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Dear Reverend Father Thomas,



On behalf of this Catholic ministry, I am writing to you to bring to your kind attention the dangers of the “New Age” errors propagated by the organization named DHARMA BHARATHI [DB], the NATIONAL REGENERATION MOVEMENT [NRM] and their founder, Swami Sachidananda Bharathi, formerly known as Wing Commander/Squadron Leader N. V. John. I am writing to you on the basis of reports that I read in two Catholic periodicals, and also the CBCI news.


1. THE EXAMINER of July 14, 2007, Sanyasin on a peace mission to Kashmir valley [SAR news]

A retired squadron leader of the Indian Air Force, the moving spirit behind the National Regeneration Movement, is on a visit to State of Jammu and Kashmir with his message of love and peace.

Saffron clad N.V. John, who has taken the name Swami Sachidananda Bharathi, says the movement, also called the Second Freedom Movement, is a prayerful response to the needs of this era, initiated during the Golden Jubilee of Indian Independence 1997. NRM is now being developed into a ‘Second Freedom Struggle’ for the economic, social and moral freedoms of India as envisaged by the Father of the Nation.

At the Holy Family Church, Srinagar, Swami said an encounter with death in an air crash in 1982 was the turning point in his life. He had a series of spiritual and mystical experiences thereafter that made him a seeker of truth. He received sadhal [sic] diksha (ritual anointment) in 1984 with name John Sachidanand and Acharya Diksha in 1990.

Swami has studied the basic tenets of Islam and Sikhism from Muslim and Sikh gurus. He came to realise that Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism had ‘grace and peace’ as their common meeting ground.

He felt an inner call to devote the remaining years of his life for National Regeneration and Global peace based on the spiritual and moral values common to different religions, the truth of which he himself had experienced.

He said he had also become a ‘saffron-clad sanyasi’ in his spiritual evolution as a ‘disciple of Christ Jesus for Peace’ in the multi-religious milieu of India, his motherland. “This is the fruit of my efforts to integrate my cultural roots with my faith tradition at a deeper level. Culturally, I come from an upper caste Hindu background according to the Syrian Christian tradition. In my faith I am a disciple of Lord Jesus Christ following the Saint Thomas tradition, he remarked. Asked what made him abandon his family and become a sanyasi, Swami says peace was the crying need of the hour not only in the Jammu and Kashmir State where lot of blood has been spilled since 1990, but all over the world.

The entire world hungers and yearns for peace. There was very little peace within individuals, within families, within communities, within nations and within religions today. They are also often at conflict with one another. Swami further remarked that peace was impossible without unity and harmony. Love was the basis of this much-needed unity and harmony. True love was forgiving, enduring and self-sacrificing. This was the nature of the divine love that God showered upon humankind in, with and through his son Jesus Christ, the Lord of Love and Prince of Peace.


2. THE NEW LEADER of January1-15, 2007, India’s second freedom struggle, by Swami Sachidananda Bharathi. I am not reproducing the article here as it is almost on the same lines as the SAR report.

The credit line says, “Swami Sachidanand Bharathi is the Founder and Acharyaguru of National Regeneration Movement and Dharma Bharathi Mission.”


3. Peace Messenger Initiates Peace Programme In J&K New Delhi, July 23, 2007, 17.10 Hrs, CBCI News:

Swamy Sachidananda Bharathi of Dharma Bharathi Mission who has dedicated his life to the sole purpose of establishing peace on earth has proposed a project with similar objective on his recent visit to Jammu and Kashmir.
With the purpose of bringing peace in this troubled state which has been reeling under the violence, the Swamy has initiated a project called ‘Jammu-Kashmir Peace Mission’ which was lauded by the J&K diocese.



