Vassula Rydén: How critics are portrayed by True Life In God

DECEMBER 18, 2012/JANUARY 10, 2013


Here are two hitherto unpublished articles by Maria Laura Pio, the former founder of the critical web site which was shut down in May 2012 following a law suit filed against her by Vassula Ryden.

Vassula Rydén: How critics are portrayed by True Life In God

By Maria Laura Pio, Switzerland


By critics, we refer to people of any creed, but mostly practicing Christians, who do not believe in the supernatural origin of Vassula Ryden’s writings and openly criticize and attribute them to causes other than a direct intervention of God.

The TLIG messages contain strong words of condemnation towards those who “oppose” and “persecute” the messages. By opposing Vassula they are opposing God and doing the devil’s work (messages of 30/09/1989, 7/01/2002, and 30/10/2003). Critics are referred to as “opponents” and “enemies”. They are described as lacking faith and being spiritually dead (message of 13/11/ 2001). In the message of 23 July 1991 they are compared to the inhabitants of Sodom.

In a letter dated 10 January 2002, Ryden accuses those who openly deny the alleged supernatural origin of the messages, considering them a form of spiritism or channelling, of being guilty of mortal sin and blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. She quotes Jesus as telling her that they are “the enemies of the whole human race” and that “justice will send them down to the underworld”. [In August 2010, Ryden modified the text of the letter and toned down her affirmations, by saying that those persons only “risked” blaspheming the Holy Spirit.]

In another letter dated 10 December 2006, Vassula complains that not enough is done to counter the criticism and “attacks” of TLIG’s “enemies”, referring to them as “Satan’s voice”.


In a letter circulated to TLIG groups in January 2006, Father John Abberton (spiritual advisor for TLIG) describes those who “reject” Vassula and her messages as people who “think they know God”, have intellectual pride, bad consciences, and are prejudiced. He concludes by affirming that “in rejecting Vassula, they are rejecting Christ”.


Fr. François-Marie Dermine, author of a critical analysis of Ryden’s writings, illustrates the “demonization” of those who express doubts:

This demonization is applied first of all to any kind of objection expressed inside the TLIG organizations. In this case, [Ryden] or the priests instructed by her, accuse the dissidents of belonging to the “clan of Cain” or of being the instruments of the “spirit of Jezabel[sic], linked to idolatry, or of the “spirit of Achab” [sic], which, according to them, is a spirit of cowardice and confusion. The remedy prescribed to these dissidents dragged by Satan to the gates of hell, consists in deliverance or healing prayers accomplished by at least two or three priests during a whole year. (…) The fate of external adversaries is not more enviable. (…) In most cases, the opponents’ activities are directly attributed to the demon, eventually through the mediation of freemasonry. In [the fax sent by Vassula to Elena Carvalho in 1993] we read that «Satan (…) uses father Philip Pavitch [sic] who collaborated with father Mitch Pacwa» and who is guilty of having circulated the original version of the messages with all the modification
(in “Vassula Ryden: the reasons of the Church”, François-Marie Dermine*).



According to a former member of TLIG, the demonization of critics has a double scope. It reminds TLIG readers that to oppose the messages is to oppose God; therefore to allow oneself to doubt about any aspect of them is a sign that one is being tempted by the devil. Secondly, many of the persons who object to different aspects of TLIG are good Christians, often priests or bishops who are concerned about communities, relatives or friends deeply involved with TLIG. By labelling them as “enemies” and accusing them of being the devil’s instruments, these persons are automatically seen as dangerous and malicious by Ryden’s followers. In some cases, it has lead to serious divisions inside families and parishes, among people who all share the same Faith and belong to the same Church.



Letter of Fr. John Abberton to TLIG groups titled “Rejection of Christ in rejection of Vassula”, published on the Yahoo e-group of True Life in God Hong Kong, 16 January 2006

Dear friends,

I wanted to share with you a powerful sense I had this lunch-time of the rejection of Christ. This was after Mass when I was making a thanksgiving. It seemed very strong. I thought about it (and it connected with what I had said about today’s – Friday’s – first reading). When I thought and prayed about it I had the impression that the Holy Spirit was helping me to understand that when Jesus came to His own people and was rejected by some of the religious leaders it was actually very similar – in some ways at least – to the rejection of Vassula.

They think they know God

They are suspicious of someone coming to teach them (pride)

Some of them are afraid (bad consciences)

Some of them are “theologians” (intellectual pride)

They are prejudiced (Vassula is a woman – a Greek Orthodox woman)

They do not like to hear of people with “gifts”, especially if their message is challenging or disturbing.

They would like to call her “mad” or even “possessed”.

They have closed their minds and hearts to the Messages.

In rejecting Vassula, they are rejecting Christ. No wonder she experiences the passion! We must pray for them because this cannot go on and the Lord will lose His patience soon; we must pray for Vassula to be given greater strength in her sufferings. Unknown to these “Cains” she suffers for them.

God bless.

Fr. John Abberton



Extract of Vassula’s letter to TLIG readers dated December 10, 2006

“Our enemies out there have nothing new to attack us with. So what do they do to this day? They use old stuff and old articles of 16 years old to reproduce the same thing and diffuse it around the world. They keep repeating always the same thing. But when TLIG people receive so many powerful signs, so many graces, so many spiritual weapons to defend the Messages of our Lord, what do they do? They announce it among themselves, rejoice and pack it away in the archives forever. These miracles do not go further than our journals and I wonder, have these things been translated? Has anyone informed Fr. Laurentin, sending him pictures? How can he write about these things if no one informs him?

(…) As I said before, our enemies are constantly on our back and never lose any opportunity to raise their sword against us with the same old stuff. How about us, repeating ourselves with what we have obtained already and allowing thus to diminish Satan’s voice?”



Extracts from TLIG messages

Message of September 30, 1989

Do not fear; I, the Lord, am with you; I never leave you a second alone; it is normal that the devil is raging; if you knew how he hates those I love in a special way, understand then, My child, why he attacks you; but I am protecting you under My Cape, I will never have him touch you, and because of this then he penetrates ever so maliciously into souls who listen to him, placing these victims on your path to hound you and persecute you to reduce you to total silence; Satan by using these people as his weapon is determined to silence you, because you are like a trumpet on the roofs of all houses, crying out loud The Truth, given to you with all My Authority; (…) you need not fear, My persecutors will all be blown away, because in reality they are My persecutors and not yours; Falsehood is persecuting The Truth, Obscurity the Light, but in the end, I, the Lord, shall prevail.


Message of July 23, 1991

Pray My child, pray for those who offend My Holiness and blaspheme My Holy Spirit calling My Spirit foolish; have I not said: “… everyone who says a word against the Son of man will be forgiven, but no one who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will be forgiven;” 3




 for the Spirit is not opposed to the Son nor is the Father to the Spirit, since all three of Us agree; 4 many of you are condemning My Celestial manifestations and persecuting those whom My Spirit speaks through them because you do not believe they come from Me; (…) My Holy Spirit of prophecy has become a plague to those who belong to the world; 9 their frenzied persecutions and total rejection they have for My mouthpieces are similar to those of Sodom; their stubbornness to open their heart and comply, their refusal to open their ear and listen to My Voice today, have gone beyond the stubbornness of Pharaoh in Egypt;


Message of October 22, 1996

Let Me remind you, dearest soul, that I have brought you up to tear up iniquity and unsettle and upset every evil spirit you encounter on your way or in the cities you go to witness, so do not be surprised when these powers of hell join forces together to try and prevent you from exercising your prophetic ministry; these attacks are bound to come your way as soon as they realise you are well on your way to disturb them and uproot many of them; you have indeed become a menace and the prime concern to the devil because you do not only carry My Word, which is holy and sanctifies you, but also the power of My Holy Spirit who lives in you terrifies them, because My Holy Spirit gives the world the utter conviction that you come from Me, the Christ …


Message of October 30, 2003

This message was not published but circulated to TLIG list subscribers by David Armitage on November 4, 2003. According to Armitage, the message was given to Vassula and addressed to the participants of a TLIG meeting in Rome.

“My peace I give you all; blessed of My soul, work in harmony in My Name; I am on your side and with you; whosoever opposes you in your work, he will be opposing My designs.”

While in the first place it is utterly presumptuous for any priest to claim divine origin for these alleged private revelations, such dire threats against fellow Catholics are the height of spiritual arrogance and are — to me — sufficient evidence of the diabolic origins of the alleged “Jesus'” spiritist messages to Vassula Ryden


Vassula Rydén: Intimidation of critics by True Life In God

By Maria Laura Pio, Switzerland


According to Vassula Ryden’s writings, whoever openly criticizes the True Life in God (TLIG) messages, questioning their supernatural origin and proposing other explanations as to their authorship, commits a mortal sin and even blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, a sin that according to Scripture cannot be forgiven and condemns the person to hell in the afterlife.

The TLIG messages and publications refer to critics as “opponents” and “enemies”, who persecute the Holy Spirit by criticizing Vassula. They lack faith and charity, and therefore cannot understand the writings nor recognize their divine origin. Generally, the TLIG messages attribute to the devil any type of criticism or opposition to TLIG. One former follower explained that the result of those teachings was the dismissal of any doubt or critical thought about the messages or one’s involvement with the group, for fear of becoming prey to the devil’s temptation.


