Homoeopathy controversy: Fr. Rufus Pereira




Homoeopathy controversy: Fr. Rufus Pereira


In a recent report on Liturgical abuses, and in a related article on Bharatanatyam, I examined the question of the potential adverse spiritual effects of Bharatanatyam dancing on Catholic performers. Bharatanatyam is a Hindu dance which was performed earlier in temples by devadasis, consecrated prostitutes [deva= god, das= servant].

Does God’s warning in the First Commandment not to bow down before “other gods” include recitals of Hindu dance forms by Catholics? And what is the malevolent influence — if any — on Catholics who perform Hindu rituals or give obeisance to pagan deities, even if inadvertently?

While researching for my article on this dance form and a report on the Liturgical abuses associated with it, I collected a fair amount of information which follows in the pages of this report, and is basically an extract from the larger article and report, with some small modifications.

The research led me to discover a serious problem with Fr. Rufus Pereira‘s apparent selective silence on certain issues concerned with his ministry of deliverance and exorcism as well as what is apparently a controversy on what his position is on the use of Homoeopathic remedies by Catholics.


To begin with, I am reproducing an article titled “Intercession? Meeting and pleading in His Name!” by Fr. Rufus Pereira published in the April 2006 issue of CHARISINDIA, the monthly magazine of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in India. Fr. Rufus Pereira is the president of the International Association for Deliverance [IAD]
vice-president of the Association of Exorcists International [AIE]
both of them approved by Rome.

I am also providing similar information from a book on Deliverance by Fr. Francis MacNutt.

Following that, I am copying a letter related to the CHARISINDIA article and MacNutt’s book.

The letter is addressed to Fr. Rufus Pereira and two senior leaders of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, after which one can read my comments on the entire issue.


1. Intercession? Meeting and pleading in His Name! by Fr. Rufus Pereira, CHARISINDIA editorial April 2006

The third National Catholic Charismatic Convention in October 1978 at St. Peter’s Church grounds in Bandra, Mumbai, on the theme ‘Behold, I make all things new’ was followed by a three-day Seminar on the Ministry of Healing in the hall of the same church conducted by the same 12 member team from the USA, headed by Francis MacNutt.

On arriving at the church in the early morning of the first day of the Seminar, I was met by Sr. Mary Usha SND of Patna who was very much involved in the ministry of Inner Healing. She told me that as she was praying over a teenage girl from Malad, the girl was apparently ‘slain’ in the spirit or, to use a more acceptable term, the girl began resting in the spirit.

All her efforts however during the last 20 minutes to bring the girl back to consciousness had proved fruitless. She was now quite worried and asked me to help her. I managed to revive the girl but cautioned Sister to be first reasonably sure of the girl’s problem or burden before praying for her again.

The next morning, the second day of the Healing Seminar, Sr. Usha was waiting for me again at the entrance of St. Peter’s Church. She admitted rather sheepishly that she had prayed again early that morning for the girl who was once more ‘slain’ in the spirit and was now in this ‘unconscious’ state for already an hour. All efforts to revive her had been in vain. Sister expressed her regret for not having taken my advice seriously, for she thought, as she put it, that she knew as much about the healing ministry as I did. After giving her gently a piece of my mind, I accompanied her to the sacristy of the church where the girl was laid upon a long table in the waiting room. As I was about to start bringing her back to consciousness, I noticed to my astonishment that her whole body was in a position
that resembled in every detail the figure of a dancing deity that I had often seen in calendar pictures. I asked her parents whether their daughter had been attending certain dancing classes or had been visiting certain shrines, but there seemed to be no indication of what could possibly be the cause or reason of this strange phenomenon.





Then it suddenly occurred to me that the 12 member team from the USA that had come to speak and minister at the Convention, the Healing Seminar, and the two priests’ retreats in Mumbai and in Kerala, should observe this case that was weird even for me.

They were indeed intrigued by what they saw, as I pointed out to them that even the veins of the hands and the eyelids of the girl so closely resembled the idol I had mentioned. I then explained how spirits manifest themselves in different ways according to various cultural and religious backgrounds. MacNutt took many photographs and referred to this case on pages 116-118 in his well-known practical manual ‘Deliverance From Evil Spirits [: A Practical Manual]‘, published in 1995, and even reproduced the interview he had with me in Appendix 2, on pages 314, 315 at the end of the book.

I then bid them pray for the girl’s deliverance. They took turns one by one during the breaks throughout the day, praying over her using various methods or approaches. MacNutt himself prayed with the laying on of hands, while Fr. Matt Lynn SJ made use of the sacramental of blessed salt, which he always carried with him, and his twin brother Dennis Lynn preferred to use holy oil, which was always in his pocket. We from India also took turns praying for the girl’s deliverance, beginning with Fr. Jim Borst MHM who used his crucifix with the crown of sharp thorns for the purpose, and ending with myself, BUT NOTHING HAPPENED.

It was now getting close to 6:00 pm, the time for all of us to go to the grounds of Don Bosco, Matunga, for the healing service to be conducted by MacNutt and team. I managed to bring the girl back to consciousness just in time, after so many hours of her being in an apparent trance-like state. I apologized to the girl’s family for being apparently led down by the Catholic Church and the Charismatic Renewal and asked them to come and see me the next day BUT THEY DID NOT COME BACK. I heard later that they had taken their daughter to a psychiatrist and I felt sad that we had failed them.


About two months later I received a surprise visit by the same girl, accompanied by her mother and her uncle. They had in fact come to pray at Prarthanalaya i.e. the House of Prayer, which was run by Sisters, the Pious Disciples of the Divine Master. For when they heard that I was staying at the Clergy Home for old and retired priests next door, they dropped in just to pay me a courtesy Christmas visit. In answer to my query, they told me that their daughter was still under medical care. When I again apologized for our helplessness in not being able to have helped her, the mother requested me to pray for her daughter once more.

After what had happened twice during the Healing Seminar at St. Peter’s Church two months earlier, I was hesitant to have prayer made a third tome over the girl, lest she would perhaps be ‘slain’ in the spirit a third time and remain in that state maybe for hours much to my embarrassment and the puzzlement of the old and sickly priests of the Clergy Home.

Instead therefore of making a prayer of deliverance over her, I decided to make together with the family a prayer of intercession for her, asking the Lord to reveal to us by the power of the Spirit the root cause of the girl’s problem, through a word of knowledge, and the way of dealing with it, through a word of wisdom.

I specifically claimed the promise of Jesus, “When any two of you on earth agree about something you are praying for, my Father in heaven will do it for you,” relying on his assurance “For whenever two or three of you come together in my name, I am there with you.” (Mt 18:19, 20)

For my part, I started praying softly in tongues knowing too well from past experience that “When we are weak, the Spirit is there to help us. For example, when we do not know what to pray, the Spirit prays for us in ways that cannot be put into words. All our thoughts are known to God. He can understand what is in the mind of the Spirit as the Spirit prays for God’s people” (Romans 8:26) and being confident that “though there are some things that man cannot do, God can do anything” (Mark 10:27).


Suddenly the girl cried out, opening wide her eyes, “I now remember something very clearly which I feel I should tell you.” Her mother had taken a job overseas in Kuwait since the family was in financial difficulties. She had entrusted this girl, her eldest daughter, who was then just 15 years old, with the responsibility of taking care of the house and of looking after her younger siblings. But whenever her mother would return home for her holiday break or work leave, she would find fault with the way her daughter managed the household affairs and brought up the younger children, instead of thanking and appreciating her for all that she had done even at the cost of her own studies and her own personal needs. That hurt her immensely and she often shed bitter tears in silent loneliness.

One day she went to a restaurant to buy some bread taking along her little baby brother. As she entered the restaurant, she saw on the opposite wall a calendar picture of a baby representing a popular deity. She became fascinated by it, and gazed fixedly at it, and said to herself, “I wish I could become like that baby, then I would not have to look after other children but instead others would care for and look after me.” At that moment, I believe, some alien entity seemed to have entered into her. One should be careful and not jump to a simplistic conclusion e.g. that that ‘deity’ was connected with some demonic entity. Rather we can safely hold two fundamental principles of spiritual discernment and Christian living when confronted with such peculiar and perplexing cases.


Firstly, when we give to his children the honour which belongs only to God, their Father, and when we ascribe to creatures the power which belongs only to God, their creator, we are opening ourselves to the Enemy, the father of lies, who has been a Liar from the very beginning, and closing ourselves to the God of Truth.




Secondly, when we are so hurt and wounded that there is much resentment and unforgiveness in our hearts, we are making ourselves vulnerable to our Enemy, the father of hatred, who has been a Murderer from the very beginning, and shutting ourselves to the God of Love.

Once I heard all this, I helped her in a matter of a few moments of prayer together to open her mind to God’s liberating truth and her heart to God’s forgiving love, keeping her focus not on a living creature but on the Lord and Giver of Life.


Her otherwise clenched fists unlocked into palms of joyful surrender, her otherwise tightly closed lips opened into the sweetest of smiles and her otherwise firmly shut eyes opened into glances of sparkling radiance.

That was the end of her descent into the darkness of the Night and the beginning of her ascent into the light of the Dawn. Now all she asked and wanted was, in the words of that popular hymn, “to be like Jesus, not in a measure but in its fullness, all through life journey from earth to glory.” END



Is it a grievous sin for one to give a Bharatanatyam recital or to encourage another to learn it or to perform Bharatanatyam? No, and yes.

It’s certainly not a sin for a Hindu to do Bharatanatyam. She or he is worshiping her or his gods in that dance as the article clearly demonstrates. Hinduism is an open-ended religion that accommodates anything and everything, not excluding the worship of St. Anthony of Padua and Mary, the Mother of Jesus — both of whom may not be worshiped even by Catholics.

But if Bharatanatyam is a spiritual or religious-cultural exercise that pays homage to “other gods”, then it would be forbidden for Catholics to have any association with it. If one did so, that would be against the First Commandment of God. The early Christians refused to pay homage even to Caesar.

What does the evidence provided by me in the article show? The priests who perform, propagate or permit Bharatanatyam, especially during the Holy Mass, and also in the liturgical areas are in disobedience to Rome’s directives on the Liturgy. For Catholics, the Church’s teaching is the voice of God. God speaks to the world through the teachings of the Catholic Church.

If priests dance in the parish halls, parish schools, Catholic institutions or even the music sabhas, didn’t we read that Rome does not encourage her priests to dance?

The priest must always be excluded from the dance“.

And what if these Catholic priests are actually doing the Bharatanatyam in Hindu temples – even at their Kumbabishekams or consecrations of their deities as I have shown?

If some of you old-timers like me have read with the mind of the Church some of the statements of these same priests, then it must have struck you that even for a lay person to have said those same things — which reflect their personal spiritual beliefs — two or three decades ago would have been nothing short of heresy, or a mortal sin that put one outside a relationship with the living God until it was confessed to a priest.

I reproduce here a paragraph from the said report:

Liturgical Dance and Inculturation


Some dances and gestures from pre-Christian traditions relate to cults or worship of false gods, even demons, not to mention the erotic overtones of some dances that would also exclude them from Catholic worship. Borrowing from another religious culture, for example Hinduism, may also raise problems of catechetical confusion or even syncretism- Most Rev. Peter John Elliott, Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne, Australia


Again, in that report, I had commented: A Catholic cannot but be affected to a lesser or greater extent by dabbling in yoga and other eastern meditations, Bharatanatyam, etc.

Look at these excerpts from two January 2006 letters from a leader in ministry in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal

-In one of the school retreats, I saw my first deliverance case also. She started dancing
in the middle of the infilling session, poor girl!
-When that bharatnatyam announcement took place, I took it up strongly with the Youth Service Team. But then I realised they did it more out of ignorance than anything else. When that deliverance case happened soon afterwards, it only vindicated what I had told them and then they realised. So I am confident they will be more careful in future.


THAT’S what happens when a Catholic does Bharatanatyam!

The “deliverance” was from an evil spirit that had entered the poor girl; the evil spirit was either a manifestation of the spirit-deity of Bharatanatyam or of Bharatanatyam-related deities that she had messed with in her training or performances.



If one finds that difficult to swallow, there already a few personal testimonies on my web site, not on Bharatanatyam itself but on yoga and other New Age practices. A few more have come in from Ireland and the US [they are yet to be uploaded on the site] from ex-New Agers who are now into Catholic ministry to expose New Age; one of them speaks on Catholic Answers Live Radio and on EWTN and she frequently refers to my ministry, giving out my email address and web site address.

Check out this personal testimony sent to me after I gave a seminar on New Age near Pune:



I have a relative who is into deliverance ministry along with and since the time of Fr. John Hoey who was doing deliverance in charismatic ministry in Calcutta in the latter part of the 1970s.

From her experience, this relative concurs about the grave danger that Catholics are exposed to if they participate of food offered to idols [prasad], in Bharatanatyam, doing poojas at temples, etc.

St. Paul’s teaching on Christians’ being “all things to all men” does not give licence to believers to participate in pagan rituals, no matter what some liberal or modernist interpretations might say.

I prefer to reflect on our ‘jealous’ God’s many warnings to His Chosen People especially in the Old Testament books of Exodus and Deuteronomy. He wanted the people of Israel to maintain not their racial purity but their spiritual purity. He knew that undue interest by the Israelites in the religious activities of the neighbouring tribes would lead to the assimilation of their rituals, practices and even their gods, and to monumental disaster; and this is exactly what happened several times over.

You will be lured into following them*.
Do not inquire regarding their gods, ‘How did these nations worship their gods? I, too, would do the same’.” Deuteronomy 12:30, New American Bible

*The New Jerusalem Bible: “Beware of being entrapped into copying them.

Whenever that passage comes to my mind, I always think that God was saying “Do not EVEN inquire regarding their gods.

But the Philippines’ Bishops’ Conference’s Community Bible translation reads as “Do not look at their gods, saying…

The Knox Translation, Catholic, 1955, reads “Do not hanker after their observances.

Since God does not change and truth does not change — though the ‘father of lies’ manifests his evil designs in different disguises and through different means according to the times to deceive those people of God who are unwary — do not God’s warnings hold true even today?

INCULTURATION, INTER-RELIGIOUS DIALOGUE and ECUMENISM are good things, tools that if used properly by the Church can witness to Jesus Christ [Jn. 14:6, Mt. 28: 19, 20] and to herald God’s Kingdom on earth but sadly they are being badly misused by priests and Bishops themselves.

The aberrations in the use of these three post-Vatican II evangelistic tools will be analysed in forthcoming articles on this site.


Fr. Rufus Pereira has given the page numbers of Francis MacNutt‘s book that he referred to. But, the page numbers differ in different print editions including the copy that I have in my library.

Francis MacNutt O.P. was an ordained priest in the Dominican order. He was one of the earliest and probably the most well-known charismatic priests from overseas to minister in India. His several books on Healing and on Deliverance are classics. In 1993 he asked for a dispensation [laicization] from the Holy See to get married. He and his wife Judith continue to be in Catholic ministry.

In my early days in the Renewal in Delhi, in the latter ’80s to be precise, I got to meet and even minister
two persons mentioned
in Fr. Rufus’ story –
Fr. Jim Borst MHM and Sr. Mary Usha SND.

Fr. Jim continued to write to me even after I came to Madras, now Chennai. I have also attended a retreat by Sr. Usha in Chennai in the late 90s and been ministered to by her in Bangalore in 2001.


2.1a Deliverance From Evil Spirits: A Practical Manual by
Francis MacNutt, pg 281-282 EXTRACT


My* very first case of deliverance took place on the 7th of March, 1976. It happened during a prayer meeting held in Bombay
where between two hundred and three hundred people were present and we were on our break time. Suddenly we heard a shout and screaming, and we all went over to see what was happening. I saw there a young girl on a chair who was screeching and flinging her arms all about. I asked someone what was happening and was told that she was possessed. It was the first time I had ever met such a person, said to be possessed. *Fr. Rufus Pereira

Something inside of me inspired me to say, “I command you in the name of Jesus to leave her.” At that very moment she stopped doing all those things; her eyes opened and she gave me a beautiful smile. I absolutely didn’t know what I was doing! Later she told me how for ten years she had been afflicted by evil spirits and that she had been going to a Muslim shrine, but now she felt freed. 4.



In the two years since that time I have prayed for between four hundred and five hundred cases of deliverance. About one third of these were deliverances from so-called Hindu gods and goddesses.

I have been
led to believe from my experiences that many of these gods and goddesses in Hindu mythology are nothing other than demons. The reason I think this is that in a third of the cases, when we asked the demons to identify themselves, they gave their names as Hindu gods or goddesses. On one occasion a woman even gave me the name of Krishna, which was a shock to me. (I’m not saying that Krishna is a demon; I’m just saying that in this one woman who was brought before the cross, the spirit identified itself as Krishna.)

There are certain gods and goddesses who turn up frequently in these cases of deliverance. One in particular is a god called Andarvar**. He’s a god who, according to popular belief, is a very evil spirit who possesses women; he’s very lustful and wants to rape women. These afflicted women actually experience this god coming during the night time and raping them. They all say it’s not a dream. They say it was as if they were awake. Speaking to their husbands, I have been led to believe that what they say may be true.


Another thing I would like to share with you is that many people get possessed on the festival days of these gods and goddesses. My own cousin was an officer in the army many, many years ago. He went out on a Hindu festival day, and when he came back he fell sick with a fever – the doctors could not diagnose it – and within a week’s time he died. Another cousin also died in the same mysterious circumstances. (My mother used to warn us when we were small never to go out of the house on the day of Hindu festivals.)

I’ve also found that in many cases of possession, the attacks of the evil spirit become far more intense on festival days. **Probably ‘Andavar‘, the Tamil word for ‘Lord’ as in ‘Jesuve Andavar’ or ‘Jesus is Lord’.


2.1b Story of dancing women, Deliverance From Evil Spirits, 1995, 2009 pg 282-283, 286.

Q: Can you share something about the dancing god that was inhabiting the young woman whom you showed us stretched out in a dancing posture during last week’s conference?

A: [Fr. Rufus Pereira:] Yes. We had at least five cases of possession by Hindu gods and goddesses during the last three days of the national convention, and I made it a point to ask the members of your team to come and gather firsthand knowledge of what takes place in these cases. You will remember what she looked like: The girl was taking on the poses of the Hindu god who is called Lataranjan***– the dancing god. (This dancing god is an aspect of the god Shiva) ***MacNutt got the spelling wrong. It is NATARAJA


In Hindu mythology Krishna is one of the three main deities and is a benevolent being, very different from Kali, who is malevolent.

In Western literature we find such sexual demons, too. Those who take the male sexual role are incubi, from the Latin meaning “the one who lies on top” while their female counterparts are the succubi, from the Latin meaning “the one who lies underneath.”

What is really remarkable is that this girl knows nothing about Indian dancing. She is actually in many ways alien to Indian culture because she was brought up in a Western culture home. Yet here she was, taking the absolutely correct dancing poses in her fingers, her wrists, her hands and her feet- the exact poses of this very god. … Even her face-her eyes and mouth-were all changed into the features of this Hindu god.

After commanding the spirit to identify itself, I found that it got into her because of a spell cast by a Hindu doctor (who perhaps had lustful motives when he was treating her). Probably he called upon his favourite god, who happened to be Lataranjan*, to possess her so that he could gain power over her. *NATARAJA


Another fascinating case came to light during the second day of our healing seminar when a college girl told me that when she was a young girl, she went to a Hindu temple and there observed the image of a god with six hands – it’s called Mahakali.
It is the most terrible goddess in Hindu mythology, a goddess who is bloodthirsty and wants to kill. Hindus try to pacify this goddess by frequently offering human sacrifices, even in our own day.


