked for a cyber crime (sic; when, where), he needs to be sacked and black listed. Third, this is a communal matter and the IT industry does not tolerate religious intolerance. (India is a secular democracy that guarantees freedom of speech. I defend my Catholic Faith against error, both internal and external, and against syncretism. Where’s the problem with that? Numerous faithful Catholic blogs worldwide criticize erring clergy, even the present Pope. There are people from all over the world who regularly provide us with information about such erring clergy and lay preachers.)

Accused #2: Mr. Michael Prabhu and his wife Angela are a husband and wife team (what team? My wife doesn’t come anywhere near my computer) that own the nefarious website, duping people, by tricking them with falsified statements against the Catholic Church and extorting money through fraudulent means (Any evidence? We do live by faith and tithe and receive tithes, but have never, ever solicited money). Though they are based in Chennai, they run a global network of rumbustious rebels who have been gullible to follow their work of terror. (Balderdash! The word means “utter rubbish” or “nonsense”. Or bull**** if you please.)

Their Modus operandi:
– They target the Bishops, Priests, Nuns & Prominent public figures in the Holy Catholic Church.

– They use fake email ID’s and make fake representations, making the victim to feel that there are hundreds of people that are after them. (From my vsnl id, there is a limit to the number of persons who can be emailed, sometimes a maximum of 15 at a time. The addressees’ ids have to be entered individually in each column. Because the process is tedious, I sometimes use gmail or yahoo for group mailing. And yes, to elicit information from people who might not reply to, I sometimes do use alternative gmail or yahoo ids.)

– They connive and extort vulnerable women at random. (Balderdash!)
The (sic) extort money from innocent Catholic Priests and Nuns by threatening to “expose” them and their congregations.

– Ballistic (sic) threatening of ruining peoples (sic) reputation by forging documents to provide false evidence (Balderdash!).

– Libeling of people’s ministry (sic) and continue to spread (sic) slandering when opportunity arises by misrepresentation of facts.

– Defamatory (sic) is one of the best tools they use to destroy a preacher of the Catholic Church, as they claim to be the only living Saints existent of the Holy Catholic Church (balderdash) and all other preachers are fake.

– They seek to distort the image of a person in the social media by spreading rumors & stealing personal photographs and giving it a misleading caption (balderdash).

– They are the definition of a website defacement (sic) and steal content from various Catholic based missions (sic) websites and misinterpret/ misquote it on their own website (balderdash). By doing this they create communal tension and disunity among the Parishes (balderdash).

– They propagate communal allegations against the officiating Bishops of dioceses, and constantly create trouble to ongoing humanitarian work done by the Mother Church (balderdash).

In a new revelation, when a group of leaders had met this week (WHO, WHERE?), one leader (WHO?) from Mumbai had expressed his grief. He stated that, Michael Prabhu, through his lynch (sic) men had demanded 15 lakhs from this famous preacher, threatening to “expose” him (Balderdash. This big lie alone merits a legal counter-charge from me).

As an Exhibit of their vicious schemes, in April of 2017, to collect funds, Michael Prabhu had “FAKED HIS OWN DEATH” and had a post on his website (There neither IS nor ever WAS anything of the sort on MY web site). This post is still on his website titled as “Michael Prabhu passed away due to cardiac arrest, Please pray for him” They further stated that his wife is in need of financial assistance.” (Anyone can see that there is NO such request.) It is said that they have raised about 21 lakhs through this deceptive scheme. The cash transaction and web post was managed by Francis Sunil Lobo. (Pure fabrication. Yes, the post is still there, not on my web site, but at the ephesians511 blog:

Maybe Dixon has never heard of April Fools’ Day. The blog was posted on April 1!!!!! “April Fool”, Dixon.)

