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This month (November 2009)
Most Rev. Richard Lennon, Bishop of the See of Cleveland, Ohio issued a decree, in essence, condemning the alleged apparitions to Maureen Sweeney Kyle within his diocese:


  • In light of my responsibility for the promotion and protection of ecclesial life within the Diocese of Cleveland (cc. 387, 392, 223, #2); and
  • Having been directed by the Holy See to act definitively in the matter of the alleged apparitions to Maureen Sweeney Kyle; and
  • Having reviewed the theological content of the alleged apparitions and locutions to Maureen Sweeney Kyle and having consulted an expert in this matter (c. 747, #2);

I, Richard G. Lennon, Bishop of Cleveland, hereby

  1. Declare that the alleged apparitions to Maureen Sweeney Kyle are not supernatural in origin.
  2. Forbid members of the clergy of any ecclesiastical jurisdiction to celebrate the sacraments on the site of Holy Love Ministries (cc. 835, #1, 838, #4).
  3. Admonish the faithful of the Diocese of Cleveland to cease gathering for any religious, liturgical, spiritual, or devotional purpose on the site of Holy Love Ministries (cc. 212, #1, 3; 214).
  4. Declare that the Confraternity of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary is not an approved association of the Christian faithful in the Diocese of Cleveland and may not legitimately use the name ‘Catholic’ or represent itself as a Catholic group (c. 216).
  5. This decree takes effect immediately. Given at the Chancery of the Diocese of Cleveland this 11th day of November in the year of Our Lord 2009.


Some people who have been followers of the aforementioned ministries, messages, etc. have told me they intend to disregard the bishop’s decree and continue as usual. To my knowledge these people are otherwise Catholics in good standing. I decided upon my own to research what Holy Church says regarding obedience (or lack thereof) to our bishops and the consequences. I will follow through by sending copies of this report to those on my e-mail lists, our bishop and Holy Love Ministry. If Bishop Lennon or his designee notifies me that any part of this report is in error, I will notify all readers to whom I have sent it, immediately!



First, as usual in my research reports, I refrain from giving my personal opinion, as my opinion means nothing and I lack the credentials to back it (opinion). As always, I stay with quoting Holy Church and related documents directly so that you – the readers – can refer to them if you so choose. With that brief introduction in mind I begin by saying that our bishop must be obeyed! Should we disobey our bishop’s decree we are committing a sin!

“Throughout the ages, there have been so-called ‘private’ revelations, some of which have been recognized by the authority of the Church. They do not belong, however, to the deposit of the faith. It is not their role to improve or complete Christ’s definitive Revelation, but to help live more fully by it in a certain period of history. Guided by the magisterium of the Church, the sensus fidelium knows how to discern and welcome in these revelations whatever constitutes an authentic call of Christ or His saints to the Church. Christian faith cannot accept ‘revelations’ that claim to surpass or correct the Revelation of which Christ is the fulfillment, as is the case in certain recent sects which base themselves on such ‘revelations’.”


“As the bishops are entrusted with these responsibilities stemming from the nature of their office, so there are fundamental responsibilities on the part of the members of the diocese. First, they are to obey their bishops when the latter act as Christ’s representatives (canon 212), that is, when they teach formally or establish binding discipline as pastors of a particular church. This obedience owed to the bishops in their capacity as leaders of particular churches is intended to promote the common good. Canon 753 also speaks of the “religious assent” owed to the bishops’ teaching authority, which means a special quality of respect and gratitude, along with critical awareness and good will. Hence, there should be intelligent obedience to ecclesiastical authority in the matter of alleged apparitions.”


“Certainly, however, the faithful benefit the most from the judgment of the bishop of the diocese in which the apparition occurs. He has the authority to assemble a commission of scientific and theological experts, to judge the case, as well as the grace of vocation to carry out this pastoral service. While his decision is not infallible, it has the presumption of being correct and should receive the respectfully adherence of the faithful (Canon 753). Thus, such decisions should generally be decisive in the prudential judgment of the faithful. It would require very weighty and sound theological reasons (not feelings or mere agreement with the content of the alleged apparition) to find defect in such a decision. Such intellectual disagreement, however, does not permit acting out of communion with the bishop. With respect to any disciplinary precepts the bishop makes concerning the apparition and its site, they should be followed faithfully (e.g. what sacraments, if any, may be celebrated there). No Catholic should ever violate the practical norms laid down by the local bishop with respect to an alleged apparition, even if intellectually they disagree with his conclusion regarding the alleged apparition. Such disobedience would be sinful, and if it characterized the attitude of the followers of the alleged apparition it would be a sign of its non-authenticity, i.e. by producing bad fruit.”


No private individual has the authority to judge definitively and officially which private revelations are true and which are not. The authority to rule on the genuineness of a private revelation rests first with the local Bishop. It is forbidden, as well as sinful, to propagate private revelations which have received a negative judgment from the local Bishop, the conference of Bishops, or the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Some people say, “I’m going to follow it until the Pope says it’s false.” This is a useless guide for action in this matter – very rarely does the Pope make a pronouncement for or against a revelation. Even should the local Bishop mistakenly disapprove of a genuine revelation, obedience to the Church remains paramount. It is a sin to propagate a private revelation disobediently, but it can never be a sin not to propagate one. This applies both to claimed seers and to followers. In fact, if an alleged visionary disobeys a legitimate order from the Bishop, and claims God’s backing for the action, this is a sure sign that the message is not from God. Even if a genuine private revelation has been given, not even God Himself would want or command a seer to spread it against a lawful decree of a Bishop to desist. In fact, there are occasions in the life of St. Teresa of Jesus of Avila (died 1582) and St. Margaret Mary (died 1690) and Sr. Josefa Menendez (died 1923) where Our Lord gave them a directive, but then their superior forbade it. What did they do? They obeyed their human superior on earth. What did Our Lord then tell them? –’You were right to obey my representative.’ On one occasion, the Sacred Heart of Jesus told St. Margaret Mary to do something, but her Superior did not approve. When He came again, she asked Him about this, and He replied: “…not only do I desire that you should do what your Superior commands, but also that you should do nothing of all that I order without their consent. I love obedience, and without it no one can please me.
Everyone is free to have an opinion, but all have to submit to the judgment of the Church with practical obedience. What I mean is: you are still free to disagree (the Bishop is not infallible in this matter), but you owe him practical obedience, that is, you may not act against the decree; you may not propagate a revelation that the Bishop has judged negatively, or continue to say publicly that you regard it as genuine. Remember, a Church commission may give a negative verdict for reasons which it cannot state publicly, e.g., it may have found out things against the character of the seer, but will not say so publicly, even though this would justify the decision and help people to accept it.”


“The entire body of the faithful, anointed as they are by the Holy One, cannot err in matters of belief. They manifest this special property by means of the whole peoples’ supernatural discernment in matters of faith when ‘from the Bishops down to the last of the lay faithful’ they show universal agreement in matters of faith and morals. That discernment in matters of faith is aroused and sustained by the Spirit of truth. It is exercised under the guidance of the sacred teaching authority, in faithful and respectful obedience to which the people of God accepts that which is not just the word of men but truly the word of God. Through it, the people of God adheres unwaveringly to the faith given once and for all to the saints, penetrates it more deeply with right thinking, and supplies it more fully in its life.



Extraordinary gifts (from the Holy Spirit) are not to be sought after, nor are the fruits of apostolic labor to be presumptuously expected from their use; but judgment as to their genuineness and proper use belongs to those who are appointed leaders in the Church, to whose special competence it belongs, not indeed to extinguish the Spirit, but to test all things and hold fast to that which is good.”