Q: Is she the same as Kali, the one who appears in some of our movies that are set in India?

A: Yes, Kali. They call her Mahakali out of respect; it means “great Kali.” Tens of thousands of people have been sacrificed in the past two hundred years to propitiate her.

This girl told me she went to the temple and saw this goddess there. Then one night during these days of conference she had a dream-she was half awake-and saw this goddess coming toward her. She described her as a huge, fat, ugly woman with big eyes and six hands coming to throttle her.

When we prayed for deliverance she started to suffocate and was tormented in her throat. Finally she could not speak at all; she became dumb. After prayer she was able to speak again, but the irritation in her throat remained. On the last day of the healing seminar, when she came forward and was anointed with the oil that you blessed, the irritation in her throat left immediately. She also felt, when the oil was applied to her forehead, a great sense of peace…

She told me that she now realizes she was afflicted because her grandfather-he’s supposed to be a Catholic-used to do this work of exorcism in his spare time through the power of a god called Hanuman.




He’s the monkey god, very popular in India. He would free a person through Hanuman’s help and then transfer the spell somewhere else. He would say to the spirit, “Now go on the road, and let the first person who comes your way come under your spell.” She was telling me that her grandfather had hurt many people that way, and that’s why all this backlash has come into her whole family. She further told me that her father has been getting up every night during the past month screaming that someone was choking him. Anyone who stays overnight at their home also feels someone choking them.


In this preview, one can read selected pages of MacNutt’s book




3a. Framing a Christian Response to New Age Practices: Core Issues and Pastoral Solutions March 8, 2004


Dr Gareth Leyshon, St John’s Seminary, Wonersh, Guildford GU5 0QX Tel.: +44 (0) 1483 892 701

Mobile: +44 (0) 7944 536 511 Email: see website

66 Fr Rufus Pereira, from India, is an acknowledged expert in the field of healing and deliverance and is the President of the International Association of Exorcists, a Vatican approved body.67

He notes that the national committee responsible for charismatic renewal in the Catholic Church in India concluded that: “on the one hand, the emotional and spiritual elements of yoga need to be avoided: at times they can even be diabolic and make us vulnerable to the forces of evil. Nevertheless, the purely practical aspects of yoga [explained later in his article as breathing exercises and bodily postures] can be accepted as long as they are deliberately placed under the Lordship of Jesus**.”68 **See page 10

68 Interview with Fr Rufus Pereira in: F. MacNutt, Deliverance from Evil Spirits, 286.  


3b. Christians and Kundalini – A Bibliography


MacNutt, Francis Deliverance from Evil Spirits – A Practical Manual, Chosen Books, 1999, pp 281-288.  Interview with Fr. Rufus Pereira in Appendix 2 on pages 281-288 describes Fr. Pereira’s ministry in India to several people who are oppressed with spirits after involvement with Hinduism and Transcendental Meditation (TM).


Read MacNutt‘s
book for affliction/possession by evil spirits resulting from involvement with
Hinduism and Transcendental Meditation


**3a. continued.


I have heard it claimed that certain positions adopted in yoga or martial arts of themselves amount to worship of other gods. Is it possible to worship an entity unknowingly? Certainly there can be no culpability involved in actions carried out in ignorance. Sacramental theology requires both form and matter for a sacrament to be effected: the right words as well as the right action. By extension, is a conscious intention required for an action to constitute worship of a false god? To practice yoga or a martial art while not believing that there is a sprit responsible for its efficacy is clearly NOT a breach of Principle B. Whether it bears bad witness (G) depends on the culture which observes Christians participating. Only in a culture where observers identify the postures as worship per se is this problematic.

Subtly different is the question of whether a certain yoga position is associated with belief in prana and the existence of certain energy flow points (chakras) on the human body. A particular posture may have significance in a chakra system, and be empirically known to be conducive to prayer or meditation. To adopt the position when taught it in good faith as a meditation posture is not problematic. But to adopt it as a consequence of believing in the chakra system, may constitute an attempt to manipulate occult powers. Even in Catholic liturgy, symbolic meanings have become attached to originally practical actions: washing the hands after gifts of vegetables have been received becomes spiritual purification, the sweat protecting neck-cloth (amice) becomes the helmet of salvation. Conscious adoption of the symbolic meaning is required for the symbol to have potency; otherwise the action is purely pragmatic. Thus origin in a chakra/prana system only seems significant when a technique is used with the intention of exploiting prana.


4. Traditional Religion: Is Evil Involved? by Francis MacNutt (from the December 1993 issue of The Healing Line)

Church Renewal. Christian Healing Ministries
is the ministry of Francis MacNutt, Jacksonville, FL


Perhaps you are aware that Judith‘s dad is a nearly full-blooded Cherokee, descended from those ancestors who fled to the mountains 150 years ago, escaping from the tragic Trail of Tears that led to Oklahoma. And she is proud of that inheritance.




This summer, during our Fishnet conference in Vermont, her inheritance was marvelously confirmed by a vision in which Jesus appeared to her as she stood at a favorite childhood spot — a natural bridge overlooking the Red River Gorge in her native Kentucky. Stretching out his arm over the beautiful forests below Jesus said, “All this is yours.” When she asked what that meant, he added, “This is your inheritance!”

Jesus had come to counterbalance a very real but disturbing experience of 20 years before when Judith came up against the negative aspects of that same Native American heritage. At that time she was a missionary in Jerusalem lying in bed with a mysterious fever which did not respond to medical treatment. Into her room marched a woman whom she scarcely knew and who was not acquainted with Judith’s Cherokee ancestry through any ordinary, natural means. She proceeded to ask Judith if she was of Cherokee descent and when Judith confirmed that she was, this missionary said that the Lord had told her that Judith needed to have her bloodlines cleansed of shamanism. When Judith gave her permission to pray, this woman uttered a powerful prayer of deliverance. And immediately Judith’s fever disappeared!

These two incidents from Judith*‘s life contain a teaching that is specially timely today, when some Christians believe that it really doesn’t make much difference whether they are Christian, Buddhist, or Hindu: “We all have our own paths up the mountain, and we will all meet at the top” – that kind of leveling attitude. What needs to be affirmed is the age-old Christian belief that many traditional religions are a mixture of good elements and (it needs to be said openly) the demonic — especially if they feature witch-doctors and shamans. *wife of Francis MacNutt


There are two extremes. First, there are those Christians who tend to condemn anything unfamiliar that comes from a foreign culture — say, from Asia or Africa. They are like those Christians in Paul’s time who were understandably afraid of eating food offered to idols (I Corinthians 8: the entire chapter); yet Paul was not afraid to eat such food, provided his eating did not offend those of a more tender conscience.


On the other extreme we have the more common problem today of those who will accept anything “spiritual” that comes from another religion and automatically consider it good and valuable, simply because it is spiritual. Because the existence of the demonic realm is often dismissed as primitive superstition in today’s church world, many Christian leaders tend to disregard the dangers of the demonic in those religions that are not in the Judaeo-Christian tradition. They have lost the ability to discern the difference between the Holy Spirit and the realm of evil spirits.

I would like to share one remarkable example: in 1977 I spoke in India and there met a fine priest, Fr. Rufus Pereira, who in a brief two years had prayed to free more than 400 individuals from demonic influence! He estimated that about one-third of them were delivered from demons identifying themselves as Hindu gods. I should mention that Fr. Rufus was not a wild-eyed enthusiast, but was a highly-educated cleric who had studied Scripture in Rome.


He taught in the seminary and was highly regarded by the Indian bishops, who gave him permission to work in deliverance. Rufus graciously granted me an interview in which he said:

“I love my country very much and have a great respect for Indian religion, but perhaps there is no religion that has within itself such a wide spectrum, all the way from the highest form of religious endeavor to the lowest degradation of humanity—all in the name of religion. I have been led to believe that many of the gods and goddesses in Hindu mythology are nothing other than demons.

During one conference at which I spoke five cases of possession surfaced in the congregation, so Rufus asked me to come and observe one young woman — a Catholic – whom they had taken to a classroom. There she was stretched out on a table, assuming the dancing posture you see in some statues in Hindu temples. If you tried to straighten her out, she would immediately contort her body into its original artificial posture.”

Later Rufus told me what this all meant:

“You will remember what she looked like: this girl taking on the poses of the Hindu dancing god (This dancing god is one aspect of the god Shiva). What is really remarkable is that this girl knows nothing about Indian dancing, because she was brought up in a Western culture home. Yet, here she was, assuming the absolutely correct dancing poses in her fingers, her wrists, her hands and feet, the exact poses of this very god. It was something fantastic to watch, if it were not also so very cruel, so very abominable. Even her very face — her eyes and her mouth were all changed into the features of this Hindu god. I later found that it got into her because of a spell cast by a Hindu doctor (who perhaps had lustful motives when he was treating her). Probably he called up his favorite god, the dancing god, to possess her so he could get power over her.”

You will notice how Fr. Rufus talks about the noble aspects of religion in India but is also quite willing to face the darker, the demonic side, of Hindu culture.

Somehow Christians need to rediscover the fact Jesus is primarily our Savior (not just a teacher), the son of God who has the power to rescue us from a very real, personal world of evil that is present in traditional religion — whether it is Asian, African, Irish, or Native American. Jesus is not simply a great teacher or prophet, standing on a level with Buddha and Confucius. He is our Redeemer, with healing in his wings, ready to free all of us from the evil that tries to drag us down. It does make a difference — a great difference whether or not we are Christian.

The Fr. Rufus account is also available at http://shalomplace.org/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/25010765/m/16810206 7.



To know more about Francis S. MacNutt, Ph.D., visit

http://www.christianhealingmin.org/, http://www.christianhealingmin.org/about/


5. This is a Traditionalist blog

Hinduism at a Glance October 27, 2008


2008 Catholic Blog Awards: Best Overall Catholic blog, Best Apologetic blog, Most informative and Insightful Catholic Blog, Best Group Blog, Best New Catholic Blog.

“INDIA, THE CRADLE OF RELIGIONS” is a jargon that is used by the secularists in the most positive sense to depict “Communal harmony” among the people of diverse religious backgrounds. While the reality differs to a great extent ranging from religious fanaticism to caste distinctions under the One banner of “Hindutva”, that is a characteristic feature of India today. The West, however, is attracted to the hollow facade of the Eastern religious ‘Anubhava”
i.e., ‘Experience’ made manifest in various forms ranging from the Exoteric dimension of Hindu polytheism of thirty three crores (330,000,000) of deities to the exoteric dimension of ‘Self-realisation’, ‘Yogic disciplines or meditations’ to the occult practices of Tantra which includes animal as well as human sacrifices.

From the abstract speculation of Vedanta resulting into Egocentricity, we now move on to the Hindu Polytheism wherein lie the dangers of “spiritism” and “idolatry” that are inseparably intertwined in Hinduism. The deities are the evil spirits that are invoked and propitiated by performing various rituals, prescribed in the Veda—also animals as well as human sacrifices — bloody offerings to placate the fierce deities like Shiva, Kali, Durga etc. The cult of Kali well known as “Shaktaism” consists of occult practices which are technically called ‘Tantra” which form the major part of Hinduism. Religious procession exhibit men and women who are possessed with these deities. There have been instances, which I have witnessed, of exorcisms performed by an old priest of Bombay, Fr. Rufus Pereira, who was till recently on the Pontifical Commission for Exorcism (now Parish Priest of St. Pius X Church, Mulund in Bombay), whereby many people who entered Hindu temples or in any way participated in Hindu prayers (ceremonies) or even consumed food offered to idols (prasad) were possessed by the deities, of whom Kali, Ganesh, Shiva, Krishna were common. [See also page 137]

In the Hindu practices, even that which appears as a merely social element is not really free of the ‘spiritual’ significance (I mean in the occult sense) such as men and women applying the red powder (Tilak) on their foreheads which signifies the third eye of Shiva known as “Jnana-Chakshu,”, (Eye of Wisdom) from which flows the ‘river of fire’ and destroys everything, for Shiva is the destroyer of the worlds (hellish indeed).

The Hindu syllable ‘OM’ (which today is adapted and used in the Inculturated Novus Ordo Indian Rite Mass) is the abode of the 33 crores (330 million) of deities that are contained in the infinite cosmic sound ‘OM’.

The Hindu Puranas (Epics) demonstrate that ‘OM’ is the sexual sigh of Shiva while engrossed in mystical union of generation with his consort Parvati (Shaiva Purana).


One of us, Anthony Rodrigues, has witnessed Fr. Rufus Pereira exorcising a woman possessed with the spirit of ‘OM’. Hence, we see magical practices as well as witchcrafts performed with the help of Tantra. There is a vast array of practices to suit every temperament. Hence, the chosen deity may be with form or formless. At the time of initiation, the Guru gives his disciple a ‘mantra’ and this determines the path he will follow and the practices he will take up. The disciple then, according to the instruction of the Guru whom he regards as ‘Shiva’ or ‘Krishna’ incarnated (Guru: Sakshat Parabrahman), performs Japa, i.e. chanting of the magic mantra.

Another form of Hinduism that fascinates many is the ‘Exoteric’ part of Yogic meditations, Yogic exercises (Asanas), exercises regulating and retaining breath (Pranayama) and concentration (Dhyana) that hideously contains the exoteric world of ‘spirits’ and ‘gods’. The ultimate purpose that is spelled out in the Exoteric practices is to attain ‘peace’ (shanti), ‘Equanimity’ (Ekagrata) and finally ‘liberation’ (moksa) from the cycle of ‘re-birth’ (punarjanma).

Meditation is a ‘One-pointed Concentration’ on the chosen deity such as Shiva or Krishna who are both called “Yogeshwara” [means Lord of the Yoga].”

I would like to elaborately dwell a bit on ‘Yoga‘ towards which many in Asia as well as in the West are fascinated.

The Yogic meditations are the highest stage of meditations, beginning with physical exercises, then concentration, culminating in ‘Samadhi’ — union with the deity. This union is attained by the releasing of the ‘serpentine power’ [Kundalini Shakti] which Yoga believes lies asleep in the generative organ [sexual energy]. By practicing Yogic exercises, concentration and Pranayama, the Kundalini Shakti is released thus travelling through the 7 wheels (chakras) invisibly present in every human body, it reaches its climax in the 7th chakra present in the mind that results in the illumination of the mind, like Shiva himself, who facilitates this illumination in ‘Samadhi’. Even the physical exercises are evil, for they implicitly contain the influence of the higher states of meditation and hence, Yogic exercises too are to be refrained from.

Buddhism, as we have seen earlier was in the traditional ethos considered heterodox. But later, in the 8th century A.D., the Brahmins (the Hindu priestly caste) included the ‘Buddha’ as an incarnation of Vishnu in order to prevent the Lower Caste Hindu masses from converting to Buddhism, which they were doing, being tired of suffering oppression from High Caste Brahmins. Hence now Buddhism too falls under the banner of Hinduism, though not very successfully. Nevertheless there are other Buddhist forms of meditation such as Vipassana, Zen meditation, centering prayer, Transcendental meditation (of Maharshi Yogi) that today ensnare many people. Also many other occult practices such as Reiki and Pranic healing that are practices dabbling with the element spirits of the universe (which they call ‘energies’). 8.




Hinduism is called “A Way of Life”. Indeed so, for the diabolic pervades every aspect of a Hindu. Every little food cooked by a Hindu is offered to the deities (Saraswati, Durga who is called Annapurna — which means ‘the One who completes the deliciousness of the food’). The idols installed in houses, temples or on the roadsides are diabolic too: the spirits of the deities they represent are breathed into them through the ceremony which is called “prana pratishta” (‘prana’ is breath; ‘pratishta’ is to install) performed by the Brahmin, who by chanting efficacious mantras infuses into the idol the spirit of the deity. Such is this all-comprehensive phenomenon called ‘Hinduism’.
One among the many forms of the ‘diabolos’, who cunningly has distributed and manifests himself in various religions and cultural forms according to times and places.

All that can be said is “Watch out! For your adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion goes about seeking someone to devour. Resist him, steadfast in the Faith! (1 Peter 5: 8-9). Ave Maria

COMMENT Thanks to all who emailed regarding this article that was posted. It is five years old but priests and lay people must be aware of this. Many priests and nuns have encouraged and promoted this Hinduism and these false religions.


This is a letter I wrote 5 years ago to the author of the Charisindia article, to the then Chairman of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and to Constantine Fernandez who is its current Chairman

Fr. Rufus Pereira; cyriljohn@vsnl.net
; geo_preetha@satyam.net.in; Sent:
Thursday, April 06, 2006 3:03 PM


Dear fellow workers,

Thank you for Fr. Paolo Scarafoni‘s article on New Age, pages 18, 19 in the referred April 2006 issue of Charisindia.

Another very similar one is INTERVIEW: Responding to the Lure of New Age, With Father Paolo Scarafoni of the Academy of Theology, ROME, MARCH 2, 2004 ZE04030220.

It discusses more of what is useful in the Indian context:

-“New Age is nourished by Jung’s psychology, whose approach is clearly anti-Christian.” [Jungian thought is reaching epidemic proportions in Catholic institutions].

-The “fad of trips to India”…

-“The new mysticism, also practiced by many Catholics, is nourished by the most varied traditions of prayer, especially Eastern.” etc.

Fr. Rufus’ article in the March 2006 issue was simply illuminating. And greatly overdue. The one in the April issue was, too. Praise the Lord.

I was long awaiting the day when subjects like these would be dealt with in the pages of CHARISINDIA.

I had always questioned the reason as to why these ‘delicate’ issues are avoided in India, whereas there is no hesitation in our preaching or sharing about them away from home.

I recall that Fr. Franklin D’Souza* [of Shimoga] had recently shown me his copy of the book, and we found that the particular section, that I have in the original publication with me, has been completely removed!


I do not recall if this new edition of Fr. Francis MacNutt’s book is published in India, and hence the editing.


The information has been included in the draft for a future report from this ministry on Bharatanatyam dancing.

The article is much more detailed in CHARISINDIA, than it was in [then] Fr. Francis MacNutt’s book, and therefore more instructive. And while MacNutt uses it to illustrate the need for greater understanding of the ministry of
“deliverance from so-called Hindu gods and goddesses”, I find that Fr. Rufus highlights the importance of Intercession. Whatever it is, it’s now there for all to read, and learn from.

However, there are some differences, if I may point them out. *Now Regional Chaplain of Karnataka YCS/YSM, Bangalore


The Appendix [An Interview with Father Rufus Pereira] clearly specifies that “the girl was taking on the poses of the Hindu god who is called Lataranjan** [sic]- the dancing god.
(This dancing god is an aspect of the god Shiva).” **Nataraja, the spirit-deity of

The interview in the Appendix is very clear that the girl was
diabolically possessed
by that ‘deity’.

The rest of the analysis of this particular incident as well as the interview are most informative.


As the Church in India slides inexorably into “inculturated” practices and worship forms of other religions, from the chanting of “OM” to the practice of yoga and to Bharatanatyam dancing in the sanctuary, is it not time that CHARISINDIA took the lead in writing and speaking prophetically? What are we waiting for? Who are we afraid of hurting or displeasing?

Have we counted the cost? Are we not ready to pay the price? Are we to be pleasers of God, or pleasers of men?

Unless the Renewal fearlessly speaks out, it will have to increasingly carry, in its individual hearts, the unbearable burden of the knowledge that thousands of Catholics are coming under bondage, and that those that are in bondage STAY THAT WAY, because they who minister to them are fearfully ignorant, while the few who know, maintain silence.