Michael Prabhu’s real name is ‘George Michael’ (I myself have said that on my web site) but has been going by the aliases of ‘Mohan Prabhu’ and ‘Michael Prabhu’ for various illicit gains (evidence?). He claims* to hate the Church and therefore ‘Indianized’ his name, yet calls himself as prophet and apologist of the Catholic Church.

(My Christian names at baptism are George Michael, true. *When I graduated at 21, I left my Catholic Faith behind me and lived as a Hindu for around 12 years. I officially and legally gazetted my new name as MOHAN Mahesh Prabhu. When I encountered Jesus in May 1982, I reverted to the Faith and proudly took back my Christian name, Michael. My bank account — and every single appointment order and official document since 1982 — is in the name of MOHAN MICHAEL PRABHU. Nothing illegal or irregular there!)

He does not have a registered organization (do I have to?), nor does he file his taxes (I have not drawn a salary since December 1992 and we have NO income except unsolicited donations). He solicits for (sic) huge funding (Balderdash) in the guise that God has called him to be a ‘Prophet’ in the Catholic Church, and gullible sheep have made him a ‘profit’ for the last 25 years. He is a radical, an extremists (sic) and nothing less of a religious and cyber extortionist.

Gullible Catholics have believed in this man’s slander, quote mining, and lies. He had tormented dozens of holy Catholic priests by accusing them of unspeakable perversion because they had engaged in inter religious and ecumenical dialogue. When Indian priests and Bishops had visited Rome, he had viciously sent out threatening emails to the Vatican (Balderdash).

These evil men boasts (sic) of having dozens of spiritual assemblies cancelled through his threatening tactics against evangelists. (Well, if they were not in the interest of Catholics and the Church, I’m glad that we did.)

In the last two months, two major programs were cancelled, one in Dubai and one in France (evidence?), because of the vicious slander against Catholic preachers. The organizers were threatened that even they would be slandered (Balderdash).

Priests and religious have fallen critically ill due to this man’s ongoing diabolic campaigns and allegations against them.

Until now, no one has taken action against these perpetrators for two reasons. One, because they would viciously write against those who refute their ill deeds and mention the names of their family members on their website. Two, people have kept quiet and suffered silently because it was a matter of the Church. (All of it balderdash)

Seeing so many people suffer, we just cannot keep quiet any longer. As our Lord Jesus Christ said to Peter in the book Matthew 16:18 “Upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall never prevail against it.”

We will not let the agents of evil prevail again in the house of God, enough is enough! They have slandered men and women of God, they have terrorised ordained Priests and Bishops. By their dreamers (sic) lifestyle they have polluted the body of Christ and deceived many innocent souls.

We strongly believe it is our time to take back what the enemy has stolen from us and to refute the perpetual lies, allegations, negative information, and their own fantasy, fictional stories on which they live by (sic).

But for now we will stand together in unity and Fight this battle against these atrocities as a unified church.

We are comforted by the Word of God that says, that we shall refute every tongue that rises against us in judgment. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their vindication from us, declares the Lord.

BANGALORE’s prominent High Court lawyer, Mr. Shaji T Verghese and his eminent team are handing the legality of this case and is assisting other innocent missionaries (like who, for instance) who have been abused.

God bless,
Members of the Catholic Church

For a several-times over Ph.D. and foreign Master’s degree holder, Dixon’s English is not atrocious, it’s simply pathetic. He doesn’t understand hyphenated words, which words not to start with caps, and makes grammatical mistakes in every sentence. His relatives are probably correct when they charge that Dixon is uneducated and his degrees are fake. If they are wrong, let Dixon prove it.

I have rushed through this response to Dixon and might have committed mistakes myself in this file, but Dixon, as his well-planned writing reveals, is probably just a sixth standard failed Anglo-Indian from St. Mary’s School, Chennai, as his relatives claim.



Adrian Mascarenhas

Thank you for taking up this case. I hope these fanatics will repent of their misdeeds.

Michael Jebaraj

This was long due. Glad it is happening now.

