MoreLove’s and Ethos Institute’s Dominic Dixon of Bangalore convicted, sentenced and fined in the USA, deported from Canada for sexual molestation of relatives’ minor son

FEBRUARY 15/22, 2017


MoreLove’s and Ethos Institute’s Dominic Dixon of Bangalore convicted, sentenced and fined in the USA, deported from Canada for sexual molestation of relatives’ minor son


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Aneel Aranha of HolySpiritInteractive (HSI) is a major associate in the “ministries” of Dominic Dixon.

Dominic Dixon is active in various Catholic “ministries” in the archdiocese of Bangalore.

In the city of Bangalore, he runs an organization called MoreLove and another called Ethos Institute.

Dixon enjoys the blessings and the patronage of the Archbishop of Bangalore Most Rev. Bernard Moras despite our sending several letters and reports to the Archbishop, none of which were ever acknowledged.

Catholic colleges in Bangalore have invited him to present programmes to their students and he has been on the panels of national television shows, the theme almost always being on issues of sexual morality.

Also, despite our seven earlier reports exposing Dominic Dixon’s nefarious activities, deceit and blatant lies, false claims, unsubstantiated claims of high overseas educational qualifications, contradictions, blackmail and threatening telephone calls made to this ministry, other Catholic ministries and a couple of priests (using local hoodlums and fake email ids), he is supported by high level leaders of the Bangalore Catholic Charismatic Renewal and by a few priests some of who will be identified in this report. [In referring herein to issues already reported/recorded, I will provide the above serial numbers of the related 7 reports.]

But, unknown to all, Dominic Dixon is a convicted sexual predator and serial pedophile.

Sometime last year, I had received a call from Australia from a Charles Tilaka and his wife Charmaine who is the sister of Dominic Dixon. They reported that he had molested one or both of their two children when he had recently gone to Australia and stayed with them. They also alleged that Dixon is uneducated, and not a Ph.D. as claimed by him. Two or three years ago, we received a call purporting to be from one of the Gulf States making similar claims. Both parties did not follow up the telecon with documentary evidence or even an email letter to make a written record and consequently I could not put the information in my reports.

In this present report, we are finally able to produce evidence of one of his sexual molestations of a minor which we had known about for at least three years but could not report till now without documentation.

The affected family is a third cousin of Dominic Dixon and her husband Bruce P. and the assault occurred in Des Moines, Iowa, USA in February 1995. They have corresponded in detail with me as well as with one of our web masters in Bangalore and have also spoken at length with him over the ‘phone from where they now reside in Dallas, Texas 75056 [Cell numbers: 214.436.2672, 214.303.9938].



Link to Dominic Dixon’s deportation from Canada by a Court Order of the Canadian Government:












Federal Court Decisions

Dixon v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration)

Court (s) Database

Federal Court Decisions



File numbers



Date: 19980309


Docket: IMM-916-98




     – and –





[1]      The applicant has applied for a stay of execution of a deportation order which is to be executed on March 18, 1998.

[2]      The applicant was landed in Canada on July 23, 1994.

[3]      The applicant was ordered deported on March 19, 1997, at Edmonton, Alberta, due to his criminal conviction. The deportation order was issued pursuant to subsection 32(2) of the Immigration Act, because the adjudicator found the applicant to be a person described in sub-paragraph 27(1)(a)(i) of the Act because he is a permanent resident who has been convicted of an offence that, if committed in Canada, constitutes an offence that may be punishable under any Act of Parliament by a maximum term of imprisonment of 10 years or more.

[4]      The applicant was born on September 14, 1975, in India. He resides in Edmonton, Alberta. On October 30, 1995, he was convicted of Indecent Contact with a Child and received a suspended sentence of two years and fined $500.00. It was this offence that led to his deportation order. The offence occurred in February 1995.

[5]      The legality of the deportation order is not challenged.

[6]      The applicant appealed to the Immigration Appeal Division based on the grounds that, having regard to all the circumstances of the case, he should not be removed from Canada under paragraph 70(1)(b) of the Immigration Act. The applicant was represented by counsel at the hearing held on December 2, 1997. The panel heard the testimony of three witnesses including the applicant. The applicant and respondent submitted several documents into evidence.

[7]      In a decision dated January 28, 1998, the Appeal Division dismissed the appeal as follows:

     The Appeal Division is of the opinion that the appellant has not been able to show why, in all the circumstances of this case, he should not be removed from Canada. The Appeal Division finds that there are insufficient mitigating circumstances in this case that warrant its exercise of special relief in this case. Accordingly, the appeal pursuant to paragraph 70(1) of the Act is dismissed both in law and in equity.


[8]      The applicant filed an application for leave and for judicial review of the IAD decision on March 3, 1998.

[9]      The IAD’s decision is well-reasoned and deals with all relevant issues.

[10]      In order to grant a stay, the applicant must satisfy the tripartite test.

[11]      Even if I were to accept that there is a serious issue to be tried, and in my view, the applicant has a major hurdle to establish this, the applicant has not established that he would suffer irreparable harm if the relief was not granted. The dislocation occasioned by his removal may result in inconvenience or even in some hardship, but it does not establish irreparable harm.

[12]      The respondent has an interest in seeing to the effective and timely implementation of a deportation order under section 48 of the Immigration Act.

[13]      The application for a stay of the execution of the deportation order is accordingly dismissed.