Several critics reported having been the target of intimidation and legal threats. Father Philip Pavich, a Franciscan priest who exposed the modifications that had been made to the original TLIG messages before publication, was accused by Vassula’s then spiritual director Fr. Michael O’Carroll of “teaching rubbish” and threatened to be denounced to his superiors in Rome.

SULLIVAN Randall, The Miracle Detective, Atlantic Monthly Press, New York, 2004, page 275-279. Available on-line:

DERMINE François-Marie, Vassula Ryden: the reasons of the Church, published on the Internet, 2008,
pages 10-13 and 21. Available on-line:****
****See page 4


Father Mitch Pacwa, a Jesuit priest and well-known EWTN anchor, who evaluated the doctrinal content of the TLIG messages upon Vassula’s request, suffered a similar sort. When he informed Vassula’s spiritual director of his negative conclusions regarding the orthodoxy of the messages and of his intention to make his conclusions public, Fr. Michael O’Carroll tried to silence him, accusing him of lacking “one single sign of Christian charity” and later sent him a letter stating:

“Since your article and the distress, the real hurt, it inflicted on Vassula, God the Father has spoken to her. He is very severe on those who oppose her.



This [Vassula’s book] will be published. If you go ahead with your article, and people apply this to you, they will not challenge Vassula’s right to defend herself and they may think much on the One who takes up her defence. (…) You are meant for higher and greater things than this.”

Fr. Mitch Pacwa also said in a December 1995 Angelica Live program that the threats were followed up with a letter sent to the Jesuits’ Father General accusing him falsely of having published his article without consulting them and of trying to destroy the Catholic and Orthodox unity.

PACWA Mitchell, The Spirit of the Prophetess, Touchstone magazine, Chicago, Winter 1995. Available on-line:

Audio registration of Mother Angelica Live, Topic: The Dish Network/Visionaries, Host: Fr. Pacwa, December 12, 1995:


Father François-Marie Dermine, a Dominican priest author of a critical analysis of the True Life in God books, and who has a regular radio programme on Radio Maria (Italy),wrote that in 1992, “a crowded Mass of reparation was celebrated in a church of Milan” after the publication of one of his critical interventions in an Italian magazine. And in 2012 he received a letter from Ryden’s lawyers threatening to file a canon lawsuit against him for having referred to the Patriarchate of Constantinople’s announcement on Ryden as the equivalent of an excommunication.


In 2012, Maria Laura Pio, the founder and owner of the only website entirely dedicated to Ryden’s messages and activities from a critical point of view, announced that she was closing the website because unable and unwilling to face another lawsuit from Ryden’s Foundation. In 2011, Pio – who is a former TLIG follower and lives in Switzerland – had been sued in Belgium because she had written an article on her website referring to the Patriarchate of Constantinople’s announcement as an excommunication of Ryden on the basis of information published on Orthodox websites*. After that lawsuit was dismissed, Pio received a letter from Ryden’s lawyers announcing their intention to sue Pio in the United Kingdom for using their client’s registered trademark “Vassula” in her website’s name (



****EXTRACT [From p. 3] Disappearance, cancellation, censuring and modification of the messages

(2a) The pages that follow are taken mostly from one of my articles published in the Italian magazine Jesus of October 1996 and entitled Quando Dio si fa correggere [When God is corrected]. They deal with a point that is not mentioned in the Notification but which is serious enough, in my opinion, for the revelations to lose any credibility whatsoever; I am referring to destructions, deletions, and corrections that Mrs. Ryden introduced into her very own messages:

1. Destructions

The messages of the first ten months are in fact completely missing. It is an astounding gap when one considers that the first revelations always represent the introduction and the first fruits of an extraordinary supernatural phenomenon. Mrs. Ryden explains: «Generally I burned them because I really had so many of them» written on loose sheets and not yet in notebooks. This is a rather irreverent way of treating messages that she regarded as divine revelations… René Laurentin, while defending his protégée, does not hesitate to contradict her: «According to her accusers, Vassula had destroyed the messages received in the first months with the sole determination of hiding the gross errors which they contained. In truth Vassula did not destroy anything! She did not publish these first messages, but has plans to do so». These contradictory explanations do not predispose towards trust, and all the more so when after ten years, their announced publication is still supposed to come.

2. Omitted or deleted messages

When we compare the photocopies of the manuscripts which, in the beginning, the protagonist had freely circulated, with the facsimile editions (also known as the “handwriting edition”)
printed later on, some cuttings show up. The most obvious cuttings are explained as: «At Vassula’s request portions of page X have been deleted».

This discovery has to be attributed to Father Philip Pavich O.F.M., an American of Croatian origin. In September 1991, during a five year stay in Medjugorje, where he was carrying out the ministry of reconciliation, Fr. Pavich received a copy of the original messages that had been corrected by the “seer” herself with the help of her collaborator Erwin Schlacher, and where the many deletions and modifications could be seen. The Franciscan priest made public these photocopies by circulating them and comparing them with the printed “handwriting edition”.

These photocopies were sent to Elena Carvalho – the Brazilian translator of the revelations into Portuguese. She was disconcerted by these photocopies and requested explanations. Mrs. Rydén wrote a fax to her on October 14, 1993, in which she justified herself by asserting that the passages: “were taken out with God’s guidance. In two words, God gives me private messages plus very symbolic ones. In the beginning I photocopied ALL things out. Later, when God’s work had to be printed, God made me understand that the private messages and the very symbolic that people might not understand, should not be printed. (…) I have 2 notebooks, one I call the private notebook (…). Then I have what I call the ‘official’ notebook, the one that should be printed. God removes from the private notebook all what should be diffused and re-writes the message in the official notebook.” She also states that at the beginning, she had made everything public, but God did not want that. At the end of the fax (photocopy 1 shows one a passage of the fax), Mrs. Rydén announced that René Laurentin would give a detailed response to all the “calumnies”. However, Laurentin did not write this response, and Mrs. Rydén had to take the matter into her own hands, formulating argumentations that, according to our opinion, complicate even further her already precarious situation and clash with indisputable facts.



A close examination of the complete original photocopies (extracts reproduced hereunder, each one indicated with the number of the notebook, the page and the date of the message) allows one to verify that the parts removed from the printed edition normally correspond to some unfulfilled prophecy or to some fact resulting in disappointment for the protagonist. In photocopy 2, for example, the original version of the message dated April 14, 1988, asks Vassula and her “entourage” to write to Don Stefano Gobbi of the Marian Movement of Priests. In photocopy 3, the cuttings appear clearly. The same treatment was reserved to the message of June 10, 1988 (photocopies 4 and 5), where the “Virgin Mary”, intending to perform a consolidation between her messages to Don Gobbi and those of Jesus to Vassula Rydén, announces that she had arranged a meeting between the two. This meeting, because of Don Gobbi’s reluctance, did not take place. The same procedure of “cutting” was applied to a part of the message dated July 29, 1988 that mentions a meeting to take place in Switzerland with Fr. Schwitzer S.J. The “Virgin Mary” had directed Vassula, her “most beloved one”, to him for spiritual direction. In the meantime, the priest did not want to assume such a responsibility because he attributed the messages to a «spirit of dubious origin».

There were also other messages that were either partially or totally removed (cf. November 8-18, 1987; December 6-12-28-31, 1987; January 7 10-18-31, 1988; February 3-26, 1988; May 4, 1988, etc.). In these messages Vassula Rydén and her two « witnesses » are told to seek a private audience with the Pope, to go to him barefooted to wash his feet, then to do the Way of the Cross together with him and present to him these heavenly revelations which the Pope will already have known about and be waiting to receive. Photocopies 6, 7 and 8 document this request. The sentences struck through are those that were removed from the printed version of the messages.

This event, which Jesus himself is said to have foretold through a certain prophecy of Pope John XXIII as can be seen in photocopy 9 with the usual cancellations, was never fulfilled. At the very most, the protagonist, while being a part of the crowd during two public audiences (August 3, 1988 and November 6, 1993), succeeded in inserting a letter behind the sash of the Pope and handing him some of her publications.

Later on she tried to give a purely symbolic value to these messages, thereby completely contradicting both the letter and the spirit of them. In fact, several times the “heavenly” entity had explicitly demanded her to try to get a private audience. Even the demand to go barefoot can only be understood in the literal sense. It is connected, in fact, with the messages (deleted) of October 14 and 15, 1987, of November 18, 1987, of February 26 and May 7, 1988 (photocopies 10, 11, 12 and 13) where “Jesus” binds his well-beloved with a vow to walk barefoot at the appointed time. He therefore habitually calls her «my barefoot bearer». In sections (also deleted) of the messages of October 15-16, 1987 and reported in photocopy 12, we read the following words of Jesus: «I will remind you to pull away your shoes ». To avoid any misunderstanding, the message concretely emphasizes the penitential character of the request by adding: « seek no comfort, whether you will walk on snow or hot sands, you will rid of your shoes are you willing to do this? ». In the message of November 8, 1987, the entity says explicitly to the frightened protagonist: « do not refuse Me this! I want! I want to do it». He exhorts her not to fear (photocopy 15, cancelled). It is affirmed that John Paul II will recognize the messenger when she will present herself before him (photocopy 16, cancelled). Without doubt we are faced with some proper and real prophecies, to be understood literally and that never came true.