Recall what Jesus said, “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

“But when He comes, the Spirit of truth, He will guide you to all truth.”

(“Obedient: submissive to the restraint or command of authority.”)


“Bishops, as successors of the apostles, receive from the Lord, to whom was given all power in heaven and on earth, the mission to teach all nations and to preach the Gospel to every creature, so that all men may attain to salvation by faith, baptism and the fulfillment of the commandments. To fulfill this mission, Christ the Lord promised the Holy Spirit to the Apostles, and on Pentecost day sent the Spirit from heaven, by whose power they would be witnesses to Him before the nations and peoples and kings even to the ends of the earth. And that duty, which the Lord committed to the shepherds of His people, is a true service, which in sacred literature is significantly called ‘diakonia’ or ministry.”


Bishops, teaching in communion with the Roman Pontiff, are to be respected by all as witnesses to divine and Catholic truth. In matters of faith and morals, the bishops speak in the name of Christ and the faithful are to accept their teaching and adhere to it with religious assent.”


“By means of the imposition of hands and the words of consecration, the grace of the Holy Spirit is so conferred, and the sacred characters so impressed, that bishops in an imminent and visible way sustain the roles of Christ Himself as teacher, Shepherd and High Priest, and that they act in His person.”

“The Sacred Council teaches that bishops by divine institution have succeeded to the place of the apostles, as shepherds of the Church, and he who hears them, hears Christ, and he who rejects them, rejects Christ and Him who sent Christ.”

“This Council is resolved to declare and – proclaim before all men the doctrine concerning bishops, who together with the successor of Peter, the Vicar of Christ, the visible head of the whole Church, govern the house of the living God.”
“This power, which they (bishops) exercise personally in the name of Christ, is proper, ordinary and immediate, although its exercise is ultimately controlled by the supreme authority of the Church and can be confined within certain limits should the usefulness of the Church and the faithful require that. In virtue of this power bishops have a sacred right and a duty before the Lord of legislating for and of passing judgment on their subjects, as well as of regulating everything that concerns the good order of divine worship and of the apostolate. The Holy Spirit preserves unfailingly that form of government which was set up by Christ the Lord in His Church.”

“These bishops, succeeding the Apostles, were recognized as shepherds who acted in the name of Christ, and loyalty to Christ was manifested by loyalty to the bishops.”

“This Church, constituted and organized as a society in this world, subsists in the Catholic Church, governed by the successor of Peter and the bishops in communion with him.”

(“Govern: to exercise continuous sovereign authority over.”)





The Christian faithful, conscious of their own responsibility, are bound by Christian obedience to follow what the sacred Pastors, as representatives of Christ, declare as teachers of the faith or determine as leaders of the Church.”

“By their very nature canonical laws are to be observed.”


Now the Spirit manifestly saith, that in the last times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to spirits of error, and doctrines of devils, speaking lies in hypocrisy, and having their conscience seared (1 Timothy 6:1-3).”

For there shall be a time, when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears: and will indeed turn away from their hearing from the truth, but it will be turned into fables (2 Tim. 4:3-4).”


“The relationship between man’s freedom and God’s law is most deeply lived out in the ‘heart’ of the person, in his moral conscience. As the Second Vatican Council observed: In the depths of his conscience man detects a law which he does not impose on himself, but which holds him to obedience. Always summoning him to love good and avoid evil, the voice of conscience can when necessary speak to his heart more specifically: ‘do this, shun that’. For man has in his heart a law written by God. To obey it is the very dignity of man; according to it he will be judged (Rom. 2:14-16).”


“A good tree does not bear rotten fruit, nor does a rotten tree bear good fruit.”

“The first responsibility of the faithful is to remain firmly established in the faith, in the sacraments and in communion with the Pope and bishops. Any Catholic who gives their primary attention to alleged private revelation at the expense of Sacred Scripture, the teaching of the Church (especially the Catechism), sacramental practice, prayer and fidelity to Church authority is off course. The running after spiritual phenomena, such as alleged revelations, is condemned by St. John of the Cross as spiritual avarice. This means that pious souls who would be repulsed by crude materialistic greed think nothing of being greedy to know revelations and prophecies. An exclusive, or even a predominant attention to these matters (especially apocalyptic ones), cannot help but produce an unbalanced spirituality. Should the Church condemn some favorite alleged revelation such a person may find themselves believing more in it than in the supernatural authority of the Church. The devil will have succeeded in what he had set out to do.”

“The Church accords apparitions a very low status, for a number of reasons: (A) It distinguishes between the apparitions of the risen Christ, which are the very foundation of our faith, and special apparitions, which take place in the course of history. Private revelations cannot add anything to Christ’s Revelation. If they claim to do so, one should apply St. Paul’s maxim to them: Even if . . . an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned! (Gal. 1:8). (D) Common people easily grant more credence to seers, who claim to have a direct connection with Heaven, than to the official authority of the Church, which is mandated to speak the truth in the name of God, etc.”

“The abundance of alleged messages and revelations in the past forty years makes ever more necessary the traditional caution and discernment of spirits. Amid today’s confusion and spiritual wasteland, many Catholics are seeking contact with the supernatural via new private revelations, regardless of whether or not they have been approved, or even whether or not they are in accordance with the Faith. The Church never imposes on Catholics the obligation of believing anyone’s private revelations, even those of the great saints.”

One of the criteria used by a bishop to make a judgment concerning an apparition is the docility of the alleged seer. “Docility: Souls that are moved by the Spirit of God accept cheerfully the advice and counsel of their directors or others who have authority over them. The spirit of obedience, docility, and submission is one of the clearest signs that a particular inspiration or movement is from God. This is especially true in the case of the educated, who have a greater tendency to be attached to their own opinions.”


If any of us decide to disobey Bishop Lennon’s decree concerning the Holy Love Ministry, et al, we will have become ‘cafeteria Catholics’ or, more properly, we will have entered into schism from the true Catholic Church. We would then be no better than the tens of thousands of various sects of Protestant Churches now in existence who can trace their roots back to the Catholic Church. (“Schism: the refusal of submission to the Roman Pontiff or of communion with the members of the Church subject to him.”)

“The ruptures that wound the unity of Christ’s Body – here we must distinguish heresy, apostasy, and schismdo not occur without human sin.”

In St. John’s gospel chapter 17, I quote part of the Prayer of Jesus, “I pray not only for them, but also for those who will believe in me through their word, so that they may all be one, as you, Father, are in me and I in you, that they may also be in us, that the world may believe that you sent me. And I have given them the glory you gave me, so that they may be one, as we are one.” Jesus Himself prayed that we would be one Church under one shepherd. If we call ourselves Catholic, we must live in obedience to our own bishops and be ‘one’ with them.

I believe I have said enough in this report although there is enough information available on this subject to write an entire book. If any reader has need of further information, please ask! I end with emphasis on the third point in an old Catholic cliché: Pray, Pay and Obey!


This report prepared on November 28, 2009 by Ronald Smith, 11701 Maplewood Road, Chardon, Ohio 44024-8482, E-mail: Readers may copy and distribute this report as desired to anyone as long as the content is not altered and it is copied in its entirety. In this little ministry I do free Catholic and occult related research and answer your questions. Questions are answered in this format with detailed footnotes on all quotes. If you have a question(s), please submit it to this land mail or e-mail address. Answers are usually forthcoming within one week. PLEASE NOTIFY ME OF ANY ERRORS THAT YOU MAY OBSERVE!


