The New Age healings of Bruno Gröning

DECEMBER 13, 2015


The New Age healings of Bruno Gröning

Bruno Gröning

Bruno Gröning (May 30, 1906 in Danzig – January 26, 1959 in Paris) was a German mystic who gave lectures on faith healings. He was active in Germany in the 1940s and 1950s after World War II.



Gröning claimed that his ideas were not a new teaching or religion, but rather an ancient knowledge that had been lost, saying that people had forgotten “the most important thing,” that there is a Higher Power or Force that is available to help people.

At the center of his teachings was the importance of love, both for God and for others, saying “A human being is a creature of Love. What’s created in love can live only in Love. Love is God!”

Gröning regarded health (rather than illness and disease) as the natural state of all living things and asserted that one can maintain health and heal from illness by absorption of a Divine life force that he called “Heilstrom,” which translates into English as “Healing Wave” or “Healing Stream.”


Einstellen or “Tuning In” to the Divine Energy

To connect with and receive this energy, Gröning taught a technique he called “einstellen” (German for “tuning in”.) He said that human beings were like batteries that used energy. To maintain health, one needed to daily renew themselves by tuning into the Healing Wave.[1] The practice of einstellen consists of sitting in an upright position with arms and legs uncrossed, and palms facing upwards. He stated that it was very important for the back to be straight and to not have any kind of backrest if possible. Inwardly the practice consists of having the wish to receive the heilstrom, having faith that healing is possible, and then focusing on the body, observing the sensations and feelings thereof.

He told people to “take on health” and that in this one regard, in regard to healing that it was permissible, even necessary to be selfish in a manner, that is, to focus on oneself.

Gröning claimed that when one tunes into the healing stream, healings can occur spontaneously or slowly, depending on variables such as the quantity of life force flowing through the body, accelerated during “einstellen.” Sometimes the symptoms may worsen or increased pain is experienced, before a healing occurs. Gröning called this occurrence “Regelungen” (German for “regulation”,) and stated that it is sometimes a necessary part of the healing process


Power of Thought and Faith

Bruno Gröning emphasized the importance of not thinking about negative things, especially dwelling on an illness one was hoping to heal, in maintaining a positive attitude and having faith, especially the faith that healing was possible. Gröning said that, “Thoughts are energies which will come true! If now you take up the firm intent in your mind to regain your health and the belief that this is possible, with God’s help, you have built up the right mental attitude for healing to begin.” In his teachings, he emphasized that negative thinking and dwelling on problems interferes with the healing process.

Mr. Gröning often stated that people needed to “Trust and believe–the Divine Power helps and heals.” He went so far as to say that the act of having faith in the Divine, or in healing, is an essential part of the healing process.



Gröning’s ideas about himself

Gröning’s concept of himself was that he was an “appointed person,” given the task and capacity to help people by God. He spoke of himself also as a “mediator” and a “transformer,” in terms of his role and ability to help people connect with the Healing Stream. Gröning never took credit for the healings, saying that he was only an instrument and servant of God and that it was God who accomplished healing, not himself.

He said often that he was calling humanity to the “Great Reversal” or “Great Turnaround,” – to live a life connected to the Divine and to live in harmony with nature. “The sole purpose of my deeds and workings is to guide all people on this earth once again onto the right path, onto the divine path. This is the great reversal.”


Other Teachings

The particular religion people followed was not considered important by Gröning; rather, what was important was that people had a type of spiritual or religious orientation, saying “To be connected with God, that is all.” Gröning spoke of God as the Father of all people, who sends help and healing through the “Healing Stream,” regardless of their religion or nationality. He encouraged people to strengthen their connection with whatever faith or denomination they adhered to, and to practice their faith or religion with more diligence, saying “It makes absolutely no difference how the person finds God; the main thing is, that he finds God!”.Greoning was a strong advocate of vegetarianism, on the grounds that he was against killing of all kind.



Bruno Gröning had no formal medical training. After working as a carpenter and pursuing some other occupations, he was conscripted during World War II. After being drafted, he stated that he would not kill another human being, and came close to being executed for this stance at a court martial. Later, Bruno Gröning was made a prisoner of war in Russia; he argued with his captors for better conditions in the prison. Gröning came to public attention in 1949. In Herford, the father of a young boy named Dieter Hulsmann, claimed that Bruno Gröning had healed his son of muscular dystrophy, and told many people of his belief. News of this story circulated and soon crowds gathered in front of the Hulsmann residence, seeking healing. Soon newspapers began covering the story, which drew larger crowds of up to 5,000 people.