3. Compromising and obvious changes of some messages

Here are two very significant examples. In photocopy 17 the astute and rudimental treatment inflicted on the message of April 18, 1988 is all too painfully clear. In the top section the sentence reads as it was in the original text: « O come Peter! Take My Hand, Satan has digressed you from the Truth! Take My Hand and I will guide you… ». In the middle section, arrows indicate on the original how the words should be moved around for correction. At the bottom the final “corrected” version appears for publication: « Satan has digressed many of you from the Truth! Take My Hand Peter and I will guide you ». Now being misled by Satan no longer refers to the Pope, but to others.

So then, we have to ask ourselves, would the second Person of the Holy Trinity have used a language so improper or even so wrong? Moreover, the reader will have noticed that the corrections and additions have been made with writing that the sympathizers of the protagonist call “hieratic” or holy or divine. In other words, God would have corrected himself with his own writing…

In a lengthy note published in Belfast in 1994 (A Note from Vassula Ryden), the visionary attempts to respond to some objections regarding these changes, by referring them back to a most disturbing message of October 12, 1986 in which the “Eternal Father” says literally: «Peace be with you. Every word that you feel is not right and that bothers you, feel free to correct it. I, God, give you that feeling. Vassula, are you happy?» This message (and also another one of March 5, 1987) shows an “Eternal Father” subject to accidental inaccuracies, errors or second thoughts and practically hands over the revelations to the “feelings” and arbitrariness of the visionary. Moreover, it contradicts another message of July 14, 1992: «Repeat only the words that I myself have given you; do not add nor subtract; be dedicated to Me».


At this point we may conclude that the reason behind the modifications is simple: the True Life in God messages, particularly in their initial phase, did indeed contain some non-fulfilled prophecies as well as obvious errors, including theological ones. These errors, which betray the presence of an undivine spirit, were corrected or removed, not on the basis of a supernatural feeling, but rather thanks to the intervention of a person that was called in to revise the messages together with the protagonist. In favour of this interpretation or hypothesis, we refer for instance to photocopy 18. Above the struck through word “worship”, the word “venerate” has been written with a handwriting that is neither Mrs. Rydén’s nor the “hieratical” one…



A “testimony” circulated by TLIG Mumbai leader Celine Vieira, and Maria Laura Pio‘s response:

From: “Celine Vieira” <> Sent: Saturday, September 01, 2007 3:53 PM

Subject: [Fwd: (From Vassula) TLIG International Mail Aug. 31st 2007]

From: “Celine Vieira” <> Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2007 7:11 PM Subject: This is beautiful…
The more I read the Messages, I cannot comprehend how anyone can say they are “her personal messages” or worse, even talk against TLIG.  I personally, am remaining committed to TLIG – it brought me to Mother Mary and thus made me a better Catholic!!! 🙂 However, each one has to now decide for themselves what they would like to do. God be with you. In the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Celine

In any event, the very next day (I had also just been introduced to The Little Way – St Therese of Lisieux) a reading in my Missal hit me straight between the eyes, as it were. As St Therese had said to one of her friends, “you are dragging your feet – you must stop dragging your feet – Jesus forgave you years ago.”
Immediately I felt liberated and just knew that not only would I not succumb to tears again while reading in Church but that I would read with much joy. Of course I couldn’t wait to tell my Parish Priest (to his surprise – being less than 24 hours since I told him I could no longer read) that I would love to continue reading – and so I did, and continue to do so. To this day, through the Grace of the Holy Spirit, I have engaged in numerous parish activities including being nominated and appointed as President of our Parish Council – and none of it has been my doing – it is extraordinary the way God works.
We could tell you about numerous things. A woman returning to confession for the first time in over 30 years. An atheist calling for a priest on his death bed, visions, and many, many more; including purification (I continue to be amazed at the depths of my wretchedness, wickedness, and immeasurable weakness), the odour of incense experiences, the innumerable blessings, the physical healing experiences, and general insights, etc, etc, etc…
We feel so unworthy because of our sinful natures but God knows we are trying to be better and our lives continue to change ever so dramatically since the Holy Spirit has brought TLIG into our lives. Praise the Lord, Blessed be The Lord, Glory be to God Almighty. May God Bless you. Kieran John Forde
* & Virginia Longo, Australia

Maria Laura Pio
Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2007 1:48 PM Subject: RE: “TESTIMONY”

[REGARDING the “Testimony” of Kieran John Forde & Virginia Longo, Australia sent by Celine Vieira]

Dear Michael,

I’ve read the testimony sent by Celine. There are several of these testimonies that circulate among TLIG groups in order to prove the authenticity of TLIG. I am absolutely sure the persons who write them are sincere and are saying the truth, because I myself could have written a very similar testimony during the months that I read TLIG believing in its authenticity. I understand however how these testimonies can make one wonder if TLIG is really that bad. Well, the answer to that is our Church’s constant warnings and negative views on TLIG. The local TLIG associations and Mrs Ryden herself have been regularly sending to the CDF dozens of testimonies of this type. It has not changed our Church’s position, because the problem of the messages is that they do contain doctrinal errors and very negative elements, some of which affect you personally, as I have witnessed myself (see my testimony  

I too thought at the beginning that the messages made me a better Catholic. So I kept on reading them and speaking about them to whoever I could. The TLIG messages take you to believe that they are true Word of God, and the Jesus of the messages says that whoever rejects them and does not believe in them, rejects the Holy Spirit. In fact, they go as far as saying that whoever publicly criticizes the messages, is guilty of the unforgivable sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, and therefore has lost salvation. This type of teaching places TLIG at the same level as the Gospel. That is why people end up reading the messages constantly. I brainwashed myself reading them, and ended up thinking that my parents (who did not believe in TLIG) were the victims of the devil (references about these teachings can be found in an article on my website: I have also realized recently how void the TLIG messages are, since I remember reading pages and pages of them every day believing Jesus had really written them. Nowadays, I read every day 4-5 verses of the Gospel and the Word of God is so intense, that I have enough to meditate and pray for the whole day (and there are some verses of the Gospel that I have been meditating for years).

The negative effects of the TLIG teachings are sometimes difficult to see because they are mixed with very good teachings (encouragement to repent, to pray, etc.) and many extracts from the Gospel, the True Word of God. So people generally start to go to confession, to Mass, pray more, etc. And this bears good fruit. However, the undercurrent of false teachings is always there, and it is even easier for one to incorporate these teachings, since one is reading constantly the messages (I used to read them every single day, and if I did not, I felt very guilty). One ends up brainwashing oneself, and feeling the urge to “evangelize” the messages. This urge takes one often to the absurdity of “evangelizing” Christians, since the scope is not to make the Gospel known, but to spread TLIG, to convert people to TLIG. 

Another thing I noticed myself and which is also witnessed by the Australian gentleman, is that one becomes extremely emotional when reading TLIG. I also had crisis of uncontrollable tears during the period that I read TLIG. There were moments during which I was an emotional wreckage, and was unable to think clearly. I thought at the time that the reason was the one given in the messages: that one repented of one’s sins in this way. The problem was that I could not get out of that state. I lived in a permanent sensation of guilt. Guilt if I did not spread the messages (“evangelize”), guilt if for one day I did not read them or simply guilt of not feeling like reading them, feeling constantly unworthy of God, etc. Now that I have grown in faith, I understand that a healthy relationship with God is not based on that type of emotional blindness. God makes us see our sins and how low we have fallen, but He does so in a way that helps us strive to ask for His Help and decide freely to love Him and consecrate every single aspect of our life to Him. And together with His Help and our full free will, we take the path to Him, which is Jesus. God does so in a way that makes us grow and trust Him, not in a way that crushes us.


As Javier** made me once notice, it is true that many people, who are fascinated by TLIG, are people who have been away from the Church for some time, or who had a very superficial knowledge of the Gospel. But deep inside, they have a strong thirst for God, but for several reasons they feel the Church has not the right answers. Then, they find TLIG, which presents itself as God speaking to us NOW (not like in the Gospel, which they erroneously see as an old book which is boring or not up to date), and they interpret it as God’s answer to their questions and prayers. Their re-found faith starts then to depend on the authenticity of TLIG, and that is why they defend Vassula so strongly and reject any type of information or fact that could jeopardize TLIG. And if they have to choose between TLIG and a negative position of the Church, then they choose TLIG, which they see as the work of the true God. That is in fact the conclusion of Vassula’s response to Cardinal Levada (**a former TLIG Spanish webmaster, see his testimony at VASSULA RYDEN-TESTIMONIES

One final comment to this very long mail: the witness reports having seen Vassula’s face change into the full face of Jesus as depicted in the NASA version of Jesus’ face on the shroud. To understand this phenomenon, you have to know how a meeting of Vassula is organized. The stage where Vassula will speak (and sometimes the stage is the altar of a Church) is prepared with big banners hanging directly above her or on the sides, one of which is always the above-mentioned NASA version of the face of Jesus, which portraits him with a long oval face and long hair falling on both sides. If you look at a photo of Vassula, you will notice that she too has a long oval face and wears her long hair falling on both sides. Then, the meeting starts with one to two hours of praying, singing and testimonies of people (often priests and even bishops) presenting Vassula as a true prophet and an extraordinary woman who is in contact with God. Then generally the lights are dimmed and Vassula enters the stage and talks, sometimes accompanied by background music. If you put everything together, you will understand how autosuggestion works and why so many people see Jesus’ face in her face.