I draw bro. Cyril’s attention again to my [unanswered] email letter dated 24th February, in respect of his February CHARISINDIA article, WHEN YOU BECOME UNPOPULAR FOR THE SAKE OF CHRIST.  Cyril?




On the question of yoga, Fr. Rufus concluded, “The purely practical aspects of yoga can be accepted so long as they are deliberately placed under the Lordship of Jesus.”

I am confident that, 28 years of experience after he wrote that, Fr. Rufus would not make that statement today.

One very senior Renewal leader, a priest, once wrote to me the same about the “OM” mantra.

I could safely challenge him to make a public statement on that today, or give it in writing.

He cannot, and he will not.

That being the case, why doesn’t he, and others, say what has to be said, “Do not even enquire about the things that they do“? [cf. Deuteronomy 12:30]


More and more Catholic preachers in India have decided that not everything can be “placed under the Lordship of Jesus”. To be more precise, they MUST all be brought under the Lordship of Jesus, but not all such things may then be used by Catholics for whatever reason. Does one place “OM” or the Shivling
Bharatanatyam under the Lordship of Jesus and then actually USE them in the Church?

Well, that’s exactly what’s being done. Then, why not use them in ministry? Who is to decide whether they have been “placed” successfully under the Lordship of Jesus? There are dozens of questions that I could sincerely ask of you.

Yours, Michael Prabhu

The only later additions in the letter, inserted by me just now, are the few words that are in italics.

I trust that the reader got the gist of what exactly I was trying to convey to the leaders of the Renewal through my letter. They did not respond of course. Let me explain with some examples.



Most of the leading ministries in India appear to be dominated by a spirit of fear or a spirit of compromise. This includes the entire leadership of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal [CCR]. Some of the more outspoken against New Age — and that includes priests — in national-level leadership as well as at regional levels in the CCR have been eased out of office or themselves left because of the subtle hostility, resistance and confrontation that they faced.

One reason is that some senior CCR leaders, including priests, are themselves into New Age.

The wall of silence was breached only on a couple of occasions, like with the publication of Fr. Rufus’ editorial in Charisindia in April 2006. Charisindia, the voice of the CCR in India published a few articles exposing New Age error but mostly in general terms with hardly any specifics that would have been useful to the local Church in confronting a lot of institutionalised evil in its midst.

That does not mean to say that all these leaders are either themselves in error or condone it.

A fair number of them, including regional chairpersons have confidence in this ministry, concur with me on what I write, consult me, and even recommend my ministry to others.


They lament the situation in the Renewal and in the Indian Church, but remain silent in public.

Fr. Rufus Pereira is one of them. He has been conducting his ministries of exorcism and deliverance in India for almost four decades and has a wealth of practical experience such as the case that he wrote about in his Charisindia article, but he chooses not to share them with others. Though he has personally blessed my ministry, I do not hesitate to say that he is accountable for the many Catholics whose lives would have been changed if his knowledge had been imparted to others.

I have appealed to him to change this attitude of his for the good of the Church but he has not replied, though on other occasions he has written to me. He once informed someone to tell me that he appreciates my work but lacks my courage or something to that effect.

The reader must know that a copy of this report, like most others that I wrote on similar subjects, will be sent to Fr. Rufus, and I hope that he will open it and read these lines.


There are many “discrepancies” in Fr. Rufus‘ testimony when compared to the account narrated by Francis MacNutt. When Angela, my wife, read the Charisindia story her conclusion was that the girl was affected by the picture, probably of the god Krishna depicted as a child, on the restaurant wall.

Then why did Fr. Rufus have to start it by describing the girl’s quite obvious Bharatanatyam pose?

Did he change his mind half-way through writing? Did he decide to write a half-truth knowing that many Bombay and national leaders are keenly aware that the girl WAS affected by Nataraja, Shiva, the deity of the “Cosmic Dance”? Did he decide that the reader would work it out for himself?

Whatever the answer, my firm belief is that in spiritual warfare a half-truth is no truth at all.

If one did not know differently, one would think that Francis MacNutt‘s account is of an entirely different event. But, it is the very same one. The young Catholic woman WAS afflicted by the spirit-deity of Bharatanatyam! 10.



In my letter, I had pointed out to the CCR leaders that THE INDIAN EDITION OF MACNUTT‘S BOOK DOES NOT HAVE THE STORY OF THE BHARATANATYAM CASE IN APPENDIX 2, whereas it is there in the foreign editions! I believe that its omission in the Indian edition was intentional.


I wonder if the recipients of my letter on the previous page got my message.

Next week at this time, I will be giving a retreat to a convent high school. The content of one of the talks that I have in mind can be presented under any one of different themes- my testimony, the will of God, sacrifice, obedience, and so on.

Fr. Rufus wrote that Charisindia testimony in the context of “intercession”.

That was no “INTERCESSION” although any prayer on behalf of someone else can be termed “intercession”. That was a case of deliverance and is rightly categorised as such by MacNutt.


I strongly dispute the conclusions [3a.] of the Charismatic Service Team and Fr. Rufus, see page 6, on Yoga! First of all, since 1975, Rome has issued TWO documents explicitly mentioning Yoga and warning of its spiritual dangers. One of the Documents is entirely dedicated to yoga meditation.

Secondly, WHO IS THE COMPETENT AUTHORITY IN THE INDIAN CHURCH to demarcate for the faithful the thin, invisible line between the spiritual-religious-philosophical aspects of Yoga and its supposedly beneficial “physical” aspects? All evidence in the hundreds of pages on Yoga on my web site definitively proves that Yoga simply cannot be called a physical regimen and that a Christian cannot take up any aspect of its practice without compromising his Faith, albeit unknowingly.


In October 1983, it was in Delhi, when someone in deliverance ministry happened to pray over a member of the prayer group of which I was the leader, at our home. The minister, who had come to preach the first English charismatic retreat in almost a decade, was staying at our home which was close to the venue, St. Michael’s Church, and prayed over the prayer group member but NOT for deliverance though we were repeatedly cautioned that it was an unwise thing to do because it was discerned that ministry to that person needed “prayer and fasting”. Overruling the objections, as I was new to such things, I asked the minister to start the prayer. Within a minute, the person began to react violently, a foul smell enveloped us, the person’s head actually began to rotate and the person’s body, hands and legs had to be firmly held down by the spouse, my wife, Angela, and me.

We had never seen anything like that before or even imagined such things as possible.


The person who was prayed for was a member in good standing of our prayer group since its inception in June 1982 and visited the church thrice daily for adoration and prayer.

The word of knowledge received thrice in succession was that the person who had lived earlier in Calcutta, the city whose deities are Kali-Durga, had propitiated the goddess Kali to obtain a favour.

The person had been to the Kali temple for that purpose. The person repeatedly declined to admit guilt or to accept the advice to confess the matter to a priest, and ever after that, we had to endure seeing the person’s head vibrating funnily throughout our prayer meetings.

It so happens that the preacher who prayed for my friend is a relative of mine and is very well known to Fr. Rufus Pereira having studied with him in the first batch of the Bible College, Bombay, a few years before this incident.


Fr. Rufus admits that the spirits behind Hindu deities are demons [the devil, Satan] in this YouTube video, the contents of which I copy here, the entity in question here being the very same Kali.

Fr. Rufus Pereira – Google Videos.flv December 19, 2009 10:34 minutes interview with a Spanish-speaking priest, translated from English into Spanish by a nun, Sr. Jacinta of the Sisters of St. Ann of Providence in Secunderabad, India


Father Rufus, you are in this ministry of deliverance because you are in the charismatic movement. How did you get into it?

Well, it is a long story, to make it short, I encountered the Charismatic Renewal in May 1972 on Pentecost Sunday. It was when I met some American sisters in my parish of St. Andrew’s, Bandra, Bombay, that I came in contact with the Charismatic Renewal. They invited me for their prayer meeting which had started that very week; and when I heard the speaker speaking about St. Paul’s letter to the Galatians, that moved me very deeply. Even though I had done my doctorate in biblical theology in Rome, the way he spoke made the Bible so alive to me that I decided to attend the meeting every week. And then I invited them to my big school hall and then it became the first and biggest prayer meeting in India and from there we went all over the country bringing the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.




The second step … exorcism, how did you get into it?

After I came in contact with the CCR, I began to be invited by the bishops of India to give charismatic retreats to their priests, and within few/five years I had given such retreats to 60 of the 120 dioceses of India.

Then, it was on the feast of St. Anne, the 26th of July 1976 that I had my first case of deliverance, and it took place in the convent of Sr. Jacinta, and that was the beginning of my ministry of deliverance…

[To the nun translating] It was in your convent. [See also page 14]

It was a lay woman, whose ancestors were high priests of the goddess Kali, one of the Hindu gods, and then, at that time I did not believe that devils existed, and if they existed I was very frightened of them, and when I was confronted with this person that was obviously possessed, I hid behind the sisters to protect myself.

I suddenly experienced the power of the Holy Spirit, and I began to pray for this woman in tongues, and immediately I saw a great change in the woman. Her face became like that of an angel, her hands were before like claws forming to choke me and then her hands were raised up in praise of God. And then I was convinced that devils do exist and I was more convinced that by the power of the Holy Spirit we can defeat the enemy. From that day I must have had about 20,000 cases of healing, deliverance or exorcism.

One of the last cases I had was in Brazil. The last weekend of September, I was invited to preach an Inner Healing retreat to 40,000 people in the stadium and that program was seen by 7 million people over … TV.

And on the 22nd of September after the program the ministry of deliverance brought one case to me for prayers, a case that was being prayed over for years sometimes the whole night There was a young girl of twenty-one who had consecrated herself to satan, whose parents consecrated her to satan when she was born, and when I began to pray for her, she became so violent that six men had to hold her. At one point she even jumped upon me and threw me on the ground. It was the fourth time I was really attacked by satan. The next day they brought her again to me for prayers and by the power of the prayer of deliverance grad she changed. She was completely freed from the power of evil. She invited me even to sit next to her; and she told me done be afraid let your men hold me but I want you to sit next to me. I went and sat next to her and she collapsed on my lap and she held on to me seeing in me a father. And her face was that of an angel and she had a very beautiful smile on her face.


[At the above link, one can find other videos of Fr. Rufus Pereira on his ministry of deliverance.]

One wonders why he doesn’t mention these cases of deliverance from spirit-deities of Hindu gods when he preaches in India. I have attended his talks and seminars in Delhi, in Chennai and in Ernakulam but I have never, ever heard him share experiences such as these.

One such was the February 2004 three-day Asian Seminar on Healing and Deliverance in Kaloor, Ernakulam, Kerala, given along with Fr. Larry Hogan, Chief Exorcist of the Archdiocese of Vienna.

That was when both priests had twice publicly confirmed my stand that homoeopathy is New Age in response to doubts that arose [over the correctness of my position in a 38-page article which I had distributed there] and in response to questions that were raised by some regional leaders.


Fr. Rufus
had admitted to a group of us – who asked why it was named a healing seminar when there was no teaching on healing – that it was really a Seminar on EXORCISM and DELIVERANCE – which was self-evident — but the Bishops would not permit the use of the term “EXORCISM”!!!!!

At the first Catholic Apologetics Seminar in India in Kochi [Cochin], May 18 to 20, 2007 given by a lay person from the US, Indian expatriate Dr. Francis Thomas, and organized by the Jesus Youth, some Kerala Bishops had disallowed the use of the term “Apologetics”
out of fear of the Hindutva forces or something like that, I was informed by reliable Jesus Youth sources!!!!!

Apparently the Charismatic Renewal is not a prophetic voice as it should be in the Indian Church but a pious activity that the bishops regulate even in minor issues. It is no wonder that some of the leading speakers at charismatic retreats are themselves priests and lay persons who are guilty of indulging in liturgical abuse or New Age. New Age and other error have popped up at several retreats or seminars that I have attended as in the one that I am going to refer to next, and that is one big reason for the unhappiness of certain senior leaders when they see me show up anywhere.

I actually had my registration money RETURNED to me AFTER I had successfully registered and been accepted at the subsequent “Seminar on the gifts and charisms of the Holy Spirit“, see below, in New Delhi! The incident that I am going to relate below was left uncorrected despite my immediately taking issue with the CCR leaders and speakers present, one of whom was Fr. Rufus Pereira. No wonder I am so popular with them!


The information below is extracted from my article







“In January 2005, the National Service Team [NST] of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal [CCR] held a Seminar on the gifts and charisms of the Holy Spirit at Dhyana Ashram here in Chennai. I attended the entire programme. One speaker was Rev. Fr. A. J. Thamburaj S.J., twice former National Chairman of the CCR.

On the 24th of January, at 5:45 pm., Fr. Thamburaj gave us a workshop on how to learn the practice and exercising of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

For the best results, our gifts must be constantly and diligently exercised, he said.

Next, he took the occult practice of pendulum dowsing as a practical example of developing the gifts.

He proudly announced that he possesses the ‘gift’ of water divination!

While admitting to having exercised the ‘gift’ with a divining rod, he explained that if he were to now devote his time and continue to ‘use’ it, he would not have time for his charismatic ministry.

It is obvious that Fr. Thamburaj would not be aware that he has this ‘gift’ if he had not previously ‘used’ it with ‘positive’ results.

As a second example, Fr. Thamburaj also spoke with enthusiasm about a seminarian friend of his who used a bunch of keys which started ‘turning very quickly’ when he was divining for stuff, and who “now uses this gift to mint money”. All this was said, most regrettably, while introducing us to the development and use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit!!

There were about 40 persons attending this Seminar on the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The other speakers and those present at the Seminar included Fr. Rufus Pereira, and other national-level CCR leaders including Benjamin Gonzaga, then Chairman of the Madras Service Team [MST], Thomas Manuel, former and again later Chairman of the MST, the national-level leader of the CCR youth, and several more.

During the next intermission, I tried to bring the issue to the attention to some of the organizers and leaders but was not reassured that any corrective measures would be taken.

A few of them listened to me sadly, heads down, silent, with no comment.

Mr. Gonzaga informed me that he himself is an engineer, and learnt dowsing during his college studies, and that he did not think that it was wrong. After saying that he tried to hurry away saying that he was busy, and had things to organize. When I tried to press the issue, he turned hostile, and walked away.

Despite my objections, which were conveyed to all those who mattered, a retraction was not made by either Fr. Thamburaj or by the organizers during the remaining two days of the seminar.

I then wrote to selected leaders of the CCR at the national level, including some of those who were present, explaining that Fr. Thamburaj once again** [mis-]used his position of leadership and authority in the CCR to promote a New Age practice, and that I intended to bring out a pamphlet on such forms of divination, and mention this incident in it. I RECEIVED NO RESPONSE FROM ANY OF THE CCR LEADERS.

In the preceding talk that Fr. Rufus gave on Inner Healing, he had mentioned that 80 to 90% of Catholics have at one time or another indulged in some form of occult healing. He noted that it constitutes “the most common and most damaging obstacle [to healing] in a Christian’s life”.


I would safely add from my personal experience that roughly 25% of charismatics, maybe much more, including leaders in the renewal, have used occult alternative medicines and dubious meditation techniques either pre-renewal or even while continuing to be in prayer groups.

However many leaders have steadfastly continued to reject the possibility that anyone in their groups have ever been involved in such things and do not even permit these issues to be discussed or lectured on.

If Fr. Rufus’ statement is to be taken seriously, how are priests like Fr. Thamburaj permitted to continue to preach and to minister in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

**‘Once again’: In the initial stages of this ministry, I have reported that Fr. Thamburaj has been associated with the practise of pranic healing and reiki. He has later studied Zen meditation at Fr. Ama Samy S.J.’s Bodhi Zendo ashram. He has attempted to introduce charismatics to these New Age therapies and meditations by frequently mentioning them at charismatic meetings and by inviting people to try them out.

These earlier reports and numerous letters to the concerned leaders are presently available only in hardcopy. They will be soon be copied into my computer and uploaded on this ministry’s website.

Meanwhile, this ministry’s efforts to bring these issues to the attention of CCR leaders has been the cause of certain retaliatory reactions which will be revealed in due course.


Why does Fr. Rufus Pereira speak and act fearlessly only outside India?

Healing by Francis MacNutt (from the Jan/Feb 2002 issue) Christian Healing Ministries ~ The Healing Line


More on exorcism

Back in the 1970’s, I met a brilliant young priest, Fr. Rufus Pereira, who had gotten involved in exorcism back in his native India. Then in 1978,
he, among others, invited me to bring a team to preach in India, where he showed me how many people were inhabited by demons in the form of Hindu gods
. (You will find an interview with Fr. Rufus in the Appendix to my book Deliverance from Evil Spirits.) 13.




One of my many happy reunions in Rome was meeting Fr. Rufus again after 25 years, and to hear him give a 20-minute talk on exorcism. He presented a remarkable narrative about the amazing breakthrough in this ministry in which he has labored so long during an often lonely walk, as he has tried to communicate his knowledge about the need for deliverance from evil. Now, at last, the “glass ceiling” seems to be pierced and he is seeing a dramatic growth in interest among Church authorities… In one diocese in Africa, after Fr. Rufus gave a talk to priests on deliverance, one priest stood up and said that all of them, including the bishop, had been involved in the occult as part of their cultural, family background. He admitted that they send their difficult cases to the local witchdoctors. He asked if Rufus would tell them how to deal with these cases. Instead, Rufus
said, “I’ll show you what I do.”
On the last day of the retreat the priests brought him some 30 cases of demonic oppression and all were delivered with the help of 120 priests, within just 30 minutes!

Now, Fr. Rufus has taken to praying for entire countries. In Haiti, for example, at a congress for 60,000 people, he prayed for deliverance for this land that has been so subject to violence, poverty and voodoo, since that country’s leaders dedicated Haiti to Satan 150 years ago.

Talking with him after his presentation, I asked him whether he wasn’t meeting skepticism and resistance on the part of some leaders; he responded by saying that he now finds many bishops open to this topic, but the most resistant group are theologians who teach in seminaries.

One conclusion that Fr. Rufus has come to – with which we certainly agree: deliverance is a ministry of compassion for the afflicted, more than a ministry of power against the oppressing spirits.

If African Catholics need to be delivered, one can only imagine the condition of Catholics in India with so much abuse — one being Bharatanatyam — in the name of inculturation and adaptation.


The MacNutt interview was not a one-off thing that resulted only because he was an eye-witness at the Bombay deliverance case.

There is the YouTube video whose link I provided on page 11*. There are certainly many more instances which I could find if I would spend more time searching on the Internet. *the same incident [here, the mention of Kali is again studiously avoided] from another Indian-run site:


My First Case of Deliverance by Fr. Rufus Pereira July 29, 2010


It was in 1976 that I had my first case of Exorcism or Deliverance… 

Retreat to the Sisters of St. Ann of Providence

I went to a town in Central India, called Secunderabad, to give a charismatic retreat to the Sisters of St. Ann of Providence. I had hardly retired to my room for a much-needed rest, after the solemn Mass and festive lunch on the last day of the retreat, 26th of July, the Feast of St. Anne, when, to my annoyance, there was a knock at my door. The Provincial, the Superior and the Novice Mistress, apologised for disturbing me but they said that two women, blood sisters, of a well known Catholic family in the parish, wanted me to come and pray over the son of one of them who was hospitalised in the mental asylum in the city. For, after hearing my talk on healing at the outreach the previous evening, they felt very strongly that the young man was not mentally sick but possessed.


