Errors in Charisindia – 04Article wrongly attributed in the January 2013 issue




Errors in Charisindia – 04

Article wrongly attributed in the January 2013 issue


“CHARISINDIA is a monthly magazine, published on behalf of the National Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (NCCRS) which has been recognised by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) as the principal coordinating agency of the CCR* in India.”– CHARISINDIA *Catholic Charismatic Renewal



1a. It has been my observation for a very long time that the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in India has been the propagator of errors and abuses especially in the liturgy of the Mass, something that, as an apologist, I now find impossible to ignore.

I admit participating in most if not all of them at one time or another for several reasons, the chief among them being ignorance; moreover, no one objected to them and almost every charismatic priest, religious and lay leader practised them.

However, circumstances — and the personal counsel of some good CCR leaders who would like to see these abuses and errors stopped — make it imperative that they be now exposed.

1b. It has been my experience — when I have pointed out these abuses and errors on certain occasions — that most “charismatics” are not very receptive to correction of any sort. Their responses have ranged from indulgence to hostility.

My pointing out that I am only repeating the teaching of the Church has not saved me from being labeled “anti-charismatic”.

It is almost as if “charismatics” are “superior” to other Catholics and have a licence to modify the rubrics of the liturgy.

No one is above the liturgy, not any priest and not any bishop. The rubrics must be followed by the Church to the letter.

Since my antecedents are not known to many who visit our web site, I proudly affirm that my spirituality is charismatic.

One of my spiritual directors, a holy and orthodox French Benedictine priest, actually finds it impossible to reconcile my “conservative” ministry with my being “charismatic”. To him it’s an oxymoron. To me, it seems a natural thing.

1c. My wife and I helped plant several prayer groups in New Delhi starting 1982 and I was a founder-member of the very first Service Team of the CCR in New Delhi. As a life member and benefactor of CHARISINDIA, a stockist of the magazine in the ‘mid 80s, and possessing back issues of CHARISINDIA almost from its inception, I have a relationship with the magazine that cannot be deterred either by criticism or by the ignoring of my letters by those who now run the magazine.

I invite the reader to read pages 2 to 4, especially the section sub-titledErrors and excesseson page 4 of my April 2011

The article will give the reader an idea of what to expect in this series on CHARISINDIA and the CCR in India.

In this series, I will name names. I am constrained to do so because, over the 30 years of my sojourn in the Renewal, I have seen the condition of things deteriorate, while at the same time not a single prophetic voice has been raised in protest.

My scores of letters to the senior-most leadership have either elicited unfulfilled assurances or been studiously ignored.

I must stress here on one point that I mention under point 5 on page 3 of my above-cited April 2011 article: the loyalty of too many rank and file charismatics is to their leadership instead of to the teaching authority of the Church.

If the reader dismisses my statements as generalisations, the true incidents that I will record in the articles in this series — justifying my having to name certain people — should convince him that this is not so.

2. The immediate reason for this series on CHARISINDIA/the CCR is the CHARISINDIA July 2012 issue.

A pro-contraception article authored by a Protestant was published. On learning of it, I personally contacted the CCR’s Episcopal Advisor
Most Rev. Francis Kalist, the bishop of Meerut by ‘phone and by email. He was cordial and expressed his thanks and appreciation of my initiative on the ‘phone as well as in writing*. However, all subsequent letters to the bishop have remained unanswered. Furthermore, all letters from me to
Constantine Fernandez, the publisher of CHARISINDIA, its Chief Editor
Cyril John, and to the National Charismatic Office [NCO] staff,
Gilbert Faria and
K.P. Shaji
were also completely ignored by them. While I had spoken on the ‘phone to Fernandez, Faria and Shaji, Cyril John simply declined to take my many calls or call me back. Two months have passed. The August and September 2012 CHARISINDIA issues had no correction of the error.
See our report

The July 2012 CHARISINDIA also carried a story on the funeral of Fr Rufus Pereira. I detected in that story what I believe to be an error:
eulogies given during the Mass.


See the report CHARISINDIA ERRORS-02


Between July 13 and August 8, I had written four letters to the CCR’s Episcopal Advisor

Most Rev. Francis Kalist, but the Bishop terminated correspondence with me after responding to the first letter. The first three emails concerned the pro-contraception article. I reproduce the fourth letter immediately below as published in my report CHARISINDIA ERRORS-01*.
*My first email & the Bishop’s response are copied here.


I wrote to
Bishop Francis Kalist and the CHARISINDIA/NCO team once again on January 4, 2013 in connection with errors in the January 2013 issue. Since there was no response as usual, the information is partly reported here [below, point 1], in CHARISINDIA ERRORS-04,
and the rest of it in my to-be-published report CHARISINDIA ERRORS-06.


5. On January 29, 2013,
this ministry
Bishop Francis Kalist and the CHARISINDIA/NCO team about an error in the September 2012 issue of CHARISINDIA. If a reply is received from any of them, the report CHARISINDIA ERRORS-03 will be updated.


Cc: ; ; ; National Charismatic Office ; ; charisindia ; nco ; ; ; [CC included to some Goa CCR leaders] Sent: Friday, January 04, 2013 1:48 PM*


1. In the January issue, the article “Teaching the Catholic faith effectively”, pages 16 and 17, is credited to Fr. John Hardon, SJ. He never wrote that article. The first line commences, “My wife and I have four young children…” The real author must be a married lay man.

2. The report on the “XV National Catholic Charismatic Convention”, pages 18-21, authored by Dr. Sarita Nazareth.

The first paragraph states that the Convention “drew more than 10,000 people from different parts of the country”.

Could someone from the Goa Service Team check the records and inform me as to how many chairs were rented?

A couple of friends and I from different parts of the country made a count on three days, 12, 13 and 14 November, and believe that there were not more than 8,000 chairs inside the pandal. There were also pockets of empty seats from the middle towards the rear of the shamiana.

If that is true, the NCCRS/GST figure is inflated by at least 25%.

While the sentence quoted continues, “the majority of course being from the host state, Goa”, that too appears to be a bit of an exaggeration. It did not seem to us that many more than 500 delegates from outside Goa were present. Apart from a few of the dignitaries and speakers, the inner circle of the National Service Team, and a couple or more senior leaders from nearby Mumbai, there was no notable leadership attendance from other major cities especially Bombay, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata, and from Kerala. How many delegates were registered and how many approximately attended on average every day?

As I intend to discuss this matter at length in a report of my own, I would like to be corrected in case I am wrong.

Michael Prabhu

I am unable to write to the CHARISINDIA publisher and National Service Team Chairman, Constantine Fernandez, as he has blocked my email id [the issue to be addressed in a following report]
after my two October 27 letters to him regarding my ban from the Convention*,
with the consequence that I am unable to send my letters to any other addressee in an email that includes his email address.

*Error of actual date of blocking in the original email to the Bishop corrected while including the letter here


Point 1. As I have pointed out in my earlier reports on CHARISINDIA errors, this article on pages 16 and 17 of the JANUARY 2013 issue once again is lifted from the internet, and once again it is an old article, REALLY OLD, October 1994 to be precise. It may be viewed at


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