What’s Mumbai’s Virginia Saldanha doing with American “Nuns On The Bus”?

JULY 22, 2013

What’s Mumbai’s Virginia Saldanha doing with American “Nuns On The Bus”?


Virginia Saldanha’s Photos
[Virginia Saldanha is on the right; that’s a nun on the left]

Sr. Simone Campbell, [see pages 2, 4 and 6] who leads the Washington-based NETWORK, a left-leaning Catholic social justice lobbying group, spearheads the
Nuns on the Bus
tours, according to the liberal-left National Catholic Reporter.

Nuns on the Bus, a “pressure group” of “progressive” trousers-and-sneakers clad “nuns”,
did a five-day tour of the state of Ohio October 2012, and a 2,600 mile nation-wide tour June 2013.

reports that NETWORKwas specifically criticised in the “doctrinal assessment” by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious” in the United States, which means that, from the perspective of the Catholic Church, Nuns On The Bus cannot be expected to be up to any good.

Virginia Saldanha, acclaimed as an eminent lay theologian by the hierarchy of the Indian Church and by the Archdiocese of Bombay in which she resides, former senior executive in both the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India [CBCI] and the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences [FABC] and seminar lecturer to Cardinals and bishops, was on that bus. What was she doing there? She definitely wasn’t traveling with the group either on a theologian’s ticket or as a social justice activist. There must have been a major mutually shared commonality between her and her hosts which we will attempt to uncover from news reports, etc.


What did the secular press read into the bussing nuns’ tours?

E.J. Dionne Jr.
of the Washington Post [“The campaign’s moral hole”, October 8, 2012,

saw them as being on the opposite side of the political divide to the US Catholic Bishops, concluding from their road show that “it’s quite true that a struggle is on for the political soul of American Catholicism. Those among the faithful who see the abortion issue as trumping all others are in a quarrel with their brethren who place more emphasis on the church’s long-standing commitment to social justice.


Dionne decided the bus campaign was in response to concerns “about the problems with Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget” – he’s the GOP vice presidential nominee – the Barack Obama-Mitt Romney tussle over federal budget cuts, and the poor in America. Those issues, in my opinion, are not sufficient enough reason for Virginia Saldanha to have been on the bus in Ohio.

Connie Wiltrot, 71, of Williamstown said she liked what the Nuns on the Bus group stands for.

“I’m here in support of the Nuns on the Bus, and I believe in Obama’s values and his beliefs,” she said.

[Source: Sharon Bopp, October 16, 2012, “Nuns’ tour stops in Marietta”, Marietta Times 


The Nuns on the Bus are pro-Obama [a Democrat] who is the most anti-life political figure the United States has ever seen.
Obama’s Republican opponent Mitt Romney, albeit a Mormon, is pro-life. At every stop on the Ohio circuit, the nuns were met with protesting “tea party” right-to-lifers sporting placards*, buttons, “and prayers”. *“Freedom for All-Born and Unborn”, “Choose Life-Vote Republican”, “ObamaCare is pro-abortion”


David, Gibson [National Catholic Reporter, October 17, 2012, “Nuns on the Bus meet tea party protests in Ohio”, 
http://ncronline.org/news/sisters-stories/nuns-bus-meet-tea-party-protests-ohio] had this to say:

Holding placards with slogans like “Bums on the Bus” and “Romney-Ryan Yes, Fake Nuns No,” the protesters focused their fire on the abortion issue, accusing the sisters of not being sufficiently anti-abortion. Someone claiming to be a member of the local “We the People” chapter – that is the name used by some tea party affiliates in the region – posted a YouTube video* of the counter-demonstrators taken before the half-dozen nuns and about 100 supporters arrived. It says there were more than 175 marchers opposing the nuns, and it shows the demonstrators praying the rosary and singing hymns before challenging the sisters. *http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-19gOp3nvYA 0:52

What could be more innocuous, unless of course the nuns happen to be a group of radical, feminist ideologues whose previous political actions have been so out of step with the teaching of the Catholic Church that they have been condemned by the Vatican,” the YouTube poster wrote in text accompanying the footage.

One Sr. Monica McGloin told the protesters in Marietta that “we are 100 percent pro-life.” If that were indisputably true, why were they picketed by pro-lifers and accused of being pro-choice abortionists?