I just laughed quietly to my self, since I could not accept that in these modern times people could get possessed, and said that I would not be able to come with them to pray over the young man, but that they should pray by themselves. They went on, however, insisting that the many physical sicknesses and emotional disturbances tormenting their families were due to the affliction of a popular demon goddess, whose high priests their pagan ancestors had been, and that in spite of attending daily Mass and saying the daily family Rosary they were not getting any better.

I did not believe then that such demons really existed. 

In fact when I received the minor order of exorcist at the Collegio Urbano de Propaganda Fide, in Rome, I took it very lightly, not foreseeing that this would turn out to become for me a major disorder in my life, so to say. Moreover, I must admit, I was even somewhat irritated with the Sisters and the family for disturbing my siesta. So I just told them to keep on praying even more. As the last resort they pleaded, “But can’t you pray for us now.” I retorted that I would, hopefully, pray for them later by myself.  

But just then it seemed as if the Lord was speaking to me, “Rufus, these people have come asking you as a priest to pray for them now. You pray for them NOW.” 

Well, I was somewhat annoyed with the Lord. Anyway I did pray, rather reluctantly and casually, I am sorry to say, and softly, that Jesus would free this family from that demon — again if he existed.

The reaction was instantaneous and most unexpected.
The shorter woman, the pious one, who had been narrating to me all their woes while continuously fingering her rosary beads, was hurled to the ground with great force, and —
for the first time in my life, I came face to face with the evil one. 

I hid behind the nuns, as it screamed obscenities at me and shouted at me to return to Bombay — in English, which she did not know, and tried to spring on to me and throttle me. I did not know what to do — since I was not trained in the seminary for such unexpected hazards. I just felt powerless to do anything at all. I had no courage to ask it to come out of the woman — I presumed by now that it was the devil himself or herself.



The 20 young novices did come to my rescue as they poured bottles of holy water onto the woman — but to no avail.

Suddenly I felt a reassuring anointing of the Holy Spirit, empowering the grace of my priesthood, and guiding me to pray softly but confidently in tongues, the doorway, I had been told, to the charisms of knowledge and power. I realised later that I had been unwittingly duplicating the experience of St. Paul,
“The Spirit too comes to help us in our weakness, for, when we do not know how to pray properly, then the Spirit personally makes our petitions for us in groans that cannot be put into words” (Rom 8:26). There was an equally instant transformation in the woman, from a devilish face of hate and claw like hands, to an angelic countenance of gentleness and hands lifted up in praise of God — even though she was still flat on her back on the floor. She was now so weak and lifeless, but peaceful and joyful, that the family had to take her home in a vehicle.

A week later I was once again in Secunderabad for a retreat to priests. As I was praying for the general public one by one at a healing service on 4th of August, the feast of St. John Mary Vianney, the patron of priests in the pastoral ministry, victorious in his daily conflict with the Evil One, suddenly there stood in front of me the same two women, that had come for prayers in St. Ann’s Convent the week before, and their families. On noticing them, I said to myself, “Oh, not again!” and spoke rather curtly, “But, I have already prayed for you.” They said that they had come this time not to ask but to thank God for the great deliverance and healing that they, even as a joint family, had experienced.

The daughter of the woman, that had been oppressed and was now freed, related how their father had left the family when they were very small, and they had blamed their mother for his desertion, since she was just impossible to get on with. But ever since that day of liberation she had become a totally different woman — so gentle and caring, and then they knew that the family break up had not really been her fault. They added that their mother had lost complete vision of one eye and had only 50% vision in the other, due to a thorn poke. But ever since that day she had recovered complete vision in both her eyes. The nuns also confirmed that the whole family had become thereafter a healthy and happy family.

This was my first case of deliverance, and it was a case that ended so quickly and completely — only with the authority of Jesus and by the power of his Holy Spirit (and, I believe, through the intercession of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and of St. Anne), and like St. John Mary Vianney, not through my intelligence, knowledge, experience, training or special gift. There was a time when I myself was afraid of evil spirits, even though I was not sure if they existed, till I realised right from this first case that they are more afraid of the power of our Baptism and especially of the power of the Priesthood, just as the seventy-two could say triumphantly, “Lord, even the devils submit to us when we use your name” (Luke10:17).

It is sad that today many of our people in their many and diverse needs go either to unquestionable spiritists or to questionable neo-Pentecostal healers. Fortunately the Catholic Charismatic Renewal has been helping in this spiritual warfare through a renewed ministry of deliverance, activated by the emergence and manifestation of this specific charism of the Holy Spirit, when the priest, or layperson exercising this ministry under ecclesial authority, prays for a person that is presumably under demonic influence.

This is because, in preparation for Vatican Council II, Pope John XXIII had led the Church in a prayer, “O Holy Spirit … Renew thy wonders in this our day as by a new Pentecost.” That prayer has been answered in an incredible manner, by a revival and profusion of charisms, which, as the Dogmatic Constitution of the Church states, “are useful for the renewal and expansion of the Church.”
This is what Pope John Paul II meant, when in 1983 he called for a New Evangelization, new in zeal, in methods and in expressions. This is what he had in mind, in looking forward with glorious expectation to the New Millennium becoming “a great springtime for Christianity” (RM 86).

“Christ To The World” is an India-related overseas Catholic ministry.


Two more articles by Fr. Rufus Pereira from another Indian-run Dubai-based site in which the ‘gods’ behind the cases of possession/deliverance are not named:

1. Holy Spirit Interactive Issue #105, March 12, 2006 Category: Intercession. The same as the Charisindia article http://www.holyspiritinteractive.net/columns/rufuspereira/ledbythespirit/38.asp

2. Holy Spirit Interactive Issue #179, March 15, 2009 Category: Charisms.


During the 3rd National Charismatic Convention in Mumbai, India, in 1978, the prayers and rituals, of all those in the ministry of deliverance, from India and abroad, made the whole day over a girl, who was so obviously possessed by some evil spirit, proved fruitless. When a month later the family brought this girl again for prayers, we made it clear to them that we would rather first ask the Holy Spirit for a word of knowledge directly to us or though the girl, so that we could know clearly and correctly what to pray for. As we were together in prayer, the girl suddenly cried out that she remembered something about herself and her family, which she felt she should share with us. This turned out to be the root cause of her oppression and the entry point of the evil spirit, proved by the fact that a short and simple prayer of inner healing and deliverance now acted instantly and completely…

When our prayers of hours, made by me with the Sisters and the college girls, who had accompanied this young collegian, who had come under a violent demonic attack during the prayer for the Baptism of the Spirit at the end of another National Charismatic Convention, proved futile, we stopped praying for deliverance and instead asked the Holy Spirit for a Word of Wisdom, to enable us to know what we should do to help this girl to be set free. As if in quick and direct answer to our prayer, the Lord seem to tell us very clearly, both during our prayer and soon after through the girl, that we should do exactly what he did in the case of the young man, who was tormented by an unclean spirit, as related in Mark’s Gospel (9:14-29). We did just as God’s Word directed and inspired us to act and the girl was finally set free quickly in the same way…



A young school teacher, whose life was dramatically changed ever since she had attended our retreat, where she had experienced a great deliverance, was now drawing crowds, including priests and nuns, with her prophetic words and healing prayers. But the Sister Principal of her School, very disturbed by all this, asked me when I was passing through that town to discern the authenticity of this ministry, saying that it is during the singing of the hymn to the Holy Spirit that she claims that the Spirit has now come upon her and she then prophesies and prays over people. This also happened when I was with her and she was now saying, “Rufus, my son…” etc. I looked straight into her eyes and said, “I know who you are”. She at once replied in another voice, “I knew I could not fool you”. That was the end of her crowd pulling but bizarre phenomenon, and a continuation of her former humble ministry of an evangelistic school teacher.

I was caught unawares and by surprise when a village woman, whose ancestors were supposedly devil worshippers, manifested such frightening signs of demonic possession, on just being prayed over in a convent, even somewhat reluctantly, by a simple and short prayer of deliverance, for the first time in my pastoral ministry. I just stood passively and safely at a distance, as the nuns kept pouring bottles of holy water on the woman, who was staring at me with devilish eyes, wanting to rush me down with her claw like hands, and screaming at me in perfect English to leave that town, – when suddenly I was inspired to pray in tongues over her. This was the first time I ever used this charism for a person in need. To my astonishment she was instantly delivered, with her face now looking like that of an angel and her hands raised gently in praise, even while still lying peacefully on the floor.

Here, Fr. Rufus does not elaborate on what that “something about herself and her family” that caused the “violent demonic attack” and left the girl “tormented by an unclean spirit” was. We know by now that it was the spirit of Shiva-Nataraja the deity of Bharatanatyam. In the second case, the woman “whose ancestors were high priests of the goddess Kali, one of the Hindu gods“, see page 12, suddenly becomes a “woman whose ancestors were supposedly devil worshippers“. What happened to Kali?

Why is the truth obfuscated? It is apparent that this is being done only on India-connected sites.

One more thing becomes clear in this obfuscation of the truth: by Fr. Rufusown admission, although inadvertently, the “high priests of the goddess Kali, one of the Hindu gods” were “devil worshippers“, which means that, as far as Catholics are concerned, to pay homage to Hindu gods is to worship the devil. This is because, in doing so, they break the First Commandment.

I repeat what I said earlier – that one cannot, and must not, ever say the same for a Hindu who, in good faith and according to the knowledge that he has, worships his or her god.


Is the unwillingness of Fr. Rufus Pereira and other ministers of deliverance like him to literally “name the devil”, the “spirit of fear” or the “spirit of cowardice” that St. Paul condemns in his letter to Timothy [2 Timothy 1:7, New American Bible]? God did not give it to us, he says.

Is that spirit also the reason why the Bishops of India refuse to allow the Church to exercise a ministry of exorcism in a nation that needs it as much as the African continent or Haiti with their voodoo culture do? Let us recall the words of a Bishop already quoted on page 3:

Some dances and gestures from pre-Christian traditions relate to cults or worship of false gods, even demons, not to mention the erotic overtones of some dances that would also exclude them from Catholic worship. Borrowing from another religious culture, for example Hinduism, may also raise problems of catechetical confusion or even syncretism- Most Rev. Peter John Elliott, Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne, Australia



Check out my short page 12 account of the Kaloor February 2004 three-day Asian Seminar on Healing and Deliverance where Fr. Rufus Pereira along with Fr. Larry Hogan, Chief Exorcist of the Archdiocese of Vienna condemned the use of homoeopathic medicine before a galaxy of senior charismatic leaders and priests. They even held up in their hands a copy of the book “Esoteric Practices and Christian Faith, An Aid to Discernment*” by Fr. Clemens Pilar COp, Vienna, 2001, translated from the original German by Frau Felicitas Piccolomini, evangelist from Germany, 2003.


An extremely helpful book, which very carefully, yet in a totally practical way demonstrates, where, when and how esoteric concepts are being insinuated into our daily life – without our being aware of it. Out of his own experience the author explains why this can often be quite dangerous. His logical explanations greatly encourage the development of the – nowadays so necessary – gift of discernment in the reader.

CHF 9.00 (Plus Versandkosten) Bestellung: Ref. Nr.:  PCP-EGE1



In that book, Fr. Clemens Pilar, who works with Fr. Larry Hogan, clearly states:

Apart from its scientific questionability, homoeopathy is an important carrier of esoteric ideas.

If somebody asserts… that homoeopathy has nothing to do with esotericism, then this is factually wrong…

We see an introduction of an impersonal force as the life giving principle. 16.


This idea is found in Gnostic tradition as well…

(In homoeopathic teaching) behind the visible material body of man, there is an energy body (depending on your culture- or in the esoteric sense- on your taste, whether it is called chi, prana, Vis Vitalis… etc…)

Vitalism teaches that man is animated by a ‘vital soul’ i.e a ‘spirit-like vital energy’ (as Hahnemann himself put it). This Vis Vitalis (Latin for life force) is nothing else but a ‘second soul’ or an ‘unconscious’ soul… Here homoeopathy depends on the idea that- seen from the Christian point of view- very definitely can be characterised as problematical.

There is a historical trail from homoeopathy to the [occult New Age therapy] Bach-flowers (Eduard Bach, the inventor of this therapy began his career as a homoeopath). Even today, many patients follow the same trail. Once the door to irrationalism has been opened, there is no stopping.

It is not correct to say that a rejection of homoeopathy only happens due to a lack of knowledge. Scientifically founded criticism comes from highly competent experts. Prof. Otto Prokop in his book Homoeopathie- Was leistet sie wirklich? quotes a whole list of such scientists. One of the outstanding critics, Prof. Fritz Donner, was even a former homoeopath himself. We can hardly attribute his critical attitude to lack of competence. A professor of pathology, Dr. Werner Dutz said, ‘Homoeopathy is voodoo. That is the only thing doctors can say about it. As far as the philosophical aspect is concerned, it should be assessed by the priests, who should rack their brains about it, but it is not the task of the medical sciences to deal with this.’


Fr. Clemens Pilar has given me his permission to post his article on Homoeopathy* on my web site and he also sent me thirteen other articles on New Age authored by him. One can also read them on my site. He is an authority, one of the more prolific Catholic writers in German, on New Age.



I have also amassed preponderous evidence against Homoeopathy which is shown up to be an esoteric, occult, New Age
remedy that satisfies enough of the conditions for something to be declared as New Age or “alternative medicine” as laid out in the Vatican Document on the New Age of February 3, 2003. These evidences are presented by me in my five [till now] articles and reports












But, most strangely, Fr. Rufus Pereira appears to contradict his earlier openly-declared position.


Erika Gibello, a pharmacologist by academic training and learning and a well-known international Catholic retreat preacher and seminar speaker in charismatic circles as well as in theological and intellectual circles in the Catholic Church, the author of a book in German on New Age, not yet translated into English, is an outspoken critic of Homoeopathy. Being a trained pharmacologist who keeps herself updated by close interaction with eminent Catholic ministries all across Europe, AS WELL AS a knowledgeable Catholic who is faithful to the teachings of Rome, she should know!


Recall that Fr. Rufus Pereira is the PRESIDENT of the International Association for Deliverance [IAD]
VICE-PRESIDENT of the Association of Exorcists International [AIE]
see page 1.


Erika Gibello‘s article on Homoeopathy is included in my own compiled work “HOMOEOPATHY AN UNSCIENTIFIC NEW AGE FRAUD“, and she and I have discussed the pros and cons of Homoeopathy for years in our exchanges of letters. I reproduce here her article in full along with some letters in case the reader is inclined to agree with Fr. Rufus Pereira that Homoeopathy is a benign ‘medicine’.


HOMOEOPATHY by Erika Gibello, 2003

Dr Samuel (Christian Friedrich) Hahnemann was born in Meissen, Germany on 11th April 1755. He studied medicine in Leipzig and later was practicing in Vienna, where he received his medical doctorate. He recognized the limitation of the medical treatments of his time that were based on the classical theory of “Contraria Contraris” (healing Opposites by Opposites). He tirelessly denounced prevalent therapeutic methods. 17.



Whilst translating a medical treatise by Dr. Cullen, defending the Peruvian bark (Quinin) in the treatment of Malaria, he rejected Dr. Cullen’s theory. He propounded his own theory: “Peruvian bark, which is used for fever acts because it can produce similar symptoms to those of fever in healthy people.” With this statement he formulated his new medical law: “Similia Similibus Curentur” (Like cures like.)

Right from the onset of his medical carrier he made enemies in the medical establishment. He had a small crowd of student-supporters, mainly because he recommended hygiene, correct diet and cleanliness in the day-to-day living. All were new concepts in his days.

There are two steps in the medical treatment that he recommended:

1) the doctor should know what the effects of the administered drug would have on a healthy person.

2) one should treat the disease with a remedy, which will cause a similar disease in the person, and the former will be healed.

He further propounded the medication of “pure” drugs rather then mixtures. When applying pure substances he encountered side effects. To avoid these he started to dilute these substances with neutral medias by shaking or rubbing.

He wrote several books of which the “Organon of Medicine” is the most important. In it he clarifies his position vis à vis the medical establishment. “The medical properties of those material substances which we call medicines relate only to their energy to call out alterations in the well-being of animal life. This conceptual principle of life attributes their medicinal health altering influence.”

It is therefore clear from Hahnemann’s writing that it is the energy released during the process of “potencization”, (diluting and shaking/rubbing) and not the inherent medicinal properties of the substance used as the “medicine” that effects the cure.

He writes that it is not the sickness he wishes to cure, but “spiritum vitae” of man. He attributes to the pure substances some “inner medical power” that in turn will affect the “spiritual life” in the patient, and hence heal him/her.

“Homoeopathy does not treat diseases, but human beings suffering from diseases. The whole human being, spirit/soul and body, is here the center of attention”.

We deal here with an apparent “energy-transfer”. Apparently by shaking the substance with a neutral dilution (water/milk/ sugar/alcohol) the inert energy of the substance is released and affects the spirit in man, by restoring its balance. The imbalance is what causes sickness. For the correct choice of substance one has to observe not only the symptoms of the sickness, but also the whole personality of the patient. How is this supposing to work? Hahnemann himself gives the answer. “As this natural law manifests itself in every pure experiment it matters little what may be the scientific explanation of how it takes place.”

Science is totally disregarded by homoeopaths till now!

In his book the “Organon of Medicine” he discusses potencization: “The homoeopathic system of medicine develops for its special use, to a hitherto unheard of degree, the inner medicinal powers of the crude substances by means of a process peculiar to it and which hitherto has never been tried, whereby only they all become immeasurably and penetratingly officious and remedial, even those that in the crude state give no evidence of the slightest medicinal power on the human body. This remarkable change in the qualities of natural bodies develops the latent, hitherto unperceived, as if slumbering, hidden dynamic powers which influence the life-principle……………


This is effected by mechanical action upon their smallest particles by means of shaking and rubbing and through the addition of an indifferent substance, dry or fluid. This process is called dynamizing, potencizing……..”

How is this carried out?

To prepare a medicine of one potency on the centesimal scale, one part of the drug is diluted with 99 parts of the diluents vehicle, an inert or known non-medical substance, usually sugar, milk or rectified spirit. Thereafter, and it is a must, the drug is mixed through rubbing or shaking for about an hour. The resultant total has one potency.

Out of the above 100 parts of potency one, one part is taken and mixed with another 99 parts of diluent. After rubbing or shaking for one-hour potency two is produced. And so on, till potencies of 30, 200, 1000, 10000,100000 are achieved.

Hahnemann declared: “the greater the potencization, the greater was the power of the medicine in curing the symptoms homeopathically indicated.”

By the third potency, the degree of dilution is one-millionth. It is difficult to imagine how much of the original drug is still to be found in such high dilution of 10.000 or higher potencies.

This fact makes it abundantly clear that we have to turn for an answer to the so called “Universal” energy question that carries the whole homoeopathic medical system.

Hahnemann lived in times of great social and spiritual changes. He was born not 40 years before the French Revolution. The age of “enlightenment” was unfolding, scientific experiences were on its way to replace medieval medical assumption, based on various worldviews. For the first time oriental philosophy could be read.

The idea of a Universal Energy as the permeating, life giving factor caught the imagination of many.

The idea that created materials are held together by this energy triggered the imagination of Hahnemann. He assumed that by shaking one could release the power, and that power, being a spiritual farce could then alter the “Spiritum Vitae” in man. First he thought in terms of “strengthening the immune body” to help the patient to heal him/herself faster. Already in the second edition of the ”Organon” he corrected this idea and the released energy changes the symptoms itself. Hence great attention is given to diagnose the symptoms. Dowsing (pendulum) and an astrological chart maybe used for that purpose.