Ottawa, Ontario

March 9, 1998



Dominic Dixon born in Chennai, India on September 14, 1975, can never re-enter either the USA or Canada.

He reached Canada with his parents Brian and Germaine Dixon and his brother Wilfred on July 23, 1994 and became a permanent resident of Canada.

During a visit to his cousin in Des Moines, Iowa, in the US in February 1995, he sexually assaulted their minor son who was then only nine. In the words of the boy’s father, “We all hate him after he molested my nine year old son. He was sentenced and jailed for Child Molestation. He was then DEPORTED from the USA. He was in the USA for not even 3 complete months before he was
arrested and deported. [Emphases his] So, if he was in the USA less than 3 months living in my house, under my direct supervision with no money, how did he do all those fictitious degrees that he claims on his website? As he is a Child Molester he will never be allowed back into the USA or Canada, so where did he study? He is a total Con Man that even his own relations do not want to have anything to do with.

Recently he repeated the same thing in Australia with his sister’s child. He needs to be stopped and put in jail.

I cannot understand how people in India have not yet found out about this criminal and are still letting him come into contact with young children in God’s Name. This is shameful!  

Do you know which Police Inspector or Police Department was investigating him? If so please let me know as I would like to contact them with the information that I have about Dominic Dixon.

After the molestation occurred in Des Moines, Iowa, I asked Dixon to return to his home in Edmonton, Canada. I bought him a ticket on a Greyhound bus. After I reported the case to the US Police in Des Moines, Iowa, where the molestation took place the US Police extradited Dominic Dixon back from Canada to the USA to stand trial. After the trial he was deported back to Canada. From Canada he stood trial for his immigration status and was deported because of the child molestation mentioned in Paragraph 4. DD was extradited in 1998 because he appealed his deportation in Canada. If you read carefully you will see that this document is a dismissal of his appeal to stay in Canada.


Read point no. 4 of the court order on the previous page:

On October 30, 1995, Dominic Dixon was convicted of the crime of “Indecent Contact with a Child” (in a US Court).

He received a suspended sentence of two years and was fined USD 500 (a huge amount in 1995).

In Edmonton, Alberta, he was ordered deported from Canada on March 19, 1997 on the basis of his “criminal conviction” in the USA with the Canadian Court stating that, as a permanent resident, if the same offence was repeated in Canada, the offence may be punishable by “a maximum term of imprisonment of 10 years or more.

Dominic Dixon was thereby deemed to be a potential threat to little boys in Canada.

Dixon’s counsel represented him at a hearing in Canada on December 2, 1997.

He filed an appeal for a review (with the Canadian Immigration Appeal Division) of his deportation on March 3, 1998. The Appeal was dismissed and he was deported to India from Canada on March 18, 1998 as per the Court Order of March 9, 1998.


Concerning Dominic Dixon’s educational background and qualifications, this is what Bruce P. wrote to me: “When I knew him he was in St. Mary’s Anglo Indian High School in Broadway, Chennai. He had FAILED his 6th standard. This can be verified by the Principal at that time Father John Peter, with whom I spent many hours trying to get Dominic Dixon a fake 8th Standard pass which was the minimum requirement for Dominic to get into the Vocational Training School (Salesian Institute of Graphic Arts, SIGA), for studying Printing, Chennai. After I helped him to get into the Vocational School (SIGA Printing Press) I even arranged his Board and lodge in this institution.

Please review his Website for his numerous educational achievements such as Oxford, Harvard etc. I am not sure how he afforded so many such prestigious expensive institutions that most normal people cannot afford.

Fr. John Peter SDB is a priest known to our family as we all studied under the Salesians in Chennai and it would be a simple matter for us to check out Dominic Dixon’s tenure at St. Mary’s as well as at SIGA.


This is what Dixon claims about his educational background (


Dominic was expelled from school at the age of 15. His education was discontinued not because of him (sic) being unintelligent but due to poverty, a delinquent and hazardous family environment and a victim of child sexual abuse. He continued his education via full time technical education and then distant (sic) learning.

Considering that he has a background that boasts of Georgetown University (Washington DC), Harvard and Oxford, and that he studied in Canada (despite his having been kicked out from there), his English (spelling, grammar, syntax) is atrociously poor. [In the above quote, it should be “his” and not “him”; “distance”, not “distant”. He speaks of “alternate” sexuality which correctly put is “alternative” sexuality, “retret” for “retreat” in a headline on his Facebook page, “ruppes” for “rupees”, etc. Look out for the numerous “sics” in extracts from his website and blog pages on the following pages of our report.







Dr. Dominic F. Dixon


Dr. Dominic F. Dixon

D. Psych, Phil (Oxford), REL (Harvard) MC Justice (Harvard) Bio-Ethics (KIE, U of Georgetown)

Dominic F. Dixon, a Catholic Evangelist based in Bangalore, under the authority of the Catholic Church. He is the Founder and Director of MORELOVE.IN, VERITAS TV, MORELOVERADIO and a Director of Holy Spirit Interactive, a Lay Catholic Apostolate recognized as an Association of Faith and Outreach (Canon 312, 2/ 314/ 317, 1) by Bishop Paul Hinder of the Vicariate Apostolic of Southern Arabia. He is the Provost of Ethos Institute and the Chairman of MORE TRUST. Dominic has reached out to several hundred thousand youth around the world who have been abused, addicts, alcoholics, and the outcast including gangsters.