“The truth is not determined by a majority vote” – Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (now Benedict XVI)

+ Let us recover by penance what we have lost by sin +


Also see





An expatriate member in the U.S. of an Indian Catholic Charismatic group called Jesus Youth [JY] was avidly promoting Holy Love Ministries on
after visiting the alleged apparition site in Ohio in June 2004:

Please, please read this. I never asked you to read any of my previous articles, but please do not miss this… […]S.G.

Holy Love Ministries is an ecumenical lay apostolate committed to living and propagating the Holy Love, Divine Love and United Hearts messages. These messages which support the two great commandments-love God above all else and love your neighbor as yourself-are given by means of private revelation to Heaven’s messenger. HLM Servants of Holy Love gather to pray the rosary for world peace, for an end to abortion, and that hearts open to Heaven’s messages.
Holy Love Ministries, 37137 Butternut Ridge Rd., Elyria, OH 44035;


In response, another Arizona-based Jesus Youth [JY] member posted this:

I found these links that warn the laity about Holy Love Ministries and Maureen Sweeney.*
[link not opening]
[link not opening]
[link not opening]

JY member S.G. wrote [on August 8, 2004] that on August 5, 2004, Jesus told Maureen Sweeney that Mary’s actual birthday is on August 5 [and therefore not on September 8 as celebrated by the Universal Church]. The same message is also attributed to Medjugorje which itself is another under-investigation-by-Rome, unapproved and highly controversial “apparition” site.


The following statement is made on the Holy Love Ministries site: “We do not, nor have we ever sought affiliation with the Diocese of Cleveland. As an ecumenical ministry, we do not seek their approbation.”


*Marian Apparitions in Ohio 

Q: Greetings Brother. May God bless you and your apostolate.
I am leery of all Marian apparitions unless the Church has given its approval. My understanding on the alleged messages to Maureen Sweeney in Cleveland that the Bishop and the National Council of Bishops back in 1999 had discouraged people from visiting the site. I have tried to get a reply from the Diocese of Cleveland as to the status of any investigation but my e-mails have been ignored. Do you know of any updates on this site?
One thing that raised a red flag for me was a report I found in the web that says that this group “Holy Love Ministries” while engaging in Catholic practices is claiming it is ecumenical, thus considering themselves to not be under the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Cleveland. Now I am certain that that is something that Our Blessed Mother would NEVER approve.
I have some relatives that have gone to visit the site even though I have relayed all this info to them. They are intent on going because they claim that even at Fatima the bishop at first didn’t believe in the apparitions.
Do you have any information on this?
Thanking you in advance for you reply. – Charles, June 18, 2004
A: Dear Charles, I really do not pay any attention to alleged apparitions, seers, locutionists, visionaries and the like. The vast majority of them are not valid. I am with you in a cautious skepticism until the Church makes a decision.
The Church says that a good Catholic does not have to believe even the approved apparitions; this includes Fatima. All private revelation is superfluous to our faith and our salvation. Such things might aid our faith, unless we become obsessed groupies, but private revelations are never needed. All that we need to know to live excellent spirit-filled victorious Christ-lives is contained in Public Revelation of the Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Tradition, and in the Church and her Saints.
In terms of Maureen Sweeney the only thing I know is that her experience has not be approved as yet. It is best to take any unapproved alleged apparition with a BIG grain of salt until the Church makes her decision.
If the report about Maureen Sweeney considering herself not under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of her diocese concerning the alleged apparition there, then we KNOW almost for certain that this apparition is fake.
The VERY FIRST test of a genuine apparition is that our Blessed Mother will NEVER go against the bishops, never encourage rebellion, and never lead anyone astray of Catholic Teaching OR discipline.
Our Lady of Fatima never encouraged or suggested rebellion against the bishops or try to say that the visionaries were not under the jurisdiction of the bishop. Thus, assuming the report is true about this visionary, comparing the Maureen Sweeney situation and Fatima is like comparing apples with rubber tires.
When issues of rebellion and division crop up with an apparition, this is a BIG, VERY BIG red flag. Such a red flag was never present at Fatima, thus it is not a correct excuse to say that Fatima was not approved at the beginning and therefore it is okay to go to this one. That is childish logic that can lead to outright and open rebellion like what happened at Bayside. That Bayside Movement is still going despite the fact that the Church condemned it years ago.
We need to look to the Church, not an apparition. Whenever we take our eyes off of Jesus and His Church, we are like St. Peter who was walking on water as long as his eyes were on Jesus. When he looked elsewhere at the storm around him, he began to sink. If we pay significant attention to apparitions rather than the Public Revelation of God through His Church, then we are in danger of sinking.
It is a fool’s journey to go chasing after signs and wonders; especially ones that present red flags. Jesus said it was an “adulterous and evil generation that seeks after a sign”.
We will be in prayer for those foolish relatives of yours.
God Bless,
Bro. Ignatius Mary, OLSM, June 21, 2004


What a spurious apparition looks like [Emphases author’s]

February 11, 2011

Sweeney Kyle, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A., 1985

Episcopal Remarks: After being refused by her own Bishop of Cleveland, a Nihil Obstat was temporarily obtained by the seer from a Maronite Catholic Rite Chor Bishop Webby of New York for the apparition’s title “Protectress of the Faith” and the prayer accompanying it. This was subsequently rescinded by Bishop Webby after pressure from the seer’s own Cleveland Bishop;

The Bishop of Cleveland forbids local priests from visiting Holy Love Shrine and from hearing confession there (1997); “The Conference has been advised by the Diocese of Cleveland of its concerns regarding Holy Love Ministries. This group in its various guises is soliciting large sums of money, etc” (Bishop of Cleveland to National Conference of Catholic Bishops, September 8, 1999);


Archbishop Gabriel Gamaka of Jos, Nigeria writes the foreword for the second publication of the book of Messages “The Remedy and The Triumph” (1999);

“I am asking you to directly discourage (his) participation in this misleading activity. The people of God are not being well served by (his) involvement in this ‘Ministry’; they are being deceived. I trust that you will bring this to the attention of Father Kenney as soon as possible. I also ask that you please provide me with a copy of your letter to him informing him of your request to refrain from his participation in this ‘ministry’ in any capacity. I want you to know that if he continues to be an active participant in this ‘ministry’, it is my intention to bring his name to the attention of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Conference of Major Superiors of Men’s Institutes of the United States, Inc. (Bishop of Cleveland, Letter to the Spiritual Superiors of Fr Kenney Spiritual Director of Maureen
Sweeney Kyle, December 2003

We’re looking into this more deeply now, because there really is deep concern… People are coming from all over. They have these tour buses that are coming. It just seems very sad. They are coming with the understanding that it is Catholic and has the approval of the bishop, and it doesn’t. Why would you say you’re having apparitions and that the Blessed Virgin is telling you whatever she is telling you and then refuse to have that looked at by the Church? The bottom line is that the bishop would greatly discourage anyone from participating in that ministry with the belief that it is a Catholic ministry. (Cleveland Diocese, undated interview with Michael H Brown of Spirit Daily – Daily spiritual news from around the world 2004)

“They have been told to cease and desist… Maureen is disobedient. (Cleveland Diocese’s Chancellor, undated) (See Documentation Here)

Alleged Site of Apparitions in Ohio Now Under Investigation by Cleveland Bishop

By Michael H. Brown

For your discernment:

An alleged site of apparitions in Ohio is under investigation by the Cleveland Diocese, with both the bishop and those who run the site having made the startling declaration that the site is not Catholic, according to Sister Rita Mary Harwood, a secretary to the bishop and lead investigator.