Clive Francis

May the hand of the Lord be upon you Brother Dominic as you initiated a breakthrough in the Catholic Church. May the good work that you began be accomplished on the day of Jesus Christ.

Cynthia Fernandes

Can’t this be reported to higher church authorities… If you have all evidence against them…

Adrian Mascarenhas

Perhaps. Michael Prabhu is well known to the Bombay clergy as he protested against the Community Bible and he also protested against the Mumbai Seminary for wishing Hindus on their festivals.



Joel G. Fernandes**

Somebody had to 🔔 the 🐱. It is not so pleasing to hear all the misdeeds and adventures of the duo. May be it is in the best interests of all parties involved, you have taken a right step Dom.

Shaji Kp


Gregory Ashok Arokiasamy

Those who say “don’t judge the faults of clergy” should know:
Pl read 1 Cor 2:15, as a spiritual man you have to judge all things. “And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein”
In revelation 11:1, God has given you a measurement rod to measure the Holy and the most holy places, the altar where you are giving your sacrificial offerings for the ministers and those who worship there (believers). No place in the spiritual temple is exempt from our judgment. All apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors who minister in the most holy place are under our prophetic scanner….

Anandan Sundararajan

Bold move Bro…

Cynthia Fernandes

I rest the case in the prestigious hands of Dominic F Dixon then… I am just an ordinary person…

Adrian Mascarenhas

He’s the best person because if the bishops and senior clergy get involved, Michael Prabhu might misuse the publicity to attack them again. But we all need to support Dominic as much as possible.

Dominic F Dixon

Thanks Fr. After we had sent him the legal notice, he has contacted some of my extended family with whom we are not in speaking terms, and has started misquoting them also. This man is real evil.



If one sees the timeline of the 11 earlier files (on page 1) and reads the contents of the last three, one will see that it is Dixon’s relatives who contacted us and not the other way around. We could never know who they were unless they came forward.

Dixon only sent out his “legal notice” (which I did not accept from the hands of the postman), just a few days ago. Report no. 9 which contains documentation on Dixon’s arrest and conviction precedes the “legal notice” by several months!!!!!

Which makes his response to Fr. Adrian Mascarenhas, a yoga enthusiast and liberal priest, a lie.

Like almost everything else that he has written in his Facebook post.


**The great surprise in this whole episode is Joel Fernandes. He was a benefactor of this ministry and has written dozens of supportive letters to me (I have the entire correspondence archived).

A couple of weeks after the April Fools’ prank (which I found amusing) about my demise, Joel Fernandes called up on behalf of Dixon, he said, who was concerned about my health and wanted to find out whether I was alive or dead. They were obviously hoping for the latter. I apprised Joel that it was an April Fools’ Day joke and that I had no problem with it. He was taken aback.

When I asked Joel Fernandes why he was mediating on behalf of a criminal sexual predator, he admitted to me that he was aware of Dixon’s being a pedophile etc. but people change and should be given a chance, he said.

Well, people DO change.

Here, reproduced from my archives, are four letters from Joel Fernandes (we were in touch with each other from June 2005) that concern Dixon:


1. From:
Joel G Fernandes  To:
Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2005 2:08 PM Subject: Re: HELP – EXTRACT

Dear Br. Prabhu,

It’s unfortunate that you missed the National Fire Conference II which was from the 11th till 15th August.

I am now a part of MORE as a servant. leader is Br. Dominic Dixon another mighty man of God. God bless, regards, Joel

2. From:
Joel G Fernandes
Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2005 9:09 PM EXTRACT

Dear Br. Prabhu,

Please do visit the website by clicking this link. I know your issues with computer literacy.

He was on Dixon’s team!!!!!