Dominic is a leading voice in India for Pro-Life and is a disciple for the teachings of the Catholic Church. He is also an ecumenical person of love to bring the Church in total unity which granted him appreciation by international Christian leaders of all denominations. One Shepherd, One flock.

Websites: | | htttp:// | | |

To know more, visit:



Dominic was expelled from school at the age of 15. His education was discontinued not because of him being unintelligent but due to poverty, a delinquent and hazardous family environment and a victim of child sexual abuse. He continued his education via full time technical education and then distant (sic) learning. He earned his P. Tech and continued his studies in Canada. He has done extensive research studies in Psychology of Emotions and earned his doctorate in Counselling Psychology, and furthered research studies in Philosophy of Ethics at Oxford University | Religion at the University of Harvard, US | Bio-ethics at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University, US | Masters Certificate in Justice at the University of Harvard, US. MEDIA: Dominic is one of the most interviewed Christian Evangelist (sic) in India having been interviewed by CNN, NDTV, India Today, Times of India, Headlines Today, Agence France Presse and other International News channels and projected in over 100 Provinces worldwide in regards to his work amongst the youth.



Dominic has presented a research paper on ‘Homosexuality’ to the Prime Minister of India and a research paper to the President of India on ‘Youth Psychology & Sociology’ This paper was endorsed by Fr. Dominic Emmanuel*, Dir. Communications, Delhi Archdiocese.

He has presented two papers at Oxford University on (1) Moral Absolutism (2) Can Utilitarianism respect rights?



Books: (1) The Beautiful Christian Mind – released by Archbishop Bernard Moras

(2) Living for the Audience of One – released by Bishop Camila Ballin, Vicariate of Kuwait

(3) I’m a Teenager, plz understand me! – Released by Ms. Wanda Paul, retired teacher.

(4) A Journey to Holiness – released by Archbishop Bernard Moras

Audio: 5 volumes on Freedom in Christ

Purpose of Lifes (sic) events

Audio: “When innocence is stolen” for the nun who was gang raped in Orissa. This song was highly appreciated around the world and was endorsed by Archbishop Raphael Cheenath of Orissa.

Video: Produced a short film on abstinence from pre-marital sex.

Dominic F. Dixon does not claim to be of high standing or of great merit, but journeys only by the grace of God. His humble cry to the Lord is: Lord Jesus, give me the YOUTH of this world or I will die! Dictum: The Truth shall set you free!

Bio prepared by team Holy Spirit Interactive (HSI)


*Note: Fr. Dominic Emmanuel SVD is a liberal priest.




Fr. Dominic Emmanuel SVD, like Dominic Dixon, is also a sexual predator. See pages 4-6 of my report



Dr. Dominic F. Dixon

Dr. Dominic F. Dixon (Psychologist), is a Catholic Evangelist in the Archdiocese of Bangalore, under the authority of the Catholic Church and is a member of the International Association for Deliverance. This has been debunked by the Secretary of the IAD, see pages 12, 13.
He is the Founder & Director of MORELOVE.IN, VERITAS TV, HSI MORELOVERADIO and a Director of Holy Spirit Interactive, a Lay Catholic Apostolate recognized as an Association of Faith and Outreach (Canon 312, 2/ 314/ 317, 1) by Bishop Paul Hinder the Apostolic Vicar of Southern Arabia.
He is the Provost of Ethos Institute. He has done extensive research studies in Psychology of Emotions and earned his doctorate in Counselling Psychology, and furthered research studies in Philosophy of Ethics at Oxford University, UK and Religion at Harvard University, US.
Please visit this site for more information:



Dr. Dominic F. Dixon

The titles associated with most of the positions of Dr. Dixon are not paralleled in monitory or materialistic compensation or value, but in positions of influence to bring healing to a hurting world, especially to orphans and widows and to victims of communal and political conflict. His work and publications have been recognized by the international community and widely covered by the media, worldwide.



​Dr. Dominic was expelled from school at the age of 15. His education was discontinued due to poverty, a delinquent and hazardous family environment and a victim of child sexual abuse. He continued his studies via full time technical education and then distant learning in the midst of hardships and poverty. Today, he stands as a role model to the millions of youth in India, while being recognized by the State and Central governments for his contribution to the nation of India.

​Dr. Dixon is a life long (sic)
learner and is presently engaged in international studies via distance and online education.


Present Responsibilities:

– Chairman, MORE TRUST – Centre for Reconcillation (sic)

– Provost, Ethos Institute

– Director, VERITAS TV & HSI Radio

Presentations & Research:

– Research to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Pornography & its devastating consequences of the Youth & Women in the nation of India)

– Research to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (Youth behavioural)

– Research to President Prathibha Patil (Adolescent Sociology & Psychology)

– Research to Governor of Karnataka, Hans Raj Bharwdwaj (sic)

– Research to Governor of Tamilnadu, Dr. K. Rosaiah

– Research to Chief Minister of Karnataka, BS Yeddurappa (sic)

– Presentation to Cyber Crime, Interpol on legal processes

– Research on the Juvenile Justice System in Bangalore


Academic Authorship

– Author of seven books, 5 on youth in conflict

– Paper on Communal harmony and understanding of ideologies

– Authored several text books on Psychology & Emotions

– Author of six Audio volumes on Holistic Counselling

– Research to University of Oxford, Utilitarianism & Human Rights

– Research to University of Oxford, Moral Absolutisms


Media: – Dr. Dixon has been widely interviewed in over 36 countries & over 100 Provinces by CNN, Headlines Today, US Politics, Agence France Presse, Khaleej Times Dubai, Times Now, NDTV, Yahoo, India Today, Family Mantra, Charis Times, Times of India, Saudi, News 9, News X and others.