The site, known as Maranatha Spring, near Elyria — about 20 miles from downtown Cleveland — is run by an organization which reportedly has told the bishop that because the site is not formally Catholic but rather ecumenical, it may not be under the jurisdiction of the diocese.

Maranatha is a place where many have claimed miracles — from healings to miraculous signs in the sky — and is associated with a seer named Maureen Sweeney-Kyle, a middle-aged mother of four whose “visions” began in 1985. Sweeney asserts that she first saw Jesus and then the Blessed Mother. “Many people have seen miraculous images in the sky or evidence of miracles through camera pictures,” notes a website devoted to the site. “These heavenly images, as Our Lady has explained, are significant to each person who captures him or her on film. In addition, they validate the prayer site and the messages.” In December of 1995, Our Lady purportedly directed the visionary to the location of where to dig for a spring. “Filling empty bottles with spring water, it has been a source of grace that pilgrims take home with them and to share with others.  The water has been a source of grace for spiritual and physical healings.”

Prominent Mariologists such as René Laurentin and other priests have visited the site and in some instances have offered what appear to be at least tacit and in some cases ringing endorsements. But the diocese has expressed deep concern, especially about articles such as a special rosary sold at the site, and is preparing a more formal inquiry.

“It is not a Catholic ministry,” says Sister Harwood. “It’s ecumenical.” Diocesan officials at the request of the bishop had asked to meet with Maureen Sweeney and her public relations people in 1999. At that time, although they use all Catholic devotions, and it certainly looks very Catholic, they brought a canon lawyer with them who indicated that they are an ecumenical ministry and therefore are not subject to the authority of the Church. The bishop has issued a statement, as well as a statement from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

In 1999 the diocese formally cautioned “anyone considering support of such a venture to realize that this organization has no approval or support from the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland. Recent publicity regarding apparitions and messages makes it necessary to urge extreme caution in giving credence to such claims.”

Among those claims is that various saints and the Virgin Mary appear to Maureen on a daily basis, sometimes in the middle of the night or in the early morning hours. “Until recently she has remained anonymous,” says a book about her messages. “Due to the extreme urgency of the times, Our Lady has requested Maureen to step out in faith and speak publicly.”

Most recently, asserts the seer, Mary has been appearing on the twelfth of each month in commemoration of Our Lady of Guadalupe, whose feast day is December 12.

Echoing the Cleveland diocese, the National Conference of Bishops has issued a statement saying that it “has been advised by the Diocese of Cleveland of its concerns regarding a group known as ‘Holy Love Ministries’ (also known as ‘Missionary Servants of Holy Love,’ ‘Our Lady Protectress of the Faith Movement,’ ‘Project Mercy,’ and ‘Mary’s House of Prayer’). This group in its various guises is said to be soliciting money said to be needed for building projects. This group claims to receive revelations through a purported visionary who is its leader, and engages in what appear to be Catholic practices while describing itself as ‘an ecumenical lay apostolate.’ This group is not subject to the authority of any Catholic entity, and should be dealt with cautiously.”


Sister Harwood said there is not yet a formal ruling that could be characterized as a rejection or condemnation. In recent years similar cases have met with condemnation or rejection in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Colorado. Bishops have remained neutral in other cases reported in Arizona, Massachusetts, Georgia, elsewhere in Ohio, and other states.

“We’re looking into this more deeply now, because there really is deep concern,” said Sister Harwood, who is outspokenly opposed the site. “People are coming from all over. They have these tour buses that are coming. It just seems very sad. They are coming with the understanding that it is Catholic and has the approval of the bishop, and it doesn’t. Why would you say you’re having apparitions and that the Blessed Virgin is telling you whatever she is telling you and then refuse to have that looked at by the Church? The bottom line is that the bishop would greatly discourage anyone from participating in that ministry with the belief that it is a Catholic ministry.”

We take no stand on such apparitions. Our policy is always to obtain the view of the diocese when we are asked about an alleged site, and when there are official statements, to report them, whatever our own inclination. When there is not yet a judgment, we leave it up to the reader’s discernment, as in this case. Maranatha Spring is located in Lorain County, Ohio, on over 80 acres that was once farmland.


Proclamation on Holy Love Ministries will test hearts — and obedience

Patti Maguire Armstrong, November 20th, 2009

Finally, the Church has spoken authoritatively on Holy Love Ministries and its 83-acre site of Maranatha Spring and Shrine in Ohio. Despite all the usual Catholic trappings — chapel, statues, rosaries and religious bookstore, not to mention the throngs from across the country and globe — the purported visions by Maureen Sweeney-Kyle have been condemned. Bishop Richard Lennon, head of the Cleveland Catholic Diocese, has issued a decree to clergy and laity of the diocese that Holy Love Ministries of Lorain County is officially off limits.

According to The Morning Journal newspaper of Ohio, Bishop Lennon’s decree was issued November 11, 2009:

“Having been directed by the Holy See (in Rome) to act definitively in the matter of the alleged apparitions … and having reviewed the theological content of the alleged apparitions to Maureen Sweeney-Kyle and having consulted an expert in this matter, I … declare that the alleged apparitions and locations … are not supernatural in origin.”

Lennon’s decree states he “forbid members of the clergy of any ecclesiastical jurisdiction” to celebrate the sacraments on the site of Holy Love Ministries.

“I admonish the faithful of the Diocese of Cleveland to cease gathering for any religious, liturgical, spiritual or devotional purpose on the site of Holy Love Ministries and declare that the Confraternity of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary is not an approved association of the Christian faithful in the Diocese of Cleveland and may not legitimately use the name “Catholic” or represent itself as a Catholic group,” Lennon said in his decree.


Rogue Apparitions

People have been going to this shrine since the early 1990’s, drawn by founder Sweeney-Kyle’s claim that Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary and a host of saints are appearing to her with messages. On the surface, everything about the site appears to be Catholic, but they are not Catholic. They say so themselves. Therefore, this official proclamation by the Bishop will be of little regard to Sweeny-Kyle, or her husband Don Kyle, the director of Holy Love Ministries.

The Journal reported that Kyle responded to Lennon’s decree by stating:

“We at Holy Love ministries are, and always have been, an ecumenical ministry. We have no affiliation with the Diocese of Cleveland. We are sorry that the bishop has taken this position. As it has always been, all people of all faiths are welcome to join us in prayer and the peace that Heaven offers at this site.”

This, fellow Catholics, should have been the red flag that immediately exposed the apparitions long before an official proclamation. When in the history of the Catholic Church have approved apparitions consisted of a Blessed Mother going freestyle outside the Church? When has Jesus rejected His own authority — that of the Catholic Church? The final Church proclamation comes as no surprise.

In 2005 an article in The Plain Dealer newspaper of Cleveland, OH reported on this ministry and its many suspicious claims:

“The ministry was formed around 1986, meeting in homes of followers or a few welcoming churches. Then came a time of upheaval. Sweeney insisted that the Virgin Mary’s messages demanded that she be given a new title, one recognized by the Catholic Church, that of “Our Lady Protectress of the Faith.” The Cleveland Catholic Diocese turned down this request. And soon the lengthy messages that Sweeney dictated into a tape recorder began denouncing the Catholic Church; others commented on political details of the day. Several members of Sweeney’s small ministry became disillusioned and left.”

