Month: May 2014

Errors in Charisindia – 09-Ambiguous Prophecies about the election results?

  MAY 16/20, 2014 Errors in Charisindia – 09 Ambiguous Prophecies about the election results?   “CHARISINDIA is a monthly magazine, published on behalf of the National Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (NCCRS) which has been recognised by the Catholic Bishops’… Read More ›

Preacher Joseph Louis masquerades as a Catholic

  MAY 15/19, 2014 Preacher Joseph Louis masquerades as a Catholic This ministry has exposed several preachers who were masquerading as Catholics: ARMY OF JESUS PENTECOSTALS MASQUERADE AS CATHOLIC NUNS, ANTHONY SAMUEL-ADONAI’S BRIDE-CATHOLIC CHARISMATIC PREACHER TURNS PENTECOSTAL, BRO…. Read More ›