Here, just two years later, he absolutely condemns Dominic Dixon and is highly critical of him:

3. From:
Joel G Fernandes
Sent: Monday, July 16, 2007 1:16 AM

Subject: RE: Salaries ……Just have a look at this>>> Think/STRICTLYCONFIDENTIAL

Praise God Dear Br. Mike,

I received your mail written to Dom. I constantly pray that God may bring a change of Heart in him. He met me when I was in Bangalore on the 30th of March and he handed me his book “The Beautiful Christian Mind”. I spent more than 3 hours speaking to him. Sometimes I wonder who exactly is a Schizophrenic. For I am aware that at one moment he speaks one thing and other time something else. At one moment he reconciles and the other time he can be very vicious. My sister and brother had taken him to Kuwait and he made a mess there which I am not writing down here. He used to stay there with my family and got them to buy a laptop for him and bear all his expenses other than what one would incur on missions and then called my sister a loose character woman. My bro-in-law wants to kill him for that. As for me, what I want to do is give God a chance to work in him. But I am worried that he’s allowing himself to be controlled by the circumstances. He often takes things negatively and lashes out at anyone at any given time. I am afraid if he doesn’t mend his ways, it’s the beginning of the end of his ministry.

I met Aneel Aranha here
(associate of Dixon) and he was not of a good opinion about him.

I had met Glen LaRive in Potta (Divine Retreat Centre) and was asking him about the interview he gave to Dom. I knew there were attacks on ICPE in that interview and of dressing and modesty and then of sexual overtones and not to mention it was getting too personal on Therese. I have always maintained my stand to defend people who I know well and who are wrongly judged by people. But
Dominic isn’t a person I could burn my skin for.

I have always been supportive of what Fritz has been doing and I will remain unchanged. I met Fritz here in Dubai when he was here for a week. I care less about what people will say about him for he himself ignores quite a number of people who bad-mouth him.  

Well as for me, I am married with 2 kids. My wife’s name is Usha and children are Joanne and Joelle. I work and live in Dubai. And living in one room means that I am living in a shared 2BR apartment. In Dubai finding a place is next to impossible and affording one is practically impossible. Well still I feel I am paying less. Well in terms of Indian currency, I pay a monthly rent of about IRs.25000.

And as for me being generous (Joel had sent me a tithe, unsolicited), I am not. It’s just that God has been very, very generous to me and me just sharing the blessing with those who work for His Kingdom. Well that understanding is between Him and me. 

Like I said, I have opted out of mails from Konkani Catholics (KC) because I find it convenient to read them online as I have 24 hour broadband connection. And Austine Crasta might have thought otherwise and has deleted my comment on the homepage of his website. Nevertheless, it is his website and upto him to decide what he wants there. I haven’t written to KC for a long time now. I know well about
Fr. Ronnie Prabhu, he was giving examples on smoking, drinking and Ganapati while he was roped in to give a talk on sacraments and all the 27 students and ICPE community was scandalized. However, Martin and I shut him off by cross questioning him. He was talking about Islam too and I told him, I have been living in the gulf for 12 years and have had some fanatic Muslims as my friends and I know what Islam teaches and believes. And reason enough for Austine to be silent on the topic of Ronnie if he’s under his supervision. Sometimes I wonder if Austine is doing this for the glory of God or just to show people how much knowledge he has acquired and that one thing surprises me and leaves me guessing. At some point he was throwing some false doctrine as salvation through Catholic Church alone, for which I said “I thought it was through Christ Jesus”. 

I read Dom’s campaign on Lee jeans. I thought that issue was supposed to be handled by civic authorities on decency and moral values and culture of the land as it was not in offence to any one particular faith leave alone Christianity but as Indians it attacked the culture first. Dom did do a good job, but then it’d only serve his purpose as no one would know he was doing it in the light of Catholic/Christian teaching.   

I will write to you on Bro. Johnson Sequeira a little later. Tomorrow I have to head to Abu Dhabi for a project at ADNEC. 