The ministry changed locations and names several times and Sweeney-Kyle even changed husbands, divorcing and then remarrying two years later.

The organization has been at odds with the Catholic Church almost from the start. It sought approval through official channels for several years, but instead, in 1999, the Catholic diocese issued a statement urging extreme caution. At that point, Holy Love Ministries took an “ecumenical” approach. Yet, as an ecumenical ministry it found time and space in many of its printed materials to rail against the Church. Would Jesus and His Blessed Mother and the saints choose Sweeney-Kyle to give the Catholic Church a tongue-lashing? No way.


Obedience or Defection?

The question now is, will those that were enthralled with this Shrine, accept Church authority or continue to follow a ministry that has officially been condemned?

I myself have visited a couple apparition sites that proved to be false. I understand this sort of devotion although I’m much more cautious these days. Yet, if everyone had awaited an official pronouncement from the Church, the 60,000 people that witnessed the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, Portugal would have stayed home that day. Nor would there have been the initial miracles to report at Lourdes, France if people did not flock to the miraculous spring. (Oh, and by the way, Holy Love Ministries has one of those miraculous springs. They had them at a couple of their locations.)

It’s not wrong to go to a site where purported apparitions are occurring. Catholics must keep their heads on straight and not wander from Church teachings, but praying at an apparition site is not wrong.

However, once the Church has condemned a site and declared it off limits to clergy and laity, it’s a different ball game. Then, it becomes a matter of obeying Catholic authority or thinking you know better. “The one who listens to you listens to me and the one who rejects you rejects me; and he who rejects me, rejects the one who sent me,” Luke 10:16.

Either we accept the authority of the Church, or we reject it. Those at Holy Love Ministries have openly rejected it. The question now is how will the many followers respond to the Bishop’s decree? I fear that many, enthralled by what they believe to be a miraculous site, will disregard the Church.


The Snares of the Devil

I used to wonder why the devil would have a hand in false apparitions when they inspired so many faithful Catholics to increase their prayer life and devotion to God and the Blessed Mother. What would the devil get out of the deal? This, my friends, is what he gets out of it: There will be a number of people who believed they were healed or their faith brought to life through Holy Love Ministries that, like a rebellious adolescents, will respond, “We don’t have to listen to the Church.”

Consider the options the devil has available to trap faithful Catholics? Such people will not be attracted to obvious evil. So, instead, the devil uses a Catholic facade to lure them in. Then, when God’s authority on earth — the Church — speaks against the fraud, a number of otherwise good Catholics get caught in the trap.

In November of 2006, I wrote an article for Catholic exchange exposing the Holy Love site. ( ) After an angry backlash of emails telling me how wrong I was, I promised never to write about alleged apparitions again. In addition, there are a number of followers in the area where I live who were irritated by my observations. My life is stressful enough without stirring up such pots, I reasoned. I am proving, however, that we should never say never . After the Bishop’s decree, I felt compelled to appeal to all Holy Love followers, to accept the fact that the Church has the authority to condemn this site. Jesus told us that the gates of hell would not prevail against his Church and he promised to send the Paraclete to keep the Church free from error.

“If he refuses to listen to them, tell the church. If he refuses to listen even to the church, then treat him as you would a Gentile or a tax collector. Amen, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” (Matt. 18: 17-18).

“I have much more to tell you, but you cannot bear it now. But when he comes, the Spirit of truth, he will guide you to all truth” (John 16:12-13).

If Jesus were giving messages on “all truth” to individuals, the result would not be thousands of denominations going in different directions. He speaks through His Church. The Church has spoken on Holy Love Ministries.

What of the many miracles and increased devotion so many experienced at the site? I did not save all the impassioned emails I received three years ago, but I did find similar comments on a site discussing Holy Love. One woman credited her father’s conversion from a Sunday church grumbler to attending Mass and saying the rosary daily — even two years after his visit to the site. Another person said that her fallen-away Catholic friend that once ridiculed the site became a believer. Someone said that such compelling evidence of positive fruits proves this is from God. No, it does not. That is why we have the Church, so that we don’t get led astray by what looks good on the surface.

The Church, guided by the Holy Spirit, always looks below the surface because all that glitters isn’t gold and regardless of how many people visit or how many statues are erected or rosaries said, it does not constitute proof.

I once read that people bring their own holiness to these sites. They pray and love God. God answers prayers. All this is holy in nature but is not proof of authenticity of purported apparitions. Too often, after apparitions are condemned people feel betrayed and give up on God and the Church. Then, all their gains are lost. Or, disappointment leads them to reject Church authority thinking that they are right and the Church is wrong.

Rather than allow such disappointment to derail them, they can instead take a big step closer to God. By giving their disappointment to God and continuing to walk with him, they acknowledge that his Church is bigger than a single ministry or the claims of any purported visionary.

The past prayers and experiences of Holy Love followers were very real. If people were inspired or received what they believe to be miracles at this site, then praise be to God! God can use all things for good. But now the line has been drawn. People can follow Sweeny-Kyle or the Church, but not both.


Biographical Information:
[about Maureen Sweeney from the Holy Love Ministries web site]**


Maureen Sweeney Kyle is a very shy, timid and frail housewife and grandmother who grew up and still resides in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Jesus and Blessed Mother have allegedly been appearing to Maureen on an almost daily basis these last 19 years and have given Maureen a series of missions to accomplish:

First: to ask that the title Our Lady Protectress of the Faith 1986-1990 be given to the Blessed Mother; Second: Project Mercy 1990-1993 Rosary Crusades against abortion; Third: Holy Love Ministries 1993-Present, Propagation of the teachings of Holy and Divine Love and the Chambers of the United Hearts.

In 1985 Maureen was at adoration of the Blessed Sacrament when Blessed Mother appeared holding a large beaded rosary. The 50 Hail Mary beads changed into the shape of the 50 states. Subsequently, Blessed Mother calls Herself “PROTECTRESS OF THE FAITH”. In numerous messages Our Lady speaks about how the FAITH is being challenged on many fronts and how She wishes to guard it from the onslaught of false ideologies. Our Lady states that the Catholic Church is being torn apart from within, as well as from without, by Satan who is hard at work sowing seeds of disbelief, confusion and discord. He is attempting to take over the Holy Catholic Church through organizations and individuals who have believed his convincing arguments. 1

The message from Jesus and Blessed Mother is Holy Love, which is love of God or neighbor in every present moment in order to make atonement to the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary. The Blessed Mother showed Maureen a special Rosary called the Rosary of The Unborn. The Hail Mary beads are clear, light blue tear drop-shaped with tiny plastic fetuses in each one. The tears represent Our Lady’s tears shed over the sin of abortion. Blessed Mother promised Maureen that if she has this Rosary manufactured and distributed, each Hail Mary prayed from a loving heart on these specific beads will save one baby from death by abortion. That means that each Rosary said to completion saves 54 babies from a terrible painful death. The Blessed Mother said that this Rosary will become the weapon of choice in Heaven and on Earth to defeat Satan and the sin of abortion. Also, each Rosary of The Unborn said to completion mitigates the punishment yet withstanding our nation for the sin of abortion. Jesus said that his favorite prayer is that of The Mass. His next favorite prayer is The Rosary of The Unborn. He said that it acts like a soothing balm on his sacred wounds. Our Lady told Maureen to not be shy about propagating this message. Jesus even added that this small mission gave him great comfort while he was hanging on the cross. He has even revealed to Maureen The Mysteries of The Secrets of The five Sacred Chambers of His Heart. 2

