Do you know what your daughter is doing right now?And how she is dressed?


SEPTEMBER 27, 2016


Do you know what your daughter is doing right now?

And how she is dressed?

Malia Obama caught partying in Amsterdam

July 9, 2016




Malia Obama celebrated her high school graduation in Amsterdam — and has obtained the video of her wild night!

The eldest Obama daughter, 18, was spotted at a foreign nightclub, dancing the night away, in the Netherlands reported.

She is currently en route to Africa with her mom, Michelle, and sister Sasha to raise awareness for the Let Girls Learn Initiative. The trio has stops planned in Liberia and Morocco along the way.

Malia Obama is currently taking a gap year from her studies, and will enroll in Harvard for the fall 2017 semester.


Malia Obama caught partying hard in Amsterdam, news outlet claims

Malia #Obama’s wild partying ways in Amsterdam is caught on video, according to a news outlet.

Radaronline reports that a Netherlands news source called was the first to report on the incident involving President Obama’s 18-year-old daughter. Malia is in the midst of a gap year and will enroll in the fall of 2017 at Harvard.

Malia was spotted at The Sugar Factory
with three friends, according to DJ Youri Roest. He said “everybody got drunk really fast. I have to admit even I got pretty tipsy later on, but I remember giving one of those girls a glass filled with pure vodka.”



Roest continued that the eldest Obama daughter is a “superb dancer, much like her father” and that she is “very flexible, she has good hips.” The witness went on to say that Malia was “flirting heavily.”

The DJ admitted he got too drunk to remember much else about the first daughter on the night she was partying in Amsterdam. He does recall a few other details before concluding the interview.

“I think she went home around 3:30,” Roest recalled. “I think this was because it was very busy and everybody found out she was there.”

Last October the Obama daughter was seen in a party atmosphere at Brown College. She was observed standing by a beer pong table. A witness did tweet (via Buzzfeed) that the young lady was “taking shots and playing beer pong” at the party. Buzzfeed wrote in its report that the Secret Service waited outside while Malia was at the social event.

The October incidences unfolded when Malia was visiting different college campuses to field which ones she was most interested in enrolling at.

It appears that Malia Obama is no different than many others her age. It is a rite of passage for college-age adults to partake in partying, after all. 


Malia Obama in revealing clothes


The Obama sisters in hot pants jeans/”barely there” shorts


Malia, “Twerking”!,,


Malia, smoking cannabis,


Sasha Obama (third from left) “dressed” for church/Easter Sunday 2015


The Obama women dressed decently (for a change) for the Pope…



…but Barack Obama has no problem with the way his “Christian” daughters dress at other times



Christians are not just different, we must be seen to be ‘different’. We are the ‘fifth gospel’, witnessing to Jesus Christ at all times.

We do not indulge in “wild” partying like the world does, and our women dress themselves chastely.

There are certain places we don’t want to be seen.

The Obamas, the First Family of the United States claim to be Christian and one would expect the First Dad to bring up his two daughters as role models for others. But the first thing that his elder daughter Malia does when she hits Amsterdam is to head for a swinging party in a night club where even the DJ is so drunk that he recalls nothing later. Obama doesn’t seem to care how the First Lady dresses her daughters who are the cynosure of all eyes… and cameras. Good Christians simply do not wear miniskirts and hot pants. Period.

Malia has been caught smoking not just a cigarette but weed. And she “twerked”!

Twerking is a type of dancing in which an individual, often female, moves to music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low squatting stance. Twerking is also known as “booty shaking,” “p-poppin” or pussy-poppin, and bounce depending on the context. –Wikipedia

In other words, it is sexually-provocative dancing. It goes without saying that the music at these joints would be un-Christian to say the least, and anti-Christian at its best, and probably satanic at its worst.

The entire psychedelic atmosphere is conducive for only one thing, the loosing of one’s moral restraints.

Malia’s repeated lifting of her skirt (watch the almost-pornographic videos if you must) to reveal her bottom while twerking while displaying awareness that the camera was on her shows just that. She couldn’t have cared less. She couldn’t have been that bold the first time out in public… unless she was drunk or unless she was already exposed to such activity before. Doesn’t say much for Mr. Abortion Obama. And doesn’t bode well for the future of his daughters.






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