Thanks for your mails and God bless, Joel, DUBAI


The last email that I received from Joel Fernandes before he went silent:

Joel Fernandes
Michael Prabhu
Sent: Friday, June 08, 2012 7:50 AM

Subject: Invitation to connect on LinkedIn


From Joel Fernandes


Proprietor at Alltech Specialities

Mangalore Area, India




I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

– Joel


Just because Joel had sent me a very generous tithe, I did not pursue him when he stopped communicating.

I can add on many more emails from Joel Fernandes, but I must sign off… for today.


Dixon describes me as “evil”. I can only respond by saying that he is guilty of all the very charges that he levels against me. Other lay preachers whom we have exposed were guilty of just a lapse or error or two. But Dixon is in a class of his own. It is extremely difficult if not impossible to chronicle his deceit and his lies.

Dixon must realize that the more he resists our exposés with his false counter-charges, the more information we will have to put up on our web site. If the contents of our exposés are false, why does he constantly modify his web pages, deleting and adding information in line with what we expose?

His latest is to include his basic qualification as “P. Tech”, which comes across as something like a “B. Tech” (degree). With a “P. Tech”, one cannot apply for a graduate course in any university.

P. Tech is nothing more than an ITI type of technical course for which the requirement in his time was an eighth standard pass which he simply did not have and which his family claim was obtained fraudulently using the influence of Fr. John Peter SDB (who I happen to know personally).

Once the news of his being sentenced for pedophilia was made known by his relatives through us, Dixon modified his web site to say that he was expelled from school because of the trauma that he experienced from sexual abuse at his home (if I remember correctly). Always blaming others…

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  1. Dear Michael, I’m appalled by everything I’ve read and am so sorry about the situation. I see that you have everything very well documented, which is the most important thing. I also notice that Dixon doesn’t say anywhere that he is innocent, instead he attacks you. That is in my eyes very revealing. Many of the things he says about you I personally know to be untrue, because of all the contact I’ve had with you for so many years.  Most legal threats remain just that: threats. I think that Dixon is the one who has everything to lose if he goes on with this. Having myself been in a situation similar to yours, I know how stressful it can be. But God never abandoned me, even when I was at my lowest point. So put all your trust in Him, for “Are not two sparrows sold for a small coin? Yet not one of them falls to the ground without your Father’s knowledge. Even all the hairs of your head are counted. So do not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows” (Mt 10,29-31). With my prayers, Maria Laura

    From: EPHESIANS-511.NET- A Roman Catholic Ministry Exposing Errors in the Indian Church To: Sent: Saturday, June 17, 2017 4:08 AM Subject: [New post] Convicted pedophile and deportee Dominic Dixon attempts to silence this ministry’s exposés of him #yiv7548544145 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv7548544145 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv7548544145 a.yiv7548544145primaryactionlink:link, #yiv7548544145 a.yiv7548544145primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv7548544145 a.yiv7548544145primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv7548544145 a.yiv7548544145primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv7548544145 | EPHESIANS-511.NET posted: “JUNE 16, 2017 Convicted pedophile and deportee Dominic Dixon attempts to silence this ministry’s exposés of him Our earlier files on or related to Dominic Dixon in chronological order: 1. MORELOVE-HOLYSPIRITINTERACTIVE-SOUL TIES AND ETHOS INSTITUTE 3” | |

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The greatest site in all the land! Testimonies

EPHESIANS-511.NET- A Roman Catholic Ministry Exposing Errors in the Indian Church Michael Prabhu, METAMORPHOSE, #12,Dawn Apartments, 22,Leith Castle South Street, Chennai – 600 028, Tamilnadu, India. Phone: +91 (44) 24611606 E-mail:,

EPHESIANS-511.NET- A Roman Catholic Ministry Exposing Errors in the Indian Church

Michael Prabhu, METAMORPHOSE, #12,Dawn Apartments, 22,Leith Castle South Street, Chennai - 600 028, Tamilnadu, India. Phone: +91 (44) 24611606 E-mail:,

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