Maureen has also experienced visions of Saints Michael and Raphael, St. John Vianney, Cure D’Ars, Blessed Padre Pio, St. Therese, Juan Diego and many others…Our Lady has said repeatedly throughout the messages to Maureen that She is preparing souls for Her Son’s return by an outpouring of graces, and by the reiteration of His simple Gospel message in the messages of Holy and Divine Love. And thus Maureen’s apostolic efforts have now been concentrated on propagation of these Heavenly messages…Until recently, Maureen had remained anonymous. Due to the extreme urgency of the times, Our Lady has requested Maureen to step out in faith with holy boldness and speak publicly – a great trial for this shy and reluctant woman of frail health…Maureen continues in these apostolic works. 3


1. A Truthful History Of Holy Love Ministries and the Apparitions, Holy Love An Ecumenical Ministry And Shrine (

2. “Rosary of The Unborn” posting at Arborwood Forums June 11, 2004 (

3. About the visionary, Holy Love – An Ecumenical Ministry and Shrine (

**A perusal of this nineteen-page pdf file will be helpful to the reader


Here is a “response” of Maureen Sweeney/Holy Love Ministries to the Holy Catholic Church:

Guided by Canon 215 (see below), we do not have any affiliation with a particular Diocese. All people are welcome to come and pray with us for unity in the Body of Christ (Eph 4:4-6).
As Canon 216 states that we have the right to promote our Ministry, this obviously includes voluntary fund raising. At the same time, we always encourage people to support their local parishes.
Canonical Support for this Mission
Canon 215 The Christian faithful are at liberty freely to found and direct associations for purposes of charity or piety or for the promotion of the Christian vocation in the world and to hold meetings for the common pursuit of these purposes.
Canon 216 gives us the right to promote or sustain apostolic action “…all the Christian faithful have the right to promote or sustain apostolic action even by their own undertakings, according to their own state and condition.”

A Truthful History of Holy Love Ministries and the Apparitions

Click here to review a pdf of the chronology that documents the Ministry’s struggles and the unwarranted attacks, untruths and calumnies by Diocesan officials of Cleveland.



We congratulate Bishop Richard Lennon on his appointment as Bishop of Cleveland. We’re optimistic he will have a more tolerant view of the Ministry. Previous Bishop Anthony Pilla resigned in January 2006.




Holy Love Ministries – Maureen Sweeney-Kyle at Maranatha Spring

Maureen Sweeney-Kyle started reporting heavenly locutions in 1985 when the Blessed Mother allegedly appeared to her above the altar in St. Brendan’s Catholic Church in North Olmsted, Ohio. Transfixed by the vision, Maureen watched as the sparkling rosary beads in Mary’s hand caught the light and changed into shapes resembling the fifty United States.1

Not long afterward, the Blessed Mother started making personal appearances to Maureen almost every day. Maureen would hear thoughts like, “Pray for the Church, pray for the souls of corrupt priests, and Maureen, please remember to take your medicine.” Not knowing what to do with all the messages, Maureen confided in Father Ferris Kleem, a visiting priest at St. Brendan’s parish. Father Kleem was no ordinary diocesan priest — he belonged to the Marianist order, which professed special devotion to the Blessed Mother and wasn’t bound to the authority of the local Bishop.2

Maureen explained her situation to Father Kleem by saying, “These words just keep popping in my head, and I don’t know where they come from.” Father Kleem responded by saying, “Those aren’t words, those are divine locutions.” He urged her to write them down in a journal so that they could be read aloud at his prayer group.

Because the pastor at St. Brendan’s Church treated Maureen’s visions like far-fetched tales, Father Kleem and Maureen’s followers left the church and started meeting in private homes. The prayer group then adopted the name Our Lady Protectress of the Faith and began a crusade to win ecclesiastical approval from the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland.

During this time, Maureen’s husband, Paul Sweeney, was skeptical about the locutions. He was an active parishioner at St. Brendan’s Church and had attended many of the group’s early meetings. Although he was a devout Catholic, he had no interest in becoming more involved with Maureen’s alleged locutions. To resolve this problem, the Blessed Mother prompted one of the group’s members to deliver a message to Donald Kyle, a former police officer, requesting him to join the ministry.

By the early 1990s, Maureen was spending more time with Don Kyle than she was with her husband. After asking Don to accompany her on a trip to Florida, Maureen found herself inseparable from his side. Soon after their trip to Florida in the summer of 1993, Maureen moved out of the house and filed for separation. Several months later, Paul filed for a divorce, which was granted in May 1995. Don and Maureen were eventually married in February 1997.

During this time, the ministry moved to a home in the Seven Hills area, and after hiring a professional fund-raiser, the ministry began to flourish. It was at the Seven Hills home that the Blessed Mother told Maureen to dig a well in the backyard. The holy spring, which Mary called “Maranatha Spring”, took shape in the form of a red-handled pump on a far corner of the property. After the pump was installed, the pilgrims could fill empty milk jugs with water that allegedly contained miraculous healing properties.

Another popular attraction at the Seven Hills home was the “Blessing Point,” a carpeted corner of the living room where Maureen received her visions. The pilgrims were allowed to venerate the holy carpet by kissing it. Allegedly the Blessed Mother told Maureen, “I promise many favors will be granted by this means.” Believers would also place their rings and other religious objects on the Blessing Point so that the Virgin Mother would bestow graces upon them.3

In June 1994, about a thousand pilgrims gathered in the Seven Hills home one Saturday afternoon. Pilgrims were spilling over onto the neighbors’ lawns, and traffic was being blocked by several tour buses that were piled up in the street. Four days later, the city of Seven Hills obtained a temporary restraining order against the ministry, and in August 1994, Judge Judith Kilbane-Koch ruled that the group could no longer use the house as a meeting place.

Not long afterward, the Blessed Mother started giving orders like the CEO of a major corporation, asking for cash and real estate. According to a December 5, 1994, fund-raising letter, the spiritual entities that were delivering messages to Maureen wanted “three to five acres with options on the surrounding land.” The Blessed Mother also wanted a 900 number and was calling out to financial backers for help, “Dear children, the hour has come when you need to pool your resources just as the apostles did, all for the greater glory of God,” reads a letter mailed to potential donors. “Search your hearts, find your assets, and contribute generously.”4

Shortly after, Don Kyle started knocking on farmers’ doors to see if they had any land to sell. Several months later, the ministry was able to acquire an eighty-three-acre farm in Lorain County for $350,000. According to the Blessed Mothers’ instructions, they dug a new well at the far end of the property in the middle of winter 1995. The Blessed Mother also wanted the circle of carpeting cut from the suburban living room where She used to appear and have it brought to the new location.

Soiled and worn from many hours of kneeling and veneration, the carpet remnant, or “Blessing Point,” is now mounted on a wooden stand in a new chapel on the eighty-three-acre site. In May 1996, the Lorain County Health Department determined that the well was unsafe for drinking, but that did not stop the pilgrims. In 1995 donations from the public nearly tripled to $306,139 and peaked in 1996 at $506,724. Attendance hit an all-time high on May 5, 1996, when 6,000 people turned out for a scheduled appearance of the Blessed Mother.5

Recently, the Blessed Mother gave Maureen a strand of Her hair, which is kept in a glass case in a small prayer room off the Holy Love chapel. The faithful file in, kneel, and “kiss” the hair, wiping their lip prints off the glass with Kleenex from a box on a nearby nightstand. The day Maureen found the hair, she was looking at her blouse, thinking, “Oh, I did a pretty decent job of ironing.” She noticed the long strand of hair, picked it off, and threw it on the floor. Afterward Jesus told her, “You shouldn’t have done that. That was Our Lady’s hair.” So Maureen got down on the floor to find it. According to Maureen’s husband, Jesus had promised that if anyone were to venerate that strand of hair, “untold graces would be theirs.”