I hope these comments will be of help. If you wish to discuss any point more in detail, please write to me again. I think the matter of this type of testimonies is important, for many people base upon them their own discernment of TLIG. Very warmly in Christ, Maria Laura


**The very same Kieran John Forde of New South Wales, Australia, who submitted a weepy “testimony” to Vassula Ryden, purporting to having become a better Catholic through his daily readings of the TLIG “messages” and his experiences of alleged mystical phenomena at Vassula Ryden performances, has also testified at a New Age site, Sandy MacGregor‘s The Calm [Creative Accelerated Learning Methods] Research Centre [which says a lot for Forde‘s new found spirituality and discernment levels]. Kieran John Forde has participated in a CALM seminar. For a Kieran John Forde, a Vassula Ryden performance is simply yet another self-improvement seminar. His testimonies credit both of them with his experiencing of life-changing events:

Sandy, I want to let you know how very much your course has changed my life. As Norbert Wiener*** has said, the techniques you teach are nothing less than “the secret of life”. For some years I have been a nervous and fearful person, both of which were a manifestation of going through a marriage break up and bankruptcy proceedings. Confidence in myself had plummeted. Through the techniques you have taught me, my life has dramatically changed around.
For example, my first book is on track to being published; my business is on track to being largely successful; and more importantly, all my relationships, family and friends continue to strengthen. By using the techniques I have been able to cope with my stresses and work towards balancing the diverse demands of relationships, family and finance. It is electrifying to be associated with someone who understands the awesome power of imagination. Spiritually it is gratifying to know someone like you, who understands the power of forgiveness and the power of love. It can be truly said you are a walking example of one of Ralph Waldo Emerson‘s
**** creeds – “Every soul is not only the inlet, but may become the outlet of all there is in God.” Kieran John Forde, NSW

Sandy MacGregor is, like Vassula Ryden, Kieran John Forde‘s other guru, into his second or third marriage;

The meditation that Forde learnt from MacGregor is, “to go into my own mind and seek answers to questions,” and “using the subconscious mind“,

***Mathematician Norbert Wiener was a proponent of cybernetics and his work influenced leading abortionist Margaret Mead.

****Ralph Waldo Emerson
believed that all things are connected to God and, therefore, all things are divine. Critics believed that Emerson was removing the central God figure; as
Henry Ware, Jr. said, Emerson was in danger of taking away “the Father of the Universe” and leaving “but a company of children in an orphan asylum”


The great forerunner to the New Thought Movement, or the man who did more than any other thinker of our time to prepare the popular mind to accept the new practical idealism and gospel of optimism, was Ralph Waldo Emerson. He was the pioneer New World diffuser of metaphysical and transcendental thought and Oriental philosophy […] When the “Bhagavad Gita” fell into his hands he experienced far greater pleasure than is known to the gold seeker, who suddenly after long and weary searching, comes upon a rich lode. The “Bhagavad Gita” appealed to Emerson with compelling power.


Ralph Waldo Emerson‘s greatest triumph – the capitulation of Harvard University to the philosophies of the New Age.


Not surprising, the type of people that Vassula Ryden‘s
Kieran John Forde cited in his CALM testimony.




Some Statements from Orthodox authorities regarding Vassula Ryden’s “True Life in God”


The Orthodox Church of Greece:
In 2001 the Committee on Heresies of the Holy Synod published the following decision regarding Vassula Ryden (non-official translation from Greek):

“The Committee, having examined the evidence, has reached the conclusion that Vassula Ryden has expelled herself [*] from the Orthodox Church, although she still presents herself as a member.

In addition it should be known that the Church periodical “Dialogos” in its issues number 14 and 17 (…) has printed extensive reports regarding Vassula Ryden’s organization.

Vassula asked the Greek Minister of Justice to bring to trial for slander and libel both the Secretary of the Greek Orthodox Synodal Commission on Heresies, Fr. Kyriakos Tsouros, and the Church publication. The trial was scheduled for 30 June 2000; however Ryden withdrew the charge two days before the hearing.” (Dialogos, issue number 25, page 32, 2001.)

[*] The Greek text uses the word ekpései, which is of difficult translation. In fact, some websites have translated it as “excommunicated”. According to the Orthodox source we consulted, the literal translation of the text would be: “she threw herself out of the Orthodox Church”. Another source suggested: “Vassula Ryden is cut off from the Orthodox Church”. The Committee is therefore stating that Mrs Ryden excommunicated herself from her Church. From what we have been able to gather, the main reason is that she does not act as an Orthodox faithful since she does not respect canonical discipline, for instance by regularly receiving Catholic Sacraments, which is considered a form of resigning from the Orthodox Church (see also: “May Vassula Ryden receive Holy Communion when participating in Catholic Masses?“).

We include at the bottom of this page two of the Dialogos articles in Greek regarding Mrs. Ryden and which are also available on the official website of the Greek Orthodox Church

  • “Rulings of C.S. on sects for Vasoula Ryden and Panagiotis Toulatos”, Dialogos, n.25, page 32, 2001. This is the text of the Committee on Heresies’ decision on Vassula Ryden reported above.
  • “Vasoula Ryden…complains” by Rev. Protopresbyter Kyriakos Tsouros, Dialogos, n.17, page 21, 1999.
  • Cretan Archdiocese – September 2001. Issued a press release warning against TLIG and discouraging people to attend a meeting where Vassula was to talk, qualifying her of “anti-orthodox”. 
  • Metropolite Mons. Damaskinos, Swiss diocese of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.
    In 1996, Mons. Damaskinos declared that Vassula Ryden, in the eyes of all those who are considered as the authentic bearers and continuers of the tradition of the Orthodox Church, was opposing the conscience of that Church which believes that Divine Revelation has been achieved once and for all through the Apostles. He also criticized in that occasion the attitude of the seer, who had organized a broadly advertised meeting on the same date that the Geneva Churches and Christian communities had scheduled their annual gathering for the Christian Unity Week. More Info (in French)…
  • Patriarchate of Constantinople, Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1995, Fundacion SPES of Argentina asked the representative of the Greek Orthodox Church in that country about the case of Vassula Ryden. The answer was given by Fr. Demonstenes in the name of Mons. Gennadios Chrysoulakys. He stated that the Greek Orthodox Church does not recognize any voice outside the established ecclesiastical hierarchy and if Mrs. Ryden has something to communicate, she should do it through the hierarchy. More Info (in Spanish)…
  • Link to “Contra Vassula Ryden” published on the blog A Catechumen’s Tale. An interesting analysis of Mrs Ryden’s writings from an Orthodox perspective. Read here:én

Coptic Orthodox Church
– Statement from His Eminence Abba Seraphim, Metropolitan of Glastonbury, regarding Mrs. Vassula Ryden, August 2005:
In a General Memorandum to the clergy of the British Orthodox Church, His Eminence Abba Seraphim offered the following guidance to the clergy and faithful:

1. In receiving the sacraments at altars other than those of the Orthodox Church [justifying this by quoting the Decree Orientarium Ecclesiarum of Vatican II], Mrs Ryden is disregarding Orthodox canonical discipline which forbids it.



2. Mrs Ryden should seek the canonical permission and blessing of the local Orthodox hierarch having jurisdiction in each place, prior to addressing public meetings, rather than act in the face of their sometimes expressed opposition and criticism.

3. Until such time as a canonical Orthodox hierarchy is able to make a detailed and full examination of the messages received by Mrs. Ryden, they should be regarded with
grave caution and their authority attributed solely to the views and aspirations of Mrs Ryden herself, rather than any angelic, saintly or divine source.

His Eminence Abba Seraphim also points out that Mrs Ryden has found enthusiastic supporters among numbers of the Anglican, Catholic and Orthodox clergy and has often utilised the opportunities offered by ‘Inter religious Pilgrimages’ she organizes (such as her ones to the Holy Land in March 2000 and to Egypt in October 2002) to cultivate members of the local hierarchy, who are not always fully aware of all her activities.

This memorandum was published in the website in February 2006, with an extra note indicating that “the statement in the True Life in God UK Newsletter No. 6 (November 2005) that His Eminence Abba Seraphim along with H.M. Queen Elisabeth II and the Archbishop of Canterbury, ‘sent us their good wishes for the meeting’ is untrue. An invitation was sent to Abba Seraphim and a reply sent on his behalf stating that he had another engagement and would be unable to attend, but asking to be kept on the TLIG mailing list and for copies of the documentation supplied to be sent to other Orthodox hierarchs in the United Kingdom.” (Read the entire article in towards the end of the page).