If there is a healing effect found with homoeopathy it has till today no scientific explanation. Medical research has not found any confirmation of this theory of energy release and transfer, and it is assumed that self healing, which is naturally given in nature, and a placebo effect are causing a psychological condition in the patient that furthers the healing. Serious sickness cannot be healed. For example pneumonia, leprosy etc.

Furthermore the near ritualistic application of the medicine causes the trusting patient to relax and be open for healing.

What the “energy” concerns we have to discern the difference between Created energy and the Live-Giving energy, the Holy Spirit. Created energy holds the universe together. Created energy cannot be released from the atom by shaking or rubbing, as is well known in our century. People like Einstein, Heisenberg, Planck, and others who worked in this field discovered the mathematical equations for the materialization of energy and vice versa.

Life-giving energy is none other then the Holy Spirit. As believing Christians we know that only the Holy Spirit can transform our human spirit. The Holy Spirit cannot be “caught” out of the air (see Rei-ki or Pranic healing) nor can He be invoked. The only way is via the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ through Him we can repent and be forgiven which changes our spirit. (Credo of the Catholic Church)

Hahnemann was influenced by the philosophy of Confucius that propounds the balancing of energy for a happy and healthy life. He called Jesus an arch-romantic and preferred to meet his master, Confucius in the after life.

He also adhered to Swedenborgian believers of the spiritist sect in the 17 century in Sweden. He claimed to be inspired by God (obviously not Jesus Christ, since he rejected him). Furthermore there is sufficient evidence that he joined in his youth the Freemasons. This personal data of Hahnemann should be a guideline for Christians to make a correct decision concerning homoeopathic treatment.

The introduction of the use of universal energy for healing purpose puts homoeopathy on the same level as many alternative medicines and healing methods of the New Age, as explained in the recently released Vatican Document on that subject (3 February, 2003).

Universal energy, Ki, Chi, Prana, Bio-energy, Vital force are a few of the names given to it in the various New Age healing methods. I Corinthians 2:14, I Corinthians 6:12, Leviticus 20:6, Deuteronomy 18:10 ff.


Sent: Monday, November 24, 2003 2:24 AM

Subject: Re: Fw: Letter to Fr. Rufus regarding Seminar on Deliverance

Even HOMEOPATHY belongs to this category [New Age], as it deals with “shaking” it out or breaking the substance to release the universal energy to affect not the sickness, but the spiritum vitae (the soul) in man. (even if Hahnemann had no idea about the immune body and he meant this rather then the soul in man), the fact is that we cannot by shaking and diluting the substances (or medicines) release any inert or universal energy. All what is achieved is the loss of any acting substance, to the point that there is no chemical substance left in the “medication”, which then is working, if at all anything, is the PLACEBO effect.

erikagibello To:
Sent: Friday May 06 2005 3:47 AM

Subject: Re: Please could you send me your pages on homeopathy and acupuncture?

See attachment: My write-up on HOMEOPATHY

Erika Gibello has used some of my research on Martial Arts, etc. in her book.


In January 2007, Erika Gibello wrote this letter to a seminarian who then came to learn about my ministry, shared the following with me, and remains in contact with me ever since:

Homoeopathy – Erika Gibello

Dear name withheld,

There can be a lot said in respect of the Neo-Hindu religious movements.

Concerning Yoga, I have sent you some notes in response to Michael [Prabhu]‘s articles and web site just now.

Now Homoeopathy was invented by the German Hahnemann at the end of the 18th century, a time in Europe of tremendous changes (French Revolution, Mathematics, Science) – leaving behind magical thinking. Hahnemann had the idea that the energies of the substances (not just herbs, but bones and stones and metals etc) will when being broken up give up their energy and hence he started to dilute them by shaking and adding water or alcohol.

The more diluted is supposed to be more energy free, which in turn should strengthen the sick person’s ability to heal themselves (what we call today Immune system). This idea of the energy exchange and balance come from the Chinese traditional way of thinking and was put together by Lao-tze in his [Taoist] philosophy.

It is a mythological way of interpreting nature and our surrounding and rests in the last instance in a dualistic approach of observing nature: Light/dark, male/female, hard/soft etc. All natural observations which were explained with energies or lack of energy. God the Creator does not play any part in the Chinese [Taoist] philosophy. It is mostly concerned with healthy and happy living conditions.

Now, what energies concern: We know today two forms of energy: The Personal: The Holy Spirit of God and the impersonal created energies: Atom energy, Gravity, Magnetism. Neither the first nor the latter can be gained through shaking.

Coming back to Hahnemann and his Homoeopathy: The medications he prescribes are in three categories: Lower potencies, medium and high potencies. Each is reached by dilution in the form of shaking (or rubbing) when he formed globolis– this means in Latin small ball or pill. 19.



The lower potencies can carry dangers, as Homoeopathy uses heavy metals at times, which are forbidden in modern medicine, the medium range has some medical success, which is mostly attributed to the placebo effect. It works on children, animals and allergic patients- all easy subject to placebo influence, as they are depending on the parents or carer. Many allergies are rooted in a psychological state of insecurity (often generational) and hence can be “cured” psychologically with a placebo. Additionally much of the application is strictly regulated in ever so small doses, which has nearly a “liturgical effect”.

What I am saying is this:

Medically seen there is no effect as there is no substance or chemical in the medicine which could work in or on the body! What is working: most likely a placebo effect. The Homoeopath will never permit modern tests and scientific experiment (the same application with the same results) All homeopathy medicines are individually produced (originally they are meant to be for this one person only in his/her circumstances). This is not fully valid in modern times, also the diagnostic methods using often modern clinical methods of testing. Especially in the big pharmaceutical companies, never the less the actual medications have next to no chemicals.

There has been a research by a French Doctor in the 1960s and he assumed that the water molecules get imprinted by the substance which it dilutes! Well he was excluded by the French Medical Association. Recently an Australian claims this “discovery” for himself. In Australia are not the same strict medical circumstances legally as in Europe, so he got away with his theories, which are nonsense to any scientific informed person!

What is working: We do not know. If there are “energies” they are not of scientific nature and you can think about certain “elemental spirits of the universe”, but before coming to extreme conclusions let’s look what these medications have as spiritual “fruits”, to speak in biblical terms. Health and well- being are not necessarily the highest criteria, but to observe what happens in time. Dependency forming attributes!

Now read St Pauls I Corinthians 6:12… “I will not be dominated by anything”: and before we conclude that maybe evil spirits are working we can see a “natural” inclination dependency to the point of refusing, even in emergency cases like pneumonia, modern, well attested pharmaceutica are refused, which can lead to death (so it cannot be in the will of God).

I have a story in India about this and also same story in Brazil, where I could save people by immediately telling them to take antibiotics, and leave homoeopathy. Both were saved from a certain death.

I am a qualified pharmacist, with a fully qualified studium in Homoeopathy. This is the law in Austria. So I am not talking from hear-say or prejudice, but from knowledge and later experience in the healing ministry.

With this dependency a form of anxiety enters people’s lives: fears are not of God and you might or might not take Homeopathy, but if in a ministry for Jesus, watch your steps that you do not get slowed down by anxieties.

My view is simple, forgetting completely anything about evil spirits or evil influences: Homeopathy has  only success in the medium range of potencies, as there are some traces of substances still present which can influence the body, the lower potencies should avoided in case heavy metal was added, the D33 and after potencies do not contain anything but water or alcohol with water and cannot harm the body (nor help either) what helps is the “faith in this form of medications, especially modern man thinks that the traditional school medicine is “too strong”, the pill too strong etc, and those globulis are so small. What is most disturbing for me in the whole homoeopathic story is the enormous amount of monies which are made with a lie.


Erika Gibello is also an expert on New Religious Movements [NRMs] and knowledgeable on “Neo-Hindu religious movements“. She has lived in Bombay [Mumbai] and has ministered all over India.

She maintains that Homoeopathy is unscientific and based on Taoistic thought and also leaves open the possibility that it is occult/New Age, which however she confirmed as being so in her official write-up, see pages 18, 19 when she wrote that the alleged “vital force” of Homoeopathy is the same as the universal energy, Ki, Chi, Prana, Bio-energy,
which are the names of the operative forces in Reiki, Pranic healing, acupuncture, Kundalini yoga, biofeedback,

Now, Fr. Rufus Pereira is a recognized authority on Healing, Inner Healing, Deliverance, Exorcism, etc. and his authority has the sanction of the Church which recognizes it as coming from God.

No Catholic in his right mind would dispute Fr. Rufus Pereira‘s teachings or pronouncements or experience or authority in these areas. I believe that Fr. Rufus Pereira must accord the same dignity to the teachings, pronouncements, experience and authority in the areas in which Erika Gibello exerts both expertise and competence, especially since she often joins him to form a team for ministry and is also the secretary to two prominent Vatican-approved organizations of which he is the head.


Below is a letter I had written to Erika four years ago, expressing the same concerns as I do now:

Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2007 11:48 AM Subject: PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY, ERIKA

Dearest Erika,

In the CHARISINDIA of this month, March 2007*, Father Rufus gave a testimony in which he mentioned about someone whom he delivered from the bondage of an “infamous diabolical cult” leader of an NRM. *See page 33 20.




He also mentioned about a lady – an expert on NRMs – who was accompanying him and who advised him to make the sign of the cross three times, and pray from outside of the door of the room where the young man had locked himself in. I suppose that the lady is your good self.

It is very, very sad that Fr. Rufus does not NAME the cult or the cult leader. He does not NAME the NRM.

He never names anything, ever except the Hindu deities & Bharatanatyam in Appendix 2 of Francis MacNutt‘s book’s earlier edition – and even that Appendix has been now cleverly removed by someone. I wonder who?

No one wants to hurt anyone, or especially get hurt themselves. Everyone is bothered about personal safety, the Bishops and other things. I do understand the virtue of prudence, but all this confuses me. Certainly I do not think of personal safety. My trust is in the Lord, and the battle is His.

How would the Acts of the Apostles have taken place if this fear psychosis had been there then?

I suppose that even if Fr. Rufus had named the evils, CHARISINDIA would not have published them!!

Just take a look at the latest issue of STREAMS OF LIVING WATER, Kolkata. It has a fantastic article identifying the evils of secular counseling, Jungian psychology, transpersonal psychology, etc. In EVERY SINGLE ISSUE, they name the evils of the New Age movement. They too are afraid, they tell me, afraid of their superiors and Bishops who are not happy… but they have courage and a prophetic spirit.

Any day, I prefer to read STREAMS. CHARISINDIA may give me just 25% of what I need, compared to STREAMS’ 100%.

Fr. Rufus has SO MUCH OF KNOWLEDGE OF THESE THINGS. He is old. He will be gone from us and all that first-hand experiential knowledge will be gone forever. The Indian Church is the sad and terrible loser.

When Fr. Rufus gave that testimony, what was he trying to say? We all know the great power of our God. But most of us do not know our enemy, who he comes as, what New Age form or NR movement he takes. That is what people like Fr. Rufus and CHARISINDIA must identify to us, which they failed to do.

The information could have helped many who need to know.

In every issue of CHARISINDIA, Fr. Rufus writes two pages. It surely must be taking him a long time to write. He writes for The Examiner too. But even though I am in a singular battle, he never finds the time to even acknowledge with one line, as an encouragement to me. For his golden jubilee, I sent him a special email well in advance, and a lovely personally selected card was posted to him by Angela and me. Yet, in one article of his which I read, he acknowledged the golden jubilee greeting to him of some important person from abroad.

I hope that I am not being sensitive. I was just thinking of all of this when I read those articles, and I thought I could share with you because you are close to both Fr. Rufus and me.

You know the bad situation here. Several State governments and the Central government are planning to make SURYA NAMASKAR and YOGA compulsory in all educational institutions. I have almost completed a report to help “enlighten” the bishops as to the real significance of these practices.

I don’t suppose that I will get any support from anyone else in the CCR in India, all of whom are busy with their safe and popular ministries. Thanks for letting me talk to you. Love, Michael

Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 7:09 AM


Dear Michael, I am sure you are right in every word you say.

I myself have not been afraid to speak out and will send you my article on Yoga… I will word it such a way that it is clearer what the error in it for a Christian is.


Now to dear Fr. Rufus. He told me that he was not happy with his [CHARISINDIA] article… He is very prudent by nature. Then additionally Indians are more fearful then we Western people, then he is getting older… all excuses.

I myself told him off when he told his story of praying silently for a man who had terrible headache flying to Sai Baba’s birthday. That headache disappeared instantly. The man had it since he has been worshipping
Sai Baba.

He was an Italian. Now when
Fr. Rufus
tells this story he does not mention that
the guru that this man was afflicted by is
Sai Baba! It made me always very angry and I have told him many times.

Now this last story [Charisindia March 2007*] is of a man who, when doing his postgraduate studies [overseas] fell into the hands of [the name of the NRM/cult]. […] Some cults kill, this one makes lengthy court cases and persecutes people they do not like. I write all this in my book hence I am suffering many, many attacks from the enemy himself… *Page 33


Erika Gibello does not fear retribution or the opinion of others when stating the truth FOR THE SPIRITUAL GOOD OF OTHERS. Neither do I. Placing the truth before fellow Catholics while “exposing the fruitless works of darkness” [Ephesians 5:11] is the ‘banner’ of this ministry.

I have been threatened with dire consequences on a number of occasions in person, on the phone, by email and on the letter-heads of Catholic — and even one CBCI — institution.

Apart from threats, I have had to face ostracism even in the Charismatic Renewal which my wife and I served in Delhi for almost a decade from June 1982. On May 16, 2010, I attended a prayer meeting of the Living Waters prayer group that meets at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, one of two pre-existing Delhi groups that we had helped revive when we kicked off anew in the 80’s.



Although Angela and I were there for three full hours, our presence was not even acknowledged by the leader of the group who conducted the proceedings. We left with heavy hearts in the flesh, but naturally, but rejoicing to have been rejected because of the Kingdom. The reason for the rejection? It is always unsaid, unspoken, but it always has to do with this ministry, almost as if it were ANTI-Catholic
that; and

Persecution and rejection are two sides of the same coin that prophetic ministries can be expected to receive this side of the Jordan. I remember Jesus said that it would be a sign of genuineness.

Having taken all this in my stride as only what is expected when I answered God’s call on me, it beats me as to why eminent preachers who should know better don’t see it that way too.


The article below is the example that I was talking about earlier, which records that Fr. Rufus Pereira himself uses Homoeopathy. It is this article that made me take the painful decision that this was the time to critique Fr. Rufus Pereira, a good priest whom I greatly respect, for what I perceive as his silence and compromise on the issues of deliverance testimonies, etc.

If Leela D’Souza can use the name of Fr. Rufus Pereira on the Internet to defend her practice and use of Homoeopathy, and record his disagreement on Homoeopathy with Erika Gibello‘s position which is also
the mind of a number of expert and informed Catholics including priests with whom
Fr. Rufus ministers, I am obliged to do the same to defend the Truth.

Homeopathy and Soul – IIIB – Jesus, the Spiritual Similimum by Dr. Leela D’Souza December 15, 2005



Spiritual healing

Fr. Rufus Pereira** is from Mumbai. He is the President of the “International Association for Exorcists” and is the Vice President of the “International Association for Deliverance“. He is one of the most respected Catholic Priests in the Ministry of Healing in the Catholic Church worldwide. Yet he is a simple and humble priest who has served millions of people from all over the world through his prayers for their healing and deliverance.

Here is an insight from him on Spiritual Healing in the Catholic Church quoted from his article “Prayer for Healing**“.

I had attended between the years 1993-1995, two “Inner Healing Retreats” conducted by Fr. Rufus and his team. One was for Christian doctors and nurses of the Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai; the second was along with my husband. An interesting anecdote occurred during the second retreat, when I met a Christian woman from Europe***. She was one of the speakers at the retreat. With a background in Pharmacology, she denounced homeopathy in no uncertain terms due to the “evil” effect it had on a friend of hers. She likened the effect on her friend, who was taking repeated doses of a homeopathic remedy for a few months, to a demonic possession of sorts! She said angrily, that he had become a completely changed person with no control over his emotions and all his physical symptoms were worse – “…can any reliable system of healing change a person so deeply from within? It is not to be trusted! I suggest you seriously consider whether you should be a homeopath or not.”

I tried to explain to her the “Doctrine of Drug-Proving“, but she refused to be convinced. I discussed her opinion with Fr. Rufus Pereira. But he said that they had a difference of opinion here and he couldn’t see why she was so antagonistic to homeopathy. Whenever he had taken a homeopathic remedy, he was relieved instantly, with no evil effects! I called him on the phone in Mumbai a week prior to writing this article and he confirmed that his difference of opinion with her on homeopathy remains. He sees nothing evil in it.


Spiritual Healing Case 1 (Healing of Demonic Possession)

Here is one of Fr. Rufus‘ Healing Cases that appeared in the “Charisindia” magazine: Vol. V, Issue 1, January 2006.

Fr. Rufus Pereira is Editor of this wonderful Christian Magazine.

These are excerpts quoted from the article:

A young lady looking more like a girl accompanied by her mother in law, carrying her baby, had come for the healing service…..Since there was a big crowd and a long queue of people waiting, I simply began to pray for her without asking any details. But no sooner I had touched her head ever so lightly, that she was hurled to the ground with a great force. The three strapping young men on the team and myself had to pin her down and hold her firmly as the “evil one?” manifested itself with unexpected ferocity and with incredible hatred in the eyes. […not understandable…] She was invited to an “Inner Healing Retreat” where she could receive spiritual guidance in an atmosphere of contemplative prayer.  At the beginning of the retreat, during the initial prayer and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament itself, as she knelt in adoration in the presence of the love and power of Jesus, she felt something or some “entity” deep within her leaving her, almost jumping out of her. This was obviously the “evil spirit” leaving. Later when I laid my hands on her for prayer, she felt something entering into her – obviously the Holy Spirit. Right at the beginning of the retreat itself this young lady was delivered!….(When I laid hands over her at this point, there was no violent manifestation as there was the first time, and then she explained to me what had happened).

And then as I prayed for her … “it” began to disclose unwittingly, without being specifically asked, … a much needed information. “It” told me that the young woman while a student used to come to see “him” everyday during the lunch break in search of “peace” and “he” had entered her…. When the lady did come back into consciousness, she was totally unaware of what happened to her. I asked her a few pertinent questions which corroborated the braggings of the ‘evil one’. 22.



Her mother had died when she was 12 and she felt very lonely. Instead of being with friends in school, she used to visit a so-called ‘holy person’ and sit in his presence, look  worshipfully at him right through the ‘darshan’, and he would give her something to eat or drink after talking to her, it was then that some “evil force” entered her….

We were thus able to ascertain the external cause (an evil influence) and the internal opening (the psychological trauma) of what seemed to be at first only a physical sickness –her recurrent headaches.

The rest of the retreat was to help her understand how she could avoid something like this happening again in her life, by helping her to discover the root cause of her emotional crisis and consequent demonic incursion. That root cause was the grief due to the death of her mother. One’s greatest psychological disturbance is often the loss of someone who has loved us very much and whom we have loved very much too. But it is often the circumstances surrounding the tragedy that make it more painful and agonizing that the even itself. First, her mother died in her teens, when a girl needs her mother the most. Secondly, she did not die in a natural way. She was murdered violently. Thirdly, she was murdered by her own alcoholic father in a drunken rage. Fourthly, she was murdered right in front of the young girl’s eyes! Fifthly, he was now in jail and she was without even a father. Is that all? Not yet. Sixthly, she loved both her parents very much and needed them both, but the most painful thing was that she was forced to choose between them – a heart rending decision for a child to make – leading her into emotional chaos.