Recent International Delegation: Australia, Thailand, Canada, America, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Israel, Dubai, Muscat, Palestine, Kuwait, Lebanon, India, Egypt, Jordan…


In Dominic Dixon’s August 5, 2015 letter to the Prime Minister of India on “Child Pornography Simulation”, (a term self-admittedly coined by him), these are the academic qualifications under his name:

Dr. Dominic F Dixon (Psychologist) Provost, Ethos Institute D. Psych, Phil (Oxford), MC Justice (Harvard), REL (Harvard) Forensics Science & Criminal Justice (Exeter, UK), International Law (UCL, Belgium)

Exeter, UK, and Belgium are new additions.

In the letter to the PM, he decries the sexual abuse of minors (the very crime for which he was arrested, sentenced, fined and jailed in the USA and then deported!)

He beseeches the PM, “It is my appeal to ban pornographic websites that insinuates (sic) child pornography.


Dominic Dixon downloads from the Internet and uses the seal/logo of Oxford University on one of his web pages. Please Google “image of seal of Oxford University” and find that it’s the very first image on the page!


To support that he has written a two-page research paper “Can a Utilitarian respect rights?” at/for (?) Oxford in 2013, he uses ( another image which too can be downloaded and copy-pasted from the Internet as I have done:


Another 2013 paper on “Moral Absolutism” at also carries the Oxford seal and logo.



MoreLove” is an organization founded and operated by
Dr. Dominic F. Dixon
who signs his communications as “psychologist”. He is th
e author of
The Beautiful Christian Mind-Deliverance from Mental Illness” (the contents of the book were ridiculed in a critique in The New Leader, August 16-31, 2007, by Dr. Fr. M. A. Emmanuel Arockiam, SJ., who did his Ph. D.
in Counseling Psychology from the U.S.), Asian Trading, 2006; “Living for the Audience of One“, More Love, 2008; and “A Journey to Holiness“, 2013.

The first and third books were public released by Archbishop Bernard Moras of Bangalore.



“The Beautiful Christian Mind-Deliverance from Mental Illness” (

The book was “endorsed by the Vice Chairma (sic) of Exorcism of the Vatican, realsed (sic) by Archbishop Bernard Moras and presented at the Asian Mission Congresss (sic) in Thailand.

There is NO such thing as “Vice Chairman of Exorcism of the Vatican”. The book was written in 2006. The IAD was only recognised as an Association by the Vatican in June 2012, one month after the demise of Fr. Rufus Pereira of Mumbai who was its longtime Vice-Chairman.



He also wrote I’m a Teenager, plz understand me! – Claretian Publications.


The second book was released by Bishop Camillo Ballin MCCJ, the Apostolic Vicar of Kuwait who also supports the ministry of Aneel Aranha, the leading ministry associate of Dominic Dixon. See



“A Journey to Holiness”

This is what Simon Rodrigues, Chairman of the Bangalore Charismatic Renewal Services had to say, likening Dixon to the prophet Elijah (

Dr. Dixon’s book on “A Journey to Holiness” is a reflection of his personal journey to holiness. Knowing him for over a decade and being his spiritual elder brother, I can say with confidence that he has been striving to walk with God and this walk has not been easy for him and it is never easy. The gate is narrow. On this journey that he has embarked on, he echo’s God’s voice to the Church as Prophet Elijah did. This book will surely help every Man and Woman on their journey to holiness.


Dixon’s organization’s finances are audited by Simon Rodrigues, the Chairman of the Bangalore Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (who is also an auditor of the Archbishop of Bangalore).

As a Ministry, we duly submit our audited financial reports to the Chairman of the BCCRS.


“Living for the Audience of One”

Aneel Aranha of HolySpiritInteractive pays a glowing tribute to book and its author. See


Dixon’s favourite topics for writing “research papers” are “sexting”, sexual integrity and pornography.

He is a leading contributor (as seen in the following extract) to Aneel Aranha’s HolySpiritInteractive.

Aneel Aranha 
Dr. Dominic Dixon

Dixon excels in boastful and exaggerated self-promotion, much of which this ministry has exposed as false.

Dr. Dominic Dixon is a leading voice on pro-life issues in India and is an international representative for the cause.


ETHOS Institute has been formed in response to Blessed John Paul II’s call to “Christian Ethos”. Ethos Institute is an initative (sic)
of lay Catholic missionaries, with the blessings of Archbishop Bernard Moras, the Archbishop of Bangalore. The institution is not an official academic program of the Catholic Church but an Association of Faith under Holy Spirit Interactive Ministries
… We encourage self-restraint all the time: don’t steal, don’t vandalized
(sic), etc. So the Church is teaching this world the true value of human life.
These, and a great multitude of other restraints, are considered normal and healthy. But why do people cry “pathology” as soon as someone suggests restraint for the sexual appetite? At this Institute, we aim at countering the quasi manifestation of concupiscence with equipping the Laity with the knowledge of Moral Theology and Christian Ethos. ETHOS Institute aims at honoring the Magisterium, Tradition and Ethos of our faith and to enlighten the faithful in a new dimension as

John Paul II says “The new dimension of ethos is always linked with … the liberation of the heart from ‘concupiscence'”.


