Emperor Emmanuel – a follow-up report


Emperor Emmanuel – a follow-up report


destructive doomsday cult is most active in the Thrissur-Chalakudy-Irinjalakuda region of Kerala, in the village of Muriyad to be precise, but their area of influence extends not only over the entire Kerala State but also as far afield as Bangalore, Chennai, Goa, Mangalore, Mumbai and other cities.

Emperor Emmanuel believes that the Second Coming and the end of the world are imminent. With the help of ‘science’ they convince their followers that the Biblical signs of the apocalypse have already occurred.


In all parts of the Catholic world, bishops issue notifications warning the faithful against dubious and unapproved seers and “apparitions” such as the one in Medjugorje, Vassula Ryden and Maureen Sweeney of “Holy Love Ministries” to name few, and cults like the one known as “Maria Divine Mercy” or “MDM”.

Documents on all of these are available at this ministry’s web site.

On March 27, 2009, the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council issued an unsigned pastoral letter which was a general warning against “new Charismatic sects” without naming the Emperor Emmanuel cult or any other sect: http://www.indiancatholic.in/news/storydetails.php/11667-1-1-Church-warns-against-new-charismatic-sects.

However a story in the New Indian Express on April 21, 2009 has the Church naming Emperor Emmanuel http://expressbuzz.com/States/Kerala/church-expresses-concern-in-kerala/59972.html.

The Kerala church’s pastoral letter Prot. No. 417/2009 dated May 25, 2009
once again specifically warned against Emperor Emmanuel:


Thousands of Catholics have been infected by the anti-Catholic rhetoric, false private revelations and twisted interpretations of Scripture of cult leader Joseph Ponnara, a former Charismatic and school teacher, at his week-long “retreats” which are nothing but thoroughly evil, brain-washing programs.


The faith of thousands of Catholic families and hundreds of marriages have been destroyed by parents or children quitting their jobs, selling their properties or deserting their homes. A few priests and nuns too have left their religious vocations to join Emperor Emmanuel at the “Noah’s Ark” also known as “Sion” or “Zion”.


People who have lost beloved family members to the cult turn to local Church leaders for help in their desperation. Not receiving any consolation or useful guidance, they search the Internet, find the two documents listed below, and end up contacting this ministry. But there is nothing that we can do except to ask them to pray. I find it heartbreaking to receive and listen to the callers.







In my opinion, the prime reasons for the success of the Emperor Emmanuel cult are the authoritarian behavior and unapproachableness of the great majority of our pastors, the false inculturation (which Ponnara fairly accurately sees as HINDUISATION) drive in the liturgy and life of the Indian Church*, and the poor catechesis of the Catholic laity (for which, once again, the clergy is largely responsible). The very fact that the cult is still able to recruit Catholics indicates an unquenched spiritual thirst among the faithful.

If we had enough of humble and holy and approachable priests with pastor’s hearts who are faithful to the traditions of the Church and the teachings of Rome, I do not see any reason why the faithful would pay any attention to the false gospel of heretics like Joseph Ponnara.

*Apart from the video films (see the detailed report) that they show during the “retreats”, they also have another handy stick with which to attack the Catholic Church, the heretical commentaries and syncretistic drawings of the 2008 St. Pauls New Community Bible against which this ministry successfully crusaded.




Skeletons Tumble Out of “Emperor Emmanuel Church” Cupboard

Thu Feb 27, 2014 5:28 am (PST)

Posted by:
“Konkani Catholics” konkanicatholics

KC Digest 3506 dated February 28/29, 2014


Not everything that comes out of God’s own country is godly. An apocalyptic movement which styles itself as “Emperor Emmanuel Church” is a case in point.
The doomsday cult-like movement which scored heavily on Catholics by disguising its attacks on the Catholic Church as marks of its orthodoxy, is now haunted by its own ghosts.
According to reports published on the website KeralaSabha.net, a number of adherents who are returning once again to the Catholic fold – this includes two priests – are testifying to the horrors and bizarre teachings and practices within the movement.
These allegedly include financial mismanagement, teachings forbidding marriage and conception and instructions at “purification sessions” to disclose one’s sins in writing, information reportedly sometimes used
to shame members into silence.
Some 85 divorces are said to have resulted on account of these teachings.
Babies conceived outside the movement, i.e. between partners, only one of whom belonged to the group, were allegedly labelled as children of Satan.
According to the accounts of former members, many are said to have had abortions while some of those suffering psychological problems allegedly committed suicide.
Members were reportedly also told that the end of the world was near and were exhorted to sell their possessions. Many did.
Catholic practices like the celebration of Holy Mass and Adoration which were initially part of the group’s devotions, were eventually stopped at the instruction of the founder.
This move reportedly upset many traditional Catholics who joined the group after attending retreats conducted by it.
But the biggest shocker to the followers came when a lady close to the founder was found to have conceived.
According to the reports, the woman allegedly blackmailed the founder by threatening to report the matter to the local Gram Panchayat at Muriyad.
Former members say that it is she who now holds the reins of the trust and runs its affairs.
The “Emperor Emmanuel Church” takes its name from its belief that the Emmanuel will come soon in bodily form as Emperor to rule the world and only those belonging to their fold will be saved.
According to information posted on its official website, Emperor Emmanuel Church is located at Muriyad in Thrissur district of Kerala state. The Church is also known among its members as “Zion.”
It consists of 80 local fellowships in Kerala and other Indian states such as Karnataka, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Puducherry, etc. It is also found in places like Australia, the UK, the USA, Ireland, Italy and the Gulf countries such as UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, etc.