As he traveled around Germany, Austria and Switzerland he would often draw similar size and larger crowds. In September 1949, up to 30,000 people daily came to the city of Rosenheim to see him. Once again, newspapers ran stories about him, even printing entire special editions about the gatherings there.

Gröning died at the age of 52. The death certificate states the cause of death as “stomach cancer.”



Media coverage of Bruno Gröning was mixed, with contradictory reports. Some called Gröning a “miracle doctor”, others “charlatan.”

Gröning faced many legal challenges. In many towns he was forbidden to heal or speak to people. Reasons for this varied. One charge brought against him was that he was practicing medicine without a license. At other times officials were concerned about the large crowds that gathered.[5] He went on trial twice. He was unable to take part in the second trial because he was undergoing surgery at the time.



Various groups continue to promulgate Bruno Gröning’s teaching, including the “Circle of Information”, the “Bruno Groening Trust”, the Bruno Groening Friends, the “Association for the Advancement in Germany of Spiritual and Natural – Psychological Foundations for Living”, “Help and Healing Sessions”, the Association for Natural Spiritual Living,”, the “Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends.” and Help and Healing Sessions.

The Association for the Advancement was founded in 1958 by Bruno Gröning to replace the “Gröning Association.” The “Circle of Friends” was founded in 1979 by Grete Hausler, an Austrian school teacher who worked closely with Gröning. “The Circle of Information” was created by Thomas Busse, who has written a number of books about Gröning and directed the documentary film “The Gröning Phenomena.” Help and Healing Sessions is an association of independent Bruno Groening groups and hosts online meetings.

To date the Circle of Friends is the largest organization. It has produced two movies, The Miracle Apostle, and the Bruno Groening Phenomena.


5. “Circle of Friends continues teachings of faith healer”.



Tapping the Healing Stream

By Armgard Traulsen, October 2003 (Life Positive is India’s leading New Age journal)

Bruno Gröning became known in Germany in 1950s for his astonishing healings. Today, physicians from 50 countries join hands to extend the benefits of his spiritual healing to people worldwide

For many, modern medicine is in some ways headed for disaster; for others, it is only a matter of adequate funding and the necessary research-particularly in genetic engineering-for illness to be conquered.



Meanwhile, many physicians are perplexed. They have often faced limitations of the medical system. They have lost belief in the salvation that is supposed to come from unlimited research and they can hardly carry out their calling any more.

Patients who have been informed that there is nothing more that can be done, start to wonder whether there is an alternative to ‘incurable’. But what would it be? Physicians, too, seek ways to really help their patients. But they hardly learn anything in their medical training about alternatives to conventional medicine. They hear something about the `vis vitalis` or ‘life power’ in their lectures in the ‘History of Medicine’ discipline. But this knowledge is not a part of what medical students learn today. They usually have no access to the power of life and they no longer know its laws.

‘True science and true religion are one,’ a great thinker once said. Man cannot be separated into soul and body. They are deeply intertwined. The significance of the mental-spiritual link for a healthy body is becoming clearer through psychosomatic medicine and the findings of a new sub-discipline of medicine, psychoneuroimmunology. Nevertheless, these fundamental relationships are often ignored, and patients are beaten with diagnoses and baneful prophecies concerning the course of illnesses.

However, Matthias Kamp, a physician from Hamburg, who was interested in increasing his knowledge of alternative methods of healing, concerned himself with the subject of spiritual healing. At a meeting of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends he learned how one could be in touch with a force called the ‘divine healing power’.

However, he quickly noticed that what was easy for children presented difficulties for him as an intellectually oriented adult. But when he realised that this power, which you can’t see or touch, isn`t to be perceived through the head, but through the heart, he could also experience it. A pleasant, strong flowing, a tingling in his whole body became more and more perceptible. It was something that caused a feeling of invigoration and well-being to rise in him. Never before had he experienced such a thing.


The divine power

Bruno Gröning, who became known in Germany in the 1950s as ‘Miracle Doctor’ for the astonishing healings that occurred during his lectures, called this force that can heal and help people, the ‘divine power’ or the ‘Healing Stream’. It is supposed to be abundantly available for everyone. You just have to learn how to open yourself up to it. You can`t see or touch it, but it is perceptible through feeling. Gröning didn`t want to be regarded as a healer, and emphasised time and again that no human being can heal. According to Gröning, ‘God is the great physician,’ and a human being can only be a mediator of the force that brings about the healing.