In 2004, I received this critique from a Christian Orthodox who accepted to have it published in my website. I finally do so here, with my apologies for the very long delay.

A critique of Vassula & True Life in God

By a Christian Orthodox

JOHN 10: 1- 5

“I tell you the truth, the man who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber. 2The man who enters by the gate is the shepherd of his sheep. 3The watchman opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. 4When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice. 5But they will never follow a stranger; in fact, they will run away from him because they do not recognize a stranger’s voice.”

  • For over 15 years in this age of the Internet Vassula has promoted her writings globally in many languages. If her writings were of Christ, should not His sheep the world over have been flocking to those writings?
  • Would Christ choose a method of communication with mankind, automatic writing, that has a long prominent history of use in the Occult?
  • Would Christ take away the free will of someone by controlling their body to write in a script not their own? The Divine Words of Christ are heard by His sheep regardless of the medium.
  • Would Christ be so incredibly verbose, repetitive, ambiguous, wandering in focus, and given to expressing Himself on mundane matters set within narrow time frames?
  • Would Christ want to create an organization (TLIG) that was outside the Church, and give His ‘new revelation’ to an individual who becomes the main focus in the lives of the organization’s members?
  • Would Christ communicate in such a cryptic way that one needed to be privy to TLIG interpretations to be able to understand His words?
  • Would God speak, as “He” does in the samples shown below, to those who would understandably question the writings of Vassula?
  • Would God’s new messenger condemn those who would reasonably question her writings? See excerpt from a letter to Vassula’s followers below.



  • Would a Christ-created organization exhibit the classic hallmarks of: a charismatic leader dispensing mystical/esoteric knowledge to an insular group of “enlightened” people who see any criticism from outside as being evil?


The following sample is taken from and that document is titled: TO CONCEAL MY VOICE IS A MORTAL SIN MY SERVANTS ARE FORMED FROM MY WORDS

………….to conceal My Voice is a mortal sin; to sift Me through and through and scan Me is an abhorrent sin in My Eyes; will your incredulity say one day: “but look, we did not know; we did not know that we offended Your Mercy;” indeed you have offended My Mercy; not only have you offended My Mercy but you have allowed the evil powers to gain ground and despoil the House My Son bought with His Precious Blood, because of your incredulity; and how! how ingeniously you get round My Words in order to justify your incredulity!……………..

The following sample is taken from   being part of a letter to TLIG followers from Vassula. The letter in its entirety is very revealing of the mind set of this organization

…………..Then what follows is a reminder to all those who fearlessly persecute the merciful call   of God, even to call it evil, throwing mud on it that by doing so, they are blaspheming the Holy Spirit, committing the unforgivable sin.   This is what he says: “Read our messages and stop being scornful or deaf when heaven speaks.    Lower your voices and you will hear ours.   Think twice before you judge; think more than twice before you condemn the works of the Holy Spirit.    I shall not spare anyone who mocks the Holy Spirit, blaspheming him outright”.   Then he reminds us of what awaits those who blaspheme, “Justice will send them down to the underworld”…………..

“Rulings of C.S. on sects for Vasoula Ryden and Panagiotis Toulatos’

Dialogos, number 25, page 32, 2001

Vasoula Ryden… complains”, by Rev. Protopresbyter Kyriakos Tsouros

Dialogos, number 17, pages 21-23, 1999


Vassula Ryden’s True Life in God messages – TLIG
creates new doctrine on mortal sin and sin against the Holy Spirit


Eternal condemnation of those who oppose the TLIG messages

Among the very negative elements related to True Life in God (TLIG), one of the most preoccupying is the teachings they contain regarding mortal sin and the sin against the Holy Spirit. To illustrate this, we will quote two recent extracts. The first is a message received by Vassula, in which “God-Father” is quoted saying to her (referring to those who openly oppose the messages):

To silence My Voice is a mortal sin. (…) Their conduct does not please Me because they become the enemies of the whole human race, since they are hindering My chosen ones from pronouncing My Will to My People and from reconstructing My House…
(Message dated September 28, 2000 – In TLIG-language, “My Voice” refers to the TLIG messages, and “My chosen ones” are Vassula and all those who spread the messages.

Also, in a letter referring to those who criticize TLIG and do not believe in its authenticity, Vassula writes:

…what follows is a reminder to all those who fearlessly persecute the merciful call of God, even to call it evil, throwing mud on it that by doing so, they are blaspheming the Holy Spirit, committing the unforgivable sin. Again, in TLIG-language, the “merciful call of God” refers to the messages. Then Vassula quotes Christ as saying: “..Justice will send them down to the underworld” (letter published in the TLIG website Forum, dated January 10, 2002 – ).

In another open letter to us regarding this theme, Vassula gives the following explanation:

It is a mortal sin if one calls evil, any good operation coming out of the Mercy of God. (…) It becomes a blasphemy towards the Holy Spirit WHEN ONE JUDGES the operation of God as evil and takes it as his duty to persecute it, calumniate it and condemn it, attributing it to deceiving spirits. Then these people are committing a blasphemy because they call evil what is in fact a divine operation that comes from the Holy Spirit.

And: “If one does not believe in a private or prophetic revelation and leaves it alone, this is another story. They do not give their JUDGEMENT so it is not a mortal sin, but it becomes a mortal sin if one purposely calls evil what is holy and persecutes God’s merciful work.” (Both citations are from “Blaspheming the Holy Spirit”, TLIG Forum –

Vassula cites in support of her sayings, the writings of saints and legitimate personalities such as St. Simeon, Basil the Great or St. Silouan, plus other citations of a more doubtful accuracy, such as an extract from Maria Valtorta’s writings (1).

In fact, one would tend to agree with Vassula if the “merciful work” of God to which she refers were not the TLIG messages, object of a Notification of the Catholic Church warning about their errors and negative elements. Plus, we would like also to remind St. John of the Cross’s view, who on the contrary, advises people to assume that extraordinary experiences are not of divine origin unless the opposite can be proved. And this is a Doctor of the Church speaking.

To summarize the messages’ teaching: it is OK not to believe in the authenticity of TLIG. However, if one dares speak against TLIG, present arguments against its authenticity and/or act effectively to prevent its spreading, then one has committed the sin against the Holy Spirit.

Moreover, the messages also state that any opposition made to them is the action of the devil (2) and that whoever criticizes them or any other apparition, cannot be holy, even if it is a Church authority (3).


The Church’s definition of mortal sin and sin against the Holy Spirit

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) starts its article about sin recalling that the Gospel is the revelation in Jesus Christ of God’s mercy towards sinners. It then indicates in paragraph 1857, that three conditions are simultaneously necessary for a sin to be mortal:

1. It must be a disobedience to one of the 10 Commandments according to Jesus’ answer to the rich young man (Mark 10, 19),

2. One must be aware that it is a sin and, although knowing it,

3. One deliberately commits it.

Without sincere repentance, mortal sin can lead to eternal death.

Regarding the sin against the Holy Spirit, numerous are the books written about it. The CCC summarizes them in its definition of the Sin against the Holy Spirit as that of deliberately refusing the mercy of God, refusing to repent of one’s sins and refusing Salvation (see paragraph 1864). This sin is particularly serious, because it cannot be forgiven (Mt 12, 31), and therefore leads to eternal damnation.

As we have seen previously, TLIG’s definition of these sins is modified in order to include whoever openly opposes the messages. It does so by affirming from the start that the messages are divine (in open contradiction with the Catholic Church’s Notifications and the position of the Greek Orthodox Church) and that therefore to oppose them is to refuse God and Salvation.

We wish to recall here that the Gospel contains several warnings regarding false prophets and false Christs, for instance, in Mathew 24, 23-24, Jesus says: “If anyone says to you then, ‘Look, here is the Messiah!’ or, ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. False messiahs and false prophets will arise, and they will perform signs and wonders so great as to deceive, if that were possible, even the elect.” And: “For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and they will deceive many” (Mt 24, 5).



According to the constant teaching of the Church, even authentic private revelations and apparitions are not dogma of faith, and therefore Catholics who do not believe in them do not put at risk their salvation (see CCC par. 67). Moreover, when the Church has already issued a negative statement about a private revelation (and it is the case for TLIG even if it is not technically a condemnation), the faithful have the moral obligation not to read nor spread it as if it were authentic. This fact is systematically diminished and even denied by TLIG promoters, who recall that in the messages, “Jesus” calls everyone insistently to spread the messages and make them known all over the world. Even if it means disobeying Christ’s Church, what would be – de facto – a division of Christ against Himself…

The fallacy of TLIG’s teachings on mortal sin and sin against the Holy Spirit consists in creating new doctrine in order to condemn precisely those who wish to be faithful to the Gospel and to Christ’s Church.


Denouncing the manipulation

TLIG’s manipulation of the Gospel and of the teachings on sin has a double scope:

1. To remind TLIG followers that to oppose the messages is unacceptable, and therefore even to doubt about them is a sign that one is victim of the devil’s temptation. This is a powerful tool to avoid defections and the voicing of any type of criticism. It has the effect of convincing followers that the best path to Salvation (if not the only) is TLIG.