During the retreat, she was not only able discover all this, but she was able to deal with it by accepting these wounds with praise to God. She was able to forgive her parent and others for the hurts they caused her and then she renounced her opening herself to the evil one instead of to the Holy One. She left the retreat with a cheerful smile on her face reflecting the exuberant joy in her heart from the salvation and peace of the Lord. It is only then, can one say that her healing and deliverance was complete and total with the new and abundant life that was now hers in Jesus’ Name.” END OF EXTRACT

**The two links Fr. Rufus Pereira and Prayer for Healing
are to the HolySpiritInteractive site.

***This “Christian woman from Europe” speaking at the retreat alongside Fr. Rufus Pereira is Erika Gibello.

Several things struck me about this portion of Dr. Leela D’Souza‘s article on Homoeopathy.

Dr. Leela was obviously trying to justify her being a practising homoeopathic “doctor”.

She does not reveal the name of the speaker — Erika Gibello — who co-preached the retreat.

Erika must have said much, much more than what Dr. Leela D’Souza has quoted her as saying.

Dr. Leela D’Souza carefully avoids including any information about that.

Fr. Rufus Pereira
is projected as an expert on the spiritual problems in the use of

Erika Gibello IS an expert on pharmacology, New Age, NRMs AND is also in Catholic ministry.

Fr. Rufus Pereira does not give one reason, good or otherwise as to why he sees “nothing evil” in Homoeopathy except that “he was relieved instantly, with no evil effects“.

That’s not good enough, Fr. Rufus. Erika explained the “placebo effect”. Other than that, there are several reasons why you might have been “relieved instantly“, but this is not the place for me to go into details. It will be helpful to you if you look up my web site and spend some time going through the voluminous information that has been collated from various CATHOLIC sources.

And, while you are at it, you might want to reflect on why Homoeopathy was included by Rome in a DOCUMENT ON THE NEW AGE which is a SPIRITUAL THREAT to Christians!!!!! If it weren’t, it wouldn’t be there, would it, along with other New Age stuff from acupuncture to yoga?

It is apparent that Dr. Leela D’Souza was selective, hearing only what she so badly wanted to hear — that Homoeopathy is safe — and so assuage her conscience.


In Dr. Leela D’Souza’s article,
Spiritual Healing Case 2
(Healing of Physical Disease)
she quotes a case from the ministry files of Andrew Wommack whom she describes to us as
is an evangelical/ Pentecostal – but VERY down to earth! I find his understanding of Biblical Spiritual healing truly inspired.

In doing this, Dr. Leela D’Souza has erred. She has shown that she has little knowledge about either the Word of God or of Catholic apologetics. Almost any “evangelical/ Pentecostal” teaching or Scripture interpretation is never the same as that of the Catholic Church WHICH ALONE gives the correct interpretation of the Bible. I sincerely hope that Leela is attending the series of Catholic apologist Steve Ray‘s talks and seminars currently on at different locations in her city, Mumbai.

Andrew Wommack is a preacher of the Word-Faith Theology kind. Wommack, like Kenneth Hagin and others emphasise a prosperity gospel* over all other things and teach that it is God’s will for all to be healed and to be wealthy. They preach faith in faith as opposed to Faith in God and a complete surrender to His Holy Will. So if something is wrong with one and one is not healed or is lacking in prosperity, it is NOT because God willed it or allowed it to be that way but because one did not pray correctly or with the ‘right’ attitude.

History shows that such preaching has benefited the Pentecostal ministers and their “churches” more than their subjects, if you get what I mean.


http://ephesians-511.net/docs/PROSPERITY_GOSPEL_AND_THE_CATHOLIC_ERROL_FERNANDES.doc. 23.







On TBN & “Miracle Channel” by Fr. Fio Mascarenhas SJ


“Healing Your Faith vs. Faith Healing” by Mother Angelica, EWTN


Such interpretation of Scripture has destroyed the lives of many Christians who could not live up to these false expectations. If Dr. Leela D’Souza is using Wommack‘s teaching to “help further my understanding of spiritual healing“, Catholics had better watch out.

One can see that she uses Andrew Wommack and Fr. Rufus Pereira to her own advantage.

Here’s what Andrew Wommack teaches according to Dr. Leela D’Souza: AN EXTRACT

Failure (by the Church – Leela) to present this truth properly has caused many people to disbelieve it’s always God’s will to heal because according to their thinking, the sick person would have to be bad or evil in some way; yet they know there are many godly people who are sick and die.
Not all sickness is caused by something we do. Regardless of the reason, however, there is always something we can do about it. We can believe God, and He will heal ALL our diseases (Ex. 15:26, Ps. 103:3).5:15). Prayer doesn’t save the sick; the prayer of faith saves the sick….. …I went over to pray for Niki the following afternoon. I didn’t know how bad she was. I just knew she had been in pain for over four years and was really hurting. Niki’s faith and the faith of her parents had been redirected, and they were ready to believe for a healing NOW!

If it is God’s will to heal all our diseases, why isn’t everyone healed? That’s a simple question with a complex answer.

The bottom line is faith. The prayer of faith saves the sick (James

The above extract bears me out. Our “believing” faith is superimposed on God’s will, and thus every “believer” can attain healing and prosperity. This is HERESY!

Dr. Leela D’Souza quotes Wommack as saying that the Church has failed to present the truth about healing [and prosperity]. The words in brackets “(by the Church – Leela)” are hers and not Andrew Wommack‘s. Does she infer that Fr. Rufus Pereira does not preach the truth properly? She has made it clear that she has decided that anyway about Erika Gibello. Though Dr. Leela D’Souza went to great lengths to establish the credentials of Fr. Rufus Pereira, she
carefully avoided adding that the “Christian woman from Europe“, is Erika Gibello, who is secretary of the very same organizations.

Despite her eagerness to provide endorsements for the complementability of Homeopathy with the Christian faith, Dr. Leela D’Souza has messed up her careless Scripture references, [highlighted by me], showing that her Christian knowledge is superficial or minimal or both.

By the way, the words that the reader sees in bold black in the above extract are emphases existing in the matter on Dr. Leela D’Souza‘s site. To summarise from there, according to Dr. Leela D’Souza,
whatever the case or condition may be, if one has faith, if one believes, God has no alternative but to heal! If one is NOT healed, one is lacking in faith.


Nowhere in Dr. Leela D’Souza‘s three cited cases of “Spiritual Healing” did she give an instance of anyone who has been healed immediately by Homoeopathic
remedies in support of Fr. Rufus‘ claim.

Leela D’Souza is a Bombay-based homeopathic professional whose experience includes intensive medical training in one of India’s leading homeopathic medical institutions. Her private practice in homeopathic healing spans a decade and a half.


The reason that I am constrained to include the Fr. Rufus Pereira link-up in Dr. Leela D’Souza‘s article in this report — which is basically on Liturgical Dancing and Bharatanatyam — is because we had started to examine how silence and compromise were affecting Catholics by not giving them information and warning about New Age and the dangerous spiritual effects of Catholics’ dabbling in the spirituality of religions like Hinduism, especially since I am writing in the context of India.

Silence and compromise are already enough of a bane in the many independent charismatic ministries as well as ecclesiastical circles of the Indian church. But when eminent preachers like Fr. Rufus Pereira
go public in
holding to error and influencing others to follow suit, I must intervene.


Below is a comment from a reader of Dr. Leela D’Souza‘s article and Dr. Leela D’Souza‘s response.

Dear Leela, I’ve just read your article: Jesus, the Spiritual Similimum. I am so grateful to have found your perspective. 24.




I have been under the care of a homeopath for a number of months and am so intrigued that I’ve considered studying to become a homeopath. But, as a Christian, I’ve been concerned that this energetic medicine might cross into the realm of spirit and studying it would lead me into tinkering with forces by means other than God’s Word and power. I was relieved to hear of your relationship with The Holy Spirit and that you believe spiritual healing is superior but complementary to homeopathy. Your article was posted 5 years ago.

Do you still recommend the study of homeopathy? Thank-you, Patricia Boutan, October 19, 2010

Hi Patricia,

I would certainly recommend that you study homeopathy. Since I wrote this article, I have completed my MD for hospital practice in homeopathy, and an M. Sc. for research in Homeopathy as well. So I haven’t lost any trust in the capacity of homeopathy to heal and complement spiritual healing.

I would caution however, that you focus on studying Homeopathy as outlined in the ORGANON OF MEDICINE, further developed by masters such as Boenninghausen, Boger, Kent, Clarke. These are authentic and time-tested methods of homeopathic practice. Exploring newer ideas that have become more fashionable to day (!) requires a good and solid foundation or one can get sidetracked from true homeopathic healing.
All the best! Leela October 19, 2010

Dear Fr. Rufus Pereira, Patricia Boutan is at least ONE soul that has taken up Homoeopathy because of the sanction that you apparently gave for it to Dr. Leela D’Souza.

What was Patricia afraid of? The very same occult, New Age tinkering with forces” and “energetic medicine” or “vital force” that Fr. Clemens Pilar COp and Erika Gibello and dozens of other Catholic experts describe as being the pre-suppositions for Homoeopathic “healing” and also which the Vatican Document on the
New Age warns about.

Patricia Boutan is wrong when she concludes that Dr. Leela D’Souza is convincing that “spiritual healing is superior but complementary to homeopathy“. Dr. Leela D’Souza might “believe” that or have tried to establish it as fact, but has nowhere done so.

When Dr. Leela D’Souza says, “Exploring newer ideas that have become more fashionable to day requires a good and solid foundation or one can get sidetracked from true homeopathic healing“, she is warning Boutan that much of modern
Homoeopathy is New Age [as if traditional
Homoeopathy is not!].



In the above write-up, Dr. Leela D’Souza gives links to six of her articles.

Homeopathy and Soul – I – In the Beginning

Homeopathy from the Heart: A Spiritual Perspective

Homeopathy and Soul – II – The Homeopathic Process and Christian Philosophy

Homeopathy and Soul – IIIA – Cure of Disease in Homeopathy

Similimum in Life

From Local to Similimum

I am confident that if I check them out, I will find New Age, but since that is not the purpose of this article, I move on.

But I am not finished.

I suspected that Dr. Leela D’Souza
is the same person who writes as Dr. Leela Francisco. She is. Check out

She is Leela D’Souza-Francisco MD (Hom). Why is that relevant?


Shortly after my 38-page study of
was made public through its distribution at
Fr. Rufus Pereira‘s
seminar in Kaloor, February 2004, see page 12, a full page article titled “How can anyone condemn Homeopathy” appeared in The New Leader of June 1-15, 2004. Authored by one
Dr. Leela Francisco, a leading homoeopath, it was a defense of Homoeopathy
making direct point by point rebuttals to issues that had been raised by me in my article, although she made no mention of addressing my article. Since my article was based on the inclusion of
Homoeopathy in the list in the Vatican Document on the
New Age, Dr. Leela Francisco‘s article was a rebuttal not only of my article but also of the Vatican Document on the
New Age.

Strange that a Catholic magazine like
The New Leader permitted itself to be used as a forum for the defense of an alternative medicine like Homoeopathy.

My detailed correspondence with the editor of The New Leader, Fr. M. A. Joe Antony SJ on this issue, the article written by Dr. Leela Francisco as well as my own rejoinder — which was not accepted for publication by the editor — to her defense of Homoeopathy are available at my web site. The related links are serial nos. 1 and 5, see page 17. 25.



From the information that I copied from some pages of Dr. Leela D’Souza‘s site, one can see that she does indeed subscribe to
Samuel Hahnemann‘s New Age
doctrine of the “Vital Force“.

Her partner in Hpathy, their “World’s No. 1 Homoeopathy e-magazine” also writes about it:

Organon & Philosophy

Hpathy Ezine, December, 2005

Dec 15, 2005 EXTRACT:

2. In Search of the Vital Force – David Little, In Search of the Vital Force

1. Homeopathy and Soul – Dr. Leela D’Souza

To read a view that addresses this aspect from a general background, I request readers to refer to David Little’s article “In Search of the Vital Force“…Let’s see how Hahnemann sought to explain this phenomenon. To explain his concepts and observations, Hahnemann had to coin a number of new terms. One of the main terms he coined was “Vital Force” or “Life Principle“. In Aphorism 9 of the Organon, he describes this energy prevalent in every living being, as the “spiritual vital force” that animated the living organism…

Homeopathy and Soul – I – In the Beginning by Dr. Leela D’Souza December 15, 2005


Last April ’04, a Catholic friend who’d been taking homeopathy for over 15 years and whom I’d helped with homeopathic remedies, came over and ‘dumped’ her stock of remedies on me. “Use them as best you can!” said she, after being informed by some religious person that homeopathic medicines contained ‘occult forces’. She explained, “I don’t want to take anything that’s wrong by standards of Christian morality, and I don’t intend continuing with a system of healing that dabbles in the occult!” This shocked me. Obviously, I too did not want to subject anyone whom I loved to anything that could jeopardize his or her faith and relationship with God.

This episode happened at a particularly traumatic time and made me question whether I was to practise homeopathy at all! Thus began an investigation into why my Catholic friend came to such a drastic conclusion and how I could help her and others like her. The ensuing soul-searching quest has led to a life-giving experience of understanding more clearly my own faith vis-à-vis homeopathy, and especially how the spiritual understanding of healing in the Bible (that I experienced, internalized and lived since childhood) blended so beautifully with what I learned as a homeopath. Let me trace out the trajectory of my soul-searching exercise.

First, I clarified why my friend decided to do what she did. She handed me some pamphlets denouncing ‘homeopathy’ and Hahnemann (including his religious views) in strong terms. The pamphlets’ denouncement was apparently based on views of “The Pontifical Council for Culture and the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue” (Vatican, Rome), which had issued a document on the ‘New Age Movement’ entitledJesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life“.

I procured and read through this Vatican Document in detail. Moreover, I also asked a priest friend to scrutinize it carefully for me. We concluded that this Document only alluded to homeopathy as being “potentially dangerous” (not occult).

I fully endorsed this view since homeopathy can be potentially dangerous if the basic principles of practice enunciated in the Organon and The Chronic Diseases are not faithfully followed. (Note that I will be elaborating this aspect further in subsequent articles from the perspective of Christian philosophy that has developed clear perspectives of dialogue between different religions, faiths, and the sciences ever since the time of the Vatican Council II in the mid-1960s).

Someone dumping their stock of Homeopathic remedies on Dr. Leela D’Souza in April 2004
was the direct result of my February 2004 38-page article exposing Homeopathy, mentioned above.

[Is the “priest friend” who scrutinized the Document Fr. Rufus or Fr. Joe Antony?] It was only after that that she wrote her piece in defense of Homeopathy in The New Leader. Through The New Leader as well as Hpathy e-magazine, Fr. Rufus Pereira‘s wrong guidance has apparently influenced many more Catholics to continue with or take up Homeopathy which is known to be New Age.


There seems to be some confusion on whether Dr. Leela D’Souza-Francisco is the same person as Dr. Leela Francisco. I say that because whereas the former is from Mumbai according to her site and articles, there is this mention in Holy Spirit Interactive [HSI] of the latter as living in Chennai:

Monday, December 11, 2006 Discipleship Program, San Thome, Chennai

Some of the people who were instrumental in putting the Discipleship Program together were Leela Francisco, who not only opened her heart to this servant of God, but also her home.

Fr. Rufus Pereira whom the former Leela consulted lives in Mumbai while The New Leader in which the latter Leela wrote is a Chennai-based publication.

Still both, the former as well as the latter are homeopaths, both consult a priest and both have big problems with the Christian denouncement of Homoeopathy as New Age! Strange!!

Since the HSI information came in late, I attempted to verify the matter.

I used the Reply link to send the following letter from Angela to the Mumbai Leela Francisco:

Sent: January 15, 2011, 9:10 pm / January 16, 2011, 6:36 am from a second email id. EDITED

Hi, Leela, 26.


I read this* with great interest. I met Fr. Rufus in Delhi around 25 years ago. *her consultation of Fr. Rufus Pereira

I did not know that he too uses homeopathy. I used to use those remedies for my asthma and eczema. I too came to know that it is a spiritual healing. A few years ago I saw an explanation on homeopathy by another Dr. Leela in a Catholic magazine, the New Leader which comes from Chennai in T.N.

If you are the same Dr. Leela, could you please post a copy of that information if you have it with you? Would you want me to give you my postal address? Thanks. [Two email addresses were provided by me for direct correspondence.]


Meanwhile, I did a Google search for “leela francisco chennai” and this is what I came up with:


Dr. Leela Francisco

36, S2, Krishna Kuthir, 5th Avenue, Chennai TN, 600090 Tel: 4463191


36, S2 Krishna Kuthir, 5th Avenue Chennai TN 600090 IN neil.francisco@vsnl.net**


LEELA: EBook Online – TopPDF.com

24 Nov 2010 Authored by one Dr.
Leela Francisco, a leading Chennai homoeopath, it appears to
be a defense of homoeopathy in direct reference to points. [When opened, the file does not give any further info. about Leela]

It is confirmed that Dr. Leela Francisco has a Chennai address. She is one and the same as Dr. Leela D’Souza-Francisco. Aneel Aranha,
the founder and leader of a supposedly-Catholic discipleship ministry***, web site, blog and e-newsletter, Holy Spirit Interactive, stays at her home in Chennai and has published several of her articles on his site****, and even roots like her for Homoeopathy:


Friday, February 09, 2007 Homeopathy and the Occult

HTS writes: I would be so pleased if you could tell me if all forms of Homeopathy are of the occult. What about the medication “Glucosamine sulphate” taken for sore joints.
From what we understand about the subject, homeopathic treatment for the most part is a legitimate, if unorthodox, form of treatment. We invite readers to comment. [Aneel Aranha]

***One may find Pentecostal and Protestant-supplied information in Aneel Aranha‘s blogs and e-newsletters

****Fr. Rufus Pereira is a regular contributor to Holy Spirit Interactive.

So, both Fr. Rufus Pereira as well as Dr. Leela D’Souza-Francisco are linked in with Holy Spirit Interactive whose founder-owner Aneel Aranha, like them, advocates the use of Homoeopathy.


**I also sent this letter from Angela to Neil Francisco:

Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2011 8:40 AM Subject: Dr. Leela

Dear Neil, I suppose that you are Leela’s husband. I just found your addresss on the net. Yesterday I had written to Leela. I don’t know if she checks her site regularly. So I am copying to you my letter to her. Angey

My enquiries reveal that Dr. Leela D’Souza-Francisco was living in Chennai at the time when she wrote a rebuttal in The New Leader to my article on Homeopathy and she had played host to Aneel Aranha* of Holy Spirit Interactive, Dubai who had been invited to minister in San Thome, Chennai on her recommendation of him to Fr. Lawrence Raj, the Parish Priest who had taken our group for an Egyptian “belly-dance” on the river Nile during our sacred pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2007. It is no surprise that Aneel Aranha says that “homeopathic treatment for the most part is .. legitimate“. I would like to know from him as to which part of
homeopathic treatment is legitimate. Aneel?