He was cordially welcomed by Bishop Peter Celestine of Jammu-Srinagar diocese and the people of the northern most diocese of India. During the short stay in J&K, from June 17 to July 2, 2007, Swamy Sachidananda Bharathi held 12 meetings in Jammu the Jammu region and another 18 in the Kashmir valley.
His call for a corruption-free society was enthusiastically welcomed by all. As a result of his meetings, a follow-up team consisting of fourteen people has been formed in Jammu to render support to the Chief Minister of J&K in his efforts to eradicate corruption from the government. The team would work under the guidance of Mr Munilal Gupta who has been elected as the convener of the follow-up team in Jammu.
An ardent advocate of peace, Swamyji was invited to the Millennium World Summit for peace organized by the UN in New York in the year 2000. He was also one of the signatories of the UN declaration for peace. His visit to the state was part of his plan to cover all the states in India as the year has been dedicated as the year of ‘Desh Vandana’.
Swami Sachidananda whose real name is N.V. John, was born and brought up in a traditional Catholic family in Kerala, though he became a Marxist from the time of his university days. He was promoted to the rank of Wing Commander before he encountered God and death during a plane crash while he was flying as a navigator from Delhi to Cochin in 1982, from which he escaped miraculously.
This incident marked a turning point in his life and he decided to offer himself to the service of God and humanity.


Dear Father Thomas, in August 2002, this ministry published a 16-page report on DB which was widely distributed.

After it was studied by Catholic lay leaders, religious and priests in places like Mangalore and Secunderabad, the Swami found some doors close to him. Understandably upset, he wrote to me on July 25, 2003. My response to him was in the form of a 36-page report, copies of which I sent to the concerned Bishops and CBCI Commissions.

It details the spiritual dangers from a Catholic perspective that involve the philosophies, teachings, practices, ideals and goals of Dharma Bharathi and the National Regeneration Movement.

This second report is dated August 2003*. Now, exactly four years later, I am sending it to you herewith by email.

Along with it, I am attaching my “Letter to the Vatican” subject “New Age in the Catholic Church in India” dated May 5, 2004, in which also I have written about DB [on page 3]. This report, too, was sent to all Bishops and Commissions of the CBCI.


The Swami did not “abandon his family”. In the introduction to ‘Disciples of Christ for Peace’ we read that “his wife parted ways with him.” In some reports he is a former Wing Commander, in many others he is a Squadron Leader.

The Swami is a “seeker of truth”. Jesus says, “I am… the Truth” [John 14:6].

The Swami wants to bring peace on earth. Jesus was the harbinger of Peace on Earth [Luke 2:14], but His Peace is not that worldly peace which is popularly sought [Matthew 10:34, 12:51-53].

The Swami seeks to promote unity and harmony through love. Love is John 3:16.

With his Catholic background, the Swami would do well to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which alone is the solution to the world’s problems and the peoples’ needs. But since his later formation was influenced by New Age, as my report shows, he offers a syncretistic product that can only be described as an alternative to the Gospel; more specifically, as again my report shows, it is inimical to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


In August 2006, India Currents
published a report “Catholic Ashrams: Sachidananda Ashram gets a woman Acharya”. It carries pictures of a former Carmelite nun, Sr. Catherin Prabhujyoti “receiving Acharya deeksha” from the Swami. He appointed her as ‘Acharya’ of his Dharma Bharathi Ashram, Mulanthuruthy, in Kerala. One of the chief guests was Bro. John Martin Sahajananda of Saccidananda Ashram, Shantivanam, near Trichy, Tamil Nadu. The news item says a lot about the Catholic Ashrams movement, Fr. Bede Griffiths OSB., etc.

In 2005 I had published an intensively researched 96-page report on the New Age’ in the Catholic Ashrams to all our Bishops. In that ASHRAMS report, I have recorded the New Age, blasphemy, heresy and sacrilegethat the Ashrams are indulging in. It also gives incontrovertible evidence of the links of the Swami with the Ashram and his being inducted into the “New Age” there.

I trust that you will find this information useful in helping you to take the correct, informed decision in respect of Dharma Bharathi, The National Regeneration Movement, and Swami Sachidananda Bharathi, and I look forward to a response from you to this email.

Yours obediently, In the CCBI Year of the Laity,


Michael Prabhu



Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2007 11:23 AM

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