Today, Holy Love Ministries at Maranatha Spring continues to host thousands of pilgrims who arrive by bus to pray the rosary and sing “Ave Maria”. Many of the pilgrims have claimed to have witnessed spectacular phenomena in the sky, taken miraculous photographs, and watched their rosaries turn to gold. Others have left the site disillusioned by the million-dollar business complete with a full line of sacred merchandise, everything from twenty-five-cent holy cards to a one-million-dollar commemorative plaque.

On November 11, 2009, the Most Reverend Richard G. Lennon, Bishop of Cleveland, released the following decree concerning Holy Love Ministries6:




1. Holy Love’s website:

2. Article by Laura Putre entitled “Blessed Other,” published on August 12, 1999: PDF version of Laura Putre’s article entitled “Blessed Other”

3. “Ministry in Lorain County has its Believers and Skeptics” (Cleveland, Ohio) Plain Dealer, September 24, 2005.

4. Laura Putre, “Blessed Other.” PDF version of Laura Putre’s article entitled “Blessed Other”

5. “About the Visionary” from the Holy Love website:

6. Most Reverend Richard G. Lennon, Decree issued November 11, 2009, Diocese of Cleveland website:   View a PDF version of Bishop Lennon’s Decree

View a Spanish PDF version of Bishop Lennon’s Decree





To:;;;; Cc:;;;;;;; divineyouth.drc@gmail. com;;

Sent: Sunday, January 06, 2013 8:08 AM Subject:

Dear Reverend Father Augustine Vallooran,

I wish you, though belatedly, a happy and Blessed birthday on January 4.

My attention has been drawn to a “Rosary of the Unborn” that is being promoted by priests at the retreat centre of which you are the Director, and the “devotion” is taken up and spread in other cities by Catholics who make their retreats there, as seen in the following link to a September 7, 2012 blog by Marie [see below] from Mumbai:*.

The initiator of the referred “Rosary of the Unborn”, Maureen Sweeney of Cleveland, Ohio, USA, is the founder of “Holy Love Ministries” which is not only not approved by her bishop but also warned against by him. The alleged mystic refuses to seek Church approval.

For details, please see my September 2012 report


which I concluded with the following remark:


After reading my report, I trust that you will ensure that the “devotions” accompanying this rosary do not receive public approbation from priests at your retreat centre.

I look forward to an acknowledgement of this intimation from you and Fr. Michael Payyapilly, VC.

Michael Prabhu


*Save The Unborn… Let’s Together Conquer Abortion…

Posted by Marie, Mumbai, September 7, 2012

Praise Be To JESUS. Brothers and Sisters Lets recognize Abortion as a face of evil and an enemy to world security. We will not have genuine peace until abortion is overturned. Let’s spread devotion to the ROSARY OF THE UNBORN like the enemy (Satan) would spread germ warfare. Let this devotion permeate cities, nations and the heart of the World. When you pray this special ROSARY prayer, you combat war in the Womb and war in the World.

Rosary of the Unborn… To Stop Abortion…

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Well, Today I’d like to share with you “The Rosary of the Unborn”.

This is a very Special Rosary. I discovered this rosary while I was at
Divine Retreat Centre (Potta) Kerala.

I had been there to attend an Inner Healing retreat for a week. While I was there during one of the Eucharistic Celebrations a Priest happened to announce about this Special Rosary (The Rosary of the Unborn). Some how it drew my attention, because I had seen it at the stall and it was packed in a very different way rather protected way. Generally we get Rosaries in a nice transparent box, or a transparent pouch but This Special Rosary it came in a Blue Velvet Pouch with a Beautiful Booklet, so I purchased two of it thinking I’d gift it to a friend or something. I thought it was a general Rosary until I was informed that this was Special… it came with a Special Message… 

A message

And little did I know that this Rosary would change my Life, Would make my life meaningful and add a purpose to my life. Finally I was blessed with a Purpose and Mission to make this known to my fellow Brothers and Sisters. So here I am sharing this message with you all. 

gives the WORLD the ROSARY OF THE UNBORN To Conquer Abortion.

Since 1985, JESUS and
BLESSED MOTHER have been appearing to
Maureen Sweeney-Kyle almost on a daily basis. Maureen is a visionary. She is a very shy, timid and a frail housewife and grandmother from Ohio.

In 1993, Our Lady began Holy Love Ministries and then requested that the ministry procure property for a shrine in Lorain County, Ohio. This was accomplished in 1995 (115 acres) and now it is known as MARANATHA SPRING & SHRINE, Home of Holy Love Ministries, an Ecumenical Lay Apostolate to make known to the world the Chambers of the United Hearts.


– On October 7, 1997 the Feast of the Holy Rosary Our Lady appeared to visionary Maureen Sweeney – Kyle with this rosary and stated: 






Description of this Rosary:

Its a Beautiful
just in Place of beads we Have Tear Drops (Mama Mary’s Tear Drops) which are Light Blue in Colour, these tear drops represent Mama Mary’s pain and grief over the destruction of the Divine Gift of Life

In side the tear drops we have a Small Foetus/Embryo representing the Unborn or Aborted child.

Then after the 10 tear drops we have a Red Cross, this Red Cross Represents the Blood of JESUS and the death of the Unborn.

Then it has a Golden Medal with the Sign of
The United Heart Of JESUS and MOTHER MARY
that TRIUMPH & REIGN over the evil sin of Abortion.

And it has a GOLDEN CRUCIFIX that represents how JESUS died for our sins… How he gave his life for us to save us from purgatory.

This ROSARY has got 4 Mysteries of the Rosary:

Joyful Mysteries

Luminous Mysteries

Sorrowful Mysteries

Glorious Mysteries

Well, the visionary Maureen Sweeney- Kyle had many, many visions from our dear MAMA MARY and JESUS but personally this one particular vision spoke about the strength of the BLESSED ROSARY, A HAIL MARY TRULY SAID FROM HEART which I would like to share….

September 18, 1999:

“I have come to speak to you about prayer and in particular the prayer of the Rosary. I am your JESUS, Born Incarnate. So many surrender to prayer without the sentiment of Love in their hearts. This weakens the prayer, making it less worthy. Instead, bolster your prayers by recalling the love you have for Me and my Mother. This allows Me to pour the choicest graces upon you and into your Life.”

“Prayer has a cumulative effect. I know ahead of time how many prayers will be offered for each petition. Therefore you never know what just one more Hail Mary will bring. One Hail Mary said with a loving heart has the power to stop wars, bring nature into harmony with God’s plan, convert an unbeliever, save a vocation, deliver a soul from purgatory, and change the future forever. Think then the power of the Rosary said with Love.”

“Satan knows that the Rosary is the weapon which will bring about his defeat. This is why he is desperate to discourage its use. Every time you recite a Hail Mary from the heart, the devil is weakened forever in some area and in some soul.”

“You must never be discouraged, then in the praying the Rosary. When your heart is most filled with distraction, understand the adversary is frightened of your prayers.”

“The Heart of My Mothers is consoled by your efforts in Prayer. She is the most indebted to the ones who persevered in a regimen of prayer despite opposition.”

“Make it Known.”

Why is this Rosary so special?