Dixon touts himself as a “nation builder”, social reformer, evangalist (sic), civil liberties expert, “practitioner for civil liberties and social justice”, “the first Indian Christian to represent the views of the Church worldwide in the context of Youth Issues”, crusader against rape and pedophilia, and of course, “psychologist”.


Dr. Dominic F Dixon was recipient of the St. Maximilian Kolbe award for “Excellence in Communication” INDIA, 2015, awarded by Living Bread Publications” (

My enquiries reveal that no one has any knowledge about this Living Bread Publications award to Dixon.





Dominic Dixon wears a clerical collar!








He features often on TV9, a Bangalore channel (Bansy Kalappa is no more with TV9 since February 1, 2017).



Retret (sic)
at St. Francis College for Women, Secunderabad

Dr. Dominic Dixon ministered along with Fr. Christuraj, Founder of Holy Spirit Congregation. 1100 Non Christian (sic) girls!

Fr. Christuraj James was a priest of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD). He is a good, greatly gifted and holy priest. He founded the Divine Word Retreat Centre in Muthangi, outside of Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, in 1996. However, following a dispute with his superiors over his being transferred and the management of the Retreat Centre, he left the religious order and formed his own congregation, the Society of the Holy Spirit. A Fr. K. Sahaya Cyril Doss, Fr. P. Joji and Fr. Jojappa, and a couple of nuns form their core team. Their Holy Spirit Centre is at Moinabad, Hyderabad, and Kristu Jyothi Ashram in Warangal.

The Bishop’s Houses of Secunderabad, Warangal and Nalgonda assured me that there is no problem with Catholics attending the retreats of Fr. Christuraj. The new Society is expected to be regularised.

This inclusion is for the information of those who are confused about the status of Fr. Christuraj (who happens to be a friend of mine).








Dominic Dixon runs five- and nine-week schools at his Ethos Institute (


Such intensive schools costs about Rs.1,50,000 (One Lakh, Fifty Thousand Ruppes (sic), almost one thousand five hundred (sic) dollars.) But we’re subsidsing (sic)
these modules so the student pays Rs. 2500/- towards infrastructure rental, lectures, guest speakers, and materials. This cost also covers snacks and refreshments.






Extract from my report number 1 (from a letter addressed by me to Fr. Faustine Lobo):

I am recording a lot of information from the MoreLove/HSI flyer referred above in case it is pulled from the Internet in the event of an inquiry from you.

It states that the TOB program would bepresented by renowned Catholic Evangelist, author and Ambassador of Theology of the Body, Dr. Dominic Dixon and his team.”

The “team”, according to the same flyer, under the heading of “Teaching Faculty” consists of

i) Dr. Dominic Dixon, Director HSI More Love/TOB India, IAD Vatican   

Please see Mr. Francis Lobo’s email further below; the flyer also states that HolySpiritInteractive is “under the IAD, Vatican“. (IAD=International Association of Deliverance)

ii) Rev. Fr. A. Sagayanathan, Parish Priest, St. Patrick’s Church, Author: Blessed John Paul the Great

iii) Rev. Fr. Faustine Lobo, Director, Pontifical Mission, Vatican, whereas your true and correct designation would be “National Director, Pontifical Mission Societies, Bangalore, India“.

iv) Bro. Simon Rodrigues, Chairman, Bangalore Catholic Charismatic Renewal Service [sic]


Dominic Dixon wrote on his Facebook page

HSI School of Theology of the Body” for the first time in India
and for the first time in the world as a School
TOB is based on the teaching of Blessed John Paul II. TOB is based on Pope John Paul VI Encyclical “Humanae Vitae”
HSI is now the official Ambassador of the Vatican’s official Encyclical.
Please see attachment. To get a better view of this post, log on to”


Is it true that TOB is being taught “for the first time in India” as claimed by HSI/MoreLove? I believe that Fr. Sagayanathan himself knows a U.S.-trained couple from Goa who teaches “Theology of the Body”. I have attended one of their Seminars.


The statement “HSI School of Theology of the Body” for the first time in India
and for the first time in the world as a School” is subtly misleading. The key word is “School”. There are Catholic lay ministries that teach TOB in other formats such as seminars. Most readers will assume that the HSI/MoreLove TOB is exclusive and original apart from being “Vatican certified/authorized” as repeatedly stated.


There appears to be a lot of name-dropping and misuse of names of contacts in this HSI/MoreLove affair.

When I attended his talk on November 4, I listened to Dr. Dixon referring at regular intervals to how much approval and endorsements he receives from different archbishops.

Apart from that, there is the frequent [mis]use of the “Vatican” word. He is a self-declared “official Ambassador of the Vatican’s official Encyclical
[Humanae Vitae]”, “
an ambassador for the views of the Holy Father” and “an ecumenical ambassador” [] and “Ambassador of Theology of the Body“.

One wonders how these titles were assumed and what they are meant to convey.