Convinced through personal experience, Kamp investigated, with a colleague, the healings that had been reported in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends. Mr R. (70) suffered from continuous headaches for 25 years. He also had severe chronic lumbago due to the degenerative process of his invertebral discs, heart pains, angina pectoris after the slightest physical exertion, pains from a lung contusion-an old war injury-a chronic gastric ulcer and a disturbed sleeping pattern.

After making contact with the teachings of Gröning and absorbing the healing stream, he was spontaneously healed of all his complaints. In the post-investigation, all signs of a circulatory disturbance of the heart had disappeared in the stress-test electrocardiogram.

This and other inexplicable regressions of illnesses became the basis for starting an international specialists organisation. In 1992 Kamp founded, with several other physicians and medical professionals of the Circle of Friends, the Medical Scientific Group. Now over 5,000 members of various healing professions, including hundreds of physicians, participate in this group. In 2000 the volunteer physicians and healing practitioners reported their experiences with spiritual healing through the teachings of Gröning in over 400 lectures over 60 countries, including India.

The physicians of the Group also record, verify, medically document and scientifically evaluate the healings in the form of ‘Success Reports’. However, the possibility of a healing can neither be arranged nor promised. It is always only a matter of ‘can be’. The time spans leading up to a healing also vary. While some healings are spontaneous, others take weeks or months. In one case the illness may disappear immediately; in another it may take years. In some cases there may be no healing at all.As important as scientifically-based research in this area may be, most of the knowledge about the `why` of an occurrence or non-occurrence of healing remains accessible only to a spiritual, intuitive, higher discernment. In the final analysis, man will never be able to be the `doer` here, for the gift of healing lies in the hands of the Giver of Life.

The laws of healing

Gröning always pointed out that the effect of the healing power is subject to certain laws. Thus, reactions can occur that seem to be like a worsening of the earlier symptoms. He spoke about a cleansing and reversal process that he called ‘regulations’.

Interestingly, Paracelsus, the great physician of the early modern age, knew this cleansing process, or healing crisis, as an early sign of healing: ‘He who wants to become well must realise that it doesn’t happen without pain… and just as we obtain our food through our sweat, it is the same here…in our sweat, we are cured of illness.’

Spiritual healing, as it occurs in a large number of people in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends, has nothing to do with mysticism. There is nothing mysterious, nor any miracles. People receive the connection to a force that was always there for them-they have only forgotten about it.

Matthias Kamp founded the Medical Science Group with fellow physicians


A successful case

Ms Gertraud F. (69) of Munich had been suffering from increasing pain in her back, finger joints and knees since 1993.




A computer tomographic densimetric analysis (bone density measurement) in August 1994, showed manifest osteoporosis (average spongy bone mineral salt content 64.2 mg CaHA/ml). A therapy with estrogen had to be discontinued due to a thrombosis. Calcium couldn`t be tolerated. The only medication given was in the form of vitamin D preparations.

However, at the next examination in November 1995 a clear increase of the osteoporosis (51.7 mg CaHA/ml) was observed. Her complaints had meanwhile increased so that she was dependent on a cane while walking and complained of continual pain.

In April 1996 she heard of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends. Thereafter she regularly absorbed the Healing Stream. In the course of a few months the pain receded and she was able to walk without complaint and without a cane.

At an examination in April 1999 a bone density of 80.1 mg CaHA/ml was shown, typical for her age group. Since then Ms F. has remained complaint-free. Such a rise in bone density in manifest osteoporosis without adequate therapy is, from the medical point of view, inexplicable.

In cases of osteoporosis in old age there is usually a continual increase in the loss of bone mass. As for medication, at the present time a certain remineralisation can be obtained only with bisphosphonates, but an increase in bone density, such as in the case of Ms F. has never been described earlier even with this therapy.

According to Kamp, for thousands of years and all over the world in advanced civilisations and in every religion, there has been great awareness of the existence of a higher force. Many physicians in past centuries also knew about this force.

In Europe they call it the vitality, ‘Vis Vitalis’, in India they call it ‘Prana’ and the Chinese physicians named it ‘Chi’. In all the world religions it is called the ‘Divine Force’.

‘Unfortunately, in modern medicine, mainly in western countries, there is only little awareness of the existence and the chances of healing of ailments/illnesses through this force. Only for the last few years interest has grown since the limits of treatments for chronic ailments, with regards to the modern `High-Tech` medicine, have become more and more obvious. Trust and believe the divine force helps and heals. God is the greatest physician,’ emphasises Kamp.

(The author is a member of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends)


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