[Dr. Leela responded to my above letter. Please see page 34 for her reply]

I digressed from the main topic of the larger report on Liturgical Dancing with particular reference to Bharatanatyam recitals, mainly by priests both during Holy Mass — and outside of Mass but in the liturgical areas — and also institutionalized in the Indian Church, in order to examine the silence and compromise of Indian charismatic renewal leaders and priests on the serious issue of Catholics being exposed to and influenced by evil by their participation or casual encounters with Hindu deities, Hindu rituals, Hindu godmen, Hindu “arts” like Bharatanatyam, etc.


In examining those problems we first saw that Fr. Rufus Pereira either refuses to be specific at his seminars in India about the Hindu deities, the spirit behind Bharatanatyam, etc. whereas he speaks freely when he ministers overseas, or he obfuscates the truth by partial and incomplete disclosures.

Finally we noted that in the case of Homoeopathy, Fr. Rufus Pereira endorsed the indictment by chief exorcist Fr. Larry Hogan of Homoeopathy as New Age at the seminar in Kaloor in 2004, did not express that he held any position to the contrary either on that occasion or when we met and spoke a year later in Chennai*, but broke his silence to reassure Dr. Leela D’Souza over the ‘phone that Homoeopathy is not New Age! [I would certainly like to see him say that in writing.] 27.



*On BOTH those occasions when I was only an attendee at his Seminars, and on one more occasion which I cannot recall at the moment, Fr. Rufus Pereira of his own accord informed me that he had wanted to invited me to the dais to speak for some time but did not get the opportunity to do so because of the time factor or something like that. Today, I wonder if he was sincere in saying that. But, I am humbled by that acknowledgement by him of his respect for my knowledge and his confidence in my ministry, and it is precisely for that reason that I make bold to ask these difficult questions of him. He would expect me to do the same with anyone else for the same reasons that I do so now. [He will receive a copy of this report directly from me.]


Can gifted, learned and holy priests of the caliber of Fr. Rufus Pereira err?

Sure they can. Take just the one case of Fr. Benedict Heron OSB. He too is a charismatic retreat preacher and has been involved closely with priests in the deliverance and exorcism ministries.

Like Fr. Rufus Pereira he has corresponded with me. I had even sent him a copy of the Indian edition of his book I Saw Satan Fall- The Way of Spiritual Warfare, 1997 which has a Foreword by his Bishop and a chapter titled ‘THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT AND ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES‘ published in India by St. Pauls in 2001. Internet edition: September 2005


Fr. Benedict Heron OSB opines that the Alpha Course is good for Catholics**.

**http://www.christendom-awake.org/pages/dombenedict/book-pray/pray-1.htm; also pray-3, pray-5

My research indicates the opposite. See ALPHA COURSE – IS IT GOOD FOR CATHOLICS?


In his Acknowledgements,
Fr. Heron
thanks eminent charismatic preachers like
Fr. Rufus Pereira,
Erika Gibello,
Fr. James McManus C.Ss.R, Charles Whitehead,
Francis MacNutt

Fr. Heron, in his letter to me of February 23, 2002 from the Monastery of Christ the King, London, says, “Many thanks for your letter… and for your own articles and letters… May God bless you especially in your work in this difficult field. I am happy to pray for you.

As an official exorcist, I am worried by the number of Catholics, including priests, who do not even believe in the existence of the devil, let alone understand the deliverance ministry. I had so much of difficulty in finding a publisher for I Saw Satan Fall, despite the fact that my first book Praying for Healing: The Challenge had sold very well. I think that the devil was trying his best to stop the spiritual warfare book appearing. I think that if one gets involved in the field, one will be attacked by the devil in a special way. So I very much hope that you are getting plenty of prayer support for yourself and your ministry and your family.”

Fr. Heron has corresponded with me and I have great personal regard for him. But I would recommend that his book be read with discernment.

From a Catholic perspective, there is definitely much to be gained from reading it. But Chapter 4, The New Age Movement and Alternative Therapies, is not in sync with the latest Christian understanding of these therapies. It in fact even differs with current Catholic thought, and goes easy on at least four of these therapies which are included in the Vatican Document on the New Age, finding excuses for situations in which they may be ”helpful’, according to Fr. Benedict Heron. I would say that several of Fr. Heron‘s arguments are untenable. He has been rather subjective, and has also not done his homework well on a significant portion of that section of his book.


Fr. Franklin Lobo C.Ss.R. a Redemptorist priest gives Inner Healing retreats. Like Fr. Rufus Pereira, he ministers to people for healing and deliverance but himself takes Homoeopathic remedies and refuses to accept the evidence presented to him that the “medicines” are humbuggery and could even have a soft-occult influence on both the user as well as the manufacturer if they are Catholics.

While I have come across cases of bondage caused by the use of Homoeopathy, including in my own family, and also of deliverance from the said bondage by abjuring the use of it, I cannot pronounce dogmatically on it because it is not my ministry to do so simply based on my experience.

Anyone can err, even this writer. That is the reason that I document the complete details as far as possible of the information that I provide, consulting as many Catholic sources as I can, presenting both sides of the picture — for and against, as in my articles on Homoeopathy — if necessary and drawing from non-Catholic Christian sources to get a wider perspective when required.

The opinions of eminent, recognised lay ministries are always provided if available, sometimes even when they disagree with the findings of this ministry [and possibly because the do disagree]. References are always taken from priests, Bishops, Cardinals and Church Documents. 28.



Sometimes it has been necessary to quote from Traditionalist sources — as in this report — albeit with great caution, simply because the relevant information is not available on Catholic sites.

Still, I have had to revise my opinions a couple of times on minor issues. Anyone can err.


Erika Gibello had recounted, page 21, the story of the Catholic who suffered terrible headaches after attending the “godman” Sai Baba’s birthday. That headache disappeared instantly when he confessed his sin before God, admitting his guilt to
Fr. Rufus Pereira. “The man had it,” Erika said, “since he has been worshipping Sai Baba.” But when

Fr. Rufus
tells this story he does not mention that
the guru that this man was afflicted by is
Sai Baba!

Sai Baba would be one of the more dangerous of the Hindu godmen.

I can tell this story because the person concerned is no more. Thomas Rajan, altar boy and daily mass-goer was my neighbour and studied at the same school as I did. He joined the same college as I, opting for architecture, and was successful in his career. About twenty years ago, I heard that he had died in a car smash. When I met his elder brother a few years ago, he told me that their family believed that Sai Baba had claimed his life and soul. Thomas had started doing buildings for the godman
and finally became his devotee. He was on his way to the Sai Baba’s ashram when the accident took place. This just might be coincidence, but it provides something for our reflection.


A few years ago, I had spoken on the New Age to a group called the Stewards at Don Bosco School, Egmore, in Chennai. I had cautioned my listeners about the possibility of Catholics’ being affected by the elemental powers that operate in Pranic healing and Reiki.
One of the young ladies present privately shared with me that one of her Catholic colleagues who had got into Reiki died instantly when she was hit by a vehicle while crossing the road. Again, that might be an extreme case, but one must remember that Satan’s singular quest is to steal the souls of all men whom Jesus has already purchased by His Precious Blood. Once he’s got the soul where he wants him, he’ll look for the first opportunity to take him out, especially if he has abandoned the faith and hardened his heart to God. Forewarned is fore-armed. But how many in the Indian Church are hearing the warning from any of our great preachers.

This is a nation that boasts of having in excess of 33 crore [330 million] gods. There is a temple of some deity or the other at every street corner and often in the middle of the footpath.

Many Christians, especially Catholics, are into some form or the other of superstition, numerology, palm-reading, astrology or divination, even unwittingly. Indulging in any of these practices is a transgression of the First Commandment. Catholics participate in pujas of their homes, office equipments, machinery, and vehicles; they visit temples and dargahs of Sufi ‘saints’; they patronise or felicitate godmen and godwomen like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Mata Amritanandamayi; and with the advent of the New Age, they do stuff like yoga and Bharatanatyam.

From the pitifully few testimonies that have leaked out, we know that indulging in such things can be dangerous. Premature physical death aside, there is horrible retribution in a child of Christ’s being oppressed or possessed in the soul, mind and body by evil spirits. Yet, a wall of silence.

I am in personal touch with good priests who have abjured yoga and Bharatanatyam for sound reasons, but they will not talk. I am sure that they fear God, but are there some men that they fear MORE than they do God?


There are cases in my files pertaining to Catholics who have been delivered from evil spirits which afflicted them after their taking prasada, performing a pooja [puja], and so on.

Most of them have been received by email, and I reproduce just one here, [I reserve others for a future article, while still others have to be located as I had not categorised them while filing] after editing it heavily in order to protect the identities of those involved.


Name withheld [a young family member] had a strange experience… He was suffering acute pain in the stomach as usual… when suddenly he spoke to me that
he had a bad dream of Ganapati [Ganesh] some days before and it was ugly and black. No sooner he spoke and said “I hate the dirty Ganapati”, he felt some object leaving his abdomen with a noise and after that all his trouble and left eye pain has gone. We rang Fr. Rufus and told him and [later] went to see Father who prayed over him. He is fully okay after he felt that Ganapati leaving his body!! His decision to talk to me and denounce Ganapati made the healing and he is ok now fully though still feels a little tenderness in the stomach so can’t eat too spicy food. Thank God and Praise God as I was so worried about him… 29.


The following concerns Fr. Gino Henriques C. Ss. R., the second Chairman of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in India [from 1980]. He is currently the Director of Evangelization 2000 for South East Asia and Oceania and is based in Singapore. Someone reliable wrote:

At the last Charismatic Convention, Fr. Gino
said on the stage
(I listened to him intently and found much good in his talk) that no one worships idols anymore!! That was in Vijayawada on the day they worship idols all over India. You could check the date and find out if you wish to have exact confirmation what god it was. Anyhow in front of the Convention place itself the crowds were rushing up the hill, all dressed in black and red, painted all over for the worship of their idol…


I am now going to reproduce information that was published in CHARISINDIA, “A Magazine for Renewal and Spiritual Growth”, the monthly of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in India.

I have been meticulously keeping a record of the errors, even New Age, and questionable writings published in it from time to time. That is likely to be the subject of another report.

As a subscriber almost since its inception as a bi-monthly in July-August 1974 , maintaining copies of back issues going back almost to the first one that was brought out, and a Life-member, I can say that there were no errors to be found in the first two decades of its publication. In fact, those were the years that Indian charismatics were treated to timely warnings on New Age dangers copied from the now-defunct New Covenant. Charisindia still does include informative articles on New Age now and then, almost never by Indian authors who are still around [alive], but they are strictly not issue-specific but general ones – yoga, reiki, centering prayer, etc., and most especially anything that is known to be institutionalised in the dioceses of India, practised by priests in general or by priests in the Renewal itself, is carefully avoided. Could it have to be with the recognition in September 1996 of the NCCRS by the CBCI? Compromise and fear of stepping on ecclesiastical toes? The lid is on so tight that one can hardly find a platform to speak about these dangers anymore even at a prayer group level unless permitted by the regional chairperson or the Bishop, leave alone write about them in Catholic magazines. THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET!


One of the long-standing problems with the Renewal is the use of the Hindu “OM” mantra* in bhajans in their popular Praise the Lord hymn book. Although it was advertised for in the very first Charisindia issue in 1974, its printing and sale were taken up by the CCR only under Fr. Fio Mascarenhas SJ when he became chairman of the Bombay service team some time later. It was only probably then that the “OM” mantra-bhajans were introduced in the hymn book.

Sustained enquiry with top leaders and CCR historians have failed to dig out the truth as to who planted the “OM” mantra-bhajans in the hymn book, and when exactly.

In the
5th edition,
which I bought 25 years ago in Bombay in 1983, a year after I began to serve on the first Delhi Service Team, I found that there already were five of these “OM”

bhajans in it.

This is one thing that no one can blame the Bishops for!

Those who introduced it are certainly still around and in active leadership, but there is no will in them to stand up and be counted in doing what is right; and because the errors remain uncorrected, and my many letters to the senior leaders studiously ignored, I am constrained to now start naming even their names [as I do of others who promote error] — as I have started to do with this report.




The use of the “OM” mantra
in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal is only the tip of the ice-berg of the inculturation behemoth. The reader will understand by reading the paragraph below:

Indian Church Divided on Inculturation Strategy to Entice Hindu Converts by
Mario Rodrigues, The Statesman November 2, 2005 http://www.christianaggression.org/item_display.php?id=1131077207&type=news EXTRACT

Note: The original link is not available, so the information is copied from

Prayers begin with “OM”, readings are taken from the Hindu scriptures such as the Bhagvad Gita, tilak is applied to foreheads of priests and people, priests wear a saffron shawl instead of a cassock and sit on the ground at a table surrounded by small lamps rather than stand at the traditional altar.
In addition, Indian music is played at Church services, the entrance procession for the Mass has girls dancing the
Bharatnatyam, kirtans and bhajans are sung at Communion. Priests and nuns are encouraged to adopt Indian religious values and customs in their religious practices and participate actively in Hindu festivals such as Ganesh-visarjan (immersion*) and Raas Lila… *of the idol of
in the sea


How much deliverance does the reader imagine is required in the Catholic Church and even in the Charismatic Renewal itself? Its leaders and its preachers like Fr. Rufus Pereira are aware of all that is taking place. Why then do they not speak out boldly and prophetically? What about Charisindia?




Let me start with the most recent issue of Charisindia, December 2010. The two-page editorial, “Healing: Medicine or Faith” is written by Fr. Rufus Pereira.

Fr. Rufus Pereira recounts an experience when he had been to the diocese of Sabah in Malaysia to give a Seminar on Evangelization in November 1990. He suffered a severe attack of back-pain and took a powerful pain-killer injection from “the best doctor in town” but it didn’t work. He writes, “So I was then taken to a doctor who had a reputation of healing by pressing certain spots on the soles of the feet.” But the pain persisted. A few days later he flew to the next town, Sandakan to give an outreach Mission. Once again he was offered a doctor who “was Chinese, whose treatment by manual pressure was unconventional…” What were Fr. Rufus’ thoughts on this? “My choice was obvious – any treatment would do as long as it did not cause me greater pain than the one I was already having.”

That’s a shame. I am a patient with a debilitating, incurable disease and have suffered excruciating pain from spinal nerve pressure just as Fr. Rufus did, but I’d die before I even considered going to Chinese alternative therapists as he did. If Fr. Rufus had taken the trouble of reading any of my articles on Chinese “medicine” or on reading the Vatican Document on the
New Age* discerningly, not only would he have outright rejected the suggestions of those Catholics but he would have also — and more importantly — been able to witness to them and teach them a thing or two about the errors and dangers of Chinese alternative medicine which is so prevalent in that part of the world.

What Fr. Rufus submitted himself to, and — even worse — now ratifies in Charisindia as acceptable for Catholics, is apparently “Reflexology** if not shiatsu or any other of its relatives, see below.

How are Fr. Rufus and Charisindia going to repair this spiritual damage that they have inflicted?

If I could write to the leaders of the Renewal and receive their responses, I would not have to use my web site and the Internet to point out these serious and scandalous errors. But, although some of those in authority who count used to do so, they do not anymore. The Church encourages Catholics to use the media, especially the electronic media which is instant and worldwide in its reach, to combat error, and it is my sad obligation to be compelled to do so even if it means that I have to write about my fellow-men [if they still consider me as that] in the Renewal.

*acupuncture, biofeedback, chiropractic, kinesiology, homeopathy, iridology, massage and various kinds of “bodywork” (such as orgonomy, Feldenkrais, reflexology, Rolfing, polarity massage, therapeutic touch etc.) … The source of healing is said to be within ourselves, something we reach when we are in touch with our inner energy or cosmic energy. #2.2.3




The issue of Charisindia, February 2010 reports that at a Healing and Deliverance Seminar held at Nagpur, December 1- 4, 2009, given by Fr. Rufus Pereira and Benjamin Gonzaga, “inputs” were given on the “causes of demonic activity, Medicine and Healing in the Church,” etc.

I do not doubt Fr. Rufus‘ anointing and ability to conduct a seminar on all other topics listed, but I am concerned whether one who uses Homoeopathy and subjects himself to Chinese New Age therapies,
and is unaware of — or unwilling to acknowledge — their occult potential, can meet the fullest expectations of those who thirst to learn from him. I would be happy to know if he shared with those one hundred persons from all over India about his experience with Kali, Nataraja, Sai Baba and other deities and godmen as he does outside India. Or did he take the easy way out?


I understand that Benjamin Gonzaga, former chairperson of the Madras Service Team, within the limitations of the existing unofficial and unspoken strictures on the open speaking on these issues, is one of the very, very few senior leaders who is speaking out against the occult and the New Age.

Congratulations to you, Benji, more Power to you, and God bless you. May your tribe increase.

I am also given to understand that Benji, like a couple of other senior leaders makes use of the painstakingly researched material that I have put up on my web site for some of his talks.


We had already read this on page 8, but it is repeated to refresh the reader’s memory. This time I have selected a different Traditionalist link, that of the schismatic SSPX or Society of St. Pius X.

Upset by the Hinduisation of the Church, Lawrence D’Souza and a few of his co-seminarians left the Catholic seminary in Mumbai to join the SSPX seminary in Australia after which he wrote several articles like the one below, giving the inside story, which most unfortunately, cannot be denied.



Newsletter of the District of Asia Jul – Dec 2003


Hinduism at a Glance
by Lawrence D’Souza (Former Seminarian of Bombay Diocese)

From the abstract speculation of Vedanta resulting into Egocentricity, we now move on to the Hindu Polytheism wherein lie the dangers of “SPIRITISM” and “IDOLATRY” that are inseparably intertwined in Hinduism. The deities are the evil spirits that are invoked and propitiated by performing various rituals, prescribed in the Veda—also animals as well as human sacrifices — bloody offerings to placate the fierce deities like Shiva, Kali, Durga etc. The cult of Kali well known as “Shaktaism” consists of Occult practices which are technically called ‘TANTRA” which form the major part of Hinduism.

Religious procession exhibit men and women who are possessed with these deities.

There have been instances, which I have witnessed, of exorcisms performed by an old priest of Bombay, Fr. Rufus Pereira, who was till recently on the Pontifical Commission for Exorcism (now Parish Priest of St. Pius X Church, Mulund in Bombay), whereby many people who entered Hindu temples or in any way participated in Hindu prayers (ceremonies) or even consumed food offered to idols (prasad) were possessed by the deities, of whom Kali, Ganesh, Shiva, Krishna were common.


The issue of Charisindia, May 2009 reports on the five-day “Healing and Deliverance Convention” at Hyderabad which seven thousand attended on the last day, March 22, 2009. The theme being Acts 10:38, “…Jesus went about … healing all who were oppressed by the devil,” did Fr. Rufus “name the devil” as Lawrence D’Souza did in the preceding paragraph, or did he balk at doing so?


The issue of Charisindia, June 2008 carries an excellent two-page testimony “Spiritual Warfare – The curse of breaking the First Commandment” [Exodus 20:5] by Jude D’Souza, now involved in the deliverance ministry in Mumbai. Jude shares with us about his entire family’s coming “under a curse” after two of them, his uncles, indulged in “strange occult practices”. Both uncles died within four months of each other “under mysterious circumstances” or “a miserable death” as Jude put it.

Didn’t I say on page 29, “Once he’s got the soul where he wants him, he’ll look for the first opportunity to take him out”?