The use of the term “veritas” in the Dr. Dixon/Mr. Aneel Aranha-owned Veritas TV appears to be unethical.

As you yourself immediately noted, the word “veritas” at once brings to one’s mind a certain Vatican media ministry, and this would happen with any visitor to a blog or web site using that name. Mr. Aneel Aranha and Dr. Dixon declare themselves as Vatican ambassadors or give the impression that their ministries as Vatican-associated/approved on Facebook and then provide links to their own siteVeritasTV” where they themselves ratify their claim and endorse their own selves.


Dr. Dixon “is a member of the International Association for Deliverance under the Vatican Council” []. [What “Vatican Council“?].

He is Director HSI More Love/TOB India, IAD Vaticanaccording to the flyer which also states that HSI is “under the IAD, Vatican“.

This again appears to be misleading. Whether any type of recognition has been given to MoreLove and HSI by the “IAD Vatican” needs to be ascertained.

Ms. Erika Gibello, Secretary-General of the IAD [International Association for Deliverance] and former Secretary for the English-speaking members of the AIE [Association of Exorcists International] can give you the correct information.
[Note added on March 15: Her response to this false claim of Dixon is on page 13]

The use of “IAD” in conjunction with “Vatican” is itself a question mark.


Dr. Dixon has represented the Church of India at parlimentary [sic] levels, as an advisor to the President and Prime Minister of India on various issues. 





Comments for submitted on 2013/12/06 at 1:52 am

Neither AIE, the International Association of Exorcists, nor IAD, the International Association for Deliverance are as yet Vatican approved. After the death of the President and Vice president, the new President and new Vice President (2012) of AIE have decided to apply for this association to come under the umbrella of the Liturgical Commission of the Vatican. No such plans are possible or desired for IAD. The fact the main office of AIE in based in Rome and its members recognised Exorcists or retired Exorcists does not confirm any canonical approval by the Vatican. Membership of both associations is not automatically ongoing, but has to be annually renewed by payment of the membership fee, and the ongoing recognition of the members by their Bishops or clerical superiors in case of monks.
Mrs. Erika Gibello (retired AIE secretary for English speaking members and active secretary for IAD) 6th Dec.2013

erika gibello

Dedicated to and under the Patronage of His Holiness, Blessed John Paul II,


His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras, Archbishop of Bangalore, DD.

Family Council
Simon Rodrigues, CA

Leadership Development
Colin Calmiano, Dir. Spread your wings

Colin Calmiano
Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2012 4:26 AM


Dear Colin, Can you please confirm to me whether or not you are — as Dr. Dixon advertises — “Leadership Development
Colin Calmiano, Dir. Spread your wings
” at his new BIBLE COLLEGE? Thank you, Michael

Colin Calmiano
Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2012 8:14 AM


Yes Michael, I was requested by Dominic. God bless, Colin

[Colin Calmiano: SPREAD YOUR WINGS (Institute for Growth & Development), Bangalore, leads the People of Praise Covenant Community which is affiliated to Sword of the Spirit, an international community.]

On December 19, I wrote a cautionary letter about Dixon to Colin Calmiano who declined to respond.

MoreLove is under the authority of the Archdiocese of Bangalore.
Seemingly, the Church has somehow skipped the chapter of Academics for the Laity [??], to respond to a more profound understanding of the mystery of salvation in Christ. This urgently calls for higher studies and scholarship. ETHOS Institute aims at complimenting [sic] the Church in conducting such
studies in accordance with Catholic doctrine as held by the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.


UPDATES MARCH 12/15, 2013

Criminal behaviour of the “official Ambassador of the Vatican’s official Encyclical”, “ambassador for the views of the Holy Father” and Catholic ministry “under the authority of the Archdiocese of Bangalore”



As I had forecast, Mr. Dixon quickly made some modifications to one of his web sites on finding my report:,

Due to their hectic clergy responsibilities, Fr. Faustine Lobo and Fr. Arul Raj could not be a part of our team as initially requested and desired.
Rev. Fr. Franklin D’Souza – National Director – ICYM
Rev. Fr. Dominic Emmanuel – Director – Delhi Catholic Archdiocese Communication Bureau

Alex Anthony- Mentor, Jesus Youth India

We may recall that Fr. Franklin D’Souza, National Director, ICYM, Fr. Faustine Lobo and Fr. Arul Raj disassociated with MoreLove and Dixon after reading this report.



Michael Prabhu
Arch bishop moras
Cc: ;

Sent: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 12:34 PM with MORELOVE document



Dear Archbishop Bernard Moras…

May I also inform you that the “recognition” of Mr. Dixon’s activities by the International Association of Deliverance, a private association and NOT A VATICAN BODY AS DIXON FALSELY CLAIMS, has been withdrawn as communicated to me.