And as for their claim to be bussing in support of the poor, one NCR reader’s comment reads in part,
the real poor, those who have no-one to defend them: the unborn. So the protesters are focusing on one issue, but it is perhaps the most important issue. Supporting Obama is supporting abortion… the Ryan budget is not going to be financing the murder of innocent human beings in abortion, So even if the Ryan Budget were not built on real Catholic social teaching, the fact that he does not sanction abortion is enough to know that anyone who is a Catholic, who says that he or she is pro life, cannot in good conscience vote for Obama

Andrew, another reader wrote,
the nuns on the bus are in effect promoting more of the same and have demonstrated they are in direct opposition to their heritage and to Rome. It’s the nuns on the bus who advocate for redistribution, open borders, same sex marriage, women ordination, forming alliances with Planned Parenthood, are at odds with the authority of the Church, and who spend their time advocating for Obama’s re-election!

Here’s the blog of Fr. John Zuhlsdorf about the October 2012 tour:

The Nuns On The Bus Go ‘Round and ‘Round… with a WYMYNPRYST*!


Posted on 27 June 2012 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

I suppose anyone can go to see the Nuns On The Bus go ’round and ’round. This photo, however, from the Catholic Beat, says a lot.

25 June in Fountain Square, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sr. Simone Campbell and friend. *Women Priest


Sr. Simone, carrying a copy of the “Faithful Budget,” greeted a supporter while a film crew captured the moment. Behind them [in pink top] is supporter Janice Sevré-Duszynska, a peace activist associated with Maryknoll who has been “ordained” by a group claiming to be able to ordain women as priests.

No, I am not saying that the wyrd-wyman is on The Bus going ’round and ’round. But she is in the photo! –Fr. Z

Selected 3 out of 18 readers’ comments

Nothing new under the sun. Hell’s grannies:

Yes, the woman in pink, in the background having a conversation with one of the elderly “nuns on the bus”, is the one who famously “shook her ordination tambourine” while marching for “women’s ordination”. –Elizabeth

I remember the days when you could tell who was a nun by her habit. Nowadays these women could be any layman–Nancy Pelosi even. -majuscule

Here’s the blog of Fr. John Zuhlsdorf about the 2013 tour:

Nuns on the Bus: the pro-abortion sequel


Posted on
31 May 2013
Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

It’s time again to break out that old fav: The Nuns on the Bus go ’round and ’round!

The last time these dissenters got on their political … hobbyhorse, they went ’round and ’round with a wymynpryst. HERE.

This time they are going ’round and ’round with a pro-abortion congresswoman.

Joining the BusNuns this time is ol’
Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) who has a perfect pro-abortion record.  She is rated 100% by NARAL*.  What a distinction!

These Nuns keep some odd company, don’t they?

But maybe we shouldn’t read too much into that perfect pro-abortion record.

*NARAL is the Pro-Choice America group National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League

Selected 4 out of 17 readers’ comments

Talk about diabolic disorientation! Obviously they have no fear of God – so convinced are they of their righteousness and virtue. This gang is also pushing for amnesty for 30 million people (the real number!) who have criminally invaded a sovereign country knowing full well they will vote for the party of death. God have mercy on them and our country. –Jean Marie

I’d love to know who is footing the bill for this lunacy. The bus spewing noxious fumes as well as those onboard. –Wanda

The Nuns on the Bus are stopping here in Orlando Sunday June 2 @ 7:30 pm at Orlando’s Diocesan Vicar General’s parish (Fr Richard Walsh, St Margaret Mary in Winter Park) and at Sr Ann Kendrick’s farm worker Hope Community Center in Apopka Monday June 3 @ 4 pm. The Sunday stop at the Vicar General’s parish is scheduled for the same time that the Bishop (Bishop Noonan) will be in downtown Orlando doing the Corpus Christi Procession.

For two days I have called and emailed the Chancery, the Florida Catholic, The Orlando Sentinel, various priests and deacons and have received no answer from any of them as to whether or not the Bishop is aware of the Nuns on the Bus’ two scheduled stops here. One clueless secretary even said, “Maybe they’re just stopping in Orlando unannounced and Fr Walsh isn’t aware of it.” Well, it’s in his bulletin!! So he’s well aware of it.

Last year I emailed the Bishop’s office to alert him that Sr Ann Kendrick had made a speech to the Communist Youth League when they stopped in Orlando on their bus tour, but of course heard no answer.