The next attack was on Jude‘s father, who also died suddenly, soon after which Jude himself became deathly ill. Jude testifies that the only reason that he, the only surviving male member, “was rescued from the jaws of death miraculously” was that his mother, “on the advice of her close friend attended the Jesus Encounter Retreat conducted by Fr. Rufus Pereira and Fr. James D’Souza at Khandala, near Mumbai. “There she heard for the first time in her life, priests preaching powerfully on the sin against the First Commandment of God and warning about the consequences and effects of indulging in occult practices and OF WORSHIPPING OTHER GODS.” [Capitals emphasis mine]. He then shares about his mother’s repentance and conversion, followed by that of his sister and finally Jude himself, and his healing from all the illnesses that plagued him. The last step was for him to abjure all the occult practices of his family and his ancestors. Now freed from bondages, he is in ministry! His elder uncle had married a Hindu and the younger uncle a Muslim.

Jude reminds us that “the Bible warns us about the effects of mixed marriages”, Ezra 9.

Early on in the testimony, Jude briefly mentions about the HINDU influence brought in to the family by the elder uncle’s wife. This was compounded by the uncle’s own occult practices, a perfect recipe for disaster. The occult part was elaborated on by Jude, but nothing said in this Charisindia article, not surprisingly, about the Hindu influence on the deathly curses that rained on their family.

How then are ignorant Catholics to protect themselves from the enemy?

“Those that run after other gods will multiply their sorrows.” Psalm 16:4


At the Jesus Encounter Retreat I am sure that Fr. Rufus Pereira would have given excellent teachings and admonitions, but I am equally certain that Fr. James D’Souza of Aldona, Goa would have been far more explicit than the former. He is one priest who has run foul of the establishment for his ultra-conservativeness as a reaction to the liberalism and modernism in the Church as well in the Renewal. One of the leading figures of the early Renewal in India, he is almost persona non grata to them today. I, for one, prefer to listen to his preaching than almost anyone else’s. He does not hesitate to call a spade a spade, loves His Church, and will pay any price for speaking the truth and confronting error no matter who or what the opposition. Some accuse Fr. James D’Souza of being ultra-orthodox but I prefer him any day over the half-naked, painted, skirt-clad, feminine-looking Bharatanatyam-dancing priests at the OTHER end of the spectrum, and many in-between!

I am proud to say that he is one of a few good Indian priests who have provided moral, prayer and financial support to this ministry. The Khandala retreat must have been conducted in 1984 or 1985.


The issue of Charisindia, April 2007 sports a picture of a woman in the classic yoga padmasana posture against the “Introduction to the Devout Life” article on Christian prayer and meditation.


The issue of Charisindia, September 2006 published the Testimony, “The Lord made me whole” of Fatima Marques of Vikhroli, Mumbai, in which she relates how, after allopathy failed her, she had “gone to doctors practising homeopathic and ayurvedic systems of medicine” for her extreme case of “Varicose Veins Weeping Eczema”. Frequent retreats and loads of intercessory prayer by charismatic renewal ministers, prayers and fasting, had not helped her. Instead, her “sickness was getting more aggravated at each renewed appearance”. There was no blood circulation in her legs and her flesh was “rotten and swollen”.

She testifies that, at her home, unable to bear the affliction, she finally “begged” Jesus to heal her, and Jesus healed her miraculously and instantaneously. Later, she “attended an Inner Healing retreat by Fr. Rufus Pereira … and I experienced God’s complete and lasting healing, not only from physical ailment but also from strong evil affliction.”


The first thing that struck me when I read this testimony in Charisindia was that Charisindia did not pass any moral judgement on Fatima Marques‘ “practising homeopathic and ayurvedic* systems of medicine” for the benefit of their readers. Maybe they didn’t know…




This is what I understand from the information provided in Fatima Marques‘ testimony:

She did not mention anything about the occult or about any involvement by her in Hindu rituals or with Hindu deities before she was afflicted.

Homoeopathy and Ayurveda could not help cure her. Neither did allopathy and prayer and fasting.

When Jesus responded to her pitiful cries, Fatima Marques was healed instantaneously.

When she attended the retreat by Fr. Rufus Pereira, she received a “lasting healing, not only from physical ailment
but also from strong evil affliction.”

Note that Fatima Marques differentiated between the healing of her “physical ailment” and a “strong evil affliction.” Only she herself, the victim who suffered for years, would be most aware of the two completely different aspects of the problem
the healing/deliverance in her case.


What evil affliction?

The only evil-oriented influence that I can see in her testimony is that she was into the use of Homoeopathy which is both New Age as well as “soft occult“.

Some kinds of Ayurvedic treatment too could be a problem for Catholics if they involve the acceptance of Hindu beliefs that oppose Christian revelation.

There might be an evil influence that I cannot see since Fatima Marques has not said anything about it. If that is so, the chances are that it has to do with New Age or Hinduism.

It also crossed my mind that maybe the Lord was sending a message to Fr. Rufus Pereira through Fatima Marques to correct his erroneous position on Homeopathy, and to stop dosing himself with Homeopathic remedies and trust completely on Him for healing. Your call, Fr. Rufus.


The issue of Charisindia, March 2007* has this editorial by Fr. Rufus Pereira, “Jesus was Tempted and Tested, but Triumphed”. *See pages 20, 21. An excerpt from the editorial:

A Salesian priest had come with his mother asking for prayers for his brother who had a severe mental breakdown.

He had been studying for his doctorate in nuclear physics in the United States, but had been caught up in a new religious movement, or rather an infamous diabolical cult. They happened to sponge on him for money for so-called self-improvement courses and were even interfering in his private life, to the extent that on the day of his marriage to a girl who did not meet their approval, they had him beaten up. The marriage was called out, and he returned to Mumbai completely shattered. For two years, he was on psychiatric treatment, and during the last two months he had locked himself in his room without having a bath or washing his clothes or having a haircut or his nails trimmed.

When I went to his home to pray over him, he refused to open the door of his bedroom and so I just made a prayer before the picture of the Sacred Heart in my living room. As I was leaving and passing his closed door, the lady who happened to accompany me, an expert in New Religious Movements and especially on this particular cult, suggested that I make a prayer for deliverance in front of the closed door, since she had read in my book that I had done this in a similar situation. I must say that I was annoyed at being told what to do and just made the sign of the cross (three times as she reminded me to do) without much faith. She again insisted that I make a prayer for deliverance from the infamous founder of that cult by taking his name. I knew nothing about that particular cult and its founder and so I made that prayer even more reluctantly.




The next morning the mother phoned to say that early that morning her son took a bath, washed his clothes and trimmed his nails. He then went up to the terrace for the first time in those two years and joined his family for breakfast.

But he next went around the whole house apparently searching for something. When questioned, he replied that he was searching for (he took the name of the cult founder). “But where has he gone?”
he asked.

He became a normal person and took up a good job within a week. END OF EXCERPT

of the
cult leader
Fr Rufus Pereira had delivered him.

As I commented in my letter, quoted on page 21,

It is very, very sad that Fr. Rufus does not NAME the cult or the cult leader. He does not NAME the NRM. He never names anything, ever except the Hindu deities & Bharatanatyam in Appendix 2** of Francis MacNutt‘s book’s earlier edition – and even that Appendix has been now cleverly removed by someone. I wonder who?

I had written to Erika what seems now a long time ago: **only in the US edition

After Fr. Rufus is gone, there is virtually no knowledgeable or experienced second line in deliverance in the CCR. I pray that he changes his stand before it is too late, and I do not mind at all if you share my letter with him.

The Renewal and the Church, have nothing to lose and everything to gain if Fr Rufus changes his stance.


Dr. Leela responds to my letter of January 15, 2011, see page 27

From: Leela D’Souza leela@homeopathy2health.com
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011 21:17:22 +0530 To:

Hi Angey, I’m the same Dr. Leela D’Souza Francisco. I’m not sure what you’d like to know. Best, Dr. leela

Sent: Saturday, March 19, 2011 6:07 PM Subject: Fr Rufus EDITED

Dear Leela, I did not open my mail for [over] a month now due to domestic engagements, but I was glad to see your letter today. I had meanwhile sought information from Fr Rufus about what I had read on your site but he strongly disagrees with the statements that you have made. First of all, he says that he has never recommended homoeopathy to anyone.
The referred visit with you was at the time when he was principal of St Andrews, before his involvement in charismatic renewal. The situation arose when he attended a dinner at which next to every principal of the area a doctor was seated. Next to Fr Rufus was a Hindu doctor. At that time Fr Rufus suffered sinusitis for quite some time, in a conversation he mentioned this to that doctor. The doctor started to ask him personal questions, which surprised Fr Rufus. Then he gave Fr Rufus a small bottle with nameless pills, which he was to take four times a day. After this, his sinus and stomach trouble never returned. Now this could have been an ayurvedic medicine, he says. Then the same doctor recommended him to see you, he says. He visited you. You were very friendly, which impressed him, and some medicine was given ONCE, which he took, and his sinus was ok. Fr Rufus says that he requested you not to mention his name or use his name. I really do not know who or what to believe. Angey

Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2011 21:28:46 +0530 Subject: RE: Fr Rufus To:

Hi Angey, all this was a LONG time back… it would be hard for Fr. Rufus to remember accurately something that is not so relevant to him as much as it was relevant to me. I’d say it was sometime in 1994. The discussions with him occurred during a Healing retreat at Vinayalaya, Andheri in 1994 … so you see, your information is not entirely accurate.

I phoned him from CHENNAI in 2004 when I was writing and publishing these articles, with reference to the above retreat discussions held in 1994. A LARGE time gap. I specifically requested permission to quote parts of his editorials in the Charisindia and also to confirm his opinion about homeopathy and occult practice. He has NEVER considered homeopathy occult practice neither did he stop anyone from using it. I think that is more important … I don’t think I have suggested in the article that he “recommended” it!

It may be best that you make your own choices about homeopathy on your conscience, pray about it and be happy with it. We are all human beings and need not be relied upon 100% for your personal decisions.

I hope I have understood what is troubling you. Warm regards, Dr. Leela

My above letter to Dr. Leela was based on information given by Fr. Rufus to be given to me in response to my enquiry on this issue. Dr. Leela‘s version contradicts that of Fr. Rufus.



Erika Gibello
Fr. Rufus Pereira
Sent: Thursday, January 20, 2011 5:44 AM


Dear Erika,

When researching for my article on Bharatanatyam dancing in the Holy Mass by Catholic priests, and questions of exorcism and deliverance of evil related to the Hindu gods in such things, I was shocked when I came across a site in which an Indian homoeopathic doctor has given a testimony that Fr Rufus not only uses Homoeopathy himself but also recommended it to her as NOT NEW AGE and not occult and that it is effective. Evidently she knows him well. She is using Fr Rufus name to justify that the Vatican New Age Document is wrong in including it [when she wrote in the New Leader in 2005 refuting my position but without mentioning my name.]

This, in 2005, is only one year after Fr Rufus and you gave that Healing and Deliverance Seminar in Kaloor, Ernakulam with Fr Larry Hogan, chief exorcist of the Archdiocese of Vienna. I was very upset and angry at his apparent double standards. It has made others to use Homoeopathy because the great Fr Rufus has said it is OK and EFFECTIVE.




As per my policy on impartiality and non-compromise and especially since Fr Rufus has never answered any of my letters to him for almost six years or more, I am obliged to reproduce all this in my article on Bharatanatyam, along with my strong comments, especially because I also found a LOT of information where Fr Rufus names the Hindu gods ONLY in talks overseas and not in India — and of course never in his articles in CHARISINDIA.

I am absolutely not able to accept ANY excuse about timidity or prudence in these matters, because unlike you who are a foreigner, Fr Rufus is Indian, and also an exorcist-priest. His silence on all these things is allowing souls to be lost.

I have prepared my article prayerfully and discerningly and I am sure that it is God’s will that I include this information.

I am therefore unable to change my decision on whatever I have already included in the article.

The homoeopathic doctor is Leela D’Souza-Francisco. She has referred to you as “a Christian woman from Europe“.

I have included the following in my article, along with extensive explanatory notes on Fr Rufus’ quotes in several articles and YouTube videos where I found him speaking on the internet:


“I met a Christian woman from Europe. She was one of the speakers at the retreat. With a background in Pharmacology, she denounced homeopathy in no uncertain terms due to the ‘evil’ effect it had on a friend of hers. She likened the effect on her friend, who was taking repeated doses of a homeopathic remedy for a few months, to a demonic possession of sorts! She said angrily, that he had become a completely changed person with no control over his emotions and all his physical symptoms were worse – ‘…can any reliable system of healing change a person so deeply from within? It is not to be trusted! I suggest you seriously consider whether you should be a homeopath or not’.

I tried to explain to her the ‘Doctrine of Drug-Proving‘, but she refused to be convinced. 

I discussed her opinion with Fr. Rufus Pereira. But he said that they had a difference of opinion here and he couldn’t see why she was so antagonistic to homeopathy. Whenever he had taken a homeopathic remedy, he was relieved instantly, with no evil effects!

I called him on the phone in Mumbai a week prior to writing this article and he confirmed that his difference of opinion with her on homeopathy remains. He sees nothing evil in it.”


You may share this email with him. If he wishes to explain or contradict Dr Leela, or if he writes directly to me, I can include his response also in my article. I am anyway now marking a copy of this letter to him too. Love, Michael

Erika Gibello; Fr. Rufus Pereira
Sent: Monday, January 31, 2011 8:33 AM


Sending once again in case you did not receive this mail. Love, Michael


Erika Gibello To:
Sent: Saturday, February 05, 2011 5:06 AM


Dear Michael.

I just read your e-mail ref: Homoeopathy and Fr Rufus. I cleared his with him. This visit to Dr. Lily D’Souza falls at the time when he was principal of St Andrews, before his charismatic engagement. He does not recommend Homoeopathy.

The situation arose when they had a dinner at which next to every principal of the area a doctor was seated. Next to Fr Rufus was a Hindu doctor. At that time Fr Rufus suffered from sinusitis for quite some time. In a conversation he mentioned this to this doctor who started to ask him personal questions, which astonished Fr Rufus. Then he gave Fr Rufus a small bottle with nameless pills, which he was to take four times a day. After this, his sinus and stomach trouble never returned. Now this could have been an ayurvedic medicine. Then the same doctor recommended him to see Dr. Lily D’Souza. He went there and liked her friendliness, again personal questions (typical of homoeopathy) and some medicine was given ONCE, which he took and his sinus was ok.

He told Dr. D’Souza not to mention his name or use his name. His sinus trouble seems to have started with tension and Homoeopathy acts like a placebo. Dr D’Souza was very friendly which impressed him. I do not know how to reach her, but if you could find me her postal address I will set things straight with her especially that Fr Rufus told her NOT to use his name. He has not recommended anyone to go to her, since he entered the Charismatic. In Christ, Erika


Erika Gibello Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2011 7:43 AM Subject: Re: FR. RUFUS AND HOMOEOPATHY

Dear Erika, I thank you for your very kind letter.

I am unable to connect the explanation of Fr Rufus to you with the chronology of what Dr. Leela [not Lily] has written. She cannot be so old as to have known Fr Rufus before he joined the charismatic renewal which was around 1970-1972, I think. She is referring to very recent recommendations to her by Fr Rufus, maybe in the time frame of 2003-2005, and/or AFTER the Kaloor, Ernakulam conference where Fr Larry Hogan spoke twice against Homoeopathy with Rufus next to him.

Moreover, Fr Rufus’ own writings in recent CHARISINDIAs show that he allowed himself to be treated by Chinese alternative medicine practitioners while on ministry in S.E. Asia.

Much love, Michael & Angela


Fr. Rufus Pereira
Sent: Friday, March 25, 2011 5:03 PM


Dear Father Rufus,


You have always been a well-wisher of my ministry.

I remember that way back in the mid 1980s when you had visited Delhi, you had joined us in the Charismatic Renewal at the Gole Dak Khana Community Centre of the Sacred Heart Cathedral and given us a talk. At that time, I had shared my personal testimony and you had sat patiently and humbly in the audience, and listened. I did not know then anything much about your background. 

Since then, we have met on several occasions, mostly when I have attended your Healing and Deliverance seminars in different cities. On at least two occasions, maybe three, including the major one at Kaloor, Ernakulam in 2004, which you gave with Fr Larry Hogan of Vienna, you had said that you had wanted to call me up on the dais to say a few words but were prevented from doing so because of the time factor. I very much believed you then.

I also recall that at the National Convention in Vijayawada, I forget which year it was, you had given me your sacerdotal blessing.

That being the case, I am sure that you will understand what I must do in my ministry, keeping the larger interests of the Church in mind, and in line with the principles of fairness and impartiality that I have always adopted and adhered to at much great cost.

I have always kept you on my mailing list even though you have responded to me but once or twice, the last being on May 21, 2004 when you encouraged me on the “Letter To Rome” that I had sent to the Holy See about the New Age in the Church in India.

Since then, I have sent you dozens of letters with not a single response.

This year alone, I have already sent you three letters, including a query on Confession.

Two of them in January relate to the issue of Homoeopathy. In those letters, I had informed you that my research on the Internet shows that you have taken homeopathic remedies and also declared them not only as effective but also as not being “occult” or New Age. From articles written and published by you, in CHARISINDIA for instance, I have understood that you have allowed yourself to be treated using Chinese alternative medicine, which are New Age alternative therapies. This type of information will seriously misguide Catholics.

Moreover, on the subject of deliverance/exorcism, I was appalled to note — both in the electronic print media and on YouTube — you speak openly on the problem of spiritual oppression or worse of Catholics who involve themselves in Hindu rituals, but that is only when you give seminars or interviews outside of India. In India, you are very careful to give different explanations for the very same events, avoiding speaking the whole truth. You are aware that I do — and have done here — my research meticulously.

On a couple of occasions, I have literally begged you to share with me all your experiences for the sake of posterity, as Indian Catholics go ever deeper into syncretism, New Age, paying obeisance to pagan deities and the like, but you did not respond.

As already informed to you in January, I had completed my article and I have now waited for exactly two months for your explanation which did not come. A partial explanation on the Homoeopathy issue given by you to a common friend was received by me, but when I cross-checked it with the Mumbai homoeopathic doctor who had quoted you on the Internet, her account was chronologically different and rang true. Moreover, it matched the time-line of the information that I had.

I had written to you that I was waiting for your response to include it in my article.

Now, I am writing to inform you that I am releasing three documents that will include all the information that I had collected to show Catholics not simply that Homoeopathy is New Age [because there are already several of that on my site], but also that a spirit of fear and compromise grips the Church and the Renewal in India, and that Catholics’ involvement in paying obeisance to Hindu deities or their getting into activities like Bharatanatyam dancing requires deliverance, maybe even exorcism in some cases.

The documents that will contain the information will be as follows:


2. BHARATANATYAM – I: Liturgical Abuse and Hindu-isation of the Liturgy

3. HOMOEOPATHY – CONTROVERSY: FR. RUFUS PEREIRA [I have not yet finalised the title as I am still editing the contents of the article.]

A preview of the first report is temporarily available at http://www.megaupload.com/?d=G8V7GCZU or at http://www.megaupload.com/?d=52Q5Z9SL. [It takes 45 seconds for the REGULAR DOWNLOAD BUTTON to appear for clicking, on the right side of the page that opens; then it takes another 2.5 minutes for the file to download.]

The second article is a slightly abridged version of the first.

The third one will concern itself mainly with the homeopathy controversy. Love and prayers, Michael

Fr. Rufus Pereira
Sent: Thursday, January 20, 2011 5:44 AM





frrufus@gmail.com ; erikagibello
Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2012 4:51 PM


Dear Michael,
Easter Greetings, Michael. Praying for you, your family and your apostolate at the Maundy Mass this evening.
Fr Rufus, London, this week


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