With The Rosary of the Unborn, HEAVEN WILL BLESS OUR EFFORTS in offering our prayers and sacrifices.  Our efforts involve:

1) A sacrifice of time – your time in making the effort to obtain the Rosary, pray the Rosary, and make it known; 

2) A monetary offering in the obtaining of the Rosary — acting as a donation (without the reward of tax donation benefits and credits) toward the needy and pro-life counseling for poor and unwed mothers through the Life Mission Centers




3)  A surrender of your will and a commitment– an offering of love to open the path of righteousness and allow God ‘s Will to be done; to understand and acknowledge that we cannot do things alone and without God.  We cannot end abortion for all time without God’s help.



“If your nation overturns legalized abortion, I will richly bless it by my favor.

But if this sin continues with national approval, much will be stripped away.” (Message from Jesus, 10/14/2001)



“My message to you as a nation is this:

GOD alone is the giver and taker of life. Whenever man presumes to take upon himself the role of God, the world is changed forever.” (Blessed Mother, 9/15/01)


Heaven’s Request for the Rosary of the Unborn 

Our Lady presented visionary Maureen Sweeney-Kyle with the Rosary of the Unborn and requested that Holy Love Ministries produce the rosary for the world.

The Blessed Virgin Mary asked that all people be united in prayer to bring an end to abortion. As the Blessed Virgin explained, heaven is showing us the way to end abortion.

Through many trials and perseverance, the initial prototypes were made, and with them, Our Lord and Our Lady revealed the graces that would accompany the Rosary of the Unborn.

The Rosary of the Unborn is a sign of hope for the world: that with heaven’s assistance, abortion will end and we will no longer offend God with this horrible sin.  It is also in heaven’s plan that many people will be brought to learn about the Revelation of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, the Message of Holy and Divine Love, and the truths about the Chambers of the Divine, Sacred Heart of Jesus.  A spiritual path is set before us, and through the mission given to Holy Love Ministries, an ecumenical organization, there is a call to ALL PEOPLE to live in Holy Love (to love God above all else and your neighbor as yourself), thus bringing an end to all evil in the world.


“I desire that all humanity unite under the Seal of Holy and Divine Love — the two great commandments that embrace all commandments. Yes, I long to place My Kiss of Divine Love upon the heart of the world. Then abortion would cease — war would end and terror would lose her grip upon the throat of the world.” (Message from Jesus, 10/5/2001)


It is heaven’s desire that the bulk proceeds from the Rosary of the Unborn® will allow for the continuance of the production of the Rosary and assist United Hearts Life Mission Centers, which will clothe and feed the needy and offer counseling in alternatives to abortion to pregnant women.


Our Lady’s Initial Message Requesting The Rosary of the Unborn®

Our Lady comes in white. In front of her and suspended in the air is an unusual rosary. The Our Fathers’ are crosses of drops of blood.  The Hail Marys’ are teardrops with unborn babies inside of them. The cross is gleaming gold.  

Our Lady says, “I come in praise of Jesus, My Son. I come as Prophetess of these times.” “The rosary you see is heaven’s way of describing to you the weapon that will overcome this evil of abortion. Heaven weeps for the cost of this great sin. The history and the future of all nations has been changed because of this atrocity against God’s gift of life.”

“Today, sadly, much responsibility must be placed on the laity who are consecrated to Me. I cannot depend on Church leadership to unite in an effort to vanquish the enemy through the Rosary. Even My apparitions have caused division by Satan’s efforts to thwart My plans.”

“So today, on My feast day, I am calling all My children to unite in My Heart. Do not allow pride to divide you according to which apparition you will follow. Become part of the Flame of My Heart. Be united in love and in the prayer weapon of My Rosary. The evil of abortion can be conquered by your efforts and through My grace.”

“Propagate the image I have shown you today.” (October 7, 1997 – Feast of the Holy Rosary)


Promises of The Rosary of the Unborn®

1) An UNBORN CHILD WILL BE SAVED with each loving “Hail Mary” recited with this Rosary:

“I affirm to you…that each ‘Hail Mary’ prayed from a loving heart will rescue one of these innocent lives from death by abortion.” “This is a special grace attached to this particular rosary.” (Blessed Mother, 7/2/2001)

2) The Rosary of the Unborn Heals the Motherly Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary:

“When you use this rosary, call to mind My Sorrowful Immaculate Heart which continually sees the sin abortion played out in every present moment. I give to you this special sacramental [must be blessed by a Catholic priest to be a sacramental] with which to heal My Motherly Heart.” (Blessed Mother, 7/2/2001)

3) Each “Our Father” eases the pain of the Grieving Heart of Jesus:

“Please tell the world that each ‘Our Father’ recited on the Rosary of the Unborn assuages My grieving Heart.” (Jesus, 8/3/2001)


4) The Rosary of the Unborn withholds the Arm of Justice:

“The greatest promise I give you in regards to this rosary is this: Every rosary prayed from the heart to its completion on these beads mitigates the punishment as yet withstanding for the sin of abortion.” “Further, it withholds the Arm of Justice.” (Jesus, 8/3/2001)

5) The Rosary of the Unborn Appeases Our Lord:

“Pray from your heart knowing that your rosary appeases Me.” (Jesus, 8/3/2001)



Fr. Michael
Vallooran Augustine
Sent: Sunday, January 06, 2013 4:30 PM


Praise God,

I’m Fr. Michael. I read your email. First of all I would like to advice you to get certain facts right before you write an email in which there are accusations involved in it. There were certain things that you have no clue about and have ended making statements in an email based on hearsay or some blog.

Which I would say is lack of prudence. And what I do take a lot of offence at is the fact that you have emailed this mail to many people who have nothing to do with this ‘incident’. If you wanted to send it to the Director of the retreat centre then you should have emailed it only to him and not people who have no connection to this at all. It is a shame that you could take the effort to write a whole big article that has pages in it but could not take the effort to get the email ID of the director and send it to him only. 
Being faithful to the Church is one thing but do it in prudence lest you end up uttering things that can be misunderstood and create silly problems. Bless

Fr. Michael


Cc: ; ;
Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 9:56 AM


Dear Fr. Michael,

I thank you for your prompt response of January 6 to my letter of the same day.

There are two parts to your response. In the second part, you say that I have been imprudent in copying to others my letter addressed to Fr. Augustine Vallooran.

I had intentionally marked copies to persons in ministry and to ministries that are associated with the Divine Retreat Centre and also use “divine” in their email ids.

Apparently, I made a mistake when I inadvertently copied my letter to one particular ministry whose email address is “” and has no association with your retreat centre. I apologize for that and have corrected my records accordingly.

The first part of your letter says that my email was based on “hearsay or some blog” as a result of which there are “accusations involved in it”. Could you please specify exactly what they are?

However, I note that you have not denied that during a Holy Mass celebrated at the Divine Retreat Centre [DRC] during an Inner Healing retreat, a priest promoted the devotion of alleged mystic Maureen Sweeney’s Holy Love Ministries’ “Rosary of the Unborn” and that the blogger, Marie from Mumbai, influenced by the priest’s propagation of it, purchased two of those rosaries from one of the shops located on the DRC premises [and is now, in turn, promoting it in the public domain].

Bless you too,

Michael Prabhu

Catholic apologist 

Cc: Fr. Augustine Vallooran, VC, Director, Divine Retreat Centre 

There was no response to this ministry from either priest.


On January 27, 2013, Francis Sunil Lobo wrote on Marie’s [see page 13] blog

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