Michael Prabhu
Arch bishop moras
Cc: ; Faustine Lobo



The revised [after Mr. Dixon read this report] ëthos team is given at,

Executive Team
Aneel Aranha – Chairman
Dr. Dominic Dixon – Executive Director/ Provost

Simon Rodrigues – Chairman, Bangalore Catholic Charismatic Renewal Service
Alex Anthony- Mentor, Jesus Youth India

Dr. Fr. Edayadiyil George CMI, M. Sc., M.A. (M.G.), L. Th., Th. D. (Angelicum, Rome) (World Religion)

Dr. Fr. Kochuthara Shaji George CMI, L. Th., Th. D. (Alphonsianum, Rome) (Moral Theology)
Rev. Fr. Dominic Emmanuel – Director – Delhi Catholic Archdiocese Communication Bureau


MORE ministry

February 21, 2009

I was just wondering what your thoughts are on the MORE Ministry and if you are familiar with Dr. Dominic Dixon and his ministry in India. Apparently this is a Catholic Ministry and they are under the Magisterium of Rome. –Marion

I do not know anything about the man and his ministry other than a quick look on his website. It looks okay, but in the section about “Accept Christ” he gives a “sinner’s prayer” with an appeal to seek out a local Church with no mention of Baptism. Without Baptism one is not a Christian. This is odd for someone claiming to be an evangelist. He is billed as a “Christian evangelist”. I can see no reference to him being Catholic. Much of the site is very Protestant in presentation.

As for being under Rome there is no indication of that on his site, nor is there any indication that I can find that he or his ministry is Catholic. –Bro. Ignatius Mary OMSM


Extract from my report number 5.

My own recent conclusions [see the first two documents listed with links on the previous page] were that Dominic Dixon is Protestant-influenced and his ministries are Protestant-oriented or “ecumenical” despite his bandying the Vatican word with suspicious frequency.

Dominic Dixon has modified his web site many times over during the past years, more especially with this ministry’s recent exposés of his false claims, especially those of his having some special recognition from the “International Association for Deliverance [IAD] under the Vatican council” — to cite just one of those misleading claims — and a similar statement in 2004 on the MORELOVE web site must have been the reason for Marion to seek Bro. Ignatius Mary’s confirmation that MORELOVE is “under the Magisterium of Rome“.

Under the Magisterium of Rome“, while devoid of any sense, is typical Dominic Dixon-speak, and there are several examples of this in my earlier reports. Such phrases are cunningly inserted to impress and deceive gullible visitors to his site. It is not simply interesting but crucial to note that Bro. Ignatius Mary was hard put to conclude that Dominic Dixon‘s web site had any approval from Rome or that his ministry was Catholic!



Despite only a cursory glance at the MORELOVE site, he was able to inform Marion, “I can see no reference to him being Catholic. Much of the site is very Protestant in presentation.” Note also his analysis of the Dominic Dixon‘s “sinner’s prayer” and his related appeal. What Bro. Ignatius Mary did not either notice or come across was that Dominic Dixon emphasises on the “ecumenical” spirit of his ministry.

This was one of the several factors that contributed to publishing the 2012 alert on the dubious Catholicity of the Dominic Dixon-Aneel Aranha MORELOVE-HolySpiritInteractive combine.

If Bro. Ignatius Mary had only dug deeper, he would have uncovered more dirt.


On the following page, one sees that the Archbishop of Bangalore Bernard Moras continues* to support the so-called ministry of Dominic Dixon. Dominic Dixon has written a book on… of all things… “Holiness”!!!!!

The promotion was done by HolySpiritInteractive:

HSI MoreLove
Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2013 10:28 AM

Book Release – A Journey to Holiness

Simon Rodrigues, the Chairman of the Bangalore Service Team of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal has unabashedly provided a glowing tribute to Dominic Dixon‘s latest novel “A Journey to Holiness”.

*If, as Rodrigues claims, the book is indeed a “reflection of Dominic Dixon‘s personal journey to holiness… and striving to walk with God”, he is an aider, abettor and accomplice in the criminal acts of Dominic Dixon.

The Archbishop and Rodrigues have both been apprised of the most unholy conduct of Dominic Dixon in respect of certain Catholic ministries and individuals as chronicled in my referred reports.


Dominic Dixon‘s latest such criminal behaviour, the very anti-thesis of holiness, coincided with the time of the release of his novel “A Journey to Holiness”.

I received a telephone call from an anonymous female speaking in Tamil and using a mobile telephone.

The woman addressed me as “Father” Michael Prabhu. I said that I was a lay man in ministry. She said that she had been requested by the parish priest of St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral in Bangalore, on whose behalf she was speaking, to ask me if I would deliver a “message” at their night vigil on July 13. I enquired as to what “message” was expected of me. She replied that I could preach on any subject. Her telephone number, as did an earlier call in Kannada language purporting to be from the Karnataka police who claimed that they had obtained an arrest warrant for me for slandering the name of a preacher in Bangalore [see earlier reports] was visible on the display screen of my instrument, but I asked her for her contact details to have her request verified. Assuring me that she would get back to me the following Tuesday, she hung up and never got back to me. So how do I know for certain that this is the work of Dominic Dixon? Frankly, I don’t.

But, if I lodge a police complaint in Bangalore and provide their sleuths with these and other numbers used to threaten me and intimidate an associate as well as his employers in Bangalore, not forgetting the written admission [by email] of Dominic Dixon that he had tapped all of our phones including that of a priest and was in possession of transcripts of our exchanges [which incidentally exist only in Dominic Dixon‘s fertile, evil imagination], there would be no surprises as to who the cops would ferret out at the end of the trail.

The telephone call from the female was received by me within 48 hours of Dominic Dixon‘s being informed by the Jesus Youth ministry leaders that their invitation to him to minister to them at their forthcoming night vigil was withdrawn. Holding me responsible for that decision taken by the Jesus Youth leadership, Dominic Dixon attempted, unsuccessfully of course, to engineer a similar punishment for me. Holiness?