Several years ago Chicago’s Call to Action co-founders Bob Heineman and ex-priest Robert McClory were in Orlando at Fr Richard Walsh’s St Margaret Mary’s and Sr Ann Kendrick, two other farm worker nuns, 2 or 3 other nuns, several ex-priests and various parishioners had a clandestine CTA meeting (at which they elected ME secretary since I was inadvertently sent an “invitation”…later Bob Heineman kept calling my house and wanted to know why Orlando had had no further CTA meetings). Thankfully CTA never got off the ground in Orlando, but Sr Ann Kendrick and Fr Richard Walsh continue to undermine the Catholic faith of the people.

A group of us alerted the Bishop about the Call to Action meeting, but of course no one paid any attention so now Fr Richard Walsh is the Vicar General and Sr Ann Kendrick has been awarded 2 $100,000 grants from the Orlando Magic for the “good works” she does.

Now we have the Nuns on the Bus. I am planning to take a camcorder to the meeting although I understand that no pictures/recording is allowed. We shall see. I have 2 choices – go to the meeting (I registered under a fake name) and try to take pictures or stand outside alone with a sign that says Nuts on the Bus or something and record myself being arrested and thrown into jail. Not to worry… a deacon friend said he’d bail me out. -Susan Matthiesbe, 31 May, 2013

Here’s a follow up to the Nuns on the Bus Orlando stop last weekend: I sent the following email/letter to several diocesan officials, priests, Archbishop Wenski of Miami, Fr. Walsh, Sr Ann Kendrick, the Catholic Media Coalition (who will then in turn send it to their various groups I hope) and so forth (haven’t finished sending it out…still have Rome, the Pope, etc). Friends in Orlando have been blogging and using Twitter to complain to the bishop. This afternoon I heard from a source that there was “fallout at the chancery”, so we will keep the pressure on until the Bishop makes a statement.

Below is the email which has a link to the NOTB at SMM. The audio doesn’t begin until 4.25 …she forgot to turn it on but did so just in time for Sr Simone Campbell‘s talk. The next morning at Daniel Webster’s office Sr Simone tried to push the young mother who took the video out of the public elevator! (Wish I had been there and she had done that to me. I’d be in a lawyer’s office suing her for assault.) Here’s the email:

Despite the Vatican’s recent reprimand for serious doctrinal problems (abortion, human sexuality, women’s ordination), the Leadership Conference of Women Religious’ NETWORK, Sr Simone Campbell and Nuns on the Bus (NOTB) were allowed in the Catholic Diocese of Orlando by Bishop John Noonan.

The Orlando Diocesan Vicar General, Fr Richard Walsh, welcomed Sr Simone and NOTB to his parish of St Margaret Mary in Winter Park on Sunday June 2nd at 7:30 pm. On June 3rd at 4 pm the Diocese hosted Sr Simone and NOTB at the Diocesan Farm Worker Ministry’s Hope Community Center in Apopka which is run by Sr Ann Kendrick.

The seven Bishops of Florida, Sr Simone Campbell, NOTB, Fr Walsh and Sr Ann Kendrick should know that the Catholic Church is not a political party. It is a defender of the moral law. Therefore, they should uphold the moral teachings which Christ has entrusted to His Church for safekeeping through the Pope and the Magisterium.

The bishops should be oriented to specific issues to determine and support those that are in accord with God’s divine law, and permit flexibility of choice to the laity whenever the issues are primarily secular rather than divinely mandated. This is entirely consistent with Christ’s mandate to “Render to Caesar (the world) the things that are Caesar’s and render to God the things that are God’s.”

The things that are God’s are non-negotiable – abortion, homosexuality and same-sex “marriage”, embryonic stem cell research, cloning, infanticide, euthanasia. One must preserve God’s Law by always opposing these sins.

The things that are Caesar’s, or worldly things, are negotiable and a person may legitimately be for or against them – capital punishment, the economy and jobs, health-care and housing, war, the environment and immigration, therefore the bishops should not intimidate parishioners by bulletin inserts proclaiming what is in fact their personal opinion.

The bishops should be cautious in overstepping their duties by engaging too aggressively in political actions involving worldly things which provide physical nourishment for the body rather than spiritual nourishment for the soul. The clergy should be teachers of the moral law to the laity, rather than be political activists themselves.

Sr Simone and the NOTB uphold that Mexico, the United States and Canada be without borders. They affirm that same-sex “marriage” and abortion should be a right, and that women should be allowed to become priests. Allowing Sr Simone Campbell and NOTB into the diocese indicates Bishop Noonan’s approval of their teachings and agenda which is the very reason for their rebuke by the Vatican.