2. Many of the persons that oppose TLIG are good Christians, often priests or bishops, who are simply concerned about relatives, friends and communities deeply involved with TLIG. By accusing them of the worst of sins, these persons automatically lose all credibility in the eyes of TLIG readers. In some cases, it has even lead to effective divisions inside families and parishes, among people who all share the same Faith and belong to the same Church… We can see here some of the bad fruit which results from the logic taught in the messages.

What most preoccupies us is that we are more used to seeing this type of manipulations used in cults than in divine messages. This explains why many people have felt the urgency to raise their voice and warn about the danger the messages may represent, basing themselves on the Church’s warning. This, of course, is unacceptable for TLIG supporters, who refuse to see the Light of the Holy Spirit in the Church’s warning and call for prudence regarding TLIG.

All this needs to be denounced without fear.



(1) Maria Valtorta’s “Poem of the Man-God” was condemned by the Holy Office (see Osservatore Romano January 6th, 1960) and re-confirmed by Cardinal Ratzinger in 1993 (Prot. N. 144/58i).

(2) Message dated October 22, 1996, Jesus says to Vassula: “(…) let Me remind you, dearest soul, that I have brought you up to tear up iniquity and unsettle and upset every evil spirit you encounter on your way or in the cities you go to witness, so do not be surprised when these powers of hell join forces together to try and prevent you from exercising your prophetic ministry; these attacks are bound to come your way as soon as they realize you are well on your way to disturb them and uproot many of them; you have indeed become a menace and the prime concern to the devil (…).” See also two recent letters from Vassula in the TLIG Website Forum dated January 29 and February 1, 2003 ( and

(3) Extract of message dated November 14, 1987, attributed to Jesus: “Souls will not hear Me – they will sin; proved by their refusal to believe in My Merciful Message; proved by their reluctance and by their fear of admitting their fault (Vassula’s note: Jesus enlightened me to understand this passage. I know to who this is referred to. It goes very deep into the Church).” See also message dated March 24, 1988, where ‘Jesus’ affirms that he finds “no holiness” in those who do not believe in private revelations or apparitions:


Validity of the Notification regarding Vassula Ryden
and the
True Life in God messages


Important Update (August 2007):
Text of the internal communication of 25 January 2007 directed by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to all the Presidents of the Bishops’ conferences confirming the doctrinal judgement of the 1995 Notification.
Read here

See also (March 2011): The Vatican puts on-line the complete text of the 1995 Notification regarding Vassula

The 1995 Notification

On October 6th, 1995, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) issued a Notification regarding Vassula Ryden’s writings “as a result of the testing of the spirits (1 Jn 4,1)”. Whilst recognizing some positive aspects, the CDF points out several negative elements, among which doctrinal errors and the way the messages are received (a form of automatic writing).

The negative aspects lead the CDF to conclude that Mrs. Ryden’s writings and speeches should not be considered as supernatural, and to request the Bishops to suitably inform the faithful and not open their Dioceses to the dissemination of TLIG.


 Reactions against the Notification (1995-1996)

TLIG supporters challenged its validity arguing that:

– Vassula Ryden had not been heard by the CDF.



– The notification was just an opinion and the faithful could ignore it if they believed it to be wrong. Some went as far as to say that it was a mere private “letter” from the CDF to the Swiss Bishops.

– The notification was not signed and Cardinal Ratzinger’s name wasn’t on it; therefore it had no validity whatsoever.

The Notification was officially published in the diverse language editions of L’Osservatore Romano, one of the main means used by the Church for the dissemination of important information regarding the Church. This fact should have been enough to realize that the Notification was and is valid.

The argumentation regarding the fact that the Notification did not bear the name of Cardinal Ratzinger (it bore the name of two other members of the CDF, including the number two Mons. Bertone) was later used as a “clue” to prove the existence of an alleged “anti-TLIG plot” in the Vatican. The truth, however, is that the CDF issues every day communiqués such as the Notification. The importance of these Communiqués is that they are issued by the CDF, an official Congregation of the Church, and are often reproduced by the media without even indicating who signed them.

However, due to the numerous protests of TLIG-promoters, we decided to write to the “Official” of the Diocese of Lausanne, Genève and Fribourg (Switzerland) to request an “authentic interpretation” of the Notification, i.e. a clarification regarding the Notification’s validity. The answer arrived on August 13th, 1996 (click here to view original in French). [] Extracts of that letter are reproduced hereunder:


Validity of the Notification

“A NOTIFICATION issued by a Roman Congregation is a clarification addressed to a numerous group of persons and/or institutions which have requested that the Holy See pronounce itself on a certain subject.

In the case of a LETTER, it would be addressed to a person in particular (for instance, a Bishop), but even in that case, this particular communication would remain a point of reference for the universal Church.

In the present case of the NOTIFICATION regarding Mrs. Ryden, it is an answer to many bishops, diocesan groups, associations of the faithful and private persons which have written directly to the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation to obtain a clarification. It has a value for the whole Catholic Church.”


Why the Notification was not directly addressed to Mrs. Ryden

“The Notification of the Congregation was not directly addressed to Mrs. Vassula Ryden, but to the numerous bishops, priests, religious and lay-persons which requested from the Congregation a judgement of authority regarding Mrs. Ryden’s activities.

We cannot therefore speak of a public blame done by the Congregation to Mrs. Vassula Ryden, but rather of a warning that the Holy See addresses to those who are surprised or confused by Mrs. Ryden’s activities or words.” (…)

“The Catholic Church is faithful to its principle of not interfering in the spiritual life of another Church’s faithful, but the Catholic Church has the duty to clarify and warn its faithful about any disorder created by any person’s or organization’s attitude, whether from a point of view of the Church’s Doctrine or discipline.

Mrs. Ryden’s writings are numerous and quite spread among the Catholic faithful for the Congregation to give it’s opinion regarding their content. Some rare positive elements can be found, but so can an ensemble of fundamentally negative elements that have to be considered under the light of the catholic doctrine.

Mrs. Vassula Ryden was not summoned to give her point of view, mainly to avoid the interference in the spiritual life of a Christian who belongs to another Church; secondly, because she does not teach in a RCC faculty, seminar or institute.”


Cardinal Ratzinger disproves his alleged statement at Guadalajara (Mexico)

In May 1996, a small group of Mexican supporters of TLIG had the possibility to meet briefly with Card. Ratzinger in Guadalajara, Mexico. After this private meeting, the group affirmed that the Cardinal Prefect of the CDF had told them: “You may continue to promote her writings”. 

However, on November 29th, 1996, Cardinal Ratzinger issued a Press release, which was published in all the language versions of L’Osservatore Romano,
mentioning specifically his alleged statements at Guadalajara. In the press release, he confirms the absolute validity of the 1995 Notification
and recalls that one cannot freely spread within the Church messages from presumed revelations that have not been approved, and that one has the moral obligation not to read nor spread writings which might endanger faith. Click here to read the press release.

Despite this, the TLIG association continues to cite the “You may continue to promote” phrase without even mentioning the press release where Cardinal Ratzinger publicly disproved it.


Back to Church Position

New content added August 2005 – Revised January 2008

Comments on Cardinal Ratzinger’s 1999 interview

In January 1999, the Italian magazine 30 Giorni published an interview with former Cardinal Ratzinger by Dr. Niels Christian Hvidt, a very active Danish supporter of Mrs Ryden. Dr. Hvidt has done much to promote the TLIG messages in Denmark and in the world. He has a master’s degree in Theology and has collaborated as a journalist for several catholic media, including the Scandinavian section of Vatican Radio. He is very close to Mrs Ryden, having lived in Rome during the same period she was there. He also was the person who made possible the photo of Pope John Paul II with a TLIG book in his hands (see:



The last question of the interview of Cardinal Ratzinger was about Vassula Ryden. Dr. Hvidt asked if the Notification is a condemnation. Cardinal Ratzinger answered (highlights added):

“You have touched on a very problematical issue. No, the Notification is a warning, not a condemnation. From the strictly procedural point of view, no person may be condemned without a trial and without being given the opportunity to air their views first. What we say is that there are many things which are not clear. There are some debatable apocalyptic elements and ecclesiological aspects which are not clear. Her writings contain many good things but the grain and the chaff [darnel] are mixed up (*). That is why we invited Catholic faithful to view it all with a prudent eye and to measure it by the yardstick of the constant faith of the Church.”

Dr. Hvidt: Is the procedure to clarify the question continuing?
Cardinal Ratzinger:
Yes, and during the clarification process the faithful must be prudent, maintaining a discerning attitude. There is no doubt that there is an evolution in the writings which does not yet seem to have concluded. We must remember that being able to set oneself up as the word and image of interior contact with God, even in the case of authentic mysticism, always depends on the possibilities of the human soul and its limitations. Unlimited trust should only be placed in the real Word of the Revelation that we encounter in the faith transmitted by the Church.