One can only be amazed that Archbishop of Bangalore Bernard Moras and Simon Rodrigues, the Chairman of the Bangalore Service Team of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal have soiled their reputations — not that they were clean in the first place — by their steadfast solidarity with a criminal like Dixon even after being in receipt of our ministry’s reports exposing his malpractices, slanderous campaigns and intimidatory activities. To me, it is blasphemous that the Chairman of the Bangalore Service Team of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal promotes “A Journey to Holiness” when the author of the book is the epitome of unholiness.

It is also an indictment of a spiritual corruption that since long pervades the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

I once again place on record that Simon Rodrigues is himself more Protestant than he is Catholic which partly explains his affinity for the likes of Dominic Dixon and Johnson Sequeira and their “ministries”.


Extract from my report number 6.

After I exposed Dixon, he made several changes in his blogs and web sites which carried exaggerations (tall claims) as well as downright lies (false claims); several people including priests who were his advisors asked him to remove their names from his blogs and sites after reading my reports, and I have letters from them.

People with whom he has stayed with in the Gulf have accused Dixon of sexual impropriety with their relatives.

A couple claiming to be his own immediate family rang me up very recently from Australia, introduced themselves and spoke against him for more than half an hour. They said that some of his educational claims are false and they explained to me his entire family background and antecedents. They repeatedly insisted that Dixon was not a psychologist but a psychopath.



At the links
you will read, as on today, the following, along with several other testimonials and photographs of Dixon posing with Church leaders:

1. Dr. Dixon is actively involved with the Church and Society at large, in helping with his tireless efforts for the youth. And I love and respect him for the passion he puts in defending the Christian principles before the public without any fear whatsoever. Dr. Dixon is a respected Evangelist. May God continue to bless his efforts!

Rev. Fr. Dr. Dominic Emmanuel, Spokesperson & Director, Delhi Archdiocese


Fr. Dominic Emmanuel SVD is no longer the spokesperson of the Delhi archdiocese. But I have corresponded with him when he was. At
he is listed as a ‘Moral Advisor’ to Dixon’s Ethos Institute. I wrote to him about Dixon on March 13, 2013, see, but he did not respond. I sent him a reminder on November 25 of that year. He replied that he was very busy and could not respond before January 2014.

He finally wrote on January 14, 2014, that he had read part of my report on Dominic Dixon; and that was it.


In the meantime, I had received a bunch of papers from New Delhi. The pages were either handwritten in English or in Hindi, or they were printouts of sexually-explicit email correspondences between Fr. Emmanuel and a woman. Some of it makes disgusting reading.

The letter written in Hindi by a nun details her now-ended sexual affair with Fr Dominic Emmanuel SVD. In it she accuses him of sexual exploiting her and other nuns and school teachers whom she names.

Some papers are copies of email correspondence between Fr. Emmanuel and another nun sister; they admit to a sordid sexual affair, as well as his having unnatural sex with her. Times and places are mentioned.

There seem to be at least three women who this priest has exploited/had affairs with.

When I wrote and asked him for his explanation about these records of his sexual escapades, he wrote:

Thanks again for your mail, this time with a smell of threat in it with some information you have about an individual and me. Let me also inform you that this totally fabricated information has been around now for nearly four years and has been thoroughly investigated by all and sundry. It also reached my own SVD General in Rome. So much for the threat.

The above is an extract from his December 5, 2013 letter to me.


Now Fr. Emmanuel is noted for his regular appearance on TV debates defending the Church’s position on homosexuality and unnatural sex among other things. Given the secular and permissive culture of the times, he was always on the receiving end of the other panelists’ ire. One can imagine what his position – and that of the Catholic Church’s — would have been if the nun had sent the bunch of papers to these TV channels.

Such a priest is “Moral Advisor” and testimonial-giver to Dominic Dixon’s Ethos Institute!



Some web sites and blogs of Dominic Dixon and Aneel Aranha:,,,,,,,,,,,,


The following telephone numbers are the only ones available at Dominic Dixon’s web pages.

0 720401 2777, 0 720401 3777, 0 720401 4777 – St. Patrick’s Church, Brigade Road, Saturday 6:00-7:30 PM prayer meeting

Dominic Dixon: 0 98805-36501

I have tried all of them repeatedly several times on different days at different times of day. The call does not go through or I am informed that the number does not exist.


On February 18 and 20, 2017, I wrote a short exploratory email from an alternative gmail id to Dominic Dixon and a number of his associates excluding the Archbishop of Bangalore and the Vicariate of Arabia:

Why was Canadian citizen Mr. Dixon now in Bangalore deported from Canada where he lived with his parents after extradition to/from the United States of America?

Why was he tried and convicted, and sentenced and jailed in the U.S?

If Mr. Dixon was debarred from the U.S. and deported from Canada, how did he take academic degrees from Harvard, Washington DC and Canada?

Not one responded (as expected).

On February 22, 2017, I sent the above information as a Word document attachment by email to the many email ids of Dominic Dixon and Aneel Aranha under copy to the Archbishop of Bangalore, and by Bcc to most of the priests and individuals in India and the Bishops of the Vicariate of Arabia who have been closely associated with them in the past (several priests have distanced themselves from him after reading my initial reports but others remain). This report will be further updated if responses are received.

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