Below is a link of NOTB at St Margaret Mary in Winter Park, with a few segments of NOTB at Daniel Webster’s office on Monday morning. The audio begins at 4:25. Unfortunately there is no video of Sr Simone trying to push the videographer, a young mother of four sons, out of the public elevator at Daniel Webster’s office.”

-Susan Matthiesbe, June 7, 2013

And here’s a Nuns On The Bus-related post by Virginia Saldanha in her Catherine of Siena Virtual College site which advocates women priests:

Vatican treatment of US Nuns reflects status of all women in the Church


Posted by Virginia Saldanha on Wednesday, 27 June 2012 in Women and religion

Back in 2008 as the then Executive Secretary of the FABC Women’s Desk, I was recovering from a great disappointment after trying to organize a meeting in Asia of Bishops and women,. It was originally meant to facilitate a dialogue between bishops and women theologians to clear many misconceptions bishops have of this group of articulate and knowledgeable women. Despite knocking off the ‘dialogue’ and scaling it down to just exposing the problems of women in Asia, the attendance of bishops was extremely poor. The whole process made me realize the futility of my work at the Desk. Women can never bring their experiences and their ideas to bear upon Church mission, even though the Church in Asia has a vision of a “Participatory and Co-responsible Church”.

Later when in the US for a break, I heard of the Vatican investigation into the working of the religious congregations affiliated to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR)*. I have been following the US sisters struggle to explain to the Vatican what they do is indeed rooted in their faith and in the teachings of Jesus.

In 2012 the US Catholic Bishops released the doctrinal assessment report of LCWR conducted by the CDF on April 18. Archbishop Peter Sartain of Seattle was named as its Archbishop Delegate to implement a process of review and conformity to the teachings and discipline of the Church. He will be assisted by two other bishops. The report calls for renewal of the LCWR and expresses a concern about orthodoxy, feminism and pastoral practice. *Dissenting nuns under investigation by Rome

Sad and disturbed by this assessment, the sisters asked for a dialogue with the CDF in Rome on June 12th to explain their position.

Following the meeting with the two women leaders of the LCWR on 12th June Cardinal Levada made a telling remark. He described the meeting as a “dialogue of the deaf”. He is so right. The Vatican deafness to women’s voice is never more evident than it is today. The Vatican will not hear women who speak in a voice that differs from their own.

Refusing to listen to women is a stance that will ultimately cost the Catholic Church dearly in terms of educated, thinking women. Women want respect, the ability to think for themselves and to be accepted as partners in mission.

The conflict regarding the charismatic/prophetic dimensions of mission of the US sisters with the Vatican is obvious. Given that religious life is meant to give visibility the to the charismatic dimension of Christian belief, this experience of conflict with the institutional church is a clear indication that by living their religious commitment in a creative and prophetic manner the religious sisters like Jesus, will necessarily be on the wrong side of the powers that be.

Painful though this experience may be, the US sisters are a beacon of light to women over the world. They give witness to the power of the Spirit at work in their lives. They make prayerful and contemplative responses, continue to stand up for the values of the Gospel and bear the consequences.

It is heartening to note the widespread support the sisters are receiving in the country and from abroad. The gratitude of students educated in their schools, people touched by their outreach and concern, women from all over the world who have benefited by the scholarship of the sister theologians, are all expressing their solidarity and support in growing numbers.

America’s religious sisters are well educated, articulate and remarkably adventurous women Reading the signs of the time they have expanded their mission to reach out to the least and the last in society. They also run universities and sit in executive chairs. Their efforts and successes however have brought criticism instead of appreciation from the Church, which demeans their roles, tries to deprive them of power, and places them under the absolute authority of the all-male clergy.

Sr. Joan Chittister points out “The sisters live in life questions.” They are present with the suffering, the lonely, the battered, the hungry, the sick, and anyone who needs someone to care for them. All their outreach is prolife. In fact their vision of prolife enables people not just to live but to live with dignity.