Some people have interpreted these statements as a denial of the validity of the Notification by Cardinal Ratzinger and an encouragement to read the TLIG messages. However, former Cardinal Ratzinger is quite clear in his answer:

Cardinal Ratzinger confirms the contents of the 1995 Notification: the messages contain a mix of good and bad elements, therefore the faithful are not to view them as infallible. He confirms that “from a strictly procedural point of view” it is a warning, not a condemnation, since Mrs Ryden was not “given the opportunity to air her views first“.

-He insists on the importance of the faithful maintaining a discerning and prudent attitude. This implies not reading the messages believing them to be the infallible “Word of God”, considering the fact that there are errors and unclear elements in them, and that “even in the case of authentic mysticism”, the seer’s human soul has its limitations. The prudent approach also implies that one must not spread these messages nor encourage people to read them as if they were approved by the Church, as indicated in the 1996 Press release.

Since the date of this interview, Mrs Ryden was given the possibility by the CDF to clarify some of the points raised in the Notification. Her explanations however were not enough to modify or cancel the Notification (see Church Position).

(*) The original text as published in Italian reads “I suoi scritti contengono molte cose buone, ma il grano buono è misto al loglio
( Most Italian-English dictionaries translate “loglio” as darnel or tare (a weed of grain fields in Biblical times, usually identified with darnel). In some on-line dictionaries, it has also been translated as “rye-grass”, probably the reason why the English version that circulates translates the word as “chaff”. However, giving the context of the phrase, a more correct translation would be “darnel”.


Other comments on the 1999 interview:

St. Michael Center for Apologetics website:


New content added March 2006 – Re-edited January 2008 – Updated June 2011

Did the Vatican remove the text of the Notification from its website?

The Notification has always figured on the Vatican website without its text, so it could have never been “removed”. Of the approximately 60 documents listed (the number varies from one language version to the other), half do not include a link to the complete text ( )

One of the official blogs of TLIG (publicized on their website but no longer available online) published an article dated January 16, 2006 titled “Vatican removes text of Notification” in which they affirmed that “the Congregation removed the original text of the notification [from the Vatican website] as the questions they posed to Vassula they felt clarified the previous issues they had.”

We consulted the CDF
and asked them if this was true. We received the following answer from the person in charge: “The fact that some documents appear without a link in the web site of the Congregation does not mean that they are no longer valid. Simply it means that the relative text is not yet available in electronic format. That is the only reason, and that is why most documents without a link are the oldest ones”. It was also pointed out to us that the Notification continued to be a valid document, could be found in the Acta Apostolicae Saedis and had not been annulled.

Moreover, as a correspondent brought recently to our attention, if you go to the Wayback Machine (Internet archive), and look up the doctrinal documents page of the CDF, you will see that it is traced back to February 2002 (before the dialogue with Mrs Ryden), and that it NEVER included a link to the complete text of the Notification. You cannot remove something that was never there… (See:*/

Update June 2011
The Vatican has put on its website the full text of the 1995 Notification in several languages: French, German
Polish. Let’s hope that other languages will follow. Previously the Notification had figured only with its title and AAS (Acta Apostolicae Sedis) reference.

Maria Laura Pio







Press Release regarding the Notification on Vassula Ryden November 29, 1996


I. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has received various questions about the value and authority of its Notification of 6 October 1995, published in L’Osservatore Romano on Monday/Tuesday, 23/24 October 1995, p. 2 (L’Osservatore Romano English edition, 25 October 1995, p. 12), regarding the writings and messages of Mrs. Vassula Ryden attributed to alleged revelations and disseminated in Catholic circles throughout the world.

In this regard, the Congregation wishes to state:

1) The Notification addressed to the Pastors and faithful of the Catholic Church retains all its force. It was approved by the competent authorities and will be published in Acta Apostolicae Sedis, the official organ of the Holy See, with the signatures of the Prefect and the Secretary of the Congregation [*].

2) Regarding the reports circulated by some news media concerning a restrictive interpretation of this Notification, given by His Eminence the Cardinal Prefect in a private conversation with a group of people to whom he granted an audience in Guadalajara, Mexico, on 10 May 1996, the same Cardinal Prefect wishes to state:

a) as he said, the faithful are not to regard the messages of Vassula Ryden as divine revelations, but only as her personal meditations;

b) these meditations, as the Notification explained, include, along with positive aspects, elements that are negative in the light of Catholic doctrine; 

c) therefore, Pastors and the faithful are asked to exercise serious spiritual discernment in this matter and to preserve the purity of the faith, morals and spiritual life, not by relying on alleged revelations but by following the revealed Word of God and the directives of the Church’s Magisterium.

II. Regarding the circulation of texts of alleged private revelations, the Congregation states:

1) The interpretation given by some individuals to a Decision approved by Paul VI on 14 October 1966 and promulgated on 15 November of that year, in virtue of which writings and messages resulting from alleged revelations could be freely circulated in the Church, is absolutely groundless. This decision actually referred to the “Abolition of the Index of Forbidden Books”, and determined that – after the relevant censures were lifted – the moral obligation still remained of not circulating or reading those writings which endanger faith and morals.

2) It should be recalled however that with regard to the circulation of texts of alleged private revelations, canon 823 §1 of the current Code remains in force: “the Pastors of the Church have the … right to demand that writings to be published by the Christian faithful which touch upon faith or morals be submitted to their judgement”.

3) Alleged supernatural revelations and writings concerning them are submitted in first instance to the judgement of the diocesan Bishop, and, in particular cases, to the judgement of the Episcopal Conference and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Published in L’Osservatore Romano, weekly edition in English, 4/12/1996. The highlights have been added by this website.  

[*] The Notification was subsequently published in Apostolicae Sedis [Acts of the Apostolic See] – AAS, vol. LXXXVIII, N. 12 (5 December 1996), 956-957.

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Important Update (August 2007):
Text of the internal communication of 25 January 2007 directed by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to all the Presidents of the Bishops’ conferences confirming the doctrinal judgement of the 1995 Notification.
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TLIG websites’ reactions to the announcement of the Patriarchate of Constantinople (May 2011)


Related news (March 2011):

The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople condemns Vassula Ryden’s teachings


Following the publication on March 16, 2011, of the condemnation of Vassula’s teachings by the Patriarchate of Constantinople, the following reactions were published on TLIG official websites:

Fr. John Abberton, a UK priest considered one of the spiritual advisors of TLIG, was the first to react on his blog ( with several articles. One of them was later reproduced on official TLIG websites, generally with the title “Ecumenical Patriarchate. It is NOT an excommunication”. In spite of the title, Fr. Abberton does not enter into the discussion of the meaning of the announcement, but simply remarks that no discussion took place between Vassula and the Patriarchate prior to the publication of the announcement, and calls readers to remain calm and strong, “praying for reconciliation and showing those around us that we really believe that humility and love are the keys to unity”. The rest of the article discusses the situation with the Catholic Church. According to Fr. Abberton, “critics” have exaggerated the meaning and importance of the Notification and of the CDF’s 2007 letter, and suggests that the same is being done with the Patriarchate’s announcement. Fr. Abberton’s article can be read here:


On May 5 Vassula’s reaction to the Patriarchate’s decision arrives in the form of a “new message from Jesus” to be released to the public and titled “Tell My people and remind them…”

The message refers to insults and persecutions, asking readers to console one another and to exercise “love of your neighbour”. But “Jesus” also calls readers to “refuse to sell My Blood” and to continue to proclaim the messages. He promises punishment for those who “stone” his prophets:

“…remember, to proclaim My Message far and wide for the smell of death has reached heaven and the punishment that awaits this generation will be drawn upon the earth because of its incredulity and its apostasy; the envoys I am sending you are not heard
and My Spirit is blasphemed;
many are recklessly injuring My Church, stoning My prophets; many are decaying and now visible signs are given in proportion and weight of their apostasy and their sins; hardship and distress are upon this faithless generation; these are signs given already to them because of their refusal to reconcile with Me.” (

This message reminds the readers that those who refuse to accept Jesus’ revelation through TLIG are guilty of refusing to reconcile with Jesus (refusing Salvation) and therefore are blaspheming the Holy Spirit (the unforgivable sin).

This teaching was reinforced by a declaration signed by the “Equipo de Evangelizacion de la VVED” (TLIG evangelization team) that is to my knowledge only available in Spanish and was made known through the TLIG electronic newsletter in that language dated May 20, 2011. The Evangelization Team encourages readers to continue to spread the TLIG messages:

“Recently, we prayed a Novena and fasting for Unity, for the expansion of TLIG and for the disarmament of TLIG persecutors. As TLIG readers we all love the Church and we know that not only the Church, in terms of people of God, urgently needs TLIG, but also the non-believers need it in this moment of history, when the world is going each day faster towards its destruction. (…)

When we received Vassula as God’s Prophet, we received the call to participate in Vassula’s mission, understanding better the Church’s situation, the world’s situation and our own situation thanks to the Messages: “the earth is pining away in its apostasy, consumed in its iniquity, and its inhabitants are paying the penalty of its sins; famines, earthquakes and wars; whatever comes out of the earth returns back to earth…” (Message20110725191938 of 21/05/1994)”

The letter contains numerous citations from TLIG messages, in particular one of September 30, 1993, in which “Jesus” tells Vassula: “I Am is the Author of ‘True Life in God’ and (…) you are My mouthpiece and therefore what I have told you is what you speak; he who rejects you rejects My Words”.