വിവരങ്ങള്, രഹസ്യങ്ങളുടെ




Zion (Seon /Sion) Retreat Center/Church, Muriyad, Irinjalakuda, Thrissur, Kerala


Selected comments:

1. I am living in Muriyad. So I can say that emperor emmanuel church is absolutely fake. There is no doubt in it. Because they want only money people or elite class of the society!!!!


2. This cult is as powerful as it destroys many relations. Once someone is in, he is forced to leave his loving family, relatives, friends etc. I hear them saying bad about priests and sisters and catholics. so BE CAREFUL, don’t go after them, your life is then spoilt for ever. you will lose your property, family, parents and family members. In a nutshell, your world of love and relations. Let the Holy Spirit protect you from these evil men.



3. I lost my loving mom….elder brother and his family in it…..now my mom says she gonna live with my elder bro instead of living with her ailing husband….. I don’t feel good but still I wish this cult would indeed be vanished as time pass by


4. This cult group is breaking families…..married women with 3 children and carrying for the 4th one separates from husband and kids to follow the cult. is this teaching of Jesus Christ. All judgement comes from God but this cult group judges only catholics and pulls away people from the catholic church. Whosoever said God exists only in Muriyad… or is it that u have made the preacher as God… Jesus hates people who exalt themselves and if you follow the bible then stop exalting yourself. Satan too was a fallen angel, so this group too is fallen angel from the catholic church who preach against the church and have a full book of teachings against the catholic church which is given to the followers to further brainwash them and lead them to believe their teachings. So CATHOLICS and all who are invited to Emperor emmanuel BEWARE!!! this is not a catholic church but they make you believe that it is initially and then slowly start preaching against catholicism.


5. pls give my sister back…she has left the family… she is a young child… how could u people do this? u people have brainwashed my sister!!!! Pls do not pull people into ur cult. leave the children alone. u guys are brainwashing students in hostels and colleges!!! u fellows have no other work doing all the rubbish and destroying peace in the families. This is satanic!


From: arcanjosodder@hotmail.com
Subject: FYI- Emperor Emmanuel Comments Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2015 16:17:42 +0530

Two comments on the LAITYTUDE blog of the Association of Concerned Catholics (AOCC), Mumbai:



Submitted on 2015/05/17 at 8:39 am

This is a very dangerous cult. My family are caught in this mess. A few of them have already left their jobs and sold all their properties to move to this area near Thrissur and remaining few are preparing to do the same.
I live in the U.S. I went to Kerala last year after 20 years. My cousin and her family live at this “New World”. She insisted I come visit her (6 hour trip by train). At that time other family members warned me not to go, that my cousin was part of cult called “Satan Sabha”. I paid them no mind and went to visit her with my brother and cousin. Their compound is located in a very isolated area and has a very eerie vibe. Not two minutes into my cousins home, some guy I never met before came in and started preaching to us about this new world and about Emperor Emmanuel. This man came to recruit us and wanted us to start a chapter in New York City. His request was that we recruit 25 members in NYC for them. I listened silently for a few more minutes, then told him we are not interested and the purpose of the trip is to see our cousin. He was insulted and got a little angry, but he did not push it any further and left.
It was scary to see how brainwashed my family members were. My cousin’s husband was an electrician with employees under him. He quit this job to move close to Thrissur. People, if you here any member of your family talking about or showing interesting this cult, please do your best to stop them. God Bless.



Submitted on 2015/06/04 at 4:33 am

By the repeated requests of my wife’s sister, myself and my wife attended the six days retreat at Zion. Actually it was not a retreat, but a preaching of a fool named Joseph Ponnara. He was abusing the Catholic Church throughout his preaching… All the fools who attended this drama expressed their joy by clapping hands, when Mr. Joseph Ponnara criticized the sisters, priests, bishops and the Pope. He told that God has left Catholic Church years ago, and there is no God and Holy Spirit in the Churches. The Baptism received after 2005 is invalid and all the children who have received baptism after 2005 should get it again from Zion. They told the world is going to be destroyed completely very soon (within three years). The fools believe that Jesus Christ has born on earth now. I have a lot to say… I am looking for a chance to share my experiences and feelings to the world and to stop the cheating.







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