The most recent creative response to a proposal of National Fiscal Policy is “Nuns on the Bus” touring nine States in the US and ending in Washington DC on July 2nd. NETWORK, a Catholic Social Justice Lobby run by Catholic Women Religious and endorsed by LCWR has undertaken the tour because they feel it is imperative to highlight how Republican policies are affecting low-income families. In this they highlight an important area of agreement with the Bishops who also note that the proposed Ryan budget “fails the moral test”

The Vatican has also raised concerns regarding the decline in the numbers of religious sisters in the US. In his book “Double Crossed” (2006), Ken Briggs set out to research why the number of American sisters was dwindling at such an alarming rate. After eight years of research and interviews of a large number of sisters, he believes that had the sisters been allowed to interpret Vatican II as they understood it, their decline might not have been so sharp. He documents the marginalization and exploitation that has reduced nuns to second-, even third-class citizens within the Catholic Church.

How many young women in the 21st century will opt for a life that is subordinate to and ordered by males? The question of declining vocations to religious life is raised in all parts of the world where the standards of living are improving and the spectrum of careers has broadened the choices of educated young people.

We are all aware that the majority of vocations to religious life especially in developing regions come from populations which are deprived of opportunities for education and careers for various reasons.

Instead of suspiciously scrutinizing the work of the sisters in the US`, the Vatican would do well to consult with them on how best to move the Church in its mission of love and service. This could be the first step in doing justice to all women in the Church.

My comments in brief

Virginia Saldanha has candidly shared with her womyn priests group the truth, which is that Nuns On The Bus is the same as “NETWORK, a Catholic Social Justice Lobby run by Catholic Women Religious and endorsed by LCWR“. This group is anti-life and they are for the ordination of women, all in the guise of “social justice”, “women’s empowerment”, “gender equality” and other euphemisms. Virginia Saldanha campaigned with a PRO-ABORTION, PRO-WOMEN’S ORDINATION group. Now we now the reasons as to why Virginia Saldanha was with Nuns On The Bus.

From Jill Stanek’s blog:

Catholic nuns grateful for pro-abortion congresswoman’s “admiration” – Jill Stanek

Jill Stanek is a nurse turned speaker, columnist and blogger, a national figure in the effort to protect both preborn and postborn innocent human life.

Congresswoman with 100% NARAL rating joins Nuns on the Bus tour


June 7, 2013

Joining the BusNuns this time is ol’ Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) who has a perfect pro-abortion record. She is rated 100% by NARAL. What a distinction!

These Nuns keep some odd company, don’t they?

~ Father John Zuhlsdorf, noticing the Nuns on the Bus Tour sponsored by NETWORK Catholic Social Justice Lobby, which had as its speaker pro-abortion congresswoman Rosa DeLauro
What Does the Prayer Really Say?,


Selected readers’ comments

“Catholic” “nuns”. Excommunication. All’s I’m gonna say. –xalisae

“Nuns on a Bus” was transparently little more than an election-year stunt for Democrats. Did those three-or-four Sisters even know that? — Or were they just tools?
Anyhow, the Nuns are back on the Bus, getting no attention without the help of Obama’s sycophantic press coverage.
You would think that any group of faithful Catholics would be repulsed by the presence of an outspoken pro-abort leader — no matter what the main concern of the gathering actually is.  And that’s why Fr. Z is repulsed by Sister Campbell — she doesn’t care about Catholic moral ethics or the deaths of children.
Jesus warned us to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. (Mt 7:15) –Del

To quote a Catholic convert friend of mine, Bryan Kemper, Social Justice BEGINS in the womb. –Courtnay

And yet the church wonders why convents are by and large empty these days.  These rogue “nuns” (term used in the loosest sense possible) are a disgrace to the foundresses of their orders and the church itself.
Is Cardinal Dolan driving that bus for them? –Mike

Rosa says, ‘These lips will never kiss a man who opposes abortion.’ -Mary

The “Nuns on the bus/NETWORK” were actually paid for by the Obama Campaign, I can’t remember where I heard this, perhaps the Catholic League with Bill Donahue, or what, but I remember it was from a solid source.

This is what Pope Francis was talking about last month, when he spoke about how nuns need to behave like mothers, and not like old maids or spinsters.

Who is her [Rosa DeLauro’s] Bishop? I don’t think she is currently in good standing with the Church, because she is so dogged about her misrepresentation and outright slander of Catholics. –City of Angels

*FROM PAGE 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7Yir-GpIY0.

Susan Matthiesbe‘s 10 minute June 2, 2013 NETWORK-Nuns On The Bus video
Fr. Walsh and controversial Simone Campbell” with the information:

Fr. Walsh welcomes [Sr.] Simone Campbell to St. Margaret Mary of Winter Park. Earlier this year Pope Francis stated his support for the sanction of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious with which Simone Campbell is affiliated.

Related reports






















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