Finally, on May 21, the “Defending Vassula” website posted a statement by The Foundation for True Life in God, Geneva (Switzerland), titled
“Vassula Excommunicated – A Response to This FALSE Statement”. In an unusual but commendable effort to face the reality of the situation, the Foundation writes (highlights added):

“(…) The statement of the Patriarchate has been misinterpreted by some people who have publicly declared that Vassula has been excommunicated. Such declarations are wholly untrue and do not accord with the Patriarch’s statement which is not a decree of any description and does not refer to excommunication.

What the statement does is to accuse Vassula and the Orthodox TLIG faithful of acting in defiance or in breach, of Orthodox Christian Doctrine and Faith. That is equivalent to an accusation of heresy. (A denial of or deviation from the doctrine of the Orthodox Church). The appropriate procedure for dealing with heresy is very clearly laid down in the Canon law of the Holy Church. The statement calls upon Vassula and her followers to discontinue the dissemination of the TLIG messages and to renounce their teachings in order to avoid the appropriate sanctions under the Holy Canons. Under those Canons, the prescribed penalty for heresy is Excommunication (often called anathema) but, under the Canonical procedures of the Church a decree of Excommunication can only be made after formal proceedings have taken place before the Ecclesiastical Courts or/and before a Holy Synod. (…)



Only when this procedure has been exhausted, is the crime of transgression against the faith punished by Excommunication or sometimes by exclusion from the sacramental life of the Church for a temporary period.

There have been no proceedings for Excommunication instituted before the Ecclesiastical Courts or the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople in the case of Vassula Rydén. (…) Vassula has already written to the Patriarch personally, to request that she and her Theologians enter into a proper dialogue with him. Her request is presently under consideration by the Patriarch. (…) (The complete text can be read here:


The Foundation for TLIG was created in 2008 by Vassula and its tasks include: “managing of her copyrights, ensuring publishing and, in some cases, the printing of the Messages. It is called to run all organisational and legal matters related to TLIG, assist in worldwide evangelisation efforts in different ways, for example financing Vassula’s air tickets and hotels in countries like Asia and Africa which cannot afford to pay (…) ensuring Message books are available on site; also to finance a new book on Vassula and her mission to lead people to read the Messages etc. The Foundation assists National Associations in their mission and oversees all Beth Myriams…” (Read the complete description here: and

The TLIG Foundation’s statement provides also what is referred to as a “certified” English translation of the Patriarchate’s announcement ( The text however is almost identical to the English translation that was made available by John Sanidopoulos (see variations here:

Although the TLIG Foundation insists on the fact that the Holy Synod has not pronounced a formal excommunication based on Canon Law procedure, the Patriarchate’s announcement does state clearly that: “we call upon the proponents of these unacceptable innovations and the supporters who maintain them, who henceforth are not admitted to ecclesiastical communion“. There is objectively a situation of exclusion or impediment to participate in the sacramental life of the Church valid from the moment the announcement was made, for all those (including Vassula) who continue nevertheless to follow and actively spread TLIG.

This statement reveals the TLIG Foundation’s knowledge of the gravity of the situation. Those who believe that Vassula is a true mystic would have expected her to suspend her activities momentarily and submit willingly to her Church’s decision hoping that the situation would eventually be resolved. Instead, she has continued with her tour of conferences through Europe promoting her messages in contempt of the Patriarchate’s requests and warnings. Vassula’s choice, which is ‘schismatic’ in nature, sets the example for her followers and has been reinforced by the May 5th message of “Jesus” calling them to go on promoting the messages and not to “sell [His] Blood”.

Maria Laura Pio

May 27, 2011


A critical website about Vassula Ryden’s True Life in God messages – Frequently Asked Questions


Has Vassula Ryden been excommunicated from the Orthodox Church? (March 2011)

Did you see the letter that Fr. Abberton sent to the American TLIG Newsletter readers? (Added December 29, 2010)

Did an Orthodox priest concelebrate Divine Liturgy with a Catholic priest during Vassula’s visit to Romania in May 2010? (Added in December 2010)

Does René Laurentin’s title of Prelate of His Holiness mean that the Pope approves his books on Vassula? (Added in July 2010)

Regarding the TLIG pilgrimage in Egypt of April 2008: Is it true that the Orthodox Patriarch of Alessandria and All Africa, Theodoros II, gave Holy Communion to all the TLIG group, including the Catholics and Lutherans? (Added in November 2008)

What do you know about Vassula’s May 2008 trip to the Philippines? (Added in November 2008)

May Vassula Ryden (who is Greek Orthodox) receive holy communion when participating at Catholic Masses ? (Added in July 2008)

What does the petition “One Date” have to do with Vassula? (Added in July 2007)

Did the TLIG messages get a nihil obstat and imprimatur?

Did the Vatican remove the text of the Notification from its website?

Is the Notification still valid?

Information from the above linked articles may be found in other Vassula-related reports and articles at tis ministry’s web site.








Vassula Ryden’s True Life in God messagesInformation in other languages

In Danish

Website of Dialogcentret – – A critical article by Ingerlise Provstgaard, author of several books and articles on occult practices. She is a member of the board of Dialogcentret, a private Christian organisation based in Denmark, which studies sects and New Age phenomena and provides advice to victims of such groups. Ingerlise Provstgaard has written several books and articles in Danish covering the dangers of occult practices (including her own dramatic experience with automatic writing as a young adult), New Age and the misuse of the Bible by some Christian groups. Now a retired teacher, she lives with her husband in Denmark and confesses the Protestant faith. Her article on Vassula Ryden is also available in English.


In Dutch, In Het Nederlands

“Vassula Ryden” by Mark Waterinckx – – Dit artikel van een vlaamse onderzoeker behandelt de persoon van Vassula, de officiële kerkelijke uitspraken, haar vele conferenties, de vele dubieuze ‘boodschappen’ met allerhande manipulaties en New Age-invloed, haar vals syncretisme, de interferentie met andere valse zieners en een uitgebreide literatuurlijst.


In English

Website totally dedicated to a critical analysis of the content of the TLIG messages and the actions of the TLIG association


In French, En Français

Site internet entièrement consacré à une analyse critique des contenus des messages de la Vraie Vie en Dieu et des agissements de l’association de la VVeD


“Faussaires de Dieu” par Joachim Bouflet – Presses de la Renaissance, Paris, 2000. Site Internet: – A la suite d’un entretien avec Padre Pio – aujourd’hui canonisé – Joachim Bouflet a été amené à suivre une formation en phénoménologie mystique et à fréquenter durant trente années le monde des visionnaires. Il est également consultant auprès de postulateurs de la Congrégation pour les causes des saints. Dans ce livre, l’auteur expose les méthodes de discernement de l’Eglise face aux apparitions et révélations privées, et analyse une casuistique très vaste, y compris le cas de Vassula Ryden (bien que brièvement). 


In Spanish, En Espanol

Sitio internet enteramente consagrado a la analisis critica del contenido de los mensajes de la Verdadera Vida en Dios y de las acciones de la asociación de la


“Vassula Ryden” por Mónica de López Roda, Fundación S.P.E.S. (Argentina), 1999 – Documento de la Fundación S.P.E.S sobre los mensajes de la VVD. Creada en 1989 en respuesta al documento del Secretariado para la Unidad de los Cristianos de la Santa Sede, “Sectas o Nuevos Movimientos Religiosos ~ Desafíos Pastorales”, la Fundación S.P.E.S. es la primera institución que surge en Argentina y América Latina abocada especialmente a la investigación y el estudio interdisciplinario, la difusión de información y la búsqueda de respuestas al fenómeno de los Nuevos Movimientos Religiosos (NMR).


In Italian, In Italiano

Nuovo Sito interamente dedicato a una visione critica dei messaggi della Vera Vita in Dio di Vassula Rydén:

Intervista di Padre François-Marie Dermine, O.P., autore di “Vassula Ryden: Indagine Critica”, tratta da “Settimana”, EDB, del 2 giugno 1996.


NOTE: Maria Laura Pio‘s web site was shut down in mid-2012 following a second law suit filed against her by Vassula Ryden/TLIG, this time for using the name “Vassula” for which the alleged mystic obtained a trade-mark! However, all information that was ever published by Maria Laura Pio, including the relevant details of the litigation, is available either in the web archives [Internet archive Wayback Machine –] or at the around 50 Vassula Ryden-related reports and articles on this ministry’s web site. For more information, the reader may contact Maria Laura Pio at or







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Greek Orthodox authorities condemn Vassula and her teachings!topic/marialaurapio-eng/_3FczORgHwM

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Information retrieved from the archives of Maria Laura Pio‘s now defunct web site as well as the yahoo egroup is included in the majority of the 28 articles and the 1 report so far uploaded on this ministry’s web site. There is also abundant documentation of the threats delivered and condemnations pronounced by Vassula Ryden, her spiritual director priests, and TLIG
adepts like Paul Datta of India against “unbelievers”:





























CDF, OCTOBER 6, 1995



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